The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on March 23, 1893 · Page 6
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 6

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1893
Page 6
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If: Book, To Any r Reader Of This Paper. Tells All About the Indians. X«t«»t-Publication In IU tine. Entitled "X»U» *nd Swsne'i Among tho Kicknpoo ,,''.../. J'n4tmn»!'—Cont»ln« K»arly Two Hun- drod Fpsei— Sent Fre* to EverjrboUjr. In ordor to make tha public familiar vrlth tho hablta, manners, customs, ^^^ »nd history of one of tlio '»£J£\Ji^^\ oldest tribes of American Indiana extant, Tre havo published atgreatcxpenae a largo edition, of n work entitled "Life and Scenes ^ Among tlio Klckapoo Indiana." All their peculiarities traditions, jTiiblU, in fact, their vliolo life and eus- toxna ore told In a manner which -will interest tho reader and hold attention to the end. Tha book also explains our tonneotion"-wfth The trib~o, "How~H camA About and -what lias como from It, Tho hook is profusely illustrated and contains nearlj- SOOp.p. I While this edition lasts -we will send a copy -fre» t° all "who apply, enclosing Uireo »-cent~Btainps to pay cost of postage. We Wjll guarantee to fill all requests re. ceived •flftthln tha next two weeks following tho appearance of this advertisement, font may notDo ablo to ao BO later. It la tor"yonr interest, therefore to Bead at once, Address HEAI.Y & BIGELOW, Orancl Arcane, New Haron, Conn. COUCH DONT DELAY BALSAM TlOorsn Ooldj.Coughi.Bors Throat, Oroup.Inflat*. 'r Congo, Bronohltimnd A«thm». A for Ooniumption in flrit ~ ^Yon will *M tin excellent •ffaotuftor Ukins tb« Crit~doMr~86ti~ty"deBlc"" WttU* 60 MBU And «1.0P Both the method and results when fiyrnp of Pigs is taken; it Is.pleasant •nd refreshing to the tasto, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Lirer and Bowela. oleanaea the system effectually, dispel• colds, headache* and fevers and cure* habitual 'constipation. Syrup of Figs ia the lonly remedy of its kind erar pro duoed, pleasing to tie taste and acceptable to the BtoBuich, prompt in jitj action and truly beneficial in its ,<fffect8, prepared onjy from the moet ^"jkeallhy~^ana'¥gTeeaDle gubatancea,. itf. . many .excellent qualities commend it to' all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figa ia for sale in 50c and $1 bottles oy all leading drug gists. Any reliable druggist whc may not have it on hand will pro- .cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept anj substitute. CALIFORNIA FIB SYRUP CO. 8AH fHANOiaCO, CAL. 'OUI8WLLE. XY. HEW YORK. N.f. ELY'S : BREAM BALM when applied Into tlio nostrils will be absorbed, effectually cleans- Ing. f ho hood of catarrhal virus, causing healthy 4ccretlon». It allays Inflammation, protects tho membrane from additional colda.completely henls tbe aorta and restorer BCD so of taste aud am el I. THY TDK CUBE. A pru'Uclfi IB applied Into ench no.itrll and Is ogrci •iblc. Price SO cent* at druxKlflls or by mall. O ELY BUOTilKIJS. CG Warren Struct, New York. WHEN HIS WIFE IS CONE AWAY, HAV-FEVER ROOT, BARK AM BLOSSOM TW»S«.t8to™nc!T,I.lT«7,Kidney ..aniood Itemed] rulni,lu Hook ujid Llmbi, Tlnnl. IJnytfff.l Out.Horvon .rcvllnf, Urblllty «nrt law. Vitality Quickly G'arcd « . ir»ll 0.1 Dyip«p«la, Conitlp&llon, Slreulrunrm, lw««.IU]SiiiniM(«c3 orCatirrh. Bimplo Frfo for l AOKNTS I'AU> WEEKLY BALAUV. .91 V*x two montln' nupplT 1 j Stnf^f »>lt or >l mail Droi 6I>«. " on* tnonlli'< «upp',; I 1 (UU. Try It and De We] ROOT, BARK at KLO88OM, Newark, N. J BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD, G "^^" ^ f - SUN S&&VI .] > i>.S I p fev ,*>v-, M& JIVEOV t**«, JSnnm'els.-and Paints which he hands, iniiiro tho Iron, and Imrn The Rising Sun Stovo Polish laBril- , Odorless, Durable, and tlio con- ,jf p»y« for no tin or gloss package H.fTMT'purchaM. HiAMUALSALE OF 3,OOO TONS lie repairs his Uttered garments and puts his laundry out, Bews on his buttons, hunts up bis slippers, ecattcrfl ovcrythlnar about: Tears the curtains from tho windows, vainly tries to put them back) Tilts n citblnot. In fulling w'rccks soruo treasured brlc-n-lirtic; Goes tobe(5 n alindo IJl-Iiutnorod nnd sometimes fprcrnta to prny— . "Oil! his cluys nro full of trouble when bis wife IB gono aivny. Ho resumes his youthful habits, lingers with the boys till Into. Slnfrs tho charms Of winsome women, dresses liko a fashion plntc; Aye, he shaves JiimHolf trl-weekly and his patent leathers atilnu, tVlillo..iiIB n«!cU.wcn.r_ls_ a_ study In both color andUcsTgnf " ." And ho wears the whitest linen and a buttonhole bouquot— Oh! he's mighty flue and tidy when his wife la'goao uwny. Ho attends ench lots and picnic wlllifn a radius of ten Tnllcs; te the very Incarnation of politeness wreathed In smiles; Anc] tlio girls dcclnre him clmrmlnj?—just too nice foninything; For he treats thorn t<> choice confections and ho titlcpn tliem v ln tho awing: Aa a bachelor he posca, and he wooes tho ladles i?ny— Oh! ho does « sight of meanness when hla wl/e lins if "no away, But when dnyllfrht fndeg to twllljrht ami the lonely nljrht winds slfrh, A ml the Rlpry_pf ._thp fvw'nlnjr atnra is show-. cruel from tho sky; When tho stlllncca horors round him like the holy hour of prnyer. With no sound but unseen pinions puiolng- thro' Mm ulumto'roiiB air, Then her presence rules his bosom with tho old nrifrullc swny. And he knows her worth nnd sweetness when hla wife hus gone away. Y cs rshrrs tan il B~1i p fo ro Ii I in K m TITifjf, ~g u n r (ITS if spirit of lhe night. Will] n voico so full «f music and with/nco so warm nnd bright; Aud his heart, grown soft nnd tender, ns como thronging to hl« ninul All her deeds of love, urn) duty, nil licr helpful words nnd kind; And hoi- Impcrfuctluns vanish us tho ehu'lows of Hit: liny. And lid loves her, oh. how dearly! wliou hla ivfle is gone awny. W. L. Siuuiroril !n Gulveolon A KANSAS HERO. In tho spring- of 1S;'>S, whe:i the hostile Indians got ]insse.ssio!i of the en- tiro ovorlund st:i;, r c route, through'i,hilling" most of the station men nnd running oft' the compimy stock, a g'o which left Kllsworth for the West waa attacked about :i o'clock in the afternoon between stations. The passengers numbered five—four men and :v boy sixteen years old named Georg-c Lee. One of the men had been wounded iti the rig-fit arm 11 few d.-tys before and was practically helpless. The second was a soldier and the renaming txvo were Eastern men who were out there inspecting- the country with view to purchasing- land for a ranch, says tho N. Y. World. The Indians to the number of -fourteen were hidden in a dry gulch and all were mounted as they swarmed out und attacked the stage. The boy was with the driver and he was armed with a light Winchester rifle. The driver would tithe no part in^tho affair, as hia liorscs at once became alarmed nnd ran p.way. Ho cared not how fast they went, but they must be kept in tho road. At the very first alarm tho wounded man and the land-seekers crouched down in tho stage; too frightened to flre-a shot,but the soldier wa^ of better metal. There were two Winchesters and three revolvers in the stage and he passed one revolver up to the boy and asked his help to beat off the yelling demons. Young L>ec was, jerhaps, cooler than the soldier. Ho nvd not been, born in the West and jrought up iipon the plains for noth- ng. lie had already fired two shots, jne of which killed a pony, before the soldier passed up the revolver. J^:QsMiii^MfcJj,:'-^^ : -t'" - '-•• tmzm mjver knowns a^ man to exhibit coolness ana good judgment. it was four miles to the station^ onj of tho' very few- not yet captured,- "~ mile away from it the Indians'clOSed ond wounded'two of tho horse*.' T], bay flrcd right and left ns they came nearer, and out of six shots not one was wasted. He shot White Wolf, a young chief, through the head, wounded two warriors and each of the other .three bullets hit a pony. The fusiladc not onlj r checked tho Indians but caused them to come to, a halt and let tho stage pursue its way without further molestation. Within an hour afbexr it AT CtOSE RANGE. reached the station Gen. Caster came along with his command and to him the driver and the soldier .related tha particulars of the fig-lit. Young Lee had a bullet-holo in his hat, an arrow bullet had drawn blood on his fight knee. The driver had boen hit again, this lime in the side, and the boy had the lines when the horses dashed up to the station. You can judge how hot the fire waa by. the fact that the coach was struck by forty-two bullets and twenty arrows and that each horse was wounded, one of them having been hit four times and dying in afew moments after their arrival at the station. -The soldier was badly but not mortally wounded, while the two land-seekers escaped without a scratch. But for thc_boy. all would have been wiped out, and yet tho unwounded pair sneaked off without even a word of praise in hia behalf. .Ouster pronounced it one of the bravest and coolest things he ever hoard of in boy life,and the stage company made Lee a present ofS500 in gold for his action. CPTURINC Sflf, Gr»«th»«d Trll* tho ScwJay How She -Married off Six "I did it with tho frying nan, a obay -firo and n cushioned re- fiing chair. There, now, you havo tho whola story," confessed Mi's. Greathead; driven into a cornel*. It waa at the lust meeting of tho sewing circle,when, according to the Illustrated American, irresiatable pressure forced her to explain how she -had married off six daughters in quick succession. : "I'd have over}' on« of those girls on my humis this minute," sho began, "if I hadn't found tfiom husbands out of my cook-book. Despising an old maid as I do a smoky chimney,' when my eldest girl wns" full grown I hustled about right and left for some means of marrying her. Mary Lou was neither overly handsome not 1 overly "apry, so I know bettor than to trust to hick, I just sot to work and figured out a plan that hns never miscarried with any ono of thorn. —' ! A11- m y -1 i f or"- s h e-c o n fc r rt tt ed r"" I hova taken right, smart notico of men's ways, ami have heard big stories of tho happy results of feeding tho sex. So I looked carefully over tho iicld and piclcod me out a decent, thrifty vouno- fellow,' whose habits wore goo'd and his lienrl; wholo. You soc, my anxiety never made me forget my manners or set traps for other folks' gurae. I began by asking him, friendly like, to call, and led.the conversation' around to hia mother, tho way he'd been raised and what ho most cared to eat in general, i never missed a word, and after the first visit had him in so- THE EXTREME OF COURTESY. IJ<irgirtr'» Tleusant. Interview.rrltti tho. Blun Ho E.T[><-clucl to K<>!>. A well-known .Paris clubman, the Viscount dn Saint-TUeul,carac home the otlic'r evening at 10 o'clock. Having forgotten his glasses, ho wasn't able to take part in a game of poker at tho Sporting Club, ilu hired a carriage und gave the driver orders to take him to bis house in the Hue Saint-Florcntin. Of course at that hour his valet do chambro was out. Saint-Kieul entered his apartments by means ol 3. night key. On going into the parlor he found a stranger endeavoring to open" a little safe. The stranger turned round on hearing him enter. Saint- Rieul took off his hat and iu a courteous tone said, "No doubt air, j-ou are a burglar?" "Sure enough," replied the stranger. "I am sorry to disturb you," continued Saint-Rieul. "How could a fellow imagine," said the burglar, "that a man of the world like you and such a reputed clubman could come home so early as this? " " I forgot something. Only for that my presence would be inexplicable." you may be suro I got iu some lino work, and when tho second, meal was over J kn«w the ycnrnings of thut mnn's stomach better thau ho did himself. "My calculations." added Mrs. Groat- hoad, "led me -to beliove it is best to start your activities in the fall of the year. Spring is no good. A mnn loves all womankind at tiint season. Ilia appetite is slitck and it's hard lines to keep tnic k of bo t h of th e m. ~In my experience, courtship triggers laid in November lead as a rulo to a wedding in May. .Of.course, my chief ciepond'- onco is put in tempting food, but I'd. always advice backing up the table with ;i big comfortable rocker, drawn facing a cheerful fire. Speak of it as 'his chair' and 'his liro,' and you won't make any mistake. Another thing, don't he too pros_sin<r._ A_steady--eye iui d :T 1 i g 1 i t" HHmrcou ii F for more 111 a n .nagging.' I was always careful- not to gush, but if I-had npple. fnttors.Xues-. day i apologized for thfir poorness untl begged him to drop -iA-Thursday and let Mary Lou redeem her mother's refutation with backbone and pencil charlotte. In the evenings [ had her trained to sit in a "low 'sewing chair, luith'.r the big lamp, and either darn socks or hem clusters. When vvu spoke of licr I snid I iremblod at iho awful blow it would be for us if she should marry and go away. "This kind of tiling kept up right along till about tho lirst of February, wlien-my gentleman began to feel onsy and snug, like one of the family. Then cam o~the tec hy mom en t7 for just at this point. I lugged in some silly dandy that neither I nor Mary Lou would have looked at. But I coddled the youngster, had him to tea on tho same night as the regular and waited to sec what would happen. Well, it always did. He and Mary Lou would como blushing to ask if they might have each other, and while they made lovo in tho parlor I studied up my cook-book to see my way to another son-in-law." Documentary Evidence. THK ATTACK. . Now, with the four stage-horses on a dead run, and with a party of screeching redskins ridiiyr each side of it witli- in pistol-shot, the fight opened. Tho lumbering old Concord stage swayed from side to »id<> as tho frightened horses tore madly forward, making both, those on top and those inside very difficult targets.' The driver was,however, shot tlirough the right chcak at the very beginning, but ho. mode no outcry and bent his whole energies to tho travelled road. Some : of the. Indians used arrows, while others had rifles and revolvers. • At his third shot young Lee killed a warrior, und :it, his fourth he. brought down another pony. The soldier killed an Indian aud a pony, shooting- from one of the windown, but was then wounded anil could do Httlo more. Everything now depended on tho boy. The driver, who was an old veteran, encouraged him with a word or two, but hq afterwards said that he had THE CLunirAN AND THE IIURGLA.R. • Tho burglar sighed: "I have no sorb of luck of late, and while waiting for a good stroke, the plans of which are already laid,I just came in here to keep my hand in, for I waa afraid I might get rusty. " Your explanations arc very satisfactory, indeed," said Saint-Rieul, "but since I happened to como in in time, just be good enough to' retire. " "Certainly, sir." "Take a ciyar?" "With pleasure," said the visitor, " because I would be sorry to go away skunked." "Tho stairway ia lighted," replied the Viscount, "so that it will not be necessary for me to show you tho way. If the concierge should be indiscreet enough to ask you where you arc coining from, tell him simply that you have just left M. de Saint-Rieul." "Thank you, sir." " Light your cignr. " "Oh! don't take the trouble, sir. I have matches." "Adieu. Monsieur." "I r.uvc the honor to salute you." And the burglar quietly went down stairs. Fnlly Cnmpptnnt, but Fallnt. Interested Parly (to Striker)—"Do you'think your wa'l king delegates woro -competent to arbitrate, the .differences between yonr men and your employers?" * Striker-—"They were thot, accordin' , to the bosses' own words. They said j the walkin' dilcgatcs . \vcre th' most ! ar-r-rbitrary set of men they ivcr kirn in contact with."—Puck. Stockings mado of human hair are worn by Chinese tishormon as » pr»- fentlvo ajjalnat wet feet. The young lady in the case had told her story in n straightforward manner not. unminglod with spitefulneas, and it looked rather bad for the "prisoner" at the bar. "You never saw tho prisoner bo- fore?" inquired his honor. "Never, aud I hope never will again, tho brute!" and her black eyes snapped angrily. "And he camo up and addressed you?" "Yes." "What did ho say?The girl blushed painfully. "Must I tell?" she said. "Certainly." "Well, ho— he— he said: 'Ah! girlie, oan't I help you with some of those packages?" "What were you doing?" "I had just come out of the store and was trying to open my parasol." "You hnd not addressed him?" "No, sir." "Nor given hl'm any encouragement?" "I hadn't even noticed him." Sho was getting angrv now. "That will do." She stepped down and the defendant asked to bo heard. He was sworn. "Well, what havo you got to say for yourself?" "I thought she wanted to get acquainted, ycr honor," replied tho young man. The complainant glared .at him. "What made you think so?" "Why, the way she acted. " "How? What did she do?" "Well, judge, I can't explain very well, but if you'll just run your eye over this you'll see my position exactly." And he took from his pocket a pamphlet decorated with cupicls and marriage bells and entitled "How to Charm the Fair Sex." He opened it and handed it to tho magistrate, who read* Hold In both hunda, pointing' npwnrd— Interior, me. Hnlrt In Icfthnml nncl shaken— Como to mo. Pointed toward thi> tuo— Wo nro \rntcliod. Pnrliixlly opcnrd— J denim nn acrjuolntanco, Fully opened— My heart Ig thine. .Used tho When the sclioolhouse of tho Gallagher district in.Mason valley, Nevada, was opened aftor the summer vacation it was found thut hees were in possus- sion of tha dusks, and it is claimed that about 300 pounds of honey wore Canadn lins about H.OlX) mflog of railroad*. j>Kjr'.".Howv Qiporgc R»» AWKJV I aw_afndd George was naughty, for all the time ho kept thinking bow nice it'would bo to do. just'- as he pleased, saya a writer ia Nursery. Finally he said: "Mamma, I think I'll run away." : "I Jo not understand you, dear," she answered. "I doi't like to be bothered," he said, "aud I waut to be liko Whittington." "Very well, you may go if TOO nre not happy in your home," replied the mother. " "I will help j'ou get ready. You need not run away." Then she tied«soiuc of his clothes in a handkerchief, and put tuo bundle on a atick over his shoulder, liko tho picture of Wliittingtou. Sho kissod him gdod-by when she opcnocl tho street door for him. George looked pretty solGiiUl f\3 lie won't dow'li the steps. Jh iv 'minute lie went back aud rang the boll. Mary let him iu and he ruir'mto his mamma's room. "May I sleep on'the buck poroli to- gnt?' > ~lrtras~fceii. Ilis-iips'tvembiedTr little. "No, clear. Your papa doesn't like, to have trumps ou tlio back" porch," she replied. "Then I can stay in tlio stable with JohnP". '•OK no! You had bolter run away at once, a loug way off, uan do as you please." Poor George was in tears now. '"O mumma, nruiuima!" throwing himseli in her arms, "I do love you so, aud I don't wni/t to run away. I hate to do as I plnasc. May I como homo again to live?" you have learned j^our lesson with so little hoarhiuho." answered the mother as she took licr sobbing boy in her arms. George, never wanted to ruu away again. Racing Ilulloeks in India. In India the favorite animals, bot'n forspend and for endurance.- nro' tho unlive- bullocks. The animals aro snuilL-V/irv, IDusculnr. and swift. Thivy arc imiuod to race and ruu well, not only under the saddle, but'in harness. The Indians are fond of racing tlioir beasts, aud the sport is encouraged by the' English part of tho population. The animal is guided by a 'cord through tho nose, but tho driver ulaccs more reliance on whip and voice' than on the cord. The Indians are natural gamblers..and will bet their last rupee. DTT'lhij"resTilt"of a race, taking so mueli interest in it that a penniless .native has been known to 'wager his liberty, iiiiil lh;it of ;his family "for "aii entire year, and sellf himself into voluntary slavery as the'."result of losing :i bet. The races nro frequently attended by serious accidents, from tho fnct that, although the bullocks may bo trained t» gi'esit awiflucss, it seems til most impossible to teach them to ruu in a straight lino. They will bunch together, and thus frequently smash ona or more of tlio vehicles. Exciting as :ire the bullock races when the beasts are hariios.sed and driven by native drivors. they aro f;ir > when tlic bullock? arc ridden 3pea.ii soldiers or 'sailors. Tho cliiof danger in a nvcu of tliis description lies in the falls which aro the almost inevitable result of an attempt to ride tliesu awkward animals.—Si, (ttotie-Dcinocral. Her Shoes AVero Easy. A young huty in St. Pan! felt in a frame of mind a few cyclings ago, says the Pioneer Press, when s.ho would have been Inclined to say ';Ameil n to a little ma-cullno profanity had »)io chanced to hoar it. She. had been invited to an evening party, and tho night damp, as some of tjio days and nights recently hnvq boen, she* very sensibly concluded, to carry her liner shoes and wear hei: coarser eljoea as a protection to herself and the other pair. With heart light us a feather and an evening's enjoyment on her face, she reached her destination and retired to t tho dressing-room to give the last indefinable touch, which only a woman tries to give ore she desponds to the fray in parlor or drawing-room,' aftd change her shoes. •Thq strrjet shoes were quickly removed, fhq young' lady plunged, her hand into tlirt bog anil drew out—her sister's shoes, just enough smaller to bo of no earthly use. There was nothing to do but wear the ok! ones, and, with the detern'jiua.- tion to keep in tho background aud be careful not to lot tho black shoo tips peep out from the od'ge ot her dress 1 , she hesitatingly desce'u'ded to nioc't her hostess and other-guests. l * "Did you succeed?" "To tell you tho truth, tho old shoea felt so easy I forgot all about thuni and enjoyed myself immensely," Tims docs tho tale have, a mora}, which takes on many n ph;tse. O, dear, no, my son, wo, do not steal the poor natives of Africa now and sell them into slavery^ VVe just steal their country and charge them, ii pretty little rent for the privilege of living in it- Yes, my son, the world has improved greatly in its morals in, the last half century.— Boston Transcript. "Do j'ou belivo in evolution?" inquired the baboon of the gray apo. "Great cocoa-ut! no," was tho answer. "Did you ever see anything liko tbat in Africa?" aud he pointed to a dude in front of tho cage. "No," said the baboon, "but the species may have deteriorated."— Harper's Bazar. There is a sadly frivolous Boston young woman who says that her "pa" can turn out bachelors more cxpeuiti- ously than any college, because ho doesn't do it by degrees. He begins the graduation exorcise at 10 p. m. sharp, and the}' are always fiuisljeii 10:1 sharp by a stop watch. —rN. Y. Tribune. • •T .Johnny-.-(rending- aloud-a -tale of adventure)— "And as he was cast on :» desbliiio shore and ho did 'not soo the face of man for years." Sister Kata— "Why, mamma! lhe poor unfortunate must iiavo been wrecked ou Rosorters' IVnach where wo were laat summer. VVe'wcro thdro. threo months, yon, remember, and didn't see a man. the w!-o!n time."— Boston Transcript up? Gent— Well y° u '''"" ior UttJ«r Littla Man— I'd like totwa nice old gentleman like you, with nothin 1 to do" : but walk around an 1 ask questions. / ....... .-'." ' ' ' «»•'"' - Not Hopelen. ' Teacher—This is the fifth timo you've 7 been late to school this week. Boy — Yes'm, ' , ,. . How do you expect to keep business appointments when you grow up? My legs'll be longer then. An Apt Puplt. Mr. Pullemin—I mako a pad mistake mit buying dose goota. I bays too much, X/ittle Son—Th' teacher say vo must profit by our meestakes. Mr. Pullemin—Ish dot zo? Veil, I get dem insured. A Dog's Limitations. you ever saw. Ho can do anything. Second Hoy — Bet ho can't. Bet ho can. Can you make him fight? Course. Can you make him. wag his tail. ? Course. Well, I'll bot you can't make him flght ah' wag his tail too. A Student of Mankind, Mrs. Minks—There! There is another torn silk handkerchief that my husband has stuffed into tho ragbag. That is the last of the half a'dozerihe bought •last-year-,-or-yoar'-beforej—and—he—put- them all in tho ragbag himself. Now wait. Sister—What for? Mrs. Minks—In about a week you'll hear him raving around wanting to know what has become of that half a dozen new si Ik handkerchief she bought only a few months ago. At Skillington, a village in South Lincolnshire, England, there aro now living Thomas Duffln, who was 9(5 in January•" George' Duffih, the son, aged 72; George Duifln, the grandson,, aged 47; Jdseph Duffin, the great-grandson,, aged 2p. and George Dullin, the great- great-grandson, aged 0. The .head of the family is still active. —An immense oro dock is building at Onesto, Minn. Tho structure, which, it is said, will ba tho largest on the lakes, is to He 3,000 feet in^len£th, 5i) feet wide and : above menu water lever 52)£ feet. CHILDREN 'w ho nr6'~ pii u y, ~pa 1», weak, or scrofulous, ought to take Doctor Piorco's Golden Medica) Discovery. That builds up both their flesh and their strength. For this, aud for purifying ta« blood, there's nothing im all ruodiciuo .that ca» equal tho " Discovery." In recovering from "Grippe," or m convalescence from pneu- "*"** ~ monla, fovcra, or other wasting- diseases, it speedily and surely invigorates and builds up the whole system. As an appetizing, restorative tonic, it seta at work nil tho processes of digestion and nutrition, rouses every ergran into natural action, and brings back health and strength. For all diseases enured by a torpid liver or impure blood, Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Scrofulous, Skin, and Scalp Diseases—even Con- Burapt.on (or Lung-scrofula) in its earlier rtaKos—the " Discovery" is tho only jruaran- te«d remedy. If it doesn't benefit or euro, in every case, you have your money back. THE BEST Is.the best Blood Modiclno, necauaa It aaalata nature to throw off tho 1m- .-, purltlea of tho blood, ami atthostma time tones up tho entire orgnnlsm. This ia just eontra«y to the cffectof tho vurioug potash, met- otn-y, aariaparllla -mixtures, which bottlo up tho Impurities in the system, UIUB producing ranch licknesa aud Buffering. Therefore, for a BLOOD MEDICINE fou cannot do hettor than take S. B. S. "As n physician, I havo prescribed, aud mod S. S. S- In my practice as n tonic, and for blood troubles, and havo been very successful.'' I never useil a remedy which cavo such general satisfaction to myBolr and patients. " I/. U. HITCUY, M. JD., aincfcey, Ind." Treatiflo on blood andsltin disoasea malledfree. StEClD^lC CO., Atlanta, Ga, The Besf] faterpon Coat f in the WORLD I The FISH BKAND SLICKER ia vrftrranted Wfttcr- proof;»nd •will keep j;oudry in tho hnrUCit norm. The ntvr POltMEL 8LICKER i> a perfect riding coat, and coverotheentlreiaddlo. Btwnrotif Imltadona. Don't buy » coat IT tho "Fiiti Brand" Is not on It. uy » c ea Cat alogue IVen. A. J. TOWEti, Boaton, FARMERS SHIP YOUR -:YOU»SELVES:- Wo pbtaln hlghCBt tnarkot prices possible and mok« Prompt returns. Have your railroad a«ent bill oar W l£v^S;?* U ; by m f, n ' ElTln » S M numb « r - »o wo can looic attar tta Inspection iampllng.etu..ui)ou arrival H.H. Carr & Co.gaa^jjjf.'sayjsg Chicago S«nd *c In W. F. 8NYDRR. M. D., Ma 950-PflSEBOOH' murriBRfiabhi »RO, Do not nsk ua Every man ani -wora- in should: have on», BpccUlly tlioHn of . , - -is to nend by rriill- profluonly. Prica|l. IlegUrd lottororP.O older HPICIALTT POD. Co., ISoom 10. Ximca Bids., Chicago! Washington, I>. Luto Princlpnl Eiimlnor U.S. Tonalon Buronu* Syialnlantwar, ISaiiJiullcatiiigclttlms, ntty aluce. W ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY; Bond at onco to Joux SEBASTIAN, O. T. A O PL t. * P. R.,n...Chicago, m., and recolTo, podUgo paid *he BllckMt deck o/ curds you avor haurttod. TEN CENTS per paok. !n Blamj*! or coin. PIso-s CURE ron CaniniupttTci nnd people I who hnve wcnk lurgsor Aith- I ma.ihonlrt n«i Plio'aCuro for j Coniuraptint. H has cured. I thaniandi, Hhni.not Injur- 1 ed one. It In not b»<1 to t»k«, 1 It la tho bent cough ijrup. Sold orerrwhiri). *.%e. CON >UMPTlON.

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