The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on July 4, 1892 · Page 2
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 2

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 4, 1892
Page 2
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FRUIT'S AND FLOWERS. The Horticultural Display nt tho Columbian Exposition. -AM. £x titbit of NXtureY Kl.-li-* Hoou- t*o-u ami itoauUfui IJc-yond J>t*>>>- ; 1 iluu — A Flowitu; l'..iuit:ii-i of j | Wine from <'ahforn.u. J 1 The horticultural di.sphiy at thf I world's fair will be b--xvil«l,-riuy in ox- I tent'ami marvelous in .beauty. Tin- ex- I hibil will possess tfreat seienlitie am! • «i<iueati«)iial. value, but to the ordinary Visitor ' its'oruauieiital • features will be the, most .strilLih^. lndce.1. it will play iin important part in the ;idornni.-nt of the jjrt'ai' exposition. While in almost every part uf the exposition tfixmiid.s may b.- seen gratifying evi»l»-nees of the v.-ry e-Vieient Work of the h->rli.-ul: i-ral «Jenartment. tiie com raijv-iiil <-f inU-r- « v sl'-iviil naturally he in the e.vhi;i:: in thr. horticultural building. This s! ru--- tiir«' is -jyti feet loutf a:i.l ivim- 1 width of 'I'M feet. 'lts;'p''.-iij i.s'a ecnlral ' pcirili,->:i. with two end puviliotr-. .-a.-h o-njiocU'd'with il by front":m«: n-u" <-u: 4 - tUH-.s, forming lw:.» ihterior e-mrls. i-a- h l-'S by '270 feet. Sitnn. misting the e.-:-.i:ut pavilion is a beautifully p'rop.^r; :.,:>.-il dome, 157 feet in diameter a;ul I i;> feet I n the south pavilion of tiie building wiii be : instafK-.l the. vit i:-uitus ; al «•'.- Kit'-.t. e:;il>ccieinic all varu-'tics of u i:i.:vi:ii ev«-ryi.hi:V.; j).'rt:>:n:iV^r t.. i'.,-; m:u::i- fai'iirr..; Aii i;l--.i^f h-»v eonm'et'-- Uiis b:v.,- :i!r.-:idv I-.- rhr.-- f -r-. L"i. -• il,-- • --i.,-,:- , , ; j ;•;,,.,.,.. i :---iu -;'i-l ! : ! f V -.'. i! I !•<• er»p.-:-i;i! !v it- •' :i i •: e. A j firu- •• \ i.;i-M"f i 'ni!::in \\ ::•.-. ;?n.J r::is- | ii:-. f.: in.--! f-.i- llieir Mii>--ii -r .j.i;,;iiy. \V :!: }>.- l:..:d. - : ('a'ili'Oiv;; v. .' 1 it:::!-..; :i SP>! .«•: ' .!!-]>::iy. :ul ••!' l':e ye.-:it. [•••i:if. nu.-t-ii s'n> •"•• .-.ji:iet- 1 .ail.v.ved them. ! i FROM HISTORY'S PAGES. WOMEN AND THE FAIR, XonwAv's THK first river and hart>»r bill was passtvl in l$W. aud it called for the e.v- pi-nditurcof j?-i.S,000. THK expressions *' llallelnj;ih" and '"Amen" are said ' to h.iv»» been intro- ductrd into Cli'ristiau wyrsliip by St. Je- roiu'e alxnit A. I). :.".K). (>>:.N. l^KK. Deo'enilu-r 'Jrt. 17'.i'.\ first applied to lion. Wushtnx'toli the phrase: "First in war. first m.peaeiMind lirst in the hcitrts of his ctuinlryuien." IN Rn'ffh'.ri'.'' in !*"•[ about . (i.OO'tl hmises had Til) windows of 'jflyss :uiil nmvyrds in eui'h, :>b nil "JT."!.!)!!!) . had 10 wituU»ws and upwnnls. and 7^r».(iLH) ha«lsove:i windows or te.->s than seven. THK eorni-r stoiu- of the white h<ui-.o in AVHshin^'ton. I), ('..was laid in i 75» J. The >)ii!li!in<.' was first ueeii[m-d ))«/ 1'residejit Adams in ]-•"». T:»- whit.- himi.xf wa< . bvirnod by tfie Kriti .ii in 1 W !J. and ir.--, rt>.st«»ratio'n u :r> f :;i|iiet'-d in isl^. THK lirst ship from Kriirland t..(»reen- lan<i was sen; for the whiile ti^h.-ry by tlie Muss-ovy t'onipany in I'-'.IM. \i\ n v<>ya^e perforiiK'.l i.-i.-jr,:;!). <---/ia tuen \verc' left behind by. aeeidont. who s-.if- fered iii.-re<lib!:' haniship> till the f..l- 1'iwiiijr year, when ihv > ojupar.y's > ! u;i-- f)r->u<^!u them ho'me. A GATHERING OF 'MIRTH. M A MM A — "\Vhy did yon run otT front niiii spend the'\vhoh- day i-o\vii!^ ;il»..i!t .the riv.-r?" 15->y- -"i'apa .saM he wanted' 'me t«.» [>.-.-j>:tr<- f'.<r i-ola-;'.-." Hood NeW.s.- I-'r:'i!:N!«--"T.r'Mibh. wi:li . y-'.ur xvif.-. eh'. 1 AViirit r.,viw.d:d yotir .!• •"•i.-sii;- s!: : j. spilt "ill'" S;»iiilc> -"Xo!!.- :t; :i-i. I!:, it;"; r. vie-.•r>:ioii<rh-.. 'that xv;;.s th.- di;:.v.:. : : v." - y. V. \YveU!y. "\Yji.\T <io you MK-iiii !•-,• ;-::"i;':-'v->n xv:i--.t tn.spe:iU-to.'iiie <>n l-usiji«-••• wl|.-i. y."i only xrant (o li.i|-i-..\v >•:::.- !:n >;:--v.'" ••K.\v,i.-v- 'uie.' Sill l">rr-'\\i:i;_" in'.'.!-.-. J.- my bn.-.inesv:".-- I'liei-.-n '..• i; '• ;\\ v.v t'Al:;:r i iu.i:< —"I e:nf i -, ;i y t isai ! 'p:ir- ti.-iihu-iy ii-lnii : ; e li.e ;:ir! of \]\,- jieri, id." XV'aile -"\ '•.[-. .I'.-ii'l'.' I .'M.-.-, y<.i- i-.-v--:- coj:5'.r:i-.t.-i h.-r wi:]i' i!i.- -.'Ji-.t ••!" t!i.- i:i- !..-rr..-a'i-'M !".in;.---X. V. i!.-r:i!d. .lr\io-,: 1'vi: i'\i:':: • (xvhfi ;'••• e-.-".-rl l r t<j the won* ^n's depurtmeut of the world's fair i* Miss Juiiu Nielson. of C'hristiania. TrtK chairman c>f the puiuti-r's briincix of thf wouii'n's division of th« world's ron^re^s auxiliary of the Columbian exposition is Mrs. fci. L. S. Adams. nn>fst beautiful woman in thut stutt; t» represent it as one of the original thirteen stales at the Columbian tion MLss Lullu ifarrison. •(>N'K iif th^ ladies pn-s.Vntcd at" t*n»! drau-intf r.>om in London OTI last "Wednesday by Mrs. Kobert Lincoln was Mrs. i'otler J^l.-ne--. the pi>pti!ar president of the lady managers of thu Columbian exposition. ONK <>f the vice pres'uleiits of tho Iniard of lady managers i.s Miss Ka'.o Miiier, a newspaper woman of ex- .'peri'-iiee. who writes some of the best ed : .t-ir::ils'*.vhi.-h appear in the southern p:;:v;->. .\!i>s Miner l•\*^^ su-ve:-sfi:lly !!!:ia:i;res a sux'ar plantation of live lit'-.iNaji.i a.-res. Vl.vcM suite is a'.s'.ct-d '.to c.m'.rib-i'.e a special .-\hibit for the '.women's b-!;M- 5ii\ r at the -.wrld's f:tir. ;unl lilinoi.^ ; 'as <!•%•;((.•.! upon a in-vJe.l li->spital. t,.he e.ind'.ii.'t.'d enlirely by wonj'en. and. t;::ve room*- and the ^.llm of .six th' i!i<:u:d dollars have b<:en set apart for its ::>.ain- telUlliee. IN CLOSE QUARTERS. U'httt » l«dr Ku4tiirrd in • natiu :i! ?r:;it x\ iit \- a-nee :ts 'Midir.tiiivr'.'i'i'siia 1 ..!.- i" - H-i-.h.- real fruit.''.wiM'U: s!:b>;.;i'm v d.. 'l-'.'n- th:>,.' exhibit, :U> uit .f.'.rty. f.;.i;r "i !i.'.n>aiid. Sijuare f..tet. or iinuv t l;:ni ::n en; ir>- aer.-' of space, js reserve.!. A vei-v eompleie co»in£ries: : .''•ivy'^iiftiflL >r<u:l '" Ai.-ierii-nn ripe fruit e-.m l>c si-jit'. iViVj.V. iYlsfi.m-es -without iiijury, a'hil :i.fu-r reH-jiiiri-r the fail- coUi storajrc faeHhtes will be Mv,i1 able to k,-ep ii h. f.e;-i-,.,;r,-,.n,:it;. >n ' ' The o'.viubii in tin- !:;!•'.'!•!;;[;; !:n--,,f ['.lire will I,.. ,-x.-.-j,\ i. ,!i;ti' v : ,.\;i'-n- Cnri:.-ii-\V.-.!:i-:rK:'':-A:'!.- h-rv - ! :d v •'':; Ue tri.•..-:.v.-! : .-r, .f \ tie ,-'.•„-irV X'ivh'i.i.: S:r;.; ; ;:er i;,n ..i..:;s :...;5;••' -AV- ;' t.- t.i- .ilv.-r'.ed l.y ihe m'ere l-.e.-V.-i.i.-;:: r.'vnrii-.-v of Ihv ..mai,." X. V. Tri' ,:;;i.-. PIC PL 1 ! G£N~RAL. (}>:F. of th" !• »»a:.!-tr. »f strto- i-eMui.-i- tion i!;M:tiue IN M;^ l-'urbish. a I'.ov.--. •do|;i. Lvra-lnatt-. '.•'....: Mi:. r.\ri. i'\sv. S'»n of riKirl-.-s A. l-'njjji, ' eiiosen [>i--.->i-.l.-ht ..f ti;.- H year. •"..'"" • |i--.l in-•K:ilF fjiiore re--eit! | ./..•. j..'...,:, r , ii:>v:-. to : ,t iii-- !;t-.v pra.-ii -e >ii..» ;,, h-tx.' b.v-.rn,- [..•-. !v a:':',-r hU' n: -••-.-,--..;'•.• l:.l'r.l. To.. IK. 1 ii,- f:!!:,.^^ ]-.i:;,v. !•.-'.:, ;-. THE NOBILITY -OF. ENGLAND. TitiNTK . (ikoKiii:. of A'l'ah-s. \vi-:irs a be:irdt«i please hi> mother, i-f •.. h>n:i he i's-de'vo-.itly'fond. \\ in vi:vi;it .Mr. < .''.:i'!sto!v L'"'-S to eourl'he \ve;ir.s.tiie' n-'ii •.-(;» ,.;" n:: ( .-i,!r-r i.i-..t h'er of \ iie 'I rip.iiy ii-.;!'-e. <..M'!:r.\ -Vn'-roi;i.\ i-. i;:rv:.i. •>. >\i\- ,-:i.-;5." :i'.-!<:e from-'p:s.: t.-'rtr. <iesi-':i • i bv h;-:- ije'.--«!y. lament, -d liii^band. !:;-.• :>ri:iv. '! "•> '•• ',' -ON h:;s Tiexvr :inj >>.•'•< red !•' !:;• ':• N' ::•«• J' t h:t: \v:i^ xvhen • !ie 'v« ite-I. ••A :.'ie ::iin;>r. : '..y f.-rn ref. .'r::i in tlit- r.-.i\. s--'::; in t!ie h--i:?>-- of p.-ers r>. •••••i'! v. ; \'. • lir-xi of (i!>'fam: : .y : , -,i; in \\,..- lord.-.;.;.-.- 1 *U). 'J''e h;i.-''bi-.-n a .ii.,pnt•• I'KINCI:>. i.f 1'iinKu!-" 5 .. i-•la lyi'i'.' !:L.Y ;il ! lit- :i:iiv.-- , : ;y r>f M;; ni.-'j. 1,;:L «.v: 11 !i:i'/e t ' -::: : .>:i 'liT !;is ..'d"i- .-.•a:t.''t! an-l ••>•;:' hi.> terms" ::: ih -Mi i fn the * ; Rem in fences of a Geutle- wouian of thi' Last Century" i* a pathetic account of this poor lady's suffering for a breath of air without happen- inj» trt think of the only relief within her power. She had gone to'a small town to spend the night, and, as the-hotel, was full of soldiery, was gir«a a rvom ih a, private house. She writes: The house was coiapo*<xl of w<>od and planter, the rooms were low, the staircase was in the center of the buildinjir. nntl equally closed to li^ht and air. On entering my bednxjin. I found 1 could ?iot brt»athe. and desired that the' win* dows might be 'opened. Mr. I)——, u, bootseller. who occupied • the.hou's*-. entered, and pretended to at- ! tempt what he could tiot perform, ami then 'owned that the windows had not been opened since they \\« re painted. 1 begged that.a joiner inight he sent for. and \vh..'u this rnau came he ..declared that he. could pull the windows to pieces, but Could hot open them. I noxv submitted T> i iiiy fate, and leaving my dtn>r open, 'prcparetl t>> sleep in a r-'Mijn which t;o fresli uir had catered wiihirV the metp.ory of man.: ; ;. I uox.ed till twelve o'clock, when I Wvjke iu a:> a< 0r ouy. and summoned, the maid and the people of the .house. Mr. I.)—:— en<h?a\''.>red to .s<.>oLhc me. lie. told hie that I was safe, but I declarcc. that 1 should die.; lie offered me water, and J tol<l him."that T nihs't hare air. I oe!. r «^i:d t;> have my In'd laitl ou the. parlor t'.oor, with the wiud<V\vs open. No: tin.' ]>arl<-r xvindo'.vsWould not. open. I eiitr.-aied tlsa't.J mi^ht b«: al!«,>v.;ed to si t in thv l.-'teheh. with tint kitchen windows i»pii>: N'.;; the kitL-heii \vas to- v.-:ir:l the street, atid he dared not tak-- 'dow:; t,h.- sluHters. 1 ^>rexV d'csperyte. "Sir." I said; "nothingVituh! have in- dii'-ed ine to disliJrl'»".y»i:r.;f:ihiily if 1 •ou'..i h:ive exi;;U ; d xviih'Uil .1- 'iiii, r so. lie ST. 1/01 >d l'-;ix-t; the r«-.v>m.'' obi-yc-d:'. :':hd'with ir.y habit over .'.;rh.!:-roxvn. my bottimt over •'my .::-p. :nvd Tiiy bviudlv in my. haVul. ! :-.-d di-.xv'nsiairs and tliron^h tiie s to l!ie inn. xvisere I Yijien-.-d :« •w i;r tiie p::rlor. an-.! *:it l.y it i:i :ind thankfuiness. li The Lat««r CltMt WUI H»v« CJuu-c* *f th* Kxhiblt. Le America, the representative new*paper of Ihe Italian colony in Chicago and throughout the west gone rally , has special telegraphic messages from Home concerning the exhibit at the world's fair to be made frwm Italy. It statics that the central committee in charge of the world's fair Italian exhibit, acting* with the concurrence of the chamber of common:** at Rome, has completed the organisation'of'ike' committees »p- poirited bj-'the ehambera of coinmerce in the principal Italian cities. Milan. Genoa, Turin, Florcnce r Naples and Palermo will, with Koine, lend in the'.great Italian display. The feeling and interest now thoroughly axvak'/ned in'Italy are such ''that it i* evident that the artists atid mc-rchahtn. fully understand that their exhibits U> be made in Chicago will probably open xip to them new avenues of p'atro'riiige siml c'>nimereval exchange. They are evidently •• determined to \vork cooperatively and nmkt the very best of Uie 'opp'orr.unity. In F\«-me Dfputy Ferrari, the cele- hmted seu'Iptor, is cr-peeially active in t'u--. nrt c:irc.l...s. lie was tlte projector t;f the. monument lo C.iovsihno Hruno, and it i.s stated that he will send an o'-iirinal statue of bejiuty. Ilasilc. th.- not-;'d architect., .will fi.n-v.-ard the • dc'siiriis "'it tiie IVlermo exposilion. .The leading features of tlic coinincrcial ex- h-bi», will bn fruits, samples of preserved... fniiLs, wi'iics, collections of ine.l:,:in:il plants, nuirh.'e. bronze, i-;i f l rii^ial : work. Collections of ant-fiiuties will.fiVrin :i part of the art exhibit. The Italian government has thoi-.,u;.-}i]y ijromnlir.'ite.d t!ir./n<rh the <•• .uir-.ry its p'rOel:i!iiati'.">!i:-i'n' reference to the world's fair thn.>!;j-h tluv agency of the i:ii';i; i.f eoiauieroe and at^rieul- t-.ire. \\'hi!e ilie gt»v ; eVt">men't, xvijl send ;. ship of war to :tr:iiWpnrt : .Vth'i- exhibits :i:i 1 ;j ; ve full oiiiiiiai saiie,ti>»n to the uh- rt:.-i-.':i;vi'n;.'. y:-t • it, pT'-fers tliat thcVd'e>- p<:a And t.iu-n it oc-'eurred that th- j-.i-i:,.-., -t. ,1 lv.rr>:,-i-. «-,,and i-,.-udy lo p ; r^OTE COOK. A M-.-roV. .ieiisist lias sue,-.->- iV.j.y :!!:*.; v - f.iis-- teeth assnm'e :i ;".:-.e>: - i! .i.-.• if I- '• •'lil!,-;-'. '. r !'.i:is. I f a:is ofu-n be'en '.•'.;'n<ery.-.l th.:! L l i- liv.i; l , l .i.;e;il.,n-f. • 'V. r ; Iii-i -e .j '!• n'•.•- :: .'i':r:; ;i :-:.-. . ':• mi^ r !i\ b.ave bro'u-h a pane .'d".glass, and put iiiy. iii-Si- l hr. mj. r !i llu- np-.-rln're! ANCIENT SPELLING. Tin-re \\ ;LS N't. Vtill'iirinify in'Old' Ort'.iojr- ritplty. exhibit. ei\uld not v.v!! }„. : , s;'ieeev.s. NT Lime is re.j'aired -for 'liu- pianr^ t; , , ,V,-r- •eoiru' the cheek received in beiny. tr::n>- planted. More than •=(!(-. iiiio" tr:ui>-' L'hu:L«-d si.ruhsand |)[ ;i :us. ,,f in.rny >;,e- ci.-.s, :uv n.nv.jr/oxyiii'.r 1:1 lite e-;n,»i;i, . It •grounds. :>n'd tiie niinii.-r .j> r;t|.idi v in- -tire.-usio.r. The detriment >ent ,.ir. eir culars U> promine:;: h..rt.ieidli:r' -i-id and agn-ein^ 10",^.,.,:. a;ldre^ of the d..;i.>!- : ; to i . nvclioti with such s[>»..-i. iiit^ht s •:!•{. -'The' result toy/- h:-,ve. been foryvarded.' Aun-i;" '{.-•is'zii .ar. 1 more than ..".u.ouii rare "rote, phint.s. v. iiieh 'have b,;e:i douaied'!'.;•'• iir:::--: ;j:l tiie • w:jy from c'ali;",irui.i to iit;:!-. r a'ry. Thi- ti..rieullnnil exhibit xviil n ,,t b<- concor.trated in one phice. In the fnun curuiins of the building will ''appear the frretrahouse and hothouse '. jilants —a very Jar-e variety a;i-l many rare :u:d •beauufi:! spcciiiicus There, to,i. vviU •be the linest display of-orehiils ever seea in this 'country, if n/a in the w,,rid. One linn al'.ne wil.r.spriicl ?40.0t>;> ou its oxnibit. At the op.eiiiiig of the r. Chief Samueis s;iys there xvill be a display of -2.W'.} ditTercnt varieties of orchids, embracing fully;-tt.OOO. specimens. JJenenth the groat dome'will be Uie largest tropiealplants obtainable, including ,1 apan cse and Chin es-s bam boos 75 to SO fe-L h--h. palms Su t,) 40 feet tigh, and tree fer::s I.-, f.vt <>r more, in height. There will also be a miniature mountain covered wah.tropieaVpltiMts! and in a cave withia wiil bv* tried the experiments of growing plants'by'»-Ii»c- iric lio-ht antl of gro'wing tliem 'by the aid of electric currents, passed through, the soil, both of iscluim.^1, have been accomplished with rejuarUa- •l>le results. V . — ; . . Ku-isljwi KxUlhJt of Snsr-»r. f With a. view to acquainting th«» Amor- icanswith the Itussjan .sugar industry, the department of trade and manufactures, through the intermediary of the president of the Kieff bourse cons mi t- tee, has proposed to the stig^ir reiiners of southwestern Russia to u.xhibit in the -Russian section of • the world's fair r.t <3hicagx> collective samples of the products of this industry independent of the exhibits made by individual refiners. At the same time it is suggested that a •brief review of the stijjar industry in southwestern Russia should be compiled so *s to give a clear idea of the gradual development of this iauustry uud its present condition. 1^ -w» J'M'i. . N .!ON/,.' : v. xvho >..-(..-s ii llanie:: -:f Kde:i. [.. ,-i tion l.y !..>'•• j,"..;„•!,•,,, ne-j-r.-e:Vor i ;.:'>:". Te::-: •- thi- xveiirs :i r.-d -iii:-" l'N DAYS GONE DY. A f.xp% i:!>- .-ou:.::::!i:iir :'. pr.,b!erni;i Vl:e.-.:.>a3,| |.. };:.,,. j,,.,.,. s . . !v ,..j ; n lh .. .'-inie .-f Kume-.-s the Cre-t h:!> been .^f- fere.! to ;:,.- Krij i.-Ii :a-!r--!i;u. IN olden tin:••>. when e\vrv part >.f the b,,dy had i'.s pric.e. ihe i.eard w: 1; -' vaiiied ;it txx-enly sh'iijirif_rs--a ;ar^e si;::i • for the t:me -xvhile T'I,,- 1, .s<of : , ] t -y \v:is. on-y estiinat.-d a'l twelve shiiliiiirs. ;.!".;:, .Ir.i.lA.N.ririMr,,..M S :ty^ there are engraved j-t.'iies in the i;ri; i>h ::i;:-e;:::i;:-- J"::rit the fashions' in ^r:ir;:::-nt- :i!i'l-headgear of tl:e Avoiiie;) of j;aby!on :U the lime .>f the ileluye xvere alv>ut the same as ll:-»se novv prevailinir. THK eat HITS:res I.iriroly in the ancient Croups «>f .a:iii.'i«al life, i n a'napv- rus i:L tho Itritish "imiseum a tl,.i-k «",;" vrei-se arc tlriven by a cat uiul si herxi'of jr^aus >»y tw,>\vi;dve;i xvith erook.s and wallets. () nc of the wolves is plav- iny a double pipe. BRIGHT CHIPS. yVltY should p'awu!irs>kers be reviled? H.> they not keep th-.-Ir pledges?—Texas Siftinys. DK—'-Variety is the spice of life." He Foyer—"Yes: 'but I prefer the ballet."—lirooklyn Kajrle. IT isn't the man who oftenesl breaks his xx-ord who is tf-.e av.thority on part.-, of speech.—KoMon Courier. TIM: <i«»«r that loses his imuster is without a friend, and so are s^nie men when they Iv.i-e a doy.—!>iny;hanit<>n Ilep;:b- liean. IT is a rare m:-n who luisn't some kind friend to come and tell him the unland things that are said of hi:u.— Atohison Globe. / : •:•-• .- ;,-id!y ! :\.-;i ru- .;,;.- ,.,;;-,; ; - , ....•-•-.'.-•ill. b:it xy:;.-:!i; ;• ;':• , '< . •. •-.-; . - : j '. 'i • e. i;i::n.-s;i..-ti t or - t ., ; \\ • ji : -, -.;..-:•, !,-.;•- j > • '•.}•• e. mviels is I:o! e!':ir. i-'.-v. rr"::-i :r.-ie- of ;:ny.\ind live to ;„•<,:.: :,-.. ( C --> A I M C? '/-\ r~ <~* --ii -~\ .". t-\ I i \ ^» X_J I" \Ji ^ ! O. .\ \.v<'A\T mine! is an irivltut.:- :• t> V;--e. : T!'.;: rieh in arc rich ";:: . 7e:—- ;';i:i^. ' Tin-:' thankful man never f. e^> V..TY } I K \':} to r-.'a' !y deserves f rien;is ai tinds tlu-:ii. I !- '.:. better to slip xvith the f..,.: with the Ion-rue. I.rri: vv-e.nld be merrier, if w.-rx^ put above wealth. TKM?'T.\rio.v.s are a n!e that r\:'. the n:st i>f self-confixlen-.---. No MAX can c«>iuo out brig- i h:::-n'i esperieneeij many ml>s. THK man wlu> tries to pie;. >--• bod\- gvnerallv iia_s a contfiuj.t *••self. .-•KvKN.if we could sec oursvlv- ">tlier>- see us. most«»f us .woulfi/*": to look. \VjiKN" fjymc men dis*'hargf an t.\ lion you can hear the report for around. IK there is one man who dv.>e: life sentence it is the fellow \v always trying to kill ti::ie. — 1< Horn. Miixu-'-ji a-.-i-onjpusn:::-. :it. says t 'hi'; a::i'-> .r ••:" ••'[']»••• S:tbb:i f h in 1'urila.i N'i-\v Li!;_,-;::nd." :: l>::i::!.e:-i:i^" iri:K/x - alion. in "A .r->ofe ..without }!.>r- :i'iaiis. \xiih lv.<) 1 avf:s':is • -n eaeh :;i:!e." '.-x-td,-ni -y nn-ans ;i r<V"f \vit!i. mt. dof.'niers-' • •)• 1--e: ; :::-i :,i:d xvith iu--:;rr;r--:. -.l.'iit. v.'.'n'o. ::nur • it In .•>'.:! r.'-:-<:rdt;, \v;.i:!d Lfne:-:- ii? Tb.ey had in thu: e >.\:: vs. "t ::<-ri'..;S."". '.vert-, ...n... :'n;d' tli" •'•;:.:!nv: thip^. •<•)::'...'' ••I.....-J, 5 :r ,<J ..ft'',;** f,:-.- ••j,,y^-.;.- '„.;,.|" "''•::y!. :•" :;:..: ••::;:y:.:-.";:nd .-•{,-,-in-•:-" and •:u ; d •••i-i'r- - i-.'V:- .'•: siayr-s." ; : !iher;!l --II; ii-l .;.. .•:'.."..' ''-•iii T. ;.':• ':•:-!,' entry .>!>•• \v..rd :> *••;". '.''-'v 1 '•' !•'" ••.;." :••;:;• <:1:T- r:-::t \\-:.ys. of i!i, : i>\-hibit .sh:iiihl l>e un'der- o\- ,}•..' ehn:n!> -r td"- c->in:i"j>.-r'.-e'..' Lt i:» .t t",V:a. this is 'inueh the better tth.-r l!-.:in. thai tin? <^>\vr:>.::H:'.i1 io-.ilii h;;ve j.. orpranixe t!)e 'det.riiis of .'• v.-orid's .fair bureau. Neverth.-K.-ss i •; >-.\ p.r.-ssly Siipala:e:l;t tlu- direc- •-> a:--i i.>s:,[!!a1ion , -f th<- i-xltlirit. sh'all • it-idi'r ; ?r ..i 1 Vv i rntti < .-:'.'. e'o;itj-ol. . ; 'i he '•-•.-:'.' i-o;ii;ni|!."e tins Itct-n in>SM-. ! , v.ii!i fuU n.ixver i.> i•::;-,':;njVo'n all' •••po-:j!s :i!!il lo ile. ide ispmi the x'aliU:. ri'.y. :s :td :i-;pr ipria tenvss of .eolh.'e'' • i.::''..vitina•'i. : :.>:hibtis to be ni.i-ie.either <r artistic •character, • are a sp-.x-ia! 'c.ata- .1 seel ion. The ctini- Minale two 'ir more tlic- approval of thi- :i::t as e'xn- xvho xvill In- sent. . r 1 ' t t .j ' • ~i i!! :;!- !-:r-u- i,.r ih • mi'.'••<•' xv-ii! :J •«el>i u':S xvh-1 •-. 'V'-rinneiii, Vv-i:!i will •l!l "S -f f!: and •". '•>:,•..:.!.;;.,:!:. ;, . f, n - e jn ihe Kurii:-.- i'iii f..-.- >r r.-'.-1.- :i:.d ' xv -.•i.ntanr.-iip. as ";M!K-nt t-. prrs,.in::l!y.'s«ncr- •;r:in;.:]>i;r?:^l i:>n, -(Hspusition "T the e::!iii.-l-., from Hulv. and. r-\-..-a:; f:-.n:-y ;!;e d.-uidt- f::ie all JJMRK-voHA SERVICE. ! ' :' ' c..,?:,; A|..,-.i ; t"' ; ii,-..'i'.irk. "-.'•"' t .-o-.;. xv.).. !, v»Urd \\ i:h so rnnrh »;uri- ' | '-,. ! j , i , , | -i ;.;,.. ' '•>..• i \_-, ,, \ .'.'•' •""'' '-, H:.".C t •?.!:: pan l':--ai:.-,e .ihe.y ive.rt- ; .-'.;•:;;:_,..•_• , : , 5; i i • •! f e n • xx i !:h niiVu e< T , :.ruc j, '^v.e;;; .}„; inl>revted to l- :r -n that lii.-n- .i;::;y i. ;: tifu-.-n hmitlrcd or ]>er- ji:i !>-, 1 w.: th- .|JMin« I , ,f 1 he sa'ji.- Ve;;i. i:-^ ;:|. Ja--';sori. j»:jrl:'i:i-xt vear. AT. the .i f je«.iii!;,- of tin- \vays anil .iv.;:- rv^-«.;!i;::aii-,: r.eeeritiy; a'.u-. !:- !: \;.ter -:;- -.>.:--'-'ii>r..-.|. nh-l it \v:;s deeid--1 not . . :•>•!!•:.. the ji-n-ik^has ^it)i:'ut ,-i^uiii •1:.-.| :.-.- v.-a!i the law; Then- 5s in PALETTE AND BRUSH. POPULATION NOTES. TITETIE are l,303.f.H)(> Irish in Australia. Rio DK J.o.-Kiao h;is a p-»pt l l- t it!on of ^" A topographical map of the Gettysburg baUieli-. !d and models of the centennial cxpo; : ition and of Independence 'h&il wiM i'v>;i»;ir in the PennsyiTania exhibit. A i»t;blic-spirit«d cituten will C'>ntrlTmt« r.:o fii-st nameU, and the city f«rnir,h tho loot IT is estimatetl that over 100.000,000 of people new speuk the English lan- gnnpre, over 09,000,000 German, and over 41,000,000 French. 11 Y » recent census Jn Scotland it was discovered that only *J31,05)2 persons, or one in every seventeen of the population, could speak Gaelic, THE increase of population in France during the last five years has amounted to only one-half of one por cent. The population of the great cities is inereas- [ Ing and th»t of the rural districts dc- 1 creasing. ...^ ., <>pal !-:i:;^ A!- f S.'ain. v.-hiej: xvill .1... Jivse' v. M ; , oe!:-.-ve. in the- ra.-.'i:;u- the. <-vil elVe : -fs >n lus iveddin;,' d::y the I a . ite:i';ufi:i rhitr :•>'••"n:s•s. «!au^];t:-r of t'iu:'.'d'::k;: nlpeiir-ier. r i hi: «ji:"i'ji xvon.- the. ^:U Sill he-rdeath. v. : ld--h'occurred f;erxvard. Kefore the burial his y t<;<••'% Ihe rinif from his wife's iiii^er and plaet-d if, up'Ti that of hJs wife's s ; ---',.-r. the infantir.i- M;:ria dH i'tlar. Tlu- young-.princess only lived a few ij;iys rifn-r receiving UK; riny. A thirti tim-rh<- kiujr t«io!c possession of the rinir and presented it tf> his sister- in-laxv. I l n:;cess' Christina, t hVyt.ung^:SL erof the, <lul«tofMuntpcnsier. months later the princess d:cd. The Idncr. surprised at the history of the rhiir. decided to wear it himself. queer*.. ? "f 'Mim f '•>:»>••' •••inic to echveri !:i:nsr-!;' fntu bnrderj. The ,J:in; ; n->-e ern- •:.iv.s»'s the idea .that his sub•••e-.s ::;-.• t:. i:;Ke a «i.-;rr:i led p-^ iore the,.w.- : .rid.- And if the jiurucshas •.:i'.. inlr.vt-nf.-i-.i b: : itlv of these ><:-r,t^hi^ «:i'.;nj..-r;ts'inu'st be- over-oi'ie. As :i jniaterv'f fact, the opposition U> the jinriUsha is by many coi'sidcred mere prc.i:ui!ce. At Jackscuv park they W!-,r,«d •pnsyt' of creat .sorvi-.-cj Tib- .\ni^ wU.v T . ; r.',p V i tliem are hasvv- iiUle .e)i.;;vs. \v-ho .-an travel further in a day and keep nn a harder pu- L-n-cr Uian a horse .-.-a,. They are nil intelli^ent- and th.-y would .finci'their'way aionp the boulevards in an easy ma an or and w-mld avoid a crush. If they are brou-ht into service a blockade will never occur, and persons .iisirifr them v.-ui bcnble to g-ct abb\;t the ffroiiiub* casu-r than with a carrin^e and horse*. Ii" it is derided to brin^ the jim-ilvslia into use n<^t less than fifteen hundred of them will be imported.: j t ; s pro babltt that tVns letral question will be at once r **^,i * •*»-•-•*-•< LV,V« t-c/ *> sj*n 41* JllUlStOlI 1 ~O"-— •_| > "--«^----«. ».•,'** »• *XA. wrv^ -fl-b VliV** But he f lid not wear it lonjr, as death ! ~ cfcrrc<1 to Attorney Carlisle, and as he ,.„ >/. i decides-so will the committw. a.-* soon claimed him also. The queen re- g^ent. after tho burial of her husband, attached th;- rinjr to a golden chain and placed il :i[>:>n. the neck of the virgin of Almude'ua. tho'rnr.trf.m saint of Madrid. Supci-s'Jti<>u.> Spaniards foolishly attribute the various deaths to the rinp, as a m.stU'r of course. roiJTii.vrrs of six AmiTicnn \v->uion han;; in the present exhibit.:.m ...f the Paris salt>n. AN oil paintinfr 5i-.:::-^ •:, a dur;-: ^ !;u-e 1'ises »jnie of its vi-.'..-.n.o.->s. anu ;!:-.• ref ore depreviate* in va'i:e. > tii.V. ..ofJX K. l^^AXTEV, consul ITen- eral to tJ-.e Netherlands, is the i^s^e^ov of ••«=; of the few excellent of the little <{ucen of Holland, by Carl E. Dnke. It is a threc-ti«artcr leiirth por- ' trait. Tur. woi-ks of art at the American. 1 Art association sale in New York, whieh closed April :}S. brought H7^.«>i'.»/jr>. Al the Mary J. Morgan sale the amount of ?l,*.IOf»,i33.30 was realized: at tho George I- S^acy, ?(54S,900; A. T. Stewart, $573,179.4-2: Dray ton Ives. 1275,160. M. AT.EXA.VDL-R DUMAS sold his gallery, it is said, because he was tired of seeing pictures cover every wall in his house. There WM not a spot anywhere but in the kitchen where tb«y were not hunp. and they wer« piled up in U»« • garret. He thought of keeping a fetr I tilings, but -was told that if he did the I others would not sell welL V A* _^ decides-so will the committee act. LEO'S GENEROSITY. lie Knew His K Vnysioiuns often have to IUK> considerable tact with their patients, os- pecinlly the wealthy one>:. A Berlin doctor was called on to attend an aristocratic lady whose malady xvas caused by indolence aud high "livinn- 13 e dared nc.t tell her that she was tJo , nrw ,« fond of the pleasures of the table and * L' . • too lazy, so he thus advised her: " * ~ ' at five o'clock, take a walk in th« The Display O f the Vatle-in Trca*nrt» of fnc!BtiiUMb[« Value. The information that the pope would make an extensive exhibit at the fair, which w:is containe<i in a late cable- jrram from Uishop Ireland, made happy those who have the welfare of the fair at heart. It has been known ever since Judge T. H.- Uryan appeared before the pope and was so graciously received that the Vatican would be represented at the fair. The information received simplv proves that the exhibit to be made is to one. A formal request I j- --—•-- v»-~. **. 4.UJ J»itiJ 1 C^^Uiai. I for s ?a f :e was made upon Director Gen- for one hour, then drink VcnpoVtc'a! i J"* 1 l ^' and> ° f cours ^' il met with then walk another and take a cup of ' ' lV ° r " -, amount of space desired ehrhjolatc. Take a light breakfast at I cam ] ot 1>e toltl until *«M information is eight.- Her condition improved visiblv I f^' 1 - 1 ^ 1 ' „ J £f °™ article that it is "— ! - - - "ivtoioij, known will be displayed is a map of the world published in 1525, the first produced after the discovery o f America. map whi^ was promi^ for the f to Judge Bryan, is of inestimable until one fine morning the carriage of the palicut xvas seen to approach the physician's residence at lightning speed. She dashed up to the doctor's J,_.... ,, H ,, . ,. house, and, on bin appearing on the , Judge Bryan, is of inestimable scene, sho gasp«d out: "Oh, doctor' I ?* ,' J 1 has hun * in the Vatican for the chocolate firstr' -Then dri»« ««n«reds of years. The entire exhibit wdl undoubtedly be on« of great value »ud of greater interest. The merts tact that it is made with the pope's bleats? TClll «.ifr*k»t *.«» »V« *_;.. i -^ »_ 1 Viok the chocolate firstr -Then , M .. W home as fast as you can," directed the astute disciple of ^Eaculapius, rapidly writing a prescription, "and take thut emetic. The tea must be undernoftth/' The. grateful patient- complied wid m on the w»T to complete recovery. attract to the fair kundt«da ot ands of loyal Catholics who onfik nanly wwdd h*Te rwwOned by iJjc titxtu v«t;r:<i'K iV-ir boarJ it

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