The Paris News from Paris, Texas on March 16, 1985 · Page 25
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 25

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 16, 1985
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

Thw'Pdrlf New*. Sot.; March* 16. 1*85 * 13 Thursday THURSDAY EVENING STATION CBN KDFW CBS Dsllai KXAS NBC DtUu HBO WTBS TO) AtluU WTAA ABC Ddla ESPN CNN "Ewc^T icxn IND nw m «» PBS LIFETIME USA DISNEY BET NASHVILLE CINEMAX WON mo Chlcuo PTL KTBS ABC Shrtrtport KTAL NBC KLTV DID Trier KSLA CBS Shi export TMC SHOWTIME A O ® EQ © O (5) e (n (Tl) (15) fFl (B fF) <D (51) B «D 0 CD © fFfl (fl cm FR FT 5 ! Fffi IFfl C ® © CD (D (?) (*) (IT) (15) (13) 0 nm D ® (D CD O CBJ (ID IB (Ti (D O E 3D ® © © (71 (« IT) (ITS) (TT) (12) (13) (TO (IS) (IT) fill (W (55) (531 (54) 7:00 Circus Magnum, P.I. Cosby Show A — Hugo, Ok. B — Clarksville C — Cooper, Honey Grove D — Blossom, Detroit, Reno, Bogata, Deport E — Paris Cable 7:30 Circus Family Ties 8:00 700 Club 8:30 9:00 9:30 Little Margie College Basketball: Regional semifinal Cheers Night Court All The Rivers Run World Of Audubon 1! Wildside Basketball Primenews Hill Street Blues Movie: "Hot Dog. 10:00 Bill Cosby News News .The Movie" 10:30 Groucho All Family 11:00 G. Burns 11:30 That Bob 12:00 Joan 12:30 DobieGillis College Basketball: Regional semifinal Tonight Love Conn. David Letterman Movie: "Max Dugan Returns" Movie: "Captain Newman, M.D." Eye To Eye 20/20 News USFL Football: Orlando Renegades at Jacksonville Bulls Hawaii Five-0 Magnum, P.I. Cosby Show Freeman Reports News Movie: "The Private Files Of J. Edgar Hoover" College Basketball: Regional semifinal Family Ties Night Court Hill Street Blues Legends 01 Country Music . Regis Philbin's Lifestyles America Talks Back Good Sex! NML Hockey: Washington Capitals at Montreal Canadians Cont'd Movie Theater On The Line With... Be A Star Movie: "Class" Fandango World Of Disney Black Showcase Sports Hopalong Cassidy video Soul Nashville Now Movie: "Bye Bye Braverman" Camp Meeting U.S.A. Wildside Cosby Show Wildside Family Ties Magnum, P.I. Jim Bakker Eye To Eye Cheers Eye To Eye Night Court Moneyline Benny Hill News News Ent. Tonight SpoCtr. Sports Bizarre "Cujo" Movie: "Magic" Nightline SpeedWeek "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" Horse Wk. NewsNight Mannix Fitness Mag. Crossfire Basketball Update Movie: "Satan's Triangle" College Basketball: East or Midwest regional semifinal Tonight MacNeil / Lehrer Hot Properties Gong Show Laugh Nightline Charley Pride A New You Radio 1990 Nature Sports Movie: "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" Country Be A Star Yesteryear Movie: "Krull" News Winner Eagle's Nest 20/20 Hill Street Blues 20/20 College Basketball: Regional semifinal Movie: "Cujo" Movie: "The Ice Pirates" Movie: "The Sting II" Bizarre WKRP LSumrall News News News News Sleambath Hollywood Manageme. Manageme. Regis Philbin's Lifestyles Tennis Mag. Play Golf Video Vibrations Nashville Now Country Movie: "The Dresser" Love Boat Contact M'A'S'H Movie: "The Rains Of Ranchipur" Jim Bakker Hawaii Five-0 Tonight M'A'S'H Jeffersons Taxi Frederick K. Price Twil. Zone David Letterman Nightline Charlie's Angels Real People David Lelterman Gunsmoke Movie: "Chariots Of Fire" Movie: "Splash" Movie "Hot Dog... The Movie" EVENING 6:00 fiji DhTrent Stroke* Orummond overreacts when 13-ytar-okl Arnold Is notified to register lor the draft. (D (D S3 Barmy Milter Sympathizing with those oppressed by capitalism, kidnappers of a department store owner demand that his merchandise be giv«n away to the public. (Part 1 ol 2) (DISNEY) Movte **% "The Waltz King" (1963) Kerwin Matthewi, Senta Berow. Young Johann Strauss Jr. tries lo make a name lor himself as a composer despite artistic conflicts with hit famous lather. 6:05 O (!) O CD D3B Lm) * HOUM On TIM Prslrte Laura thlnki she uw Mr. Oteton kill hit wile, but no one believet her. 6:30 U3 Sanford And Son Fred nils a kicky gambling streak when he and Lamon! need money to buy (he Sanlord Arms. 0 Barney Milter Challenges surround the precinct at Barney offers compaction to a suicidal man and a homosexual data that a cop assaulted him outside a bar. £03 Three's Company Jack grows suspicious when Cindy starts collecting maternity clothes. 33 (TJ) Wild, Wild World Of Animal* The orangutan or red ape Is last becoming a rare creature. 03 (D O Benson Jessica Tale visits her cousin. the governor, and manages to become embroiled In a scandal. (D (B (B) NHL Hockey Washington Capitals at Montreal Canadians (MAX) Crystal Sato Highlights Include the debut 01 Crystal Gale's latest album 'Tonight. Tonight." (HBO) Warning: May B« Hazardous To Your Hearth Consumer Reports looks at dangerous loods and products. 7:00 EE O (!) WHdskte (Premiere) Five ex-gun- lighten band together as the Wildside Chamber of Commerce to stop outlaws on the rampage In small towns throughout the territory. Stars Howard E. Rollins Jr.. William Smith, g ® SB <3> Magnum. P.I. Hkjflins harbors an old friend who has broken out of jail to rescue his kidnapped grandson, and Magnum reluctantly agrees lohejp.iR) CESS OS 1*^1 Cosby Show Cliff faces a dilemma when his father tries to convince Denise she should attend a predominantly black university in lieu ot enrolling at an Ivy League school. (R) (Q) Hawaii Flve-0 The Vashon family launches a vendetta against McGarrett. (Part 2 of 3| 33 OS Legends Ot Country Music A salute to tne country and western sinoers of the '40s and '50s including a tribute to Hank Williams. Appearances by Eddy Arnold, Porter Wagoner. Kitty Wells. Hank Thompson. Cart Perkins. Host: Hoyt Axton. 03 (D ®) Movte *** "Bye Bye Braverman" (1968) George Segal. Jack Warden. Four zany pals 01 a newly deceased writer somehow manage to attend the wrong funeral. (MAX) Movte ** "Class" (1983) Rob Lorn, Jacqueline Bissel. A prep school student embarks on an affair with an attractive older woman, unaware (hat she's his roommate's mother. 'R' (HBO) All The Rivers Run Driven apart from her husband after the lire on the Philadelphia. Delie returns to Brenlon whose subsequent ln|ury forces Delie to navigate their restored boat lor one last chance to make money before the bank forecloses. Slgrld Thornton. John Waters. (ParM oM) g (TMC) Movte **Vk "Cu|o" (1983) Dee Wallace. Danny Plntauro. A woman and her young son are trapped In their car at an isolated auto repair yard by a huge, rabid dog. 'R' (SHOW) Movie ** "The Sting II" (1983) Jackie Gteason, Mac Davis. An experienced con artist tries to score big with the help ol a fellow peddler. 'PG' 7:05 O (D O (I) E3 World Ot Audubon II An interview with WalterCronklte and a profile ot pioneer environmentalist Rachel Carson. 7:30 (iQJ 23 3E Family Ties When Mallory damages the Kealom' car while they are away on vacation. Alex decides to raise money tor repairs by renting rooms. (R) O S) USFL Football Orlando Renegades at Jacksonville Bulls (Q ® Fandango Featured: an interview with Billy "Crash" Craddock. 8:00 S3 Q 3D Eye To Eye (Premiere) A semi-rellred private detective and his ex-partner's daughter become an unlikely investigative team In Hollywood. Stars Charles Durnlng, Stephanie Faracy. g (T) QiQ © College Basketball East or Midwest regional semifinal (•[«]!] 23 Cheers Sam believes that Diane Is still madly In love with him, and Cliff catches a co-worker stealing. (R) (TJ Movie **'* "The Private Files Ot J. Edgar Hoover" (1978) Broderlck Crawford, Jose Ferrer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation grows in clout and scope under the leadership of the controversial Hoover. O (B CD 700 Club Scheduled topic: couples unable to have children. 03) Black Showcase Featured: Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. O CD O 0.) EES Movie * + *'* "Captain Newman. M.D." (1963) Gregory Peck. Tony Curtis. An Army psychiatrist becomes enormously dedicated to his patients. 8:30 t Court tore the judicial ethics committee when It appears he has been consorting with a hooker. (H) (TMC) Movie * "The Ice Pirates" (1984; Robert Urich, Mary Crosby. Space pirates |oin a beautiful princess in search of her explorer father and a newly discovered source of much-needed water in a nearby galaxy. 'PG' 9:00 (E0J 23 3E Hill Street Blues A murder charge looms when a pro-life advocate accidentally Injures a pregnant woman; a riot occurs when a black family moves into a white housing project. (MAX) Movte ** "Krull" (1983) Ken Marshall. Lysetle Anthony. On another planet, a prince laces many tests as he tries to regain his kingdom, rescue his betrothed and battle a super-powerful beast. 'PG' (HBO) Movte ** "Hot Dog... The Movie" (1984) David Naughton, Patrick Houser. An Idaho farm boy. participating In a freestyle skiing competition, finds romance and fun. as well as a rivalry with the reigning Austrian champion. 'R' g 0:30 ID ® New Country Guest: Roy Drusky. (SHOW) Steambath Tandy faces painful memories when » former protege who tried to steal his wife and job comes to the Steambath 10:00 03) Bsnny HID Benny plays host to two little visitors from France. ID 09 Ca WKRP In Cincinnati Dr. Johnny Fever moonHghls as a television disco host. (Part 1 of 2) (DISNEY) Movte *** "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" (1954) Kirk Douglas, James Mason. A government-sponsored expedition searches for a strange ship-attacking monster. 'G' (SHOW) Movte ***'A "Splash" (1984) Tom Hanks. Daryl Hannah. A New York bachelor without much success at love falls lor a beautiful girl who literally washes up on shore, unaware at first that she's the mermaid he saw as a child. 'PG' 10:30 33 M'A'S'H Radar's departure puts Klinger and B.J._in the dumps. (BED S3 3B Tonight Host: Johnny Canion. GD Entertainment Tonight Featured: Jeff Bridaes. Ifli Jeftersons George and Louise are in for the surprise ot their lives when their foster son arrives for a visit, g © College Basketball East or Midwest regional semifinal QD IB & Love Boat A couple try to end their son's romance, an engaged couple gravitate lo new mates of their own generations and Doc gets a new nurse who is a former showgirl. 03 CSJ Yesteryear In Nashvflte Featured: an interview with Webb Pierce. (TMC) Movte ***V4 "Chariots Of Fire" (1981) B«n Cross. Ian Charleson. Social pressure and personal turmoil beset two very different British athletes on their way to glory in the 1924 Paris Olympics. 'PG 10:35 O M'A'S'H Henry refuses to let a wounded chopper pilot go home.. . 10:40 (HBO) Movte *»* "Max Dugan Returns" (1983) Marsha Mason, Jason Robards. A widow's ne'er-do- mll father, who abandoned her when she was a child of nine, shows up with a bad heart condition and a suitcase full ot ill-gotten money. 'PG' 10:50 HOD OLDIES Movte **'A "Magic" (1978) Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret. A neurotic ventriloquist, convinced that his stage dummy controls his actions, eludes bordering lame and fortune to find a girt he loved in his youth. 11:00 23 Hawaii Frve-0 A convicted murderer escapes from prison and threatens lo kffl his former girlfriend. (D College Basketball East or Midwest regional semifinal O (B (3) Bums And Alton Grade schemes to pet George dratted Into the army. tfli Charlie's Angels A vengeful game hunter who Is after Charlie traps the Angels on an Island and threatens to kin them unless Charlie surrenders. 33 03) Charley Prkte At Devil's Lake Charley Pride sings "High On A Mountain Of Love." "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" and "A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About" In this concert at D«vlf'« Lake Resort In Edmonton, Alberta. OJ) Video Vibrations Urban contemporary music video programming featuring a mix of rhythm and blues, pop. soul, gospel. Ian. reggae and country videos. (MAX) Movte *** "The Dresser" (1983) Albert Finney. Tom Courtenay. A valet encourages and natters an aging, paranoid actor Into giving yet another performance as King Lear In a touring theatrical company.'PG'g 11:05 O Taxi When his girlfriend finds a new guy. Louie Is devastated and schemes to get her back. 11:30 33 Late Night With David Letterman Featured: Steve Martin, Brooke Shields, stupid pet tricks. (R) (D Movte *** "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (1975) Ellen Burstyn. Kris Krislofferson. When an attempt to return lo her former singing canwr proves unsuccessful, a widow becomes a waitress to support herself and her 12-yesr-ok) son. CD (B B8 Movte **'A "The Rains Of Ranchi- pur" (19SS) Lana Turner, Richard Burton. The wealthy and privileged wife ol a British aristocrat fans In love with a Hindu doctor. 12:00 SjJJ Late Night With David Letterman Featured: Steve Martin, Brooke Shields, stupid pet tricks.(R) 0 (E FltnM* Magazine Hosts: Tom and Nancy Seaver.(R) OJD Movte **'/» "Satan's Triangle" (1975) Doug McClure. Kim Novak. A lovely, mysterious woman Is the sole survivor ol a boat wreck caused by » sudden, terrible storm off the coast of Florida. TEAMWORK Veteran detective Oscar Poole (Charles Durning) gets a new partner — the daughter of his late partner (Stephanie Faracy). Together, they try to find her father's killer on "Eye to Eye," an ABC series debuting on Thursday, March 21. (Stations reserve the nghl lo tneike last-minute changes I

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