The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas on January 15, 1948 · Page 7
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The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas · Page 7

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1948
Page 7
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The Mexia Weekly Herald THURSDAY, JAN. 15, 1948 NUMBER 3 Published by The News Publishing Company. Mexia, Texas Every Friday W. I~ SEWELI. _ GENE WOMACK Editor Business Manager ' SUBSCRIPTION RATES One Year (In Stale) — One year (Out of State) -— __ tl.OO 81.50 Entered at the Posloffie« at Mexia. Texas, as second class mail Batter under Act of March 3. 1879. Publisher's Notice Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or repu- Uiion of any person, firm or corporation. wUich may appear in the KJumns of this newspaper will be gladly corrected upon due notice eTwm* being given to the editor at th. Office. News PubHshm* Company Building, Mexia, Texas. Fooling the People Maybe there is justification for all the pouring of taxpayers' money into the Tennessee Valley Authority. But whatever to attitude on this issue, the TVA accounting ought to be honest. That it is not fully honest ismdicated by its own reports. These try to make out that the TVA will pay for itself relatively soon and that, while selling electric power cheaper than the private companies, it is making a prom. But the reports leave out of TVA costs big charges which should appear for interest on borrowed money. They ignore the fact that the TVA is free from many taxes that private utilities pay. And they shift to navigation and flood control construction costs that should be charged to power produc- Classified Ads Notice Just installed — New tractor motor analizer. Finds trouble spots fast. Checks electrical system, valves, compression, rings; fuel mixture, distributor, governor. Adjusts carburetor as factory orders. Limestone County Tractor Co. 106 West Maul. Phone 489. WANTED 100 women over 16 years of age to start training in highest paid womens profession.- •• Only 6 months required to complete course. More operators needed than we can supply. New class starting now. Enroll before January 19th, graduate in August. Your opportunity — come or write — be a success in life. CHICAGO BEAUTY SCHOOL "Best In Central Texas" Phone 2-9652. 114% N. 5th St. WACO, TEXAS U. S. Representative SPECIAL OIL SALE We have left approximately 25 barrels of high quality, SAE 24 motor oil which we are closing out at a special low price of 40 cents per gallon in barrel lots including a good iron barrel. 52 to 54 gal Ions per barrel. .. FARMERS — This oil is suitable for nearly all makes of tractors und automobiles. Take advantage of this special price while it " S 1 John T. Flynn, fn a recent issue of the Readers' Digest refutes many of the TVA claims He shows that in its first fourteen years of operation, the TVA has a deficit of 130 mil- lien dollars when account is taken of the interest paid by the government. The United States General Accounting Ut- =fice takes a similar skeptical view of TVA figures It says: ^'Unless all costs for TVA's power operations are included in its income statement, it can not be conclusively shown that the power operations are self-supporting." The TVA was-sold to the people on the claim that it would be a yardstick to check the fairness of public utility rates. It never can become such a yardstick unless it reports its full costs. The TVA should be required to report all its costs, including the interest on money borrowed for construction and operation and taxes comparable to those paid by private power companies. It also should be required to count in its construction costs money now falsely allocated to other purposes. Only after these steps are taken can the TVA become a useful yardstick. Without them, its reports must be dismissed as an attempt to fool the people. P1 —The Dallas Morning News. Taber Sees Possible >i of $5 Billions From Truman Budget ; WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 (UP) -1- House Republican Economy Cjiief John Taber said today he Ihinks he can slash $5;000,000,000 off President Truman's $39,000,000 spending budget. Chairman Eugene D. Millikin, R,. Colo., of the Senate Appropriations Committee, made a more cautious economy forecast. He said the budget "will be subjected to major reducing surgery and the resulting surplus will support both debt and tax reduction." ' Millikan said he would "not be surprised" if hearings on military and foreign affairs appropriations showed a need for some increases in those items. But, he added, "substantial pruning" of •Mr. Truman's figures should be possible "without injury to re- pirable objectives." 1 Taber, who heads the House •Appropriations Committee, said he hoped and expected to be iable to cut -$5,000,000 off the [President's spending estimates lor fiscal 1949. Republican economy forecasters drew criticism from Rep. Albert Gore, D., Tenn., self-styled "score-keeper" of the House Appropriations Committee, t .. . •..* "Since. the; greater portion • of the expenditures are required for national defense, interest on gov- . eminent bonds, veterans and foreign aid programs," said Gore, "it will be difficult to materially . Deduce the budget this year as it was last year." MEXIA MACHINERY CO. 106 E. Main, Mexia, Texas. Our Incubator \yill set Monday, Feb. 2nd, :md will set each Monday thereafter. Let's raise good chickens this year, it costs no more. Coolidge Poultry Farm, Coolidge, Texas. HOKEONTAL 1 Pictured U. S representa- — tive, W. J. Bryan — 5 Sacred irnag* • 9 Burden 'n On the sheltered side 14 Rice liquor 15 Not one 16 Exist 17 Endure 20 Preposition 21 Evil ,23 Branch of . Congress 24 Worm 25 English school 27 Blackthorn 28 Make fresh 30 Aches 31 Hail! . 32 Finish 33 Replete 35 Mine entrances 38 State 39 Cut 40 Conducted 41 Refund 47 Driving command 48 Atop 49 He represents South 51 Red Cross (ab.) 52 Negroid substock 54 Asiatic country 55 Pier 57 Resting place 58 Otherwise 59 Poems VERTICAL 1 Engraver's pad 2 Chemical salt 3 Anent 4 Seine 5 Island 6 French city 7 Vegetable 8 Tidy 9 Unit 10 Negative 11 Concord 12 Feels 18 Bone 19 Tellurium (symbol) WEEKLY HEhALD CROSS-WORD PUZZLE 22 Gave 24 Omitting 26 Not cnce 27 Shores 29 Espoused 30 Green vegetable 33 Drawing- rooms 34 Thoroughfare 36 Musical third 37 Dots . 41 Sun god 42 Gaelic 43 Seethe 44 Sorrowful cr$ 45 Duration 46 Half an em 49 Feline 50 Stir 53 Bachelor of Arts (ab.) 56 Hypothetical . force « •The average cost of feed in a iVfiJS. farm poultry ration at mid- ^Nbvember prices was $4.71 per pounds, in comparison with a '_10-year average of $2.14. A-r^a- fc *.: Prominent Wichita Falls Newspaper Publisher Dies WICHITA FALLS, Jan. 14 — (UP) — Funeral arrangements still were pending at noon today for Ed Howard, 81-year-old publisher of the Wichita Falls Times and Record News who died in a Wichita Falls hospital last night. Howard, prominent in Texas publishing circles for more than 40 years, had been in failing health for several months, and had been admitted to the hospital two weeks ago. His wife, the former Jettie Maloney of Wolfe City, was critically ill in the same hospital and physicians gave her little chance of recovery. She had been admitted to the hospital Christmas Day. Howard also was prominent in Democratic Party circles, having served as a delegate to National conventions in 1928, 1932 and 1936. He served eight years as Postmaster here and was at one time a regent of the University of Texas. Survivors, in addition to his wife, include two sons Rhea Howard, Secretary Treasurer of the Times Publishing Co., and Leslie Howard, classified adver*- tising manager of the papers. o Fire Dept. Answers Coll to Put Out Bloze in Fire Truck Where there's smoke, there's bound to be a little fire. Just ask the Odessa fire department. The Odessa firemen received a call to extinguish a blaze. They made the run, and the fire they found was in one of their own fire engines. A "rookie" fireman had gone out on a trial run with the engine and a wire shorted out. U. i. to Re-open Abandoned Air Base Near Tripoli LONDON, Jan. 14 (UP)—The United States Army Air Force disclosed today that it was reopening its long abandoned wartime air base near Tripoli, Libya, on the North African coast across 'the Mediterranean from Greece and Italy. European headquarters at Wiesbaden announced that the Tripoli base was being re-established to service planes heading for the Middle East. It was closed a year ago when the Air Transport Command cut down its flights to Karachi by way of North Africa. Lt. Gen. Curtis Lemay, commander of U. S. Air Forces in Europe, flew his own B-17 to North Africa two days ago to inspect the Tripoli field, Wiesbaden disclosed. He also was scheduled to pay a courtesy call on French air force officials in Morocco. The army said the base would supply fuel and overnight service for planes from the United States en route to such American missions as those at Athens and Dah- ran. With the U. S. program for aiding Greece expanding steadily, air traffic to that zone from the United States has reached an un- precendented scale. Scores of U. S. army officers are arriving in Greece in small lots to serve as advisers to the Greek army in the campaign against the Communist guerillas. . OIL Is the least expensive heating fuel available to most people in the rural communities today. OIL HEATERS . . . are aslo available in a wide selection of models in our store. Prices range down from $75.00. Why cut - Wood? J. I. RIDDLE & CO. Wholesale Food Vices a$ New Mi-lime High NEW YORK, Jan. 14 (UP)— Vholesale food prices have risen o a new-all-time high as meas- ired by the index of Dun & Brad- treet, Inc., it was announced t flay. The index in the week ended an. 13 rose 7 cents to $7.28 and ompared with $6.23 in the corre- ponding week of 1947. The all- ime low was reached Jan. 31, 933 at $1.49. Dun & Bradstreet's index is he sum total of the price per pound of 31 foods in general use. __ the latest week there were increases in the price of 16 of those foods; declines in the price of :our; and 11 were unchanged. ODR OWN REVIEW OF 1947 The year of 1947 was not bad ar.a not good. Looking back it seems to have been a, combination of suspensions by Happy Chandler, federal probes, wild swings by Larry aiac- ohail Big Four adjournments and appeals to the public to eat Tues- daVs chicken pie on Thursday. Washington abandoned the gold standard and substituted creamery butter. Harry Truman got a spame. when what he needed was a bloodhound. » Elizabeth and Philip got married, I Vital Minerals | May Be Gained ly Marshall Plan WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UP) —Millions of tons of vital minerals—but no uranium for atomic energy—were listed by the State Department today as possible gains for U. S. st. ategic stockpiles under the Marshall plan. The special report was submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in response to questions of what this country j can expect in raw materials for j the aid sent Europe under the proposed recovery program. Listed were many minerals which are scarce in this country POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Elizabeth and Philip goi, •-thus lifting 1947 cut of the complete out ;vmcn ^ b t «-d flop class, putting romance, sentiment and love above spheres of influence, vindictive speeches and general hatreds. For a brief mo- against the possibility oi a future U. S. rearmament program, j They would be drawn mainly j general natreos. rur a UL, C * ••— fr( ment the world took the shuttle j ^ back to Fairy Tale Heights. from the colonial possessions of Edward Pauley took a high federal office with the distinct understanding anything of importance would be kept from him. Elliott the 16-ivestern European nations scheduled to receive Marshall nlan aid. The Mexia Weekly Herald has '--or authorized to make the fw- i jv-ing political announcements • subject to the Democratic Pri- • maries. i ! ^or Representative JASPEH A. BYRD A. ROBIN HENDERSON For District Judge 77th Dist. H. FOUNTAIN KIHBY 'Notably absent from the list j p ^ D ; 3 * rict C i er k fas the key atomic energy source " B< sm3 tee Answer on Back Peg* ^ ' *«£&»«*'<A, ' COPB. 19«8 BY NE*S PR. 1948 BY NCK SERVICE. IMC. T. M. KEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. was the key atomic energy source material of uranium. It was ex- Roosevelt sold, for one dollar each.. | Dlr) . ncd that thc state Depart- Christmas trees that his pop had j'"' . planted years ago. This resulted in i a nationwide wish that Elliott was in the meat and egg business. has no jurisdiction over acouisition of uranium, that mat- B. SIMS For Shorlfi CHARLIE SHREVE (For Re-Eleclion) "I could say plenty, but I made a New Year-resolution not to criticize faults in other women, particularly egotisml OUT OUR WAY Williams Tomato, Corn, Bean Crops in Mexico Destroyed by Freeze MEXICO CITY, Jan. 14 (UP) — Tomato, corn and bean crops worth several million dollars were destroyed by a freezing cold wave which swept Sonora and Sinaloa States several days ago, the Secretary of Agriculture announced today. Secretary Nazario Oritz Garza said he has sent several experts to the northern states to determine what can be done for the relief of farmers in that area. A well-stocked and well-managed farm pond can be expected to produce as much meat to the acre as if it were in good pasture according to USDA. from where I sit... Ay Joe Marsh Who Are We, Anyway? Subject came up at Bill Webster's, the other day, as we were chatting over beer and pretzels. Just who are the folks who make up our town ? Where'd they come from ? Well, Doc Hollister's Scotch- English ancestry; Will Dudley's folks were mining stock from Pennsylvania; Skip Powell's family were brewers back in Holland. Guess our bloodstream's got a bit of every country of the globe— and every section of America. We've still got differences in taste and background—whether they apply to music, history, or beer. Only those differences don't matter—because we're self-respecting people, in a free, united land. And from where I sit, that's what makes our towns and cities — our America — so strong, progressive, tolerant. Our championship of individual liberties has brought us people from all faiths, all lands—to prove that respect for one another's rights is the greatest bond humanity can know! No.4 I Federal Atomic r,nerg> <_LUI.I.I^- : * «- "^JR'VTHFR Henry Wallace developed a type j s j on _ I ^ of corn never developed before by The comm itte, meanwhile, re- j F Constable —Prec. No. 4 grsftin 0 ' 2n ear of noKum „ _T__ TT o --i-i^^r called Lewis W. Douglas, U. S. ambassador to Britain, for a second day's questioning. He faced a new barrage of questions on specific commodities—from grain to generators—to bo shipped to Europe. On Monday Secretary of Co'mmerce W. Averell Har.'iman is slated to testify. - JOHN K. RAY JOHN H. HUGHES Justice of Peace ROY KIRTON ie Men the stalk of common native baloney. General Electric produced artificial snow. General Eisenhower developed artificial reluctance. General Marshall developed artificial hope and Marshal Stalin developed artificial logic. The all-hot went to 20 cents. A way was found to make hamburgers out of everything except meat. * Two voting fliers flew around the world in one-motor airplanes but didn't get mnch publicity due to the fact they didn't crash. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, two other fliers, flew around a congressional committee and crashed abruptly, thus getting more public- it- than they desired. Tojo said the Japanese war was his own idea and that the emperor thought it was a movie until the fighting had been on for two years. The 1947 Oscn7fo7 Audibility went tion, has named iwo IVIL-.MU uu«- j ;;^" o ^^ will continue to Vishinsky. who at no time din- , ness leaders as members of chap- , -c,,c oi r- . ing the 365 days of the year found I ter committees, it was announced ar, U.fiMcai con.uiu.rn. anybody else even close to right. | today by A. L. Clifton, Vice Presi- People's Program Started to Improve Education in Texas AUSTIN. Jan. 10 (UP) — The Gilmcr-Ai'kin Committee announced a "people's program for thc improvement of education in with th< !A tion has namr-d two Mexia busi- j of the.- University of Texas tion, na^ ruiui-u | China fastened her grip on chaos, | dent " of Clifton Manufacturing corruption and cockeyed economics. ; ^ . n WacQ ;md temporay chii ir- John L: Lewis said "We dis- affiliatc," proving that he was either out of gas or trying out for Mr. Hush. The egg became a luxury. More baseball pitchers were used in the world series than in any full season on record. Football was developed to a point where tne var- : Dr. Moore will direct information gathering for the committee, man of thc chapter. The Waco Area Chapter decided upon when rnanufe ers and industrialists met in Wa- and co December 23. Plans were their solution, Taylor said. the meeting to build an | • °~ i up statewide machinery "foy getting thc people of' the state to study the state's out- educational problems for s^b^rne obsolete and not even ! active local organization and Jo ! WomOH the officials cpuld tell the players ; conduct a membc^h-.p dine in . without a scorccard. I thc area. No-Billed for New -*- , ! Local men appointed and the JY ea| / s p a y 5| a yj n Q Everybody in Wash.ngton wrote ; jttees on v .. hich they will! J .' ' „ Kn«t "Pnrovi»r Amber" wen the _ . .. „ , ,. ,-._.__ ! T-rnTic;Tn7>J Tr>v- Jan. 10 Mills. f OH. THE UPSIDE TOWN STOOL? WHY, VOL) CAM SEE THE OTHER WAY WOULDW'T BE MO GOOD--BUT THIS GIVES ME MORE PURCHASE OM TH 1 SCREW DRIVER.' WHY MOTHERS GET G.RAV a book. "Forever Amber" wen the 1247 prize for unnecessary expense. Chick Luckman stepped on a cake of his own soap in Washington. A man acting strangely in thc hills of the Ozarks attributed his condition . Mexia Texli to the fact he had not been named j „ on any list of wheat speculators. j^gxican Consulate Satira got 15 years from a Hnvana j Fof \YeSt" TSXQS court which, after hearing the com- j $,, .s^f.5. I-,,, C of C pJete battle story, evidently decided j «-^Mg»2« Of <!*<• w« ^» that responsibility for sinking the | /iB iLENE Jrn 13 fUP) — The Maine had at last been fixed defi- ' ,,. f .,,. n , r . r , T •n ; r>-Anvrc:.r' nitely. Henry Wallace promised | n ^' '•> . fo! "'"' ""\ 1 '/\ m -' - 1 "'" a century of pence and plenty. It Commission ol tne West serve are- Public Relations Com-j HOUSTON, Tex., Jan. 10 (UP) m ttcc- M V7. Anderson, Me:da ! -Mrs. Noll Keiser, 41 has been cia-Cola Bottle Co.: Member-1 no-billed today by the grand sh^ Co.rmitte, : J. G. : Jury in the New Year's . Day ' ' " , ?'r.ying of E. R. Spencer. j Spencer, a carpenter, was shot I to death in front of Mrs. Keiser's I home. She t')ld police he had '; threatened her and forced his at' ttntion:'. on her. ! Iv!;-.:. K-jiscr told police Spencer was quite a year. * * Henry Doss It Henry Wallace's hat is in the Chamber of Commerce will r-oek j the establishment of a Mexican i Consulate in West Texas and an I c:'.i!er! her on the telephone New Yea:'.- •-.lorning and made threats. K-.J loin her to "come out shoot- in:;." She ^aid she did. -o— Henry Wallace's hat is in the 1 extension of the teaching of thc i Tpv~r<S TrG5n?nO| ring. This gives America a preview | c pan jch language as a rcouir-d ; ' "" ' a of 1948 weird millinery. (subject in public- schools ;i r.o ^ChOOS ^.OdC -*- < • • • --•"- — '-" ; ™~- -£ ornsr i3ssion Meets While millions of Americans saw the New Year in right, Hank saw it in left. stale-owned ' C. W. Meadows. • gdo said today. of San An- Henry has tried all the parties out for size and found them all too small for him. So he rolls his own. Cat-tie Reisers Demand Patrol of No old-fashioned orthodox meth- Mexican Border ods for him. He holds his conven- j FORT WORTH, Tex., Jan. 10 tion in a microphone, gets his de;e- j (Tjp) Directors of the Texus and gates out of the loudspeaker, pre- \ g o ,jth,.-' ;«o-n Ca'tlf- Rais< r:-: sents bis own candidacy, grabs the j ..V'j^j n''''<xlav d-manded 24- baaner "Wallace Is for Wallace" j-^•" JCU '-, "" ,'",.. Mf ..= and stages a stampede down the | hf ' ur Ground, of .he M-,.i- aisles between foggy paragraphs, 'can border and dnytimc^an pa—« | tro! to prevent spread of foot and He says he has traveled all over mouth disease from Mexican cat- America "up and dov:n and back t j e m t o f n ,. Uniltcl States, and forth." This is the first use by j ^^ r he-ring an official of the any candidate of the pogo-stick with i ' "is'lion" r av present border motor front and rear. ! ~ " ... ,,. r , T ,h -, _._ (precautions rre not v.ortn a He takes his stand for abundance j damn," the directors called for via radio hookups, peace through a j specific improvements in tne wider use of sleeping tablets and ! quarantine, including construc- security through the use of the j t j on o f - d fence along the interna- AUSTTN, Tex., Jan. 9 (UP)— D. ;.n Iv;•!!••? Jackson of Baylor Ifniviivi'.y will preside tomorrow at the third meeting of the Texas T:"lining School Code Commis•••i.'.n her'.'. Suggestions of state of- fir.iais v.-il be reviewed, it was r.nnounoi-d. You Can't Afford Cteap Seed Corn! blindfolds and the esrlaps. • boundary. CITY SXOW Spotless, pristine blanket Beautiful and neat Ton become so swiftly Just a dirty sheet. President Truman's personal physician is on the list of wheat speculators. Do you suppose that while checking on the President's condition he ever said, "You are in fine shape for MY operation. Harry"? j AUSTIN, Tex.. Jan. 14 (UP)— • Judge Tom l|. Beauchamp of the ' Texas Court of Criminal Appeals '• today had been re-elected as president of the Capitol Area Copyright, 1948, United States Brevers Foundation j : Council of the Boy Scouts i S • •* \ S I i > • / <f i X : X ;> \s t ' S f f s f f. ^\NNN%%%XXN%VVCV\X\NNXSNV%XS%%*%*%%1» HEW'BED ROOM SUITS' | Solid Mahogany. 18th Century, 5_Piece jj r-i'Iahocany Veneer. 13th Century. 5 piece 6 Modern and Period Suites ^ Solid Maple. Full and T'.vin Bed Size /< Chest and Chest on Chest % Blond and Limed Oak Suites 9 Good Selection of Liviny Room Suites g In Period and Modern "The Store That Hone-sty and Courtesy Built" T. Elmo Lcngbotham, Owner GEOESBECK . - - THORNTON Phone 122—Groesbeck

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