The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on July 11, 1892 · Page 8
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 8

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1892
Page 8
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4sWV» no excuse for failure to free coinage bill and if they do past) it, democracy will get a eye, because of the, fact that tfc* louse 18 «<verwheimingly dem« Til city, county and state »u- are Burelj able in all of the states to protect property with out there being any iteeceeeity for IT womld would be a good thing If ooofr«M were to pass a law corns patting the Piakerton organization V> disband- The Fort Worth Gazette, foe ot tbe democratic papers that favored th« nomination ot Hill aud itronK-J opposed Cleveland, believing him lees available as did THE TIMES, truthfully eays in ita last issue; ftttiotr the members of whom are of tbe worst kind of criminals, Tho tree coinage' silver bill, catling upon any detective organi- j ,c Tbo South needs Democratic ascendency, and Southern men would be untrue to their own raa« teiial interests should they permit- any difference of opinion to inspire them to a political courpe which whould premoto defeat et Grover Cleveland.- The solid South should in its own businesH defense remain solid lor Democracy and Cleveland; The South was prosperons under 'Clevelcnd, a'B''s not been lor u quarter of it century." tehich. passed "undoubtedly the aentae, will iis the house as soon aa a quorum can be obtained und then (he people will know where the blame lies it it should not become a )»w so- a'oii jt con>re33. A very liberal concession lias Ibeen •granted by the state >iuthor» ities at Monterey for the construction ftnd muintenancc of au electric street car hue ^n that, city fthd u company in. JXo'w Vork inrh a capital of ll.OOU,000 \vill own and operate, th« sy^tchi, which, will be the iirat introduced in Mexico. yXrhou^ the ^rhany' liberal provi-sionsof the chait-jr, the are. .txeiupt from taxation lor ?i period 'of Uventy vear?. A .'r.u.'J. •. s u i : v.'. ! to l.;ti' by p'hu will l«t: Uo f 141-1 - ore i^o o/ if il. ;i:i - 'irdoi r)^ of . they' p'»f.l:uions ju.-^l wiicre wcro until <;/i:uji:ed Jour y'riirs*.. yj.;<» by 11 iv cirrtiluf itv.str.ictituis .of Windom to cuViVMhs (•olli.-ctor.s K-'tcr- • P'-rputruti'd UJM; wards I'ackt-il up I'V iho McKiulov"I <r o::ntrA v.hcn .s bill. The lotuluru bill, which hus ' I'us.t. paniseil tho houso uiujcr.•.''.!he Bv\3pon<*ion oi tho rulo^, provides that ores conlain'ing^ilvcr an.l Ictu!•,'• ol which the value of pilvor contents is trreater tlian the value ot lead c en to n t'n; • uc c ci'rd in L^ t <) P :i m p I o", '• ji j i;d issay i.t port of entrv, to be corirtid" cred silver ore;*, such exempt frota duty. A CHF.ATKJ: mistake could not posHibly 1)0 auulc than for the lower house oi t be present congress to fail to pass the free coinage silver bill puBBCtl by thu • tsenatc. JJeretofore tho '.excuse- l .has been with pome "(lemo'crutic congressman, but not a tunablo one, that if passed in tho it could n«t pas* in the sonule and if it coulil, it wotil'I be vcto'eil by PresidoDt-'.-JJiirrihon. 'i'he aw- Biirription bas proved crroj'.etMis' in the iirst proposition ii'n.d it is be- Iioveii l,y inuny iri \Vashiri«4ton that tho president, wouhl not row veto it; I: o \vi-.ver,. \v h'e'i 1 k c r bo \\ o ii i d or nOLv'.it.bebooveri 1 il-e • lu.iu.-i'o t.jy uil ineutirf to do itn duty' arut 'left lie re.s'jionHibility rent-' with the veto power if u.Sfd io thwart, tiie will of the people./ Let the civrnocratie parlyvdo a!) it. their pp?ver to undo tlio i^riviteM oi:tr:ige thai .wa-* cvor MKXICAN MATTERS. Ne Opposition to tbe Re-election oi Prtsident Disc—A Popular [is. table Actt. In an interview with Major ShaU fen burg just arrived freii the city, of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where ho ha* resided for several years. THE TIDIES learns with what unani» mity the election of General Diax as president and General DOB Carlos Diez'Gutierrcz us governor of San Luis Potosi will be received. He asserts that there is scarcely any opposition in tho entire republic and none whatever in the ^title of San Luis Poto'Bi, which is so ably presided over by J.he liberal, gener-. ous and much General Don revered Carlos. progressive 'Tha major much tillering among the ,'bii't for the time!v assist* tors (.»f The great \ >icy cle tourist o t Ban Antonio ehould institute libel suit jf^flirjst one of the Ani6ricou dailies pubii?hecl in the City oi Alexicp and namciJ In the to! losing from th« Corpus Christi C'iller; It the cut AngIp»AmericiU] ^ •OttoPraeger in utivway'..fcee'mbied. the fafnous bicyclist", we arc rot at all eurpriaed that ho mmic tbe trip unmolested through the Sierra Macire moinitaius. '.That face would' take u man through u harder country than Mexico is, in fact it would carry him .suMy "Ileli's.llali Acre." ! We cut rcr Visited a \ 'Vineyard. Mr.;. Prep'idcni ;,. . Hon. Albert- Ur.hahn, '. V'ioe.'P-re.sident ami C. (\ Pierce,. ' of the direc- tho JNorth .Laredo Land "•& Wuter Go.,, accompanied b_f Ifon. E. A. Atlee, r°!« tni'irieti ycsterdtiy inoriun^ Irpmr a trip t>f in s poc tio n to Mr. A . M ^ Bruril's vineyard some tuirvy ••ir.iles down tbe river. '-they report i.h»t 1 1 j e i r v i s i t ^v ad h ' ^ 1 1 1 y . t at i d ( a e to ry in every respect as the f-ondit".cu*of the vines demonstrated cleuriy tbe al. c o tells us on account of the iaiU ure of the crops there would have been pooi', ance inaugurated by tho governor, General Don Carlo.-*, who opened his purse with hia aecusioinctl liberality with tho aid of some of his plKltVntJOpic friend.-, caused to be put in oj oration ration houses, in different parts of the city of San Louis fur the- distribution of neces* nary food to tbe poor, where nono worthy, of riliof need apply in vuin. tint- is this (June without the per^o- n:tl supervision 01 .soiiio t)t ouii Loui.S I'of o.siV best women who ttiiio delimit in thu.s showing iheir Tritiire.<t in .keeping'up the reputation t>f this 1 tnuutiiu! chy, U>r uu. st-iiih •^'enuro.'-iily. T hero is r:nnor.s of O'em-rul Don Carlos l>:cx 'Jut- reriex., the p' governor, being called io fill a higher position.', iu tho -nations 'aJfuir.-*, . l -*o.'i . C«r!<>.4' j.loubtl.em \\oukl leave'lus conr.Litu- cnt<with no le.-rf regret* than th"y lli'iMMS'L-lves.'Wijr.l-l tee! at his dopiuS Uire for other Uv.!us, but H called to serve iii-.v county in, a He wouki do it'with', the fceal "uti«f. devotion MS heretoforeV aiid to tho 6at.i.sf\yi:lk>n (u the people as cme oi this a'b'leal'' men i n the Repu olio. to be obtained in Cul ture in this section from irrigation: -Most of t no grapo's had. UOCL already picked, but there were sliil vines bearing with from tor. to iiftec-n Gun Ulub Shoot. A bi^ /iuVerrer.ce can bo noticed in 'ih'.e. score of tho "nenibers \yiio. took pur t in tbe 4vh •Xit'.J-Vdy' fthoot. The- cyoiling was very culm urid . .. . , . ten cent* per ponnd, and up to date are mciinovi to bchevo, however,^ hc , ias ^^ between twenty and that Mr v .Pmeger is not aa lou^l, j thirty thousand pounds. as the Anglo.-* American/ presents him." noxt February, as tlioy K baa a new pap or. 'The Daily ilorali.!," and its p-x-i tipn in the j^ubci natorial issue is de* .-••^ fined in the following. u ^lthoti"-h ~V»*e believe there are plenty ot demo- >|cratsln Tex:.s who whould make T. *good governor^-yct as between the f- two candidates we aro dccidcly in •iiivor of 'Judge Ciuik. JBeirfg democratic our choice is of course tioBj and we shall support'tho con- I did ate, whoever he may be, chosen ' by the representatives of the people in convention assembled. Bui it is our honest conviction that Gov, Hogg has not proven himself competent to hold the rams ot government of tho state. Ho hav shown himself ignorant of constitu- lional law, he has been swayed by in I\orth 'Laredo -will bo throe year:* old were two years old when repkujtC'l ihe company expects an average of live pound* ui the cstinntte Theio are 8I,0»)(). vines and out: leaders can easily see the rc.-jult.s to be obtained. convea- A Musical Trer»t, Jt was learned on yes-tevdav j through an official source that has will ot a few; has allowed per- considerations to influence in Now eome time for ibe eignty of tbe best to represent the''.Mexican fiOv-« ernment at" tho World's Fair in Chicago- This is eep^jcially good news for the people of the two L;^ redos &b it will afford them ^numerous treats during tho f>. Slu.nbL-r_- ? 5 of '.gran ce on eacb, and in a perfect slate of hyakh. The aver- ago yield of tlio 'vineyard on vincd Lc;. C. Woodman, throe years. oM from- : cL»ttiii^s has ' boon about tweivo pound.-, an«i in have bceu. piclced from ono vim.-. y eo irraive? are nettiiiLr Mr. Bruni J. A. JSunch'..-x, G-co. H:t!v. ju.sL right to ii-L the blue rocks fly nicely. Mr. .(-Iep.. It. Paye compB to the trot t and sco'.'p.s in the ctiani- e^hi'p medai for the week. L Tho btiore which consisted of J5 .single and 10 double blue rocks, resultea lows. : '.: ^' p tC L. Kay new, ..\u II, M. na ioi Miss. 14 0 10 G It Ju If) The First of the Mr. \V. JI, Macny arrival yes-* terd::y from 8:tn Dei go having "in. ciiarge the first.bulo'of'.'cotton' IMIS^ eu in the Htiito thi-5 t>oason. it i* consigned to ibo Houston '"Juttot: Exchange and its weight id 520 lb.^. This bale of cotton \vas raided l>y Mr. F- Gueydon one the mott irnter- prising and bcs-t known gentlemen af southwest 'Vexa.s. MZ - - M«ic-uy is shipping his charge by it.e Puxti- fio Express Company nnd will leave this morning over tho I. & ». N. for Huston. months to come. The ht't ceunie, and, while he no doubt think* he ha« fccted lor the be«t, he I wrought much injury to Texas. I in Kiguing ihe alien land bill— * h«adleM thing which could not next few concentration will occur in a few days and e.s ^the World'* Fair does not open it there will ibt in the air of Now 'I/a- about three i Marriage. Justice oi the Peace S. T. Foster was called upon yesterday a her* noon to join together in the holy bonds of matrimony Mr. Robt.'aa. Taylor to Mies Emilia Sanchez, both ofSaltillo, Mexico. ^The ceremony was performed in the Alcala hotel. The happy couple lelt last night over tbe Aztec Limited for Saltillo where they will make their future homo. jutt long enough to tend abroad the £Old belonging to foreign capitalists which was «o greatly needed here— ju§t long enough to bun the credit *f our state all orer the oauntry; Runaway: The horse attached to Dr. tian Trevino'e baggy took fright'on yesterday for some cause or another which could n«t be learned, ho started in^the neighborhood of the ran CITY COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Laredo, Texas, July 8,1892. Pursuant to yesterday's.adjourn* tent the city council met thU eve* nmg at 5 e cloci Present His Honer Major MO •eeting. Couuittee appoioUd: The Mayor,Kaodolpk, aod Lane and Aldermen Randolph, Thai§oUj Nichyl^n, Salinas and Pasco. Absent Aldermen Garza, Huberich and Murphy. With a quorum present the fol- Jowine prbceodings were had: Minutes of last regular, adjourned and called meetings, were read and adopted. Petition of citizens residing at the Heights for roappointment of (.-. J. Morris as police officer, was referred to police committee. Petition of Julian B.-de Cordova fcr permidBion to remove a certain tramo house from lot No. 7 block S7, across the street to block Mo. 56. was ordered granted. "•" L'otition ot Sotero do Leon for a five year Ic-.iso ot lot-'3 block 94, W .0., at tho nnnuAl reuttil o(' ' W S5 was ordered granted Biil-.jcct to ordinances governing such matters. On motion duly carried the mayor appointed a committee to consiucr the 'modified proposition of Dr. Cilai'.cbrook and associates on the iiuiLter oi the cotton mill plant, 1 to report at next ineeiing. Coitus niittco api)oifitcJ: Kahdolph, Thai- son and Nicholson. On motion duly curried the miiyor xvas' to ab^vo.'Cona'rnittec. 'I he writ ofinjiinciion enjoining tlu: city from hirnl;rinir a'mJ do-hiy- i:\-^ the • ercciron' ul'a certain b-.jiliii. l:\X on lut G .bloclc 40, ;vaa'"ori 1110.- tiniy referred'to'thu city attorney. The fJUiyOi's veto :;s . to • certain 1 parts of a!:u i ;!)>i>tt!:j al the " til'.-; c:.>i:;icil hoi*! en tlic Juivo l:i-<L was read, unri rc-soliitioii referred •vi- the rti-.i I veto by j The verbal Application ot the lore* do FireCe. M. 1, for the p«*chM» of more hoee WM on motio* tefer* red to the committee fire and limit* te report at adjourned meeting to- be held to morrow evening. The report* *>i the executive school board on tho appointment of teach erb for oext Jickolaetic year and the fixing of their fairies was on motion duly approved- On motion the secretary and treaHuve vc-re instructed to inquire M r H. H. Walker of New -Slch- Salinas, coMcernnii^ ro<jl iiindrf I ao the yejiir' of :it\l day <»f.. : jJ?iiu on motiiHI tiiD to WIL- pussod o tho Juilowing v Ayes—- R.imlo ol.^on. 1'u^oo.iitK IS T UVB—None. Tho in!nrnV!;ti(rii t h"o c i i y 111 tor n o y sale c>t certain H Webb ;county. lSS3;wtiB received in 111^:82945.12 duevtho ci-.y schools t»y vjrtuo ot suid BaluP. Thereupon it was movod "and socrintieU that tl o city secretary and treasurer be authorized and instructed to iniiko demand on the \Yobh county authorities for the paynjent of the money shown to be due (no city. Mutton du'-v carried. Bifi* tor pri'n'tinir.of certnin blanks needed by the city marbhal were refen(.-d to the finance conarnUtoe. The report of tho city engineer on .certHIn matters pertaining to his ottice, was read and ordered filed; RoporL of the city pbyeiciun in rcgarG to hie* tiL-tio-i in destroying certain bedding jyt tho pest. lioiiso used duri.'i^ the lamt 'smuH->pox•'.'.'epidouiic wag on motion adopted and sustain* o<l. I:i count'Ctitin with :«.hove the the city physician Tas au- .thori/.td to purchii'se the neccv^sary tnincrul ]>aint u^-d lime to paint :ui-l whitewjish ''tbe 1 : buildings ut the pes!i' hou-so. grounds, work to be .done by the pet-t hou^e janitoi: and bUis for-p'aint and lime to be presented at the noxL meeting. On motion it was ordered that tho same rate regular an Jepocial ud -itrect improvement and poll tji tiou lhat was authorized by ordinance to be collected l&st year, be adopted tor the ensuing year* The reports of tho city marshal, u«-< sesaor and collector and marketrnas- ter were referred to the finance committee. All the accounts against the city, now before the council were referred to the finance committee, and upon their approval ordered paid* Moved, seconded and carried that the Majf r nr;«^^t;iit' 'a^, cbtniiniUee' 'of one to confer York,irt willing to dispose of five 000 bond of the city at par and accru* interest. 'An ordiananc'e fixing an inspection ieo for any person pur* tuiug the occupation of butuher or vending of meati», and imposing a pentiy tor violation thereof," was reau for the first time. On motion tho rules were fiusi^ pended and the above ordinance placed c:; its gc'cond reading and timd p'ae'pa'ge. \Vhei-cup6n the ordinance -waa rend n second thnc and duly, passed. On motion the council .hen nd- journed 1 o'clock bharpY 1. & G. N. R. R. Taken Out of the Bands of the a'ylcr, July 7.— Tho motion ot the Lnterhiitional and Great North" cm Iiailr(/jul (-ompahy to HUTO Vlie- rec-eiveivhiji of T."'"M. Campbolh turned over to tijo road rni\v iifhis hiitVd.s as receiver oh July "•iith' ; \vaa heard today, ivridaittr a full ex- piMDation on the 'pai't of &. G. Coch-« Tii M;' ^etjcral FOiiviLOr ot; iho "Inter-* national ifrxi ivreat. Northern ''liail-v rc'iuU conipany c{ the course in- tondcii to he piir«uc:j b\- tbe c' piiny ;,iu-r ihu rwr^nnixiitipn mot iori i \vi\s «rr:;t;tcd uti Uonf in ;-,<.! e : un order ; Jxi.'<.v.iv(:.r Cttniptk-il to tiirLi; oyer to .tho. 1 nioniaiioim! a!i«!^ ern raili-.ojir! company porty now in: his .'•h.iv'n' :th<, pro> Jioceivor otiiciai c^-mrr but, \vill ictain his ii'.e'ri '.i L y 1« -'r tho |iurpf;se of wiiv jiiur i.ip the ailairs til 'the.' rcccivt-rship under unicr of t he » onr't'-. IIo wiil rcni;tii) -i6 rec.iivcr uMtil ^ :i.(u-i' t}:cnext lei r:i of the ; iiistricl: requestc.i frorh;} court. All.^firH^.^L'intere{*t%a'vtt': procet-ding?. : t(i tliu•'<".''iro ;uf tlVtj :;re^, :i)']r ? j!!:lr:i l>y' tliO : lotleTal : ; in i ho ioroclo.suro Thiri proceedings veil t. t^cvriie'iic and ppera- ' the interii:ii5i,i;fi,l und (^ re at :'thb' : vCi;;oujd pcsoplo ': with T. ML Cam pi- bcll general nmrlagefV The brdor- pf Judge MtCorrt, dircctuig that l ho road bo tifrn ed over to tho •(•omntiny',..V'^mv'iU^s:;vthiit' tho road shall 'bo' charged, with a:l the dobta and liahiiiticB incurred hy the re«- ceiverahip during its ^"Electric Light Democratic Notification Coremitteo CHICAGO, July 7.—Aiter consulta-! tion with Congressman Springer General Black and other leading democrats. Stevenson decided this morning to meet the committee in jfcw York on July 20. Stevenson will leave on the 18th: It is understood that determined effort will m»dc to the - A f^ixf "'from Ilintcry-. Fripsri the ' : \Vuco Day. •. • • When the International railroad people wore buy -ing the state sub-* sidy bonds through tho twelfth legislature, they employed a phre- ndiogiat to feel the hoada of the poious of. that body and give theni au opinion as to wbothor a rneiuber could bo -bought, hi.H price, the amount there of. and the kinti. whether in money, oriiee pr apppti to. Hearty all prpvou to be purchasable. •and .with, money, a tew wore above; temptation. Tho scientist hit it every ti hip, except when he ratod u ^oOlTfcHow -it e^UOO. VWhoh the lobbyist oifcre.d hnn' §3000 ho Was scurod to death at being oil'ered so 1 a rgc a s u m , thought a trap w ti a being set to catch him, and in his Irighi gave ii»o wiiolo thing awa^'. .onc/iu'stn bcr". \va». pTrt l '3own as proof aga.nsf an ciVer 01 money, but 6e> ijuuiblo with an oincii in ibe corpo* ration- At the end of tho session he got tl-.e otiico. Another member was won over to the by the caress i-f a Dolilah. Tho suoaidy ad the bunds were the Deiaocra 1 B got coLtrol pi the siate Cavern nu-.ut and with^ hula the bonus. Tho railroad sued/ the state but was defeated fn tho courts, (roorge Clark de*«. nding the- sui ts as attorney general. There • were §20,000,000 involved in litigation, and the railroad company could have well offered Clark $1,-. 000,000 to betray his trust «nd so manage so it would recover. Ho/. was then Tonne- and poor, and SI.*. 000,000 bribe "would be a great temptation. Did they have hi«< head felt on : the ely and discover yet. air?., biatherekitea> proclaiming it 'all over Texas that Clark can no 1 1» truated^ is oaly one instance in which the goyeraor deaerves blame " streak of lightning for a few rain- mittce open branch headquarters J utes breaking the buggy considers hen?, and a big fight will be made j bly. Outside of that no dtmage io capture tbe electorial Tele of «f*ct«i« J^rndtihgtwe street lights to the engine h«us« and plying «, larger one in front of said building, Aider* man Randolph was appointed eo said cemmittee with power to aot 11 was ate» ordered that a commiU tee of two witk th« mayor be ap» * to confer with the Electric Iritb th a riew of * • >ee " Ver 7 8ue «esaful in that pwaaut contract for I lr " 1 ' Aau do w>t . b ^r* ^ m»ke much with a more light Jjf to report at next reguUr AMEEICAM Dublin, Julp 7.—The Irish-A men* can committee, who came to this country for the purpose of trying to establish harmony between the tw«> have pwty far sone weeka

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