Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on October 16, 1941 · Page 5
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 5

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1941
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

r 18,1941 THE EVENING TRIBUNE, MARYSVILLE, OHIO Page JOIr*K0 R. W. Titu*, RU»MU S. Banks and Irvte C. Henry were Initiated into life membership in the Masonic Veterans Amociatlcm of Ohio at a section and banquet held In connection with the annual meeting of the the Grand Lodge, T. & A. M., at Columbus yesterday. The association is composed of those who have been Masons twenty-o«« yt*n or longer Dr. Titus, head of UM local Blue Lodgfe, wa« delegate of the local lodge to Grand Lodge CARD OF THANKS Tinker N«t Deniitt A ranker it not a dentftt. R« work* In a kntt-gocda factory. We wish to thank our neighbors and frlehds for their many kindnesses at the death of out d.ear hus> band and father, also Rev. Forsythe for his consoMng words, members of the Fire Department, American Legion Auxiliary, and Mr. Faulkner for his kindness and efficient services and all who sent beautiful floral offerings, and helped us in many ways. Mr*. Dollle Smith Mr. Brnest Smith Mr. and Mrs. Carlton.Crcnmer Mr. and Mrs. John Smith Mr. and Mrs. James Smith 18-lp. Emphasis On "Hctoae Defense" jChuckcry-Darby School | | * rng FENDER BODY SPITLER MOTOR SALES CfeMl 4HM Hamlin talked to u* regard-'of the library and cleaning were ir health. Ths faculty and taken off the list for not doing their talk! work. j One of our sailors, William Norih, j i ve ' found some tadpoles In the bay so j fishbowl and i student body enjoy«cij the very much. Thl* wtek completes ow first si* j On Friday, October 10, week'* period of th«t current school! judges were nelectal to choo»f thn j w * P llt lhpm in year. The regular tix week's tests j students to make up our che«rl**tl- j are studying them. ar« being given to the high school | n g team this year. Myra Lou j • Holycnns. Nancy Elliott. Margaret j QFpC O COURSE students it} their respective clawes. . A v«ry interesting illustrated ,leo ture was presented to the , high •claool by the State School Dentist on d«ntal care. This . took place on Thurxtay, October 2. On Tuesday, October 7, Dr. How- Flowers. Betty Jane Burns and Carl Troesch. We had a game with the bovpr softball teams on Tuesday, October 7. Both of the Darby teams were victorious. The boys had to play IN FIRST AID At Ohio Wwkyan university, Jwm* economics majots m«ct for C!M« Jn Prof, »srth» TU«*«rth (above) end work oot practlMl problems tit "home defenM" In hti 'dtchsn. Oo-«da in rcsaraaJclng el*M«» -r.igri and nuik* many their own ctcthw. yllls Hytrs of Dwjr- i (below) pete* In ; outflt which the Columbus, Ohio—Stage Shows Every Week I PAL FRI., OCT. 17 GLORIA SWANSON ADOLPHE MENJOU "Father Takes a Wife" 27c 'Til 1 P. M. <«•» -Polly Except Sunday .' RKO-KADIO PICTURE VEGETARIAN OR BOSTON STYLE A3 Advertised in Collier's Marvel—Sliced Co-eds la O. W. U.'i Hartupe* HAD. have "haaa dtfenae" front: doing own rk. holding jota outaide, iMdlng ]OM»PU« in eaholwship. . ob*rlotte ROM! ot Mt. Vernon. house treasurer, worts In an Dr. W. A. Manuel, head ot Ohio Wealeyra university's chemistry department, teaches home defense" by stressing nre prevention, conservation of fuel and natural resources. SAVE Buy GALLONS MILK at Smith's Daiiy Store Our prices'have not been raised. Citizens are asked to enroll now in the first aid course to bo held at j , the armory starting Monday night off a tic with the final score being | st 7 . 30 f) . cl6ck nnd b<? prepared for 13-12. The girls' score was 33-8. | , ny emerKency th ,, t might aris<; , The course Is being given under the auspices of the Unkm County Chapter of the Red Cross. F.nroll- Our last scheduled noftball game will 'be with Union on October 10. The senior class has selected their class play. The title of their play is "Henpecked Henry." They shall • begin practice as soon as the books [arrive. They plan to give it in th? I first part of November but no def- jinite day has been set. j Third and fourth grade—The cap- j tain of the U. S. S. Bestie, Tommy George, -reports the following sail- 'brs on the following duties: Sailor ;Jo Ann Rice, blackboard; Sailor i Ann Blumenschein, wastebasket; j Sailor Russell Cline, bunk inspector. iThe two sailors who were in charge ' I !.] \< mcnls can bo mndo by calling W. H. Snodgrass. secretary. Canal 4712. The only cost is sixty cents for a manual. 'Color Bilod' An artist in Cleveland. Ohio, who had won several prizes for his paintings, was rejected by the marine corps because he was "color blind." Five Dollars » Minnie To operate the bureau of the mint costs $5 a minute. For Quality UsedCars ge« Yrar Cbewtet Dealer SPITLER MOTOR SALES MarysTiUe, OWfl ~FARM BUREAU NEWS ITEMS ~<* j be held at the next regular meeting, Oct. J22nd. " Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haifghn moved Wednesday to Mautnee. ;__ | Misa Donna .Cheney was pleas- ADVISOR* COUNCIL NO. 2 i antly *"**>**** at her home Friday Farm Bureau Advisory Council, ni e ht ^ twelve members of the No,3,held their regular meeting on j Ry'hm Band of the Richwood high Oct. 3rd. at the home of Mr. and | scho£)1 honoring her birthday anni- Mrs. Charles Collins. The meeting \ versary. was called to order by John LeeperJ Mrs - R » th Brelsford was hosier followed by group singing. Minutes'j to the Eight-at-One Bridge Club a were''read and approved. There j her.home. Friday afternoon. Guests were fourteen members present and '• were Jean Manley and Mae Dicka Mr. and Mrs. M. E. McKitrick were 8on - * Thursday afternoon, nine mem bers of Starlight Temple of Essex met at the home of Mrs. Dwight Holt. A pot-luck supper was enjoyed and the time was spent socially, puest*- were . Mrs, Moses Schrote of near Green Camp and Mrs. Robert Thrush and two daugh- guests. Mr. McKitrick gave a -very interesting account of his days work. He aTso.explained very thoroughly the new five hundred dollar life insurance policy that the Farm Bureau are now offering. Aftex the business meeting, refreshments were served by the hostess and a social hour enjoyed. The next meeting will be at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Price on Friday evening, Nov. 7th. We urge all members to be present at this meeting since we will elect new council officers to serve the following year. ters of Radnor. WWU> HOHS«—Pure EVAP, MILK I NEW RATIONS FOR SOLDIERS TO BE TESTED lUlves In Syrup IONA APRICOTS Lie. No. 2^ C»n A4P Fftncy SIFTED PEAS No. 2 Can Camay Swp 3 b * ra 2O* 5v»ry Saff— medium.... .4 Oxydol—Ige Ivory Flakes—If e P k *• Chtpso—Ige. P k «PAG Soap 6 bar » WWU Sail Cle»Wier... .. -3 cans AJax While Soap ] Chore Girl Pot Cleanser .each j,O<t White Sail SUreh—3-lb box Dally Eft SCRATCH FEED ^•2.10 Dally LAYING MASH Dally Milk 167, DAIRY FEED ioo-ib. ^ bag A » . H. No. 1 Hetda V. a- *TW. » •»*•• •»*• ^^ ^ CAULIFLOWER 2 F » r 29c IClBERB LEHUCE 2^190 200 Bite 1>OZ CALIIFORN1A ORANGES 39c ^ _ 4 L ,,27c Golden Big* ADVISORY COUNCIL NO. 13 Advisory Council No. 13 met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Black on Monday evening, Oct. 6. The men responded to roll call by naming their favorite breed of cattle and why? They also told what rations were used at birth and through the production period. The ladies named their favorite breed of. chickens and why. They also told us what feeds were used in growing and laying mashes. We found the Jersey cattle and the White Leghorn chickens to be favorites of our Council, Joe Easton led discussions, because Harold Poling was absent. We believe the most urgent problem in our council to be the net-d of tnore members, with more members we would have more questions, moro answers, more ideas and more experiences, and after all "Experience is the best teacher." A social hour followed in which w.e enjoyed several contests. The next meeting will be at the h'ome of Mii and Mrs. Fred L. Guy on Monday evening, Nov. 3. RICHWOOD Nelle Street, Cor. BANANAS Pascal Celery ... 15c jutnbu Sue Grapefruit . 3 for 20c Ttxa* 19c Kraut Cabbage . . 97c 50 Lb. Bui Oniuns 5 Lb Lbs. Sweet ilbs. 23c Potatucs. 1). S. No. 1 Radishes. .3 bt-hs. lOc Whilo or Hud Mushrooms .. .pt. 15c Tokay 3 Ibb. 25c Giapt-s Idaho Bakers .. 3lc 10 Lb. Bag A & P FOOD STORE (Continued from puge 1) balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Vitamin content and vitamin retention also were considered. The ration was developed gt the Quartermaster 1 Depot Subsistence Research Laboratory, headed by Lt. Col. R. A. Isker. Assisting Isker was Dr. Angel Keys, professor of physiology at the University of Minnesota. Preliminary field experiments with the ration were conducted during August by Keys. Isker and Capt. R. H. MacDonnell, with the assistance of six soldiers from Fort Snelling. Cardboard cartons will be used instead of tin containers for packing. Officers explained that tin must bo conserved for special military uses and that cardboard is less likely to injure a parachutist should he fall on his lunch box. The ration may be used by the air corps in army planos_ and by the navy in lite boats ancS rafts, and the maritime commission may require all American vessels to stock their lifeboats with a similar ration, depot officers said. Mrs. Myrtle Burgoon lias ic- turntd home after several weeks' visit in Dayton with her daugliters, Mrs. William Ri-ynulds and Mrs. Edward Whitcnuck. The Aincrit-un Legiun Auxiliary met Wednesday evening. Tho nominating coiniuitlee yre^tfiilud llu: iiaiuts of the following us the oili- ceia for 1941-1U42: President. MI'K Mai.' Huiniihrcys; secrelaiy. Mrs. L. G. May--r; Uxasuiei, Mis. N>'e Huinilton; Itt vice pre=!dL-nl. Mrs. Eiiyar t'oi :-., 2ad vice [jiviideiit, Mrs. Kail' Bt-atiy; cha[ilain. Mrs. bci,:ie Shuup; JiiaUtriaii.' Mrs. Mary C«l'- ,-tl; seit-eallt-ill-ul'llia, Ml'a J. G. . utl-aJJ. lustbiiaU^l Li umvvlj \.lUl 'Rustler' Workers w.ho look after tha haulage system and perform the work of lowering nnd raising mine cars to arid from the mine are called "rustlers." Shop today's grocery adi and monev .EXTRAORDINARY We Make Special Purchase of Extra Large famous Stewart-Warner Electric Refrigerator '' HI-LINE 8'" Built foOovernm^n+ Specifications for R, E, A. Use Cubit Baught BeforS the SPACE MAKER SHELVES - - Removobl* on EACH SIDE to Take Melons or 5-Gal Cans These Famo^SEALS on II V+rt* DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOB THE FARMEB'S NEEDS, EXTRA FINE FOR CITY ISE-BOOM FOR EVERYTHING No»ic« the unutuaHy flsxIbU »helf arrangement—any number, of possibility Iqr Urg» quantities of food. By removing the 3 Bft-out ih«W«s « fivd-9«llofl milk can i» «» much at home in this refrigerator «s 10 or 15 dozen eggs, several crocks of butter «nd cheese »nd Urge quantities of produce. Tho porcelain freshener holds almost ten quarts of vegetables or greens. AIIMIMM KHKK/INd I'MT: T«o Ire Tro>« *«u. "l U.BW. uliltht pravldf. t* rabr. (b ptund. ul !•*>. In .dditroa to » ronstant .up- p?y ul Ire rabe. H.jrn.^u.yi! " »»m ». More IrtnU or "Jroicn Jo«d»," alio »« I"' 1 " cu "' ^. ^.l.A^^•> " KJ," lrwtl1 l»r t'OI.B IONTUOL: By . • n litant Unip«r«lurr« r»n be *«l ' U»H«a, Ic, B « «P«» " - lB l o?eV»tIou »Pd In loud prc.rrvatlou. 4 Vl'lL "SI-Al-K MAKKB" KHELVKS: Tlir new " Suite M«U>r" unit. co»»tHlai( of 5 »*nM»»pV «c l Sio."rU"d. . new ""'"W'/JI.AV ' • rr»ni;rni*iit» ifg»rJ!(« ol »'«« « nelgni. AlTOMATIf IMtKIO* . » ' l ' U MIIL1.INU TKAV-POBCKtAIN KRKSHKNEUi Wpitio.. f«' cincr Jar ketplnc vrseUblei MIN'KBA'I!' WOOL INSI I-ATION: proal, primanmt. to k«p *•«'•»» lUT THK'hNK^S: Top 4V. »ld« S»i,-. back S'.i", door 3%". "SKALKU IN HTEKL" UKKMtTiC f • NIT . : ., 1 "; a pirU that move! »uil« lor • ••* »' er «' ecoiomfcal, troubU-frf* Kd dr(«-i.a»btr P«' lu ™: anrc. 18 runs lf»»— c«t»il If". M«trlicr»»I. I'teoB— 13. Vapur-»ealfd Alk Stfel I'tblnet. Kitfrlot rinlih: III»h-b»k« Duloi (IJuPonU. Interior I'iaUb: rorrrlaln. 0,er»U Dlmeottaniii *1" k., 3l',i" *., 16 U/W <>• Net Capacity. ».l CO. ft. Shrlf Area: 16 iq. ft. I« Capacity: M «ub<»—C poundi el Ico- All U»rdwB": J'ollibril Chromium rlnith. '.. M. P. S. W. "Si-aled lu btccl" Hermetic t'nit. Cold Weather BARGAINS Storm WlnilowB .......... $1.10 "P U'iudow Ventllatorn for only ......... »Te Brooic Wcatbcr Strip, 100, ft. ..... #1.05 root ..... ....................... *V* e Felt Weather Strip, 15 tt. package*. . t'o*l Hods, IJUcU l-'iiilsli Uubber Stair Treads, Nose Ed^e lUJi-liwh Cocoa MuU, 13!;k2l-ln. . . Uubber Unit Door SUU CVpet b«i-i-l«en, Mudcru 1'atriot. . . »i.a» flash LiuliU. «'Uh 2 B»tti-rU-» ....... a«c ttc 3"e |Oc Ho«*7 Butjber farm B*>oU, -Ule" Motor Oil. 2 g BAN U Its M low M .... »ttc COAL CIRCULATORS At Bargain Prices! Big 10!ixl6-Inch Fiiepot $23 95 BRONZED ENAMELED TKOMC /.ONE Circulutora have the new DOUBLE RIBBED Fire Pot, und two-picee i-ou.ibUbt!un chamber. Two jnipoitLUU new features deiigucd to give you tne riiaxiaiuiu in heating efficiency al llie miiiiiimm cost. Has the down draft hot blast tube. Joo! Fnurnibhetl in 3 sizes, ie-iiith, ib-inch and ;o-inch. AH bizea at savinya. Buy while blocks, ure coiupitlt! CONVENIENT TERMS As Low as $5 I'er Month. Payable C&V Penny Club \N'a>". 127 West Fifth St. Canal 4787 Marysville, Ohio

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