Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 3, 1967 · Page 56
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 56

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1967
Page 56
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Obituaries l,arur (liajwian ! C 1 a u d William K. Fannin Phoenix, Mnn., April 3. l%7 The Arizona Republic SAFFOHD -.- l,aruc Claud Services for William Kussell Chapman. M. retired superm-l F ™ n , in ' ?°-, 1 Hnxl(> !"' CaUL , 'will be ;it 11:30 a.m. tomorrow Icndcnt of the University of Ari- jn A _ L Monn , and Sons Mor . /.ona experimental farm at Lone tuary. 333 W. Adams. Star, died Saturday in Safford ; Hun;i | w ,|] t)e in I)()llb | e Inn Hospital. Butte Cemetery. Friends may Masonic funeral services will rM ; " th( ' "™f*"W r ''" m »»»'" be at 10 a.m. tomorrow in Cakl- lo I0 »'- m - " )dav well Funeral Home. Burial will A painter. Mr. Fannin was be in a national cemetery at a born in Texas and came to TEMPE — Services for l*mcc Cpl. Leigh W. Hunt. 20. killed'latcr date. Friends may call at Ari/.ona as an infant in H)3li. March 24 in combat in Vietnam, will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the mortuary after 'I p.m. to- He moved to California in I!)li3. Green Acres Mortuary, 401 X. Hayden Hd. jday. and from 8 a.m. until sorv- He js >surv jvecl by his wife, Hurial will be in Green Acres Memorial Gardens. Friends mayj'"' " me tomnrr()W - Beverly; three daughters. Deb- call at Ihe mortuarv from 2 to 9 p.m. today. : Mr - Chapman Leigh W. Hunt, 20; Victim of Viet War was horn in '>' (> , , jUrbana, 111., and received a de- son. Cpl. Hunt, who resided a) 1,3/5 W. Mlh St., was born in llulcn-|g rcc j n agronomy from (he L'ni- •'''•• Mr. Jiana and Dona, and a William Russell Fannin 1 II of Baxter: his parents, nd Mrs. Otis H. Fannin, yhlbylREP BU Obit 2-;Uiit-2 . versity of Illinois. H e was ison," Kan., and came to Ari/.ona ., ,, ., , .... instructor al Texas A. and . ,„.,.. ... nity Hospital, will be al /:.U) and a veteran of World Wai in 19(52 Irom Albuquerque. p m tomorrow in Smisc( iMor j He was graduated from tuary. Tempe High School in 196M and ,'KS, J^SIn' S;.™: w« i. ^^^ S^Sn^. w™™" =i 'farm. He retired in 1961 ' '. l{oad - dk ' d Saturday in Goodj Samaritan Hospital. vines in March 100(5. He is survived by his p M ' and a brother, Ronnie Lee Fan- I] nin. all of Phoenix. He came to Arixona in l!H(i as an instructor in agronomy at Mass of Requiem will be at.lhc UofA. He was assigned to _:9 a.m. Wednesday in the Sacred ; Safford in 1953 as superintend-; Heart Catholic Church. Burial >lildrnl Wliilnr .,,,.,, . . ... I will be in Mountain View Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D. Hunt: a brother. Roy 0. Hunt; two sisters, Martha and Susan, all of Tempe: and his maternal Cemetorv •• Survivors include his wife, Martha; two sons. Clary of Tuc-'. , .-..,.v,.l., V.l.^lJV.ll,,. V 1 <_l I * \_/l ''-'^tlJl-i •s. Alanis was born in Mex- son and llic i iarc | of South Rpnd j Whitney came and came to Arizona 5G.j nc j.; OIU , daughter Susan of 1% ' ! - Sho was ;i s ago. She. came to Pres- : T;rhnn-,• hi* ,,w,u,,,,- vi,, vi.,.. I'irst Congregati DeWatcr, Born in Providence. R.I.. Mrs. lo Arixona in member of the . , •••«•« -....v. UK klh- I I I \, I , I ' HOC* I I > M « < • ill J • I / II I years ago. She. came to Pres-;Urbana: his mother, Mrs. Mar- ! '"' sl ( ""B^Ki'li"™! (.hiurh. co11 42 V cars il K°- (ha Chapman, and two broth- Services will be at 10 a.m. grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. u. She is survjvcd t)V , W() diuigh . ers. all of Urbana. tomorrow in Green Acres Mor- •ing in Kansas. , ', ., , ", . imrv 'tfll iV llavderi Ud Kurhl lers. Mrs. Pola Lucero and m,u\. mi ... IUIURH i\u. nuiuu ,. ., . i i i ,1 r i> i /• / i i will be in Green Acres Friends V,nv!,lu,l Al.,,,5- Arrcdondo, both ol ( Rol,rrl (.. (,i||ilan<l mav ,,,„ ;it thc mor tuarv from >aUM<ia<l /ViaillS . Procr-ntt- 1u-n <:nn<; K.HUPMP ., ,' ( , „ .„ („,!.„, FORT THOMAS-Services for 2 lo !) P- m - l()dcl >Robert C. (Snapper) Gilliland i Mrs - Whitney is survived, by 72. who won his nickname as a^ cr hl ! sl ? and - Dr - l^x Whilney ,, Scotlsdale; a son, Robert ol will SHEILAH^ GRAHAM Prcscolt; two sons, Eugene PRESCOTT—Rosary for Mrs. Alanis and Harry Alanis, both Natividad Alanis, 71," who died'of Prescotl; 11 grandchildren^' yesterday in Yavapai Commu- and three great-grandchildren Daily Crossword Puzzle ACROSS ''5 Greet 19 Act 1 Fruit 50 Supernatur- (> Projectile al beinq JO Kind of 51 Amongst school S3 Shred 14 Refund 57 Beak-like 15 Itinerait process 16 Flower 59 African 37 Follow Negro 18 Form of 60 Elbe hospitality: tributary 2 words 61 Diminutive 20 Slotted trap suffix for fish 62 Sore 21 Commit depr- 63 Section of edations Istanbul 22 See 16 64 Brings 10 Across about 11 ?3 Place 65 Hockey 12 25 Salad player's 13 ingredients necessity '6 Crave ' T) ^9 Depressed DOV/M 2 <1 Adversary 32 Serving 1 Became n -l vessel: larger ^ r > ? words 2 Frenchman's "''' >7 Concerning; name '7 2 words 3 Building 23 8 Increase, recess -^ of a sort f\ Can. folk 3Q T Hep singer: V 0 Depressions: 2 words .3 ' 2 words 5 Organ 3-1 2 Olympic 6 Slockbrok- Games er's word 35 participant 7 Reliance 36 3 Frozen R Heed 38 •1 Woodland 9 Weight A 1 tract unit U M M m 26, Jl 37 40 S 4b 50 b/ 60 63 « 17 m Hi 46 3 P 26 B 4/ ^ 23 m 48 S 24 t^ 41 . 4J W 1 1 S 1 21 1| 38 Sf 61 64 5 8 H 32 ft 51 S 29 m 52 I- at irday'o PIIZJ C A U N S 1 p 5 c s C A 0 B T U 0 1 N S T T 0 p A N 0 T U N s T R A T A. |H|A|P|T| |A|G|E|E| |r |*| R|U| IT! ilsU TBNlom RrrwNiEi e Solved: H\t oli A N] S E t s 1 A U ) A A Hi Sfl • A|L| !|AlHHA| ||M A|ol l|A]N|RmD|P| 1 E SlEBBlOlATSTTSM'S A C 1 D Kilo pi nBclr] i 1 u | » 1 R 1 G f o V :; ! c T o uBfl uf llNlE|RT»|T| ^WK G « E U S 1 V 1 1 H A t Y A T E C E h T E U T R E Y ~S C III E| R (T T 0 N pffsnj r5~"NT 4/3/67 Literary form 42 Eggs, of Way a sorl German city 44 Furnished Looks food narrowly 45 Denude Strong 46 Came into American being poet 47 Defeated Snoop p ers in Gran t?rl An Beyond: Distribute Prefix Noui suff i < 49 Coins Bristle r > Singer Shed tears 52 Silent -emale 5' South Ameri- Golf or polo (.an Indian Promenade 55 Printer's At any word one time 56 1 imple's Sweetsop compai ion Wrongful act .58 Set he Cereal pace Part of 59 Transpori- a book ation medium S 30 Hi 4V B 25 H 44 II J ft § 1 9 22 s 42 if 59 62 65 0 6 MI 33 39 53 S 34 S 54 2 S 35 • 55 3 If 36 S 56 u C S 11 F d |li s A A h n IT A' T a : F 'I ( r f J. e; H tc D A IV e r r i \ c I 1 1 bronc buster in his youth, wm Sc ottsdale, and a daughter, Mrs. be at :i p.m. tomorrow in the Charles Thompson of Kirkland, Fort Thomas Ward Chapel,'Wash.: her mother, Mrs. E. A. Church of Jesus Chrisl of Lallcr- Sargcanl, of Melrose, Mass.; a dav Saints sister in Massachussclls, and '" ' ' ' ' two grandchildren. Burial will be in Safford Cemetery, with American Legion graveside services. Friends may call at Caldwell Funeral Francrs l\. Dwycr Mrs. Frances ilief Society Hall from service time tomorrow. Mr. Giililand Arkansas, but grew up in Texas, i , ....... R. Dwyer, 64, Home, Salford, after 4 p.m. to-l 0 f 3707 \V. El Caminilo. died day and at the Fort Thomas Rc-isalurday in Good Samaritan :30 until !]{ as pj|;,j She came to Arixona from was horn in DCS Moines, Iowa, 2(i years ago. ,, - . , Services and burial will be in After service in World War I,!M nsnn city, Iowa. Friends may he came lo Ari/.ona in 1920. A! ca || : ,t A.' I, Moore and Sons ranch foreman and a copper mine foreman in the Clifton Morenci area, he moved to Fort Thomas to farm in 1945. ; lier husband John E. Dwvcr. He retired earlier this year: and moved lo Safford. He 'died Friday in Ihe VA Hospital in iicson. MKSA-Serviccs for Erik A. Survivors include his wife. Karlson, 7:i. of 2-11 E. First Clara; two sons. Charles of Ar- Ave.. who died yesterday al his rev, N.M., and Robert of Snow- home, will be l'() a.m. Weclnes- fiake; and six grandchildren. day at Melcher Mortuary's Chapel of Ihe Roses, 41! S. Slap- Airs. Jainrs Snlrs U ' y ' ( ' mn:ilio11 wil1 lollmv Horn in Sweden, Mr. Karlson MI^A - Services lor Mrs. ( , |lm , |, t . ,. t , r ive miml | 1H a go James- W. Sides, <!•!, who died, from Outlook. Mont. A retired early yesterday in Si. Joseph's!''armer, '"' was a memner °'' the Masonic order in New York Mortuary, 333 W. Adams, from noon to 10 p.m. today. Mrs. Dwycr is survived by Krik A. Karlsnn Citv. Hospital, Phoenix, will be 2 p.m. tomorrow at (he M.L. Gibbons' Desert View Chapel 9702 E ' Mr - K <»' lson is -survived by Apache Trail. Burial'will be in his wit ' c > Sara; lhrec brothers Mountain View Memorial Gard- lancl onc sislor llvln R in Sweden. ens. Mrs. Sides, of 715 Mercury Austic I>. Wolf Drive, was born in Monkcslown, Tex. She moved here three Services for Mrs. Auslie 13. years ago from Kopperl, Tex. W()lf . ffl<i . u ' ho dlcd yesterday She was a member of the First al St. Joseph's Hospital, will Baptist Church. I)C ' ;i P•»>• tomorrow at Mercer Morluarv, 1514 E. Thomas. C're- Survivors include her band, James A.: two James R. and Billy C., Mesa; three daughters, erine, Vickey Lee and 1)lls " , sons, all of! Mrs. Wolf came to Phoenix 17 Cath- years ago from Chicago. Linda She Kay, all of Mesa; two brothers stanlev and two sisters living out, of k state. In Favor is survived by a sun, B. of Phoenix; three daughters, Mrs. Joy Carter of Phoenix, Mrs. Audrey Pohn and Mrs. Lillian Richaman, both of Milwaukee, Wis.; one sister living out of stale; seven grandchildren and two great -grandchildren. (Continued from Page 211 fie Safety Division of the Slate i Highway Department. KXAMPLKS OK THIS, OVIair said, are a 12-year-old boy killed several months ago near Parker when he fell from a sand Iniggy and was run over hy the vehicle and a Tempe youth killed sev- eial weeks ago as a result of a two-ear collision in a shopping center. Opposed d Irom Page 211 accidents "because of our limited amount nl jurisdiction in taking enforcement action." The stars of the entertainment world are covered by Sheilah Graham in her sparkling column, a daily feature of... The Phoenix Gazette The Gazette is Arizona's favorite evening newspaper as a traffic accident. "Also." Volden said, "the police and city traffic engineer- In the first instance, said O'- '»« division are unable to go to 1 Clair. the accident was on a dirt a pnvale l.'inU owner and tell road, but the death was not m-' hl '» luw lu ' W 'U P ;il 'k :1I '<.I dnve eluded in the traffic fatality toll.'."" h' s own property. We cannot Jn the second incident, he said.'establish traltic patterns for police investigated the death as him- a dead body report rather than ••.ulmillfdly a person killed by a vehicle on private proper- driving should be '>' has been killed by a motor respected and practiced on pri- vehicle, but this just doesn't vale properly just as it should conic under our more restrictive be on public streets," O'C'lair classifications as a motor ve- said. "Pedestrians have rights hide traffic accident where we on public streets. They are sup-Tan do something about it. posed to walk in marked cross-. T11KKK AUK ro iatively lew walks. Why should it different on shopping parking lots" . . , , . "\\'c do iiu'i'sligalc ••In my book there sluHildnt ^ ;uvu|l , nls ; ,,.„ be any (i.tlcrcncc A iauilil\ ^ ,,..,(,„, • sta(|s|I( . p U| . |)(lSl ., l;ll;llllv A I U>|-MI11 IS dt ' :id arc mvcsugatcd jus! as any nil,- er I.vpe ol accident or death \\ithin tlie city. Also where reckless driving is involved in private property accidents, police officers have the authority tu take enforcement action." SUNSET Camelback South Phoenix Sunnyslope Phone 277-2603 COl.l.KlilA.Ys TOt T[

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