The Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 27, 1985 · Page 11
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The Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 11

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1985
Page 11
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Classified What it means for your ad to be"dassified" CALL TODAY 932-221 1 it's Easy to Place a Daily Globe Want Ad! 1 5 Word Liasbiiitu AU 1 time $3.60 4 times $4.50 7 times plus 3 days FREE . $5.40 ] 9 limes plus 3 days FREE $6.00 CORRECTIONS OR CHANGES 1 Please read your advertisement carefully the lirst i ay it appears in the Want ads. We will make adjustments for errorson the lirst day only. Thank you. DEADLINES: Telephone, mail or counter classified ads may be placed up to 3 p.m. the day before publication. (10 a.m. Saturday.) HOURS: Monday tlni Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saluiday 7 a.m. toll a.m. Of notices 1 " 01-05 1 • Monuments & Memorials 01 WOODIER MONUMENT SALES Phone 461 -JIOor'3! *JIO PEM1MSULA MEMORIALS ?«v/ Arch Ironwood Cail^ockrosv IVflA) 937 3477 Lost & Found 02 S9I services ^Sr iQ.13 Building Trades 10 (Vev/ homes, Garages (A3 J9?5or 667 0353 M chigan Licensed Builder ftlRCOWtfEling& CasSupptiet C« M OIL> US ]• Bessemer* til 0772 - ^HI|HgB!^B|^HB^^HI Currier Construction 1 •WiUiiHlM-'Ji:lM'lTi.lll Carpentry & Home Repairl %?»,', Li " Pa "' """"'"'"' CHILD NEGLECT CHILD ABUSE DAY OR NIGHT Phone 667-0444 Announcements 05 ~Su"BSCRTlFE"foOAY!~ scVijilFon. caK IflWtfli: JlllDerAeen e m. o a 1 THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR YOU SH[ legals \ Jo ill- I»3S PUBLIC ATI ON NOTICE DECfcOSEDESTATF IAIJCILLASY] ItAIE OF MICHIGAIi PRQBATEE COURT COUNIY OF GOGEBIC f L E; NO ?Uli EsMteof NEVA G ALLISOU a/*.'* N E V ft G R /i C E A I L t !, O N , UecM«d SK'FJI Security No MJ :a «w T o A L i i n rr : « E; s T i. D P EI R so ris iftKfi NOTICE On July ??. 173S at Cn.irks »t'-vi- dgrnicil.dTi"'PL t r ' ..•[)• •'•',-n r.iiivL- of "me AnciiMr/ (;SMr-T,f NBV.I r, Mhson.Oeccasrd .;\,'j luco .il 3"[j My JO East (Box Hi). E.vjic River. Vikis Co , •.Vi<,T.o-i'.'r, ,in.i v>ho rlicrt October \r, i'i'-J. ,inrJ requcsiing dlvo Ihdt Ire Cirtuii 'co'J'1 ^ ol VMAi Co'un y. T.-rrtUT ^1. VV,ii Nohcc 'S (uifher rj,ij..:i'e w,<[»n,tifi IPI;M?» J.KO^.A'.cDonjlrli Site. P C 10 E ^groH-.i^T-ctr ron/.Ovl.r.M JMJ91 904 »370iM Ju'^ j, ms Cl'.irl.^ FtefVi f O C1f» IV I F -vjlt- ftn"f V/l '.JiJl THE LOC rn?TirTn?fHiiiiHBMMTrc*ffl Ottawa Builders Masonry and Contrele Spec dis L censedi Insured 73! J05S BLACK RIVER SIDING & CONSTRUCTION, nc. O /er 35 Y ear s Ex pe r ie nco 901 93i JW1 lrori'/rt»od, 'AI ROOFIIJG, SIDING, Carpentry, rJitions, 30 y«ari c'perf'entf. Discnunr FreeEshmAteS 917 -J307 Business Services 11 BLUE: FLAAIEI FURNACE CLEANING Call9)?OS?Q S£P TIC TANK CLEANING Toiicf Rental L PGas FesnieVs Seplit 4 Propane Besiemer 6670*01 COMPLETE CHIMNEY SERVICE TILE LINERS INSTALLED; F : IRE DAMAGE RELPAIHS 1 BW) J87 J033 KAREN'S HOME PET BOARDING Nrjcanes. T L.C. msido home Limi J.picV, up.rePerences !715daH6M | Lcgols 1 July 77. m* PUBLICATION NOFICE OECEiSEOESTATE STATEOF MICHIGAN PROBATE: COURT 1 COUNIYOF GOGEB C , FILE ; NO 71*38 Estate of GERTRUDE FRANCIS BERGOUIST,Deceaied TO ALL lrJTE.RF:STeD F'E H SONS' Your inlero-,1 in Itie estale may b IAKE;: NOFICE: on August i?, H3 al 10.00 A M . in Ilie probate tour Judqe ol Probate, a hearing w i> b Bergauisl rcquesl-nq IJiat ArUur C BrrqquiM bf appointcrj Person, Sergquisi who lived •>' 3U tlon PAithiqananOJVrio died May 19. US! ihe Deceased dated October 16, 1'i Dcarjm'iHcOtoprobaic. Cre<)ilors Are noliherl Ihm copies c alt claims against Ihe Decease musi be- presumed per-xinally or b or before September 30, TBS wotii flppearingol record. ATTORNEY. Jofin P wurphy IP137'S) 7ltEasl Aurora Sired (ronwooO, Ml (MlB^Ot^llOm July is, ms Personal Rcpicscnlalkve Arlhur C BergquiSI D loan Vendtrhaqco Road Uonvuood. Ml *r?J3 ?06 *]? i841 IKHORNS ! tter^P 7 ' "I THINK MARRIAGE MUST BE PENANCE FOR SOME 6IN I COAWITTEP (N MY CHfLPHOOP.' 1 business Services 1) ERICKSON'S ROOFING Hoi fardndiriingtei PhoneSJ? 33ilaficri:00 LicenscUand Insured T& P SOD FARM Sod B'dtkOiM Hock CAM93?0«7or»3! 1J3J KARJALABUILOERS Rootii\9,^iair\3. blown in Insulation, walls, allies ronwood «" 1«> Movincj & Trucking 12 Ryder Truck Rentals Painting & Decorating 13 PAINT "KG Call9373574afler5 30 Tree Service 15 08, DTREESERVICE Insured, reasonable. Call93? S065 jgll employment j •V rt-13 i Situations Wanted 20 EXPERIENCEDttay care provider, w.l care ror thiluVtn in rny Iron Saturday andevening; 9330JI7 HANDYMAN Will do pointing. carpentry, any odd job, elc. Reasonable.«63 4?Uor &&^44t6 '.VIM. DO house cleaning Monday Saturday S'OO a.m. 7 M pm Call beforenoon.561 iOSl V,' LL GO PAINTING, slaining outdoors. Experienced anrj rnsureo. Ca1l»3! S16aor93! 3iOO Help Wanted 21 H COSME TOLOG 1 ST WAN TED c arGuyiA Doll i Beauty Salon H Ca1l93?3913 d WANTED: 30 peopfe, ?0 SO tt>* i, overwei'ghl. (or company sponsored y, Droven program based on medical come to ihe Hurley Holiday Inn any , Wednesday at noon and 6:00 p m & Call 1 6QQ02B 679J,exteniion3i7. Q CATHOLIC FAMILY Life Insurance c pan lime. Duo to Ihe luecei^ of our o H°» Universal L'le program, Are^l cli ancelo get inlo Dullness For c yourself. Excellent training and p cwilatl; JameiGeiss. llD3Maaiwn. c MerriU.WIi***?. n TOWNSHIPMANAGER ! The MarqueJle Towninip Board ii accepting applicalioni (or a (ull Time manager. Seeking carQidiles n with a degree in Public Ant c nVniilrahonor related Held. Salary 3 expedience. Send relumes bir c September 1i,19BS(o: „ Wayne Johnson, Supervisor , 161 Counly Road-m , May queue. Ml 49BSS MARQUE TTE TOWNSHIP I SAN , EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EM [ P^-OYER [ Marquerie Townshfp has a , popolalian of 16V>, SEV 13M2UW ir is iixaied on Lake Superior in Michigan's Upper Peninsula arid it near Ncrlhern Michigan Unlversiiv. anOiympic Training site PART Tiwti kilcrien help, part time barlender. Apply in person alter 5:00ai Don& GG's WANTED. Mrchig;m licensed in in Ironwood area. Reply TO Box K, Da-ly Globe by August 1, iva^ <S People Needed door -to door interview* (or new IronA-ood 'Hurley Cily Directory. No Celling. Full fime work lo last 16 weeks. No experience, we Irain. Heat, legible hand writing es&enlial. early tfurinq ine wecX ol 7/79. Reply R. L. PolX S. Co.. r'a box j. Daily Globe EOE M/F LEGAL Ju V 27 KKHnilTOKCOMHTHJN CONSOLIDATING DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN SUBSIDIARIES OF THE 51ESSEMKH NATIONAL BANK OF BESSKMEK IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, AT CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUNE 30, 1935 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CALL MADE BY ("OMl'TKOi I FK OFTHF nriiiiT-:xrv 12, UNITED STATES CODf- Cluirtcr Number i:JC07 S t ntem en t of Resources am AS C;ish and balances tluefron Noniniurest-bcarin^bala and coin I n lerest- bea ri ng bal a nee Securities Federal funds sold and seci under agreements to rest .SECTION 161. at!i District Liabilities SETS Thousands of dollars depository institutions nccsaml currency 1,162 5 None 15,751 irilies purchased II in domestic offices Loans and lease financing r Loans and leases, net o LESS: Allowance fork LKSS: Allocated trans Loans and leases, net o allowance, and reserve Assets liekl in tradingacco Premises ami fixed nssc s capitalized leases) Other real estate owned . . nveslmentsinunconsol d and associated com puni Customers' liability lolhis acceptances outstanding Intangible assets Otherassets Total assets LI A Deposits: In domestic offices , . . . N'oninleresl-bearing. Interest-bearing .... Inforeignorficcs, Edge subsidiaries, and IBF N'oninlerest-bearing Interest-bearing. . . . Kederai funds purchased agreements to re pure of t lie bank andof itsl subsidiaries, and in I] , Demand notes issued lo 11 , Other borrowed money. . ] Mortgage indebtedness a cnpitali/.ed leases 1 Hank's Liability on accept and outstanding i N'oles and debentures sul 1 Oilier liabilities n Total liabilities \ Limited-life preferred sic E(1UI Perpetual preferred sloe Common slock Surplus Undivided profits and ca Cumulative foreign cum adjustments Total equity capita) .... eCRivnbles: unearned income . . 5,216 win and lease tosses . - . . 03 er risk reserve None f unearned income, 5,153 mis None including 29 ao iled subsidiaries S None bank on None None 468 23.138 tll.lTIES 18,738 2,415 16,323 and Agreement s None None None tncl securities sold under inse in domestic offices "clgcand Agreement Ifs None c U.S. Treasury None None K obligations under None inces executed None ordmnlcd lo deposits None 2G-I 19.00 K-k , Non TV CAPITAL <. Non 501 501 3ital reserves 3,13 ncy translation Non 4,13 ife preferred slock, 91 11 I, Carl H. Johnson, Executive Vice President of th above-named bank do hereby declare that Ihis Report c Condition is Iruc and correct lo the best of my knowledg and belief. Carl H, Johrvso 7/19/8 We, Ihe undersigned t irectors, attest lo the corrcclnes of this statement ol resources and liabilities. We ileclar thai it has been examined by us, and lo the best of ou knowledge and IxHicf has been prepared in conformant with Ihe instructions and is Irue and correct. Stanley J. Serv a Goo. C. Muscatti >SilvioParolar ITT B •;-~->'K-^-'-""-'- . THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml - Saturday, July 27, 1985, Page 12 1 jT ^ ^S£ 3P^ £x ^ ia ?¥ , yf* MOG ^ fi I '1 1 mon y yuy ^ f h n Jyl^y^p J 1 elp Wanted 21 P HILO CARE OUSEKEIEPING ring 1 W 86 schoo ar olds. Reierenc eeVdav* Alter etkendi. AI3Y5ITTER w oowood tiome fc o/iday F : r-day. 3: V) CJOK-WAITRE5S perfente.willlrd d.Callli-t&Crfl. ABYSITTER in ays week- Relere , Daily Globe HILO CARE ou ;ekeep ing for : on wood home, .00.. ever Bother w MED CAL i exible fiaurs AND LIGHT ° n my home 115 £> yearlorSandr p ' f-s Call V3?3160 , 5 "-"' «" fp anted""in our t9 r school year, " wanted Some • n.Over?Syea^s ™ ... 5 my Ironwood r. 1 hours day, 3 aliernoons 3.30 ek. 931 u?S. XSSISTANT/fau | n.sician'soFlice. ,. .ind benelils ^ ENERAL WAREHOUSE and e iveryman. part lime. Writ box G, d ly Globe. References required, OSIT ON OPENING - ROGRAM MANAGER 1o work c vitJi development ally disabrpd t dulls, Educational requirements.- achelorsfn Human Services Field \ OP icalions available ai A dun f liv ty CC/iler. Wakeliefd, between and 3 DeadlineJulylflih. HELP WAN IE pecia sis. Perw n exorcise pfi cducrion lechnirj bend resume to in Ratquei Club, Michigan 47918. prease. GtAMORAWA V^KeFielt* open in !ly !s1s.Call«5? SALESfAAN WA area. Salet r«fa IMMEDIA optr Here's your oppo associate^ wilh Avert sing Spetf Caltndar^, Pen^ D: Exercise 1y riealth club. yS'Dlogy, com and/or Slresi Inc., Wahelield, No phone calls. Beauty Salon in August 1 is now )1 HTEiD lor IOCS ted 1o 1he con . Apply \\icliigan TFSALES JING5 a leader in ihe It/ Industry. Se and Gills la rota i part time basis friendly service write 1 Kevin Peska. NEWTON WFG. COMPANY, Depl CM3I. F le> ble hours rio Fa mi y Praclict A&toc.. 3101 Beaier Avenue, Aiti and, V/ 5*804. ouuurn NEWS TRIBUNE: AND HERALD morning motor route dvaUBlcin rorv.vcKHl. Mictiigarv S>« conlacr Jim Puori^cnar9320&9S NEED POCKET CHANGE? We complete property insurance in ipectioni in the Ironuvood VrfaKeMe ^ iporlatiari and polaroid camera. W Norlh Ave , Milwaukee. Q| financial 1 SSr ao-n I Business Opportunities 30 Bu^ineisei available! F exibleT*rms Bids BIOS wanlfrrt 1 Call9320m Antiques Do ret- .eliniii 313LaktST. or Sale or Lc-ase therange-area CalimeB* 3673 32 or ICO tords. minei> 33 •s Antiques urerelinishing ing supplies 937«10;93?*l>33 Gjfarm& garden | Lumber & Building Material 42 ForTheLarBeiUnvenro-y olWraiherSntpldWintlowi Doors PATTERSON *"—^-— -«— - ManitoMish V*1*n«lK V.'ateri.Wl JjWItfL Livestock 44 6 YEAR OLD QUARTER HORSE'Arab gelding. Verf -well broXe. tviin sadd e H75. ?year old ceg Appa oo^a girding, green broke 137S Call 93! «M before 10.00 am or alter 3:DOp m. Pets 47 TWO MALE AKC GOLDEM relr lever puppies lor sale. Welpcd i J IS. sMoti and dewormed, J'S, 4715) , 411,3404. -] BEAUTIFUL AKC re gi lie red CdesapeaVe Say rrrrfevers, «>ot J and wormed. Excellent hunter* an r- famrl / pels 931 0706 or 93} 7687. >> — AKC ENGLISH Springer Spanie pups Whelped 6 ii as ^Aiei ~ liver/white, black/while. S re (; Saixirs Snooky. Parents excellcn hunters iioa 932 U3A. LIQUIDATION ' SALE i Cenil ruction lumber and panel- n Ing. Afl liiet ind gradei. You • wl n«vrr txjy cheaper. s AHONEN c LUMBER CO. r PriK*«MCStrMI>,ln>nwiXKl c CaH 932-4301 Kami: 7:00-4:00, Diily 7:00-noon nn Stlurday ets 47 <E— YEAR old lemaie redhone g. Starred on beai and coon. one 7IS3M JiiO. <C REGISTERED SPRINGER an el pups. Black ^nd white, liver o white, can (90417J3 H03 or M>93!1M1. JI merchandise 1 S5^ 50. 59 1 ewing Machines 50 SewingMach neRepair Call iamCarpenter.9]7SS*4 T1TCH& SEW 937 Wit Repair sew-n 9 machines & vacs Free PicX up Servfce Business & >ffice Equipment 52 Royat Electron c Typewrite" INTERSTATE BUSINESS MACHINES 7^ Leonard Street Phone J3? 3 75? TWO NCR caih registers. 7 rawers, 1? lofa s. in entellenl ondiiion! MSiO 8413 Can be seen t Oeei Park Lodge. Manifowiih Balers, Wl, SiveAway 53 A 1 E W ILL P R1HT your give away at so charge to you. Your ad must be in and phone number. Absolutely no shone calls ONE SHEPHERD Shelly female veeXb 931 «W7 •\AL_E 5amo/e<!pijpp/.9 weeVsoln, ronwootJ. iUer trained, good moustrrs. 8 weeksold PhonelUMM. AKC REGISTERED WALE beagle a JiO dog house Sil 19J3 Fuels 55 b rch, cur, iplil and delivered 123 00 per cord 9047!') 1TO9 MAPLE FIReWOOH Logger's co'd Callifil *3'5 SPLIT HARDWOOD Call Boll iWskovith ai«A3 4676 Logger 'sCord Caim£ g?37263 F : IREWO(3D LOTS, cut your own firewood, leases avdi able, gravel Ahoneni Lumber, 9 37 JJ01, ROUND WOOD of slab wood, de vered or cu1 =1 up vauri 1. AtionentumCer.93; J301 Rummage Sale 56 ^REE! SIGNS' Come ir> and pickup mage or garage sale ad. AddH'OijI signs available at joceach. No signs prated Globe Classllieds Sell! GIANT RUMMAGE SALE. Cflicl'S ce Arena, M JB Sunday Lake, every Saturday. ?:OG?LO3 Largest rum mage in the Upper Peninsula. MOVING Sftt F Clolhes; toclS. LaXe Superior equipped, JO h p Mariner engine-, rnuil satriTice. 773 Bundy Street, Jeisleville. 9320441 Slarls Thursaay, 11:00 a m a 0*1 GARAGE SALE, July TO. 31. 8:30 ES243Sunsei'RoaD R U MM AGE SALE, Friday. Saturday. 7ilh, 7Ith. ? 00 S.OO parts, VV/ tires and wheels and ois more l2Souih Range Road YIVRD SALG A tug vAricv* ol Monday. Tuesday. 10:00 i:00 weather pcrm.nmg E*4ii Norin Star Road RUMMAGE; SALE: July 79, M. a .00 7 00, 701 Caiy Road. Hurley Lois o* Articles for Sale 57 U.S. FLAGS Flags, S6.24each Flag Kils, SlO.-lOeach (tax included) Availableat Ihe DailyGlobeOflicD "'l'/2~6ff Special 5/S1.00on USEDALUMINUM PLATES 33x.30inchcrs olFsel press and are ideal lo playhouses, doghouses, repair ng Mill or Mike feclwccn 5. 00,1 m An. Globe/Tie V ^tLeo^ve.. Iron wood, Michigan. NOWON SALE! For the Ironwood Centennial Wh leSupp! eiLAH IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE NEWSPAPER TUBES BlacX wilh orange leilcring. Idea uses Send one 10 an on! of tow IronwootJ Boosfer. $5. CO Available at: the Ironwood Da"r Globe PIAFJO, needs loning. SI3SI rm wood boiler, First 175 lakes 11 Call evening). S41 7*6} r^e audience t of the people in our community with j ey to spend read classified regularly. j usands of prospective buyers will see ' r ad, ' j Jays . .. 15 Words . . . $ *.50 days . . . 15 words . . .*5.4Q PHONE 932-2211 Articles for Sale 57 H NIIQUE kitchen wood range. N > "/nif ondh ioiv Call 'wi JSw"' X '/ (J UNI NG, liihing, tagejinq t" amping shack, movable, on skidi. IR iclutfei miscellaneous lurniulor- ie nd small wood stove; dlM), o" dc tirroe. beautiful <4'x4'.? ovsi S« urfounded b/ cherubs, abou! IV O reasonable oiler reUScn M VoQdruri.7k$3Sd54?fr. <-l WASHES. DRYER. SIOVE It elrigerilot, weigh r IHling let. — rquflnum with lish. Ml ??v? early A - - -• y ,E UPHIC.KI tree re r, Gibson w ^rrigerator, yald brixade living com chair. Call 561 2103 F -- — - ---- D R EF R IG E RATOR.e let tr it slove, 1 b A-ood burning basement slave, map e drop leal table, ? booWcaws 1 Call days. 933*110,- evenings, 93? ft 49J3 * S one real and four chairs Legs a'f f ilack, wrought iron, chairs art- h covered wilh green And gold vinyl WAREHOUSE LIQUIDATORS ttas d moved Into a new building 1' > miles v, soulrt ol Mercer. We are cf»n lor business and we are bigger and befter man ever. Slop in soon! i SOFA. Early American, earth tones \ lloral pdllern 1JSOO Call 3J* 1531 atieri-00. 3 - - - — • ij ZENITH H" color TV h liKeneyy.'Sns Catn?^jsn \. 1 1931 A B Dick roll paper copy Extiilleni condilion. Htw SU6SOO Asking t>SO DO Can be seen it News Record or call ?3? iQJJ 1 ELECIHIC Hefer duplicalor" i E'celitni tonJilion 17i 00 CJll 9J? S07I ' - - - -• - t 1 SBOO BTU Frigid dire air ton E nc r ion afr condilione', llfiOO 931SQ71 MfcVTAC WfllHGER A-asher. liXc blackanOwTiite TV. Nice. 643 *176. WOOOS IOVE, JOHNSON ENERGY saver willi ? cords wooc | playpen 170. <n? 3 !iV ICE MACHIMU SWO, t'!5)M13100 Jays Wanted to Buy 59 Diamonds & Old Gold wanrrd DIAMOMOSHDP Sam's Salvage Inc. 932-4310 Straplron, Balleriei, U| houang 1 ^Sr w-» | Apartments, Flats 60 available through (3ig Powdeihorn Lodging Assotiafion Raieiirart^i ForinFormalioncall'niaiOO TVrfO --BEDROOM. S room apart Evans Street; also, smaller 2 twflroorn. Day Sfreel. henl and "^! e ^, inC ! k " JetJ S * 1 4!60alrer S ;°° LAHE; HOAD, ? bedroom CallSAl JJT6 HAVEN NORTH CONDOS HURLEY, Wl Really ^gmt.. Inc. Rcniai ol'irr CALL MS 111 .Jt?i,7<tdrt weet. PHIVAIEiLY OWNELD Po*dermiL» loeighf. Phone Ai3 60 IS or Ml <W9 DOWNTOWN HUWI. EL Y. cnp mtnl, ne'Aly remotfcrcfl. l?00montt, includesulihties Ml SJ7J. A L L MS W downtown 1 ronv, ood. on,' bedrootn apsrlmeni. Call 93? "00 ask for CniiiK CORNERSTONE APARTMENTS downtown 1 1 onvwood w i1 h appliance 1 , andulillies, .illSmonth 9l?iiV7 ROMWOOD. Oeluxp one bedroom* condo Car pried, aivhwavrier. ar phanccs.lireptaco. C^IIV]) i»;; WAKE FIELD, rwo bedroom. 1u> niihcJ. uppc^ hdM ol duplex Clean fully tarpefcfl Responsible adult-. onl^ 9JI 506S SORTHSIDi; FURNISHED one intlusJfcfJ Oeposiliequ.Ttd 91151W. MONTREAL, one and two bedroom lurnished djpiei Ufirirics included 11791 ISO monih. Alio 3 bedroom unfuinisriedhoulP. 1140 561 ?S00 MONTREAL, aparlmcnl Cailbcloror Wa m oraflerS:30pm,J61 SS3S REtSPOHSIBLH tenant wan led For attractive 7 bedroom dparlrncnl In 4H 4H^lorappoinfmeni. TWa-BEDROOM. oaifl/ furniitied SilverSfreel. Hurley, is 1 J3'd WAKETIELD. lurn.thed or un lurnishcd. all uli lilies paid 1.7. and 3 rooms. Welfare welcome 9371*90 IDEALLY LOCATED t bedroom apArrmcm, t*rp<:lcd, relrigerafor. n Move- Economical. Nopdv Deposit required Wl JBHor SM 4354 Houses for Rent 63 Apatlmenls, homes avaialafc1e*iow For immeQialc occupancy. Rea EifaieSFore,CaiivQA93I SWi HOUSEKEEPER/HOUSEKEEPING COUPLE TO WORK IN CALIFORNIA Beverly Hills, California family seeking to employ full time housekeeper or couple. Great opportunity for hard working, responsible couple or person. Must be able to relocate to California by late August. Please send resume immediately to: P.O. Bon 1213 Eagle River, WI54S21 ousesfor Rent 63 :W 7 BEDROOM HOM6 *ilh rage n Mercer over Jock inn crcer Lake. J»0 Available no* S3 <76!88i. ON WOOD. 3 Dedrooms. ,v modeled, JUS plus utilities an pOSil. «J 3761 dafb. aflcr S 00 1 J?60 ON T REAL, ? bedroom duple. ean. set.u>ily deposit, feasi quired, iMO montn Evenings 5*1 A3. 1 S ROOM carpeie<! hous. urle///>^nrieal l>ne Garagr ird. rent with option, WeLFar. etcome 93? 1990 RST FLOOR UNFURNISHED UPLEX. Norrhslde Ironwood . Brooms, garage, t'osv 10 school- id lown Av,iiiatnr August 1 HV' us depot il 93) OJMor JIS *16 3BJ7 RON WOOD. It* JO Ma'SMFiel> pcunly doposil No pels Call Wi 80 OR SALE OR R! L NI : 3 i bedroorr. ome nHLjrle/.Wiiconiin S&l 3331 ^wnToUn 17SiOO S3 J 1990 Weltar, WAKTE U FOR AUGUiT esponsible renlers lor spacicnj-, frile BoiC. Ironvuxxi Dailf G'obe BEDROOM HOME WlIU 1 CAI eat Refrigeraiar. stove ant' tililics ZW SJ?Bc' IW iTOl ESSEWER. modern J a<age.deci. PtioneSftl JIO*) Vlobile Homes 65 VRTCRAFT mobile home. 17««S. '• edfooTis, ? baths complelel. urn sued, rriplc axif ideal lor uk< oliage SS900 7IS S61 3!!V 3Y O/.'NER, 17"SO 7 bedrooi' VdKeli«l<J Rool add^d. drilled /.Tl ' V ro'Aer. goo<J road Beaufifu nuildingsiFe SIS.OOO 77) i3T9 9f* R1DGEWOOD. 1?«S3, Lwedrooms Alkinq 13JOO Call 7?. S394 GOOD SELECT ION OF PRE O\VNEO,WOQILE HOMES AvailaDle CtO'ifilrinrt tKiv^91J 1CJ3 i?ai IRONWOOD ) j 1 . ;o *79S CJI real estate I 55r 70-75 1 Business for Sale 70 17 UNIT V.OrgL. wild atlACred 3 1 i acrc-v, Hiwa* M frontage Pa" 3191 Houses for Sale 71 RUSH I REAL ESTATE! • BB2^B^bte»«^^B^HKjB COUNTRY HDU&E;, 3 .icrui, r BriMm*r Township. ll/'iOO TOe 643 i?4;moi'ni^gj FOR SAt-E BY O'.VNE R. warei b k ncboArd heal, double KIT 177.000 lUSnarmotK Slfed Priori 90* 443 ten NEWER SPLII ENTHY. garage •!] J {Jl U aller S p m CAPE COD, Crick. 1 t>fdr<x>m iroors. (ircpldce. lull tMiemenr rtllacheu garage AUo 3a-.]9 iloroge Corner lot 17?'. ISO', m • Noilfil.a*ronct. CallMroiM HURL. E; Y, ol dri homi> < i olc . ( ( , do*nio>vn Hurley, pr.v.icy. Nreu^ %omcwork Onl/HKO V3? SWS MEV/EM THREE HEDHOOW wa k, ou! fleck,, g ,vs '*-oc-d heal. 1 rcpMce. double ali-uhcd gAr.tgo bldCklop dr.vew^/. utility %hct) Locarcd ^1 k» Ohio Avenue. iV,on irea), Wl Call J6l JJ8S or .liter S'OO P m ill JtJi BESSEMER. 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