The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas on January 22, 1948 · Page 11
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The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas · Page 11

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1948
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE MEXIA (TEXAS) WEEKLY HERALD THURSDAY. JAW. 32. 1948 of Th Thrcn* VLLEY OOP ByV.T.HAMLDJ RED RYDER ByFR UGH' ROB6SR5 HAVE TH=8E.' YOU SE=? £K SONE...IN THIS IN5TANC UNCOUNTED MILLION OF YrARS INTO, I'LL SO A LOWS / LOOK...WITH THIS WAYS TO KEEP I YCUNS LADY IU A PATIENT... \SHCW WU HOW BUT ILL HAVE I HARMLESS NO.TIJUCK \V1TH A IS..WATCH THE GOLT> WILL es INJ IHE EXPRESS CAR •5AF£-OKAf3rri£E{ .'5 EKFIOSWES To TEANSMISSICN TO OKARCHEE SOMEBODY* .' STOP HWA, HOLD»0XP THE , ALL RIGHT/ -•THAT fO5SE'S K50TFAR A SNEAK BUT C00LA"\PUNCH...BUT SAID WHEN \ I SOT YOU TRIED TO 1 UP AN' tNTEKFEBEJrEY KNOCKED /KNOCKIN' YOU OUT/ / MYSELF.' HOLYCOW. ODJUH TH LEAVE A SICK.. MAN THESE FOE THAT DUMB WITCH oocroe rwoBK ON? ""*#• BLESS YOU. OCR FOR BRINSINS BRONSON HOME...1 WAS HAV1NS NO LUCK TlME- MACHININS A DOCTOR TO HIM.' eAvOKltf 1 -' SOLO OU1A1HE" /«\|\ C VISIT HOME TOWN.' j.-i.-^CriBE QUICKLY PSEPARE5 THE ! s vSESf CAR SAFE FOR CRACKlNS^ 1 NO. I'VE SOI " " AND OH. OSCAE. AND AMOS PLAN TO TRACK DOWN THE -SOURCE OF THE OLD SOLDEN FLEECE MYTH! VKHAT5 THIS PROJECT HE'S TALKIN' ABOUT? BRONSON SHOULD BE UP'AND AROUND IN A FEW DAYS... I SAVE HIM A SHOT OF PENICILLIN; AH. FINE: i WAS AFRAID WE'D HAVE TO PUT OFF OUR . PROJECT. 1 OKARCHEE^SOT OH, LOOK.' WHOS THAT SCRUMPTIOUS LOOKIN&- WOMAM7 THAT WOMAN , M/LDA/ is YOUR. AUMT HESTER.' . KIDS, SHES VERY OLD-rFASHIONED/ GO EASY ON THE MODERN! BEHAVIOR.' THAT , DOES IT! I. CANT EAT ANY MORE BREAKFAST- LETS GET THIS OVER WITH.' MOW DONT 6ET THAT . WAV, HILDA; SHE SAYS THIS FAKAILY MEEDS A WONAAMS GUIDING- HAND/ SHE NEVER. VISITED US , FORE, DADDY.' WHY START NOW? HURRY UP/WE HAVE TO MEET VOUR. AUNT HESTER'S TEAIN IN TEN MINUTES I THAR.5 SriOOTiSfAHEAO FU5,BCrt5.' CUT OFF trie . M. PEC. U. S. PAT. OFF WE STARTED OUT FOR ANCIENT HAPPY LANDINSS, BOYS. AND SPAS A HANDFUL OF THAT SOLDEN SCATS WHISKERS THINS ^^ TAK&Un SHORT CUT 1£> ONLt T50NNA. Rl^SO ESCAPES REP RfPER'S PEAOLY FiRE AT TriE = OF THE TfJAivi ROS6ERY IT \\ASNT NOTHIN' LIKE THIS/ BY IT L WO* W»' ROBBER REO-'WECAtfT CATCrt HER— WE'VE GOT To HER-' ALLEY OOP ONCE MORE EMBARKS ON A JOURNEy INTO THE PAST... TO INVESTISATE THE LEGEND OF THE 6OLDEN FLEECE. DUE TO THE ILLNESS OF PP. BRONSON, OOP IS ACCOMPANIED ONLY BY 05CAE, . BOOM TO WHOM THE WORD <JOLD REALLY MEANS SOMETHING.' IF1GOTRIDOFTHI6 HO55 ArtP SOT I'VE DONE A LOT OF ^ IT HIT JUST AS I MY STABS. IS N. CLOSED THE EVERY BODY ALL \ SWITCH ON RIGHT.''THAT WAS THE TIMEA NASTY LITTLE/ MACHINE.' TREMOR; V TlME-TSAVELIN', BUT DID YOU EVER. SEE S3 MUCH NOTHIN -T SEFORE? H CO?, I NE DID... AND I DON'T L!<E IT.' I DON'T THINK SO...THERE DOESNT SEEM TO BE ANY THINS WRONS WITH THE MACHINE.' J,)£ALiZlN6 triAT A Vosee. VOiLL fOLLOVJ HER, THE CHAM3ER.S EMPTY... DO YOU SUPPOSE IT HAD ANY EFFECT ON ALLEY AND -Urt LIKE 5WAOOVS! THROUGH ¥ REPORT OF DEEDS Filed for record in the office of the County Clerk of Limestone County, Texas, week ending January 17th 1 , 1948, as compiled from ,Kcprds,of LON£l,STAR ABSTRACT COMPANY % jTNp/-: Groesbeck, Texas, v ... '. V. ../ Tax Deed — Sheriff to Maurice Lee High, Part of Division LX, Mexia, $5. , '-•_-,'_ Tax Deed — Sheriff to O. C. Jensen, 200x375 ft, Blk. D, Div. XXXVII, Mexia, $850. W. L. Carrington to Noel Hollingsworth, 100x130 ft out Div. VIII, Mexia, $10. Elijah L. Carter to Lizzie Amos, Lot 5, Block 12, Division "S", et ux to D. Hol- 10, Block 45, Kos- et ux to Dr. M. M. —in town of Delia, SI. ^ Cochrum et ux, to B. E. Herring, in to%vn of Delia, $300. .... Jasper Leonard Bates et ux to J. J. Bates, 70 acres B. Davis Survey, $1750. Jack McGinnis et al to H. Hansen, all int. Estate Mathea Hansen and Florence Mills, SI. M. A. Smith et ux to G. C. McPherson, 4.325 acres A. Varela Survey, $600.. J. Fort Smith, Trustee to J. R. Jones, Part Lot 6, Block 25, Mexia, $10. ', "Mack : Rembert to Berry Medlock, Lot 6 and Pt Lot 7, Block 7, Mexia Addn. Mexia, S2. J. K. Stroud et ux to Joe Thomas, Lot 4, Block C, Mexia Addn, Mexia, $15.66. Bernard T. Taylor et-ux to Garland Camp, Part Subdiv. 9, Div. XXXII, Thornton, 5115. Alfred Lester Gunter to M. A. Gunter, 140 acres H & T C RR Survey, $10. • Isaac Floyd Gidden et al to M. A. Gunter, 52.1 acres I. Wood Survey, ;$1. - Isaac Floyd Gidden et al to M. !A. ~Gunter, 160 acres Jos. Land Survey, $2000. W. I. Williams to A. J. Williams, 100 acres P Varela, $750. H. L. Reed, Jr. et ux to Dwane Reed, 50 acres M C Rejon and 9734 acres J. L. Chavert Survey, $1500. H. L. Reed et ux Dwane Reed, v, of 213.5 acres J L Chavert Survey, $532.50. Mrs. Etta Adamson Simmons to John L and Susie May Bates, Lots 4 and 5, Block 162, Mexia, $10. O H. Sanders et ux to G. S. Porter, 213% acres E. C. Harris Survey, $8250. Irbie G. Nance to Jack Barnett, 50 acres Jos. Copeland Survey, S10. A E Cantrell et uxto O. H. Sanders, 213% acres E. C. Harris Survey, SI. John R. Radford et ux to C G. Proutv et ux, Pt Lot 8, All Lot 9, Block 4, Manning Addn, Div. XXXTV, Mexia, $2500. £ M Blackmon, Recr. to Carl Cannon, 116.3 acres A. Varela Survey, $1360.80. Bess Pollard et al to J. C. Dobson, 32.11 acres t. F. Johnson and E Covert Surveys, S2568.80. €. E. Herod et ux to Thelma Anglin, Lots 36-and-37,'Div."A., Magnolia Crest Addn, Mexia, $100. City of Mexia et al to Luther Whitaker*- Lots 23 an3 24; Block 2-C, Div. XLIV, Mexia, S231.43. Tax Deed — Sheriff to Lula Tinsley, Lot 22- Block ';. Div- XLTV, Mexia, S10. Tax Deed — Sheriff to L. C. Tatum, Lot 4, Block B, Mexia Addn, Mexia, $50. Tax Deed — Sheriff to L. C. Tatum, Lots 18 and 19, Block 1, Div. XLIV, Mexia, $20. Tax Deed — Sheriff to L. C. Tatum, Lot 4, Block B, Div. XLV, Mexia, So. James A. May et ux to W. L. Henderson, Part Division N, Mexia M. A. Smith et ux to John Martin et ux, 2 acres A.-Varela Survey, S250. TOTAL CONSIDERATION: $27,381.19 'ossibi'ily Vaccine ,IS. Jan. 19 (U?) sir victim of infantile- paralysis puslied science's battle against'the disease : ofle step further ahead today. Dr. Frank Gollan, physiologist at the University of Minnesota, | announced that he had isolated j a 99.94 per cent pure strata of "MM" virus, which causes polio in,small rodents. He said the discovery might open the way for development of a vaccine to immunize humans against the disease. Auio Accidenl Fatal TEXARKANA, Tex., Jan. 19 (UP)—Audie B. Chapman, 27, of Mbunt Pleasant, Tex., was killed near Texarkana late yesterday w.ien the car in which he was , rifling overturned. A companion, 'odis Thomas, escaped injury. U. S. Tax Court May Move from Dallas To Fort Worth DALLAS, Tex., Jan. 20 (UP;— | Lack of housing and office space j was being blamed today for a ! possible shifting of the U. S. tax | court hearings from Dallas \o Ft. ' Worth. The court, created in 1924 to hear tax case appeals, normally sits in Dallas for hearings ( covering the northern district of Tex- s. Hearings for the southern district are held in Houston. George S. Atkinson, Dallas tax attorney, said lack of hotel space for court personnel and lack of office space in which to hold the court may force the move. He added that such an action may i establish a precedent for the moving of the technical staff of the Bureau of Internal Revenue to Fort Worth. The technical staff consists of 35 persons. Cf,H -fttftf StbrF' SPEfVK ONTfEJ) SffttES SorixUHDERSfftNO Vou/ BIG BROTH Eft SEZ:- i Artful machine work by specialists wfco know and understand modern equipmenj. Precision to th* exact degree! Also electric and acetylene welding, pipe work, repair^ of farm and ranch equipment and plow sharpening. Let us turn out your work f*«ter .. . more economicagy. Depend on us for the speed and efficiency for which we are well known. ~" * MACHINE SHOP We. WcLD ANYTHING ALL. METHODS ACETYLENE

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