Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 15, 1961 · Page 86
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 86

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 15, 1961
Page 86
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Lancaster, Liz Leading Oscar Race By JOSEPH HNNIOAN (Uf»r) -Bart Lftficisffcf wtthfilliabMh Taylor ar« front runners In this Oscar derby and look like the beta to MS, top actor find actress of Awards tof •I Lancaster ivis nomirtAttd, fer lils role ai tha f f 6 r y ftienthef in "Elrtet .$*«. try" whlIA,MlBs Taylor Is cbft' tending, 'ert the strgngtri 'of :hdr portrayal of a sinful woman In "Butterfleld 8/ 1 Competing agairtst Lancaster is .Tack Lerftmon "The Apartment," Spencer Tracy "Inherit the wind," Trevor Hbward "Sons and Lovers," and Laurence Olivier "The Entertainer." Miss Taylor must beat out Shirley Machine "The Apartment," Deborah Kerr "The Sundowners,". Mellna Mercourl "Never on Sunday," and Greer Garson "Sunrise at Campobello." Th« beautiful Elizabeth Is heavily favored to win the female actress statuette on two accounts. First, she turned In a good per formance in "Butterfield 8," and second, her recent battle against rear fatal Illness undoubtedly won her some votes. This year's competition marks the fourth consecutive time that Miss Taylor has been nominated for the golden man. She never has won. This is Lancaster's second nomination. He lost out to Bill Holden in 1953. PHOfeNTX tHtAfEM Pots "Black Stniday," 12:20, 1:15, 8:10, M5', 12; "Hideous Sun Demon," 1:50, 4:45; 7:40,10:40. Vista: "Ben-Hue," 2, 8. Paramount: "Mlilltma ires," 1:50, 5:30, 0:20; "Circle of 11:48, 5:30, 7: J5, 11. Palms: "Exodus," 2, 8. Strand! "Atlas," 12:30, 3:40, 6150, 10; "Plunderers of Painted Plats," 10:511, 2:OS, 5:15, 8:20. * h o e ft I fct "Goliath and the Dragon," 12, 3, 8:25, 9:45; "Why Must! We," 1:20, 4i40, 8:05, bfttVE4N THEAf ERS intent*: ''Yellowstone Kelfy," :15,11:50; "North by NorthweStj" 9:25. - .,. Bound-Up: ''Cirnfliton," 7:30, 10:55; "Men Against the Artie," 10:20. Oasis: "Tunnel of Loye," 7:35, 12:25; "Anatorhy of a Murder? 1 &:45. Sands: "Diary of a High School Bride," 7:15, 10:15; "Ghost of Dragstr!pHollow,"fl:05. TONIGHT MUSIC by Clay Kamwy and th* Old Timers Stnler Citlien Dane* WtdntMlcy • lOe , 30th Av«. and W. McD»w*ll DANCE For ODD FELLOWS & REBEKAHS and their friends ODD FELLOWS BLDG. k 31 N. 3rd. Aye. UoiUIrs Admission Wed. $1—Sar. $1.25 MARLIN McLAWS and HIS ORCHESTRA CLUIB PAH I<:E 1801 W. VanBuren DANCING NIGHTLY to TERRY BROWN and his Pirates LEFT BANK ROOM Danclnt 1 tt 4 «,m. Friday, Saturday. NO ADMISSION Cinema Fare In Valley ALL; Pioneer: "Man- of the Wat; 7:30, 12:10; "Solomon and Sheba," 9:45. Indian: "Millionairess," 9:40; "Circle of Deception," 7:25. 11:10. Rodeos "Tin Star," 7:30 11:15, 2:20; "Going Steady," d:35, 1. Big Skys "Sword of Sherwood Forest," 7:40, 11:30; "Three Worlds Of Gulliver," 9:30, 12;|0. Mustangs "Web of Evidence," :'32; "Three Worlds of Gulliver," 7:37, 10:57, VALLEY THEATERS KlVa: "The Lovers," 6, 9:05; "Hiroshima Mon Amour," 7:35, 10:40. Cinema Portoflrto's: "Panther Panchall,;' 1:30, 7; "Aparajito," WILLIS SWORN IN WASHINGTON (AP)'— Frances E. Willis, 61, America's top-ranking woman career diplomat, was sworn in yesterday in her new job as ambassador to Ceylon. 15 B. Main I Open »:00 A.M. Last Shew at 2:30 P.M. c -**-j i I Conflnuouj—•Show Lam Approx. 2V» Hrt. ScettSdalelAduIti 90c _ Chlldr.r, 50e — Junior* 7Se 3:15, 8:45; "The World of Apu," 5, 10:30. Valley Art: "The League of Gentlemen," 6. 8, 10. Parkway: "The Captain's Table," 2:11, 7:13. 11:04; "The Misfits," 3:58. 9. Kachlna: "Pepe," 12:35, 3:50, 6:55, 10:05. Mesa: "Cimarron," 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:45. Glen: "Legion of Sleepy Hoi- low," 12:45, 4:15. 7:50; "Cimarron," 1:35, 5:05, 8:40. Jrd AV*..«V. With. Adm. JJe A Me Naw-J OutMindln* Hllil "GOLIATH and! th* DRAGON" M «f 1i-.Jiflt^<y»|_»H7 2nd Hit "WHY MUSt I &|E" on at 1:»~.4iU-ti«( Plui ceior C«rloon» CHANDLER PARKWAY "The cioiain'* T»bi«" "Th* MI«JH«" MUSTANG DRIVE IN "W»b 61 6vld«ne«" "Th« 3 Worldi of Outllver" $1.08 Per car NOW SATURDAY ONLY CHILDREN'S GUILD APRIL 15h "FLIGHT TO MARS" Cartoons — Comedy —^ Serial IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT SOMBRERO PLAYHOUSE Mat: 2:30 Eva: 8:40 In Perion MARGARET TRUMAN In Th« Broadway Comedy Hit "Goodbye My Fancy" Co-Stars CONRAD TOD NAGEL ANDREWS AM 6-4487 HURRY! ©000 SlAfS AVA^ILE lliif GALL '& P.M. . At 2.7444 OR-BY MAIL — A fM w*if ;*Wiit r »ir u ABUT* COMING SOON! WATCH FOR IT! • AT 2 THEATRES! TODAY! AT 2 THEATRES! JCOTtSDMF IOAD •I HUH AVENUE KACHfftA Is Proud To fle Selected For A Hollywood SNEAK PREVIEW Most Important Sneak Preview Since Ben Hur FRIDAY NIGHT-APRIL 21st 8:15 P.M. SHARP The Kachina Audience will ba the first in the world to see this motion picture that will make screen history. Direct from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Studios in 70-mm Super Techmrama. TICKETS NOW ON SALE ... KACHINA BOXOFFICE! Logo $2.00—General $1.50 Seats NOT Reserved . (Only ths Seating Capacity Will Be Sold) DOORS OPEN 7:30 P.M. No One Seated After 8:15 P.M. Note: The Engagement of "fiEPE" Will ^. Be Suspended For This One Night! PASS LIST SUSPENDED .HARRY L, N ACE THEATRES. 3PE3P3EPUTSA8HIIEONYOURUP8 HAPPINESS IK YOUR HEART AND TEARS IN YOUR ^ JC01TSDAU IOAD t llMH AVENUl Hlt«.» 7-111$ Continuous Show* Today From llsJO P.M. For an unforgettable advtnturt . , . II JUKI TO VISIT R^StTAURANT It COCKTAIL LOUNGE •':.• ; ' OwntU ' Op«t«l«d by Voccorolt 1710 North KthStrett ROMUNJPICWLTIEI, SEAFOOfSAND CHARCOAL IIQILEI STEAKS GLENN DAVIS at tlw >l«n« •« Optn <3«lly /r«m 4 KACHtltA 6th Week! For Details On Arizona's Most Unique Party and Picnic Facilities coll WE 5-3791 Enjoy Dinner With Us This Sunday and Then Tour the Ranch! loe«t»d on lower L«k* PU«i*nt ACADEMY AWARDS CINEMASCOPE-TECHNICOLOR A CCXCJMI'i WCIUH The Seninlion of "Arotiiul Tlx \Vorl,l In SOD<iyt' CANTINFLAS as 3P3E3P3E to-iiurint DAN DAIIEY- SHIRLEY JONES Plut 35 STARS APPEAR/NO AS THeustLvesr MAURICE CHEVALIER •BINGCROSBT MICHAEL GALLAN-RICHARD GONTE BOBBY DARIN-SAMMY DAVIS Jr, JIMMY DURANTE-ZSAZSABABOR :^JUDY GARLAND'GREER BARSON HEODA HOPPER-JOEY BISHOP ERNIE KOVACS-PETER IAWFORO JANET LEIGH-JACK LEMMON JAY ,.,ar«. NORTH -HIM NOVAK ANDRE PREVIN- DONNA REED DEBBIE REYNOLDS • EDWARD G. ROBINSON CESAR ROMERO-FRANK SINATRA »nd many, many tnortl "A Hilarious Parpdy Mor» ih«n msrely fjinny" . .. Time SWSVKH ; fc* Curtlln <!00-ltOO-10:00 VAUEY Wash, it lit St. ' — And The — New ACRES DRIVE-IN ..the most frightening motion picture you have ever seinl PLUS - "HIDEOUS SUN DEMON' sat.,AfjrinMi«r .the Atlm* •i^fcAL i.c i '15 I. Matt, , j Seotfsdal*, 1 , At fi*4ft V*fK»RO$HtMA, MOM AMdur I'L 7:30, 10:30 \\ «THE LOVtRS" at 6:00, 9:00 Screenplay" " • 'vi 'NltfO OVER! THIRD RECORD WEEK "A wfiPf PASSION ... CASTS A SPELL /; *, f THAT IS ALMOSt HYPNOTICIV -N.Y. World Til. PLUS: NOW ON THE SAME PROGRAM: THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL FILM EVER MADE , . . 'IJ&& ?#*, •t/ru '65-', All SHOWS AT DUSK — OPEN 6:30 ****** Plui "RAYMIE" TEMPE WO 7-6664 .CHILD 7-1J . THIS ENGAGEMENT ONLV 2SC UNDER 7 FREEI HELD PHOENIX Little Theatre Ivlc Center • McDowell at Central FIFTH ANNUAL FESTIVAL LAST TIMES—TODAY! '"RICHARD III" Matinc«r,2 p.m.', . Evenlns «!30;-P.M, •', NORTHERN ii>ck Ci«!«» Hnh«ir n K«llii>ii.m3<lii OVER! THE GBftSS IS GREENER' UNiviuMiHtrtHAIIOHtl HUM I TECHNICOLOn > ROCK HUDSON < "THIS EARTH IS MlhlE" Adm. Adults 3,75 Students 1.7$ Res. At 4-477» | HELD SILVER DOLLAR DRIVE-IN |??MSaCiiiliil'>m-Z26ll WALT D1SNEYS NOT OVER si.ob Per Car OVER! t TiCWCOlW* '"»" <H MMVISIM* — PLUS — > "• :' "3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER" NOT OVER'' si.oo PER CAR "pANCHtf VILLA :Y LA VALENTINA" — Y — "YO NO CREO EN LOS HOMBRES" Dedicated TViewer? Tune in Channel Chuckles by Bil Keane, in The Arizona Republic It $** e ATTENDANCE IS RESTRICTED'TO'ADULTS ONLY ,NO ONE UNDER 18-WILL BE.ADMITTED " >* CINEMA PORTOFINO'S 46 D. East Main Scottsdale WH i-0}l>\>. TRILOGY Consistlns o/;i'G'rea)'Eplc Filnis—"pather Panchall"'iY'T • "Aparatito" at ti:4i— 'The World Of 'Apu" at io:30 MATINEE.SATURDAY ond SUNDAY;— FROM 1:30 P.M. OPERA FILM FESTIVALat the KiVo .., Sun. and Tues. at-2:00 P.M.".'' "RJGOLETTO" I izona aramount THE AT RE S ALL PHONES AL 2-1705 . -••^I0jjtfiir*^-^-"'— "iinHimnjM 'ACADEMY AWARDS • .-*.,;// '0-5* - illli? OSCARCAST STARTS TODAY AT 2 THEATRES! '. i .;••'• : . -.,'•,'- • '"•' '' ' ' ' -; i • :. • The Most Amazing Spy Story Evelr Tracked On Film! , It Takes A Man ... And Drops Him Into The Dead Center Of Hell•! TODAY AT 3 THEATRE^! FIRST PHOENIX RESULAR.PRICE ENGAGEMENT OF, THIS GREAT ATTRACTION! ROUNDUP Open 6;45 P.M. CcOttldaU 6>?»i. Ik.moild WHS-S44I MESA & GLEN Open 12:30 P.M. MESA THEATRE M«Ia 102 S. MmdanoU WO 4-6J»5 GLEN THEATRE OUndaU il N IhliJ »«. TI7-VI7J • DMA r>n»n'* CIMARRON I GLENN FORD • MARIA SCHELL ANNE BAXTER • ARTHUR O'CONNELU Acldodl ROUND-UP: Diirtoy'j "MEN AGAINST THE ARCTIC" MESA * GLEN: Walt Diin«y'« "LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW" PIONEER I Op»n iMi p.m. GARY COOPER in "MAN OF THE WEST" PIVI Serttn Eplcl "SOLOMON ANO SHEBA" Optn pV' cll wl "NORTH BY NORTHWEST" Plui Clint Wllkor In "YELLOWSTONE KELLY" OASIS Dl {^' p t>,.«,, KJ »ll Vu.. • nl Open M5 p.m. James Stewart in "Anatomy Of A Murder" Plui Pork Piy In "THE TUNNEU OF LOVE" Mt'tU H*i I Mu.n Vi no 4 «4tfH OP«O p.m. "DIARY OF A HIGH SCHOOL BRIDE" PlUII "a«Q$T Of OBA9JT8IP HOLLOW" • ''&:••' • to-t TO* CIRGIf Bradford DILLMANi-Suzy PARKER Harry ANDREWS CO-HIT The Millionairess ALASTAIR SIMS GARY RAYMOND • DENNIS PRICE VITTORIO DE SICA CINEMASCOPE and COLOR Paramount il ind Ave. Poort open 1U30 A.M. Park FREE after 5 Phx Till* Lot Indian DRIVE IN Galcv open 7;go P.M. W. Indian School at 27th'Avt. SEATS AVAILABLE BOX OFFICE OPEN 9 A.M. TONIGHT'S PERFORMANCE 8 P.M. MATINEE TOMORROW 2 P.M. Irgun Leader and American Nurse find a moment for love in the midst of Israel's bloody battle for NOW! MATINEE 2 P.M. EVENING SHOWING 8 P.M. OHO PHlMINGfR PRESENTS ^^^^^^^f ^Rt^^^^V HUHMr ^HHPr ^HHIfF PAUL NEWMAN Palms Doprt op»n 1:30 >nj 7;30 P.M. P«rk PR6E r»*r of Th»aJr».' STARTS TODAY! CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE DAILY FROM 10:39 A.M. MICHAEL FOREST .; Drum n | The mightiest man DtnUlUI W ho ever lived! Strand W«ti W«thinqton «t Ut Av«. P«rk FREE *ft«r 6 Pho>ttl< THIi L«»

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