The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on July 31, 1974 · Page 20
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 20

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 31, 1974
Page 20
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Around the World Chileans sentenced to death SANTIAGO - A Chilean air force court martial condemned four supporters of former ?l e « e £ dea ^ tre J! son and hand ™ fd for 56 others, thus ending the largest on o^enses since last year% mSfo The o decided the four were the ringleaders of a conspiracv bv Allende's Marxist party and an extreme leftist group to?ecruit air force personnel into political groups, pass airZce secrets o Allende and put officers favorable to Allendeimo kev 1 ? orce commands. The court also detected a plan to seize an a r force base which was never carried out. The sentences came on a unanimous vote by the seven-officer court after two months of hearings and 45 days of deliberations. They cannotbe appealed but must be confirmed by the court's hghwlrankinl rTh Ship jumper tells his story YOKOSUDA, Japan - One of the more than 60 young sailors who recently jumped ship fom the USS Midway told his court martial here Tuesday that racial discrimination, lack of advancement and poor conditions on board the aircraft carrier impelled him to take the action. The three officers of the court evidently put some credence in what he said. They sentenced 19-year-old Coy Anderson, a black, to loss of one stripe and temporary withholding of pay - one of the lightest sentences to date for those who refused to sail with the ship in recent weeks Anderson is one of 44 of the men being court martialed. Action appears likely to be taken against 20 others. The sailors are part of the 550-man black contingent aboard the 4200-man carrier. Anderson said blacks did far more than their share of mess hall duty and other menial jobs while whites with less seniority got better jobs. He said he complained to his immediate superiors and a human relations adviser to no avail and finally walked off the ship to show naval authorities his distress. 35 to 40 weapons seized in search at Lucasville LUCASVILLE, Ohio (AP) — Operations at the state's maximum security prison were expected to be back to normal this morning as an intensive shakedown for weapons entered its final phase. Joe Ashley, spokesman for the Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said the shakedown at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility would end with inspection of about 280 isolation cells. Ashley said inspections of the prison's school, gymnasium, library and two chapels were to be conducted overnight. Searches of the other cellblocks, recreation areas, yards and hospital uncovered 35-40 weapons and potential weapons, Ashley said. Of these, he said about 10 were "finished products." The rest were such things as pipes and electric cords. The shakedown began Monday night in the wake of the stabbings of four inmates, one of them fatal. All of the victims were attacked by stainless steel weapons, Ashley said, and all of the weapons were recovered after the incidents. Ashley said none of the weapons confiscated, in the shakedown were stainless steel. Most of the articles were found outside of cell areas, "hidden or just left to be discovered," Ashley said. Prison Supt. Joseph Havener had allowed a 15- minute grace period at the start of the searches to allow inmates a chance to dispose of any blacklisted articles, Ashley said. "The shakedown moved very swiftly, thoroughly and efficiently," Ashley said. Special precautions were taken not to repeat actions of a year ago during the prison's last shakedown which resulted in hundreds of inmate complaints against guards, Ashley said. He said inmates were allowed to stand outside their cells and watch as guards searched, making sure nothing was taken or damaged. Radios, stereos and other electronic equipment was labeled with the inmate's name and cell number before being removed to another area for inspection, Ashley said. He said most of the 1,100 inmates at the facility were very cooperative. "Many of them had the stuff piled on the bed ready to be searched when we came in." he said. Bug us for an autograph. It's free at participating VW dealers. A Mi-color, autographed poster of Marble, The Love Bug. Romantic lead In Walt Disney Studio's new motion picture, "Herble Rides Again." Who aver Imagined when we made our debut back In 1949 that we were destined for stardom? Surely not the critics. "Ugly," they sneered. "The engine's In the trunk," they mocked. But over 4 million Volkswagens later, the doubters stand corrected. After all, who can pan a car that goes so far on a gallon of gas. Has so high a resale value. And that now, wonder of wonders, Is a matinee Idol. It certainly Is o $ moving picture. "HERBIE RIDES AGAIN" Showing At Shea Quaker July 31-Aug. 6 Register Free at Quaker or Brightwood Motors for HERBIE JR. Car To Be Given-Awgy. It Has 3-HP 4-Cycle Clinton Engine. Entry Blanks Now Available. (Or Send Name & Address to Brightwood Motors.) Motors R. P. 4,1, High Avt-1 it. New Philadtlphio, Ohio $.« Will 9W Y Stub's N«w M9vi* "Hi Bllf BlpfS AGAIN" Diplomatic ties protested CANBERRA - Australia's agreement today to establish diplomatic ties with North Korea brought immediate protest from the South Korean embassy here. The statement said the South regrets the announcement and that it would damage dialogue between North and South Korea because the Seoul government likes to keep Its friends from recognizing the North. Australian officials said the government does not rule out ties with countries because of ideological differences and sees the move as helping to promote an eventual reunification of Korea. Revolutionary engine designed LONDON — An engine which costs almost nothing to run and might be kept going forever without servicing, has been designed at Hafwell Atomic Research Establishment here. Using the principle of the Stirling engine, designed 158 years ago, Dr. Colin West invented the engine In which the piston is a column of water swirling to and fro in a U-shaped tube. It is driven by heat, which can be supplied by any convenient source, including the sun. It was basically designed as an irrigation pump engine, but might be applied to other uses. Dr. West has built 12 different versions of the engine and 11 of them have worked Immediately and without fall. The TIMES-REPORTER Wed.. July 31,1974 POVEfl-MWPHII.ADtl.PHlA, OHIO French is official language QUEBEC - The Quebec provincial legislature Tuesday approved a law making French the "official language" of the Canadian province. The bill passed 92-10 with two of the dissenters English-speaking Liberals. English-speaking citizens make up only 20 per cent of the population of Quebec. French is to be used In governmental, business and public works. In schools, only children showing a sufficient knowledge of English will be admitted to that language course. TO $71 4 SET OF "T GLASS-TRACK BELTED ROAD GUARD TIRES. WHITEWALLS - BLACKWALLS ... 30,000- MILE GUARANTEE REG. $ 31 TO $ 49 EACH SALE ENDS SATURDAY, AUG. 3,1974 FIBER GLASS BELTS 2 belts work under the tread to help resist costly impact and puncture damage giving long tire mileage. POLYESTER CORD 2 body plies supply added strength, help resist flat spotting and give a smooth riding performance. PANELS, VANS, CAMPERS 15 TO 20% OFF TUBE-TYPE BLACKWALL PLY SIZE RATING 6.70-15 7.00-15 7.00-15 6.50-16 7.00-16 7.50-16 A78-13, C78-14 TBLS. PLUS 1.80 TO 2.17 F.E.T. EA., TRADE-IN TIRES WARDS MONEY MAKER TIRE REGULAR PRICE EACH $40 $48 $52 $43 $50 $60 SALE PRICE EACH $32 $40 $42^ $36 $40 $51 PLUS F.E.T. EACH 2.36 2.77 3.00 2.52 2.88 3.60 NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED WARDS 4-PLY AIR CUSHION 14,000-Mile Guarantee A78-13 10 95 TBLS.BLK. PLUS 1.78 F.E.T. EA., TRADE-IN 1 ii ••H^M TUBELESS BLACKWALL SIZE A78-13 B78-13 E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 •5.60-16 G78-15 H78-15 ^^^^ REGULAR LOW PRICE* 10.95 12.95 17.95 18.95 19.95 15.95 19.95 21.95 PLUS F.E.T. EACH 1.78 1.83 2.24 2.41 2.55 1.78 2.63 2.82 •With trade-in tire. Whitewalls available $3 more each. INSTALLED FREE WARDS lATTfRV PROTECTION PIAN Montgomery Ward will replace thii battery at no coit to the original owner if It foili to accept and hold a choro* In non-conimvrcial passenger car use during the Free Replacement Period shown: TOTAL GUARANTEE PERIOD: 60 -48 42 36 24 1 8 Mos'. FREE REPIACEMENT PERIOD. 241612 After thii period, to the end of the guarantee period, Montgomery Ward will replace the pottery, charging only a pro-rated amount for the time >!n«e purehaie, bated on the current regular telling price leu trade-in, ealteriei in commercial use are guaranteed on a ilml- lar batii for half of the specified periods. Commercial UN Is defined as uie In any vehicle for other than family or personal use. For service under this guarantee, return battery with evidence of date of purchase to any Montgomery Ward branch. SAVE 4.00 GUARANTEED FOR 36 MONTHS Provides up to 305 cranking amps. Fits most cars. 83,95 VWbatt,,, 19.88 exch, EXCH. 19,95 18-mo, batt, 17.88 exch, REQ. 26.95 $125 PASSENGER CAR TIRE GUARANTEE Montgomery Word guarantee! each of iti panenger car tires for a specified number of miles when uied on passenger cars or station wagons, except taxli. If your tire does not give y*cnj thii mileage because ofi • defects In material or workmanship, • normal road hazard failure, • premature tread wearoul (2/32 Inches or less remaining); Montgomery Ward wills 1. During the first 10% of guaranteed mileage, replace the tire free. 2. During the remaining guaranteed mileage, replace it for a prorata charge based on mileage uied. Nail punctures repaired free during the entire guaranteed mileage, For guarantee service and adjustments, return tire to any Montgomery Ward branch with the Guarantee Booklet issued at the time of sate. Charge after flnt 10% of guaranteed mileage based on selling price In effect at the time of return at branch to which returned, including federal excise tax. Passenger tires used on taxicabs, and motor vehicles other than passenger cars are guaranteed on the same basil against defects In materials and workmanship only. E78-14, F78-14, G78-14, G78-15, H78-14, H78- 15 TBLS. PLUS 2.33 TO 2.97 F.E.T. EACH AND TRADE-IN TIRES PAIRS COMPARABLY PRICED An Outstanding Value e Belts open and firm the tread grooves for great traction e Polyester cord for quiet ride FAST FREE MOUNTING NOW 25 TO 30% OFF STEEL BELTS STEEL-TRACK BELTED GRAPPLERI... 30,000 MILE GUARANTEE minimize tread squirm. POLYESTER 4-ply polyester cord body for strength, smooth ride. Wide tread design plus steel belts plus polyester cord plies for hugging traction and positive handling. TUBELESS WHITEWALL SIZE A78-13 E78-14 F78-14 G78-14 H78-14 G78-15 H78-15 J78-15 L78-15 ALSO KITS 6.00-13 7.35-14 7.75-14 8.25-14 8.66-14 8.25-16 8.55-15 8.85-15 9.15-16 REGULAR PRICE EACH* $40 $50 $52 $56 $59 $57 $60 $64 $67 SALE PRICE EACH' 28.00 35.00 36.40 38.50 41.30 39.90 42.00 48.00 50.25 PLUS F.E.T. EACH- 2.15 2.67 2.83 3.01 3.20 3.07 3.28 3.40 3.60 •With Irade-in tire. LOW COST INSTALLATION AVAILABLE WARDS TOWN ft COUNTRY SHOCK AISORIER REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE For as long as you own the car on which Installed, Montgomery Ward will furnlih free replacements for any Wards Town S. Country Shock Absorber which fails for any reason. If Montgomery Ward originally Installed the shock absorbers, it will Imlall replacements free. Return shock absorbers to any Montgomery Ward branch (any branch having Installation facilities, if free installation Included) with evidence of purchase. This guarantee does not apply to shock absorbers installed on commercial vehicles or to shock absorbers damaged In an auto accident. SAVE 4.22 IN PAIRS WARDS FIRM T&C SHOCKS FOR SAFER, SMOOTH HANDLING Our larger 1-3/16" piston has been designed to give you 41% more bounce control than most original equipment. Even on the roughest roads you can be sure of safer, even braking. 5 EACH REG. 7.99 15.99 Levelers ... for extra 12.44 stability under heavy loads. EACH SAVE • 3.8i WARDS ECONOMY GARAGE CREEPER Cturdy hard- A oo wood frame, ply- 6*°° wood body, and nylon casters. REG. 8.69 SAVE 1.30 DO-IN DUST WITH OUR AIR FILTER Traps 90% of | QQ power - robbing, JL airborne dirt. § Fits most cars. REG. 3.29 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LOW PRICES-USE YOUR WARDS CHARG-ALL ACCOUNT We care about your car.

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