Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on October 16, 1941 · Page 1
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 1

Marysville, Ohio
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Thursday, October 16, 1941
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UNITED PRESS International fflttttrated News Meter* ftmtai THE EVENING TRIBUNE UNION COUNTY'S HOME DAILY WEATHER Cooler, fr«*t In central and iHveth portion* Umlffht; FrttUjr fnmMbtf rleofttnesa wlih ri»- Inc trnperatnre. Vol. XLIV, No. 18. MAiRYSVILLE, OHIO, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1941 By Carrier, lOc a Week NEAR SHOWDOWN SOVIET ARMY FORCED BACK BY GERMANS GERMANY CLAIMS ODESSA HAS FALLEN AFTER TWO-MONTHS SIEGE AND NAZI ARMIES ARE NOW WITHIN 60 MILES OF MOSCOW AND STEADILY DRIVING TOWARD THE RUSSIAN CAPITAL liy UNITED PRESS Germany today claimed "the fall of Odessa after a two- months siege, 'pounded savagely towards Moscow, and touched off repercussions that toppled Japan's cabinet and led a Tokyo army spokesman to \yarn his people to "prepare for the worst." German legions pounded at stub- Born ~Russian"TInei wlth" sledge^ hammer blows. The main .fighting appeared to be along a line roughly 50 to 80 miles outside Moscow, but Naza propagandists hinted Moscow • virtually was surrounded. Foreign diplomats were believed Russian Prisoners Ask German Guard for Watei evacuating to Ka^an, 450 miles to the east of the Volga. , Odessa Fails Capture of Odessa, which has been cut off except by the Black Sea since the middle of August, was credited by the Nazi high command to a mixed German and Rumanian force. , MORE TAXES WERE PAID DELINQUENT TAX PAYMENTS THIS YEAR HAVE REDUCED AMOUNT BY ABOUT $fl,MO i CABINET THAT HAS BEEN NE- j ! GOTIATING WITH UNITED ! ';• STATES rORCED TO ' RESIGN ! DRAFT DOC EXAMINES JOE I By ROBERT BELLAIRE I United Prea* Staff ! TOKYO, Oct. If,.—The' gov- vernmcnt of Premier-/I'rincc I Fttinimaro Konove fell today w " \ jafter failing to negotiate rap- I .proehcinent with the United j States and speculation cen- ; j tcrcd on the possible creation ! j of a strong military govern- I nient to meet any war emcr- j gcncy affecting the Pacific. I Konoye. who had headed three i cabinets since 1937, resigned with | his government at a moment when Russian prisoners are shown behind a barbed-wire com- pound asking for water. A German prison guard with a long- nozzled can fills some of the many assorted containers held out to him. The delinquent Union County Is tax situation in looking up this It appeared that the Russians de-' year when more than $6,000 has cided to evacuate their forces from' been stricken off the delinquent tax the isolated city. What success the, list, - U was reported today by Soviets had in this desperate under- County Treasurer E. A. Holycross. The county started out the year with land owners owing a total of $18,198.73 in delinquent taxis. To date 'that has been cut down to $13,129.17, •The situation In relation to 1940 taxes which were paid this year also IK ah improvement over a year was' not known. : Thd'Moftcow situation as reported by the Russians was Increasingly grave. Russian forces were falling back slowly but constantly under Nail pressure and a German breakthrough of apparent importance had occurred somewhere along the west- em front. Moscow said the military i ago. A total of 1257,089.13 has been situation had "changed for the paid in taxes this year for 1940 worse" and that the Nazis continue against a charge of $272,278.82 leav- to pour new reserves into the fight, ing a balance for the year In un- Decperate Battle j paid taxes of $15,189.49. Collections The German reports said that at I have totaled 94.42 per cent this year HULL DENIES UNITED STATES HAD HAND IN ARIAS OUSTER ^PRISONER RETURNS the German offensive against Rus- i ' sia and the apparent breakdown of i negotiations with Washington' seemed to be forcing the Pacific crisis toward a climax and resulted in a warning by a navy spokesman that Japan's fleet was "itching for action." Political sources 'suggested, that •' Konoye would not be • asked to form a new cabinet and that a "surprise" personality would be called to the premiership. Military Cabinet? Many observers believed that the Konoye government would be suc- i headed by a personality not yet | publicly suggested for appointment This probably is the first time Heavyweight Champ Joe Louis has been so'wide open as another man gives him a going over. But this time it happens to be the draft medical examiner in Chicago who found that the physique which carried, the champ through 19 title defenses was plenty good enough for the army. SECRETARY OF STATE DEU. 8. DID NOT INN PANAMA. OPEN CAMPAIGN FOR FERGUSON f LONDON, O., Oct 16.—Dewey . Baker, 29, who escaped from the ! ceed . ed . by a strong milltary cablnet London prison'form eight years ago, voluntarily has returned to serve, the remainder of his Clcrmont l as premier. Tl le .offlcml in ormation j ! board said the cabinet resigned be- j | cause of a "difference of view-' i points." "Since it received ihe imperial HOUSE DEBATE IS OPENED ON THE ARMING OF SHIPS county sentence for larceny, prison j officials announced today. NUDIST FINED all. points along the fighting is in main Moscow progress defenses which are located roughly 60 miles from the Soviet capital. At some points, Berlin said, the Russians have launched counter-attacks, apparently of local nature. The weather on the Moscow front appeared to be none too good. The Germans reported both light nnow and scattered rain. " Oii Germany's interior front a compilation showed that at least 1,641 persons have been killed or executed in Nazi-occupied and Nazi-dominated Europe since start of the Russo-German war. These included 280 Czechs, 224 of them in the last fortnight. as compared to 93.31 last year. The total tax charge for 1940 \o be paid thi 1 - veer which includes the delinquet.. u»x was $304,607.52 with $276,288.86 being collected leaving a balance at the present time of $28,318.66. This compares to a balance of unpaid taxes last year of. $31,205.38. . A total of 59.38 percent of trie delinquent taxes were paid this year as compared to 56.32 'percent last year. PLANE CONTRACT The Department of Commerce estimates- that defense expenditures will total in 1942. about 20 billion dollars WASHINGTON; Oct. 16.—Secretary Of State Cordell Hull today Itueued an emphatic denial of pub-' lished reports that the United States helped bring about the recent changes in the government of. Panama. Hull said he was "profoundly shocked by the glaring Inaccuracies «nd wilful misrepresentations set forth" in a newspaper dispatch which had suggested the United States had a hand in the Panama situation. "Without any attempt to verify the tacts or even to consult with "the competent officials of this government, the writer of this article presumes to place in question the good faith of the United States government," the Hull statement said. "It is deplorable that -"-untrue statements of this character should appear in print particularly when they are of a character to undermine our national reputation and to give aid and] comfort to forces Inimtcable. to the United" States," he said. LIMA, Q., QcU 16.—State Auditor Joseph T. Ferguson, encouraged by j ! the support of northwestern Ohio.: Democratic leaders, ' pushed his drive for governor into full gear today with a stump speech'-makinfil campaign against Governor Bricker. The Democratic auditor last night received an overwhelming plurality in a gubernatorial preference poll of northwestern Democrats at a I p og H lve identification of Florence party rally here. Ferguson received SheUne> who cscape d W |th Velma 366 votes in the poll, more than four Wcst and two others from the ohio PRISONER IS •< IDENTIFIED WOMAN WHO SURRENDERED IN DENVER IS POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED AS FLORENCE SHELINE LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 16.— command, the present cabinet ex- j For operating a nudist colony with- cried its best.efforts to accomplish! ou t a permit and allowing the sexes its- mission," the information board j t o "co-mingle in the nude." Mrs. ! said. Political quarters pointed out|La Ura Glassey, 40-year-old propri- . that the Konoye cabinet's mission etor of the Fraternity Elysia, was RANKING REPUBLIC AN k ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE SAYS HE WILL SUPPORT MOVE times as many as the 89 John McSweeney. cast for DRAFT CHECKUP IS UNDERWAY] Reformatory for Women here in 1939 and who surrendered to Denver from the reformatory here, today it was announced today by Mrs. Marguerite Rcillcy, supcrin- during the three months of its life was to reach an understanding with the United States relaxing Pacific, tension and that the 1 resignation indicated failure of that mission. "However, recently differences of viewpoints within the cabinet caused the cabinet to resign en bloc," the information board said. fined $200 in municipal court yesterday. I Mrs. Reilley and Miss Edith Ber- WASHJNGTON. Oct. 16.—Award of a $64,404,036 contract . for airplanes and spare parts to the Republic Aviation Corporation, Farm- Ingdale, Long. Iiland. N. Y., was announced by the war department. FOREIGN POLICY WILL BE BIG ISSUE IN CAMPAIGN TRUCK STRIKE DECISION NEAR ROOSEVELT EXPECTED TO APPEAL FOR RE-ELECTION OF CONGRESSMEN SUPPORTING HIS POLICIES AKRON, O., Oct. 18.—Akron long distance truck drivers will meet tonight to decide upon their attitude toward the strike of Summit County's American Federation of Labor truck drivers which has tied up all but defense hauling for six days. The long distance drivers are not on strilce but have been affected by the tie-up of Akron loading docks. ger, secretary of the reformatory, COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 16.—Lieut, j will leave either Saturday br Sun- Col. C. W. Goble, State Selective day for Denver and return Florence Service Director, said today that the j to the reformatory to serve out the classifications of "approximately 75 remainder of her Sentence, or 80" Mercer county men would be reviewed by the Mercer ccunty local boord as a result of a three-day WASHINGTON, nation of Japan's iCi/iinnueiJ ~r 1 Oct. 16.—Rcsig- Konoyo cabinet .in pn.a U FIRE WRECKS BIG POTTERY PERU ATTACHE HITS SEIZURE AIR ATTACHE AT EMBASSY ANGRY AT U. S. FOR BLOCKING DELIVERY OF WARPLANES WASHINGTON. Oct, Iff.—Col. Identification of Miss Sheline was made positive through fingerprints and photographs sent to Den- record t ver from theo reformatory I Miss Sheline gave herself here, up to Denver police stating that she wished to serve out her sentence. PROMOTE 765 examination of the board's of classifications. Goble said that "a routine check" of the Celina board's records at Celina was instituted last week on the basig of charges that "an unusually large number" of registrants had re- j • • ceived occupational deferments. 1 He) WASHINGTON, Oct. 16.—The said that 268 residents of Mercer]promotion of 765 second lieutenants county, or about 8 per cent of the of the regular army to the tempor- county's 3,187 registrants, had been ary rank of first lieutenant was an- deferred for occupational reasons., nounced by the war department. FLAMES CAUSE $200.000 DAMAGE TO BIG POTTERY AT MT. GILEAD—FIRE CHIEF DIES. publican presidential candidate, already hai« revealed his campaign intention*. He will work and speak I The union relaxed its regulations to for Republican congressional candl-1 permit any truck driven by a union dates who support the administra-1 driver to unload provided the com- WASH1NGTON, Oct. 16.—Democratic political strategists believe today that President Roosevelt will cross party lines again in the forthcoming 1842 general election campaign in an attempt to'defeat both Democratic and Republican congressional opponents of his foreign policy. Some of the most prominent of Mr. Roosevelt's political associates predict tliut during the campaign he will appeal directly to the nation for ballot box support with a statement along lhei>e lines: •Thoie members or candidates for Cuiigrt&fi, regardless of party, place their nation's interest and de- feiib* ubj'. e petty considerations., merit tht support of the people." Vt'tudtll L. Wiiikie, lust year's hc- tion foreign policy. However, he will, avoid contest^ in which a 'Republican opponent of Mr. Roosevelt's foreign policies is opposed by ft Democrat who supports the administration. That is, Willkie intends to stay on the Republican side of the street. Responding to & recent . press question. Mr. Roosevelt objected emphatically tu talk of politics during the national emergency. But all house seats and two thirds of thoie in the senate we up for contest next yi-fcr and in iht* town politics is beginning to simmer toward next January'i boil. Political kkkuCiuU-s of the president believe (uii'h a sUilerueiit ,8ta puny owning docks here. the truck has no HARBAGE LOST HIS LAST SUIT COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 16.—Arnett Harbatfe lost his last fight in the service t»f Ohio taxpayers. The economy-minded, aggressive West Jefferson farmer who died two wet-ks ago, was overruled by Ihe state supreme court in his court battle to prevent payment of $40,174 in travel expends to mcjiibcii oi the la.-t !>Uite legislature. The hijjh court yesterday clii- "Vest Pocket" Rations Are Being Purchased I uiiaaed the injunction suit filtd by Harba.-.e in franklin county la,t apriilg CHICAGO, Oct 16.—The army began buying ingredients today for 6,000 new vest pocket "para-rations,"* light enough not to hasten the descent of a parachute trooper yet sufficiently potent to speed him up after he lands. * The Chicago Quartermaster Depot, in charge of the purchasing, announced that a new "para-ration" containing one day's food for one soldier weighs only 32 BU ounces but supplies 3,720 calorics. Each day's ration is divided into three boxes—one each fur breakfast, dinner and supper. Mechanized tioupj also may use the new ration. Brig. Gen. Joseph E. Barzyribki, commander of the ordnance depot, said the 6.0(10 rations, v,oulu be tc.Wd by armored troops at Fort Knox, Ky., infantry at Fort Snelling, Minn., and parachute troops at Fort Benning, Ga. The new ration is for use by troops only when they are separated from normal sources of food, supply, Barzynski said. . Under most conditions, he said, a soldier would not eat "para- rations" for more than one or two days at a time. Ingredients include pemmican and Gruham biscuits, modified malted milk, canned meats, soluble coffee, sugar, and gum. Although the gum supplies no calories it aids digestion, the army explained. Kach mttt! contained ration is composed of element:, nect'fcsaiy to gist- the proper iComj.i:ued on page 5) Armando Revoredo, air attache at the Peruvian embassy, last night denounced the seizure by the United States of 18 bombing planes WASHINGTON, Oct. 16.—Rep. Hamilton Fish. Repn. N. Y., a leading opponent of administration for- j eign policy, told the house today he i would vote for the resolution to I arm American merchant ships, but ! he warned that the legislation may i be the forerunner to repeal of the | entire neutrality act. ' * • j "This innocuous bill may be- part ': and parcel of a conspiracy," he said. "It will be sent to the senate .where it may be amended to repeal Section 2 (which bans American ships from combat zones) or to repeal the whole act." The pending resolution, on which debate opened today after administration- leaders had predicted it would pass tomorrow by 100 to 150 majority, would repeal Section 6 of the neutrality act, prohibiting arming of merchant vessels. in tbe MT. GILEAD, Ohio, Oct. 16.—A $200,000 fire reduced the Florence Pottery Company plant to ruins early today, destroying valuable formulas for glazers and inducing a fatal heart attack to Fire Chief Harod C: Johnstone. The company male art pottery under the trade name of Rumrill. Starting shortly after midnight the flames swept quickly through the 55 year old building, destroying it in three hours. Johnstone died of a heart attack at the wheel of his automobile as he started to leave about 4 a. m. General Manager Lawton Gonder who estimated the loss at $200,000 was liot certain if there were any copies elsewhere of the formulas. He had been instrumental in developing the formulas which enable the pottery to give a glaze to its products. Three employes working in the plant discovered the blaze about 1 u. in. and by 4 a. m. the brick- covered frame structure was in rums. Sparks from u railroad locomotive or an over-healed kiln may have started the fire. Although authorities doubted if any efforts could have saved the building, the volunteer firemen were handicapped in their attempt when they found a l(X)-galloii water tank on the lire truck empty upon arrival at the tire. Trie plant, located on the .edge of town, was isolated from ai.y water main to which a hoij could have been en route to Peru as a "most un- Fish, ranking Republican mem- friendly act" j ber of. the house foreign affairs "The United. States is talking a committee, boycotted its hearings lot about co-operation with South 1 on t ne resolution because they were America under its 'good neighbor'' secret and limited to only two days, policy," he said. "I say the hell with I However, he had made it -clear all the good neighbor policy." j along that he would vote for arm- He suggested that the planes j j n g merchant ships. probably were seized because the, — — United States feared they would be j ACTOR IN NAVY used against Ecuador in Pern's 100- year-old border dispute with thatj NEW YORK, Oct. 16.—Douglas country. - j Fairbanks, jr., movie actor who Revoredo said .he was speaking i ear jy tn j s year was President not as an official spokesman for hU: R 00seve it' s special envoy on a tour government, but as an individual. o{ Sout h America, said he would Peruvian. ] go OI1 active duty as a lieutenant The plane shipment, 'valued at, jn the navy wilnin a fortnight. He $1,234,000, was ordered held up in'' has neld a commission in the naval (Continued on page 8) lieserve for several years, he said. SPOKESMAN SAYS JAP NAVY IS ITCHING FOR ACTION' RELATIONS"^' UNITED I'""•/. "«"» ude "< ^termination" STATES ARE NOW AT toward Japanese-American rela- "CKOSS-ROADS." Ill- i tions. KAIDK DECLARES j He tnld his audience that relations were "extremely critical," and Ja- TOKYO. Oct. 16.—The leading Tokyo newspaper Asahi prominently displayed today the warning of Naval Spokesman Capt. Hideo Hiraide that Japanese-United States relations were "at the cross-roads." and the Japanese navy was pre- paitd. and, "in fact, itching for action." Iiiraide lectured last night at Tokyo, and Asahi commented that his lecture was significant because it clarified for the first tune the pan must adopt an attitude of "firmest determination." The United Slates, he said, was expanding its navy on a large scale, but still was unable to conduct simultaneous <>p- ciations in the Atlantic and Pacific. "After four years of holy war i against China), the Japanese navy has fared very well and is actually becoming stronger." he said. "Under this Situation, the imperial navy is pripared lor the worsl. In f^ct. the Jupune^e navy is itching fur avliuii."

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