The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas on November 30, 1988 · Page 18
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas · Page 18

Seguin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1988
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

Page 2B - Wednesday, November 30,1988 * The Seguln Gazette'Enterprlse It is December already! When we were just kids, it seemed like forever between Thanksgiving and Christ* mas, now it seems like just a few hours! Twinkling lights are appearing all oyer the town these days. The crowds are out shopping and the malls are packed. As you venture forth may you take your sense of humor with you, for it means long lines of waiting at the checkout counter and hunting a parking place and a few other annoying little things. So smile and be prepared to wait awhilel *** From our Holiday Kitchen comes this quick little goodie that is simple to make and simply wonderful to munch upon or to give as a gift Delicious Spiced Nuts 1 Ib. of walnut or pecan halves 1 egg white 1 T. water 1 c. sugar 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. cinnamon Beat the egg white with the water in a small bowl. Add all die other ingredients and mix well. Spread the mixture on a cookie sheet and bake in a 300 degree Oven for 45 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes or so to prevent the mixture from sticking. Cool, and you have a neat and spicy treat handy just in time for company or to pop into a jar with a bow for a gift for someone special: *** Ever been thoroughly suiprised? We were just last Friday evening, Our children, Scott and Paula, Regan and Carol, Shane and Patti and Randal and Eddie did it up right! They got into "ka-hoots" with dramma, Mela Johnston. When this bunch gets together, anything can happen. In honor of our 40th anniversary they sent us away on a short trip aboard The Texan. What a lovely adventure! It all began when we arrived in San Antonio at the old and beautiful Southern Pacific Amtrak Station. A flood of memories came as we looked around the historical station house. It was there that this little yankee came and went to and from Texas many years ago, before Mr. Riley had even come into my life. •" When we boarded the train we were met by courteous and helpful folks who made us feel that this would be the most memorable occasion for just us alone. First, everytfnc relaxed in the Club-Lounge cars where we were served drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Soft music from the 30's, 40's and 50's floated through the air, Then we were called to one of The Texan's beautiful dining cars. Since the tables were so close, we got to know our fellow passengers readily and it all came together for a wonderful time during the meal, which by the way was delicious! The menu of four-course dinners is based on the exquisite meals served back when. We were seated in the train's dome dining car. What a delight The moon was full and the stars twinkled above our heads as we rolled On down the tracks. Priceless^ history is combined with luxury, leisure, charm and politeness that once reigned in the great golden age of the railroads. The train has 11 cars, each with its own story to tell. This train was once the Super Chief and was the height of elegance in passenger travel. Most of the first cars and those that were built In the years that followed were scrapped for all their priceless stainless steel, others for their sheer weight. But a few were located and were brought together to form The Texan. The cars come from the old and wonderful trains, such as the great Zephyrs and Limjteds, that once rolled across our nation on the Atchirtsofi, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroads. If only they could talk, what wonderful stories they would tell. But in a way they do seem to whisper in your eaf of the mystique of a by-gone era and you ate there lis- 1 ' ••:,'... -.,,',,,-.,,' tening and in a way understanding. > It is a most delightful and wonderful way to spend a very special evening, May we thank each and every one of our loved ones for making our big "40 tt special in every way. God bless, you are lovedl *** From the age of folklore crimes this bit of wisdom, Peeled onions hung in a room where sickness is will help kill the germs;,They also' will, prevent visitors to the room from Catching the illness. ' \ j ••• ' *** . ' •; ,.••; :.•'••.: , thanks for reading'.'us; "call US N sometime at 3)9-5112. God bless you all, you are lovesd. Give body the order to stop blushing Dear Abby: I am a 35-year-old single woman, and I still blush. This didn't really get bad until I was about 19 years old. I think maybe I'm afraid of people. Have you ever heard of anything so stupid? When I'm with a crowd of people and a stranger comes up to talk to me, I get so red I could stand on a street corner and stop traffic. What is wrong with me? If I have a couple of drinks, I get so relaxed, I can talk to anyone. I can't understand this. When I don't drink and a stranger approaches me, I get hot and sweaty and I can feel my cheeks burning, so I know I am beet- red. I kept hoping I would outgrow this, but it seems to be getting worse. Is there any cure for blushing? Hates The Color Red Dear Hates: Blushing is a physical reaction to a mental stimulus. It is " ^j simply a reddening of the face as a result of experiencing shame, embarrassment, confusion or helplessness. Because it's an involuntary act, it is difficult — but not impossible — to control. Our blood pressure can be raised or lowered by our thoughts .(this is called "biofeedback"), and thought-control techniques can control the emotions that cause us to blush. The fear of blushing can cause one to blush. Instead of taking a couple of drinks to relax in a social situation, give yourself a stern order: Tell yourself firmly, "No more of this stupid blush- ing! I can handle this without embarrassment." And the chances are great that your body will hear your words and make them true. Dear Abby: My husband (I'll call him John) is getting on in years, but he refuses to talk about funeral arrangements. He says he wants to donate all his organs to medical science. I think he has the idea that he will save on funeral expenses if he follows this procedure. But, Abby, when "science" is through with him, doesn't his family get what's left? I would like to get all these arrangements taken care of right now while we both have our heads on straight. I have my plot bought and paid for because this is my second marriage and I am going to be buried next to my first husband in his family plot. But my present husband's burial (roubles me. Is it true that a person who donates his whole body to medical science gets a free burial? If you print this, please keep me anonymous. This is a small town, and I'd rather not have this known. Thank you. Penny-Pincher's Wife Dear Wife: When organs are donated, "what's left" is returned to : the family. However, if John wishes to donate his entire body to medical science, he must preregister with the medical school nearest him. For a list of medical schools, send a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to: The Living Bank, P.Oi Box 6725, Houston, Texas 77265. Don't put off writing thank-you notes, letters of sympathy, etc. because you don't know what to say. Get Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." Send a check or money order for $2.89 ($3.39 in Canada) to: Dear Abby, Letter Booklet, P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, 111. 61054. (Postage is included.) -. Lions help GVH Get a handle on holiday spending LEROY HOFFMANN OF the Seguin Evening Lion's Club presents a donation to Kay Trainer (left), chairwoman of the Guadalupe Valley Hospital's Auxiliary Christmas Card Project. This donation will be used with others to pay for equipment in the operating room at GVH. Those interested in helping the Pink Ladies reach their goal may call 379-241V extension 272 during office hours. (Staff photo) . COLLEGE STATION—Keeping track of the money you spend on the holidays this year may be one of the best gifts you can give yourself for 1989. "Many people never get a handle on what the holidays really cost them," said Nancy Granovsky, an expert on family budgeting. "Every year they have trouble stretching the paycheck to the end of December and wind up with credit card bills they can't pay off in January." "Even in families where they plan ahead for major gift expenses, it's easy to get caught short by the other hidden costs," she said. According to Granovsky, who is a family economics specialist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, getting a grip on holiday expenses involves knowing how much you spend for the following: * Gifts you buy and the cost of materials or ingredients for gifts you make. * The cost of food and liquor for parties at home; feeding visiting relatives or friends; taking foods to parties or pot-lucks; the cost of ingredients for Christmas baking. * Tickets to events; hair styling and new clothes to attend events. * Special contributions made at church or to charities. * Indoor or outdoor decorations; replacement bulbs; Christmas tree. * Wrapping, cards and postage. * Gasoline and food away from home for shopping trips; travel expenses of visiting friends and relatives. Many holiday expenses don't seem extraordinary, especially when they're mixed in with other items, such as normal grocery shopping. But they do add up to significant amounts of money, said the specialist. "By keeping receipts or making a list of all holiday expenses you can get an idea of actual costs and plan ahead for next year," she said. One strategy for financing the holidays is .to, save a portion of the total cost each month. Another method is to shift some of the expenses to other months by, for example, buying gifts throughput the year or stocking the pantry in October and November. "Any strategy for planning holiday spending can help people avoid overextending themselves on credit," said Granovsky. ' 'Mi 1 •' >. •'• '••< Since;, finance; charges on credit spending are., no; longer; totally tax deductible, the specialist said families will also be money ahead when they finance the holidays on their own. 4-H Food Show set for Dec. 10 Come share the tastiest 4-H event in Guadalupe County. The 1988 Guadalupe County 4-H Food Show is scheduled for Saturday, December 10, at Brebemeister Middle School in Seguin. Awards will be presented at 12:30 p.m., followed by a sampling of each contestant's entry. To enter the County 4-H Food Show, each 4-H'er must complete a Foods and Nutrition Project, which consists of six learning experiences in this area. The Foods and Nutrition program gives 4-H'ers the opportunity to: 1. Learn the importance of including foods from each of the basic food groups in the daily diet. 2. Understand the principles of nutrition as they relate to health, physical fitness and appearance. 3. Learn about the wide variety of foods which may be included in the Chfcrlt Kothmann COUNTY EXTENSION diet. 4. Understand the scientific principles of nutrition. 5. Acquire and demonstrate skills in.planning, purchasing, preparing and serving tasty, attractive and nutritious meals and snacks. 6. Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs and demonstrate citizenship responsibilities. 7. Explore career and job opportunities. 8. Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for lifelong use. 9. Learn to use accepted practices for mental, physical and emotional •health and to respect yourself and others. Judging of the 4-H Food Show will focus on knowledge of nutrition, meal planning, food buying and meal service, along with the ability to prepare food. All educational programs conducted by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service are open to all people of all ages, regardless of socioeconomic levels, race, color, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin. FASHION GALA Sunday, December 4 at 2:bO, Door Prizes provided by: R0GIS 6IHC»rttf!tat»s and prodtltts at the Fashion Court inside Five Courts Mall Fashions provided by: ANTHONY! mm BRIDAL « FORMAL Authorized Dealer For Seguin Bridal and Formal A\S Also appearing will be the Seguin Choir ealls Wondering student Christmas? Reserve MATADOR 4 ' ?? ?? on sale at the Seguin High School cafeteria December 6,7 and 8 for $25, ion call 372-5770 ext, 362 OPPORTUNITY DAY Our Biggest Sale of the Year %pf^ %B^ • " •••,',• i • • _ Throughout The Store Sale Ends Tonight 11 p.m.. Wednesday, November 30,1988 10 a.m. to 9 p,m J2f30 p,m, to 5*30 p.ra.» Sunday NewBrsunfels Courtyard Center 10 to 9 p*m»i Mpn 12?30 p-m- to 5 (OP p.m., Sunday

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