The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on March 23, 1893 · Page 8
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 8

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1893
Page 8
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_..... free astho sUvorj light "'-• • '-'.That lAtigtis in n southern fountain: VKO as Ihe sea fed bird that nesU .' <bh'n, ScandlnavlitnVtuauntaln; ''.'. . .' Freo'ns' the wind that mocks at the sway r Arid iilnlbi^inif clasp.of imothnr— -••/' -Yet In tlio sltivi! they Ecomucd today -,';•;•'.. I saw and know—iny brotliorl Vcstutl In purpie I sat apart. " But the con! that smote him bruised mo; I closed r.iy cars, but tho soh thnt broke : .'•_ ' .From his savago breast accused me; '',... No phrase of reasoning judgment^ust The jilalnt of my soul conlil smother, A creature vllo, abused to llio dust, . .-; • I know him still—my brother. < • Ami tho autumn dny tluiL hud smiled so fair . Seemed smldunly overclouded; - A gloom more drcudful than imUiro own?. My human mind cnshroudc'il; I thought of the j'ower bL'iritfii Unit mado ..'And Ixumd men one to tlio other. And I felt iii'my brother's fear nfrniil *~And oslmmod in the sliume of my brother. —Florence Eu:-lu dialed. DID HE FORGIVE HIM •? firm of Morton. Donyl::a & Co. was u very busy num. Ton years' before 1 lie- time at which this sketch is opened he - — and-Louis Douglas started in business • .with a small cash capital and,an abundance of .enterprise and pluck. By close attention ami hard work tlio firm had made siiccess assured, and, while the principal stores nnd factory were Ideated 'in Boston, extensive branches had been opened in New York nnd Chicago, to which of the last named cities Mr, Mor> " .ten was often called on business. . In "facty" bei ng'" 11 ie~ pr i nci pal" sal cam a n as well as head of the firm, he~\vas com,' pelled to bo absent from homo a greater part of the year. At tho time this fitovy begins he was busily occupied in settling tlio details of several largo contracts which had been under consideration during tho week previous, and many gentlemen wero awaiting his decision as to these and other matters. Ono hy ono each of the •waiting customers was attended to, and only one person remained, with whom Mr, Morton was not acquainted, but who insisted on transacting his busino.sH with J the head of the firm only, and to him at last Mr. Morton inquiringly turned, saying: "Well, sir, what can I do for your" :" "Tri: parenthesis let ua here say that for - —many—years, and nt-intervels-of~-lmt a few months in each year, Henry Morton , had been greatly disturbed and deeply grieved in the knowledge of t he fact that •. an older brother, GJI whom rum had fastened its clutches with a firm grasp, had '•' been going from bad to worse; had ncg- . lected his business nnd family, and at the same time bringing a moral disgrace upon the name, which facts wero only kept from publicity by tho expenditure of a great deal of money and anxiety on the part of the younger brother. Time and again ho had taken his . .brother Jtick from tho Tombs. Repcat- ; .edly had ho paid the fine in advance and saved him from appearance in the police 1 ' court; often secured his release through tho friendship and respect of the probation officer, and yet, with all these and the fact that tho whole care of Jack's family had been thrown upon him, there was no sign of reformation on the older brother's part. ", " ^ The cliiiuix camo one day after hearing that Jack had borrowed money iu his name from a regular customer of the _ firm, which was paid without question, but caused Henry to arrive at a decision immediately. This decision forbade tho presence of his brother at the store of tho firm or at tho dwelling house of Henry, •with orders that Jack should not be admitted into cither phico under any circumstances. Henry was greatly surprised and • pleased, shortly after, to hear that such a decision had been tho means of sobering up his older brother, whoso eves wero apparently opened to the folly/and disgrace of his past life, and that ho had obtained a situation at his old trade and to all intents and purposes showed that he was onco again on tho path of virtue uhd good morals. •. Jack's children and wifo occasionally appeared at Henry's store, and in Jus private office, with tears and smiles, related tho story of their father's upward • turn and the joy which had como again into their own household. And so it was that on the day on which this story opens Henry was at peace with all tho world, Avith no skeleton in the closet at home and with every success in business and a hope of speedy retirement and a quiet life. •^- "I should liko to see you, Mr. Morton, in your private office, if you please, on business personal to yourself," was tho ply of the individual to whom Henry Morton had made tho inquiry before mentioned. "Very well, sir, step this way," and after passing into tho private office Morton said again: _ "Please be as brief as possible, sir, aa I am a very busy mfi.n today." "Tho business, sir, which bringn me here'is not of a .pleasant nature. I am John Hardnian of. the Novel-sleep Detective agency, and I am here in reference to a check on which the indorsement of Castell & Co. lias 'been forged and tho -amount collected upon the same bv your brother." •;-.' -"Great heaven!" exclaimed Henry, "it / cannot bel Jack may have been adrunk- ," ard, but never a forger and a. thief!" \•••• t "I am sorry for you, sir, but it is too I .true; I have followed the matter up, sir, '•;'.. and find that ho was given a bill to collect by Castell & Co., .for whom ho y Avorka, which he did collect, and mcet- /• ing soine old cronies .soon after he in- \/dorsed the firm's mime upon tho same, --—.obtained tho amount, and by this time! t .-...., S p en {. ft a |j - n cim - ms j n ,/- }.. mn y -at- a-placo where 1 can put my ( ^ ...--..J on-him ut any. momont." ik;';v'.;;/'Great heaven! what shall 1 do? My $?:£§?$•-^ wil1 kreak the hearts of hia wifo I;' : ;."^ daughters, and bring disgrace upon |&< pa*;family name, which has never yet ftWniid even a spot upon it! \Vhohas this k?" Henry' eagerly inquired. WrW>:$*&$' flir - Tho chiof of our offico wmjp^festcd that I had better sec you bo- ijjp;jfieijr*;rariy.tbini* further i.s done nnd as *p#$^-:-. ••'. ^'%& ••;:>''••• • pMtf^-- ^•?»'•;,• /«' •• •. • iVf-i- i.'-K', 1 . >•'.>.-''' •?.'#.<•".»• •'• , -,v &$$% •„"&:£'.. ..-r. JM^''f^&§^ '•:'-'• / ' •'' J rou stand high in this community be thouglit you would make an effort to uush tho ihatter-up.-'-— - ----- ---- i — "How much is the amount?" "Five hundred and twenty dollars, sir. and our expenses added will make tho cost to you, sir, $700." "Very well, sir; be .seated 'a few moments longer, Mr. Hardnmn," said Henry, at the same thnu striking a small bell on vhe top of his desk. "Charles, bring me my private checkbook from tho vault," he said to tho young man who answered the cull. When tho checkbook was given to Henry he sat down, and with a trembling hand filled out two chocks — ono payable to the order of Caste! I & Co. Cor I..V.O and Ihi.' other payable to tho treasurer of this "Neversleep Detective agen-- cy" for £loO, "There, sir; please give mo a receipt for the check to Castell & Co. Your treasurer's indorsement will bo sufficient for the other. And now, sir, the check on which is the forged indorse- ment. Thanks; that will do. Have a cigar, sir? Good day, sir, and thanks again- for-your kindness and- consideration." £3. For fully lo minutes Henry Morton gazed upon the terrible evidence of hie brotliof s gui It, and then opening a little iron box in which ho kept all personal papers' he mechanically tossed it in, locked the box, .went out of the private office smoking a cigar, met his partner Douglas with his usual welcome and plunged- again into the Inisiness of hia daily life. 7f tt # * * If- Business stagnated suddtmly. A crash came; money was scarce; the firm of Morton, Douglas & Co. wero found overstocked. Eesult— failure, but not" disgrace. Both partners surrendered all their private estates for tho benefit of creditors, and they, as n firm, were swept out of existence, They tried far awhile to do a commission business, but wero obliged to give it up, and each was financially in close quarters, even for tho necessaries of life. "Why not see your brother Jack, my dear," said Henry's wifo to him, aa he returned homo downcast ono evening after darkness had set in. "1 hear that ho has saved up ppnsidcrabjp jnpney up4 only tho other night hia wifo told me that they wero about to build a now house 011 tho nvonuo. Surely after p,}} you have done for him (Henry's wife knew "nothing^ about the forged check) ho will help you by the return of a few of tho many dollars he has obtained from you. Our new landlord insists upon Imvnig his overdue rent, and wo need money for groceries. The cupboard shelves are almost empty, and you really ought to sco your brother." "I'll do it, by Jovel" replied Henry, "much as 1 dislike to do it. Still, he cannot refuse under tho circumstances," and putting on .hia hat Henry left bis homo with expectations of n quick and pleasant return. Henry found his brother at home, took him into a room where they could be alone, aud told his story. His surprise can be imagined when his brother Jack blurted out: "Can't do it, Henry; need every dollar I have. "You'll have to go to somebody else. It's no use expecting anything from me. No, sir; nol" "Why, you scoundrel I Wero it not that tho same mother bore us both 1 would kill you where J-QU stand 1 Now, under no circumstances, ever speak to me again, and never darken tho doors of my house as long" as you live. By Heaven!" Henry exclaimed suddenly, as if the recollection of something had been forced upon him, "I have at home, among my private papers, that which will make you open your pocketbook and decide which of us will do tho begging in future!" And pulling his hat firmily over his eyes Henry Morton darted out of his brother's house into tho darkness and with firm set lips and gritting teeth started at a quick pace for his home. When he reached his own doorstep his paco slackened, and slowly and quietly entering tho house a7id ascending the hall stairs to his room ho lighted the gas, found the iron box in which hia papers were kept, and after opening it he readily put his hand upon tho paper which he had determined to use in order to obtain bread and butter for his family. Lifting tho forged paper to tho light to be certain ho had made no mistake, his eyes woro attracted to a black bordered "In Memoriam" which hung above his desk, on which was plainly printed: : HEIITHA MOUTON. : : Ron.viau.'. l)iKi)]8S2. I : or buch Is tlio Kingdom of Heaven. : Steadily his eyes rested upon the face of tho aged mother whoso photograph attached gave sad evidence of tho life gono out, and as his eyes filled with tears his hands mechanically toro into a hundred pieces the evidence of a crime which might bo used to- his own advantage, or to gratify his revenge. Ho quietly opened tho stove door— a moment later — ashes! Did he forgive him? God knows.— W.-v S. Goodwillie in Truo Flag. Ucnclly I'niSHlc Aclil. Prussiu acid is composed of such things as animal refuse and blood solids, with largo quantities of oil of vitrol. Even the smell of the acid produces pain in the throat and in the region of the heart, .and there are few poisons for which there i.s such little opportunity for an antidote if there is time, there seldom is, for the poison is almost instantaneous in its action, ammonia inhaled very freely may give relief and reduce the absolute certainty of death to a grave probabilitv — Exchange. ' AVhcre T,lcorlco Gri>\v«. On tho bankf; of tlio Tigris and the -Euphrates tho. licorice-plant is chic-fly grown. Those- great ri vors flow through flat, treeless prairies of uncultivated and nearly uninhabited iantl. For three- months of tho year hot winds blow, and tho temperature reaches 104 dogs. For six months of tho year tho climate is moderate and salubrious, and for three months l:!c«k and wintry, tho thermometer going down to !JO dogs, at niyht.— Jloslon Traveller. Seo the World's Fair for _ _U pPitMc eiptof.your tut n cunts in postage HuimTw^.wp"jw mail you propuid our aouvouu'<j)qVtlolio of tho World's Columbian the i-f gi'l T pi-ice is iifly . ,..^,, „„„ llo wo wane,you to huvu 0110 we .make the prico- nominal. You will find it a work of art, and a thiny to be prized. It contains full paye viuwri of tlio great'build- .iiifr*. «'itli tle«.Tiptioiiri of Burne, uhd i e.xririited in hig-hcst stylo of art. ff not autislied with it uft.ur you get it wo will refund the stamp.s and \--l you kooii tin- book. Aildros.s. H. (•;. fJticklon <fe Co Ciiicajfo. Jit. • Itiilliml'M Stioiv IJiiiincni. Tliis \vmulorful linimont in ,».„,,«-„ from lliu Atlantic to the Pacific, nnd from tin: Lukes to the Gulf. It in the mostjKMiistrat'injf liniment in th« world. It will cui\; rhoumatism, netiral"!(i, cut.-, sprains. bfuiHc*.wounds, old soT-en! burns, sciatica, soro throat.vrtore *>hest and all inclination, aftei- all others biivo failed. It, will cure barbed wiro cuts, and heal nil wounds whore proud tlesh has sot in. It i.s equally efficient for animals. Try it mid you will not be without it. . Pi'ii-cTriiTcentsT" Sold by W, L. LoJand. RAILWAY TIME TABLE Train leuvtvs Sioux Fulls us rnllo\v.s: NORTH. AHI1IV13 nail- M IIOINJI SOUTH. f.EAVE ............ I2M5 I' »i ................... 7:15 AM 2::JO i> M Chicago 4 Northwestern By— .41 Ktiron r.i-*sun gu r.. ..,.vv ........ O hic:ia«i I'i|s!.i-nai;r l- i HI I ted . . . , . .-- . . ____ . . TUAINS AHUIVE C. .i.Hi'.-AUIa O NORTH. OOKVC! SOUTH. I 'a HSU n sci- .. 11 .Ifi „: m »:0iiii. pr. - — :t;ir> i>; nr 11 Ol'ti m y n 0 p. m | T:5l)p. m 1001 u. m. 12, r i[). mi ...4:21 () m U:J5 u in THROUGH DAILY TRAINS —HKTWKBK — S10U.X CITY AND ST. 1'AUL, — PASSING — IldiMi, Osin-iH.soii. I'tpi-stoiic, Mni-rilmll, WI1I- niur. Lltt'hllokl. I^iUcMlruiutotikuiiiui Mln- iiOHpoll*. i eixclilui; nil points Iu Mlimosuta, PiK.'Itlc const and 1'iiget Sound jioints. iilsn ill Sno Llnu and Canadian Paul Hi; points Klrst-cliiss.slunijlngciirij dally liol.vvuon Sioux C'My and Ht I'iuil. Cunnuuls nl, Klixix C'lfy \vitli all Liu; j,'i\>ul dlviT«iu^ lines. THI- PACIFIC SHORT L1NH, (s. c.. O'N it \v. n'v.) 'riii-(Hic;h noi-lliu::sLi>rit Noliruska, tlio land < f the K<)ldt!ii L'lir.licLvvi.'on Sioux Clt.y, .lacUsiin, Allen. DI.VDII, Raiitlolpli. Oomuii<(,l'liifiivfo\v. •iiiLSwIulcund O'Niull. Tlie bhort. I/;i U'N'lull, from all i)i)ints tioUveun Hliii.'k Hills mid Slonx City. GoUluti oppoi-Liinltlus alon^' Che liiii-M for lioniusL'iiUcrs. Korfull jiarllc- nlni-s xvrltu In ^V. H. McNiDKil, J. N. TlTTKSlOIlE. CiOII. I'llHS. A«t v AriHt. to 1'l'L'h't. lest Cure All disorders ol! Mio Tliroat nnd Lungs is Aycr's Clicn-y I'ectoral. It lias no equal as a cmigh-curo. Bronchitis "Vhen I \vas ;i boy, 1 liad a bronchial trouble of sucli n. iier.sistent, IIM! stubborn cliarac((;r, Hint the doctor pro- iiimticuil it iiiuurublu with urilinary runiedies, but re<:uiinnoiuleil inu to try Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I did so, and ono bottle eurcil inc. For the last fifteen yearn, I huve used this preparation with goodolTcct whenever I take a b;ul cold, «nd I know of numbers of people who keep if, in the house all the time, not considering it safe to be without it."— J. C.Woodsou, P.M., Forest Hill, W.Va. -"For moru tliau twenty-five years, I was a fliiffrrcr from lung tronljlc, at- tijiuled willi r.-oiigliiiip so sovuro :it tiincn na to cause iicinorrha^i:, tho paroxysms frcquuntly lastiiifj three or four hours. T was induced to try Ayur'a Cherry IVi:- tontl, and after taking four bottlu's, WJIH thoroiiglily ciirrjil." — Franz Hoffman, Clay Cenln;, Kims. La Grippe "Last spring I was taken down with lagrippi:. At times I was comjilotoly prostrated, nnd so diftlcnlt was my liruathing thnt, my brenst seemed as if confined in nn iron (-ago. I procured .1 Viott.Iii of .Ayo.r'.s (Jhc.rry Pot-tonil, and no .sooner lia.l -I Tn^'aii'tiildiiR it" than rulief followed. JcuuM not. liolii'.vrstlint the effect vonl<l \n> S o rnpiil and ilia ciiro so cori][ileti-."_AV. H. Williams, Cook City, H, Dale. » AVERTS Cherry Pectoral il l« r ft Co., sis t, I.fnnn. act, sure to cure An even mouthful of Climax Plug gives more satisfaction than a bulging mouthful of any other tobacco for the reason that Climax Plug is much Ihe best "—— ;. _ _ .' Ram's Horn: The who rides hobby always wants tho whole- road himself. to YOU SUFFER, with Dyspepsia and Liver complaint? Shiloh's Vitili- zor is guaranteed to uifro you. L. L. Harlan. The man who doesn't know everything- is usually tlm man that has some sense. The break id g up O f the winter is the signal for the breaking up of the system. 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Miles' ffeia Gil R E D Beart Cttra saved my life ^^*^ • • *— ** and made mo a well woman. I am now 02 yeare of age, and am able to do a good day'i work. 'May 2»th, 1892. . MM. ELXIKA HATCH. SOLD ON A POSITIVE GUARANTEE. TRY DR. MILES' PiLLS/50 DOSES 25 CIS. OZMANLISi ORIENTAL SEXUAL. PILLS 8ar«, Prompt, Foiltrvo lure far Impatenct, Lett of Manhood, Simlnat Emissions, Sptrmatorrlita, N«roouan»ts, StlfOlttrutt, Loss of Mtmoru. Aa. Will maheitoua STffONQ, Vigorous Man. Prlct 91,00, 6 Boxes, If 6 CO. . 3n*otal DlrtctlOftt Malttti wltli each Box L Add res* G, B, WEST^CASHIER, ESTABLISHED 1882, THE BANK OF CALLIOPE: CALLIOPE, IOWA. KpecUU attention given to paying Taxes. .Foreign and Domestic exchange. Insurance and real- estate. Coilectlons receive prompt attention. 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