The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on August 15, 1892 · Page 9
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 9

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1892
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Proa Tbnndaj't Dailj. — MW . J T. iCoere went to Waco yesterday on a visit to relativet ami friends. —The mayor'* court wai well au tended yesterday morning and several caaet were disposed of. —It was cloudy and Bultry yes« terday a% if tho rainy spell is not over. — Mr. H. Sparbcrt left yesterday for San Antonio on a flying trip. —Mr, Chas Rosa returned last evening from a abort visit to Sau Antonio, Mr. Jose Ma. Garcia returned to his ranch yesterday uiter several days visit to his family in this city. — Ihe Laredo Turn. Vere:n An* sociatiori received yesterday four r»ew iintrer balia for their ten piis alley. 'Kow watch their scoro. — -Thirty carloads of ooru were * - •: , ' . transferred on yesterday from tho city. From Fridij'a —Justice Foster did nothing in his court yesterday —The Mayor w.ia visited by two mourners yesterday ; w ho were tiut through as usual. —Csipt J. A. Brooks ot'tho gers arrived last 1- &/G. X., ace SENTENCED COMMUTED. •^H. Clay King ill Not Hang J Tomorrow But Goes to the Pen for Liio. Nashville, Tonn., Aug. 9.—Gov& error Bu.-hanan bas received sever- • mi H! caller* this morning in bohalf of j (\ sintj, tho Memphis mur* j A c: : ;>, —The Ax toe Limited one hour and u hull bus 1-'& G. N. tracks to Mexican .National cars for points in Mexico. r—Prof, ami Mr?, F. A. Parker hayo returned irom . ui> enjoyable geason of fishing and sailing recreation at "Rock port. The courtly/. corni,:s^ion,rs are nishea t| und spent u.o .whole i ,. - C ' : • O .'.U. L. C. *. crlc ru?.-:v,d thr,,:i ,- l i ! ')«v;J j.',oton, called on tho Covers- city ycsterjay morning ' JJ-.MU j and entered a vi««.rn;s nrov»i the City oi Mexico eu r^ute to j fttjainst executive 'clemency iind ew uiiv. ; against :!u; circulation of a !»«.-te- tion hyc-apitol e;n;»loyc^.' Jiiu^v J. M'.Gtver. Lucas, (.MajtM ; ti.] Sei"U<ir llurria \vo»v to see Guivrni-r l>::-.-h- urmn nM«-hi. ^"•'':i(.'ii..n'has y..«'!....»,, tak:-n ;Tj ..,v. 1 -hut it M (l.Tj^hl :i >.:<.• ^-i MT*n \Vi.t i",} n-,; ; iiy ?iMl«y or toir.•••:••»• nnv ' i ••-•• ^oneriil «p:n ; -.;i u'-.-.a ^>:n.M ;i -.,j. Mrs. KlV-j' ^4 \U 'I.iu.;h:.-i- ;vtv -till ,'..•-.•/ .'• :io ' aOt, {.o iv'il. nek <J'!::;:. u ; ••ie^'/aph f»{iv-r;it.,r IT. morning, Mr Haipli- ly.ste'rd of the Cit'v of jtuMuy on .... j ^ in-'tula in thi* ! <; Mexico cumcj in visit to hi.s nu Mr- K. Caruilio hns rotnov gar Htoro and faeiorv iV-im i \ THE TIMKS oiiieo tu the ciusy nl::/.a. .— The county c-_ot;:rni An t »» t.u C- las piunte { A»iN)uio alter friends in this [of y es to relay collector's s.nnuai report —Mr J. K. Moore 1; 15 iicrejorlanu in N'./r and i" haying' bayo boa ou it, <--Mr. Jolin Xetxer o! the Crystal ice Factory returiie.l ycsier day irprn a short bu?i:n-.-..s trip to Bun Ah ton 10: i —-Mr,••'!'• rank'p>ckih:-on of Y-n tcr< rey..• iormprl.y'.Dt"..Laredo, arr.Ved iu thu cily'lu^'t. evenuig irr/ni Brownsville en rouie tu his lioiuo in Mexico. :—-A I^AM^ of i.".e'ti \viil bc^iii AVI,", k , . this mornirij> oh vi;e -teas ih^r uj». «.-t ; '" t( - lUi ' 111 ' i V<- 1 £ (,n 'urran^i;' the o!<l.''street car tract :iear tl.o t. j .that i}ic"L'asliinu Ciul> : \viil & G. K., dcjjoi auu extend it i:i' :l dub liop ai-d ( cihbther direetioij..: <— Tuesday iu|;lit a ihiet for the broke into Mr. U. F. NielinJ.--.oi.rri' \viire!i6u=e uml stole three b;vrrv.-is oi [lour — Mr: Krunk K;.Moore, i.)rnver- .'.:•-• 11 \. ! Ar.-r l«:UL ^liil-Ii evening to re.-.u H-. Seminary. -It \vus loarneJ ironi •17rh »LMUI, as Jittlo hnck ly ct bun Antonio, urrivi..-,i h evening in tins .eiry^- nil \\M! i »Jliiia here tor .-.'a ievv <\u\ 6 on visit 1Ci hia muny triendft- •: .•r-r^M'rs: J. \ivier «nil son o J. into \vhich • h:i3 MuixierL-;; by ••:.>;'!:.>:;-•. ..,,:.,,, \' M ,\ ., i.s.i.u, - s . --1.. :\ : :^. £'j— H vn ri:reivet.r};.-:-o of ih • ' : «'f !-vo 11-.;.!, .u, -l.y,-: •5 J-. : Ii. l!o-.i.;n ,i,.J L!*,ii a l-.l'.-:-::";;n t::nin-fi '•'•^«- di . BrpVvusville, (iau£hter«in-iaw ; an<i j •gentle men; •'•• of oi Air, aad^Mrs. i'. -^Mr.|fT Schmidt, the who has "been >eU:n r of this City, arrived in Laredo last evening and u-ill remain s —THE TIMES returns thiinks to the cntertixiriment cotniaitteo of Li'-C; liaretio "Cu'.s-ino ''association lor invi- tatione to •attend a. I'H re \v.cli hop to tuke placo in their hiiliteiiighL in horiorof Mr, 'and Mrs. A. Schmidt. :.:^Mri'''E,.!S^::^;Hick3''',|'|tift''': tBo city yasterday uiorning for Sun Autonio, Tyler and tucu £to "'JJLouislgri to ut^ tend a .'meeting of tho Slate I)cmp- crutic iiicccutivp Committee, being chainuau for this ho district This 'caeotin.cuitvcnes in xhat city next MI —Mr.,-. A.;Ji. Ivrempkau and Lottie McC.tli returned ycaierday their houK-B in ban Antonio alter several days visit to relatives and friends in this citv. Thu latter i-» u i >r meat in tliis ii'su.e. - Ilead it''snd..'^o and f-^G ins lai'gu assortnu-r.f. o' imported'' and domestic 'suit ^oo'drf. —That bnnce of ( iricEi \T 1 »•'<•"''•'•' ' "'''"' • •' ' ' '' -Mr. L. iJ.-bturribur^J.-vin Nc\v York ^^3"' J) ;a ^ or n ' a ' niiiniinoth e.-5t;;S!;.-;i!< ihent, .but he taln.rt to the pc-irpfe ol •this section Xhi.-i nVo'rnin^ tLiouyh his ne\v a<:vcrtit-.ineri(, on tho tu>t pugo of tiiio .issue, •'•'•'JviT.d- \vhr.t he snys :ibout no more drought eic: —Hands are hard at'.work-on the tearing up ot the electric street car track near tho i. & u, N.. ilcnot and la^t ni^'ht, had reach ^i the corner of the reaidenco oi Air. J- Dent/,, from where 'they \v;Il belay, a track on the ativet ijiiai.rl.i !);!!' rocui••men oi i 1 • exercised -ove on daughter of ^5hvrift'T, I'. McCall ot j runnih'ir.south from that corner one Bexar euiin'tv..• I M...-.I. ti.^r,/.^ r,,.,.. Bexar cuunty —The only thing exciting enbu*:h. to draw a .c'ro'vv.d on the streets'yosj- tcrday, wad the .blowing O f a train pet tor li.c sui'e ot a-'horwo and caii in front of the market, bouse. These animaU picked up .in, the streets for the violation ot tbo city ordinance.-'1.ho ''horao brought 87.15 and tl«e calf §2.00. —A Mexican broke the seal ofTof a box cur kiaUcd v*itii corn, at the Mexican ^National Depot iast night at^ about, 11 -o'clock,' but before he could get away with any he xva* run upon by Watchman Perron as be was taking a sack out, and on hearing Perron coming, dropped his sacfe and skipped. -r-Minerva, ithp woman bcavv weight lifter and :: C/C, Blfttt horseshoe breaker and cannon ball catcher passed through this city yesterday morning from the City of Mexico en route to New York, where there ka.s been a lifting match arranged between Minerva and Ucca lor ~tho champioDHhip of the "United States. Killed His Wife. Waco, Aug: 9.—Inquiries wore made at the sheriff's office yesterday afternoon by negro* who wanted to know if Albert White -haa beon arrerted: ,They. Mid "White bad .killed hi« wifc Saturday night near Axtell, j^one of the county or city peace officers have beard of the matter before; Indian Uprising Feared. Albuquerque, K. H», Aug. 9.—A defperau Navajo Indian was shot at NoTajo Springs yesterday while Tetiiting arwet, The other Indians carried hU body away swearing vengeance. The whites have collected all the &rms obtainable, and areprep«riBff lor a desperate do* ftact agftiiut the nkUkiaa. Mock, thence west. /~Mr^. Tho.'*. Podd aii.j three d:ai^.hter.-j of Laredo have arrived in the city on a visit cf.severa weeks to the peaside, Theiio ox. ceiliini people bare ruany fricndj in Corpus \vho will be only too glad to welcome them to the city, They are stopping at Mr*. Anderson's on the beach.—Corpus Christi Calk-i-- JIi;;. Bethel Coonvropfl and little .son Victor left yc»tervl:i\- morning for California to visit ji'rs "Coop* \vood,'o aged Another, whom a he has hot eccn for thirtj>threc years. They wore accompanied as far as San Antonio by Major Cocp- wood who will sec them oil* and then go to Huston to attend Ihe ) democratic state- convention, —Mr. J. L. BarUett. formerly of J Laredo hut now of Cedral, Mexico, has gent through Conductor Mor- mion to Miss Lizzie Goodwin, of thia city.a number of ''bell peppers," which are genuine curoisities, be* ing so large aa to measure thirteen inches in circumference. Just think of a green pepper of that size! They are prized to make V, Aug., iM.-rUuU ilt:s'- ; city ure i^ivatiy to e d i 5 c h ft 'fix o o i ,j'i> operatOrti on tbo r:ivlr';a<J. 'I lie men c-fMuit of belonging to the broLberh'-jfjd of railway tele^ra* •uhers . at:«i j.r-i^^ectA i;6iai to a o«jr:oui time befor.'o. the ".matter irf settled:. (J.iic:a!.s roticienl and refuse to rutiko a ^tatenu-nt. . Another •.Xt-ijvo Ftcnd: Fioresyille, Tex., Aug, 10-—A negro nauieii Gregory John.->'jn was b'rpuirbt in lu' CoiiHLublc Dan jail..', -tfo is charged with an u-S^ault. upon Mrrf. .'ohn (jarri.-on, a white !u'!y, vvitii intent to commit rape. Mr. Tav?uv> ih,-ra ' Tb o!»n.^:i:i is eonipurulively" a '.ranker in tiji.s county, bavin;/ een here only about ton in^i.tit?. I-'victiij^ Cutiie V'roin "the-Nation. • Kl i;,,:,.!. T., Aug; lO^-it is! :-:-.;•! tli'a'i'«.:}•;;• jiteiie.s have been r.-^ • •eeiyo'i Jru/a Captain JUstche'l. Jc:>ri)« i inandii!^; tluxo tn.?un^ of :ciiva!ry i:r; th-: Cu'.'rukoj't-.trin, un ier ordor.s t/j ; evict all inl.zu'dihv cattlo, dho.wii:^ !• tin •alurmiiiif : *-on-Jitioii oi ;ur'a:r.j in ' their re.:-ei[>t'.t\70 truo; : s of cavuiry ; >'-(.-> K.. f.'i-. A i i - ' :<>ned. and un<ier coinriiiind ot'X'ajit. : Mai! w c rc''.-rent', to (;^;>t- Miu-heii "ns i t.'i'- .th.-.«-:;.TC'.l. portion of tho am. re ,.-1 t<:,;y «.»n'u,'\v:ty to CUi'Q. : , '"' nuicous c ,| W'b::ll. tl •<)'i iuiv-: ; the Ky. .- a:n :, : , .1 at:ri tin on irom u .Waco •'1 Credential. t. v - the r;« Lrnr::ati-j'.i • tu ; .".i r«>>o IN St. Tvhe>-an } the capital ot Pe:>ia s ch<ilera is iricrcurvin^ in vir;;';or:cc, an«.! i!eath no\y ,.nver::i:c sixty daily in the city. Oitiriai ix- ports ;.u=t issued show that ^un-Jay therefore reported from tho cholera infectc'l districts of Kussia 4,2»1] new CU.SC3 of tlic dis-a^o. On tho same day :i,177 persons tiled of cholera. ing wui LV c.t.-t; ca~es i;ui'oi'-t-.-n tarri:. ^ijir : ;, j^ ver. r.'.r bv •-:, ot ihe U: I 'O'.i- .-!;••- V^-o, Tox., A'UJ;. ',».— A fo-,v d:; sirrjj ti'man giving l-.-,c UUL-JO as >> ' A. King ujjci (.-hiimin^ to bo a ' re- I ,-'Tvsei:::itivi; of.-the World's luir, | uppiied to tho cnstiicr oi tbo Wjic.» i Bar.k to hav 0 a cheek tor ( \Ve v;ili irivu r)i»e Hi-ndr,-i 1 i>o:;tr.e^s ' v -:it .-;.-. be rt '- I'uf.arrh C';:ru. >\-:id lar~. frre. J. rjj K^KV'vV Co.. TV!c.l.-. cre-!vn« i !:ir: lia.Ls iroi.u cliic-ors ot tfie Colurabinn j by • attat-hoi.i by G HUM ANY. which hi.s rihotoijriijih. lie letter -.1" rrc.lit Jor S1.";OC {;ur:i.oriing to have boon i.ssue't liy. the Columbian exposition. It was liberally endoive«l l.y bunks and showed to have been lUed to gecare funds to the amount of -5450, a<3 most of the technical.y.oints had been complied •-vith Cashier Sullivan accepted the •Irak 2'lrawn on A, C. Soruberg, prepared, two will serve at a meal for a largo sized family. Ca»d«r, A»k M Aug. 10.—Bod Jordan, a negro prisoner in cuttody of Constable Wright, while being brought to this city laat night for lodgment in jail, was taken from ihe officer! by a party of masked men and shot to death, He bad in* suited a white woman f treasurer of the Y/orld'd fair, Chi.,, .. . ,, k , , ^ 4T o. a be drait reached Chicago, Berun, Aug. l«.--Av 6.30 o'clock < :l nd upon its receipt there by the i earthquake was felt at. Km« Hnh. 1 vr__.i_ „• . r ^ ' an ean^uako.was felt at Ems, Cob- ] M ercbants £, oan Trust z, \.ender Na 9 sau, and Nieder - thcy tclegrapl)ed ye8terday LohnsteiD Tho movement lasted ten Beconds At ^ederLabnstein a number oi chimneys were thrown Suliivao, saying that King was a fraud , Whcro Kin Dow f 5 ' Q ^ know8 . It he can be caught he will havo to ana wer cbar h * re> H . idenlily is a mygtery Garra Gone. ed and tbe scholars panic stricken. A wild ruBh was made for the doora m amd-windows. Some of the smaller j — children were hurt, in tho scramble. { San Antonio, Tex., Aug. 9—Capt. At Cohlenr th« nann! A ^^^..-^rfo^i^ James McNeil, commanding a company of ranger* scoutin g on tbe the people precipitately left.their dwelling and made way to open spaces. So lar no reports of serious damage have been ro» cc'iyed, Sentence CJommuted, Memphis, Aug. 9,—Goveronor Buchanan has commuted the sent* ence of H: Clay King for the murs der of D. H. Poster}, on March 15, last. King was to haro been hung c» Friday next, border, says that Garza is not in the country and that there is no longer any signs of tbe revolution* ary spirit among the Mexicans. General Wheaton, commander of the United States army for this d«* partment, has sent Lieut. Langhorn re- Ringgold to investigate the ported gathering of revolutionists, but does not believe there it any truth in the report* circ: F. Sucklan's ArnicalSalye, Ta-j K..-.rit .^'aivo in the worKI for Ciil.-v I)r>ri.-cv. .S--»rc--, Ul.-ern, '^a'.r. iiiieu.n, FCV-T .^•.>:•«<,.Teller. Cha^i* pod^ilr.r;-i>,(;iiitbluir«s Corn.-, anu all •Siciu Kruj'tivUr, v.nd p-..'S'.lively cures Piles, or no pay required. ' It is guarar.iCvi to give perfect, satinfac-* tion, or money refunded. Price CS cents per bos. FOR SALE By Malinche Co* A Marshal saved Life and Hair ilO NTICELLO, "FLA- ; Jan. 21,;i890. For the last eight years I har. been in bad health, suffering Malaria, Rheumattsin, , Dropsy. My digestion was bad, and my hair all came out, in fact I waa nearly a wreck. I had taken kidcoy. and blood medicines, which did nxa no good. When I began taking F. P, P.. about throe months ago, X was as weak as u child. I have only taken four bottles [small gize.J and today I am a well man and mjr. h*ir has "conic again," I cannot reccommend P, P, P., toa highly* ' W, F. WARE, Mawhal, Monti ctllo, Fit

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