The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on July 1, 1971 · Page 46
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 46

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1971
Page 46
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, my i, i«i HAMILTON, OHIO, JOURNAL — THE DAILY NEWS PAGE Lite Begins At Forty! Face Lifts Can Improve On Nature; Use Modern Science To Look Your Best fly ROBERT PETERSON What about face lifts? Should folks undergo sUfgery if they'd, like to bid farewell to some of; that sagging flesh draping the facial features of most middle- agers? Sure they should — if they can afford it and figure it will boost their spirits and recharge their self-confidence. Amy Vanderbilt had her face Mfted and has nothing but praise for the technique. ,No embarrassment, either, as seen by the fact that she wrote an article about the experience in a recent issue of tlhe Ladies Home Journal. "I'm hoping," this radiant and renowned etiquette authority told me the other day, "to remove the last vestiges of embarrassment about an operation that has brought new poise and self-assurance to many women and growing numbers of men. "I liked my old face and took pride in my appearance, but I disliked the puffiness around my eyes and the tendency of skin to sag under my chin and the sides of my face. "So I consulted a well-known plastic surgeon. He said the operation would take about four hours, that I'd be in the hospital three days, and that the cost would 'be about, $3,000 including postoperative care. He said I'd be up and around in two days, out in public in'two weeks, and that most of the scars would be barely visible after a month. So I went ahead." Journal-News Subscription Rates Following are the subscription rates of The Hamilton JournalNews: In the City of Hamilton, 15 rents a copy and 70 cents a week. Outside Hamilton IS cents a copy and 70 cents weekly. Bv mall on rural routei in Butler, Preblc and Warren Counties and on the rural routes of Mt. Healthy, Sharonvllle and Harrison, Ohio, and on the rural routes of Liberty, Indiana, and Brookvllle, Indiana: 3 months, $9.10; 6 months, $15,00; one year, $25.00. By malt In territory outside that listed in above paragraphs: 3 months, $9.10; « months, $18.20; one year, $36.40. , ; : Vacation order* in United States, 15 cents per Issue. Fint class postage or air mail posU age extra, if requested. , Special rates, by mail, outside the City of "MjWKfeWJ} Butler County, to tH|Mpo«;Ki of tht Armed Services. Anywhere In the world 3 months., $9.10; 6 months, $15.00 and one year, $25.00. All Mall Subscriptions payable in advance. In ordering bv mail be sure and give complete mailing address. and "If In tare of some- ant." If possible, give "county" in which poKtoffice Is located. Subscription Coupon JOURNAL-NEWS HAMILTON, OHIO Please enter my subscription Date for ................ months. Name Address City and Stale n Delivery By Carrier p Delivery By Mail Remittance Enclosed In the Amount of $ ..,.., . SPECIAL HOTEI! Please forward new ZIP code number with your subscription order. Was it painful? "Not at all.- The anesthetic .put me to sleep and afterwards there was very little discomfort. 1 love the results. He corrected my drooping eyelids, removed all the puffiness above the eyes and the bagginess under them, and took away the flabby look from my jowls. He corrected the latter by cutting behind the ears, temporarily separating the lobes from the f a c e, and then witlh pincers pulling out excess fatty tissue. He then shaped the Skin to the contour of the jaw and snipped off unwanted portions. "In addition to reducing the size of the jowls, this also minimized miy nasal labial folds— those lines radiating from the nostrils to the sides of tie mouth and from the corners of the mouth on down to the sides of the chin. "With surgical corrections here and there, and a tighter quality to the skin, my new face makes me more attractive to myself and, I hope, to others." Some may claim that face lifts reflect unadulterated vanity and that we shouldn't alter what nature and the passing years impose. But civilized man s constantly striving to improve on nature. We cut, con;our, and often color our lhair and nails because we're more attractive that way. We select clothing to enhance our appearance — not merely protect us from the elements. We use soap, shaving lotion, and cologne because we want to 'be cleaner and more fragrant than nature decrees. And if we have scars, handicaps, or impediments we seek to conceal them — not because we're ashamed but because it's civilized and natural to wish to look as good as we can. Facial surgery doesn't mean folks are ashamed of growing older or tihat they're trying to cling to youth. It simply means they're using modern medical science to look their 'best — for personal gratification and the pleasure of those who must look at them. - a daughter. A year later a , their cats with him, obtain tomcat came calling and took| advice m keeping bheif pets such a liking to us and our |healthy and happy and arrange . .. . . .for their pets to be properly *" S °° n married-, buried, and just about anything else that might concern cats. The story describes a typical marriage, and the accompany* ing photo Shows two cats sitting attentively on a draped table banked with candles. But did you ever hear of catsi Manning is standing before ..._._ _ ' i * •*••_ . t i~t « •*-. I the family. When we discovered he bad designs on tihe other two cats we took the trio to the veterinarian to be fixed — thus doing our part to curb the feline population explosion. getting married? Neither did 1 until yesterday when a reader sent me a clipping from a London newspaper. Seems there's a chap named Anthony Manning in Ilford, Essex, who has created something called the 2ats Association for Rights of Life. Cat lovers can register them holding the Good Book and a musician is seated at the piano. The story says the pianist played traditional wedding music and Manning read appropri ate verses from Genesis about the creation of animals and the sanctity of love in all forms. The owner of the wedding couple:, an elderly spinster, wa quoted as saying, "I think it' a lovely idea. Mimi and Blackie are wonderful pets — so affectionate and human. They fully deserve a ceremony uniting them in marriage. 1 have a feeling Mimi will have kittens by Blackie one of these days and I think it's more fitting if they're properly married." Manning was quoted as saying one of the aims of his associa tion is to bring cats and their owners closer together. He also wants to see cats treated with more respect — not as mere animals but as unusual, beautiful creatures of God deserving a level of care and consideration similar to that accorded people. He requires that cat owners whose pets lie marries sign an agreement never to give them away, but to see that they all live together till death earth. Cats may lack the innate loyalty and ferocious devotion of dogs, but they can 'be very affectionate, require little attention, and are unusually fastidious as house pets. do them part. They must also| Thd ostccm jn agree to pay a penalty of $250 to a cat charity of their choice' if they ever deliberately separate the cats or arc guilty of, mistreating them. | Most readers will find the idea of cat marriages foolish, and amusing. But many dedi- 1 cated cat lovers will feel sympathy toward Manning's objectives. Cats are enormously important to vast numbers of people — many of whom arc older and consider their pets the dearest friends they have on fchcy held is seen by frequent news stories about large sums of money left to them. A sad com-, mentary, perhaps, but an indi-i' : cation of the important role * cats play in the emotions of men I '•. and women. I! OPEN THURS,, JULY 1st ANITA'S BEAUTY SALON 075 Walnuf St. MillviHe SPECIAL ALL PERMANENTS S|AOO PHONE JULY 1st thru JULY 10 IU 8630142 OPERATORS: Anita Yauger Jenny Catron Our family likes .cats. We started with a female who appeared at our door and appar- ehtly.fdecided to adopt us. A few y/eeS^ater she surprised us by giving"fiirtlh to a single kitten Firmer Prices Of Wool Expected Producers can look forward to some finning in U.S. wool prices as 1971 progresses. The sheep inventory Jan. 1 was 3 per cent under 1970—indicating a production cut is likely. But an upturn in the economy should boost domestic use over the postwar low record last year. Church Music "Gap" SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) "When my children can sing every beer commercial, but can't sing anything about the teachings of Jesus . . . I've missed the boat somewhere," says the Rev. William K. Burns, of Maplewood, N. J., president of the United Methodist Musicians Fellowship. He urged church musicians here to quit "playing games" and "get about our Father's business." Hado's TheyU Do It Every Time • DO IT YOURSELF! GO ON VACATION! Everybody in the family needs a vacation when this monej-saving (?) Dad decides to be his own home decorator and botches the job. Before your owi breadwinner gets into real trouble "doing it himself, set a real "pro" in and let him do the job while you r* on vacation. There is one good do-it-yourself tip, how ever Call 895-&6Ql» ** for circulation department, t keep the Journal-News with Hatlo's hilarious THEY'LL PO IT EVERY TIME coming your way all the time you're away. SHOP DAILY 10 TO 9 - SHOP SUNDAY 12 TO 6 - PARK FREE 2 HOURS IN OUR 2 BIG LOTS! Downtown Hamilton — Phone Orders 893-6171 Famous Brand Non-Cling Tricot Half Slips VALUES TO $4 2.99 Save $1.00 now on each one you buy! This is a very famous brand you've probably bought before and liked — but we can't tell you the maker's name because of the low price! Non-cling tricot in white and very beautiful colors — with a plentiful selection of lavish, luxurious trims. Small, medium and large sizes. Charge It on the Higl' St. Level MISSES' FAMOUS SLEEVELESS PANT TOPS ORIGINALLY $12 7.99 Sleeveless pant tops from one of our most famous makers at savings of $4.00 now! Wear them smartly over any slacks or shorts. Easy-care acetates or acetate blend fabrics in vivid summer prints. 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