The Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 27, 1985 · Page 13
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The Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 13

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1985
Page 13
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Comics/Features THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml - Saturday, July 27, 1985, Page 14 Concerned about rock influence EEK&MEEK by Howie Schneider Dear Ann Landers: Do yon have Hie courage lo prim Ibis letter? It is sure to make you extremely unpopular with you; young readers, especially after the letter you printed recently on Ihis same suhject. I must write il because I firmly believe lhat part of what is wrong with teenagers loduy has a lot to do with their music. Nobody can listen lo rock for hours on end for weeks, months and years, and nol be seriously affected by it. A while back ! attended a rock conceit at Ihe Mayo Civic Auditorium in Rochester, Minn, Ihe performing group was the W.A.S.I'. bunch. (Those initials stand for "We Are Sexually Perverted"). One of their numbers fcaiured the beating of a young girl vs ho wore very little. Their messages were clear. Suicide is "in." The lyrics of "Don't Tear the Reaper" were friehlcning. A tune by Blue Oyster Cult about a suicide pact between young lovers made death sound appealing. Another group, AC/DC, plays songs like "Gimme a Bullet" and "Shoot 10 Thrill." Is il any wonder teenage suicide has doubled in the last decade? The mental health experts tell us ilrai over half a million kids try to kill themselves every year. It is reasonable lo assume that young people who are depressed can be pushed over Ihe edge by rock groups lhat urge kids to "pull the trigger--pull it!" Rebellion and violence are prominent in rock lyrics. Songs like "Flaming Youth" encourage yonng people to use their power to rebel. Elton John, in the song "Benny and Ihe Jets," says, "We shall survive. Let u's take ourselves along where we fight our parents out on the slreets to find who's right and who's wrong." Sex is the underlying theme of most rock songs. Some of the titles ure so suggestive you couldn't HAGAR The Horrible prim [hem in a family newspaper. Rock music glorifies drugs and gives the impression that everyone is doing it. "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd, "Fantasy" by Aldo Nova, and thai oldie by the lieatles, "Lucy in Ihe Sky With Diamonds," are a few examples. Add the diug cutlure influence lo whal we read in the Walt Street Journal about today's children of Ihe affluent. They expect to enjoy all the luxuries their parents have but they don't wanl to work "that hard." I an) concerned ahoul our beautiful country. The Russians won't have to fire a shot. REALISTIC IN MINN. DEAR REALISTIC: I am printing your letter with »o comment. I'd like to heat whal the rock enthusiasts have lo say. And Dear Ann Landers: Did you nol receive even one leller among the thousands who wrole about the toilet seat controversy warning young parents of Ihe danger of 1- and 2- year-olds drowning when the seal is lefl up? I have seen KIT'N' CARLYLE 1M reports of Ihree toddlers who stumbled and drowned in loilel bowls. It's lerribly sad when children are viciims of fate, but they should never be viciims of our neglect. -JAY M. ARENA, M.D., PROFESSOR OF PEDIATRICS EMERITUS, DUKU UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, DURHAM, N.C. DEAR JAY: Thanks for the alerl. You always come up with the most useful additions to this column. I'm awfully happy I know you. Aim Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, III. COGH. Copyright 19»5 News Amer tea Syndica te. by Larry Wright IN AU--THK£ YtARS.SHES WEVtR HAD SO MUCH AS A KIK'D WORD !CR ME...WOT A SMILE... IT DCt^fOT FAZE Mt THOUGH I'M A | SOFVIV/OR. I .. i—* J by Crooks & Lawrence FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thaves i CAN'T e<o our wrrrt , ViN. l.-UU._H«;e -To 6;ve oT UH, ToM I HfWeTo BABYMAN ™ by Don Addis by Dik Browne 7.-17 I TrJ/NK PEMAKKA0LE ESPECIALLY FOK UIKE "DALLAS; ' DVNASTX-" THE BILL COS&Y SHOW'.'. THE INHABITANTS OF JUPITER WATCH TV ALL THE TIME THEY GfJ FCfi THE "OUTER 5PACe"STLJFFr. WE JUST BURIED THE LIFEGUARD NOME WON'T; HE LOVES IN THE SAND:; THE BORN LOSER WHATHUA56O1IC& TO ASK HIM! ME IF I'VE SOMUC A CPOP! THERETARE; IT'S \ITSMOKE NOT MUCH, BUT IT'LL] THfW T HMJ, KEEP TH'\WJE> AN 1 / SIR. KNIGHT RAIN OFF YOUR / THANK \tXJ BACK' •IV I IN 1HK MORNING./SUE'S SLEEHN' NTV BRAVE KNIGHT. A WITH A SMILH In ^-T ArTER VOU'VE? ON HER FACE, by Charles M. Schulz I DOM T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT [ CAU6HT IT! Your Horoscope July 28. 1»B5 You could be extremely fortunate Fn Ihe year ahead with artistic projects or ventures, il you're nol the one who supplies the latent, you'll lint! associates who cnn. Bridge VK 109763 « 765 + 95 NORTH J-27-8S * 109652 »AJS1 * KQJ4 *J 1087 13 SOUTH 4KJ873 »Q « A 10 » A K Q 6 2 Vulnerable: North-South Dealer: South Kti Pass Pass Pass 4+ 5* Pass Pliss Dbl. Pass 1+ 4 NT 6+ Opening lead: LEO (Jufy 23-Aug. 22) This can be a veiy productive day for you il you're so inclined. Make a lisi of tasks you want to complete and then finish them. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) Without loo much eliorl. you'll be able to charm the birds out of the trees today. However, this does riot give you a license lo coast, or to delegate everything lo others. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 231 Try 10 sttike a balance today where you can use logic as well as Intuition in your financial affairs. This makes a profitable comblnaUon. SCORPIO (Ocl. 24-Nav. 22) To feel fulfilled today, you'll require some pleasant diversions. IT you haven't been ashed to participate in any plan. thinX o1 something lor yourself. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21} Something profitable may develop for you today Uirough a partnership arrangement. Your best chances will be with a member of the opposite gender. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan 19) You have an aura today thai others will find both commanding and appealing. All are likely to bo responsive when you issue directives. AQUARIUS [Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Your instincts for surviva 1 and sell-preservation are exuemely acute today. Should you get into a bind, you'll know how to reverse il lo your advantage PISCES (Fab. 20-March 20) Hopes thai seem unrealistic lo otheis could be possibilities for you today. Mysterious tides are stirring that channel Ihe trend ol events in youi (avor. ARIES (March 21-Apiil 19) Achieving your objectives should not be too difficult lor you today, especially when properly motivated. TAURUS {April 20-May 20) Try to select companions (Oday who stimulate and inspire you. The fight associations could lead to something collectively beneficial. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) It may be necessary lor you to diaw upon the aims. This won't be improper because il you gain, they'll gain CANCER (June 21-July 22) Your greatest asset today is your ability to put everyone around you al ease This qualiiy will brfng a harmonious balance to all of your involvements Crossword ACROSS Three lines of play By James Jacoby Theodore Ughtner was confronted 17 Powd8r b8SB with loday s play problem 33 years ^ p us hes ago. Think about how you mighl play 2Q Liahtv . ciQh1 six spades after the opening lead of a W<V!H diamond. Lighlner though! his besl chance lay in playing his high clubs to discard dummy's diamonds. If clubs split 4-4 or 5-3, he could then make 2 6AbouUuly 3 Genus of maples 4 III (rom catanh 5 Furious 6 Louse eggs 7 Urgent wUeless signal 8 Study of plants 9 Old English coin Answer lo Previous Pu«le the slam provided he had only one 1 Indian weight 5 Those in office 8 La lar pits 12 Cry of pain 13 River (Sp.) 14 Court hearing 15 Biblical prophet IBArmyT.ansport 10 Skinny fish Service (abb,.] , , A|m5 ^ 19 Tearful 20 Cols 22 English statesman 23 SsmOBn seaport 24 Evil grin 25 Mideast herdsmen 26 Palestinian wood 21 Actress West 22 Enclosure 23 Resin 30 ' 31 LinlB P Irump loser. Of course there was some chance that with a 5-3 club divi- ai A<*r«ss Balm sion, the player holding five clubs 33 Noun suffix would also hold the singleton spade 3 * Flasn of ace. If so, when that player won the lightning trump ace, he would lead a fourth 35 Gypsy man club for partner lo ruff with the spade 36 Strenuous queen. 38 Vales The alternative line, taking the 40 Time zon» heart finesse, would lose half the (abbr.) time, ^'henever East held the heart 41 Chsmical suffix king. 'The odds favored Lightner's 42 Toothed whaefs play, but look what happened. On the 45 p ar t O f the third high club, West came in with the hand spade queen and ted another diamond, 49 ____ and Teddy Ltghlner was two down. contender pl«a The deal occurred at a team-oMour 50 Hoosier State coins 27 Emerald Islg 28 Pres«ntly 29 Batters 31 Athletic contest 34 Head person 37 Din 38 African antelope 39 Woman-chaser 41 River in S. Asia 42 Small fly 43 Long limes 44 High [Lat) 45 Chignon 46 African nut tree 47 lighl 48 Once, formerly 50 3. Roman match. At the other table, the declar- (abbr.) er on Lighlncr's opposing learn took c< o:. the heart finesse and made the slam. „ - ..... How should Ihe hand be played-? 1 ° ^ have to admit that I would have gone 5 _ p Ur>rv% down in a different way. After winning the ace of diamonds. I would have played the heart queen. If West covered, I would have made the contract. If West failed to cover. 1 56 Pl »se«'ve would have assumed he did nol have 57 Whloll V the king, and I would have risen with engrossed llie ace and trumped a heart, t would DOWN then have proceeded just as unlucky i Kick Ted Lighlner did 33 years ago. wilh 2 Silence Ihe same miserable result. of indebtedness 54 Shade trees 55 Despot

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