Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on October 11, 1941 · Page 3
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 3

Marysville, Ohio
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Saturday, October 11, 1941
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Saturday, October 11, THE EVENING TRIBUNE, MARYS VILLE, OHIO AVALON ' Also: Cartoon, Novelty, N«wi fteel San. M»t. 1:30, 3:30. Eye, 7:00, 9.10 TONm?, ONI/* Great Hit* AKLIM Jeon PAtKK Feature Showings': 7:00, 9:30 STRAND, Starts Tonite ACTION THRIUS Phone Society N«*« to Cninl 4883 or CM*! 4744 Plus: Ncw», Cartoon, Novelty Sky Raiders Chapter No. 3 EVENING TRIBUNE K«tabl!*h«d 1808 Bt'BBR BROS. A OTTE) J. M. miBlSR, GeneriH Mfeaager IHVIIf C. HKNRX. Editor • a»eni Mtemker «t Ohio Bel«*t Ltat' «t D«lly Kcwi The Okto Nfn*»*pcr Anuoel { AvMtrtatcd OUu DallUMi BdMortal A»«o«l»tlom ~ CO.' Cleveland Omce— 669 Hlpyodrora Annex, ClevoUnd, O. Columbuft Otflce — iO South ThlW Bt., Colurabus, p. ...,,' Kantiui City Office — BOO Nationa JUfa Btdr., KanBas City, Mo Society He** Threo of our sailors hnvn moved to a different ship: Mitchell Rnrl Willo- demv Whitley and 1-ort EldVidge. The following sailors were assigned the following duties by the captain, Jane Salisbury: Sailor .Ruth Ann One of our sjtilors, Marry Troyer j had a birthdny when WP were out! of school so we made her a' birth- i day booklet on VUltai Sister Mrs. Elizabeth' Blumenschcin, Gene Blumcnachein and Mrs. Lnw- rence Rausch spent Thursday at Centon with thc former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Scheiderer.' City Union Meeting The City Union of The King's Daughters will hold a meeting Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the round room at thc Methodist Church to hear a report of the state convention .held at Bellefontaine this week. Whlst'TJIub. The Whist Club, will be entertained at the .home o( Miss Eliza-- beth Burnham, Monday afternoon. NAZI FORGES DRIVE AHEAD Et.fcCT HJC RANG F with Aifif•••;«;•>/,* "•'•" The Marion~R«Mnr« Power (Contlnimo rrom columns of Russian troops streaming to the central TEAMS PLAYED SCORELESS TIE IN GAME FRIDAT AFTERNOON ; against Mechanicsbutg noxt Friday WAttTSVlLLfe Aftl) KENTOV I night. ELEVENS CNASt-E ?0 8CO%E j Lineup and summary: IN BATTLE HERR YES- jf*fc fltarjrwrflfc TEROAV Kent on iof the faculty was made to ascertain , the writer. j All of the students enjoyed hear- i ing Mr. Hamlin not only because of jhi» worthwhile 1 subject matter, but .also because of his grand sense o! 'humor. i The initiation of the freshmen by j ' thr? sophomores was held at a party Friday night !n the gymnasium. The freshmen are now considered full- cllle Streng; "Talking It Over," Oi« lird EfaclKht, Th? program commutes fof th* next time consists of Dorothy Ann Swmny, Benny Etsotn and M«vl«l Dofotfiea Sw«wy 1* j tical correction recorder. The Watkirts girls' soft ball team defeated the Darby girl* on Sept, a score-of 7-6. This was one 30 by \ r _ -.. . . «, . " '-.Mum:!! artr nuw consiuvren juri- \ „ .... . .... iL.E.—Gtendenning Seadrrs of the first f not the only defeat, '.._ ,, „ .:flcdgod high school members. The , , . J L.T.—Mtimmey Howard, .... . , * , , , 'over a long period of time. r ,-. ~ , _j »» i ' costume for (ho girls during the day ; ij.O.—n«rningu>n Mau!: > C. -Finch O. B:»rrott '. wa " to WPar lhpir dad * boot «- carr - v Playing without the service of _ their triple-threat fullback, Mary.-! R.t-Gra'uman ' ""ontes snd at 1<Sast tn ? T K*— '••••••'*-r k >-^ IDEA ' RUSSIANS USING I were front P. T. A. Mwther Singers. The P. T. A. Mother Singers will practice at the senior high school under the direction of Donald Euverard, Tuesday evening nt 8 o'clock. A special invitation is extended to anyone who would like to sing with this group. ........ Dinner Guests. .Mr. and Mrs. George Heller, Mrs. through a rain of German airplane | bombs to*reinforce the Red army fighting German tanks and infantry from trenthes, rifle pits and shell holes, in fields and forests and on roads. . It was said that . fresh crack troops of every arm of the fighting forces were moving up on all roads in endless columns and with the greatest precision, despite the furious bombing and machine gunning of the German planes. Russia admitted that the forces of Marshal Semyon Timoshenko, defending the long central front, were still retiring at some points before the Germans who were driving wedges into their lines with 11 Richwood Schools Wildcats to a gcorcleg* tie Friday !Q. —Hornbeck Katis afternoon at the local field. Kenton L.H.-Cotirad Davis! m °!'"- Everyone ™ a *** greatly outgalned the locals but did R.H.-Kierns , West! and . P«t.c,p«ted in the fun Those ' : initiated were Lucille Adclsberger. CAV'TtJC' bAY I HE Davis Jones and Mr. and of Columbus, Mrs. Robert were dinner guests at the home of Mrs. R. M. JHo-ward^-Thursday .evening, __________ _ Will Broadcast Sermon Friends of Rev! Lewis Nicol of . ., Eastern Omce— 630 Fifth Ave., Sew Toric City. Western Office — 2SO North Michigan Ave., Chicago. • . Detroit Office — General Motor* Bids., Detroit. Mich. Entered »t the Ifaryivltl*, .,Ohlo. Post Office a» Second Clsai Matter Bub«crlptlou iR»te»: By carrlor, Mr week. lOo; by mall In Union 5ouaty, 41«0 per yaar. row ALL-ILL roil cmvtr OPEN YOUR HEART TO THIS BLESSING AND SEND SOME YOUR'SEtF: The Lord bless . th.oc and keep thee, the Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and be gra- ., clous unto thee, the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thoo fceace.—rfurnfjers e ; 24-2Q. i Toledo, will be pleased to hear that he will broadcast over station 1370 Toiedo, Sunday afternoon from 4 until 4:30. Rev. Nicol will present the sermon on the Lutheran Intermission Service. Meeting Scheduled. An important meeting of th-2 executive board of the Mnrysville P. T. A. will bo held at the high school building Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. Progress of the membership drive will be discussed at this meeting. After two weeks' work, by the school children, officials of tho P. T. A. announced that a membership in excess of 300 'had been obtained. The Richwood Tigers will play Marion Reserves Friday, Oct.' lOfJi, at Richwood. ... j not have the punch to put over n touchdown. The local* -showed the loss of their kicker, passer and most consistent ground gainer and signal The F. H. A. girls of Richwood held their meeting Tuesday eve- -<*»«• Paul Dcvine. who did not ning, October 7th, at the high school i play rfuo to thc death of his uncle building. An initiation was held for the following girls to become members of this club: Laura Somerlot, Marjorie Wood, Margaret Shaw, D'NeUe White, Jacqueline Lyons, Natalia Potts, Jcraldine Heavlin, Helen Hines, Marjorie Hendikson, 'Clarice Hayes. There is to be a program entitled "Wings Over America," In the high school auditorium, Oct. 23rd, at 11 consequently' the offense suffered Frank Devine. Conrad, a sterling back, returned to the back field but was under a handicap as he was not in last week's game and missed two weeks of practice due to injuries suffered in an automobile accident two weeks ago. Lot* Felt The Monarchs were not prepared for the sudden loss of Devine p. m. Thc admission is just ten mnssed tanks. But it was asserted j cents. emphatically that the Germans The senior class of 1942 will have wore being held, that they were | their first, class party, Friday eve- paying dearly for their gains, an4\ning. Let's all come and have a that the Germans had completely failed in their attempt to disorgan- J7O or nn 1 Desperate Battle Using tactics successful in France, good time. Mr. Rchard has chosen from the materially. The team was practically devoid of pass plays and needed the services of his open-field running. As it was, the team deserves great credit for rising- to great heights or* several occasions and stopping the Wildcats. Defensively, the local vgcat.j.Qnal_jguldance_ class, Gladys .from tackle to tackle, DeBolt, Clara Jerew," .and Vera I team was a stonewall and too much Cowgill as news reporters. Ruth ' credit cannot be given to the center F.B.—Borden Whiteheac!: Marysville for McKe«; ., ... Marygvill«. gained by rushing, 81, passing, 8; yards lost from/ Evelyn Heath, Donna Webb, Max . Liggett. Max Gordon, Dale Ebrlght, ' Floyd Neill. Donald Streng, Wil- -j.,Iard Half, ond Calvin Reed. . ., . K r '"! ma 5 C ' f ii The first meeting of the Watkins" fumbles, two recovered by Kenton;' ? ,, „ .T „ . • » j * o- i |L>terary club was held Friday, Od. passes, one completed for 8 yards,' . F , . . . _ . , 3. Members of the club consist of one intercepted, one incomplete; i ...... , . . • «« j „ i pupils of the. junior and senior punts, four-for 29-yard average;,* ,. , , ... . , • - • . it- Engl sh class, and it was organized punt returns. 3 yards; penalties,; * .* . , . with the purpose of bettering th^ four, three for 25 yards, one ro-' v " fuued; kickoff return, vards. "."" "„. ! use of the English language through ! one lor ,17 i I oral work given on the programs, held every two weeks, and to givo j Kenton, yards gained by rushing.:" ,.""••/ '"J ""-•"•••"• . , ' , , j , r -' training in rules of order. 192; passing, four completed for 0 v, yards in seven attempts; penalties Officers for the year arc follow. ' *7' '",'"~~ ing: president, Robert Vollrath; se- four for 30 yards; yards lost from f , J ' ' : cretary; Anna Jean Liggett; scrimage, 11; fumbles, three o«e recovered; punts, three for 13-yard average; punt returns, 18 yards; kick-off return, one for 20 yards. president.' Benny ELsom; vice ' reporter. By UNITED PRESS A broadcaster over the Berlin radio said today that German* propaganda reporters, returning' from thc front, reported that the Russians wer« using "rocket guns, a fiendish Russian idea of modem war." Shortly after this broadcast had been heard by the United Press listening post in New York, a Uaited Press Berlin dispatch quoted propaganda reporters that Russians on the sea of Azov front "employed rocket guns which fired 60 shells at one time." (Martha Addsberger; watch doj;. (junior Smart. i 1 t The following program was given: . 46.909 GET KAISE8 COLUMBUS, O., Oct. 11.—ApOfficials: referee, Landrum. Cap-,^ j mportant rncn o{ , oday ; j proximately 46.900 of Ohio's 49,800 ital U.; umpire, Hockman, vnn*. , /-r<i,>f™ jWMz-irw,.^.-WPA u/r,rfcpr<: will <wniv/> the SS.20 Wegleyan; head linesman, Tomkins; Wittenberg. Jugoslavia and Greece,, the Germans Wasserbeck and Mary Lane are the were hurling masses of bombing planes against Red army positions, hoping to destroy roads and overawe the Russians with the roaring typist for the reporters. The juniors were successful In their bake sale, Saturday, and wish to thank all 'those who made the of the line. "Marysville saw in West,' the Kenton right half, one of the hardest and best open field runners it has encountered this season. West was I a real workhorse, carrying the ball of Stuka dive bombing planes and i donations the shriek of bombs, while, artillery rrhe Rich-wood igers defeated La- three-fourths of the time and do- Rue of the 7th start ni four years, i ing the passing and punting. Aided making number cards, hand-written numbers, battered the Russian defenses and tanks and armored cars followed the i ' The bovs went out and P If »y ed a | by good interference, he skirted the barrage in wedge formation, to be game ^in wet and muddy field. It followed in turn by infantry. Red army infantrymen were defending themselves individually in one-man outposts, waiting for thej _ ou f .,,.„ . , , . -H, u „ Coach Miller sent his second string tanks and armored cars with bun-l , ,_ it __ ,_. f • , . . , * looked like it was going to be a scoreless tie for a while, but after the boys got going it seemed as be stopped. CHUCKERY Darby School Mrs. Nelson Morse, Cor. Phone Richwood 2727 dle 3 of hand grenades or flaming in the last few mlnutes ends for consistent gains. 'Locals Outgitaed The heavy wind was either an advantage or disadvantage to the teams, depending on which way thc team was traveling. Punting and passing into; the wind was almost gasoline bottles. They were holding | *"«. gam <- was a »«* r ° u S h «««no impossible and was extremely , . . ... .. .-. .„ as wsual because of the rivalry that ,riskv their posts until thc German m-^^ K ^_ _, ,_ _ , *„_ risK y- fantry arrived and then going with bayonet and hand grenade for in/^ e for' ! as been going on for a long time. The spelling race in the sixth !«"<» hand tp hand fighting under cover • week They trvel^ of fire from their machine gunners n(K) milcs Donna ^ and snipers posted in rifle pits and c(muffeur and h( _ if Kenton made eight first doVvns and gained 192 yards from scrim- as compared to four fii downs and 81 • yards from scrimmage for Marysviile. Kenton also EAGLES HEAR IRONTON MAN Fifty members of the Fraternal Order of Eagles attended a meeting of the lodge last night when J. T. Phclps of Ironton, state president, gave an interesting talk. A fish fry was served at the conclusion of the meeting. Mr. Phelps stressed the patriotic, humanitarian, and beneficial features of the organization. Also present at the meeting was Clyde Ccn»n, director of the 13th district. Plan* were set up at the meeting for the "Beat the Quota" campaign to be run for the next two'months. James A. Simpson and Ray E. Decker have been named co-chairmun of the campaign. an occasional frost-nipped maple, stood out like a burst of flame. Ella Thompson, Rucker, Marilyn Marl aly ce Miller, Billy are: j gained .65 yards from, .passing as WARN AGAINST CHECK FORGER Local dealers and banks today received a it-tier from the International Harvester Company to be careful of a forger who might be working in this territory and using the company's name-. The man, about 31 years of age, has been using the name of Anderson 01 Peterson, und is posing as an uHt-lU for the . Harvester company. Alter calling i/n farmers, posing as an engineer or inspector, he (j^Ks them to sign their name in his note book, showing that he hu» culled. Tiieac names °ie loigcd en eiiefKi by the man. Funnels are aiki-d to refuse- to Mgn liu-ir name.;, and to ie- poit the man if he ai.pearj Mei- i/haiils aUo aie allied to be careful The Darby bpy's Softball team were victorious over Rosedale on September 19, but on the following Monday they motored to Rosedale and "were defeated. On September 30, both boy's and girl's team went to Watkins. The boys were victorious with a score of 27 to 12 while the girl's met their first defeat of the season with a score of 7 to. 0. We are sorry to report that- we have a case of scarlet fever in our school. Donald Holycross was taken ill on Tuesday of this week. On Wednesday the school house was fumagatod anc\ on Thursday the county health doctor examined the pupils that were on his school bus. The high school held their first class meetings on September 20. The senior class elected the following officers: president, Mildred Lombard; vice president, Virginia Johnson; secretary, Betty Jai»c Burns; treasurer, Bcrnette Streng; news reporter, Donald Gruenbaum: student council, Mary Latham. The junior class elected the following oflieers: president, Dick Burns; vice president, Dick Rausch; secretary, Myia Lou Holycros;-.; treasurer, Lutrelle Doer^i r; m'U's reporter, Irvan Htgenderfer; student council, Doris Holycross. The sophomore class elected the following iitlicers.: president, Harold Boerger; vice president, Lillian Rausch; secretary, Martha Adams; treasurer, Richard Longbral-.e; news reporter, Mary Wai'hholz; student BUCK RUN Mrs. W. M. Staley, Sr., Cor. jVandergriff, Jeanette Field, Jo- Anne Mattcson, Arlene Heavlin, Mrs. Alice Newman is making an compared to eight for the locals. With this large yardage gained by the Wildcats, Marysville was fortunate to hold the visitors scoreless. Billy Taylor, Marjorie Winkle, Billy The locals were on the defensive a Hylton, Donna Lilley, D o n a 1 d j Smith, Wilda Wurtsbaugh, Max Cowgill, Wanda .Kline, Charles],.. ... K.r»»« A t^««i TO. .11 __ 1*41 __ i /-» __ :— • part of the time and two gal , goa ,. Hne stands were made bv Moore, Karl Fulton, Ethel Craig extended visit with relatives in i and John Chapman. Ross County. Rev. R. M. Gow of Spencerville called on Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Staley, Sr., Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Paver and nns, Richard and Tel, called on Mr. County Superintendent Baldwin was a visitor in the grade school on Tuesday. The Dental Clinic was conducted in grades 1-4 this week. Each child in these grades was examined for A new rule possibly saved the Marysville lads from defeat in the last few seconds of play, after Kenton had shown its only consistent march of the day. Receiving the ball on its own 27, long end runs by West coupled with two success, and Mrs. Alvin Claar. Friday eve- j dental effect, Miss Sinkey assisted j u , ,- . ' »"* »* ning., i with the clinic. Marilyn Miller, Mr. and Mrs, Harold Kent and j Donna Barker and Mary Ella also assisted with the pupils. The fifth grade is enjoying a writing contest. At this time the Pull side has 63 points, and the Push side has 54 points; The fifth grade has completed a unit of study of "Our Forest Trees." In the preparation of this unit and council, Arthur Boerger. The freshmen class elected the following officers: pix-aidi-nt, Harold Burns; vice president, Mary K. Durban; s>ecretury. Ruth buns*: treasurer. Leona Nicol; nt-v.'s reporters. Truman Ni--ol and Kuth Johns-ill; student council, J.uyt-d Rausch; .-uki ta« reporter, Htrleii Hc^cudi-rii'i'. The Seventh and eighth glade= elected the fi>Hov, nig othu-r-: pix-sidenl, HOM' Mai lu Henn:t,n, v "- v president. Mary George; secretary and U'euj.uier. Mae SUx-r.J; student cc-U!ic!i, 7lii trade Jack Collins fatik trade Helen Wacni.oU, !•-"••• j-e.jvjiltia, Marilyn H slyer'.-.-.-; '••< ft'.cls ,J son, Billy and daughter Connie, Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCune and daughter, Nellie of Columbus spent Sunday with Mr. and.Mrs. Carl Spain in Marysvillf. Mr. and Mrs. S. l,evan of Logan County culled on Mrs. Ella Connelly, Mr. and Mrs, Damon Bennett, 'Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. McTear' and children of Columbus spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert and mother, Bertha Henault. The, B. Y. P. U. Society met with Clarice Poling, Friday evening with 27 present. Chester Chess, Who was a visitor, gave a fine talk. Refreshments were served. The evening was spent in a social way. Mr. and Mrs. Noah Green and .-.oils s-pent Sunday with relatives in Marion. Preaching Sunday, October 12, at II a. m. by Rev. Chester Turner of Westerville. Mrs. Cora Beightler spent Thursday with Mrs. E. Bumgarner of near Watkins. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Footer of Dayton spent Sunday with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orlyn Poling. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gibson have j been making an extended stay \vith j the iatu.-r's mother, Mrs. Aerie Clark v. ho lias been very ill. The Aid Society met with Mrs. Howard Kubin.-.on, Tuesday, of this v. eek with fourteen present. A new,' member, Mr.-,. R. Penm^lon, v, as added to our hit. Iilr. and Mrs. E. Uliniebei'Ki-r and s..ii Malph, Mr. and Mrs. W. llon- lii!! i'i Columbus \vere cullers al I the h.,n,e ol Mr. and Mrs, Uli'u Slil- science, English, geography, art were correlated. Reading Readiness Tests were given to all the pupils in the first grade last week, , - i Mr. Baldwin visited in the first grade last hTursday morning. Mrs. Wibley and two children were visitors in the first grade. KENT, O., Oct. ll.—Maj. Gen. Robert S. Beighller, commanding oflicer of Ohio's 37th Division, sta- i ton took the ball to the Marysville 0-yard line with just time for one more. play. The Kenton coach sen in a substitute but as that team had taken the full allotment of three time outs, the clock continued to tick, a five-yard penalty was as sessed, and the game ended befor a play could be run. Mecluuilcsburg Next Coach Har'lan King' of Kenton who had been bedfast the most o the week suffering from a slight attack of pneumonia, accompanied the team to the game but left the majority of the duties to Assistant Coach Harland Kinney. Only a small group of fans accompanied the Kenton team here and their band was not in evidence. The Marysville high school band aided the Marysville cheering section and handled the maneuvers at Watkins School The first artd second grades are .,p realnfircv - CTaylon, McKitHck: j WPA worker? will receive the ?5.20 "America." by Martha Adelsbei «er; ; a month increase in pay ordered by "F. D. R.'s Unofficial Cabinet," Rob- j Washington effective Nov. 1, state - • Use thc«want-«o». No Time for Tears." Anna Jean Liggett; "Life of Joseph Stalin." Lu- Instead of j the .num-l •rals are taken from large size cal- indars. The second grade makes the | more difficult combinations. Dr. Davis and his dental trailer- visited our school Monday after-j noon. The teeth of the children in j he first four grades were ex'am- j ned. The Nature Club held its meeting Tuesday afternoon. first j The! its tioned at Camp Shelby, Miss., will ak at the Defense Day celebra- spei tiou here Oct. 19, Charles Mosher, chairman, announced. R. thc half. Coach Paul Wenzel is hoping for better luck next week when he can i present a full line-up of regulars following program was given: "How j the Leaves Come Down." Phylli; Derio; "Autumn Leaves," Billy Clark; "The Pawpaw Leaf", Steve Duncan. A leaf guessing game and a donkey game -were enjoyed at the close of the program. The grade children are trying out for membership in the grade choir. Each child selects a song and sings it alone in class. His selection as a member is based upon this try-out. The 8th grade science class has been studying the stars and the solar system. They noticed that on October 6 Mars and the moon were very close together.. The General Science class in study of the weather has been fore- easting. With the aid of a wind vane, a hygrometer, a thermometer and a barometer they have been very successful in their forecasts during the past) two weeks. A vocational guildance period has been provided in the schedule this year in order to provide more time to recognize the student as an individual rather than one of a group for teaching. An attempt is being made to interview each student in order to find his difficulties and how to remedy them, as well as to help him plan his future. Mr. Howard E. Hamlin, former professor of physiology 'at Ohic State university and now.connected with the State Health Department spoke td the high school arid grade children Monday morning on general points ol| health which wen- based upon questions prepared by the juniors and seniors. The questions were typed by the students, in order to make the student more- free to ask any question which puzzled him. This method gave the pupil the assurance that his questioi would not be recognized by hi. handwriting; 110 attempt on the par' RYTEX POST-HASTE PRINTED STATIONERY 100 Single Sheets, 50 Envelopes or 50 Double Sheets, 50 Envelopes or 50 -Monarch Sheets, 50 Envelopes New . . . New . . . New! A writing paper in an exhilarating SAUTERNE color ... or a captivating HAZE-BLUE smartly accented with printed Envelope linings in Brown. Blue or Grey. Printed with your Name. Monogram or Name and Address. A very special writing creation. THE TRIBUNE REG'LAR FELLERS Why Sound It If It'sSiknt? By Gene Byrnes i.d

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