The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on April 20, 1893 · Page 4
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 4

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1893
Page 4
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' GEARHART & SON'S AGENCY! REAL ESTATE bought', and sold. ABSTRACT? FURN RENTS COLLECTED. NOTARY PUBLIC. •<$>• Fire, Life and Accident Insurance Written. Wo wrilo Dseds, Mortgages, Leases, Con tracts, £c: Twcntyjears jixpericncc Enables UsJo_Guarantcc_SaUsfaction. . Subscribers to the Leading Mercantile Agencies, Admitted to Practice before the Pension Department. ... Obtained Direct . . . Pensions OUR MOTTO: ALWAYS GET THERE. HAWARDEN, IOWA, REMOVAL SALE. 10 Per Gent Off For Cash ON ALL GOODS Excepting sugar, colic and llour, at the store of J. W. MILLER % SON. School Board Proceedings;—~ HA WARDEN, April 19; 1893. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Members all present. On motion of Watkins thepres : ident and secretary \vere required to file their bonds by April 22. The petition of parties residing outside of the incorporated town of Hnwardon asking to be set (ipart as a separate school district to bo known as the district township of Buncombe was read, but was recalled without action. The petition included the Ghenoweth and Eenkin farms and it is to be amended so as to permit them to remain in the present district. 3. W.Leonard was allowed $2.50 for cleaning eehoolhouse. On motion the following committees : were appointed by the president: FINANCE: Maynard, Safcterloe, Watkins. /SUITLIEJJ: Winebrenner, Satterlee, DeForest. GRIEVANCES: DeForest, Watkins, Maynard. GRADUATION: Watkius, Winebrenner, DeForest. Moved by Watkins seconded by Maynard that we do not. hire either Mr. Spencer or Mr. Mishler. On call of yeas and liays the vote- resulted as follows: Yea, Watkins, Maynard, Winebreuner. Nay Pritcharcl, Satterlee, DeForest Motion declared lost. —Monaghan Broa. & Co. sell the beat grades of hard and soft :oal, at bottom prices. tf Go to Paramoro's for photographs. —Are YOU in arrears on subscription? If you are, you-will onfer a great favor by calling in and settling the account. We need the money. , tf A carload of oak cord wood at Wooster & Milne's. Dr. Mann makes something new in the line of plate work. The plate is made of aluminum, thus making it much stronger as well as lighter. Also new style of gold crowns. GOODROAD'S CASH STORE, HERE WE ARE WITH OUR GENERAL STORE AND A Bran New Stock of Goods -Buy your hard and soft coal of Mouaghan Bros, it Co. tf A full line of muslin underwear for ladies and children, and infants dresses and skirts very cheap at Miss Brady's millinery store. The best Lehigh hard coal, egg, range and nut,for sale at Wooster & Milne's. READY FOR BUSINESS. NO OLD GOODS TO OFFER. WE ASK THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY AND STRROUNDING COUNTRY TO CALL AND SEE US AND By Square Dealing and Low Prices Farmers in Union and Lincoln counties can get better rates on farm loans at Ha warden than at any'place in Dakota. Call -at the Northwestern State Bank. Notice to Hornnvors. The First Nat. Bank of Hawarden, Iowa, can furnish you farm loans at seven and eight per cent, in- WE HOPE TO MERIT AND GAIN A SHARE OF YOUR TRADE. • Bring in Your Butter and Eggs AND .GIVE US A TRIAL. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTINN7 GOODBOAD BROS., Ha warden, Jo wa. JOHNSON BROTHERS, (Successors to C. G. I'ritulinrd, Calliope. Iowa) Desirejo inform the public.jihat they are doing business at the old stand and propose to Give a Dollar's Worth For Every Dollar, Moved by DeForest, soconed by) forest, and short time mon- Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Goy't Report Baking Powder Suttorleo that we proceed to elect j<3// a principal by ballot. On call of yeas and nays the vote resulted as follows: Yea, Pritchard, Satterlee, DeForest. Nay-, Watkins, Mayuard, .Winebreuner. Motion declared lost. Moved and seconded that the board adjourn. Motion lost. On motion a counnitte consisting of Watkius, DeForest and Maynard were appointed to look up additional school room for the coming year. Moved and seconded that the board adjourn to meet May 3rd, 1893, at 3 o'clock p. m. lowest current rates. ABSOLUTE!* PURE THE INDEPENDENT. D.O. STONE, Publisher. "Pride In Your Cit y. There is a custom in, certain .German towns which is commendable. A committee of three arc expected to go ovor the town once each week and discover any refuse or ir:th which breed disease would be likely to germs, and compel —THE INDEPENDENT is prepared to print horse bills in fine stylo. Don't place your order until you have seen our stock of "photographs." the removal thereof under penalty of fine. In this manner an excellent sanitary condition is maintained and the minimum of disease attained. It should not be neeossary,ho\v- ever, to exercise such strict sur- veilance in order to keep a city neat and healthy. Our pride should take the place of law and act as a more powerful incentive to spur us on before Odd Follows 1 day. Several thousand strangers next week affords a good opportunity for us to proceed to. clean- 1 up and realize some immediate benefits, apart from the results to" us from a sanitary standpoint of self-rospo-ct. Should these people come among us next Wednesday and find that tho streets lacked the usual decorations in tho shape of tin cans, boxes.brush piles, etc., they would doubtless think us rather eccentric, the same time that our example was worthy of emulation. Let our city as a whole put on her best clothes for the biggest celebration over hold in the northwest. Friday. They occupy at present the Dike building. D. A. Suminers left Tuesday morning for Hawarden, for -a brief time. Mr. Summers 'will bring some stock back with him. Al Keedj of Alccster, S. D.,came iu Saturday evening. He said he had heard HO much about the country up hero that he had to come and see it. Claude E. Chenoweth came in from Huron, S. D., on Tuesday's freight to look after his claim in Union. There is a claim just across the line in Buffalo county, owned by one of Hawarden's clmrmingyoung ladies,that Claude also visits when here. Seed Cora For Siilc. I have some choice seed corn for sale. Warranted. Jos. EOBY, Hawarden. Everybody Knows that the cause of nil physical Ills originate wlUui- Disordered Stomach. '-The proper foot! and careful living prevents; nnd Ale and Beef "PEPTONIZED" overcomes nil Irregularities of the dlgc3tlvo oruuns. '\fy u bottle mid bo convinced. B5 Centa. At nil Their stock of spring goods is now arriving and they invite : - :: intending purchasers to call and inspect their line of DRESS GOODS, BOOTS AND SHOES, GROCERIES, QUEENSWARE, ETC,, ETC, And by courteous treatment and small profits expect to merit a share of your trade. Butter and eggs taken in exchange. Goods delivered free of charge. Johnson Bros., Calliope, Iowa. For Sale. A good house and lot on Gladstone hill. Inquire at First National bank. WANTED.—A chamber maid at once. Good wages. Inquire at Depot Hotel. Millet Scctl 1'or Sale. I have a quantity of excellent millet seed for sale. A. II. Brown. ;Tlic Victoi D. BRUNSKIL.LI, .T. H. DOWNING. C. H. SCOTT-DUKUIN, Ni KESSKY, ': • M. D. GIBUS, DIKKCTOKS. N. KESSUV, PRESIDENT. G. W. PITTS, VICE-PRESIDENT. E. A. BASS, CASHIER. ANDREW RING, ASST. CASHIER. AeknoNS'lcdges no equal. It is incomparably the best. Victors lead the world. Catalog-no free. ^ARTHUR WHITFIELD.4 AGENT, - IOWA. Northwestern State Bank O Canton Lender: Tuesday afternoon when the wind and rain and hail was driving through Canton at a fearful rate, and the clouds were black and low, a cyclone struck the little town of Vkron on the S'otix river below 7 down houses, jams, telegraph polos, and doing every direction. Pasture For Stock. 1 have a good pasture on the old Keuunrd farm for stock and will accept a limited number of head for the season of 1893 at very liberal terms. Apply to C. H. Scott-Durbin,,Hawarden. 3w Get your livery, rig at Martin Bros. D livers furnished when desired. rV ' !':•, p" I K-t.V kfr IVoin l>uk\vaiiii I'I-OHK. John Tipton is working on the railroad section here.hrwing taker young Cook's ptaco. Miss Vada Siunmors 1ms returned from- Chamberlain and i. 1 now slopping lit the Nelson house 'James Levins and Miku Lydei shipped in from Hawarden las iawa'rden, blowing nuch damage in The Northwestern State-* Bank will make loans on Dakota farms without red tape or delay. Notice to Contractors. Notice is hereby given tliat the undersigned will receive bids for the erection of a sehoolhouse and outbuildings in district No. 2, Eagle township, FRANK LEVINS, Successor t.o Did;: &. I'uLur.soii, is now n.-;idy to su|)))ly ill! wltli I C E! Leave orders at,I'it;shiu;in's Inm-hor shop. Sa I Ittfa ction, n lead. -~=ssTlic Largest Capitol of Any Banli in the District.: Will buy and sell exchange, loan money, buy notes, mortgages, warrants, etc., and make farm loans at low rates, both in Iowa and Dakota. Customers will receive liberal treat- merit andevery accoinmodationcousistent with sound banking. Interest Paid on Time -Deposits. Pay Your Taxes Here * Adverlisei] Letters. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the post office at Ha- wanlcn, Iowa, for the week ending, April 20, 189H. Peter Tlinnhurst (2j, A. L. Scott, Austin E. Elliott, F. A. Moycr, Mrs. Lina E. Miller, Mrs. A. P. Hanson, Mrs. Mi.ico Edwards. If not called for within :50 days .rill bo sent to the dead letter of- W. MOLYNKUX, T:M. fice. W fin ted to E 1 liavo 71101-0 clothiiiL' tliau Cash Coino and oxchauge. P. E. HflllSf! to ItPlll. After Jutift 1.5 my residence in Hawarden will bti for rent. Party renting, may have privilege of putting in now. t A. HoovKJi. for furnishing the sninc. Plans ;iml .specification* may be seen ufc the LvDKt'KNDKNT ollice or at the home of tliu Si-jcrclary, Eagle townahip. .Sealed bids will be received on the first Monday in May, I8!);i, at Center schonlhoiiBC at 2 o'clock p.m. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. D. <;. JOHNSON, ' Cj. W. SMITH, Secretary. i 'resident. For Sale. Quarter section of land. It is all good. 115 acres under plow, good pasture, plenty of water, fair hoiiHo, good barn 20x34 with good hay loft, three box stalls for stallions good-sheds for seventy head ofHtock. Price $2000. Only half mile ontHido of the city limits of Kimlmll. GKO. BICHAHDSON, •Iw Kimball, Brulo Co., S.D ATTENTION HORSEMEN AND BREEDERS, ANGLIN BOY. My bullion j;n!iit, Wilk stantiNc Hoy. illtos Hoy, rucord 2::M'/j. sin; of Con-. 2:12','., St. Vincent, "^:i:i!5. Nulllu A. K record L'.-anj,'. ami 13 others In the list,. 'AiiRlIu Hoy's Hrst (hinijviuly Wost. idf I)•-. ,1. !'., fl is. by Allli; U'esl; sccoml tlani . ., (linn, Queoii Dinn of »l ' y All it/.on, Jr., 2:Sl>' ......... Hoy will 1)0 Uopt. itt IIaward(:iidrfv- IIIR park after May 1.1WH, wliero li<> will si>rv<; a HuiHiMl niimliur iff inures iit,.fi r > Lo Insure in Hi; Is oiio of iho hCHl iiullvlcliiuls In- lows BREEDERS, ATTENTIONS Tlt<! i.crvlci! nf my Jersey liull is *2 por cow, In iii!vnm;c, and If tho cow fullH to he with cjillf, >m>m:y H.-flMlclOd. W. N. LEFFERT. Nfji-tliua-it (it ll.iw.-inleii, lowu.. siri'd by oneof best, sons, tmd ^ 1s bin'kud iii) by two jiroduoliiK mini?. "<) !• l(i lnuHls hlxli. wiilBli.i VMt pounds. Mr.binltl who iiinoiiK otlitTS will train AiiKlIn Hoy U - - Niitlsllud he will trot. In 2:« suuson. or butU-r till.-, lllivhi},' en^;i"uil Ihosorvlco.s of K.It.Smith, of New uoim-i-suwii, (Jlilo, who uo»nus lilRiily re«i;owi>H!Ji<lncl ;i« a mini of sisvernl ycai-s of priictlual (ixpi-rlenco iin<l st.udy iindlnisiil- UiliiOtl tho rc.nututton of lialnn uMiiccuhsiUl trainer of colts anil figed liorsiw. would sa> that r will l.likis Hircu or four head buslilcs my own liiirso u> irain for Mils season. My chnvKcs will hu r<.'iisonal)liN and satlNiiictl cuaraiitood. l*iirt.los liavluK colts or UK horses th«;V desire to have trained cun com nuulcuto will, mo for full•P"i lc "i! l1 J? J1ft " 1 nrrancouient»'i. Ijcst of cure niui troainicni iiisuix-d. H. BET TEN, ORANGE CITY, IOWA. A full line of foreign and domestic piece goods always on hand. HA WARDEN, - 10 WA. Force Drop Planter and Steel Check Rower, The Force Drop throws the corn down instantly. Thofaster the speed the more forcibly the corn is thrown. It will plant corn jn straight rows whether team goes faster slow, this alouo will save tho price of tho piapter for every 100 acres planted by not havingcorn destroyed while •r ----- FOR SA:r_/Ji! BY geott

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