The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1899 · Page 8
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

on. CITY DEHJUCK, THURSDAY MORNING. MAEOH i&. —^< YOU CAN GET IT f SPRAY FROM THE DERRICK, j! —AT— —'I MCCARTHY'S, ,..<»! ' A s.':i VMS !>orn •...> Mr. ;;!:•! I IM.rii.-ry. i.J Kai! Four;', sui- NKXT TO POSTOI'f ICE. Newness where. 'WILHELM BAKERIES 1,-urs.' Carries the largest lir& of CakM In the i-i.-rk ; cfiy. i-ayer OaUes. at: tinds, irom lOc : ;!«• up. ji;u- ] !_any Fliers, Wucraroons and JeJJy ! klcils. Si- on Saturday. !'non« EC-1 SOTEL BELLEYDE. C. PAUL, Proprietor. Rates, 51.25 per day, Hain Si., Oil City, Pa. 5L r-r* Si' Ml mi SEPIA ENU Only S5.CO. u^ >1 M a ,!v l ,r !ill ' r ' I!S!i - ui '" ! '- i! ' 1 ' irwia 'jAn immense assortment of New .J Spring Styles. S1RE5 STUDIO, tM.iUh i.Hi i Xexv Call It "STORE NEWS."| Velvety Axminsters, Body and w« ^raiiy avoid the use of the w.,M ••Ad..,.nisem., u ." Tapestry Brussels, extra=super, two IVJIPSS cou|:k-u with price, nmdi-siy. Kvery stock fur- j <Jii rn>-on.-\... •:, !•. H ,-. .:;.!,.-i,- n»«hes an advertising hispinuiv:;. Kuc»v.-ia- ibese'fresh spt-iu- l^t'' ^'r T'r*'? 1 '^;^';'? : V'•. •- • Urn-* to be well bo. S ghr; knowing iheia u, lw rhe- best of tbr-£ ^T;^"' ~^^™*$Z£.^™- »>.".* !»'«-* *,gnmeanee it savors of SUhlOiT.vTlUX. j three OiV at I-WOO* q <~nttf>n .ttniicj.wi .-.,.. •- L.. -i.._ --. - .,'.;'- '- '••• I '" i '-- >!•«:•.:•.! HUM-.- ):.!.-• ;.\:al to solicit yon to cosue or to buy are limits uv u.-v.-r do, jt»i»M L111CC ;J*J* tlli—YVUU*i>. tyUtiu-II > e try to put; the facts before yon. and leave th>- rest to H ion <u;u lUt-y win ue ngntiy sold, can vou .vender tiiar we u-el fortified at c\vrv ;mii:t r-.»- airirrwske, i-^helpful merehauJisiug? AVe count upon tin- intelligence and A:I good judgiueiu of our ouviiig public, i'^ Y»V ,-,>,,„, .,,,...., .'..-'- i'- " ' ...t.- eoaat up;;:! uiic-ir Ir-yal siuijMirL \Ve know ihar for ! ' '„" WTV dollar spe?j;: ::: this store the customer will rt=;'eire a just I s ™"-" and in every way satisfactory eijiiivah-nt. Thus we begin the \~"£? new season. Thus we continue to bnihl this business, maki::;' ii'.'y'l' it lu-oader, bigger and more useful t.o this couimumrv iban ever I"'!'"'" before. trv to put; the facts beton- Vou. and leave th>- rest to I«VT », — . v.n. WeaoM'tar-rue ami we don't lie. ;I,M-.. is m,- store m-ws i WarpS, MattiO^S, CtC. Be SUFC aill! of -Jie dav. If it interests von, vr.u \vill c-mie in, if it doesn't ! •\veai-en-.!m-ifii!bni-i-esi»ii< : d. ' 1566 OUT IinC aHQ pflCQS. TA!LOR!NG DEPARTiUENT. j Ordri-s for Easter mnsr lx» pliii-i^i this wtH-k. The choicest ! '°' ~ f.ibrics of foreign and domestic maki-are nov.' ready for yout inspection. Made to order in our own shop by expert I'tuon Taiiors. __ ,j HEiN'S CLOTHING DEPARTMENT, j.OOO il'eu's Jjiiitj*. Xew, this season s cut. 1'rtce ?5.UO to i" §1^."". In she popular sei\je suit alone we have ;H)0 suits, cut u sin_i;!t> and double brwisted, stouts, km^s and regulars. ', I'e atx 1 particularly strong on YOUIILT Men's Suits and Over- j' IK*; :!,,-« wilt tw ;-.<:<- | < - >':itJi, agfS 15 IO 1'J VcilTS. Pl'lires, S3.0U to -fo.OO ' i iSoath Side Dry Gooils House. New -Spring Styles CO j . in Footwear . *P$. ! i*''ne!"' !> "Ani»«s 1 "n. t !i 0 "tt ! ! l."r,..V. i , !> l 1 . 1 u. l .-: nu ' u ' s - ^" ( ' ' l;lre them to fit any f<iot, to suit, any taste—patoiil ^L^Zr x-v -^ ^| /-f ! ^ ur " Ih; " |rj:t "'--r ';;•!> u ».;': i,,- "i::!!!. u s; iOO Men's Stylish Spring Overcoats, this iucltid .'s >.m- or»n- j leathers-, black vici aud titau eaif: several .shades of tan ami 5^\_J.f3C/CJi^« l^^^^'^^'il-- 1 '"^' 1 i i " A ~! st ' n ' a!iv{1 ^ t;estel ' uel(1 - long enough to cover a I'riTiee AHK'rT; j russet: shoes. !i.- B i/r^ : ." rT 1 , 1 '."", '""'^ i'~rv);.iH.,i u !.,.-jaud the sty];^!? Top Coat, with a vehet collar, barely long I jiiif'i-iiS:u^'('?'ihr^ie ! s:!'^ r^'i" r'-r-i*' 11 " 11 ^'' 1 i° cover tlie uew •style «it:;\vay. Prices, §8.00, to ifilTT'O sittlTs for spring and sum- j!^' 1 , ^"y"^'^ »<»<» ' •-*• • pr..,..-,-t ; •-•,;,«.:§i,s.on. . j | H n i%VtW™V»*; r "vLTC''L i , «.,-i CHILDREN'S CLOTHINCf REPARTnENT. I A 11 Ll Clnef interest now oenters in the s mat- rfressci;. Black \Vool and ilohair t.Vepon.s, somethini: like a score of i f.'.SsJ b'jr-i-"./^,;:.". For winch we have built a new room. 400 strictly new boys' i " " amine i"u <-aa sw them in our windows. Call and ex \ 75c. §LUO, s=i.:?o. i t ;^ i! ; t . ! :: 15 pieces Suitings in fancy \veyv,-s and f-olorinss, i "'"'';, v in design and quaiitr to any t-Oc goods, at ;!!i<\ ; 20 jiiecos of mixed Covr-rr Suit ings of whicli evjrv yart! !s ',<••* *' l "»' a tils year style. valti«I. at ~r>e. at 50c. shop by expert tailors. You get, practically niade-to-order cl HAT DEPARTMENT. i Sole agent for Dunhip, Knos and Youman's. Spring shapes j now ready. Prices, S2.00 to ^5.00. j Au exclusive line of latest shiiiK'S and colors in soft hats ! at present so popular witli young men. Trices, ^l.lfl to -53.5f/. i SHOE STORE. Rl X U :R ! ; • tr. HEN'S RUS= SET "V'nrr j tnH-ousi:;^ UJlT'Sl^i. Til'Tc «;is « -!";i,i'. «.-i,i i (.-';iin;: t ..,i: A* %i^ I ' ibf- oItii/0 i-f ,v;d-.':;;Jin""i'>"'",^nr'^r J <l.iy ni^-ht nn:! y.-wtc-'-v.y ::i--« -;'/^ <•- :)rivi! ?u*t shat M-:I> r-;-.,u ; ,-' --^:*i,-.i ; ! fJ\;.^Ki*»It'll ':.'' ,vH f^.*-i-f;i:ca. ?i^n,i: i ,'isro .3 f^.mdv cf'.n;- 1 fr r :;*! rtijfjf.r It, 1 |/«; ; K!:'V .r"^.,*"!'',^,'';,;^ : ^:. ! .' ! '-:!:iir!'T,^ !T\ Clii h.'ifTV *•'. I-':-, f -,-v^,, C^^'^v^'/r-:;:"^: lil . 1 7: ; 25 sjid 29 5««ca ami Elm Sts. ^ Oil €it>=-Pa. Calf, Willow Calf Vici Kid and Patent TAKE A LOOK IN OUR WINDOWS. SPRING J> PEN!NQ - I The largest, and most complete, assortment of popular I styles of Corsets hi the city, can be found at THE PITISBDRG DRY GOODS A full assortment of styles and sizes in the. justly ,...n ~ V11C \/L : ',V.,rr^ »n,l 1-T..1A!!!, ,;:,..,. :,:= : The cii.wds are rinaing our w:iy. \YIIY ? i;ec;nt*e wo | ni'tst ]ierfect titling corsets made, give grace and elegance to tiTer value* cannot lx> and are not equaled else\vhere. I the form, lind is guaranteed to fit any form perfeetlv. •ompvtiuou i.s sum led*.sit the iow pric,-s we ipjot^ \\'e can j Also a full line of the fatuous Armorside. Corset, which • : -,^^' : ^ ;';' si!> ; ''^' M> -, h U " r< *'* ' i{ -' 5ii< ' !VL U '° tll!> ' " llr ri " {l ' iu S : is especiallv intended fur stout ladies. Tins, is the oniv Corset r. . r nrtushinir-s (hits n.tnl Shoes for spot cash. The more we liuv. ' ...'..... ' th... ,-h.- :l1 -«T we buy. The more we sell, the cheaper we s-.-il.'" ! Uliljl ; wbldl ls I 1()slllvel . v giuiranteed never to break down on !-:.\r. 'Mir lur^i- v»rieries in Sprijij; Clothing and Overcoats are. ;'-hesides. _;•.' -."- made t.-qu:!i to iiuy merchiiTU ntiioring. Unr styles consist, of j ^"e also carry such popular makes as the American Lady, i'>''• r.L,:i- ^'lays. Sf--:-ges, <1njviot,«, Cat-lmii'res, llerring-Uoue and Fancy !T\". R., R. <«. nnrl'IVieorn. •••:; ''<•>- • \\'orsteds. Single aipl double breH-sle*!. ' >-•,- ~ -; -> --,: <-• '-- ^-\ , , 1- r;-.;-,--.- i ••- " j i-7ps-t:lu! j>ric.ire. i>n v-oi-s-fiB mis ^>tc-lv. '?,', ',,'j,!,!: MEN'S SUITS. ! 1 lot very tine Coi-sets, perfect, fitting, in either long or Men's ni.-ii-k (''lay Suits that wen- -?S.50, now §r,.r,o j short ^'"ists, regular 75c Corstts, for 50c. iiesi'ss Kine (,'i;iy Suits tjtat v.-i-re ?1.J.OD. now ' 7.00 -Meu's Blue Double Breasted Serge Suits that \veii.-Sl2.50, '!i-ii!av 0,1 T [f! ID illoitlr,,. \:i:,-.;-<-:n,,-:' :,'•''\V.Jf'"]{*', j lrj>!!llil!.v K;:;.Tl ;:-..i.-r.:.,-. ™,r:-:! <vork;nr r,:: ;, I,,;; |r,;!l: :!; !}!,. f:..,:,;. • Meu'.s Pdue L'oiible Breasted Herring-bone Sniis vhat were ' ' '47 Seneca Si., Oii Orv. Pa. i\mr:r-r mrs M-sniiinc ,-i!:"A,i t ;n th.- ira.-k. ! On rn.;,s - f .>-^ :•;,• CT.II:<- ;h- i-r.ik.- .li.l . ^;'a^i!it;n rJid >rUf(l m hirf '.vn-i'.-.L!:!:-!!.* !,nr A np ^ 15 I frcm, thn <-j.- hf o,::|il |ir,v iftlf. h:il Ilic. ir^ui r-jn;:;!:.-.-: Him. 'V.'e have a line Spring Overcoat at 50 dozen men's heavy white and lihie O\i-ral : match, ^o i>t :?,"«-. Erie Overalls and -Faclcets. j | Sole iigi'-nijt for the Hurt or Pacicanl Oent's Fine Shoes, j i Black and Tan. i S. BRAUKMEiER, ! Httsbnrg Dry Goods Honse, O."ifl I JOT CENTRE STREET ANT) 308 SYCAMORE STREET. OIL CITY. PJL orr. CTTT. > Sycamore SlPOl? ONP flaybe you arc in no partin!iari^Sr^ ll 7^iid f Mm''iti-'' ! n:'n"r°"! A Vx 1 *•%_ **^r i ^ JL,.^ hurry for one yourself, hut we'd Iikei !l 'p,'; lv . )/]v „.,,,,.,, _ c .,,. ... 1 . ,,""! immensely to have you come in and!"•:"••••'• »••» r.''nov .r'V--'.",;'.':'•!l 1 ".'.']'.'.' ';!^' see what we have for your choosing. iSitd-^^/iiw^;:,!.!;'';,,^''!)"^: ^ * We're setting the pace for the excLus-l;;,;^^,;,^;., 1 ';',''" •" t!l " • : -- : """••'•• ••>•'. ive merchant tailors this season, asj Y,''."'""!^"" 1 '. ! " 7"' l: '' n ' : " : '' " v "" ; an examination of our garments -will i ««^SM V"^"''",^ r!i"''?;.."-,^ ! ' !- ; -'!' : ' rr-.i!(lM! In thi.i *r, i lt'.''|.i.>'-'-ii o-if. wiio h in i>n...'H! In I-:r!-. in-: | MMPT. Mrs. J. IV. Scots. r . ; -:rt.'s .u N.I.I And for Cash Only. Better values than ever. |J;r^'j;f,;;;;,;:;^s,"^::,,•::•>» Al!=wool Coverts, in popo- ^^SSii:JHv' ; ;'£r!v^ lar tan shades, $7 and $10, moth "" v "" l ° I '": by -''^'" :;; ''" r '"" Silk Lined throughout, $10 and $12. Alfred Benjamin & Co.'s Siik Lined Coverts, $15, $18 and $20. BUCKt,ES"3 ARNICA SALVE, Thft best BfclVft In th» worlij for C»ts, Brulsm, S«rF!i. Ulcers. Smlt 1'hciim, V*3i-fr Sorts. T*:tor. Chnpced», Chilblain.-?, Cortin. *nfl all Skin Eruptions, nnrt p,-3al- llvrly ciinsi Pllea, or ns pay rtijulrrd U IB cuarimtftM to f\v« per f-eel ^aUvf action or moirry r«fqn«^, Pri--« ;'j cf!:;a par tux. For nalfl t*y Colbert « OK OOVFRXOR T>TKH AOAIN. vi^PTK-p, Tt. I.. MMrrii V --T;i- nnnnni mirm of ' 1i J1 I'.-' ini*i!ii-*n j:;trt. v .--T ]" 1-InnJ «'.i» hr-iil ;:":-;- :c ;!;!-.. <; ; .-- Ktl-t'.-j \i-.rr. --f I'rc--f.-iir.., -i.: ; i ;r Cloaks at 2 'Price, They are all marked in Him II°P JL IvJ LA-L VD «iJ ] In our f'louk-rooin you will lind haiidsoine Tailor Made Suits Hi moderate cost. \Ve have never had so many title srar- nieiils for ladies' immediate use as we've got io-day. i This i.s :s growing department, and \\e want it to "TOW. land it. will grow, if strict a.t.tetitioii to detail is u !:i:-!:-.r. i[;uiv I more ladies ju-e buying their suits made than used to. The i reason is easy guessed, ii; anil si.yie is tieiler, not to spr>,'il; o(" |cost which is vastly less. \\V confidently exjier: vour jirerer- I'lice becjiiise <nir prices will save yon money. Xo( low pi-ices <•?! poo. goods poorly made, but small ]iroiit [>!-ice.s on high class styles, material and tailoring. Tiius'f;:i- this season (ami ! it is c.'irly y<-:'i our success has been titiusna! and <'.\tr;tordiiiarv. j simply IiecanM- our gjtrmenls wen- without except.inn. correct in every detail, materials, style, workmanship, and ail moilesi- | ly priced. Our present slock is frou: the best makers, men \vlio I are mast-'t-s of their profession and better still, thev are hones; i and truthful men aiirl the suits retted, i his iiiis^irian: factor bv j the covvectness of their every detail—no shobbv of cheap John- I ism. -Jo(- <fQ>N £ PR ICE- C LOT Hi ER> SENECA ST. OIL CITY PA :. A. 203 Centre siid 201 Sjcaaiorc Sts., OU City, Pa. i TUE BLOCK.—Centre, Sycamore and Elm Streets, OU City, 2s.

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