The Paris News from Paris, Texas on March 18, 1985 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1985
Page 3
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Dr. Lamb By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. Gout and the big toe DEAR DR. LAMB — I have gout. Can attacks occur in places other than the big toe? I have had severe pain in both knees and a knotting pain on the ball of my foot and in my arches. Could this be gout? My doctor found an elevated uric acid about four years ago. I have been taking Benemid to control the uric acid, and periodic checks of the uric acid level have found it to be acceptable. Wy do I get attacks when I am taking action to control the uric acid? Can attacks occur even when the uric acid level goes up and down? I'm 37. Naprosyn was prescribed for acute attacks. DEAR READER — More than half of all acute attacks of gout involve areas other than the big toe. The red, hot, swollen big toe is the hallmark of gout, but it is by no means the only joint involved. You can have a gout attack and may never involve the big toe. I don't know if gout is the cause of your other areas of pain, since you could have something in addition to gout. However, both the feet and the knees can be involved in gout. Benemid increases the elimination of uric acid through the kidneys, which helps to lower the uric acid level. It will not help relieve the symptoms of an acute attack. Aprosyn is an anti- inflammatory analgesic agent that is used to treat acute attacks of gout. It will reduce the swelling and pain in about 70 percent of patients who use it during an acute attack. Zyloprim (allopurinol) also is used to decrease the body's tendency to produce uric acid. One's own cells create the uric acid that causes the problem. Zyloprim is not useful in treating acute attacks. DEAR DR. LAMB — Are No Doz tablets habit-forming? Are they, classed as a drug? Can they damage the kidneys or other vital organs? Is the caffeine in them harmful to the body? My husband takes No Doz frequently, several times a day, and I worry about it. He is 78 and uses them to keep awake. DEAR READER — No Doz tablets are just tablets of caffeine. Each tablet contains 100 mg. of caffeine. To put this in perspective, an average cup of brewed coffee contains between 80 and 120 mg. of caffeine. The caffeine in No Doz is no better or worse than that found in coffee, which makes one wonder why a person who takes No Doz doesn't just have a cup of coffee. Caffeine consumption is habit- forming. If a confirmed coffee drinker stops the habit abruptly, he usually becomes sleepy and may have a severe headache. Caffeine in any form should not be used by people who have significantly high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats or indigestion. On Thin Ice This spring, Canadian baby harp seals like this one will NOT be killed by hunters seeking their beautiful white coats. Harp seals usually give birth to only one pup at a time. The elephant seal has a long, curved nose and tough skin. Another member of the seal family, the walrus, uses its tongue like a vacuum tube to eat its favorite food — clams. The Weddell seal of the Antarctic can dive as deep as 2,360 feet and stay underwater for up to 43 minutes. DO YOU KNOW — Which is the only kind of seal that has tusks? FRIDAY'S ANSWER — Martin Van Buren succeeded Andrew Jackson a* President. 3-18-85 c Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. 1985 The Paris News, Man.. March 18. 19M 3A March snowstorm in Rome ROME (AP> — A rare March snowstorm snarled traffic today in the heart of Rome, knocked down trees and covered most of the rest of Italy just three days before the start of spring. Light snow began falling on the Italian capital on Sunday afternoon and quickly melted. But overnight when temperatures dropped below freezing the rain turned into golfball- sized snow flakes. By early morning, 3.9-inches of snow covered parts of the city.Later in the day the snow turned to rain and sleet. The last time it snowed in Rome in March was 1971, according to the meteorologists. They said while March snow is rare it has hit Rome 18 before this century. Police reported several streets were blocked by fallen trees. I JUDYE SAFFLE ART GALLERY I Features Creative Designs In Wood By Ray Trier I 40 E. Kaufman 785 : 8446_o L J[8S : 591 | 8| p—————————"•——-«""•——^ SOUTH SIDE SQUARE DOWNTOWN PARIS! Any purchase of $25.00 or more. Sales merchandise excluded. One coupon per customer. CLIP & SAVE EXP. 4-30-85 (NO CASH VALUE) Robbers net 'quite a sum' at Florida auction house Government waste idea prompts some split votes Harte-Hanks Austin Bureau AUSTIN — Attempts to establish a new state commission to study waste in government prompted some split votes in the House. ' Causing the biggest break was an attempt by one legislator to make the commission use private donations rather than state money to fund its activities. ; Public education issues, specifically a duty-free lunch for teachers and approval of Gov. Mark White's appointments to the new State Board of Education, provided the only fireworks in the Senate. ; Here's how your local legislators voted on some of the week's more important or "c'b"'rsial legislation: :-•>;. ; (Y=Yea N=Nay P=Pre- sent.Not Voting A=Absent. E=Excused Absence) HOUSE VOTE ' Paris-area House members are Reps. L.P. "Pete" Patterson, D- Brookston; Alex Short, D- Texarkana. y A 76-63 vote Wednesday killing an amendment to force the state to use private donations rather than slate funds for running a proposed State commission to study ways of cutting waste in government. A bill calling for establishment of the commission with state funds won final approval on Thursday. A "yes" vote was a vote for private funding. Patterson (Y); Short (P). *• A 76-65 vote tenatively approving a bill to continue the Temporary Emergency Relief Program, a system set up in 1983 to give short-term aid to poor people not eligible for other programs, especially for those living in tent cities. The same bill passed the next day in a 68-65 vote. Patterson (Y); Short (N). SENATE VOTE Paris' senator is Sen. Ed Howard, D-Texarkana. *• A18-13 vote tabling an amendment to a duty-free lunch bill for public school teachers. The amendment would have given local school boards more control over defining exceptipnsr-td" the legislation. A; "yes vote was a vote against the local-control amendment. Howard (N). s A 20-11 vote postponing confirmation of the new members of the State Board of Education until March 18 because some senators were disappointed that the board has failed to ease rules for extracurricular participation. Howard (Y). An estimated 60 million Americans have high blood pressure, including 25 million with borderline cases. For all of them, the risk of heart disease and stroke is increased, says the Health Insurance Association of America. DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Three quick-acting robbers held up an exclusive auction gallery for "quite a sum" of jewelry and were gone before outsiders realized anything was wrong, police said. "These were not spur-of-the- moment criminals," said police Sgt. John Lawless after the holdup at the Deerfield Beach Auction Gallery. "It was obviously a planned operation." The robbers entered the store, which has held jewelry sales for actresses Elizabeth Taylor and the late Mae West, at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday while workers in were preparing for the night's auction, police said. Ignoring the art objects in the showroom, they headed straight for the safe. Employees cooperated when one of the men flashed a small-caliber pistol, possibly an automatic. The robbers bound the workers with plastic-coated wire, locked them separately in a storage closet and bathroom and then cleaned out the safe, police said. "It's quite a sum," said Broward County Sheriff• Nick-Navarro.-"If this isn't the biggest robbery, it's certainly one of the biggest (in county history)." Police initially reported the haul as $5 million in jewels and cash, a figure disputed by Lou Sherwin, the son of gallery owner Irwin Sherwin. "I don't know where that came from," said the younger Sherwin. He declined to give a monetary estimate of the loss pending an inventory, but said it was "nothing like" $5 million and no cash was taken. The loss is covered by insurance, he added. He admitted the thieves did snare some valuable loot from the unassuming shop, which is located Jantzen. w^ . ^> .* _ jf//. / Jantzen® Tenniswear Shorts & Co-Ordinate Shirts Reg. $21 to $28 Prewashed Jeans By LEWS® & LEE® They've been prewoshed for a softer, more comfortable fit. NEW Spring Shirts By OP, Members Only & Choms Reg. $12 to $28 LAYAWAYS WELCOME PANTS WEST OPEN NIGHTLY TIL 8 P.M. family clothing between a gas station and a row of restaurants. The holdup men worked so swiftly that they were in and out of the gallery before anyone on the street noticed anything unusual, police said. Deerfield Police Detective Mary Denning said the robbers "knew what they were doing." "They appeared to be very calm, and not in a hurry," she added. The gallery routinely handled a "fabulous assortment" of jewelry and gems from estates, according to neighboring merchants. Bob Lanning, owner of the Pier Deli across the street from the gallery, said he had noticed lax security at the shop. "Just yesterday, I delivered sandwiches over there and they had this jewelry, diamonds, all over the table," he said. "I just walked in and I saw it all, right there. They had to push it aside to make room for the sandwiches." But Sherwin said the business employed armed security guards. He said the crooks "got the drop on us." DONALD E. ROBINSON .27 Years Eiptflence 2221 LAMAR HOSPITAUZATION-UFE GROUP-RETIREMENT MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS 784-3552 OfflOff FOR KIDS WHEN A GIRL'S FANCY IS FOR White Leather FASHION, AND FUN! Shoe 'Palace Mirabeau Square Shopping Center Man - Wed 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Thurs - Sat 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Lefe face it at my age things can sneak up on you, and you may need some help. The electric company understands that Thats why they'll arrange it so your bill payment can wait until your social security check arrives. And their Special Friend Pro- gram makes sure someone doesn't overlook monthly bills. Theres even a program to help provide essential energy services in a real emergency. Right now, I don't need all this help to take care of myselt But I get a kick out of knowing its there Texas Power & Light Company A Division of Texas Utilities Electric Company We've got lots of ways to help.

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