The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas on February 16, 1986 · Page 12
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas · Page 12

Seguin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 16, 1986
Page 12
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Page 12A - Sunday, February 16,1986 - The Seguin Gazette-EnterprlM Rotation controls disease LONGHORNS still roam the range on Phil Koehne's property west of Seguin. Koehne keeps his longhorns in with a high-tensile, electrified fence. Extension agents recommend the high-tensile fences because they are cheaper than barbed wire, don't sag as much with time and need less maintenance. (Staff photo) Mules, Coastal man-made It has been said that the Lord did not make the mule—he assisted man in its development. The same can be said about Coastal Burmuda grass. They are hybrid crosses between two living things having different numbers of chromosomes and will not produce offspring. Coastal Bermuda does not make viable seed. Even though you may see seed heads, the spikes do not contain seed. Coastal Bermuda is established by harvesting sprigs or runners and planting them in moist soil. The sprigs then take root and spread., Coastal Bermuda, when developed, had approximately 30 different strains. The best strain was developed and increased throughout the South for today's Coastal Bermuda grass pastures. Another strain, Midland Bermuda, is used more in the northern portion of the Southern states because it is more cold resistant. Another strain is used more for erosion control because it produces more of a dense sod in specific erosion control areas. Coastal Bermuda is one of the most popular grasses in Texas and Guadalupe County. The first was planted in Guadalupe County in 1951. It is immune to soil nematodes and a host of diseases that plague common Bermuda and the other Bermudas. Giant Bermuda, better known as NK 37 or WS 300 trade names, was one of Coastal Bermuda's parents and does produce seed, but is susceptible to several fungus diseases and does not have the strong rhizomes that Coastal Bermuda produces. Other Bermuda crosses have come upon the scene since Coastal Bermuda's appearance: some being, African Star Bermuda, Zimmerly grass, Coast Cross 1 and Calley Bermuda. These latter Bermudas are more susceptible to winter kill and have not become popular in Guadalupe County. Alicia Bermuda and new Brazos Bermuda seem to be as cold resistant, but Coastal Bermuda is still popular and the most planted grass for erosion control and forage in Guadalupe County. Sprig care is important and second only to a good seedbed. Sprigs should be harvested fresh and kept under cover and moist until planted. Experiments with harvested sprigs show that over 70 percent are dead by noon if left in a hot March or April sun. Higher death losses occur later in the year. Sprigs should be placed several inches below ground surface in a moist, firm seedbed for success. If the seedbed is cloddy or late in preparation, the sprigs will dry out and die. They are living material and Diseases cut maize yield Texas' sorghum production has grown in recent years, but the state's $300 million crop has some problems — mainly diseases. "Diseases such as downy mildew, head smut and maize dwarf mosaic can seriously limit production if farmers fail to take proper measurers," says Weldon Home, plant pathologist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. "Planting disease-resistant varieties is the answer to most sorghum disease problems," he notes. "A new seed treatment chemical called Apron was particularly effective in preventing downy mildew in coastal counties in 1985." Maize dwarf mosaic overwinters in Johnsongrass roots and is transmitted to sorghum by aphids. Head smut is a growing problem in some places and can best be prevented through crop rotation. Andy Anderson SCS TECHNICIAN must be treated as such — much different than seed. Coastal Bermuda like all Bermudas hate shade. Therefore, competition must be controlled with regular mowing, application of herbicides, and light grazing. Coastal Bermuda is high fertility grass and must have regular fertilizations to remain in good cover and provide hay or grazing. There are other grasses that can be planted if regular fertilization is not going to be followed. If you are a Coastal Bermuda owner or soon-to-be owner, contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District and Soil Conservation Service for management of this popular grass. Popularity and dependability and value go hand in hand. Otherwise, why would such a revolutionary grass remain popular for 35 years? Fish Applications Available Daniel Harborth, Soil and Water Conservation District Director, reports that applications are now available for their planned April 19th Group Fish Delivery here in Seguin. Delivery will take place at the Seguin Cattle Company, north of Seguin on Highway 46, from 8 a.m'. to noon. "Everyone will be assigned a pickup time to avoid long lines and waiting periods," Harborth said. "Fish to be offered this year will be blue and channel catfish, native largemouth bass and Florida bass, bluegill sunperch, and fathead minnows. There will be various sizes of catfish and bass for pond ownef s to select from." Application deadline is April 11 in order to notify supplier. Harborth stated that application blanks were being distributed to numerous locations throughout the Soil and Water Conservation District. "You can pick up applications at the Seguin Cattle Company, and the Extension Service, SCS Field Offices as well as other locations in Seguin," Harborth said. For further information, call the S&WCD secretary at 379-0930. Application Brian Bullen of Cibolo shaped a deep gulley and pond spillway in 1M4 and then used sod from nearby Coastal Bermuda grass to sod the newly-shaped area. Bullen reported that the solid sodding paid off by quickly taking hold and even though "we had some five- and seven-inch rainstorms in 1985, there was no erosion damage. The gulleys are completely healed and will not give me any more trouble.'' Don Rains plans to shape a large gulley on his Kingsbury farm and construct a farm .pond this month. The newly-shaped area will be sprigged to Coastal Bermuda to remove another erosion scar and silt source from our landscape. Mike Wilson of Seguin completed a farm pond. Weldon Dreibrodt of Zorn completed a diversion terrace started early last fall and delayed because of wet weather conditions. Danny Williams of New Berlin, Thomas Luker of Staples and Cora Jahns of Capote are new members of the Soil and Water Conservation District this week. Conservation plans are being developed to treat various erosion (problems with assistance of SCS technicians. As farmers size up the 1900 crop years, they need to give particular attention to disease control practices. And one of the best as well as least expensive ways to fight diseases is crop rotation. Crop rotation has long been recognized as an inexpensive from of plant disease control. This practice prevents the con- tinous development of disease organisms that would otherwise build up in the soil and attack on plant species. Crop rotation breaks the cycle of organism development and thus helps limit the damage potential when the susceptible crop is grown again. A three-year rotation is the most practical for producers, assuming that they have at least three crops that can fit into their operations. This allows them to practice disease control simultaneously on all three crops. The three most common crops used in rotation systems are cotton, corn and sorghum. None of these crops are related and they have few diseases in common. Very little cotton is grown in Guadalupe County, so many producers use some wheat in the rotation. On some farms continous cropping must be practiced for a variety of reasons. In this case, other forms of disease control must be practiced. These include planting a more disease resistant variety, using fungicide, adjusting fertilizer rates and planting on raised beds. Such practices may cost additional money but may be necessary to achieve the same levels of disease control as with crop rotation. With producers looking at ways to squeeze out a profit in these hard economic times, disease control is one practice that should not be taken lightly. Producers must remember that crop losses to diseases mean losses in net profit, and thus they should use practices that keep diseases at their lowest level. TOMI Subjects For February Discussions on sheep and goat numbers, Texas vegetables, cattle numbers, cattle on feed, the cotton situation, the diary program, the farm bill and farm bill impacts on agricultural suppliers will be featured on the TOMI program for February. "TOMI" is the Telephone Outlook and Market Information program of the Texas Agricultural Extension Get healthy savings and a healthier garden. Get a healthy cash refund coupon when you purchase Peters Professional* The plant food used by 3 out of 4 professional greenhouse growers. Peters 15 20-20-20 in the 2'/2 Ib. pail satisfies the big plant appetites of all your outdoor flower and vegetable plants all season long. Come in today for your Peters Professional refund coupon and keep your plants at the peak of health and beauty all season long. Schulz Nursery PROFESSIONAL acnuiz Nursery PLANT FOOD & Garden Center Marion All Wuest's Supermarkets Landa Garden Center New Braunft-ls New Braunfels Feed & Supply Now Braunt'i'ls The Plant Haus Now Rraunfels 'I. Mlllt Dili' JK'1 llMllM'Imlli Green Gate Garden Center Sattler Garden Center Canyon I.akc Braunfels Gartens & Landscape Nuw I.iraiinl'cls Gibson's Discount Center New Braunl'els & Seiniiii FISH! FISH! FISH! • Spring Special Saturday April IS 1-DaifOnfy Lirgemouih Bass. Channel Calftsh. Blue Catfish. Blueyill Sunfish and Fathead Minnows Pickup will be al Aquacullure Enterprises hatchery just off Fm 466. I mile SE of Sequin city limits. AquacuHMrt btfttyrlfes Experts In Fisheries MMMgement To order, call 372-2756 or write Aquacullure Enterprises 35'SaSebielRcl. Sequin. TX 78155 Deadline for order placement is April 5. Checfe rnusl accompany order. FISHERIES SEMINAR In conjunction with its spring sale. Aquaculture Enterprises will sponsor a free seminar on pond and lake management. Topics will include stocking recommendations. pond fertilization, weed control, muddy water. population assessment and proper harvesting techniques. There will be slide shows to accompany the talk's. The seminar will be held at the Seyuin Slate Bank meeting room on March 19 al 7 p.m. Approximate duration will be 2 hours or until you n.m out of questions. Coffee and sodas will be provided. Sealing is limited, so call 372-2756 and make your reservation now. If YOU have a pond or lake, you need K> be there. This seminar will help you achieve the best fisheries your pond can produce. See there?! Gus Person COUNTYIXTIN8ION , / AOCNT- Service, the Texas A&M University System. Information provided by TOMI is designed to help keep agricultural producers updated on commodity markets and other vital information useful in planning and managing their operation. More detailed information on February topics is available by dialing 409-845-8664, according to the following schedule: Feb. 3-6 Sheep and Goat Inventor^ — Ernie Da vis; .'^*' Feb. 7-10 Texas Vegetable Updates"'' — Gordon Powell; Feb. 11-13 Cattle Numbers — Ed - Uvacek; Feb. 14-17 Cattle on Feed Reports- Ed Uvacek; Feb. 18-20 Cotton Situation — Carl Anderson; Feb. 21-24 Farm Bill Update — Ed Smith; Feb. 25-27 The Dairy Program •'—' BudSchwart; Messages for TOMI are prepared by Extension Service economist^,' who provide the latest information available to aid producers in making decisions. The telephone information systehi • operates seven days a week on a 24~ hour basis. ' F O C U s The First President Today is the holiday commi'monitinn Uu> birth of CJoorge Washington, the ninth President, of the United States. That's right, George was NOT the first President; John Hanson was. Hanson played a crucial role in getting the Continental Congress to pass the Articles of Confederation. He later became the first "President of the United States in Congress assembled." Seven other men presided over this Congress before the current Constitution was ratified. DO YOU KNOW - In what year did the current U.S. Constitution go into effect? FRIDAY'S ANSWER *- Cupid is armed with a bow and arrow to strike love into the unsuspecting. 1M7 -Hit Kiimvloili;<' I'nlitiiili'il, Inc. KIHH ;: The Quiz The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise THE QUIZ IS PAHT OF THIS NEWSPAPER'S ,. NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION PROGRAM Woridscope (10 point! (or each qutillon answered correctly) 1 Ballot boxes like this one were points of contention in the recent presidential election in the Philippines. The poll watching group NAMEREL accused supporters of (CHOOSE ONE: Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquino) of vole-buying and falsification of returns. '2 A recent report claims that (CHOOSE ONE: outside contractors, NASA engineers) warned of potential problems with safety seals on shuttle booster rockets, problems that may have caused the Challenger to explode. 3 Several nations have refused to allow entry to former Presidenl- for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier after he fled from ..?.., where his government recently collapsed. 4 A federal court recently struck down part of the Gramm- Rudman law, saying it violates the separation of powers between (CHOOSE ONE: President and Congress, federal and stale governments.) 5 Pope John Paul II recently quoted Mohandas Chandi while on a lour of India, The Pope referred to Ghandi's beliefs on (CHOOSE ONE: birth control, non-violence.) Matchwords (2 point* lor each correct match) l-comply a-pesler 2-block b-blemish 3-gesture c-impede 4-harass d-yield Newsname (15 polnli II you c»n Identity Ihli penon In the new*) I recently predicted that the South African government would soon release my husband. He was jailed 'i'S years ago for anti-government activities. Who am It !>-laint e-signal People watch/Sportlight (5 pointi lor each correct answer) 1 Many movie fans were outraged recently when the Motion Picture Academy failed to nominate (CHOOSE ONE:' Steven Spielberg, Sidney Pollack) as' Best Director for his work on "The Color Purple." 2 A new public television drama adapts Mark Twain's novel..?... Producers claim their production explores the darker"' aspects of the Twain story. 3 Eldridge Cleaver, former cofounder of the radical (CHOOSE ONE: Weather Underground, Black Panthers) is running as a conservative Kepublican for ' Alan Cranston's (L>-Calif.{. 4 Detroit Pistons guard (CHOOSE ONE: Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird) recently won the NBA All-Star game's most valuable.., player title for the second year in a row. • 5 The shortest man currently playing professional basketball, (CHOOSE ONE: Spud Webb, Moses Malone) recently wowed the tall guys by winning ; the NBA Slam-Dunk Competition. VOUR SCORE: »1 to 100 point* —TOP SCORE: •1 to 90 point* — Eicellenl. 71 lo 80 point* — Good. 61-70 point* — Fair. « Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. 217-86 |o ! !»! B H-e isiaaujSuo U.MOIS-I q-c iK-t, ' |o4|uo) -S issajSuo;) pur ( pueuipiaj-i :jdO:»SCnMO/W

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