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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 71

Phoenix, Arizona
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Sunday, June 15, 1969
Page 71
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Page 71 article text (OCR)

Safety tips given on use of chemicals MBSA— If people had to gita vip pesticides, food prices w«Qd Soar 50 to 75 per cent, qiAttty would be lower, and tMlgerteral standard of living wotyd be reduced, according to tin entomologist. will continue to de- peftd oft the use of chemical pen controls, but we must recognize that despite its mafty values, hazards can ex- istLif these chemicals are not handled and applied with care," says Leon Moore, entomologist with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Service. Moore said accidental pesticide poisoning is just a small part of the total chemical poisoning picture, noting that contents of the home medi- cinf cabinet— on the farm ami in file city— are much mete of a threat. He warned that medicine, household preparations, pesticides, kerosene, lighter fluid, some furniture polishes, turpentine, paints, solvents and products containing lye and acids frequently cause poison- ing'among children. The more common products found in homes, such as aspirin; are the most common causes of accidental poisoning: Pesticides, which often are referred to as poisons, are actually responsible for only about 4 per cent of the known poisoning cases. Carelessness is almost always involved in poisoning, and in a majority of cases, improper storage is thelcause. Tb prevent accidental poisonings, Moore recommends: —Keep household products, medicine and pesticides out of reach and out of sight of children, preferably in a locked cabinet or closet. —Store medicine separately from other household products and keep these items in original containers. ALL EDIT; Pfeoenf*, Sowfoy, June IS, 1919 Prof. Glenn Voorhies studies sections from tree Forestry experts predict change in timber industry FLAGSTAFF — Glenn Voorhies, associate professor of forestry at Northern Arizona University, and Donald A. Jameson, associate professor of forestry and natural resources at Colorado State University, predict a major change in the timber industry. In a report issued this month, they contend the industry will soon be forced to use younger trees to fill lumber market demands. Timber companies now are harvesting trees which are 300 to 400 years old, but because of economics, Voorhies predicts the timber industry soon will be using trees which are only 70 to 80 years old. The use of these younger trees, Voorhies wrote, may provide raw materials for several products—the top for paper pulp and'various sections for poles, plywood, lumber and finished board. Usable trees, only 20 to 30 years old will be used for paper for newsprint and kraft wrapping paper and paper bags, Voorhies predicted. Effects of pesticide studied TUCSON - If you visit the offices of Dr. Donald P. Morgan or Dr. C. C. Roan at the University of Arizona college of agriculture, don't be surprised if they ask you for blood or a flesh speciman. Unlike most professors on the agricultural faculty, their interest is not agricultural production per se. Rather, they are researching the possible harm pesticides might do to man. They use body fluids and tissues from volunteers to check for pesticide levels in humans. Sunday Crossword Puzzle Welds ACROSS 1 Famed US. • Fertile tpot 11 Soon* of power. K Isle of the Bine Grotto. fi. Scene of . abifting rainbow •hacks. 31 Asian "Yo*4 57 "Black gold*. 59 Hanging flap* as on a cap. 60 Singing voices. 61 Intended. 62 Sailboat. 64 Admiral __* naval historian. 65 Oven for annealing glass. 66 Listened to, as an opera. 67 La. 69 Prefix, meanin 114 Electrical engineens Abbr. 115 - Taffari Maaropocti* 116 It istPoetie. 118 Tattle*. 119 Emporium. 121 Swiss river. 122 Washington e JS* — aaeVpains. ^5 'Where Holme* v - v Bred: 3 word*. 27 Golf term. 28 Summer* in ••" France. : 29 Mar], etc. 30 Firebug'* crime. "'Jl London bobby. 32 Subscriber to . "Natural *• ' Religion. *& Big __ ,36 Metal bob. . 38 Pitchblende. -39 Assistants. *« Tree with redthsb flow*. 43 Form of ••' address. . M Peer Gjnf • 1 mother. 46 Could be a • . - flying 48 Damage. 49Hendrik Arrtoon Dutch physicist. SI Germ. 54 One who cob* as a sale. . Widow* ten. 70 "Whisky and soda, in the Far East. 72 Prying. 74 Bird food. 76 Royal initials. 77 Stevedore, for instance. 79 Dueling swords. 81 Slumbers. 83 Spanish gold. 83 Story-telling Uncle. 87 Mistake. 89 Taxes. 92 Antitoxins. 94 Legislator bodies. 96 Paper measures. 98 Italics: Abbr. 99 The "I" in GL J01 Covered with ceramic slabs. 102 Frock, 103 Girl's name. 104 Everlasting: Poetic. 106 Able. 107 Scotsmen. JOB Mrs. , a prudish person. 109 Part of Papal States. Ill Put* off tfae> track. 113 Bishopric. 124 Lad. 125 Station: Abbe. 126 Provide, a* •with talent. 130 Dutch coin. 132 Regions. 134 Italian city, 136 Noises. ' 137 Doctor who treated mental illness. 138 Nonexistant tool: 4 words. 141 Happening. 142 Valse 143 Bird of prey: 2 words. 144 Crow's __ 145 Turf. 145 Overweight. 147 Laundry device. DOWN 1 Changed course. 2 Talk. 3 First model of a US. SAM: 2 words. 4 Old name ol Uria. 5 Serial: Abbe. 6 Month. 7 Bird's homes, 8 Hook part 9 Sherbet*. 10 Placed. 11 "White fur purse worn by Scots. 12 Cures leather. 13 Witch of __ 14 Handsome Greek. 16 West Pointer. 17 Port of land. 18 Imaginary rack: 2 w 19 Resort in MaaMelmaafki 2 words. 20 French rivet. 22 Selective Service System: Abbr. 26 Scotch comedian. 31 Danger. 33 Occasion*. 35 Port of India. 37 Vigor. 40 A patriotic groups Abhc. 41 He's^ pontiiiitftnt i& law: 2 words. 42 Roman matron s roba* 44 Founder of Hungarian dynasty. 45 Mountains in Russia. 46 Kind of crocheted face, 47 Captain Jinks —: 4 words. 49 Find out. 50 Places under heavenly rub. 12 Wheel projection. 53 Stoves. 55 Actor Greene. 56 Meadow. 58 Theater areas. 61— AL Turkish Viceroy of Egypt. 62 More bashful. 63 Early bouts: Slang. 66 Those who own things. 67 Wise men. 68 Reference* the same: Lett. 71 Grand Army of the Republitt Abbe. 73 Pace. 75 A months Abbr. 78 Old Germsa alphabet. 80 Tawny hones. 82 French soldiet 83 Willow. 84 Reviver. 86 Menu dish. 88 Staggers. 90 Afternoon: SB, 91 Kills. 93 Enveloping atmospheres, 95 Principle. 97 Beast of burden. 100 England: Abbr. 102 Day by day. 103 Monk/ 105 Go in. 107 Boot. 108 ** Washington.* 110 Three-toed sloths. 112 Kickbacks. 113 Seatless spectator. 117 Less fresh. 119 Chargers. 120 Make beloved. 121 Tree. 122 Dissolves. 123 Sports theater. 125 Move crabwise. 127 Grimy. 128 Relative. 129 District in England. 131 Opening. 133 Newts. 134 Cad. 135 Wheat spear. 138 Algeria: Abhfc 139 In the past. 140 Color. BOYS "AND GIRLS » » * BY BOYS AND GIRLS EDITED BY EDNA LEVINE VOL. 15:9 June 15, 1969 PRICE: FREE WITH THE BIG REPUBLIC Young readers with wits so nimble and swi please help solve grandpa's puzzle tale gi By EDNA LEVINE W HEN ROY and Rita, the Republic twins, stopped in to see Grandpa Puzzle on their way home from Sunday school this morning, they found him out in the patio, sitting in a rocking chair in the shade of the big mulberry tree. A pitcher of lemonade stood on the table beside him and he was reading the Sunday paper. "Happy Father's Day!" shouted the twins as they ran up to Grandpa and gave him a big kiss on either cheek. "COME IN the house!" coaxed Rita, "There's a surprise for you!" Grandpa laid aside his newspaper, pushed up his spectacles, rose, and followed the twins into the house. "We hope you like it!" exclaimed Roy as they came into the study. There, propped up against Grandpa's desk was a handsome new suitcase. "A TWO SUITER!" exclaimed Grandpa Puzzle. "Just what I've been wishing for! "And what an interesting design is tooled on the leather!" he added as he bent down to examine the gift more closely. "It's a Puzzle Tale," said Grandma Riddle, as she came into the study just then with the cookie jar in her arms. "Your friend, Peter Puzzlemaker, Chief Puzzle- maker at the Court of Queen Titania, made up the puzzle, the Moon Elves tooled it on the suitcase and flew it in by Elf Rocket Express while you were at your American Legion meeting last night," Grandma explained. "IT'S A MAGIC suitcase," said Rita. "Yes," Grandma Riddle went on, "if you can solve the Puzzle Tale, your suitcase will always be packed, in perfect order, ready for you to take a trip any place on earth — or even to the Moon!" "We tried to solve the puzzle," said Roy, "But we couldn't find all the answers." Can YOU help Grandpa and the twins solve the Puzzle Tale on Grandpa's Magic Suitcase? * * * Definitions ACROSS 1. In BIG and in GOOD And also in GREAT; I'm In every sweet ORANGE, But never in APPLE nor DATE! 2. Twenty four hours 5. Otherwise, else 6. In STRONG and in BRAVE; You'll find me in the DESERT, But never in MOUNTAIN nor CAVE! 7. In KINGMAN and in DOUGLAS, In FLAGSTAFF and NOGALES, In AJO and YUMA I'll always be, But in PHOENIX and WICKENBURG You'll never see me! QURPRISE PRIZES will be mailed to the following 8. Today is their big day, ^ boys and girls for their excellent work in helping And our big chance to show Roy and Rita solve the Puzzle Tale on Grandma Riddle's Magic Teapot, published exclusively on this page May 11: BILLY WESCOGAME, age 11, PAT HUGHES, age 12, 850 915 Una Ave.. Tempe, Ariz. South St., Grade 6, East Globe School, Globe, Ariz. Prizes rpWENTY SURPRISE Prizes wfll be awarded for the 20 -I most original, neatest, most nearly correct answers to the Puzzle Tale of the Magic Suitcase. Only one prize will be awarded each winner. Decorate your answer any way yon choose. Color It with paints or crayons if you wish. Or, make pen or pendl drawings or picture cutouts. Maybe yon have another Idea for making your answer interesting. Or, Just fill in the letters in the spaces marked for them, very neatly. Neatness counts. The contest closes at noon next Saturday, June 21. Begin Your Answer Now! * * * Prize Winners when we're Answer to Puzzle on Page B-ft KATHY KENNEDY, age 2701 E. Turquoise Drive, Phoenix 28 LU ANNE FOREE, age 9, Box 113, Grade 3, Joseph City, Ariz. TOM HASSEY, age 10, 104 A- Andrews, Fort Huachuca, Ariz. JO MARIE BARBAGELLO, age 13, 1331 Kachina, Grade 6, Luke AFB, Glendale, Ariz. PHILIP SCHROEDER, age 8, 820 E. Roser Road, Phoenix 40, Grade 2, St. Catherine's School FRANCES SELLER, age 9, Box 1204, 434 Ivanhoe, Kearny, Ariz. STAN FISHER, age 11, 8220 E. Cypress., Scottsdale, Ariz. KAREN CURTIS, age 13, Rt. 1, Box 193-B, Safford, Ariz. JOHN H. HAEUSER ffl, age 11V4, 3648 W. Campbell, Phoenix 19, Grade 6, Alhambra School ATHENA DORSEY, age 12, Rt. 1, Box 650, Morenci, Ariz. SUSAN ADOLPHSON, age 11, 1009 W. Glenn Drive, Phoenix 21 STEVE MERCADO Jr., age 13, Box 373, Grade 7, Junior High, Eloy, Ariz. RHONDA HAUFFE, age 8, and DENA RAE HAUFFE, age 6, Box 049, Wickenburg, Ariz. CARLA GONZALES, age 11, 4130 Smelter St., Grade 6, Holy Angels School, Miami Ariz. MEREDITH GAY MADOLE, age 10, 333 Tarn O'Shanter Drive, Phoenix 29 BONNIE ALBRIGHT, age 14, 3143 N. 50 Place, Phoenix, Ingleside School JOHN BAUMANN, age 13, 7129 E. Chaparral, Grade 8, Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, Scottsdale, Ariz. DIANA COONEY, age 10, and TOM COONEY, age 8, 5027 W. Cheery Lynn, Phoenix 31, St. Vincent da Paul School TRUDY BAKER, age 9, 233 California Place, WAFB School, Will iams Air Force Base, Ariz. JAMES DUCKETT, age 9, 4604 E. 17 St., Grade 4, Bonillas School, Tucson, Ariz. LAUREL and MICHAEL BRYCE, age 8, 2048 N. 38 St., Phoenix 8, Grade 3, Papago School LORI COOLEY, age 11, 1559 N. Center, Mesa, Ariz. ANDREW LUM, age 9, 2027 W. Flower St., Phoenix 15, Heard School CARTER C. CHRISTY, age 10, Rt. 1, Box 713 N. Dysart Road, Peoria, Ariz. MAUREEN APODACA, age 9, 244 W. Fourth St., Scottsdale, Ariz. JOHN GATES, age V, 4724 W. Encanto, Phoenix, Zito School KATHLEEN SCANLON, age ft, 2 Copper Queen Drive, Douglas, Ariz, MARTIN SAMPLE, age 7, 1721 W. Sherman, Phoenix 7 ALICIA GARCIA, age 12, Box 586, Cashion, Ariz. DOWN 1. Wonderful, great 2. Two times in ALADDIN And once in GOLDILOCKS; I'm never with BO PEEP, And never with her FLOCKS! 3. Word meaning "to be", used after "we." 4. In YOUNG, but never in OLD; In PRAY, but never in SCOLD! 5. From 7. To request permission 9. Toward 10. In THATCHER and in in SHOW LOW, But never in TUCSON nor WINSLOW! 11. Boy's name 14. In HAPPY and in DAY Never in Fun, but always in PLAY 15. In BLUE, but never PINK; In BROWN, but never INK! 16. I'm in HOGAN and PUEBLO, And always in the HOUSE; Find me in LION And also in MOUSE! SEND YOUR ters, orlsinel drawings to E Boy* and Girls Buren St./ Phoe Be sure te age, and iddr< entry. Write school and your- Boys and slrl* reached their eligible for PI answers/ let- t» f poems/ and LEVINE, Edlter Salic, 120 R. Van •5004/ Ariz. •your own name, dearly on each name of your •aside) H you wish. have net yet !» birthday are •n the contests. in in in them That even naughty, We love them anyway! 12. Opposite of yes 13. All right! . 14. Advertisement 15. What every father was once upon a time Copyright 1H», Edna Levins * * * Prize Winners Jingle Jangles (Continued) LAURIE McCORMICK, age A prize book vwT most Interesting Perhaps you n pony, a clever k i _ tricks, a bright t> «lsh, or some w •bout your pets. PRIZE: Bubbles, roi fluffy as a f< She is a Siai best breeds, ribbon for h« She has ey when they knocks on t" is hungry. Bubble watchdog comes near MARK 2121 W. M Phoenix 13 r awarded for tho on "Clever Pets.'* .a smart horse or _„ m doa that can do m , • per turtle, oold- -£•• mica. Writ* us ITTER d as a balloon, Jtier, is our cat. e, one of the has won a •tricks. blue as grapes ire ripe. She door when she .also acts as a -n someone house. J, age 12 Drive, JODIE MALONE, age 12, 3920 W Thomas Road, Phoenix 19, Grade 7, Isaac Junior High School RONALD MEDIVIL, age 8, 1327 W. Devonshire, Queen of Peace School, Mesa, Ariz. BOB TEETSEL, age 12, 2847 E. Yucca, Phoenix 28, Cholla School BRIAN K. RHOADES, age 9%, 2906 Sioux, Grade 4, Luke AFB School, Glendale, Ariz. BRENDA BRADFORD, age 6, 2039 S. Forest Ave., Broadmor School, Tempe, Ariz. BRIAN MORRIS, age 9, Box 44, Pima, Ariz. IRISH TERRY, age 8, 221 W. Arroyo, Ajo, Ariz. TAMMY ADAMSON, age 8, 1320 W. Buffalo, Holbrook, Ariz. PUZZLE ANSWER Magic Teapot Puzzle Tale ACROSS: 1. Mothers; 8. Foal; 9. A; 10. Y; 11. Play; 13. Em; 15. Pat; 16. Day; 18. E. DOWN: 1. M; 2, Of; 3. To; 4. Happy; 5. Ella; 6. R; 7, Say; 10. Ye; 12. Ate; 14. Md.; 17. A, 9, in Fourth Grade at Hop! School in Phoenix, colored her correct answer to the Rebus very carefully and wrote: "Dear Editor: This is the very first time I have entered your contest. I like it very much." "Dear Editor," wrote MONICA GONZALES, age 11V2, in Sixth Grade at Sutton School, "It is true that Davy Crockett, BUI Williams and Daniel Boone were heroes of the Old West. I wrote a poem about them: I know three men who were Heroes of the Old West, Not Johnny Quest, Not Peter Noone, But Davy Crockett, Bill Williams And Daniel Boone! MIKE FISHER, age 14, sent this letter along with his neatly colored, correct reply to the Missing Words Puzzle: Dear Editor: I really en- Joyed doing your puzzle. I have noticed your puzzles in the paper, but 1 never tried to tackle them before today. I shall soon be 15, but I'll continue to do these puzzles as long as I am eligible. Keep putting them in! A set of />«P««— •ach week for tt*^*- on Dolly Fashioi like to have you make-believe. K 100 words or le» PRIZ I have a "talks" to my birt' be just riglvfc If I took: she could rx< movie star. Beasley. She wears and an apr- yellow hair- Her shoes name on lose her. In the breakfast times eve with me. will bo awarded .••xjat Interesting letter •~^ T«ll how you would oily dressed, real or your letter ahort — orlll do. LETTER .vorite doll. She . I got her for I knew she'd me. glasses off see. She is a name is Mrs. polk-a-dot dresa L, too. She has and blue eyes. yellow with my ua., so I won't When her to the I get home She eats then we w At night Good CAROLE 818 N. 28 Grade 3, she eats me and some- goes to school good I take When play with her. with me and i* TV. sleeps with me. JWIrs. Beasley! •jNATI, age 8 Phoenii School

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