The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on December 24, 1970 · Page 40
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 40

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1970
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

The Ttmcs-Renorler Thurs., Dec. 24, 1970 Tonight's TV Programs WKYC(NIC) 3 CLEVELAND WIWC(NIC) COIUMIUS CLEVELAND WW(NBC.AIC) 7 WHEELING WJW(CIS) 8 WSTVfCBS-AIC) 9 CLEVELAND STEUIENVILU •'00 Movie :30 " 1 _.._ 6 :00 News :30 News Star Trek Dragnet . U.N.C.l.E. News Daniel loon* Merv Griffin Star Trek Demost Report David Frost News News " " News News Crankite News Cronkite 7 :00 News Dick Van Dyke " " News Consequences Carnival __ :30 Flip Wilson Flip Wilson Matt Lincoln Flip Wilson .Family Affair Family AHuir 8 :00 " " :30 Ironside 9 """:00~~ :30 Nancy n it Ironside it n Bewitched Ironside Jim Nabors Jim Nabors Nancy Christmas Music " " Odd Couple Nancy Movie Movie :00 Dean Martin :30 " " o 1 1 :00 News | :30 At Home Dean Martin Immortal Dean Martin News News News Rose Bowl Bound Christmas Music Special News News Christmas Music Christmas Music Friday 's TVProgra ms WKYC(NBC) WLWC(NBC) WEWS(ABC) WTRF(NBC-ABC) WJW(CBS) WSTV (CBS-ABC) CLEVELAND COIUMBUS CLEVELAND * 7=00 Today / :30 " " 789 WHEELING CLEVELAND STEUBENVIILE News/Today Today News News 8 :00 i;30 PaulDixon Gene Carroll . Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo 9 :00 Mike Douglas :30 " " Romper Room Phil Donahue Cartoons • Uncle Al " " Lucy 10 Romper Room Jacklalonne :30 1 Church Service Christmas Day Special Mormon Choir World Apart Church* Service Edge of Night Phil Donahue 1:30 Hollywood Sq. | 1:00 Sale of Century 12 Lucy Show Hillbillies Phil Donahue Family Affair That Girl Sale of Century Hollywood Sq. Love of life Family Affair Love ol life ; :00 Jeopardy :30 Who or Where SO-SO Club Bewitched Special News Where Heart lT~ ^_ News Who or Where Search Tomorrow Search Tomorrow 1:00 TBA 1:30 Words & Music Words & Music All My Children Make A Deal Jeopardy Words & Music Jury Trials World Turns Tel.AII World Turns Saturday's TV Programs WKYC(NBC) CIEVILANO ' i40 Cartoons :JO " " WLWC(NBC) COIUMBUS ^Hackle A Jtckle Hat Dag WEWS(ABC) WTRf (NBC-ABC) WJW(CBS) WStVICIUlC) iVEL CLEVELAND 7 WHEELING 9 VTL CUVTLANO WUBlNVIllI Gospel Hour Herald of Truth Tarn ft Jtrry Abbott 8 :OOH«Mat Jackie Ollllgai. Island Ijragon/Mr.Tood Heckle A Jeckle Bugs Bunny N*^ JO WeedyW»odee(k«rW«fld Y WaadpeckerMoter Mouijt WaodyWaadpe<karR(>q<tunnar ReodRwnne sOolemfaalary Tamfaalary LancerloHink Tomfoolery Sabrina Sabrlni :30 Bugaleos lugaloas Secret Chimp Bugoleos 10 iOOOr.Dalittle :30 Pink'anther Dr.Delittle Pink Panther Jerry Lewis Doubledeckers Dr. Dolirtle Pink Panther Jesie Glabetrotters Jliie Globetrotters 11 lOO Special <30 Grump Pufnstuf Grump Hot Wheels Sky Hawks Special Grump Archie Archie 12 :00 TBA 30 Jumbo Outesite Football Highlights TBA Scoeby-De Monkoes Sceoky-De ! :00 Our Lives :30 Doctors Our Lives Doctors Newlyweds Pro Basketball Our Lives Doctors 1 :00 Another World :30 Bright Promise Lovi Is Thing Guiding Light love Is Thing Guiding light Another World Bright Promise Hawks vs. Suns Another World Bright Promise Advonture Road 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie Secret Storm Edge Of Night Somerset Star Trek North-South Somerset Gilligan Island Gamer Pyle Movie 5 Comer Pyle Sol Hurok MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. The Brady family celebrates Christmas morn in an old familiar way — with gift giving — in "The Voice of Christmas," on ABC-TV's "The Brady Bunch" Friday night at 7:30. Left to right (standing) are Jan (Eve Plumb), Marcia (Maureen McCormick), Cindy (Susan Olsen), Peter (Christopher Knight), Bobby (Mike Lookinland), Greg (Barry Williams) and Alice, the housekeeper (Ann B. Davis). Mom and Dad Brady (Florence Henderson and Robert Reed, seated on the floor) are in charge of the gift distribution. It Happened ... Last Night By Earl Wilson :00 Movie :30 " " Star Trek ' Dragnet Shrine Gome Daniel Boone Movie > :00 News :30 News r :00 News :30 High :00 Chaparral :30 Name Of Demoss Report News News News News Crankite Quarterback High • Pro Basketball Songs High Consequences Interns Jlintstones News Cronkite Death Valley Interns Chaparral Name Of Cavaliers vs. Royals Chaparral Name Of Headmaster :00 The Game, :30 " " Headmaster The Game That Girl Untamed World The Game Movie Movie 10 :00 Bracken's :30 World Bracken's World Tom Jones Bracken's World 11 :00 News :30 Tonight Show News Rose Bowl Bound News DickCavett News Tonight Show News Movie News Merv Griffin They've ceased to be friends/ By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Zsa, Zsa Gabor and Pamela Mason, friends for more than 20 years, had a fight the other night in which wigs literally flew through the air along with imprecations, accusations, and slurs as to ancestry. Inasmuch as men in Hollywood have quit socking one another at parties, the girls have taken up the sport. But according to Zsa Zsa and Pamela, Women's Lib had nothing to do with their brawl. Like the Cassius Clay-Jerry Quarry fight, the Gabor-Mason match was a contrast in styles, Zsa Zsa fought a defensive battle and finally beat a retreat. Victorious Pamela, ex-wife of James Mason, landed the most blows and won on a TKO. The fight took place at a pn vate home .of mutual friends at a small dinner for 10. There was no official referee or matchmaker. One judge ruled it a draw. "It began," said Zsa Zsa, "when I walked into the room and Pam said, 'Oh, look at that cow." ,. "I had on the most beautiful evening gown from New York. But she is so jealous of me I disregarded it. What the hell, I like her, but I'll never talk to her again." Pamela reported: "Zsa Zsa wanted to know why I didn't araise her acting in '40 Carats.' t'd written that she made marvelous quick costume changes and memorized her lines well. I was priaising her energy, not. her acting." Both 'women agree Pamela minimized Zsa Zsa's acting. Pamela quoted Zsa Zsa as saying she and her sisters were all beautiful and that Pemela and the others here old and "giy. "I told her plastic surgery always helps," Mrs. Mason said. Thereafter Zsa Zsa made another observation about Pamela. "That's when I slapped her in the face," Pamela said. "I shouldn't have done it because she is twice my size. I was outmatched. "I grabbed her hair and it came off in my hands." Both combatants said men in the room were paralyzed to 1m. mobility as the women grap< pled. Zsa Zsa tore Pamela's wig from her head in the struggle. In the aftermath Zsa Zsa said, "My arms are all bruised. I'm glad she didn't scratch my face. "I told Pamela she knew I never had a face lift. I was Miss Hungary when I was 15 year: old. My cosmetics company will pay a million dollars to anyone who can prove I've had anything done to my face." "Before Zsa Zsa left," Pamela said, "she told everyone he was only accustomed to dealing with ladies and should never mix with me. "I told her I was used to deal- ng only with (censored) and hat's when we started grabbing at one another." Both .ladies vowed they coult never be friends again. But then both are invited to the same Christmas party which may summon a rematch or a recon dilation. Either way, it will be "nteresting. Sparkling \ That's what we're wishing to our many Mends. Thanh lor your patronage' C.f. HANNA DRY CLEANING 119 Allen lqfle,SW Phone 343-6817 NewPhila In the 15th century Leonard da Vinci designed a parachute planned model cities, and vented a submarine. in NEW YORK - "Every man s entitled to his favorite brand f insam'ty," Mark Twain said, and here I go again with mine . picking 1970's Broadway Bests and Bests in Show Busi- less ... and if you disagree, end in your own nominees. Comedy Smash: Flip Wilson . . New Male Sex Symbol and Vtusic Man: Burt Bacharach with a special bow to lyricist Hal David for the big song Raindrops Are Falling On My Head")' . . . All-of-a-Sudden- leadline Comediennes: Totie Fields, Joan Rivers, the fat and he lean of Show Biz. New Gal Stars: Singers Karen Wymati, 18, and Julie Budd, 16, and this year's Cinderella, Tricia O'Neil, 25, who came to NY without stage experience and beat out 250 other girls to win Richard Rodgers' nod for a top role in "2 x 2." Biggest Personal Triumph: Danny Kaye in "2 x 2" even if he did use that four-letter dirty word (but Katie Hepburn said ii in "Coco," so if a woman says it, that makes it O.K., right?) Biggest Surprise: George Sanders marrying his ex-wife Zsa Zsa Gabor's sister Magda when everybody thought he was going to remarry Zsa Zsa (Asked when he got the idea, he said "Twenty years ago"). New Movie Glamour Star Goldie Hawn (who didn't nee nudity to make it)... Most con troversial actress and "charac ter:" Sylvia Miles of "Midnigh Cowboy" who posed nude wit 1 :00 Mayor's :30 Conference Football Bandstand Game of Week Football Dastardly Dastardly Jetsons ! :00 Football :30 Bengals Football Bengals Christmas Song Messiah Football Bengals Movie n tit TBA It . It 3 iOO :30 Vs. Colts II II Vs, Colts Movie Vs. Colts Pre-Game Pro-Gam* :00 II II II II II II II II Killy Challenge II " II II Pro Football Lions lions 5 oo i30 Suspense Theater Upbeat Soccer V s. Cowboys Vs. Cowboys 6 :00 :JO Film Mows Brady Bunch News :00 8 :00 :20 Naws Damass Report It's Academic Andy Williams Andy Williams Make A Daal '•~ " " " Nawlyweds Adam-1? , Adam-12 Lawrence Gidget Consequences Andy Williams Mission Porter Wagoner Mission , , " " Impossible Impossible Adam-12 My Three Sons My Throe Sons |:00 Movie Mavie Welk Most Deadly Movie Arnie Arnie Mary Tyler Moore Projection 70 Tell the Truth ii ii I* if Mannix Johnny Cash n '" :00 :30 News News Movie News Movie News News Movie News Movie Sunday s T VPrograms WKYC(NBC) WIWC(NBC) ight nude guys for a magazine . . Biggest shocker: Burlesque iris on B'way wearing nothing, NOTHING, at all, and girls ancing same way in cocktail ounges on Hollywood Strip; Comebacks: Muhammad Ali i Mae West — and Dow-Jones . . Best Personel Appearance in ,as Vegas: • Elvis Presley & iarbra Streisand. Best Personal S T on-Appearance in Las Vegas: toward Hughes . .. Retirement te Saw No Need for: Arthur Treacher's. Authors: Shirley MacLaine, Irich Segal ("Love Story"), ake LaMotta (and Rosemary Wilson.and Ruth Pool). Top Country Singer: Johnny 'ash . . . New Sexy Singer: )ick Jensen ... But Engelbert lumperdinck was probably the Jiggest attraction of females. At he Americana Royal Box, he was kissed by about 300 girls and women in one week. Asked f he wanted to try for 301, he didn't have the strength to answer. * THE MIDNIGHT EARL... . Jackie Mason and Marilyn Michaels joined Lon Ritchie to celebrate completion of his seconc album . . . Jackie Vernon will appear in "Love, American Style" ... Art collector Vincent Price, now filming "Dr. Philbes," said, "The two most important necessities for an art collection are enough money and enough wall space." (C) 1970 by Field Ent. Inc. CLEVELAND ' :00 Discussion :3C " " WEWS(ABC) WTRF (NBC-ABC) 5 7 WJW(CBS) 8 COLUMBUS CLEVELAND WHEELING Golden Years Big Picture _ CIEVELA_ND _ This Life Faith For Today WSTV (CBS-ABC) 9 STEUBENVILLE 8 :00 Projects :30 Cartoons Your Health Davy and Goliath Faith to Faith Discovery Gospel Jubilee Shut-In Davy ft Goliath |:00 F:30 Cadla Chapel Church ly Rood Inner Circle Dudley Do-Right Worship Smokoy Bear Rex Humbard Church of Christ Discovery :00 Scene en Sunday Mass Insight Religion 70 RAP Jonny Quest Cattanooga Cots City Camera RAP Oral Roberts KothrynKuhlman 11 iOOHeraltls :30 " " International Focus Monroes Bullwinkle Football Cleveland Caucus Faca Nation Humbard ir ii | ft :00 Dialogue I/:30 Meet the Press Fred Taylor Meet the Press Gene Carroll Highlights Moot the Press Pre-Game Pro Football Pre-Gome Pro Football 1 :00 Zone Grey Movie :30 Movie |:00 ,:30 Polka Varieties fr if TBA 4fers Vs Vikings li ii ii II World of Sports II II II II 3 «vw :30 Sports 4 :00 Pro Football ^30 Dolphins Wild Kingdom II II Inntr Circlt ' Mars Vs Vikings I II ' II f I* f It |-:00 Vs. Raiders Pro Football Dolphins ' Issues ft Answers College Show Pro Football Dolphins Bat Mastcrson City Comoro :30 :00 :30 Vs, Raiders Young Rebels Vs. Raiders New York Concert New York * Concert " " Movie 7 :00 Wild Kingdom :30 World Of News Bewitched Something Else World 01 Wild Kingdom World Of 8 :00 Disney :30 Bill Cosby Lassie Hogan's Heroes Lassie Hogon's Heroes Disney Bill Cosby FBI 9 :00 Bonania :30 " " m n :00 Naws :30 Tonight Show Disney Bill Cosby id Sullivan Ed Sullivan Bonania Movie Bonania Glen Campbell Glen Campbell :00 Montage :30_ "_JI :00 Naws Bold Ones Bold Ones Year-end Raviaw Fl) Naws Tonight Show News Tonight Shaw News Movie News Movio Wishing You and Yours All the Blessings of the Season HARMON BURIAL VAULT CO. 4IOWestBthSt. Dover Harry Burkey Transfer Dover

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