The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on August 15, 1892 · Page 3
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 3

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 15, 1892
Page 3
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MEXICO. OIXB1AL Nlwa ITEM*. .City ot M«ico, Aug. -U— tho ruaor that the government has negotiated a loan ha* beon reduced to the fact that a national bank in union with European houses has •pened credit for £600,000 at 7 por cent, and annual interest to !>e paid in monthly installment*, commenc* iog at the end of the present year and finishing noxt ye*r. The gov- ernmeat «»™ no Beaurity. A prominent oflicial said today that this amount would bo more than sufficient to tide over the- ditfioulfcea which wouK surety end with-tno increased customs roeoipttj, i noyi table wuh winter business. The person claiming to bo Gen- «ral bandovral ol'the iloxican army " declared to be a fraud. Ho was •ever more than a lieutenant. The government has paid iho amounts due cohtraeibrd ot the' J-Obuahtepes. railroad. Redly, a famous bandit in the State of Ja)i*i:o, has boon captured,after a tight in \vljich three of bis captors \vttro woujideiJ. Gonzalcs ALieK editor of the Monitor. tbo Republican nrincip*! newspaper, has boen 'ar charged with;- inciting afrraya. •. London, Aiiv.'y.-^thu Benin co> resporulcru "ot the Times ^tiues'xha't that l.$s> JewiiJi.; lujiiiie., have re* turned to Breinor Huron from the Argentine K^>ubt;e in a pitiayJo condition. Will Support itonv* Rule. London Au'^, !l — The Welsh members of- parliament h;wc ed to suppuri r ihe home rule bill provided . -. .GlA'-Ustoiie ^ivcs the H'elsh eatablitirfbrneriL " the u«xl place in the pro'^riVm.riie. Daatanily 'Dynami.l'e Oul r.-i^c- Rome, Aug- 0,— A inorter char^-' ed w.'ih (lyni.'uiLo vva-i e.\p'o.],j,.l Sunday-, near St Alfonso's church a, religious fete. Eleven pur»ai a •\rer» killed and quite a rnim'^r i'f Others, including several women and children, Two ;_Y6n.'njf'...i..ttdios Assaulted a; JNii^ht in Their tloOms. Bronhuiu, Au^. D— About ten days 'ago iliss :Nealy Huston wa? aroused from sleep to fimla man standing over -her. At .2 b'clebk this morning Jrlisa Mattio 'Turner," who lives in another part of tho city, a woke suddenly and there was a man loaning over her bed. She screamed and the man caught her by iho throat and choked her. She fought and screamed until tie household and the whole neighborhood was aroused. Ilor assulhmt, afraid he wculd be f-ptured, and being unable to silence the yourir' .,'•.'. • • ' .' •' . ' • ' . . • • - ' ** : • £3 lady'K cries rushed out ot the hour»o and made good his csojipe.. Miss Turner is a niec-o ot \Vm. Axer. manager of thpAlcF'uiden eomnr^ss hero and li^es /will) bis iamilv. Tho burglar is though c tj be the same party who assaulted Miss Guy ton. He is described by Miss Turner aa a me diuni size man, wearintr a 'derny bat set back on his head Ito i-« either white or a bright mulatto. Tho citizens aro wrought up to a tigh pitch of excitement. The officers are working on tho case, and if a capture is ma<1o the culprit, if the right man, '.will receive justice at the bands of a mob. The object of the burglar was evidently a more beinioua ono than robbery, lor a jewel case, gold watch ami other Taluables w.ev'o lying in plain view on the bureau in Miaa Turner's room, and they were not disturbed. Election, in Choclaw Nation, Paris, Aug 9.— The latest advices from the choctaw Nation are to the eftect that tho friends of Governor Jones conceeds his defeat by Jacob Jackson by a vote of twentyfire: AMERICAN POLITICIANS. .v. ElT.i Ui.':.-;-o.v, Virginia's now senator, rose iu fouryears from tin* confederate ranks to MI "major ^••ni'ivlshi'i. SKN-ATOK liLAOKiMin.v i, OIK- of tin- reu'.Kt'St of congressional spi-.-ikfr?;, a-"' can rci'l off pretty, thoughts anil Mm ideas by the hour."* DA3XY PROVERBS. and Cht»riioteri.»tl« Kit* of \vVt MtU iVi»«J<*n». honorary membership iu thv- C.irlie club. Atlantic City's jn.-\v ru-.v^xipur jnt'H's organization. WHIYKL.IW RK|I> >s th- : •••• -..-ni -.-an iidaU: ou UJP republican .-.';.!•• for vi-v ;>:•«•• iik-nt who. prior t»> \r.- '.>,::•..•.,.^ :.. ;1 . had m>vi>r be<-:i a ' Candida:.• ;..:-;.n ••'•.•• tiv«-oilieo. Chester A. An!mi- v;,-, Hi,. S.-:VATOII Pl-:FFEr: say:-::.;:; !:•• "pvts thv most, real fun in playm-,- -.\ iih .";.;!- dr<:n in the street. Th--Y.- i .:::;:;!>;;;.- da.u sincerity alvnil lh>•'•-.• •. :n '' :ieVi>:- 5ii:d in the .-;.or: . ; • •: areold e:sor; '\ to IK- «:oiv.,••.,::- . MlM.STKi'. (Wtf.IlMiF.. :• hi- ::•>;,i. ;:; -...i t" th.- eyes of thc-..l'::r! rr. [:';••<.:,' of the- London Nc-v,-':-. '.-• '-\,fi>.•-*::-.i : .,..| hale, of a straight, earna-.'-- :,.!•!.!:.••.•• ::i^nrH-r. He str:J.v>on,. :.••- .- :.-i...- ; , -.'•,.. Li.-lk-c'-unl as well ;i ? . \»i!v:: : ,.^. t::: pursuits." ANSWuRS TO HEflT O'J r "" ••\Vi-H. p'i-in-:ij);iily ln-.-ini: • i ::::. :-. : .v^i;h!;iu.-,-!. ; a y s ,.li , r , ^j... t. ;, .,; I-'AI:: !' r \^j-;.,! :: "I u-. ; ; . ; •'•'•:in is s«i i-t-s' [; : v" «::•;"•:•• "Hn'.v roulil %•"•! t •.;•••:•! ;;.: • . ' p.-rVliafctr, Mi:.-. .MK-X.S™-!-.--^!- .-(.I..- 1 - '-I linooniMbo ?ori:iu!a!e<! by the m.^st cultit.-,.'-M-.M:-:;.-.l scholiistic than' this proverb fi :iu> e.ntou iiirids; "l.ivo. I,M:-:I: tlirt atul forjfit all." Tao tii-).->^ optimistic, oitsy-jfoin^; race on r.arili. t!:c-y have piit all of th«*ir p.vs- j oiin;s:n or.- <•: their hearts into their j >• .-.;•.-.•!•:.-;. ;ij i, jr iustanoc: 1 " "r.'':-:'.-. r'.'> pit;<l u-r kill df crar!i> j ntt.•'.•':•.• ,! j\y o\x^r tii* comb ob \U» ; ro.--:' :•.!-,«» i- ;: ii for a corp-sr." j "\\ h« h::L ;: fool '11 hung 1 up a hor.s.'- ! ^v** on ('. - i-Mi>.vr iurjj tor 'make :i Wh- f i-.'. ttv- -n.w oi'f fust." j "M;.v..::ic,-S':tiji't haystacks or -ivro'il I lv '..l M " !: "' ''"' ; '-"- s l ' :vn T - v liat tk'ro i.s." ! ::'.-i.-.Mt:::ati» the wortii to the | '•.::r:i.m v:i>.-" ^»f lubor acul sorrow: | vv-r ;V >: : i> w/rtU -ucxl tiv<~.ilo'.lur t.j "i'l •.•.":::'••: <!,.» rntton r^r.'..!'h ain't easv. '.'.it .I--.- -L-rn cakes aiu't ^.-•••H{ aud ;;:\-:i'o,-. la '..i--ir nrvachmg 1 . toilni^ of r^l:- '. '-••>• :.:••- >.-. -u 1-rfully virile ami ori^mul "'* ' . " !••'"-•'." •-in't flo n-">t'iirr \vitSout <!< " "' : '- r ;-': -'•' ;uo"uili.' :tx t>iaiii.v'U:ii.'rivc; :i l<-: r -.v. ', .Lit ,'.._• si-.v-n-r u f jt i; Ij-tv- >•,••. Previous to Removal to the New Wilcox Block. I will Offfir my Entire Stock - i '-"'i 1 : '•'•'•:•;•'•: ;VA-V L.-iirolt-ssnoss L!KIL is so :.:"'^: :i ;• i " < f thi'::cj;r.. >-li;ir;u;l,/r. ""•/••: •.::.";. ::i tifty y.-ar \v.-.r!% nt:L a-. •' : ' : '"• : . • • - :; ."•"" pi'«:'i*'l .:is «!i' til-.•'>» iVin '. •'•• '•'• •- - : :-!'."Use uf a yallvr sitii:::-.,-:- ::::in uin ill- hi;.;-- •-.' .-!'::rr rnrryin" an' hit's h<-ar> 1 •;• iu .ill- r:u'»- uri.l I!,-;; •:!,, i •:::' «!;>»-'s r-fi- " A. V. \\\v!,h-. '.A : -i T.I' KlVK!l<. ••\V.-!L- "A -la-'I in.- if J ,./„:; ' :! T .!:-..;> irmn !u:ns, .1^,-. ,!ay."....; 'hl-n ^.TrU.ii-,^. SOME NE' T ;ri!u- >iivi.r-pl:iii-.l <>ri>-s till ii'sr-.-L;,-,-;,- j '•:•-. li!c.-. huL \v-hich many iin-1 !>--v</;.,- 1 '.:;.:•"''•'>-•>•.• i>iid•:tj')i^.'n/' .s > t-rilU-.l : ';r- .;u >::y i'atli is t-> sinjf in Ui-i: ::--\: i-::^:!^^- !:iV::r. :is ;i prrivy i-t,niivli.i:i ;i:a.; ; - «.r <l:t". :;ty sl< >'.«.'• t.-'nyd stufVscjf sht•••'.- ::i:i'- ••.•'r.-.l. A.v i::!.ri-ni'.i!.T r/i>!tt.-.n l:::s liit •.!?>•!?! '.-'^ •::V"i-;•:.•?. a."ilrcss' all>u::j." ^n \yh:i-h l.iiiv •^VI;<T . rinv t<i t>e chronof'Firi.-nllv ;tr- ran^-cu iV:uL.-r the ilai^s 0:1 vvi;i v h i!i--\ . <>'••••» ;;"."ivc tJie tf>uch nf •r[- : i,-,. {., :i ,..,0] s-.::'-.irb:i>i hall the oth.-r-Uay. an.i ht-.-r ;:i:i:r.- . ; f . th,;- saj:u- fli-lii Mess.;.ms iri i:;..r.- • ••••i 1 >!•:..' ••.Jiiria b-Vvvls hc:u:tifnl!y .-.iri out the sii'jurl-Ln (linncr tabk-; ••:• lii-s i^i iiki- ;i p;if:;c f-r '-nr :•'-•.: c-,vc:ti; ric.r <ii-,Mir:> ::• •- ••J.;::: - -,•:!•,.. ,-,r•:,-s:!: ; ;:<:o'II >t.<jp a i,!'"-••.••-: -.:•-:•: .i>-:-a-- 'in ,[.. ,-arof i!^ !MJi: S: 'V. •:::;-. IM'< hautan.jMari'." ' A :: .r/'AN OF HONOR. .!"tV I ::•;.•;• :ii ami his bn>ihi>r A :>f fa<-li """;;•- ; ! .r.;;.- irrii-ts. <.f iaiul m:ur i:n.s- Sof;n:?: .•flKAj-'r.;"nv. of .•. ; A'l).-nl(:o.n. Ixv., •h:is piTforiiitM 1 , tlii.' 'rsarrliiir..-• ^I'r.-iisi.n-- I" <»vtT fintrtec-n••thi.iusan..! pt '.pi--. 'I'i;-: «!:insri»t("f of Tlmmas lv>n:iman. *.\:l -.1" :;. thirU-story \vin>l<>-.v, hul v.-;is '>n!_v. sli.irlitlyhurt. MATT:IK\V {>. Hxi:>:t.[.. n-}\-. t \ras r.T--:ii- youn-.'.-st :::ayi,r i:i t.he I'liiivi Slave.-.. II.-ha-; pi'sscil twenty-txv.'i. <: '--' : ' •. -::;•: in ii''i'(!:ti:.:j if> J»".s o-.v-i. >: ;*' >;:: - ; •:•'• ^:-"i^ nin^ yoaro a^... Aiu- "•'•"— -'•""•V ~ ; -rnfrnr,.-r tbat rnarrt •M< r :~' ••.ir.-.i: ;-.-,* ':I:;if!i-?" aslc-M ASi:. '•',".''"'•'"••• 1 ''^^11 I \i,\" said - "I ::: •-•••!::-*-.:>(• iiiarricii AV.-,l:i<-s: Ar- v--ur •:;('. ;,- to ke.-p the: ::^r!V>-;:u- ••••'>•*••" :!s -.- .-itfr-ij p.Lirc." an=>'.v<-n-.! ••J h:i;:i'r r-;l :so r:.m.' a m:i:i as •;-'•" ':-..•;; :.•:•. h:.s : woril/- ; ' • .'...' "\'< •••'.:. /-,-i are rii:hL Jell. r.;jd • _ ^^. •-ivi ::,,' JMt-nd to g-ire up his ».'W;-h" iV!in.!.-K-! ::.::•«•> so on^ily, Jie just f<-,.! t .,i A!,!-. It^ti.;.;! O f vi-ai:in!.r for A!H- t<> ir-'.t ."Jiar.'-i.'..' or! •\VefIrtelsil.ay. JisiT hitela- 1 ' The Gold Triin Arrives. New Y»rk Aug., 9.—The famous g*ld train carrying $30,000.000 of TJnclt Sam's gold from San Francis* co to New York, reached the C**tral depot morning An AuttiB Boy Hurt. Aujr. lO.—Willie Newburg, 16 year* old, of Austin, got bit right foot crushed tonight in tk* MiMOuri, K»D»M and Tezaa yardi, while crowing th« (rack bet Cwaeik moving freight ears. For 3*i* . A new coon Ur Male miUb!* for a grocery etore. Baqnire at 7 o;.,::i :naki.-s no nnn; :i I:,-.-. j IT i.; :-::!,! () f t] u - lutf S-ratu:! MfD-Vn- j . ?-.lil i;:'.-l:ar:ts,»n. of l;aki::n.r..-. ih;;: h,- ' u-a^ pt-i>on:iily n'^iuahit«-tl' w'-ih ••.••; l ;-tv t H.••.-•;:,;:,-.• ant! tht-y wtrnr m:ir- "V- -; -.--•"!;-.''• -.'i *-"'" 4 .T"-.. TT.-.C- * 1 It' i..'-' -:;••. vr:?:;!•. to {cm»-.v it' V>MI alf.<\\- to >'-•:.- t..:is ;s a l.'ttlt' stuhlirit lilc-.-. t'!'.! 1 .' M-I-:; ,;: it.' s all rij,'h5.. I'll '.u.,-p n:v Ar:-.: IK- >'."-rI. A>v trnnsf.rrr;-.! hh ":' : '' '••"•:••• '-•' •'•H'lT-. ( 'n . \yi ; t!iv.rM!av A'.»«- :::: ' : ' : " : " i ::>1 P° r C-ontract. and \v v -:<«. ••••• JIM a [-L-utt-cl tract of land. ::i::»I:i:-:y 'inouyh, thf hrothi-rs havi- t •;•"• : friends all thcst- year:-,.—Cl:i FARMING IN FOREIGN LANDS. i <••• ~i ^"~~~ ' «ri.i v:: trees arc lu-iny p:-i"»\vp. in Soisvh Afri.ja. In coiijiinclioii \\~lili vi:ioy:in!.^. ! TUK soil of Ihiyti is very f.-rlih-. Corn j is t-asily g-ri»vn. and three crop* can be I TH;: miimif.icturc of .starch from po- ' atu-ntion in the I Australian colonies. ' Tir:-: Fn-n^.-h minister of ncriesilinrrr • has «m.v.-n public attention lo frauds ij, ' m:vnurt', .csp«v.-iaUy with regard lo tl-.e • coloring of ; IIoi'.s .grown in Poland an- export--.! j to (rt-riaar.y. xvhcre they uuuer'ro :v i prwessof •sulphuring', and arc 'shipped • •xiolc a;< for local consumption. A r.ftT.vxiCAi. station at St. Vin«;«-nr, V»\-st Indies, is conducting- cxpcriinenis tending toward projrressiyi-. a£ric«Uun-'! fr ;| !l ' i::u ' HU ToOcly. *:\. To-n Tlnunb became a siavr- to 'l/j.iic ;ia;'>..>it in his ; .|atte:-"ilays.' After him to Europe aTid r i-."ti-:isivelv a U . :> ' f"'"' • l ' >u ' " n " lt:r ' :i " : ••^rring- him in n. lilliputiar., '"". A c " Ilttact , tvas ^i^nod and tho : " J; ' ••:"'-.i- 7'lie general had no clra- ! 5 ''--'". 5 ^- 'f ttllc P^^ve him very ' l> - v ; >riC to '^ and pe, jp l« turned out ''." -ynous little man xvhorn ! s ' . : - >>:il;is h>d made known the 'i^V for .^ hllc ' '.Then he ^^ to V "^•-"sly and very ofton disar>- " 10 ' 1 ;:ir ^aud,enccs by bcin-r unable ENCIRCLING THE GLOBE. , .. .• . I ^ P:itr ° nS fin«i tv f T*f ' mU(k ' t0 fit under the dun. No bnish is used. A SWAHM of locusts six miles xvick- recently darkened Graham's Town. Cape Tow-n, Alnca. They were flying hea- , . , ULASS beads pass as money in parts of Africa. In Masai, five blue beads will buy a woman, but ten of them arc necessary to buy a cow. DOUBTLKSS the coldest civilized place on the globe is Wcrchojansk. where the thermometer once registered a temperature of 81 degrees below zero. Arcrioxi ia Japan are conduetexl l-rouch^Hke American primary eleetit/ns. I The bidden write their names and bids • on dips of paper, which are put iato a 1 hex for the auctioneer to open. _^* i l::i!f f-Mow ^ct out of his siyU'. for a ! r.iotnont. I vU S: - 7-ouis the manager -had occa-. ? i<>n t0 J ' >nTO thC hotel for an hour and, ' lrtc "n ia «l not. to take 'any chance.. j locked the general in his room. When ' »e returned he was struck speechless " with astonishment. The door was locked. bi:t stretched upon the floor %vas T«>m Thumb, as drunk as a lord. No sooner h«l the manager left than the • -eneral rattled the door until he attracted the; attention of » bellboy Slipping a dollar under the door, he in" strutrted tlitt boy Vo go to a saloon, buy :i P in ^ °f whisky and an ok-dinary clay P"PC- V.'hca the boy returned the general told him to p«t the pJpcstcm ^'ro^tfh the keyhole and pour the lif ! 1:ot " -" n to the pipe-bowl. He did ao. auct lhc <' w arf, atanding on tiptoe, J 1 *^®^ his lips to the pipestem and dr » ak himself into total «nconscious- BRF CflflD8,ll l CfolH At Actual New York Cost, One and all are invited to call and' con, vmce themselves. S. CAHN. BANK of LAREDO, J. K. EERETTA & CO. Laredo, Texac. A GENERAL : BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED.^ Collections Made on'--all Accessible Points Dealers in American, Mexican and European Exchange. W. II. MI.Ma, Notary Public i'O' \T MIMS &-DE^ Real _ Estate Investment-;- and Insurance McrehuntB' and MannlUeturt^' I'iirclm'.sing nnd Stilus "jAireocy *" Agents Mallory and Trans-Atlantic S S.° Lin^^ OFFICE IN P. 0. Bl^DlKl .» • TEXAS, J. Detitz & Son Wholesale and Retail Dealers ih & Willow Ware, Crock ery, Glassware, Oils, Paints, Agricultural Implements, Wagons Etc. Etc. Laredo, , . .' . , . ; , . . Texas- GFNERAL MERCHANDISE GFiOCEPlES. CLOTHING. COIM r am JS'o\v Prepared to Furnish to CoaBummerg In* in ^ • ^-* v^ * I 4 Quanity-2,From one to 2O.OOO Pounds. On Short Notice Prompt Attcnhcn Given to all ( rdcra. ^-S 107. Botica iC La Malinche* Pure and Fresh Drugs, ChemicaflL ^^ Patent ITedicines, Stationary, SpODgef t ^Perfumery, Soaps, Toilet Articles and a iul line of Druggist's Sundries. Prescriptions Compounded a tall hurs Day and TWT A AltXDO X

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