The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on July 11, 1892 · Page 7
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 7

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1892
Page 7
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tnm Tneriay t —The principal business houses -—Yesterday was the quietest 4th we ever had iu this city, .—Mr. C, Clover* of Clover Bros. hat gone to New York on u viau 10 hit brother* \_ di-1 not fly on yesterday because the flag rope brjke hoisting it. — Mr. Robt. Lane of Lho Milrao National bank left yesterday to spend the 4th among irk'iidj in Waco. —The campaign walking sticks are in demand now. They are go- in^ like hot eakoa .af SturabcrVa' mumuvoth one urico store. -Mra. J. S. Penn and tittle son Albert loft Sunday 0:1 tho A/.iee \ Tina Sunders Limited for a visit to M Juteroy and i noon ir.,m Suit illrt i .... From Wedoeeaajr^e Dellj. /—Major Bethel O^opwood left yesterday for 8«n Antonio. —Mr. Bob Lane has returned from a visit to Waco. ^—Two cas-ps ot tbe a«ual kind were before the mayor this morn* ing' •-Justice Foster's Court spent the day yesterday trying civil c'ises; —Mr. \V. \V. levies, Supf. of tha' Tocn.- 1;J cW Mmes, was iti tho city yesterday shaking lian<Ja with his ninierou-j inond3 t Mr. Tlios. Davidson find children returned N^t evening from an' ex* teu.U-.d visit to rdutives iu:d Jriends (I'raresbeck, 'Texas- Goreo ;u>d Mi^a •r'^ liijtne in Houston. \ r _ \~.r r> T • • Lr. 'i, . i >t i:-.yior c •':U T O ]<iKt hi^ht i:v a •>iin Antonio. lYutVhiu Sulullo. —'Mie Soldiers and Kcri'.s cro?<e.l bats yesterday- afternoon on the Fort Me In tush ^romi. : ir: in \vhi, ; ii game the sol<Jiei« wcro vieim^. ' tnt> r t- —Mr. Torn See made lii.s ;i:>t ::n- ! l o:i5?i:ie->: peareiice-' on tho ^i-c--- 1 \v'i^ iVi - It ;• ; • / : ' " -*" • • V"- i.i*. — | L !n . - ;t; n ji i Ii'i i nx ••< IHj fJie Qi;il»eCliPlI")!li''M'i"lf,ii\'.* '/' I' i '•* l'* 1 *.-^ " «u. i. 'J.I \ < w .>^0r ~- V' 'J-.'. i i . i'i.," i •, "i 111 • 1... j. d:vv Kvcrvln nj v -'i niil •;,-.. ;• i , i , . '••••" • " ' ' ' (. . ••-"•-. !:.;.t (., is I'tiiiSUii; 1 .! y -Mr. Tl.eru-t V.iil -.vcr.'t to S ; ;n An- I J :i: '.^ ':•- -•"''•'•" to I is w'iio i ^V^MY.!-!- {.., :•.,; uiiiii; Ar.ylu.M it, ! :n o \ v ^:•';-. f : aficr, to tho IRRIGATION. As Stock Are Being Driven Away It U High -Time to Agitato this cubject Extensively. Aguilarea, July 4 ^There teems to bo a drouth of Hews aa well an wulorin.ihi* section of tbe country. Mr. Melntosh, a stock buyer, w«s '*t u f ih« WC ek Ju'okiii.r at fcttof eheep belon^inj L0 Mendiolu. Cano iind Akui* 1 laros. This W: jl be q-iitc a lurfett nale if effcr-.ted. Mr. Mulrtosh wn* to-return in a few day.?, but wrote he hud been delayed bv oth'M- vsip* meniB from tne lower country. Ho will ship the ^he-^p to Kaiisus, whcro he says orops are'NI.loud ill and pcoj.b.w.-M hav« a siirpliM ot corn. Hero be will corn fW<i "tiic-o i>beep, then-ship to iMsU-ra niiirk. i*. He U air '.-xtetHive stock tidier Colorado. L!o WOUL to I'. n:i Friday wheri«vi in; <,vi!l .^jp s ,, Vc n ili..-u:t H v.d hi-ad, ,:n we j.iv iulo:-i:io.l. This will LUt'A, I'Hi, Hi !(,,.• lu:.<^ n:.'i j klKJtt Li,;.! 1; ii- .1.., ',.,.,- . Oue Sentenced to Kighteon Months Impriadbmcntaud Another Just Arrested. San Antonio, Tex., July 3.— The four loaders or commanders of Ca- laKno (aaiza'H conPtii.utiontil army •we're Garza hiniMdlfitft c 'hk-f, Pablo v^uuca, Julian Kloroa and Cecilio Sulinus. Muncz wa* arrested about two months ago. and at u.o recent term of iho federal court 'here was sentenced to eighteen months i m - PHFonment in th s p^nirentiary. Xesterdny Salinas wu> un-e.-t.ed ut a ranch below Laredo and v.-a-. f'rnu-ht here today hj Deputy St:ito8 -Mar-hall E. T. Hall o^d ,n jui-. 1 L w:is reporu-l o in.uj ih»t Ki..res-wi Vf! e»i.tiired «n ?ire at Baltimore. ' Baltimore, Mel., July 3.—The fire last nijrht Butted ibe Uirnituro factory of P iUreion. JK-s.s Msmifactur* ing company, 1,.,^ 5150000, iu- sured two third--. 3/adrid, J«|y.3:— In tho senate the minimer thtitthe Ii,air-e lux would l>e pended f,, r (I, :•,;..- in.,:n.h.s ai.d o imriounced on i.ij.- -M-ry, Ala. A :..,.! uly 15. — A firo dry . l ">- !-JM:rM.Ml A' f '... -«^iiu>iiMi]-sii.>t. hilt 1L is HOW nill); ,:e:,,'lv ..' U .:J |, v ojvn t.»:d l:o jsnhve.uid in hiding , Ur.gin oj li/x- nt kr ( .v.- t r th.s titdu oi i!,c 1{ „ ( - Antonio vs. ntoi,:.!. [V::. uly ic Li.r:-..-. 5 . hlGH LIVI-vl, :U;c ., u:tL ^o do A ME MICA v :i in i:!---.-..sti,. L:inio } e>lerd;:y who is in Liio Li c-ity. — li 'is li-ariiu; Ko; u '- ;l |l( - .'ii^'-ci; >L'.t-,\- \v.!! » l • , . i •"' v '' l ' p| !t: ' ii'v^l-iiijt.vt :i =-.ii :,,.- n--:i i» IO.T:, ;;r;i.lo i W i..j. h „,.,!.. (;>i | y t .. ke , , r ., :i i iSl . .,,,„ :i!! ' i: ' ''-^ -'••-* j "-'V'j .!.•«*•.. U.i!..-' lo- ! .. 1 . i . i ..:,,iV It I f : —'. <;:;:; i> </^;. •t iNfr, .1. 'l\ i vVv-uXi I!,;- , :1 p."-.-If. ::!••!••! . •!..v I a lew ;ittd it. in i: I < !••'• I: i:. i; y..... r i ••;< \' A\" : . i.. -.; ;.. ! cm,; •-•..•: ,V.e*t«>!i v.-hciit-e Mi ihe Kt<:itmur IDI- '. she- Will v;sit roi:i ~\\'ill tL'tnrn in low V •.•[•;•: •j :.r >••.!;:-,:; - • . ••;.- ! >•'-'. >.:.•-;.• - ; • ':-...•! ; i:i \\'.-:. -.'V,•!,.!.,_; ; i ~ vi-iii:«^ ;,,-!• m"i ;,-•!• :i:.i.' isi.r ;.:..; \ / .. ' • y !Vi.-:i(!> !.-.::• '"'.i-t' !>•/:•. .-•: ll,- l^puiiln.r ir: Their ... ,'• ' lim). ii, ^cb. : .Ju!\-:i — ol .«"ihtio.:i-'i;iiU; w^vi ila^rf and uudcr iiJ~|.iif:>t!i>!i LrioLic onitory the •; • 1 'X:i : .lio;i';il pie's the ri:ital liy pendent ciui tliu United S . oi iho;; older parii^HAvil!, he c;^t usuio by the cuihusist.-* l hiit- have entered iiit.o ti»^ nc\v uiui : dxiinuir tb'o ^arbs (Vl' jLu a/(;stlcs o! rei^i-i iho i'-.'-i'l .\:;ir! i M ^<-K-, l\.'Jilril • ' :! - v;.-:iil : :i4 ; i,;;v;r, fur in- j •';•="L hotnu i ,.'' ! ''? t vc nj::s u'.-u- :, A ,,..,. ; , -.-ii- ;i; i -i ii M i.y j iu- -..NM' ; i.r I '•> C-.-.- •\- .' IT .'III !,,• f i.-ntly ! C'itll. C I iUi tt^iviiiot l ho al, iiiohojioiy tin.i ':'bus vaiienLly I'C^IK ami . . ihc .b?-tt.ld .cry trorn IKJW to -. ior in •. ilietiy threj tire involved /all t|iy ; . it iii t.o".l ;OrilK-r liori'].. i,\ (.'ylq > :i ij;;i •''{r;ernU !ur.:i wliil^. "—Mr. Vv'in. . llea'len r.-ft ].i t Tji^lit (>ir ?via L-iis Putos', Mexic(> f uii.l vviii r^iurr, in ;» ( t ;ov days wuli ii<3 u iu^r.(x-r luisH, • LJxf-hie ^-ho bus been very sick in lUit ciry where iho.Wrnt i.»n ti vjr-it. —.Jii'dgo A. L. J.Vl^r/tno w;i^ in charn'j^ra ynsterdsty heari'.:^ t v moriun : <<,( \V. S r . ;)\v;Vit^r to M why-'. .:"U : :a <uii di»w-n lu'i'i.v t!i-J eourcoo; llu; I ' !:i y.'>V a'.-'v.'r'tr ^•, Mosi!i : i. :ind I' ^"''t \V"ottli t ."•-•r'.j t r. ;L tun .: H.:-.M '! UH- i:.)Ml-- i. ,i::l i i' i.^ f.) -• b i •:UlvJ <>li;.;t Vluil. Lhirf sbi! ir* LO vvhich the Too|.ic* i)i;Viy; 6^,-, i mov^ .Giias'.-'F. Yi'uaer'-ir.jai' {!)•i is birth., 'io cornet the Lxi'ii-cs - ,- • , ^hicb-l,^-:^ovvirii|,-uiidcMiiii^' . r ^ c '- Ilv f ir ;»- : .-' l . ! i ) ( " LKti I. : ni'TovvtnciK shin oi iho h'rsi. muiioDulv of' li.c ^ vl ' Tiict r.Lisu will be c-ninuuec '. .' • . ' .• ".•.'•• '.'••••..•'» •' '..:'..-. . ' ;.a-Lr:,crs irru .•Vtid l iio e.yi'Oii uayo I>O'-.-M u^~v, ;^tion idl yuii-ri .\voul'!; b^ *^.^\\(- •ixhlc to; a i>r-y : it CXLOIU,':':• This c!mi:Uu IH oiiu nr;thb UIOSL fMVor'a^Jc us two ci-MpsxiI'truns an-t CvTciiisn yi-!.ar.\::i'i J.^ r;ii>-d, noi, tu niciiLiu:) .T.i^«tlv!..|i;,s ;; v;.hoiv ; </I!c {;an Wtai-L Llivin early, vt-ry biii-^- in' !'i'ed>-' aii-i in Hio iiou-i,;. . fiviMi .in :t :-!;els- J * |y rc;d i >; ^^, ri^rlcuL^ilHirn oarly ;in<i r,»- |.|d:iia u«:n.n j and don'v for^.a t i wrv ivo ' . f -Vkfx<i>!,dcr .i;liL .oil <.'iiir.k-- (si:u,.!. l.y ship oi iho iirsi. niurioj)o!y t;ocond and Lyniniiy-ui'Ltio third is tlus wurnirii/. tUo uvo\vc'5 nii^xun ui this i^reut j .. r p jiQlitical party, \vnicli luis sprung; | ~~^' u P r - '-'• •'-• up iilce a inushrtjum in n nijrht, bt;t. r ,>prf. S'.n'i t instead of with cv\n^ \ tl i\ l ^ ruri! ,j t j, IC of;a day LKU; thn;w;i to iho .brc't-a:^ :t n d to \v e r 3 1 i Ic e :i y o u, j ^ »; :i 1;'. u b o v e tup ]> j'.itic.-il hrji-iz -M. Vv'ho is to he tbo cundidttto buptrxod.- hy i.miVrn^ — Mr. ,' \viiic-a. in '-'.'lini-j iroilblu l.nt |,:iys AvcH. \Vc more rrifnii'y /rj early.' ;ih ' i^'-ia!'}- c'U-iy Ali>xic::in ci< ;;y mtn\- '"'.MHHl- --'iaty L>nd lor i.u J^rO'lo ti.ia ruon:s 7 a:l old trie ,:t "Ux;iS li:i\r .,n,. b ii-ri riot oi the ii-j-.v pan 3- no oi jioasihly. j.rotjirt. I'lic izru:;i <-f InUinna rcMiKtins ilic • iil.v'o't-ite. :ind :ilil;<-u_! h bu h:t- that lie .«•-. u;d not zicccpt ch nation oil uny ]'!al;oi i-.» (.ir.^iuini it- still the ouri.ji-jriu'. oMhu iig^ix-^.sive fuuiion who be io\-e bo wUi" :ic-ji.'}it nom' nation it t(i.iu'l«red bun utid •iMT'liJUuv in''' - l ; ii'r Guaranteed Cure. rlrtlir^jsL in :f L -:i /),-.• K'f'Mi-'.s. A c-vv •;.P: r .V^ 0 V'- !: 'y.. t;,|'r ^ Vi'iSiiuiiitlDi), diil^'lir. >nJ (Adds, tij.f,,, t'I. : :^ :t: .".ndiii..:i. n "i : yoii aro niihctc.i wn b :i ..'un^ij/tVjj.l 1)r : nfi y ; ''""^ ; 'J : io;o a ior" i;:u : st I ^•r'>:i).di-..-and wij'l jiijc.t vi-::),-.Vv :ts ' •!iroe:.yd; -iy M ; ; it u l ;llr -' tr i r , t'XMyrienc'j i;i> benc/ii v-'-i re i urn tin; {>M;I !,-. -in i irn- . * - * '. «. k l l J I I i L V > ' ' ' • I ,' rr:;;r:d^il, '\\.o' c-'Ui i n'.,t •. l.liip (;i]er did vv,j nut Icnow e liru..? U. l ». :^' 11 i m;iy company ;.F* Iv>fn.-, UI.-D rived i/i tlio'.ciry !::.-.••. eve ia ^t(.= p;.»nig ;it the I'.irau; on the IIclt;li«:..•!. —Messrs. M. K. D-:a Lhattb-MH-ce*s of thy panr ...'o- <). N. 'Jbrbirj,".(.f Vi,-!<s r .ur.- mands tbivL he bo nonntKile-d. 1'htsre ~' is ever?-indication tii:ir, de.spxte a!J j T; .-OK.O i;f llu-SC j .Ci'-V. tiip. c-.o:i is 'si j ;i.'i t not. iy !)t> . ..-.'iinti;! UMi^eS- t:ik : o!i, ^ (.,'iLV, aii'i u t S,j lui'^e us i«j Set nii; io.l V'ui 'Bitters.' »S!--ci:!d-5a in Every Mouse ^ETi^G CF STOl'KHDLQEsiS . :i:ral.:; 3r 9 it ir-rtien: ^iiir-: Cc. j that may be siiid by GrcVhum or Jiis uuinotirod rcpr^.s ititalives his will be 'proaeaied to tiie con- vsnt*on by bis admirers nnd an utleraDt will bo made to 'torco his nomination in ihc enihusiaritn ol the hour. Trouble With Lawless Mexicans. Wagon Mound, i\', M., J uly 3.-^Tho posse which Icii here yesterday in pursuit of Joso Gaiicmob, who killed J, J. Sohraidt, store keuper found him with a party of Mexicans who had gone to his assistance, in a strongly fortified position, and it •will take a large force of men to dislodge them Besides this it i* *aid that Mexicans trom ihe fiurw rounding comntry are harr^'ing to the aid ol their couatrytaen, and eeriou** trouble it> anticipated. Progre«8 of the Braciliu; Kevolu- tioo. New York, July 3,—The Herald'e Valparaiso special says the British steamer Chilvon of ih» Pacific cbaf»t, is ashore at Sum beau and will be a total IOM. All the crew and passengers were saved. Dispatcbeg trom tiio Grande Do Sal, Brazil, say that both force* aro. making great pro • parmtioM for a battle, on the result • « - ~ of whieh . may depend the mde» \ ^factory wae burned this morninz —*-^ *i the Mate, ' Loes $lt,MO, ioBurance 17,500. N- O. & T. i\u!'.v:ty, Laredo lust aUernoon of tl; arrive L. : *-> i/vcr the L Si <i- ,N. urid^ arc. ^to^pin^ on the Ilei^hts at tlie"Farmer iioi!.iii. —rlt id learneci from Mr, A. De \Virt, eecretury vi tho .Mexican copulate in tl-i- city^than an an- prop.riutiOQ has been made' \>y }jk« ^overump-Dt for the esrablishmeut ot a Mexican cer.Buhihip at Uor;-ae Chriati, bnt that uy cue haa aa yet beea nuD)od for the position, afternoon Mr. Kich- th:a, utJ with tin,- v;-ry c«n:itrv o{ and Sl ' trd-., t-.ent, o f the Water Pierce Oil Co, in this city, tied hi* beautiful roan bronco to a board on tho 1. A G. N, depot warehouse and went inside; the horde wanting to leave pulled back on the r»pe and detached a ten foot board and started down the street, the plank Hying up and hiticg him eyery step he took. Whether or uot he wae J*urnitur« Factory Burned. Greenville, Tex:, Julj 3.— i*. C. Phanill's planing mill and forniture V*ib, indi-uf'/wu j'uJIv and htarlily agree with >cm ui» y u-;>n\ sco why Lhis entire Jtio Grande v.-uiev is not il on :-i.-i bin jr. in truit fields and vin«i* yifrdtf, ' It amosig your many read> -re, some oid lurrner (^1 always loved them l'-r their straightfcr, srard honesty) wdl throu^a your columns tell u* why noi^ wo will for a better or best. A Saw Mill Fire. Minneapolis, Minn:, July 3.—Fire vhis afteriiopn deelrojed the taw mill of iSmitn & Richardson and damaged the eiill of Johns Jt Hanson. Five Hundred men are thrown OB.V surance 185,000 . •.•i tbc Mil, rl:.v ,.f Jt,iv. A. D.. ^is i > (.'ci.u-t. \. : M. T ,„ ., :lt ., ., u .,-....•[_»,. |w.-f ?:f c-y^iomi:.-, ni'.fyf,^ :mn J I5 •!»«M:.i.--plaiV -arM .^ t-t-, Itc :«. f.- i M ^r.!^ U ':;i .-of tho i.,,'.{-»,triin««.s «,{ |-opi;>u-,r, .:u i( | f-r:!^ Mirpristr u!c .n •WK rtnd :IIM)I ..TJ^i/jC "IK m:skir;». 'e non :uitl ^eJuvr.v,v|l,-,,,,J, ,f ^..j panr, t n rJic Ji/f-otuit of Dollun. hi>nrin:r;iiiieie»t nl ^.. , m .e \IiiifoTi rat" of f,. u - m HMlt me- uf said nnn is to he ?>fir, .5 »j a third -iin;m anv orher h pel ore the meeting. By order of the ... . ihe property ot *uid Cornp-nv an.l j the t urp,,se r.|>.onwilwi,.jj " which t>f ' i-r. A 1:1 •.'•:•'_-" ;it Wcrl :i I't-ur! FninciM-o Xr'vv point <>i -r:;:rrcft in that t,o\vn p;irty. hi-il t<; T»1 him. *pprecia(« his nindnes-. People rtheuld lake, an interest in the subject and «chan K e ideas. Wo are Cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion & Debility. — _ A Leader. Since ita first introduction. «, w ^ ;ric Biiters has gained rapidly in popular favor, until now it ie clearly m the lead among pure medicinal tonics and alteratives— coataiaing nothing which permits its u»e as a beverage er intoxicant, it is reeog- nized as ihe bust and purest medi- T? ,.-«-.. - c ' ne ^ or a ^ ailmients ot Stomach Hall Million Collar Fire. Liver or Kid.nev8.-It will cur?Sick Providence, R. I., July 3.—Tho Headache, Indigestion, Canatipa* storehouse ol B. B. & R. Knight at j llon ' * nd I" 7 *. Malaria from the The f: mily. ;idij,^i. )ji.> I..-: i -••_«';.rils to "MoirK-." the friend's vviiV. I-: !>.o cipii'-r xisfd • :i th»- line, "mx- b ( >-,t r. : ';:arils" is inrli.-a.tcd In- tfiu- \v.-n : .s •• >.-vr:itv-three." The massag^fi whi-n sor.: n.-:«l: "Send me two lamp- ":-h;j'.U'.s l>y »rvfn.jng train, and seventy- three- U) Molliu. v When the <' was rceeivcd it read: ".Send me• two. lamp shades bj- 'vvor.injf iraiti. ar.d seventy-three tomules." Tlie riweirer read aud re-read the message, almost doubting- the evidence <>f his own eyes, but "seventy-three tomales 1 ' was there plain enough, and. the thing 1 was to" get the required number. of Han ford in the tpmale line taxed to their utmost, and that f-vening- the brakeman carried two l/;rp. : boxe^' to the telegraph car, dropped tliom or= the floor, and handed the astonished operator a note: "DcafX: Whai the — do you want with Nevcnty-thre< tomales? I 'send you forty-five, all I could get. Have had two women making them all day. Will sc Rc i the rest to-morrow. Bill is seven dollars." Th e air was blue about the mv for awhile but the trainmen had a u>m a le ' Now the oerator ) Sold by Malinch. Dru^ Co^ I • V-.

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