Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on May 8, 1963 · Page 81
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 81

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1963
Page 81
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Irrigation SAN CARLOS PROJECT 24 hrs. ended 7 a.m. May 4, 1963 Capacity, acre-feet 1,285,000 Available storage, acre-feet 103,880 24-hr, discharge, acre-feet 400 Reservoir loss, acre-feet S41 TOTAL STORED WATER Reservoirs' capacity, a. ft, 2,073,716 Total stored water, a. ft. 1,032,725 Total loss in 24 hrs., a. ft. 791 Net stored water, a. ft. 776,119 Net stored water, yr. ago 1,109,249 Net m-olect loss 24 hrs., a. " WATER DIVERTED Northside use, miner's In. Southslde use, miner's in. Granite Reef, a. ft. Pumped, a. ft. ,, ft. 940 27,400 21,400 2.42U 1,581 Marriage Licenses CHAUDOIN-HOpfclNS, Robert Glenn, 23; Lola Marilyn, 21, both of Mesa. CHACON-BROWN, Ramon Lopez, 19, 650 S. 10th Place; Sharon Louise, 16, 1222 E. Winter. CORTEZ-MADRIL, George M., 22, 7519 N. 23rd Ave.; Anita, 20, Glendal*. CRUZ-GAMEZ, Bruno, 20, PeOrla; Luoe, 18, Avondale. GIBSON-CHAPMAN, Robert Desmond, legal age, Washington; Elizabeth Jo, legal age, 5702 E. Camelback. HARRISON-FULLER, William A., 27, Mesa; Lavon, 23, El Mirage. KING-MARKING, Robert Lee, 20, Canton, Ohio; Marlorle Ann, 17, 6416 W. Solano. MARQUES-McENTIRE, Frank Robert, 19, 4008 anne Russell E. Flllmore; 16, 3016 N. Suz- 35th Francisco Elodla C., 44, both of ORTEGA-STONE, Ezequiei Banda, 24, Glendale; Claudia Virginia, 18, H., 57; . Tempe. SIMPSON-BROWN Daniel Roy, 23, Rlpley, Calif.; Helen C., 19, Blythe, TREMBLAY-MILL6R, Jack, 22, 2560 W. Plerson; Barbara Jean, 19, 3036 W. Indian School. SORTOR-ARTHUR, Mitchell, 22; Lorraine, 19, both of Mesa. VanDRUFF-WALTERS, John C., 26, 1454 E. Flower; Geraldlne, 22, 3640 „ Gilbert A., 19; Barbara Joan, 19, both of Tempe. WARD-SMITH, Larry William, 23, 6428 South Fifth Aye.,- Jacqule Lee, 18, W. Flower. VALDEZ-COCKE 17, 4801 S. 35th Drive. "IB CASTANEDA-LOPEZ, Robert, 18, SMITH i aVerta K sues 4521 E. Taylor; Susan, 16, 1421 S.i 5/ S IT "' uaverla "" sues Births , . M th .Ave., bey. May S. Mii , CLARK, Roberl W Janice, 5031 23r8 Ave., dlrl, May 5. ANN, Edmund and Jeraldlne, 2307 ,w. .Luke, girt, May 5. HALVERSON, Glen and Margaret, ....... Wethersfield, boy, May S, bara, 7% L «f!ren3Srt LING V ENFeLbER, . .... Barbara, 5825 W. Mulberry, girl. MILLER', Harry and Helen, 3661 , w. Montebeiio, airi. May s. .„ ORTIZ, Fernando and Josefita, Pears, papers fo . , —. — ..... nrW BaV rr Lr. in event of error, the news- will not assume responsibility « than fine incorrect insertion. .... .'hoenl* Newspapers, inc., reserves me rjflht to edit, properly classify or releet advertising copy. Phone 271-8711 >t . ADVERTISING INDEX Want, Ad counter closed Sunday lephone open Sundays i to s P.m. feleV .. Lltchfleld Park, slrl, May .5. REDFIELD, Kenneth and , M» 19 w., wiarviand, boy, May 5. 'NoLos, William and Elaine, 4908 E. Virginia, girl, May 5.. SALAS, Charles and Susan, 5402 S. 13th, Place, girl, May S. VALDEZ, Robert and Pomposa, 1001 s 'For Sale .:: tors A. Supplies . . 13 .111 40 usiness ards of N, Art girl, _ May_ S. >y Sa . rthur and Samrrtle, S031 W.. Mjnnezona, girl. May S. WITTMAN, George and Deanne, 5811 N. Second,.Ave., girl Building Materials Business Opportunities uiiness Opportunities Wanted Personals Thanks Lots & Services ;o-0p Apts. Own Your Own . Jmpioymenf Agencies, Female. :mplovmem ' " : lorlsts ... lound "TUnS w r i uuui.c....... -unera Announcements •uneral Directors 5 •urnished Apartments For Rent 92 , Agencies, Male urnished Apartments For Rent, Jit N. second,Ave., giri. May S.I Northeast Area Aik MESA GENERAL MOSf5|TAL {Furnished Apartments For Rent, OWENS, Dalton R. and Peggy Sue, Northwest Area 47V SER s, uairon K. ana reggy aue, NO _. E.^Second Ave.. boy, May 4.!Furnished Homes For Rent Frank and Erlenda, 20441 Furnished Homes For Rent, Vt 6. A S 1RANO, Don Carlos, Tempe, boy, May 5. YOUNG, Morgan R. and Julia, 415 Northeast Area Furnished Homes For Rent, Northwest Area ,_ Furnished Rooms For Rent.. lorman and Judy, 144 Help Wanted, Female 4. Hep Wanted, Male ', mursan re. ana JUKI sueur. Mesa, boy. Ma '. SoOTHSlDE"H'OSPl Hi Ni - - Le Sueur/'Mesai boy, May ! y r A t . / ..i»»w r — — , , i., ur -.. JOHNSON, James and Arvllla, 111 . Bonnie Lane, Tempe, boy, May 4 PEW, Arlo and Sherry, 509 E. Me rose, casa Grande, girl. May 4. RUA, Sam and Jane , girl. , P.O. , . Superior, boy, May i Box 1132 ror, o, y . ADAMS, Gary and Mary Lynn, 141 N. Country Club, Mesa, girl. Ma RE'ED. Joe and Evelyn, Box Gilbert, girl. May 6. RICHARbSON, John and Patricia 1033 George Drive, Tempe, boy May 6. THILOES, Michael and Dixie, 255V " icdonald, Mesa. oirl. , ND -. Leroy.. and. Sammy 'OWNSEnu, Leroy ana aammv 1533 w. Garden. Mesa, boy, Ma Wp'ITH, Marvin and Branda, 162 JW. Dell Circle, Mesa, boy, May 6 TEMPE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL CAVINS, Charles and Helen, 20S E. Orange, Tempe, boy, May 5 MEDINA, Leo and Betty, 920 ! _.Fifth Ave., Phoenix, girl. May 5 PINA, Raynona and Rosallna, 295 c. Adams, Phoenix, boy. May 4. Divorces Asked ARMSTRONG, Frances L. sues Ed gar V. BLECH, Mariorle N. sues Gerald J -(separate maintenance). CASE. Allen H. sues Donna C. CARSON, Paul sues Nelda 0. CAWYER, Patricia L. sues Edwin D (separate maintenance). CEDOR, Louise Frances sues Pete John Jr. DENTON, Maxlne S. sues Howard Jack. FERRELL, Walter William sues Lin da Lee, FORD. Ferns Beverly sues Horatio Clark II. HAYNIE, Glen sues Tonl. HENNIGAN, Leonard sues Marianne B. W. HYLAND, Geneva sues Lea Roy. JOHNSON, Betty Jo sues William JOHNSTON, Llllle sues Leclle. MARTINEZ, Ruth sues Rueben E. OLSON, Natalie sues Leland Kay 3 ATRICK, Pal sues llona. RICHMAN, Evelyn sues Byron. SANDERS, William F. sues Mon llth Ave. CHESTER-KRAVETZ, William i TAYLOR, Gertrude sues Max (sep ' PniirfhAip. tvpnp C5 M ' arate maintenance). Fourth Ave.; orene b., a, U.-MIIVC in™ Mar E. Van Buren VanNUYS, Joan Mary sues Donald Beniamin. DAWSON-PAYTON, Joseph Ray- v J?£ n J a ™'"• C |, 7 , h( , lh *,,., Dnn mond, 44, Shepherdsvllle, Ky.;, Y °,7, K ', A , L S22 Elizabeth sues Don Julia M., 45, Louisville. PINK-FINK. Harold Eugene, 43, 1552 W.' McDowell.' HOLMBERG-GONZAKES, Alexander Louis, 19; Jenny, 17. both of Casa Grande. JOHNSON-BIBBINS, Rudolph, 22, Luke Air Force Base; Janet, 16, 1542 E. Monroe. McGUINESS-MILLER, James R., 19, Metuchen, N.J.; Betty Estella, 16, Id Wayne. Peggy J. .Merle J. ilia J. CL E ARK, llnda. CORBIN 20 W. St. Catherine, PALMER-LYONS, Sidney 1740 ----'••• 8526 L., 22, Shirley Ann sues Robert Kenneth Shelby sues Ma- luKoinj. Jane sues John C. DIRKSEN, Darlene Esther sues Kenneth Eugene. FELTNER, Lonnle D. sues Joann* GRIJALVA. Joe sues Juanlta. Goldle Lena sues Rex n «H(« Roy Cylvester. A. sues Jesse G GREER, Ervln. TAYLOR-NEEDLES, Robert R., 23, Luke Air Force Base; Donna Jean, 25, Lltchfield Park. ; SPITTLER-SPITTLER, Norman P.,i 39, 9851 N. 28th Place; Beverly; M., 36 9851 N. 28th Place. i WEBER-GRIDER, William John, 34, 2405 W. Yuma; Ruth Marie, 43,j MURPHY, Ruby sues John H. PHILLIPS, Barbara Jean sues Don' 'Thelma sues Wilfred E. Naomi Irene sues Walter Thomas. WIC O KHAM-WELLER, Jeffrey nea\,\Divorces Granted 32i7 2 W 6 Ma'rshal| SOUrl; Ja " et ' "' BRANTLEY, William R. vs. Helen jau w. i nomas; v- 2730 N. 20th Drive. Births GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL AUGUSTINE, Marlyn and Marguerite, 4139 E. Beryl Drive, boy. May BARRY, John and Shirley Ann, 3044 W. Sierra Vista Drive, girl, May 3. CHAVEZ, Robert and Rose, 1628 W. Madison, boy, May 3. DOWELL, Buford and Julia, Blue Skies Trailer Park, girl, May 3. HATFIELD, Bobby and Etta Marie, 3548 W. Chambers, boy, May 3. HUNTER, David and Willa Lee, 2935 W. Lincoln St., boy. May 3. MARTINAK, Leonard and Reglna, 2826 E. Osborn, girl, May 3. MYERS, Robert and Patricia Ann, 2128 W. Devonshire, boy, May 3. RIGGS, Lorenzo and Rose, 733 W. 30th Place, girl. May 3. TILLEY, Bill and Kathryn, 2744 W. Alice, girl, May 3. BANKS, Adolfo and Gloria, 445 E. Roeser, boy, May 5. BURNETT, Henry and Ida, 1542 W. Marlcopa, girl, May 5. COTTS, Paul and Sherrle, Ray, boy. May 4. ESTRADA, Fernando and Hilda, 2821 E. Roosevelt, boy, May 4. FARLEY, Julius and Eva, 8845 N. Second St., boy. May 5. FIELDS, Gene and Rose, 1037 E. Alice, boy, May 5. HAPP, Paul and Judith, 1950 E. 10th St., Tempe, girl, May 4. JONES, Harold and Joyce, 1801 W. Roeser, boy, May 5. KUESTER, Alan and Lorraine, 445 E. McKinley, Tempe, boy, May 4. PETERSON, Lyle and Ann, 4653 E. Monteclto, boy, May 4. REEVES, John and Arlene, 9428 S. First Ave., boy, May 4. STANCH, Andrew and Dorothy, 2524 W. Jefferson, girl. May 5. SULLIVAN, Dennis and Helen, 3730 E. Fillmore, girl. May S. TAYLOR, Thomas and Mildred, 3537 W. Krall, boy, May 5. TREADWAY, John and Barbara, 3001 W. McKinley, boy, May 4. VASOUEZ, Frank and Anselma, Peorla, girl, May 4. WITTE, Fred and Anita, 2331 W. Avalon, boy, May 4. PHOENIX GENERAL HOSPITAL ELMER, Evan and Juanita, 751 W. Peorla Ave., boy, May 3. CHENEY, E. G. and Darlene, 210'i E. Clarendon, girl, April 29. GREEN, Kenneth and Nettle, 3628 W. Polk, boy, May 1. KROCZA, James and Nancy, 2319 N. 26th St., girl, May 4. LOPEZ, Albert and Connie, 6126 N. 54th Drive, girl, May 1. MANDILE, Anthony a ..W^_C.ypress, girl, API Grant. CRAIG, Dorothy E vs. Thomas W GALLANT, Wendell vs. Delphla. EVANS, Seymour L. vs. Lynda N HUNT, Gloria R. vs. Walter H. MARTIN, James W. vs. Joann. MATHEWS, Flossie vs. William T. McPHERSON, Linda K. vs. James LEEDON, Clyde vs. Nlta C. RADER, Jeanette A. vs. William J ROGERS, Anna vs. Erlo L. SAVAGE, Nadine N. vs. Edward R. STEWART, Nadine vs. Albert L. STICKLEATHER, Thelma L. vs. Robert L. STUDNICKAi Stacey A. vs. William TAYLOR, Dora vs. Richard O. THROWER, Connie vs. Donald Troy. TRACY, Mabel E. vs. Glenn Carl. VOWELS, Joyce Pearl vs. Charlie WADE, James D. vs. Joy. WATERBURY, Mildred vs. Carl BROKAW, Herman W. vs. Mary E. CLEMONS, Elsie Carol vs. Richard. COLBERT, Hattle vs. Harold W. CUNNINGHAM, Crystal G. vs. Ralph L. CULVERHOUSE, Rachel W. vs. William R. DIAZ, Angellta L. vs. Raymond, (separate maintenance). GREENLIEF, Audrey vs. Willie L. JOSEPH, Jessie F. vs. Robert G. Dorothy J. vs. Marion T. , Lenore F. vs. Joe F. . Ellen, 310 Anthony and _ W. Cypress, girl, April 29. MARTINEZ, Jesse and Gloria, Tolleson, boy, May 2. PARSONS, Kenneth and Madge, 2834 W. Echo Lane, girl. May 1. PYHEL, Henry and Sharon, 7973 W. Fairmont," girl, IICHARDS, Jerr. .-.-„-. W. Broadway, girl. May TENNISON, Brady Fairmont, girl, April 28. RICHARDS, Jerry and Dellene, 362 rl< ay LaVerle, Glendale, girl, May 4. TULLIER, Ronald and Anna 3202 W. Port Royal Lane, boy, May 4. WHITMER, Orvllle and Janette, 4730 W Crittenden, boy. May 2. WOLFE, Clifford and Linda, 1239 E. Mercer, boy, May 1. ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL )ZER, Joe and Alicia, 3154 W. • ••- - - ALGO B e' Road,"'girl',""May "3." _.rl, Ma Fernando and .R Rose, 5042 ~sT"3sth •firlver'boVr Ma7"3., CHURCHILL, James and Patricia, 1613 W. Virginia, boy, May 3. CQNDITT, Leon and Mary, 2314 W. Luke, girl. May 3. BOWDgN, William and Eleanor, 1804 ""*f"£enfra'l,~b6y, M. MEIER, Joseph and " Mountain View, boy, , Charles and Irene, 8241 —_.. .... ^ihTrley, 8325 E. . boy. May 3 Martuuae, uuy, n\ar j. ~, ne 'ARKS, James and Dorothy, 2935 N. 15th Ave., boy, May 3. James and Pawn, 932 :R, Jam irth Tei empe Drive, boy, 2413 W. PR6ISNER E. Nortl SPISZ, John and Angela, Village Drive, slrl, Ma/ 3. $TARK, Robert and ay He 3 ien, • Jud Republic and Gazette Phone 271-8000 Phoenix Newspapers, Inc. 120 E. Van Buren St. Mail Address: P.O. 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May 4. JATZCRy Kenneth end Patricia, 10237*N. 17th Ave., boy. May 4. Douglas and Yvonng, 3710 girl. Max 4. In person at cfasslFfed "counte?'"So on cash i :lassifled discount based on a. used number .of inserfi advertiser speciflj Fisement be pu I nf tf< ofAljftw>^ally so oj %, separate .,.„„.,,.. ie?" outside the regular itipn. Contract rates ava space If an adver- ~r one a, re- alven «« jred..wiii apj ..„ .. the ictlpn. Confrai jpllcation. Ads received .... -^^ pd after'IBese'hours mav er ^Too Late tp Classify'' lay ^ thereafter under the 93 78 Help Wanted, Male or Female. 179 Household Furnishings For Sale . Housekeeping Rooms Imported and Sports Cars. Income Real Estate For Sale Industrial & Commercial Property In Memorlam Land «, Pasture For Ken} Livestock and Farm Suppi upplles, .142 103 .113 . 47 . 49 '. 56 Services .. Livestock For Sale . Lost Lots For Sale Machinery & Equipment Meeting Notices Miscellaneous, Exchange or 2-Funeral si*?. . - k . Winifred fcose. Surviving, husband, Arthur J.; son, Edward B.; daughters, Mrs. Betty M. Jones, Mrs. Ruth K. Lewis, all of Scottsdale; Mrs. Winifred E. Luce, Marlcopa, Ariz.; 7 grandchildren. Funeral services Thursday 2 p.m. Messinsor Mortuary Chapel, Scottsdale, Pastor Paul L Baumgartner officiating. Cremation Family requests memorials rfo Heart Fund or other favorite charities. O'CONNOR, Anthony Francis. 2323 |. Moreland, Husband of Esther Ruth; brother of Frank T. Hollywood, Calif., Mrs M E. Smith, Long Beach, Calif., Mrs. William J. .Sh elds, Los Angeles, Calif., Catherine, Nellie and Agnes O'Connor, Omaha, Nebr. Rosary 8 p.m. Thursday in the Whitney & Murt n y Chapel. Requiem High Mass 9 a.m. Friday in St. Agnes Church. Burial St. Francis. Pf.ARCE, Betty J. wife of Bruce of yesa. Arrangements pending Meldrum Mortuary. ROGERS, Adda Lee. Services "i interment New Castle, ind. Bethany Chapel a Mortuary in charge _.of local _arrangements. ROW6, bllle Lee. Services and' interment Lee Hall, va. M. L? G 8- bons Mortuary, Mesa. SCHINEMAN, Martha. Survived by brother, Albert Abraham of Phoenix, sister. Mrs. Frieda Stenke, St. Petersburg, Florida, niece. Mrs Margaret Itrlck of Arcadia, California. Services today 2 p m, Lvndber<,, s c h a pe | of the ^,^5 Glendaje with Rev, R. H. Zimmer- Fowler- SHIPPER, James A. Services 2pm Thursday In Carr Memorial Chapel' Tempe. Rev. David Deshler off \- ciatmg. Interment In East Resthaven. STANTON, Jeanette C. Services conducted by Rev. E. 8 Womack 10:00 a.m. today In Avondalo Community Church, 104 W. Western Interment at Memory Lawn. A Memorial to Avondale Community Church Is preferred. A. L. Moore & Sons. WHALEN, Patric E. Services 10 a.m. For Sale Miscellaneous Miscellaneous . .. Misc. Trailers, Sales & Service Miscellaneous Wanted Mobile Homes For Sale For Rent For Sale 197 .149 148 147 126 150 Money Real'"~Esta"t'e ~M'fa. Loans 195 Money To Lend, Small Loans 194 Money Wanted Mortgage Contracts, Sale or Exchange Motorcycles, Bicycles, Scooters Musical Instruments, Sales, Service . Nursery Plants, Supplies Office Space, Stores for Rent .. Pets, Birds, Cats, Dogs and Supplies Phoenix Homes For Sale Phoenix Homes For Sale, Central Area Phoenix Homes For Sale, 144 155 105 .161 . 20 Northeast Are, Phoenix Homes Northwest Area noenlx Homes F Southern Area or Sale, or Sale,' Poult & Rabbits ...'.'.'.'.".'... slate, Arizona Towns .. . _slate. Out of Arizona . Real Estate, Trade or Sell Real Estate Wanted Resort and Vacation Rentals Real Real Room and Board . Sales Help Wanted, Female waica i ICIK vvamcui rcnia Sales Help Wanted, Male Sales Help Wanted, Male or Female . . ,,„ Schools, Local Class or Tutoring 185 Schools, Cun espondence & 22 . 24 . 28 .159 . 60 . 62 64 . 66 98 102 175 174 176 Out-of-Stafe Situations - .Couples Situations Wanted. Female Situations Wanted, Male .. .. Special Notices Sperling Goods & Services itrictly Personal Suburban Property For Sale Suburban Homes For Sale, Glendale, Peorla Area Suburban Homes For Sale, Lltchfleld, Goodyear Area Suburban Homes For Sale Scottsdale-Paradlse Valley Area Suburban Homes For Sale, Tei '— "• 186 172 171 170 210 139 200 13* Auctions J AuctioNS Monday * am K f urn Open Sundays for eonsiflKment SUN VALLEY AUCTI .„. 2.W1 W. Buckeye Rd. 2614 E. hingfon . . 8-8933 BRS-0037 , . .. Friday In Carr Memorial Chapel, Tempe. Rev. Gerald D Bright officiating. Interment In Double Butte. WILLIS, Heber T. Services 10 a.m. Thursday in the Mesa 18th Ward Chapel. Bishop Talmage A Barney !B9 5-1235 officiating. Friends may call at Meldrum Mortuary from 4 to 8 p.m. today. Interment Mesa Cemetery. In lieu of flowers please remember Heber T Willis Memorial at Mesa Geneologlcal Library. WOODRUFF, William B. Survived by wife, Alice, sons, William, Phoenix, Martin Frederick, Phoenix Daughters, Thelma Frederick, St. GIGANTIC PUBLIC AUCTION of Industrial & Agricultural Machinery, Tractors & Equip. See Class 1.1 of This Sunday, May 12, Paper for Detailed List. SALE TO BE HELD AT Moeur's Guerin Implement 1401 SO. CENTRAL WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 10 AM CONDUCTED BY COL. AL DOWNARD AUCTION TOMORROW BILL'S Town & Country Auction 2946 E. MCDOWELL THURSDAY 9 AM. & 7 PM. 7 P.M. Our usual long line of appliances, This week we also have nice coolers and late model refrigeration units. 3 Beautiful Dining Room Sets wth match- Ing Hutches. Many other Maple Pieces to choose from. Upright Piano, Small Electric Organ, Accordion. Over a dozen clean Bedroom Sets. Lots of Living Room Furniture, Stacks of Chesls, Rollaways, Dinettes. Unlimited Odd Pieces. LOOK 9 A.M. Large consignment of new bathroom fixtures in colors, Tubs, Commodes, Sinks, The Works. All New Merchandise. We have Appliances, Furniture. Misc., Tools, Etc. A Big Dav Sale This Week. "Not The Oldest But Sometimes The Largest" BR 5-3111 Homes For Sale 20-Phoenix ANDY WOMACK'S Stardust Skies Homes Payments Include All Taxes ,,,o,,, v,,a..u B v.,,r. M.,,, U ,», u»u, n i* BEDROOMS • 2 BATHS • $330 ON. Frederick of. Carrollton, .Missouri. $ 1 0,980 Only $8 1 Mo. Brothers, Woodrow and Leslie. Sisters, Alma Vie, Grace Viicek, lone Jenneweln, Sarah Zlntjrich, all of St. Louis, Missouri. 3 grandchildren Services 3:30 p.m. Thursday at the Sunnyslope Chapel of Hansen Mortuary. Rev. Jerome Trolstad officiating. Interment Memory Lawn. YOTHER, Guy. Arrangement: Ing, Paradise Chapel and ' Home. its pend- Funernl 3 BEDROOMS • 1 BATHS - $355 DM. $11,705 Only $89 Mo. 4 BEDROOMS - 2 BATHS - $360 ON. $11,960 Only $94 Mo. 3Sth AVE. JUST N. OF NORTHERS 10 am to 9 pm • Phone 939-2807 5-Funeral Directors GREEN ACRES" MORTUARY-CHAPEL-CEMETERY ONE Call 945-2656 FORMAN'S Arizona's Funeral Home ! OWNED RY 376 N. 3rd Ave. AL 3-2332' w i I I make A. L. MOORE & SONS FEATURAMA HOMES 35lh Ave. & Butler Drive C'i Mi. N. of Northern) 2-3-4-Bedroom Homes $79.00 to $"0.00 per mo. Immediate Occupancy-5 Mo. Purchase with Rent'Optlon. FHA-VA Loans ^Available. MUST BE SOLD PRICED AT APPRAISAL Customized 3 bdrm horn* on Ige, citrus in one of Pho«n.lx' most convenient And nicest home areas. Center entry plan with front kitchen complete w/ ranoe and oven and the works. AM rooms nice size, both baths fullv tiled and closet space to sParo. The large family room Is the Clincher. Look this home fiver now. it is priced at FHA appraisal. DANA NICHOLS REALTY 1100 E. MISSOURI AVE. CR 7-1471 ST. GREGORY & WEST HI " 3 BR A DEN WITH FIREPLACE Here is that special home you have been looking for In that prime area. Huge living room, spacious kitchcen with breakfast area & built-in Chambers range 8, oven. Large bedrooms, a aood grade of clean carpeting & custom drapes. The paneled den has the wood burning fireplace, den could also be used as an office or a studio. Home has 5 ton refrigeration. Situated on a double beautiful corner lot. Call to see It. Priced at FHA appraisal $20,000 with $1500 down to a qualified buyer. Tony RIMSZA Realty 6517 N. 7th St. AM 4-1881 OPEN f-4 P.M." 5828 N. 3RD AVE. 'rice reduced on this lovely 4 br. home with guest house & pool. PEGGY O'NEILL BROKER 027 E. Camelback Rd. CR 9-7744 TAHITI PARADISE In lovely wooded area. Northeast. Walk to high school. Beautiful home, spacious & well- kept. Lots of charm. Handsome fireplace. PERFECT POOL area. Big comfortablls patio. Only $16,500 w/terms. EASTHOME REALTY 35th St. 8, Campbell CR 7-7447 EVES. AM 5-3409; AL 8-1745 NEED 4 BEDROOMS? THIS ONE IS VACANT! OPEN 10 TO 6 So easy to Inspect—lust drive by 722 W. FLYN and you'll notice Ihn Swim and Tennis club on Glendale Ave. Wall to wall carpeting and draperies, electric kitchen, beamed celling, corner fireplace. 3 BDRM In 1 wing and small 4th BDRM or study off large separate family room. Charming workshop for dad and the boys In the back yard. Price Is In low 20's, and purchaser may assume the present mortgage and move In! ASK FOR MARY B. WATSON HUGH WATSON REALTY for Sift CHARM PLUS COMFORT N. CENTRAL W/POOL Finest location In Phoenix lust off N. central on a quiet cul-de-sac. Most attractive exterior with heavy shake roof and native stone trim. 30' Living room w/flrenlacc, 3 exceptionally large bdrms., big, bright family room w bullt-ins, deluxe GE kitchen w/loads of cabinets and pool-side breakfast area. Madlson-Mcad- pws disf. Priced In the low 3V<t. 24 Hours a Day Call- CLEMENTS REALTY PH: 279-2337 5029 N. 7th Av». «P6TSf?SSldNS-CalT~ 'WH M or locations and prices. Mrs Keller, Agent. WHY RENT?? New 5 8, 3 bdrm home. Tiled floors, built-in R&O. Choice of colors. Nn down payment, no second mortgage. $63 to $73. Includes everything. See models 21st Place & Vineyard. Builder. 276-4534. "UP 'T6 $25(XfUNDER MARKET" PICK YOUR AREA MARYVALE-WESTOWN N. EAST-SCOTTSDALE W. PLAZA-COUNTRY GABLES „ N. WEST-SOOTH 3 BR, LOW AS $75 MONTH REPOSSESSED HOMES CONTINENTAL TRUST CO. YE 9-7971 (Eve. Wl 2-2899) „ 3542 WEST CAMELBACK NICE for retired couple. 2 furnished homes, fenced, carports, al- ey assessment paid, shade, flood ocatlon, close to everything Pay down and move In Open house. $14,000, $3,000 cash. 1222 East Culver. 277-3062 Call for addresses R prices of repossessed homes. Marilyn Livingston, Agent. BEAUTIFUL REFRIGERATED 4 BR Near 64th Ave & Camelback— extra larop fpnccd yard & pallo REFRIGERATED 3 BDRM Larnr corner lot. Has many extras. In Scottsdale. J. H HEPTING REALTY 264-4906 TERMS TO SUIT BUYER Here's a completely carpeted, draped and refrig. home, 6' fence and doughboy pool. This Immaculate home for only $15,000. You can name your terms. 42 E. Monterey Way 264-5961 \_. OMAR REALTY, 264-4887 Services Today 361 38l STANTON. Jeanelte, 10 am Avondale Community Church BROMLEY, Inez, 11:30 am. EVANS, Albert, 3:30 p.m. Tempo, Trailer Sp Trailers V Mesa, Chandler Area 34 ipaces For Rent . . 130 ..-..ers Wanted , 128 Transportation, Freight 205 Transportation, Passenger 206 Trucks, Vans, Buses Unfurnished Apartments jrnlsh or R .115 85 86 87 71! For Rent Unfurnished Apartments For Rent, Northeast Area Unfurnished Apartments For Rent, Northwest Area Jnfurnished Homes For Rent . Unfurnished Homes For Rent Northeast Area Unfurnished Homes For Rent Northwest Area Wanted — Autos, Trucks Canted To Rent Phone 271-8711 I-Meeting Notices /\ Silver Trowel Lodge No. 29 e&F. & A.M. 3rd degrees. 4th ,,^) Ave ;. and Monroe. 2 p.m.. Visiting Masons welcome. Refreshments. Tom Moore, W.M. Adams at Fourth Avenue GRIMSHAW PALMS CHAPEL 334 W. MONROE AL 8-7777 SERVICES BREWER, James P. Announcements I later. 70J DARNELL, Albert L. 11 a.m. today. CAMELBACK~CHAPEL""' CR 7-6251 72 21 W. Camelback joe! PARADISE CHAPEL ! RALPH L. SAGE, DIRECTOR 3934 E. Indian School AM 4-4484 Larry J. Melcher Mortuary CHAPEL OF THE ROSES 43 S. Stapley Dr WO 4-45.17 BRAZILL-WHITNEY 4. Announcements ANTONE, Albert. Mortensen-Kihgf- tey Mortuary. ___ BOLDREY, Melvln C. Survived by wife. Helen, sons, Josl and Dean. Daughters, Jualtn and Brenda, all of Phoenix. Mother, Mrs Opal Boldrey, Elgin, Illinois. Brothers, Hancis, Phoenix, Kenneth, Mem- Phis, Tennessee. Donald, Elgin, Illinois, services 2 p.m. Chursoay at the Sunnyslope Chapel ot Hanlen Mortuary. Rev. J. Do u g I a s G a si on officiating. Interment Memory Lawn. BRADBURN, Deborah Lynn. 314 W. Pueblo. Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bradburn. Graveside services 11 a.m. Weunes- day East Resthaven Park. Rev. E. E. Franks officiating. Arrange- Glendale YE 7-9265 ! A. L. MOORE &SONS Services Today STANTON, Jearette, 10:00 a m, Avondale Community Church BROMLEY, Inez, 11:30 a.m. EVANS, Albert, 3:30 p.m. Adams at Fourth Avenue UNIVERSAL HOMES any reasonable deal These homes are trade-Ins OR REPOSSESSIONS $200 DOWN ' or rent with option to buy I NO QUALIFYING Or Will Trade Your Home, House Trailer, CAR OR TRUCK PAID FOR OR NOT Cash Back If Necessary 4605 S. 20TH ST. 1718 E. MITCHELL 5102 N. 20TH AVE. 3007 W. San Miguel 1723 W. STATE 1829 W. CHIPMAN 8045 N. 28th AVE. 23rd AVE. & MYRTLE (Large home with rental) 6602 N. 15TH AVE. 3222 N. 54TH LANE 1736 W. NORTHVIEW 8 TEMPLE COURT (MESA) 6023 S. 6TH AVE. 8915 N. 18TH AVE. 2750 W. MONTECITO ments by Bloom's South Phoenix Mortuary. BREWER, James P. Announcements tuary. later by Grlmshaw Mor- Mercer Mortuary THOMAS RD. AT 16th ST. i Drive Bv - OPEN • Move Right In Phone AM 6-2411 Private Parking! UNIVERSAL HOMES 6-FSorSsts 254-6761 ,4461. CR 9-1101. BroKer! 7-Cemetery SEE THIS THREE choice P r TWO BROMLEY, Inez Ballou. Services conducted by Laurel Chapter #30 ° ES a 10-Losf Lots ana • Services 5 (,.-, hau n I charming 3 BR 1% bath home with j fin" ' Kcstnaven. a || the extras for O NLY $13,5001 •ii M ,i h* ~=M Close In location. There's a family !!£ !°u A,n" b * r8aln -iroom. modern kitchen with built-in oven & range, wall to wall carpeting & drapes. Refrigeration. Walking dls- WH 6-8414. halre<J "female Shepherd flnd Collie, vicinity of 3B.h tance to Central Hi. CLEVENGER REALTY N. Central at Thomas Rd. CR 9-5505 Cremation at Greenwood. Avenue and Indian School Rond, an-i BRYAN, Clyde A. Services will be swers to Nancy. Reward. 278-2656 ! conducted byRev Norman C FEMALE B 7 , hs old Yetman, 10 today Chapel in c , fawn Answers to -cieo" In 1 the Garden, M.e r ce r Mortuary. ,,,, u(h p| & Glendale. Re- Graveside services 2 p.m. today ward CaM W l 4-7161. at Citizens Cemetery, Flagstaff. I POOD LE black loy~halr long Ynd BROWN, Mary Whaley. Services 10 jhaogy, red collar with rhlneslones, 3 Br, 1% bath, refrigerated, covered! a.m. today Ariiona Funera_l_Home | imps „„ | e)t nind !eg 271-7542, ^patio, built In R/O. This Is one of the RIDE BY 308 W. TOWNLEY This Must "G-O!" Custom built lust 2 years ago In the Royal Palms area- a long, low, rambling "contemporary" painted forest green with white accents Spacious living rm-3 bedrooms, 2 baths-large family rm with fireplace adloinlnti "all electric" kitchen and diving access to garden patio with barbecue grill and fenced grounds-carpeting and drapes thruout-intercom system. Builder took home in trade for Paradise Valley property-will accept offer In "higher 20's" to effect early sale. ED POST REALTY 5060 NO. CENTRAL AVE CRestwood 7-1444 OFFICE OPEN 'TIL » P.M. NOBLE & LEE REALTY ALL ELECTRIC This fine Mark I home Is « stone's throw to West Plaza shop 8. Ocotlllo School. Refrlg'd R&O Fenced yard Clean—and look only $15,000 full sales prloe. See this today. REDUCED $600 Red brick, Dbl carport. Shak» roof Fam rm. R&O Fine landscaping Owner transferred. Says, "Sell II." $450 down to sales price of $13,900. PARADISE VALLEY Desert landscaping that blendt with the Mt. view. Beautiful nylon carpeting. 3 bdrm. refrigerated EXTRA NICE HOME Beautiful large fam rm. also a Ig. U-shaped kitchen. 3 bdrm., 2 balh, refrlg'd. Underground sprinkling. Quality neighborhood. $17,900 with terms. Better than new. MOVE IN NOW Excellent 4 bdrms., carpet & drapes. Walk to all schools. $400 dn. New FHA. Asking $11,900. Pay $102 mo. 35th Ave. Camelback area, or assume 4'7% loan at $73 mo. A GOOD BUY. NOBLE & LEE REALTY NORTH 19TH AVE. CR 4-3696 6545 N. 4 BR, din. rm, BR may be used for many other purposes Refr Madison School Priced in upper teens. Very good terms. B-A-N REALTY 252-2522 Eve. CR 9-7730 HANDY MAN'S" SPECIAL"" 38 W. VERNON iLarge 3 BR., IV* balh home Needs ia lot of work. $11.500. DONOFRIO'S REALTY AL 3-8560 J Br.. r? Ba., 2% Dn., $64 mo. + Tax *L lns._peWltt_ Rltv__AL387«;CR41183 DON'T MlSS 1825 W. MISSION LANE. 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, (am rm, carpets, drapes, cov'd patio, enclosed garage. Owner Colorado bound Will take $14,000—$450 dn. Low pavmts. Broker. 264-0258. Ever, 944-3257, 946-9676, 1 AM 5-1465. Wl 3-3553 266-3730, For Sat* ARCADIA jilt. Refrigerated. S „.,,. i'i.i r #' m &nx*' < bams, living room .1,1*27. 8BO pit, carpets, drape*, ..rang*. House n«w1y deco... Fenced back yard. In Tnvan .-„ Ar , c , ( l <1i J-,«5, cho01 *- Greatly reduced ISL^'Wi *roj.down. Total price $17,. 500. Mik« offcer. BVoken. Wl 3-l9t.<. WE'RE NUTS! Jo sell so cheap, but we must leave j »"*" Won't last long aiihij price.' ,T;.-; A | W 5. 8034 N. 11th SI. Wl 4-2688 Howard Really CR 4-OSJ6 CHECK THIS *£• ' J J, bath, covered patio. Price i.500. No dn, Immed poss. ftefrafcfte And , May 8, IWW Phone Your Want Ads 27L87II 20-Phoenlx Horn** for Sale LG 3 Bdrm, 2 baths, extra 19 Trv. rm, formal dining area, sep«r»M j kitchen. Refrigerated. Nice citrus OMAR REALTY, 264-4887 Broker"' 01 - COX MEADOWS IN DEER VALLEY From $15,950 Black Cnyni"0" Av*. CYPRUS EAST IN TEMPE From $15,950. Rural Rd. S. Southern Ph 967-7561 3 fc 4 BR homss ooen 10 a.m -8 p.m 13000 N. 19th Av», \\l\l\ mm i mi MEDICAL CENTER THREE bedroom masonry homo close to ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, shopping, transportation. Full dining room. Refrigerated. Sprinkler system front and back. Priced in the low twenties. Eves, call AM 6-9350. RUSS LYON REALTY CO. Phoenix Office 279-4401 1906 E. CAMELBACK RD. OPEN 8:30 A.M. TO 8 P.M. SHADED HOME 3 bdrm, u» bath, tiled floors, refrigeration In master bdrm.. clean & sharp! Cov. patio, carport, fenced yard, fruit trees, beautifully landscaped. Near schools & shopping. $10,500. FHA terms. Call H. B Jamleson, 939-7387 or Wl 4-5750. 2-BDRM FURNISHED $800 dn. on new FHA. Bal. $78 mo. Includes all. Total price $9500 furnished. Beautifully landscaped back yard & Ige. shade trees. Brand new chain link fence. Real close to shopping & schools. Call H. B. Jamleson, 939-7387 or Wl 4-5750. RENO PAYNE, REALTOR 3300 N. Central Rm. 225 CR 7-5491 i$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1 A»k «bout our trade-In program UNIVERSAL CUSTOMBILT HOMES We Do Not Build A Project House Model Homes For Sale Furn. Or Unfurn. See Our New Subdivision 23rd Ave. & Myrtle (2 Blks. N. of Glendale) $15,900 56th St. One Blk. N. of Ind. Sch. Rd. $29,500 16 Ave. & W. Maryland $16,950 Homes On Acre Lots 6500 E. McDonald Dr. 6100 E, Lincoln Dr. We Also BUILD ON YOUR LOT Trade in your Old Home j on any of these homes Office Open Evenings Model Homes Open Daily 4033 N. 24tn St. AM 6-1443 UNIVERSAL HOMES Arizona's Largest Builder Of Custom Built Homes u HY VIEW HOMES 64th St. at Palm Lane North of McDowell FOUR NEW MODELS PRICE - $13,950 $450 DOWN (Homes for Immed. poss.) $$ Famous JOHN F. LONG Homes YOUR CHOICE OF LOCATIONS! YOUR CHOICE OF PRICEI 2, 3, 4 bedrooms; family rooms with sliding glass walls; kitchens with G-E range, oven. Disposal. Near schools, shopping centers, and service facilities. IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY VA «, FHA TERMS REFRIGERATED HOMES JOHN F. LONG HOMES •MARYVALE, CTth Av». and W. Indian School Rd. Phone 272-0431 See the carefree, new, 1, 2, 3 bedroom TOWN HOUSES at 71st Ave. & W. Camelback Rd. Phone 272-6786 •PARADISE VALLEY OASIS, H-ml. south of 32nd St. and Shea Blvd. Phone 944-1541 •MOON VALLEY GARDENS, 4- ml. north of Northern Ave. on Wth Ave. Phone 942-5900 $$$$$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ sss WALK TO CHRIS-TO'WN 2233 W. MONTIBELLO From this most attractive 3 BR, ivt balh home that's neat « n pin. Darrow Loflficld m/atilv built, and has excellent w/w car- potinct and draperies throughout built In R'O ,ird birch r.ahineTv Rear veard fenced, nice landioso- ino Only 114,500 with Xlnt terms. BILL CLINE REALTY 442« E. Oshorn WH 5-4.W.1 -4 BR. FAMILY RM. 2"j K£FR IGF: R A TETD. Douhln fenced and cross-ffneed. POOL- BATHS, garage, Priced in tho Icon-, fnr nulck SURRARRER it, TORS. 777.1757 ASSOC . REAL- Agenf. REPOSF.SSIOMS ft I BEDROOMS EAST 4 WEST EASY TO BUY 277-57.57 DREAM HOUSE Underground sprinklers. Intercom. covered patio, fenced yd 4- .3 Br, den. fam 'rm, P* balh, dble garage. refrig., carpeted and draped Priced for appraisal $19,800. OMAR REALTY, 264-4887 Custom Adobe You can't beat this tor arao- lous living, in a close in location near Central and McDowell — 3 bedrooms. IVi halhi, 'am llv room. 2 Hreolacei, screened lanal, hardwood Moors. Rofrn- erated. Very reasonable down payment. $19.500 Call Art Centre Realty 18n7 N Central 217-/74J REPOSSESSIONS, ownnr - bmldor has 4 Carrier air cond. houso*. 2 old. Adlolninq S Mtn Park High 8. dry, $9.000 up. $295 r)n.' 9700 S. 10th Ave. Krys nl yollrw model trailer. BR M37I TOLLESON horns Small down BR 6-6371. No Down-No Closing 3 models $64. to $7« Includes everything. Built-in nas rancie & oven, carport. Color choice. Tiled floors. Seo this weekend «, dally .Salesman at 4044 w. Lynn Avenue, W Southern at 41st Ave. 276-5776 Builder . three bedroom HailcrafF. Two baths. Family room. Bullt-ins. Carpet. Drapes. Completely fenced. Owner transferred. Must soil, Reasonable Istlng. 939-5200. terms. 4001 Not available for West Claremonl. REPOSSESSIONS Liberal Terms Available Call Ray Meissnur or Jean Adam-, cvonings 937 1145 Guardian Realty. Inc 272 6771 BY owner 4 bedroom, 3 bath. At FHA appraisal. Furnished or unfurnished. $20,500, $19.100 loan available. 1315 West Bethany Home Rd. CONVENIENT Well planned, well kept 3 bdrm. house with central heat & cool- Ing. Tiled bath and kitchen. Home noat and clean ready for some happy family. Offered furnished or unfurnished at your choice. Excellent existing mortgage. DANA NICHOLS REALTY 1100 E. Missouri CR 7-1471 COVER GIRL YOU'LL NEVER FIND A LOVELIER HOME FOB $26,900! 4 bedrooms fl. family rm.—all electric kitchen trimmed in White Ash—beautifully carpeted, draped 4 decorated. Covered patlo-- fenccd yard. EXCEPTION. AL T E R M SI Eves Call WH 6-3889. 6TH STREET ! 3 carports. The 4th MODELS OPEN 10-8 WH 6-1545 HORSE-LOVER'S DELIGHT The finest "In town" horse setup we've seen 2'? acres w'2 acres devoted to corraK, exercise area, lumping rin-7, stables & alck rooms, the Impressivo home offers 3 Ig. bdrms, family rm, all electric kitchen, huge screened lanal. LARGE HEATED POOL, ramada & handsomely landscaped grounds REMARKABLE VALUE AT $53.500. Eves call 947-4669. BUD MELCHER AND ASSOCIATES AM 4-6767 3317 NORTH CENTRAL PM Chapel. Henry T. Forman and 274-5697 after 5:30 P.m. ElUah_Pope_<Jlr«clors 1 . DOG Eng || sh bu ||. Female. Black t terms to suit - _-J.Uah~Pp>~._w"rr^----: i --.- uutj. cngnsn DUII. remaie. oiacn' BULTARD, Dee. Arrangements pend- br | nd | e with Whit8 face . Tempe. Ing. Paradise Chapel and Funeral!wo 7-3237. Home ' . .,„ «,- C ... i (CAMERA. Neoca K35. Near swings CALDWELL, William. 3814IE..Miami. j at Encanfo Park. Reward. AM 6-7.JJ8 Announcements later. Whitney & n , , rtf _.|_ ,„,!,,,.. i->n\ worth S$ E. L. FARMER CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. $$ DCAITV ox A ^ oo 7 RbALTY, 264-4887, $300 dn., $78 mo. inc. all. & FRAZIER REALTY Desert View Chapel. M. L. Gib- -.-.- . iater wnllne » «; BLACK male cocker. 6201 North Murpn . v .' -- , ,121st Place. AM 5-1238 Reward BOAT ladder. CR 4-1475. _ „*,„,, ,.*- ~.~~ - —- COLLIE,'.'orown." Children*' pet. bons Mortuary, 9702 East Apacheipet, CR 4-534«. Trail. _ _ ._ SENIOR class rlmj, woman's 19<rl,. DARNELL, Albert L Services 11 a.m. Phoenix Union. Vicinity Pennev's] todiv In Palms cRapel of Grlmshaw Chrls-Town. Reward 275-2502.! Mortuary, The Rev. A. R. Snipes,252-3872. will officiate. Interment in Double BEAGLE, female, Friday evening,: Butte. A Qrimstiaw service.., 'vicinity of Padros, 6lh Avenue,: DENNY; Charles R.. 73. 13223 N. 20th.Hatcher, reward. 944-5882 ,,,„,., r . , St Passed away Tuesday. Arrange-i COLLIE Black and white. Vicinity 1B07 N Central ments pending. A. U. Moore & Sons.,56th Street. 947-1492. 947-4924. Reward And A Pool Just right for summer comfort, in the cool citrus area near 7th St and Northern. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, room, lots of special built-in features, beautiful yard, covered patio, fenced. Madison school. $29,500 total, terms. Call $$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ ... $$$$$$$$$* $$$$ ASK ABOUT OUR TRADE-IN PROGRAM Better Quality Through Research — ...... ; OLDER COUPLE NEED WOOD FLOORS We have a cute 2 Br home corn- See this 3 BR IVj balh dining 5>i" le| v fenced. Price $6500. $200 dn. room home with hardwood floors. '" mo. Home Is clean with drapes and ; _. Venetian blinds. Outside laundry OMAR REALTY 264-4887 ' bedroom, refrigerated, fenced, screened patio. Venetian blinds, disposal. $10,000 FHA. Make ! BELOW FHA APPRAISAL iK"-^ West Gar ' i6 ' d AP8 ' 34 ' 7 ' ppp A RP TAOPPT nc&Dcc I NOTHING down, not one cent. VINYL TILE DISHWASHER Best 3 bdrm " pali0 ' 900d '"^'mii M n, h c. pFNrFr) BIRCH rABiNPTs'leaping, $8600 total. $98 mo. No'6517 _N, 17lh St. MANV PKTBA? «m nnwM NE «iv qualifying. Pickup key and mova In. WANT CA I KAo. V>UU UUWM, 4/44: -rriAACI Mr- c D JL AQQnr 17nl P w 10TM noiuc vc o^inu TOM5INGER 8, AbbUL. 1/DI t. Thomas, AM 4-4944. _ OWNERT "Three bedroomT 1>» baths. Fenced Central heat. 1733 West Cheryl Drive. Wl 4-1946. Art Centre Realty 252-7244 DOWNEY, Jack. Arrangements oend- . "i— n...^i.~ /-km.i ana - Funeral I E~L"MORE71na7gTretT752rWest"Cla>- DOG. Small white and brown. Fe- endon. Survived by son, Robert E. male. Encanto Park area, Saturday Smallwood of Phoenix. Announce- evening. Wl 3-5387. ment of arransements later by _ . . -. . Bloom's Soyth Phoenix Mortuary. I 0 ESCUDERO, Petra. Requiem MassllW 9 a.m. today Sacred Heart Church. Mortensen-Kingsley Mortuary. ! EVANS, Albert L. Services conducted by Dr. Roy Bowers 3:30 P.m. today in Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moore & Sons. Interment at Greenwood. FALLS' George R. Services 2 p.m. Friday In Carr Memorial Chapel Tempe. Rev. Peter Nordstrom offi- elating. IntermenMn Double_Butte. GIBSON, Joseph S. Services 4 P..m. today Casa Blanca Presbyterian Church. Mortensen-Kinssley Mortuary. GLASS, Robert Ray, arrangement* pendmg.Webbef* Eaitlake Mortu- HAESSLY, Oliver J. 345 N. 5th Ave. Passed away Tuesday. 3 sisters, 3 brothers out of state also survive. He has been taken to Milwaukee, WIs. for services and In- Al Doward Sale Yaro ferment. A. U. Moore & Sons. Big Auction Every Sat 3000 S. Cent. KELLY/Sister Mary Florice, B.V.M. 1 WATCH FOR NEXT SALE 4712 N. 3rd St. Sister of Mrs. V.'AUCTION PARK 3255 E. Wash. H. Allen, Sister Mary JoTinlta.i THE BIG RELIABLE B.V.M. and Leo J. Kelly all of VAN CLEVE AUCTION Chicago. Solemn Requiem High VAAIN V-LCVC MUUIIVJIM Mass 10 a.m. today In St. Francis Xavler Church. Burial St. Francis. Whitney A Murphy. Spiritual bou- PUBLIC STORAGE AUCTION LIGHTNING MOVING 425 E. Jackson-Phoenix Saturday, May 11,10 A.M. Unclaimed Storage Lots Miscellaneous household furniture, appliances, personal effects. Cartons, boxes, barrels, dishes, rugs and many other interesting items FRIDAY DAY & NIGHT WE PAY MORE CASH . OR SELL ON CONSIGNMENT que«r« preferred In lieu of ma- 1 SI 34 W. Glendala Ave. YE 7-4771 terlal remembrances- __ _ __ 1 Eastsjde Buyers A_L 3-6324 KIMBALL, Dale Rodney. Son of! GRAND OLD AUCTION " ~ ^ ' ' $300 2 BR-vinyl tile throughout New refrigerator. R'0, new custom drapes, completely furn. Immediate possession — no qualifying RAM REALTY, 942-5070, after 10 a.m. For A Large Horse-Loving Family A rambling ranch hom0, painted sparkling white with green trim and cedar shingle roof, situated impressively on a beautifully landscaped 2'-j ACRES. Main house offers 4 BEDROOMS, 3 BATHS AND FAMILY ROOM - fireplace, large screened lanal, carpeting, drapes, refrigeration, FILTERED POOL. Horse set up includes STABLES, CORRAL, LIGHTED RIDING RING, plenty of pasture. A SMALL GUEST HOUSE completes the pic- lure. Priced in "the sixties" with FLEXIBLE TERMS. ED POST REALTY 5060 No. Central Ave. CRestwood 7-1444 OFFICE OPEN 'TIL 9PM, N. 39TH DRIVE, YE 9-0056. NO QUALIFYING-VACANT 3006 W. MARLETTE .3 BR, 2 BATHS, CARPET, DRAPES, IBUILT-INS, LOW DOWN. I REPOSSESSED HOMES CONTINENTAL TRUST CO. YE 9 7971 3542 W. CAMELBACK Camelback High Area $3,000 UNDER APPRAISAL OWNER LEAVING 4 bdrm home deluxe kitchen, huge liv. room w/fireplace, stereo connection to huge covered patio with bit-in bar & brick BBQ, w/hood, extra V] bath at swim-pool 20'- x35', water softener plus many desirable features for gracious out-door living on Ige beaut landscaped corner lot $32,500. Call Leah Senet (Eves. AM 6-2423). ED TRUXAL REALTY AM 4-4461 . Robert and Joann Julian Klmball. ; . ,.„. , e Passed away Sunday In Salt Lake;!". 3 E. Indian Iffiy 0 !. AM C . City Graveside services 1-30 pm S*, 1 - 6 EVERY SUN 10 AM & «nrtav*tM£n! CemVterv M.ld™™ ' Buy for Cash or sell for yo . C *" Cemetery. Meldrum rii'YnT i'>- ..... A i i^rTT-^Ti PUBLIC AUCTION ... . ou on consignment. 15°/o commission. iuf- —57M»T" u,,«Ki™i ~i u«i»« a . •=*-»" & - Laun ' °*- ner -S and auctioneer ING, Victor. Husband of Helena, father of Miss Adele Zlobra, Chicago, & Eugene of Glenview, '»•!,-ADMCD'd TDAni\'r~ D(~IC:T 2 grandchildren & 1 great-grand- oAKINtK o I KAUIINo rUol 3233 E. WASHINGTON WED-THURS-FRI, MAY 8-9-10 10AM 'TIL 6PM child also survive. Also 3 brothers & 5 sisters all out of state. Rosary 7:30 p.m. today In Whit- .„„,.. ,,„ ... ney $ Murphy Chapel. Reauiem Everything you can imagine Look High Mass 9 a.m. Thursday in St. | lor detailed list in class 139 of Theresa's Church. Burial St. Fran-i today's paper. _ els- KBZYWONOS, Waclaw. Husband of Helena; father of Mrs. Adele Zlo- bra, Chicago, S- Eugene of Glenview, III. 2 grandchildren and 1 great • grandchild also survive. Also 3 brothers i 5 sisters, all out of state. Rosary 7:30 p.m. to- ___ ALLIED_AUCTION AUCflO~N~'CITY" SALE EVERY SUNDAY 9 A.M. 1708 E. MOHAVE . .. day In Whitney * Murphy Chapel. Requiem High Mass 9 a.m. Thursday In St. Theresa's Church. Bur-; lal St. Francis. I MARTIN, Frank" Albert. Survived! by his wife, „ Dorothy; daughter.. Mrs. Carol Hicks; brothers, Louis i Martin. Phoenix, Walter and William Martin, Wayne, Mich.; one grandchild. Friends may calt today; services 2 p.m. Thursday, paradise Cbwel ft Funeral Home. Interment Memory Lavwv" dtCAolN, Elvia. Announcement of arrangements later by Mercer We will buy outright or sell for you. Will pick UP. AL 2-6240 Wl 3-4590 AUCTION AUCTION WED 9 AM & 7 PM 4001 NORTH 7TH ST. SEE CL 142 FOR DETAILS JOHN BRUNK & SONS NORMANDY ESTATE Spacious 4 BEDROOM home on over an acre of landscaped grounds in a desirable N. Central location. Walking dis tance to Madison Meadows ichool Beautiful living room has beamed ceiling and fireplace. Formal dining room. huge family room w wet bar, office, all elec. kitchen. Three room GUEST HOUSE opposite HEATED AND FILTERED POOL w/cabanas, carport for 4 cars, covered PATIOS, etc. TWO additional bedrooms could be added to present unfinished attic. Call for appointment to see this lovely estate. Eves, call CR 9-2092. RUSS LYON REALTY CO. Phoenix Office 279-4401 1906 E CAMELBACK RD. OPEN 8 30 AM. TO 8 P.M. 300 E. Camelback ro 7 i«i <-K '-I45i A. D. McCLAIN VALUE HORSE PRIVILEGES 3 BR + Fam. Rm-$16,500 This choice family home has many extras. Carpeted & draped. P/4 baths. Ranch type design, fenced, and on a 8o'x217' lot. Double carport & on Irrigation. A home you will love for Arizona living at Its best. Good terms arranged. A. D. McCLAIN Realty 4660 NORTH CENTRAL AM 6-2417 Eve. CR 4-6239 , FOR SALE OR RENT VA or FHA houses. Liberal terms.lSettle Estate -••'-'• possession. Call for info. ' Beautifur landscaping with ma-i GUILDCRAFT HOME ture shade & an assortment ofi. . *-^^- ' ' ' '* mature citrus. In Camelback i Large lot. paved streets, sidewalks. Hi JL MAHUnn 41 «rh/v>i *r*x ' New 3 Bdrm home-S0990 only $65 Mo, Priced at FHA JU JOOwlth *4W New 4 Bdrm n°me-$9950 only $75 Mo down to « niV.llfliH hnvSr No DOWN VETS - LOW DOWN FHA aown to a qualified bu/er. AR|Z VETS ONLY , 47 w M0 Tony RIMSZA Realty ( So on Central to Carter (2 blks N. ,of Baseline) & F. to 8th PI BR65762. j $$$$$$$$$s$msmssnm$$$$$$m$mt 2402 WEST Echo Lane. Four bedroom, large family room fenced yard. Reasonable. By owner. LAWYER SAYS "SELL" Thhls SHARP 3 br, tte ba, beau- ,-,,,, ..,,,..,,-„ T tifully carpeted ant/ draped home.: h 'DEAL FOR MOTHER Two rooms, MaH M«xrinu,« *» Franr!* bath attached to modern home. Cu Screened Me pa d t°o, S ' fenced, Mature *«£ uW!^,'^' 1 '' 0 ' 1 W " shade and lawn, sewer, lifetime: N " rlh ' 4 '" ,?,i"" A ^ 4 ' 0408 E roof, quiet street. $15,000, FHA ' BEDROOMS, 7 baths Fenced If nee. Appointment. Eves. 5 a ? k , Vi V d .Y 0 °7 .^ l( ?' in . Low down. CR 9-1101. Total price $9800. Make offer Broker. 537 E. Glendale Ave. wl 3-1915. 7302 N. 16TH AVE. Catholic? Near ST. FRANCIS. JIM TALLEY Realty 14 spacious bdrms refrigerated. Pi j baths, Ige covered patio and fenced back yd Priced under appraisal Immaculate; home iisoo OMAR REALTY, 264-4887 $25 dn. Move now Sharp 3 br , H» ba, jSpodies. SEQUA Rlty 264-2514. ... , , DRIVE BY youthful 3 $045 N llth AVENUE $29.VX) Rm. Refrig'd, carpeted. 2 full Ba. I inht A i-iyin ix " BLUE PROVINCIAL Center hall plan with formal living room, 3 BEDROOMS In one wing, MAID'S ROOM and bath opposite. The true "FAMILY" room has beamed ceilings, fireplace, built-in shelves, desk, etc. Lovely shaded patio, 2 car garage. Carpets and drapes. Priced in the mid thirties. Business compels this move. It could be iust the home for you See it today. Eves, call CR 9-2092. RUSS LYON REALTY CO. Phoenix Office 279-4401 1906 E CAMELBACK RD OPEN 8 30 A M TO 8 P M. RAWHIDE RLTY. 4606 N. 7th St. 264-7139 Eves. & weekends 935-4588 OWNER WILL SACRIFICE 4-BR NE CITRUS An Immlculate four bedroom shake roofed home In prestige location. Reduced $5,000 for quick sale Below $30,000 includes W W carpets & drapes, electr. kitchen, Carrier AC. Approx. 3 yrs. old. Fifteen hundred down will handle. Call Broker. Eves, only, WH 6-1695, John Grace. PRICE INVITES COMPARISON.! OR-INCOME PLUS HOME' 5315 N. 18th St 7 Rms. 2' i Ba. [4 Apts -f pool i- /oned 9 more umts KH, m D^,lo 'WARD-MING RLTY Gtr. AM 4-3771 Must c M oofed PRAISED PHICE ED ON AP "i FOUR RO °M HOUSE DAI AAC; DCAITV m I Furnished. SMO In Lifetime roof. rAUViO KtALlY t,U. (Low monthly 3110 E McKinley 41-A. W Thomas Rd. CR 7-2415 nn „. , H nmo » "• MADISON #1 22-Phoenix F^S. E*"j Centra,, bedroom, bcnotid petlng & drapes, refrigeration, fenced yard. Priced In the 20's. EARL STOWE, Realtor 1245 E. INDIANOLA Best buy in area—3 Bedroom, - •• • • ' '. To 264-6726, Baths, Longvlew school. To sea call Conn Really Corp. -•••—• 444 W Camelback _ CHOICE I I I I I 1202 W. V.STA (N. THREE carpet, drapes. Owner. AM 6 4785. Madison Scnool Dis 3 BR plus ^e ruom plua fam. rm. & ivth St. Call 279-3586. Owner-Agent. hree bedrooms, $8750. rated. Block fence for privacy. ... derground sprinkler system for con venlence 1 economy. Drive by & call tor appt. to see. Priced In mid 20's with easy financing. MUSGRAVE REALTY AM 6-9715 bath, terms Un-i' ' v00 ' wij E Weldon WH 6-6246 STUCCO-LOVELY SHADE $100 No qualifying — immed-'ate sesslon. North 32nd 51 2 with refrigerator Fenced Br. 579 $350 DOWN NO CLOSING COSTS—3 BR •-.__.,,.-_ „ . -. . baths Newly redecorated Ex-JOWER PLAZA cellcnt wall to wall carpet, cov- , _ „ , ered patio. Large storage & J a - ' work shop. Western fence In front- Reduced to $10,750. CLEVENGER REALTY N. Central at Thomas Rd CR 9-5505 Block construction, good sized rooms, carport, very nice rear yard Can be purchased FHA with payments like rent Call to see this today. BILL CLINE REALTY 4426 E Osborn month RAM REALTY. 742-3070, after 10 A.M fng'rm. Kitchen "fiarairburit-ins. DQ A BEAUTY N E plus loads of cabinets, fam. rm. J BR and family room THREE a beauty with Arcadia doors.baths, corner lot • Bu>lHn,i. doubie to covered patio & pool, w'w carporl Siuaw Peak. Camelback and carpeting & custom draperies St. Thomas Schools FHA terms throughout, refrigerated & dou- carport, extra arge lot. Ar— Elementary CLEVENGER REALTY N Central at Thomas Rd. CR 9-5505 nnwN"i Z^L - linV/FIV w/screened inlLUVtLY Nice 3 BR home, w/screened in'LUVtLY J BDRM. back porch and detached garage, j. u/rr> IM o »A/~\ Near 9th Ave. Ind. School Road^LIVcD IN 3 MO HJQ 'fam/rm <Mu&f sefi Buytr Low price area. Appraised 510,750 TIQNEERS "'-"'AUCTION. 264-3204' $25 DN for 3 bedrm. 49 3 'Robson. : fenced, .dmino _area.S«ne_ baths, ANTHONY REALTY |CR 7-4431 Eye..YE 7-6925 (MADE FOR A COUPLE! I HOME AND WORKSHOP JFULL PRICE S6TiOO Near 16th St. & Northern. Very clean—Lovely Yard! Low Taxes! This is a bargain. Call now! MURRAY & THOMAS Mortuary. MESA AUCTION. 49 3 Reason. , TOIMW, oimna oreo -w-jrw luiniiuic, ,.,. .,A W ;— p';",, 1 „„'• 3 ,Va'~w — i 2 big sales every Thursday 1 30 & ne w carpets, etc $9700 total price. wj_t*5?.'. . R *S!'9/*_-i''< «._ 7 7 p.m We will buy your furniture Won't last. 50 call now! TOM- : 3 BR., 2 8A. $500 Dn Call WO 4-3942- aavi Nites. c^ll SINGER & ASSOC . 1710 E. Thom*s, ; 191 Ave & Roosevelt i WO 4-0191 or BR 5-6849 i AM 4-4944. I or call WE i-4518 Owner-Blflr. back-^Hish. 292-2738. Owners lust had time to fence the vara, carpet the living room and hall, then were transferred. You can buy this beautiful re- rigerated home at a real saving. Built-in kitchen. Double carport. $15.750 mortgage available —no qualifying necessary. BRODERSEN REALTY X)I CR 9-2055 Member Multiple Listing Service *i FOR sale by owner. Two bed! room near Carl Hayden Three bedroom, enclosed patio, near Camel- rear i$lo.: cadia High 8, Kiva BILL CLINE REALTY WH 5-4505 4426 E. Osborn WH 5-4505 i 31 Biltmore Estate 1 Ac. _ Facing golf course. Exquisitely turn the terms 'by famous decorator. If vxi can af- Broker ford this prestige home call Trim". fijCTiDCAACh IT CDC/~IAI " Trimble for appt. Kt I IKtMtNl bPtCIAL LM. )CtJ.|oflB. Ra^ltpr AL 4-2156!Clean. cute 2 Or. Carport, tance, 'pavud, sewer. Mr. everything. $9000, TRADE FOR TRAILER "'"" J ' " CAMELBACK High, 3 od I'j bath', -"— " -' sell Buyer rv-rv.ts AM 6-2367. CS 5-9217, 2432 3 Or. 2 ba, fam. rm home in Yavapai school area. Must sell Immed. Eves. 278-0836. CR 7-76H 2930 JIM" "" " LINDON ..-...,....__. „, v ,, 4ZB9 SL..S—vholja .Rd, 943-3407 o^aroomv 1 u Dalra Fire'olace, ~*<^, C-2 honw, 24th Street. Building pa. ; 'v carpet N>ce neighborhood Me^'owne'^ALMSM. ° Mice '.i;fh'Ta, iC l79.fc«* 7>il10 - * 1J NQr<h $10,500 $300 dn FHA at i75"mb." BIG. BJAH. REALTY AM 4-3854 Comp. turn 2 br cottage lust off N" 36th St Lg. lot, house needs some paint i, cleanup. Only $J50 dn, $5»50 tot TOP HAT REALTY 35.l_9 ^^ 24tn_S^t 364-6401 BY owner Ranch btyle three

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