Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on November 2, 1945 · Page 2
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 2

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1945
Page 2
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W* »* ;• TtfM EVfitftN6 : tMfitJtffi, MAftYSyiLLfi* OHIO Friday. November 2,1 • ',,,.,-. •,-'.< --*T» sasg JEtUHt VOTING PLACES HAVE '. BttCN SfUBCfSO POR BALOK uv/nni»> O., WOV. 1—HcVwOOd Dc**ld, », w¥s helA today A Loraln for the Loraln County grand jury. The youth was charged with first-degree murder in connection with \ne noiaup-stayTht '61 Wlcnlel 1 Fallfs, f#. ' . IA karysvh% 'oh y 'will til fet tWe Buildin X. IfoffiriWi * fccv room. , Ward—Briny Hatchery, stwft. • • • • • - City HUNOnEDSAT MTTLE y, dty "SuMfng. 8lectr^6 Shop, Warn SHfcet. of 'the '6hto Water r. i -Huffman ic 'Company garage,, north room. Paris North—Basenient of Court HtfuJe, U. S. ®rnp.16yrrfeht Service TOANK8 We wish. to thank the ncghbors n& frfcnUt whft were 86 kfnd to us j Mr. arid Mrs. Will Fawn ^ Iwir. and Mrs. Gordon Bcightlcr. 33-ic ' •. ' •'.. "• CLEANING Gkiaranteed w^rk and BeiMce. Pickup: -and C.O.Myers FOOTBALL FANS TtllN OUT IN FORCE FOB HOME- TILT TO*AV Football fans werehcading for the yM- HWft fee thd tftte. 'e'en 'fcoft, tyieWftjr-lto. 'X faWtfh wiH '^m & -'•.!*. - .' . _; .' ••. By "fte .&&SrM- 'Band, l!ho 'an 'ol r6y. fea'rtoft'a Wush is the -atte'Wtots We Matt'lyn Mife a«d -Shfrtey •feartAt. THe 'WrVey was 'do'n'a'ted ifdr t'He vWi't 'by ftoWd ttail of'We'a'r Ph'a'f fc -artd fed feSdcb'aygh TOd -party 'tb -At a Wften't 'm'e'e'ti'hB held in Dnrfey 'township h'ftYl, tHe iol'lbwihg ckndlda'tes f* 'vaHctis 'erfficc's 'In the t6winghfi) were 'chosen! For 'mSydr 'of . I 0ni6'h'vine 'CoWfft —F16yd Swartzbaugh. Trustee—Ralph Schelderer and Lewis W, Gi'uenbaum. .Board ol Education—C. R. New- Icnd and H. W. Bocrger. The names will not 1 appear on the ballot and-voters' of Din-by township are asked to .Write in the names in full on the ballot, and mark an "X" fh iVont ; of them. •mtttber. Gloved • . • If 'yoi <jtfe¥r tubber gloves to pro- 'tect, yonr 'hands arid nblts tut find the nails plcrco the finger end just turn the glove inside out and '-paste a plete o'f'adhe'alve 'tope OVer each flntfcr 'end. Smiths Market 6id feast fifth St. I%on6 4-6f611 Clover Farm Milk 4 .'tall .'Cans KEYKO - H RtW ^Polftfa Lb, PAR3W RQUft. 55c i'o ib. Nescafe Smalt Blzc Hire 06c Ulendnle Cut Careen Beans ?*° 2 ?JW» *• Ctns few Clover Farm Pancake Flout Clover Farm FJbur Sunny Morn l>»ncake Flour— 5 'lb. LaCreme Ohio To'mMo ta^op 2 iarj(e +k „ Bottleti «|1C 2 cans CLOVER FARM SALT Plaift or Iodized 2 2-ib. Pkgs. mm HOW SERVING -•THEIR- NATION SAN ANTONIO, Texas—After 17 months' overseas service with the Army,Air .Forces, Staff Sergeant Ralph B. Shoup of Route 1, West eia, fs Tjelng »i*oraWy s^f- f/6'm life 'army of tffe Uni'tctl States at tHe San Antbfii6 District fnstallatldh elf. the AAV Pe*son¥i*l Distribution "CbmmaWi. Pridr to Altering 'the service, he Ms empl6VeVI at frattersoVi Field-, Falrfleld, Ohio. While in the army he was an armorer-gunner, participating in 24 combat missions with the #th -Air F*cc m Edrt)jfe. Sgt/ Shoup -is. the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Mrti. fterfeeA tilo^d o* ft rec'efve'd Wittd '6* 'tfie c* Wer husted 'froVh ntaifot ! tb toe '<& lieMenan't 'tio-Kftfot Colonel ia% Wen m 'M •'army 'fi^fe BT<& ft nkVf years 'an'i fh 'Chfiir'a fOt hMre 't'htfh two 'ye'eVs. ¥fc is 'fit pVeiC- it 'fh Irtdfa 'arid tejJieS fe refrrrn to fih'fs 'd'Stortry 'soon. Mrs.' Wlby'd aWd thrVir-yeaV-'o'lJi 86'n, \Tdhh, reside fn us Md spend part 'of 'the tmH'e W't'h Wer 'p'a'-re'n'ts, Wr. ft'n'd Mrs. S'earl ftoTby '6t 'the Milfdrd 'Ce'hter 'kba'd, !Ph. M. 1/C 'MaWolm Irtoley re- irfVt'd hfs '^iSchnrgd from the navy a't '(Sre'a't bakes, ill;, and arrived 'at tfre to'tte 'oi hfs ^afen'ts, Mr. ahd ^da'rl koley, StindaV. He ha? in 'the Service ^0 montha *rtd i in 'tHe Pacific •at'e'd il months, a'rrivfng In this country in July. He was sta'tioiied at Treasure Island oe- fore goin'g t6 Grea't !Lak6s 'for his ajdcharge. T/Sift. Harry Hegchder'fer Is home aiter Service in Atfrfca'and in during which four tanks in which he was serving Were knocked oii't by enemy lire. Sgt. Hegender- fcr's tank unit first served In Africa and then took part in the Normandy uijjLia, Cover Sjl-illg M• This asbestoid sulphate qover supports the innerspring. mattress, protects mattress from 'rust, insulates against Cold and makes turning easy. Ties down over springs. twin size 39x72 , Full size Six 12 ROHR FUftNITOftfi COMPANY MAHYBV1LLE, OHIO Evcryffhlny for tbo Home DAVIS TAXI SERVICE UAV Atob NIGHT From 8 A.M. to 6 P. Kl. Phone 4-2151 From 6 V. M, to 8 A. M. Bring Us Your Foot Trouble BOWLING SHOES? Yes, we have them Galloway's i. During the of^nsiVe m FraVi'ce and Germany the tinit was att¥cned to the Sfltn Dlvfsi6n. 1st Lt. Herbert Brose arrived this Wbrninir at the home tit his parents, VIr. and Mrs.'A. F. Brose on the London Road, after having been over- Was fduV year's. "Lieutenant Bro'se andcd fn San FKfrtciScfo, XJcttfBer 23rd and reported «t Camp 'Atter- ry, before comlrig home'on a 45-, da_y ieifeive. He has served In-AMralla 6fnd ¥fe- dently in the PhlMp^fn'e's. His. w'i'fe in'd tWo-year-old 'Stfh toiryll, KkVe ifeeri With her parefrfa in MeftKAirne, since her husband was Sent to the Philippines. She and Daryll are awaiting transportation and hope to atae to dome fo the States Wore :hc expiration of Lieutenant Brose's leave. Lieutenant Bttse' has been n %e aVm'y seVeh '; "Mr. aVfd Mrs. L. F. Augensfelri of CoVlfWB RoSd hfiVeVrt<c!eIved word thfl't 'their son, Edriiurtd, hns been aittMA to 'radio 'technician third s'Si' R. ft 3/C Augeristein is a'ttend- fhg ttfldib Material School at Trea- sfure is'la'rid, San Fra'nclsco. gV 'Wilmer 'C. Shaw, sdn at Mrs. Sa'thryYi Shaw, :of 'Columbus, Ohio, la's b'de'n 'transferred from Rosecrans Rfeld, 'St. UoSepli, Mo., to SWckton, lalif. liis:new ttddfetto Is: Sgt. Wil- trier C. dhaw 15&31949, Sfllst Base Uni't Sto'ck'ton Army Air Base, Stdc-kton, 'Calif. DOVER, 0., Nov. 2.—Three per- s^cns Were in serious •condition in D6V6r today after a Sunday scho61 loyride which ended. In a near tragedy when the Tiorte pulling the hayrack ran hway, Spilling the entire party from tho wagon. Twenty perfions suffered injuries. ftea'd tHe want-aas 'caVetuu/. HOR f KOI mis MANILA .(Contimied on page S), feurnir/g alfVe of rriore ihin Vietlms who httd tjeen locked hi the GeWh'in club. , . himself was shot ancTTmi set afir* feut Ve managed ft! save nimself b"y feigning death until nighttall wfren We fcrnwled away! fn'fo 'a nea^By^aff Valfd shelter. The moVfe company representative said that when • some young mothers with suckling babes pleaded for mercy, the ^aps tore their infants from 'theft arms and butchered them. • Lopez also told the court of a succession of brutal mutilations of young girls and said'the Jap perpetrators laughed "like 'fiends; of hell" as 'they went about their work. . He said three young girls at tho German club were raped and then ba'yonetted. Then, according to the testimony, the Japs poured gasoline on their victims' heads and set them afire while they were still alive. Two other witne'sses described how 33,men, womon, and children were bayonelted and bu"rned to dehth In the Perez Rubio home arid how at least 50 other persons Were killed by bayonets or Jap grenades In a Doctor Moncto's hbmev FOR REE& Memorial services In memory of Pvt. Burnham E. Reed, son at Mr. tmd*. Mrs. Chas. Reed of Elwood Ave., will be held in the Congregational church Sunday afternoon at 4 'b'clock fh ctiifrgfe of the Rev. tHr. "Merge Sfcftlister. Patriotic orgarffiiallons will par- •ticipate afta tHfe ^etvice ia open to ^he public. ON STRIP MINING &rougn Harrison, Jetosoh, Hock- 'tag, Athens aitod Perry ftountlea. • fc#ft*M ' • -. 'i, If lesn'flsh ft.uted Mr bw«»nt^ baking, brush generbusly with fatW french dreJirfng.^^^ '- LEA'GUE COLUMBUS, Nov. 2.—Directors of -the American Association of BflScball Club's today were expected to meet In the near future to select a successor to President George M. Trautman of Columbus, .who yesterday was Viam'ed Vice president and general' mn'nagtjr of the world champion Detroit Tigers. VICTORY WAR LOAN DRIVE LAUDED BY RETURNED VETS (\Var Bond 'Committee) Gwynn Sanders, Marysvllle, attorney, served 33 months in« the coast guard. His outfit bought bonds regularly and generously. Here is a direct quotation 'from! Mr. Sanders: ' ''It wns the universal practice of tlie men to tuty bonds and have the cost deducted Jrom their monthly ptiy. While Serving oh thrde different ships 1 observed that over ,06% <i( the men purchased bonds In! this manner. Many of thes'e men |only I'dceived a base pay of $54 i per month, and the government wop deducting $22 from that amount for their dependents. While it seemed difficult at the time, It is a pleasant feeling now to knnw you have a small reserve to fall buck on Ih cose of sickness or unexpected" trouble. Personally, I think everybody should buy an interest in our victory." „ . ' i Another discharged veteran, Paul J. Gibson, ex-scrgcnnt who had. a Ichg session in the service hns this to say about.the victory loan bond drive: '•'."' "The responsibility of safcg^uard- ing our nation from any future conflicts rests on the shoulders of every adult Individual of this country, Tho victory loan drive.'affords all the opportunity erf'contributing a shore in preserving the peace which, in the opinion of the under- sighed, is of no iess importance | than previous. Do'nd drives for the promotion of the war. In every one of the seven war loan drives so. far, America has topped her quota! 'And' h<iw—in 'this great Victory Loan— you're asked to do it just once more! When you think of tho costly care that over SOOidOO wounded men must have—when you think of the cost of bringing whole armies back home—you'll realize that this Victory Loan is in many ways, the most important one of all." The following statement resulted fnvm on interview with Fred W. Neer, former officer in the Air Corps: • "Curing the throe ' and one-half years I was in the service, 'I've invested in bonds each month. It gave me a sense ofl security to know that at home I was building up a savings reserve. .' . "We know bonds have been the safest way of financing the war just won, True hostilities have ceased but our duties are not over. "I believe I speak for thousands of discharged men ns well as for myself when I say it is our duty to help the people of Union County put over the Victory Loan drive." . The WeWBeft) of the CMo strip mining commission met this after- woon In' the senate chatntoers at the State n'o'us'e. dlffton ti. tJa'ryl-oY this 'city is Vide 'ch'a'frhia-n 'of tih'e Wrrimfs- 'sWn,. ; aWd l attondc j a' 'the meeting, 'which was' 'to 'hear festftno'ny of I tfngfri'eWs in c'on'n'ec'tidn with the! *nves'tigat!6n tfrdde'e'eting's that have fct'fe'ri gofng oh for g6me tirrte,- 'T>(6 'cionifn'is'sldh is 'planning a 'tour of 'ttte nilnfhg^districts fn the riear, Mttiro, 'Ca'ryl s'a'id, a'rfo 1 will '•fravell The Perfect a ring !ft ony* Hvi't^ hte uiiltM irt lO-fc gb\d. . •£££> Qaallty' Is Assured 120 North Main Street' MarysvHle, Ohio ^^f^^ iiMMi ; awafe of tfae fact fere jp'rdtection is vitaWy Yttu also kkiow that fii-e prbtiBctidh here is -ah extra levy. Tlie &/z hiill fi^re ijrotection leVy ih -effect the li ' ' • ''',".- • ' v • " ' ^ • .-.•'• ' fiV6 years is expiring and at the 'election November 6th you .are asked to replace it with a 2 Sttill Kei'vy for ' lif the new 2-mill levy is approved the tax rate hi MaryWilie Will be l l / 2 mills less than during the past i . . • . . * ' ' • • ' . . ' ' year'.. • •' • : - •'••.- •''•;•'.' '•• •'. • '.. : :• You are not voting to raise tassfes by voting &>r the fire prbt6ction levy. The levy is hecessaty. We urge you to approve it. WiLLtAM f, ASMANy Mayor GEORQE P. SCttfetDERER, Gie^fe ••:.. -..'•.•...-• ' • . '.• : . •. -.• •' •• - •-' " ••.. • i^aF' - ". -'."--.'• ,•/ '"•• . . - • • '.•. , • '., '. . . • .' . : • .••••••-.•' ''-'"•'•"' PROJECT that bright, twinkling gleam with better "See-ability"—!. Use enough light to tee eusllyi 2. Avoid glare; and 3. Avoid harmful uhad- e-w». Following «s«niple* will IMS helpful. MOVE THE IAMP, vloie to where children play or study. This increase* "Sec-ability", helps their eye* tee more eharply with let* effort. Fur» therntore, it e«ve* light. > LAMPS i* comet position on doik or table *Toid» iumec«(g«rT »yertr«ln. fW rttfA- handed people Wda Wotifd be •! left, titiib koepb% writing «urf*c« fr«e of IrriUlUig «1u(doW«. USE THE RIGHT SIZE BULB FOR BETTER LIGHT THE DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY BETTER LIGHT MEANS BETTER SIGHT 1 113 South Main St. Marysvifie, Ohio

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