The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on July 4, 1892 · Page 10
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 10

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 4, 1892
Page 10
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ANCIENT FiSKES. A Curious Collection Prepared for the National Musoam. STRANGE PIETY. ilar 13 by B frnvi tho SetMnitMi the I.otver SUnrlm lu in- Strtiu/;« Ainonj; i .S't-lfjro*.-* Uurlu-; Their Jle-i— 1 ho luollelou* S»»rvttut U-H-fd with UL»trmu A collection of tlie oldest".' of ! lie A-orld Ls I if ing prepared fo<r exhibition t'-the Nation:.! museum. Wushin^tou, .-ays tho Star. They wort' diijf out i-f : he -rocks nx-cutly at Cauyon City. Col. <:reat scioiitifie interest ha.s" been arousod by the discovery, bc--ause they ire thousands of yours more ancient rhan auy ereatiin-s with ba.-l v -b-;(ie.s evvr i'.iun<l_ bt>fore. They . eonuv' frutn the ••.edimontary dejHxsits laid doivn by water in the distant i>]v»ch' called''tins -ihiriun. These are . frum the lower ^ilurian. and some notion i-f the dilTcr- •ncf of time may be j.'nt from the fact .'hat tiu- two ••}»<.ri::<ui>" are separale<I in the Appalachian t>-^"Mii bv twenty th'ousaml feet of sediment. Wheiv these li .lie-; \vcn ouee a sand -beach ou the w • if a vast interior sea. which extendeii '•asiwards from tlie llockv I'ltuintains -md IWCTLH! a hu-iTo y-:\.r\. »f the o-Jiiti nont. Oeoloo-j.^,;.^ \vatidoriru, r t}ir«»ji^h r hut rep-ion so |-n,lilie of treasures "ir the shape «f fo.-si's. c.tnio up in the de{>«.>.si'.s :'ci-ideji;a!ly. T)ie Tine <>!' the uaoient beach is stili visible. i-;lth«iu"-h it is .wei-iaid hy M-!inie:itary rock--. <;i >.ub«-.iuo:it formati-»n. Thev r.iade «\\• •avaiions with pickax ::.-ui hia.vt. ^et- tin^'out'ji f, p 're;it 'oiuiniily. of .material, whi'-h was l.ri.u^iit t-< \V'n-,l.jjj"-t. >:i. Thirty niilli-ui.N «»f years l::iv(t per'uips '•lap-xed siiu-e the ere:;turex i\\\\-- day • >ul were living. 1: iau-.t have been a •;tra:lire world in \vhi-!: they had their >»MHL r .--.- far liacl-: in th-T.i^ht of linie. «i!n.l T ! ii*. different asp t vts of T-"! : .;,*"K>n nro as iliverst- a.s tho workings .»f th.^ hti man mind. And 'there is no belief ad- v.inec-d, no laatU-r how absurd it.s'drie- trines. that will not lihd iv>w votaries to \vor-.i.ip at its shrine. Tlie n-'trnj C!-.ri-.tiauUy in the south is a fpu-er eonihination of i-jnoraiu-e, superstition an. I faith. In a bushel of fhoir foolish heiief.s o:u- liuds only a small ^rain of J : "..• h. In Laet. it would se-.-m they ha<l ::-....iilie-i iheir f.»nuor fetiehisiu into a kind of lu-athen t'bristiuinty. As :i. matter of tnith. a southen. )•••- tiirnintJtire types >if attauieil such irijranl's- uitucik--i .n-> •ater did n»ty.-: e:-.i.-L. Ti:, vertei»ratos' we:v i:.>i:>->. The.M- tishes . f were ail sri:..i! -i!u waters liurinir a later- j .-.-I •.!. which lia.s been called th.- a^c e.f i^-hes. They were irhid in armor, ln-infr i-.ivrcd \vivh plates of bone instead of scale;.. Their skeletons were composed wh«l!v \,l oarlila^e. like those <.f the sharks ',,f"t.->- • lay. which thetnse.'ves represent an iincie.'it linpy pailern. I.'u'.icr the inieros'-ope it i>. pn^sihle to See the structure <-f the bnn< eoinjvisod the plates. In .--Jadi.i:- :: \vas t\ic hu}.:e and fenieirms dinJ.-S; as well as other marine immstors subsu«iuout epo.-b. dressed. COLORADO HOLIDAYS. un<l Her \Vnturi:u-l»ii. l'«-ru-ii, p () tjxt <jru|iL* Hiul 4'Jii-pry l)uy-s. • Colorado has someholuluvs that Htaten hav« not''Uxougbt of, according to an in f of live St. I,rmis <iYrW>o- DcmiKrut. Amonjr these- are v.-a.ter- .-Jieion da.r. jvaeh day. potato .Jay aij.J i^nipe and eherry day. Wiitermel.-n day occurs Sei>:ember 1 eaeh year. a:id is eeb.-br.-urd r.t i:ofkyfonl, ' On th.-t memorable'n iliousanils of ex- cursioiiists fn-siu all parts ef tl;c state Hock to Rockyf-'i-.i a::d revel in \vaier- imrlons. Car loads ..f melons are sliipped iu from the ili.-.triet. and they are as free to nil a.s water and air. The trains carry back hun-'.ivdt-of very sidi senders ;-.t nitrl-.t. I'ea-.-h day is "bnited at Crau«l .! i:!.c:i.-u with eclat. It fall:-- Sej.tcmSer 17, and all the survivors of the Kookyfiml v.ater- niclon debauch ir<- llu-r.- to air.-ua <?, .r^-e ihotnselves. Hands of mu->ie and military compani.-, par;itle the streets ,,f the town in the ui.iniin;r t»> h hiiujLTry crowd in el-e-.-i; while the loeal commiUec-i aro arrar.;rintr llu- j-eacJic.-, -so as tti serve lh.- ^reuu-.-t tuunl-cr at the .sartie morncr.t. and ia the afti rii"..n evcryl>ody falU to, and at rv.-rht tl-.e mountains of peach pils tell the tale of lh-- day's orgies. Then alon-.: in O -tol^-r o>r:; -n p.^tatc' tl::y ;:t .Monument. PtW.y much the t-ai:ic people are to be seer, there ai-at llockyfonu'.ndi; Junction, and they cMasuine Irish potatoesT'i oii-j- i\:i\- to check the ivorst faiuintvJreland l.-as ever kr:own. The p'>5at«X-^ are cooked i:i i-very iniair- ituildc way—baked, boiled, roasted .- tnt j mashed. They are served in jrreat tin troug-hs that line tlie streets, and that, remain svalionary all the year. Two or three m:nister fat steers lie sputtering 'ipon spits in convenient proximitv i» troughs, and the plutton can himself eating- barbecued beef and lUn-s if lie wants to. No one will to f-hock him if hi? uppiMttc runs (impc and Cherry day is no\v a Sve institution lately established at xyon City, the center of the biggest Bit region iu the eastern part cf the *t«te, but the date is notyi:t mentioned. •"That it will attract thousands is attested by the brilliant success of the other three feast days I have mentioned. The governor fttteiiOs each of thosf celebrations with his entire staff, and l\e would damn himself politically in C'olorjjdo if he should decline to gw and cat Inmsc'.f sick. 3^ An CnuMialty I.l^ht WVItchf. . . _«yrian GrsilKtk, from'I'livi;. itv Siio- sia, a boy of seventeen, has bt*en. c.x- amincd by the._A uthn>p->l<»g-ioal sf.vjiH; v of Berlin,Pnissia. respcctiii{jlns weight. He is too light for his si7.i>. so that his "body sinks only half down in the water. «:veryd.iy life. Some of the bi^est rojr:i.- : , and most inn-ioral arc the loud- i-.-.l singers in the "nuvtin"." aud no thought of the incongruity of tlieir !ivt><v ever .-.trikes the.-n. 1'erhaps tin; iloclriiu' that prevails a mom: them to ;v lar-.r,- <-.\ie:it induces this ettntrast: for tu:iiiy bi-licve chat "onci- i«i e-race. ti!- w:»y.^ i:i f-raei'." .S.> a subsequent lapse int') si:i K not supposed to have any un- foriiin.-t'.i.- eor.seriuonees. .M.T:iy southern housekeepers n^ard I'l.-ir s.-r'. .nits' elT.'rtsr.t ";r«-ttiir "li-'ion" with h.irror. For. eontrarv to what • •;>• \vo:t!.{ suppose, those who "belong ler de i-h:ircb" are jrcuerr-.ily the le:-^ reLi:-.\-l-.-. And their i:i.-tl:-.>ds of v. in- oiuir ;.aiv:j•.!•')!) a-e a:iythi::Lr l. % :it pi<-a^- -,«!t. in :he i-r.-l ;*!:i, e. they i.-iine-j-ie th: 1 .1 a-1 e.»nversions are the reMi't of v.idtl.-M r-velalioii. In this reve!:i?j.»n. whi.-!t th.-r call their " 'speriene,-." I!-..-- :ire-i;nMose<l t., k be tr:\nsjie.rti-d-.n'. of i'.\-- i!e~.h a::d to in the >-;>irit a.ioih.-r w. ir :'d. AH this tahe:, plaee ivliiie iJie body is said to reinairi d-;>r- ina.nt in-a trrtncc. "ii a-.vaic.-ninir. s->!:i- tell ta.'e-. •.[ th- sights tii--y },avi >.-rihi:i^- yraphi--:ii!y UK- jr.-li = .f i!:e Ne-.v Jcrusa'et:i an CNCinCLlNG THE CLCCE. A (^I-:K\«A.S expedition h:i.sbt!en organ- ito'tl to explore the African liikt-s. I^ak^ Victoria" will bo sounded and iU banks thoroughly explored. T«k intrixitiction of the rubber tree into the iJahmzi.-i islands has not piv»r<»d successful eumi/i.-TciuJiy, as the tr«»cs Kecivte littlo I'tiblKM'. l.s'.lh.' city of St. Petfr.';b;ir,'r it „ „ to frcoxe at the end of October, and general th:vv\ rurcly takes place i^-fyrc tac bo^iimiu^ of April. • Tin: truu. souivt* of the. Mi;i''.iss'ppi'l river is reported to bo in .1 ffreaL reser- j voir nuio niiles }iU»v, ; Lake .Itaskii. S niakiri;r the total length of the river ' -,.V>T) miles. A MIX it of meroury. sai\l to ho fxooo'd- |n.^.V rich, hits beeu recently cViscovered in I;r;iz5J. This 5:; tho only l!razil:an mine of that kind uf which ive huvcany .THE .us -:!!;i!utr pits of }»•.-!!. f-'.r;i:ii;;r co:t\vr.'.:iJ ?•. m:M--i>l. .s.-en, .e- .-l.len •..-}, «rie.s d t'-ie --vern- Others : ,rv::k •.•; with the vivi.,;-.r. Ami tin-si- titles, s:\vs the New \"t"-U Advertiser, hu'.i r-u^a. t!i. •raSty -are. •; often •'••V.vrdiT on t!u ph -:;i. .us. Of -Miirst!. onr> :cu?.t a^ t'.n» re!\- LTi"nt-.i's word f-sr evei- bavit'L' b-.-en in ; t trail--.- :tt all. .Hut evident !_-, I !i-.-ir over- \vr-. u^-ht i-er-vrs :i-id Use u;in:t;::ral M::lc of :irin:i! ivt-1 which th'-y w-u-k t'u.'in- se!y< eonin'oute to re-.idrr t'.ivii- hal- lu--i;:;:ti..:i>, n reaii tv. >-'IU.-;M:I..^ iL really d->o-, 5-.:ipp.-n t'.ia* ,h ii •;::-. n-h.-r. worked up I. y a rwiv;>;. exh:n;-::.;<:n. A^.iln. I'.vns. fort;- years p.^o it \r«s etis- ti'.u.iry :iuion^ the- .Iai);inosn to priu-- tiee viveein.itSon ou the tip of the nos.». tints m:ikiu^ written eerliti^r-.tes un- neeesM-iry.' The proof of vaccination \v-as thus rihvavs evident. IN i-Jeruiany :\nti .--.oiiie other parts of the continent of l:uro- t k- ehorr;, tre'-.s :iro tv.mmouly phmted by the ro;i.l- sides. Any pas.SLMj..;er uuiy eut of tiu- fniit except that about ' which tin- owiu-r bris bound a wi.sp of sti-.-iw in to,'ceii of reservatiou. which iu*im<itiorj i.-. univer.siUly respected. FASHION'S FRIVOLITIES. A r.ATI: fre:-k is the bl:u:k b.-n,lkrr- ehief ex^ui.sitejy eL-ii.»ro'nU-ivd in deli- c:tt«.: tints. L'i'O.N t5ie instr-p of the most •''le^-tc'* silk hosiery appear disc?-, und llowe'r^of bi:<i-k !:tce. I'O'-VDKK blue, g-ohlen. mss'-t ;jnd blush tire am'in-r tlie IH-U-S; sh:uli>> to be. found i:i i ht embroidered beii'-rii- ua-s. ° Tin: latest novelty in Indies' sV.M-s i.- Ji I'an.sian lie. with ti[js a;:,', triuuainj:.-, of \vhito call, th« vaiup aud iii>}K-r> .'.f w))itc in't, through \v-};ieli i> .-.h,.nvu Liu- ei.ior of the >,iik horic. .li:\vi:t.Kii veil;; jiiHl nt prrsent ijt liijfli favor. A tine net. tuu-kty povvilered \vith urnethyst.s. tu.-vjijoi^e:,. i-.iid jH'arls is the tiref,ii-st. alilu;ti;fh even it reiiuires to be e/aivfidJv :ii|- jtisted in ord-.-r Ui produce the d^-irei eltec-t. SACH::T:' nre marie of .ri-:intU: si/.c now. witli tlouhle pocket-; ::ud one .•or/ier turned d-iwn. wry dainty :imi f;s.i[>:.-. fn m s'.iecr i-i il:t :.- frr-n/.y p.nd sl th ••nt'y pou:v.l th»-ir I.v -li-.r.-n. •; i .--l'Mi::Liy this i--altO:l >f,a'.c of IVr'.xt. t--nr U:--ir coj.,rcd brocade, enjbroi.-jered v.-it.} : th. ui.iue in {Told, makes a iv.itly [.iviU \ Iv the revival of the l.;:ur. i:l:l- r:::-liioue.l chain may be m:: t -,v oj v.lvor ;;ilt, divided here and t'.u.-iv \\-\\\.- col.vreu stones and pearls. Tho ptvttv faueies are u".ed for hol:'.in--- eve^^. f.iiip aud other f..-aiitil:u- ^n'eic- to i-Uvev, in ilu-ir e.s-iieru T-i :i Jirrrthern n-ai/i-r :. v : !> norapiv i:ny seem struni 1 -.-. .•ity .-f X.-v V-.-rk there i:. u GOOD THINGS FOR THE SICK. KKN TKA.—I'm a f,..wl in s;:i:ir pieces, r-at it in a:> eari.hoa vc--.---l. w:f.i throe piiit.-, of Baited vvp.t.-r. ;-.;i,\ h-.)il f,,,- cii.j-.-y a .-i;:;Ire iie d-)wn, or at p-stnre. in r. OKI, To lh i»nm ¥ rht a inir.d thort.Jiiyirv and under these condJt'i-'Tj's t:on a irood cigarette is Miii«4 That J F.vrry.vhoro through'>nt tb.o los 1 . u:\acs. Tvr.ery state a:»d tbsit hns yol,! ,, r silver 1 . I>:t5isi'ver:ilfif th.-m. An^ind c:ieh thero i-liiiir> :v hair, '•i rt:n:auce. The- lo--t 1'c^r'o^- r.-vin.: on the C.olorat2o desert is the latest t-> itavc r:i innintr r.nd be' notico:! by tho press. Tlie-.-e i:4 a Ioi;t Cabin n:tuv neiir < -rater lake, in Oreyon. Montana, \Vyo:nin^-. J<kih" and New >fo:;i<:o have los: mine> of s-..»rt or other, all rich, and locked in tl;e ilopths of the Navaj.> r<»s- »-rvation in Ax-i/.«>«aisa»»»»rl<K-.t Tnine. Aono oj poat^oj s-cq pan ..-^11,. ->t.:al iu iV»»:;j time to time iu -jv.r-st of the hitter. Sometimes in refcrrinjr to tho various lost mines ihev aro . . , . , ., In fact it wouU scorn impos-'bU- to I" 1 ' 1 -' im **' d * linttl thc I drown him without all^hinj? additional -weights. V.'ith i-ix pounds attached V ;nx '' to his feet he sank in watev to tho ] shoulders; v/ith ten pounds to the cyov. | Fourteen pounds were vwjuinicl uo :n;xl:i» i him sink entirely under \vatvr. The j i-*d etfiv young^ man weighs nbout, ono-i-tyh; :i , less than thu noriuul his stature. , to SOlVi: as fa> j ' !Sl what - n man ^•xl^c^lIt;s for ^CMHUAMUD. her.- i> in 1'aris a class of suicides •*-!••> m:k:c«r every urraa^omont for s f .«il- Thej- ;»*e lrn»i\vn to the po- ' Mti"s-;os a pensr.tion. To spite \H«I--.MUS :»nu m;«>ke KUOf •OCO*i:r= si aaioDui ijjtip s.noisY Oi pourtais ot{j ppu -iaoiinvl oqi aoj \».n|f: it -pan '.txiStr-* .p.>.i.ip.\\p<I qil-vv' -uoissorm ini.uijs 7ltJt| « puv SJrcioq o.w; .t\if {trxj j.rrc 'JOJCAV pfoo jo ^- •uucl,».-»nns p^jpnncuo UTJ m to ooutto tin inj— -sa.iv 4 vi ju °m(\qnj ' ' sa pac OAVV aoj Ss ^ A Hawk KUt«d hy C; **••». r * A hawk flying over the premises of a larmernear Uuck L're-:!;. On., i-haneod to sec a gooH: pr;i;nng- ?.far ofT fro;n fkxsk a nice cd hotmc. Hut i he gotwz roii<trd, an«J <>tiicr gccsit lit'uriug his crios f}e\v tc» tlv i-W'l ft CO prs.-iM'vreiL uud" tV»» In 1 nil the dc- ;:n f-lab<»r.i 4 c r« pat in .rvT ti !«c a goo** {7ni;nng- ?.iar oil fro:n th-- ; Iv.i: r.;i «. r \*.u* fames of charcoal arepre- ik. Thinking- this would » him j f--rn-.l by vhis rla.s.s: the revolver W icem«a'.. lie f.c;v <lovv-n {«ml; ttrmp.'- ' dvr.n-i. : ;!;"; disii^uv tlio features t-M> to carry the goose oft t-> U5> Iv-ujf nrvh ;.:,.• : .;K»ii the *-tTo-t. And tbj* pnu n ui r.t •T'?O «»•..:.>.-. 11 I.-.' ];ir^.-»ly tw Miotr* Ul«i That li U fool- Mt to .*»k fui It. lie vr&sa flt:hftrnnt!:il aiid wt'li-known biTRihftss fuan of the ci;v. and \vhna he Walltfd into a tailoring«>stablishnacnt uu" Maiii'strict- the other day he Miked in a bus ! .«c5»s-li!fe way to be shown some pla-ti «ray ^>'«is* for a business suit.. 1 ue b^confl piec.' tlxowu hira Mr.ic:; bis fancy and lie nslct>:l tho cttnl, tr>ld how h«» H-nnlx-d it innde. nud had l:»ke:i. Then. luiU'lm" the >:ninoiidetl to me vnen lie aiiuutd cull for "Your Diaeo was by il»*. • , wlM>tt Aftor ;:sl:: 5: h<> st2rN»(t out.. ••\\-.-:ilwayi-n-.jnin-u «li-posit, of leu dolturrf." stipest;-J lh<r U»iioj\ "A v.-luvt?" "A <1<-po3il.c>f. t -n i|oj>.irs. Vo;j know. *onii:t.iin,'s people (t,,-^,-; t,, nirai'nfU'r yiDtli-.-H. an.I th-r UjtV'-.- L<i bi sent lo tti" mi .iit, man." "You tn -;i.:i v-.iu want ir.p to pay ten 'icHar . ttov. :t'.'" "^ <-s, sir; i*. is m'^o^aiy in our V)u;i- • O. vvi- always mak!' th:-s:i tit Lie fore th -y if.i c.tti." •\\o-.v. .see Mr. Tailor, suppose you fret tiling rnixc-J aad c .u out rny cloth on t'.ui pattern of the sla!>- ' t: you just lUtt.asurud. do y'ou suppose .-.-It^riutT would do thom-any j^cxxi? Not much. Now ynjj have hful a square \vhac:c at me, y.ju have froue nil ovr iny anatomy with that strin-r'aiid tri- [ auirlo. You have punchti.i nio. in th • t s:-je and jiokod around to.- lind- out ! where the. joints vrer.-, ai;d- if vou haven't done it ri^iit 1 don'5 e.vpr-ot to p:r.v for it. Ue:ir? I'll t-II you wh::t I U ih>. thoiurh; JM j^ive you a'iive hu.i- Ircd doilur b.-inito he here on time and tak- the clothes if they Jit. leaving the (iue:.tion <if tit to a com-ssitt.-o or three selected tailors. i.?ui you will have t . pay Lh" expenses. O r I'll do- this; ['li pay y-.,u for f lt . s -, ut no'v if yoa .vvii; ^ive i;i-. a lci.v.l of t:i<; saine. "iciud t, nialce the ci.'Jhes fit «>r return the ::i:i:icy \viLh int.-rost. Uut you m:i>i [».:y ail .:\-pe.".ses. If you do:i'*- \vain t-icsc- rerni.s. nart.u:r. you can 1-vok in-- I am an,I in.\I;i-. \[\<- duds, or you .;an j::.\- me for the f.-ouhle of suh-\:ti,in;r to t-hii i:ien-,uri:i:r t>us:!iov;. See? lint .vou don't ;;vt any '-o.Uiriyciil fec-otit of me ou a suil of" The t;tilr>r too it the risk. ALMOST A PREDICAMENT. K<.iDMut,i-r»(t .»«:!»t In Tim.-. -A <; Me ( ,f ."•;ti:u:il <.;<>o<; r<fr.-«m t >. A shor'. iv»[ir; >n b -twi.'Rn thn' jiri ,c.; OT' jrcr;:i:::t toad-T.s. :ir. Tor.-. Harry. a-v<i tVat uu.-^n of ti:«>. i-.y:il iv..-;c- ' Aw.! aitorn'j->u: so do 1 Vi.U looivllltf SO \V«_*11." IVauics. I ulwiis lo^, 1 ^ ti; wc ij. you br.f.her;. in the C.'GARZTTM n~ Th:-tti A".- .1 -. <:t-:MU-r v s-v.-ral !<^ 1: cln -v < pouuu x\- -j -iw; ,u(. NMON>!Nn 3H s-j.xnn.-mc 0<:i i 1SU.^.UJ 01 Jrtts tjn-pery 'or.'- -. ^T!(Ki.vjjoj r, ipn;.-» ca^tnuur.j nitAv ti| UT «r-v; qtuo,>i4n«^j nil"! siq puu - UAJ. 338 ••T<» !> 'sure. In fact that i.: one r.-a- '••»" I called. You w.n:!-.l i-.iii{:e. ;-. •-•liawitiij'.'r w : r-- to s::---h a f v -li-)-.\- ;i ^ • , e il »n ; you knew, nnd I t:ioiurr-.t l'<i 311^1 i.MW.stjalU- a\-sk. d-m"t you ifaow. i; .you -H.hrt tiiink- I'd he a;mut tiu r..^ht sort of :i '.:im^ fora husband." "i 'l-.m't sec why you wonldir't n> very TAeil. V.on tliiacc port'c-.,tiy. -i.m'i. yi-ii'.'" "Thai \v:»ul-'i If" <|ij:t- neci-ssarv. I d::no • i-.Mr.ily as well." "A- -1 i'jn>t-- so. por}ia;>s: but \ve I'/MiJt] sorm. by :-. Lict!.- practice, make thai ull "'I h--ro 5 C . har.tly anytliinjr el.-,e "o tb- "Notuui^ r that i can t!iii:k -if. a::-'. : thought se.j-jojisly oi UH- inaL^a'.i f^i.iiie way from the. chin 'here." '-'i> ••li. i :uu. wiiiin^-." *f "Jfetv i'v ,-j-i o:i|;a^ i.-riecit rin:r t-sftl I .-(If.-iif in case o-:' ::c,-iii-nt ^ T ti > .y. vlcah :ne. you b:iv; ¥ one on aoiv " "ib.\v provoking. \Vhy. 1 must l»- { At'tcr a tnoni-jnt.) "O! I n.-v.-r con',,) think. i).>rt - t j-ou ktiovvV liusn:, a:iv one iu:'nf.uned" it at" "iluh .Jov'c. i't'S. .Seeras to in-- tha* .lack Dashing- spoke of bouiotiiing of LP.v! SOI".." •*Vos,'it's Jack. How very iinfor- "57nfortunate''indeed. He reafly does u<n ;I:i:ic\.- nearly 113 we.-l a.j 1 d«, o-.—^ iu-V" *'l"y n>> m^ans." "Ity tho \vay. see wnat a pr^tt-v r:-i^ I had iut'-ndcd for you." \ Op.-.i S m<: ea:,.-.j "i;;ia Jove, it's not here-." •'{.'oul'ly. >u have lost it?" "X.>7 ..-niue to thiuk about !!„ I'm ^n- L^cd, too. Calle-J on Pauliiu iTetly- iait evening and was eu^-a^o-: L went home—that is, I thixik i; <nore A weixt home. Strange. One could almost cail us care-lcss, couldn't, one?" "Almost" "Weil, I jruessl mustg-o. CooJ after- aoon." -\*^*& afternoon."—Tom. Ha.!I. in FAKJiERS AT THE FAIB. An Agricultural Exhibit of Va«t Will far fht«c«<f An.rthinf of ih« Iac*lculAM» V»lo* t« Kama- of The ttj?rioulUtral exhibit at tho world's fair, it is bi-liei^d, will be hi tidied'- with frre»t<?r inu'rtst and bv more people than will almost any other mvisKm of tho great exposition. Mil- iious are enframed iu raisiu? or ;lcalin" in aflrricultnml prcx-JuoLs. aiiti every oite is a Consumer of tliom. Ueoogiuzing- this, the;ion m.-tnafcment ha** ,I»rovidt»d afer/rmmxlatiohs and faoilffies. j'or.tliis exhihit whivh d\varl such prtv- vUion m'juU: at aay previous worlcK* lair. Th» agru'tiHural but Win jr. an isnpos - TfntS and boautifnl structure, situated uicrosti the man la-rnnn, southward from the pre;it luauirfaoturers' build- m^. i« rapidly approaching completion and xvill be finished ^voa- ^ a ii detail m orn:inio:itatton.-:. before October 1. It tu«>;isuros 500 by MOO Ivot.. and has aii anui-x :5fKi by f.OO fe«t, ;ui/J « connected mscmhly hall, which has a .ji'ati""- ca- p.v.-ityof 1.500. (;io.-.eby oiv the .south i:» the dtury butkUng-..inoasur£ng 100 by ' •* t Tiie northern port : bn of the main fl«K«-«f th«- building xvill be • occupied by thwa'-Tiuultural ami other f,x>d exhibits of for.iitfn nations, which, it is al- r-ady assurc-<l. will b<? uxtvnsivc.- tJrcut llritian. Ik-rmany, Franco, Mexico Aiistrhv.. Dcnmurlc, Sweden; ^apan, Paraguay. Carnula ;md i. t:u[*iJ K -r of <>th<-rcountrii-.s li.-tvc lU ready been :i«<- iiRniHl spa::o. ninjfinjr f rom : one thot ,_ sand to fiftwn thousand .-^aaro fc-eL oacli. Iti.siixpL'<.-tiiil t-iiixt thft arrricul- lural o.\l)il.its by Llu-sc- ct nntrU-s will !>•• as o..T:ipn-h.-.-!--hv a:; those of our «m-n i-«.i;i:try. ;:ad will Miow s«iint: fi'aturc-s vrhifh v.-ill bo exct-oclJngS- in- stru.-.tivy to Atrn-rr.-ans. CJrcupyiny: in-ariy ;U1 of tho -^nairi.ier Of tho inni;, n, l0r W JH 1 JC t , u> t.^Jtiljit^ c.-n.-als :tr t: i -it!:-;>r farm pr-xhiet the states i.f thir union. Mv-.-ry and ti-rr:u,.-y. it, \ A " of the Mints- O't. vho shores of Casco bay. >fe.. t?iM still abundant. It lives .n ros in lac rocks near hi b »-h waltr Its young- am ap'par.mtlv •s-rox^vt forth at the enri of Jbe'i.i-uar*. or cariy in March, and thoy ar;: v.v-',- thirds as large •'as the parvnt uv ti:-- ::i:dJlc of June. They ontcr th.s v:;:t-r like othc-ra.'s-.vim about after ilound,-r-v or euaners. bringing theoi .-vsh.iro. Wi- have observed a family of four, cht- paothcr and three yout^f ones, en-^a^-etL in fishing and «»tia^ floundera! «nd they were so tame we could approach within four or &TC feet of their station under a wharf. It seems to vary i.i wlor from a sable black .to • redd'.-b brovra, the young beiny dark. l«ici^ osting :a their aUapc and habits. tUo.v nmuse ths summer residents, uud a ." c Interior. from tin:, one va-,t }lo,> r . coven:::: r.;-,-.rly ten acres, will be displayed in ril! •their variety and aeration \hc pick of the farm product.-, of the work!. 11 is believed that the exhibit luade bv thus , country. na;M : ~il]y excv-din- that of , any other in extent, will attract ^rcat r-.ttont-on. also, by reason of its ,-;.".-p- tional merit, and the eomprehcnsh :: m- f'-rniatlvn thai -.%-iil accouipauv it. Thi:, threat exhibit, or rather arvav o{ -. will \n; made and arranjr *Y iu Mich a systematic manner that the visitor, almost at. a pit^,., o:ih loll ht)t only the_;ippear:i;j v -e of each object, tmt w}j lt t it is, wbi.iv it came. from, and "all about it." l-'or "under, the rcs-uhitidns adopted fo r t!\c- department. Chief liu- ehauun require that each exhibit Kh.-ill be accoiri-paaiedwith the following data: Is ante of ok/srct, name of producer. where character of : ,-oil, d:c.Jc: of. phii'.tin-r. (pianlivy of seed pi an ted per acre. la.-'Ji-ni of cultivation, date of h:vr- Vv-stin;;. yield ner acre, wig-lit, price of product aL nearest market, average tem- peratur:- and rain or snow fall by months between planting- and har^esL- in;. r , and who*.her or liot irrigation vras, On the s>\ news of flooriujr in th" p.n- iio:c. whieh is virtually an e:;ten:;ii-u of that cf the main building. wiF- h«- shown every di.-scription of a;*Tk-ulf.ural r.ia-.-hir:cry. including- not opiy ti:-.- !>_>st -such as will Illustrate tiu: pro^n^sof the ituluslvy..£rom primitive tines tu ^,'ne i^f La--, most novel. instructive and elaborate- exhibits, and one that will undoubtedly attract tho attention of ev-ry s-i.-ntiiic pcrsnrv and scholar life, will IK: t.liat made bv the Association of AuierJ-un Agricultural (.'.xxlc^t^ and Expcrirrnjut .Station';. This exhibit will o::cuny nearly S.OOO hquare feeL of space, and will be located in the southwest corner of the b-.iildtni;-. on the iir.-t iloor. It will represent the cntux: work i..'t a model ajfricultucal c::- parimentai station, eovurinr^ the field of erporimont and research in crops, botar.y. horticulture, entovaolog-v, foei.ling-st:u7j;, animal nutrition dairv solids, n:iik testing- and ve ternary Kv .f. t*n-je, ; -.rill include an el.ib< rate and complete tXitanical, biological and cKchii^ul laboratory. I:i a-vkr.r.i-.n to this, the siifrKrultural colleges of the United States" vill have, in tlii.s space, a combined exhiaitgi i-cally iliuii-i-ra.ting the work aat field covered: by each colleg-e. This entire, exhibit is not only uniqtiev but is something that lias never b*x>n aceom~ plisaed or attempted at art?- previous, exposition, The exhibit wiJJ be put up amlx-ond noted by the directors of the different experiment stations and rcp- " all VMS of the dilierent a;j ricuj- cotto£cs of the UraUxl Stales.-, each contributing some ps»rl of the «.- kihiV the whole to be 'jaKtalletl in a aiagrnificent manner, at she cxpea&c oT tjy^ i~t»<-ed States govcsnineiit. Tbis will jriv-tf to every visitor-»n opportunity to.xvitiK'ss tlie. methods, by which the great -^ayanoo.s in all phases of agricultural Hie and research vecarr.icd ^n in the cnlJorycr. and experinent stations r* the V'uitccl States. —A. mt.n in Vermont wh-"» neglect y I Lis wite finds himself confronted bv*a pftittita sigiwid bj orer one hr.ndrod of tr\e hrst known women in the i..>\ " lr v >s:^nd to th* bwMUaibwjl rcoaa the oOicc of con at j *.*et-- .» Creditor Outwi(t«i!. The celebrated Vrencli poet, Saint. Poix, who, in spite of his large income^ was always in debt, sat one clay in*, l>arber~s ehair waiting to 1*o »h»T«f) x says London Tid-Bits. He x\--s liihered. xvhen the door opened and a tradesman, entered who happened to be one of ^IK- poef;> largest creditors. No s:*mer «\ul this man see Saiat Foix than lie angrilv demamknl hi? money. The pcxjt coni- poseJiy bc^xoil him not la make » scene, "Won't yoi> wait for the money HiiUl.I»xn pharcfl?'\ <t CcrUialy," said tlie other, p!cas,-a at the prospect. Saint Fofac then w»4i«; ^<» bwber a witness of th«i.agreement Mid immediately took a towel, wiped tho litW'fraai his face and left the t.hop. Ke fcearil to the en'J of his days, -

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