The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1959 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1959
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, APRIL 14,1959 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Time Is Working Against Dulles By WILLIAM L. RYAN Associated Press News Analyst >? ff ster ? ul - les once remarked: "Time is the most valuable thing in life, and t want to waste it. c ..., Time w °»*s against him now. While he battles cancer in the hospital, the hour is swutly approaching when the policies on which he based America's prosecution of the cold war will face momentous trials Calls Red Diplomacy Stupid In less than a month, the foreign ministers of the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet .Union-' are scheduled to meet to prepare the way for a summit meeting of government heads. Jt is possible the United States will be represented in Geneva by a new secretary of slate. But the influence of John Foster Dulles will be present in any case. The past, six years demonstrated the tremendous impact a single personality can have upon a nation's policy and the course of history. Basically, perhaps, 'American policy in a lime of cold war would REGAL ROMAN—Another Italian addition to Hollywood's „.. MUMin^m tu -ciUJiy WQOCl 5 Blamour gallery is Luciana Paluzzi. A veteran o£ European Rims, she'll star in a new TV series, "Five Fingers," this fa!I. nave been pretty much the sair.e under any secretary of state. But it makes a great deal of difference how those policies are interpreted and carried out. Dulles' solemn, almost evangelistic approach and his stubborn defense of moral principles have left little room for compromise on any fundamental issue of what he considered right or wrong. Perhaps U.S. policy might have done better if its architect had been more deliberately cynical in dealing with a cynical enemy. Dulles seems to have denied himself that weapon out of conviction that "a civilized Western nation's diplomacy should rely on the moral force of Christian principles. Possibly this was a little naive in today's world. But in the matter of assessing his antagonists, Dulles has displayed little naivete. "We are devoting billions in money and our highest talents to preparation for a fighting war, a war that may never come," Dulles wrote long before he became secretary- "The strength of our society is being underminded by the cold war that is here and which could finally defeat us." Dulles has never lost sight of that possibility. Apparently he still believes the Kremlin is intent upon word domination through Communist expansion. The cornerstone of his policy has been a determination to convince the Kremlin it can never succeed. The post of secretary of state always has been an easy and popular target for criticism, and Dulles has aroused many storms. Educated opinion both at home and abroad attributes U.S.-policy not to President Eisenhower — as it had to presidents before him—but directly to Dulles. He bore the full brunt of criticism when he solemnly issued such verbal thunderbolts as "agonizing reappraisal" and "massive retaliation." Only time will tell whether he will be vindicated. But time will not wait for him. Important cold war contests are ahead. Will the United States be represented by a United States be represented by a man equal in rank to the other foreign ministers? Dulles and President Eisenhow- er face another agonizing reappraisal. Dulles' influence surely will be felt at Geneva, but perhaps he and the President will decide the time has come to give the reins of U.S. poicy into other hands. BOSTON. Mass. (AP) - Henry M. Wriston, former president of Brown University, says the Soviets are "diplomatically stupid jeyond belief." "Just as NATO was gelling Joy Ride On Street Sweeper MOUNT CLEMENS, Mich. (AP) — Two airmen of Selfridge Air Force Base, Darrell P. Tavernier and William B. Fish, both 21, zipped through town on a 10-ton street sweeper. Police said both had been drinking before taking off. Municipal Judge Malcolm Trombley fined each *35 Monday for disorderly conduct. Oil Strike On Church Ground CAMPBELLSVILLE. Ky. (AP) — Nature has blessed the,rural Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church with a supplement to the collection plate. An oil well on the church property produces 300 barrels daily. The church received ?8,500 for the lease and gets one-eighth of the production. Roosevelt's Trial Delayed •SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. «i — A Scotlsdale justice of the peace Monday postponed indefinitely the setting of a trial date for Elliott Roosevelt, charged with drunk drviing. Roosevelt, 48-year-old son of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was arrested April 4 when found asleep and slumped over the steering wheel of his parked car. ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember as for prescriptions help for the whole family Low-prlM electricity is a willing worker-no matter which member of the family gives the orders. And it will do a dozen Jobs at once, if you wish. Count up the different ways you put electricity to work. You'll seenght away that it's the biggest bargain in your budget! Ark-Mo Power Co. weaker, they pull a Berlin crisis and reunited the Western nations" he told a news conference Monday night before the annual dinner of Uw Brown Club of Boston, Divorces/Different' Husband DENVER (AP-When Robert Willard, 39, sawed off the legs of lis wife's new dining room table, she says she at first tried to grin and bear it. "We sat on pillows to eat our means," Mrs. Millard, 38, told Dist. Judge Nei! Koran. "We would lie on the floor to talk «nd we had to lean against th* wall lo read." Said Mrs. Millard of her husband: "he just wanted to be dif- ferent." Her divorce was grantad Monday. Gets Alimony NEW YORK (AP) - The State Supreme Court Monday allowec actress Veronica Lake $65 a week temporary alimony pending trial of her suit for separation from her third husband, writer Joseph A. McCathy. WhoHs'ln' A Phone Booth? NAMPA, Idaho (AP) - This time it's 40 students—or parts at them — packed in • telephone booth. Students of Northwest Ntiarene College did it Monday and claim it's » new record. They say the rules — there «r« rules? — put * person inside the booth il h« g«U an arm or leg !n somewhere. The scholars say only 10 students really got completely Inside. Port Opens LONDON (AP) - r>* port of Leningrad has opened to navigation a month earlier than usual because of warm weather. Goldtn Drtam FLORENCE, Italy «! - Giovanni CalawaJ, a barber In a nearby village, dreamed he won Ba!dwin_Pianos SkidtnorePianoCo. «» So. l*t 8*. fAGK 1 lift El a weekly numbers lottery. The dream, he said, wu so convincing he invested in • dozea tickets at 50 lire—8 cents-each. One was a winner — worth tf million lire or $107,000. IWt-J MOKE THAN JUST "SHRINK" FILC TISSUCSI* No Surgery Needed to Stop Pai n of Swollen Pile Tissues While They Heal! 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