The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1959 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1959
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL t, 1959 OUK WARDING HOUSE - with M.JOT Hoo,U BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS I PON'T B4_Ak/\E TK 1 <SUV T OM, TMATAWT WH*T HE'* FOfcTRYIMSTOHIPE / ATtAlpal>J I OOTTHIEPC VUHEMHC ' tS LIKE TRYlNS TO SELL A BULL ON A 6UU.R6HT I WILL SUCCEED—I WTLL,! W1U,, I WIU-— 1 WILL SUCCEED, I WILL.YES, I WILL SUCCEED ... J. WILL--- OH,YES. I WILL SUCCCED—"rrs.lM ji WILL SUCCEED ---I WILL, " WILL — He SUCCEEDED W DWVIMS M6 MAD WITH HIS BABBUN6 — HC CTO, HC — YES,He "My .husband is in bed with a cold and he wants me to bring him a racy novel!" "I think Shultz is turning Into * clock watcher!" T.Uriiion — Tonight, Totnorrow — WMCT Ch« nnel 5, WHBQ Channel 13, and WREC Channel 3 Cbanael * . Wed. Nlikt, April t 6:00 Amc» 'N Andy -«:30 Colonel Flick 7:00 K»p THklnj >7:30 Tnekdown 1:00 The Millionaire .1:30 r« Got A Secret »:00 US StMl Hour 10:00 L»t. uoYlc 111 JO N«w« & Wnthei 11:45 Sign CHf . Vhundir, AprU H ••e:tt> Sign On «:45 Above Clouds '7:00 Qood Moraine ;».00 CBS N«w» • 8:15"C. Kangkroo ' 1:30 Arthur OodtrsT 10:00 I LOT«' Lucy JO.-30 Top Dollar 11:00 LOT« or Utt 11:30 Bnrch For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12:00 CBS News 13:05 Our Ml«s 1 12:30 As World Turn* 1:00 Jimmy D«aa 1:30 House Party 2:00 The Big 2:30 Verdlcl : 3:00 Brighter 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 Edge Of Night 4:00 Early MOY[ 5:30 Newt 5:40 Weather 5:45 Couglaa X 6:00 Amos 'N Andy 6:30 •! Love Lucy 7:00 December Bride 7:30 Yancy Dei 8:00 Z&ne Orey 8:30 Playhouse '90 10,00 Late Movie Iffht Brook* furna an •ty Ptyolf Yours Day rm iBht Ifc EdwardE Indy cy Bride rrlnfer flO Vealher WMCT C!uuu«l I Wed. Nliht, AprU 1 5:00 Wagon Train 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Prlc* la Right 8:00 Milton Berle 8:30 Bat Uaiteraoa 8:00 Tour Life 9:30 Black Saddle 10:00 Euo Reporter 10:15 Sports 10:25 Weather 10:30 Jack Pair 12:00 Sign OH Thursday, April » 8:20 Meditation 6:30 Classroom 7:00 Today 7:2S Weather 7:30 Today 8:25 In UemphlB 8:30 Today 9:00 Dough-Re- III 8:30 Treasure Hunt 10:00 Price la Right 10:30 concentration 11:00 Tic Tac Dough 11:30 Could Be You 12:00 Mid-South Today 12:20 Newt Picture 12:30 Burns and Allen 1:00 Queen for a Day 1:30 Haggli Baigla 2:00 Dr. Ualone 2:30 Theae Roots 3:00 Truth or Coiu*quence« 3:30 County Pair 4:00 Blft Beat 5:00 Looney Zoo 5:30 H. Hound' 6:00 News Picture 6:15 News 8:30 Slim Rhodes 7:00 Telephone Hours' Closed Doors B:30 Emle Ford 9:00 Bet Tour Life 9:30 Masquerade Party 10:00 Eaao Reporter 10:15 Sporta 10:25 Weather 10:30 Jack Faar 12:00 Elga Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wed. Night, April S «:00 Happy Hal 8:25 Weather 8:30 Welk Show 7:30 Ozzle At Harriet 8:00 Donna Heed 8:30 Mickey Grjlllane 9:00 rights 9:30 News 9:33 -Late Show 11:10 Take rive 11:15 Late, Late Show Thursday, April 9 9:30 Popeye Cartoons 9:49 Movie 11:25 Take Five 11:30 Hayes Show 12:30 Your Hunch 1:00 Lib trace 1:30 Susie 1 :55 Take Five 2:00 Day In Court 2:30 Music Bingo 3:00 Beat the Clock 3:30 Who You Trust 4:00 Bandstand 5:30 Walt Disney 8:00 Happy Hal «:23 Weather 6:30 Leave To Beaver 7:00 Zorro 7:30 Real McCoys 8:00 Pat Boone 6:30 Rough Riders 9:00 Sea Hunt 9:30 News 9:35 Late Show 11:10 Take Five 11:15 Late, Late Show - IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF : MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ' ARKANSAS : CHICKA5AWEA DISTRICT ARKANSAS STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION PLAINTIFF VS. NO. 5,176 529.423 ACRES OF LAND, MORE OR LESS, SITUATED IN MIS- Now Is Garden Time! We hare: Fr«h Seed and Horn* Grown Plants Byrum Hardware & Seed Store Free Parking In Rev 11« C. Mala St. SISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS; MRS. T. D. W1LKINS AND J. E. ROPER; VICTORIA EASTERN INC., AND LEE WESSON, ET AL DEFENDANTS WARNING ORDER The defendants, Billy Crock, Lowry Crook, Mrs. Horace C. Dean, Bessie May Jackson, Hazel Riley, Annie Harris, Sue Ramey Gray, and Eloise Ramey Miles, are hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the Complaint of the plaintiff, Arkansas State Highway Commission. Witness my hand and seal this 31 day of March, 1959. Eagle Beauty School Mon.-Tues.-Wed. SPECIALS! Permanent Waves Reg. 120.00 1 Reg. ftt.M For *A» 1 For M5« OnlyVO | Only 9 1 Permanent Waves Reg. AA25 Reg. M«K *12.50 VW *10.00 ^1 Shampoo, Set C4 U Manicure & Facial $fc EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL VH N. Second SJ. Phone POplar 2-3261 GERALDINE LISTON, CLERK BY OPAL DOYLE, D. C. EDWARD H. BOYETT W. R. THRASHER Attorneys for Plaintiff JAMES M. ROY ATTORNEY AD L1TEM 4/1-8-15-22 i THWlE STOPPED CUPPW6. THEVRS WWTIMG KK ME TO SPEAK. ILL TELL THEM MOT/ THAT THEY'VE JUST HEARD AW. PERFORMANCE! THAT WKMAH STAWDIM3 HP... IT'S MARTHA WAYNE ! WHAT'S SHE <x»N6 TO DO? t by NEA Stnkt, IK. THE STORTt T*« mmmy v«opU mrr ItatalBC that JiH Btanell !• • nt • Mlr*maB tor the Barkry* etfnpABr, bvt * private a>terifTe. He 1* at a Maectiac at the Boaie of f.oxaa Sfamera, 4me ireaeral •**«Bger. O<verB tBffre are H«w* ar4 Aekeraam, aa. execmtlvr. aa« hi* Mnal* «ecr«tar7 Derotar Doaavaa. •What other plans .do' you have, Jim?" "How complete are your ner- | sonnel records?" "Quite complete, I believe," "1 will want to inspect the employment record ot every ! worker OD the payroll." ; Masters nodded. "I will In; struct Philip Varney, my per' sonne) man, to give you lull cooperation." "Will there he faciliUes for my c issistant? A desk in the person• nel office?" "I'll arrange it," Ackermsn : said. "My assistant Is a woman. How '- will you explain her presence?" " r Logan Masters said. "Maybe • she could pose as a new secretary from one of the branches visit' • ing the home office to familiarize i hersell with our ofllce methods." Aekemnan nodded. "That's it, 7 Logan. We'll say she's from the » Chicago branch office." "Good." Masters stood up and I yawned behind the back of one «-. thin little hand. "I gueis tb»t'« " *ll we can do tonight Thanks for coming, Jim." "Mr pleasure." I «ood «;d moved to the door. AH of us left the library md moved across the living room to the hall. Masters opened the screen door for vis and said, "Good night, everyone." The three of us stood on the porch la the moonlight I said, "Can I drop either of you off *nywli«re?" "No, ttiinks," Ackerman Mic hastily. "I have my car. ttoucht Mn. Donovan tad will > ©!«•!*/ tofct* Worth. By Robert Martin take her home." I lit a cigarette and waited until the car had circled the drive down U> the street Then * soft voice called, "Good night, "•-. Bennett- turned slowly and peered back at the bouse. A small figure was standing io the moonlight at :he far ent* of the porch, "Oh," [ said. "Good night, Mia Uas- She came toward me, walklcg lightly, and when she stood close, her small face up-tilted, I ier ap artment in Cleveland. Sandy had been with me ever ;ince I took over the agency's Cleveland office, and I sometimes wondered what I would do if she got married, or left me for any other reason. Also, I sometimes thought that it I were smart I'd marry her myself, it she would have me. It was true that our relationship went a little deeper 'nan that of boss-employee, buf it was far from being intimate. Sandy was not only a very efficient secretary; she was nice company, easy to get along with. 3he was pretty, too, in a long- legged, rangy, brown-haired freckled way. She was at horn*. I said. "Hi" "Jim!" "No date tonight, huh?" •You know you're the only caught her fresh young scent mg? She smiled up at m*. "Call me Ginny." "All right" "So you're a detective," Ginny Masters Mid. I pointed • finger. "You listening." "Of course. All evening—on the porch outside the library window." KM eyes glinted wickedly in the moonlight "Do you mindf" "It isn't polite to eavesdrop. Why did you?" "I jus. curled up on it* swing outside the window. The conver- s a t i o D was very interestinf, especially about that poor mai who was killed." • • "Ginny, Tve got to go now." I opened the door of the car. me help you. Do you carry a gun?" "Not usually. And rm ifrajd you can't help me, Ginny. You can help best by aot repeating to anyone anything you heard tonight." "Oh, I wont, I woo'tl You ctn trust me." "Good." I got behind the wheel ind started the motor. It was 9:30 when 1 reached my room at the Maple Inn. Alter removing my coat and loosening blood." my tie I placed a telephone e»l to my secretary, Sandy HolUs, a To All My Friends... man in my life. What're you for you, rweet- 'Yearoim heart* 'Jim- sh* cut In, -you're drunk." "Nope, I mean It, kid. I aeed you down here. Honest" "Are you serious?" "Certainly, my love. I need professional assistance. Tell Alee Jo take over the office. He and Red can handle it. You take one of the agency cars and scram down here. I'll get you a room at the Maple Inn. After you register and powder your nose, go out to the Buckeye Abrasives factory and ask for Mr. Ackerman." I told her the details. "Okay, boss." "Glad to have you aboard." As soon as Td replaced the re- 'Can I help you? PleaM let eeiver, the phone rang. I picked it up again. "Bennett? 1 "Yet." "Thi» Is Howard I'm at the plant 'Yes?" man asked. Ackerman. Something queer his happened; the night watchman has disappeared. Cart you come out here right away?" "How's that again?" "He's gone," Ackerraan said. 'And on the floor, by the last station he punched, there is something that looks like, well— "I'll be out," I said. (To Be Continued) Soon I will be opening a new jewelry store in BlyUieviUe to be known as Katz Jewelers. This modern store will be located at 419 nest Main, next door to The Bootery. Watch for the anaooDcemeBt of oar formal opening. M Red Barn Florist Flowers for all occasions "Eager To S«rv«— Eager To Please" Tom and Jane Miller Pfco«e POS4I1I TELEPHONE FOR ALL YOU* MEDICAL NEEDS W* dtlieer free Woods Drug Store Phone J-4507 "Quality Serrir* Courteously Rendered" — Fine Automobiles — McWorers Motor Co. eroid*aj.w«inut Ph j-tsss Another- thincj I don't undet-sta about understand a woman.- She -wouldn't think of <join6 to town without •stockihtjs, So she buys that expensive, seamless kind of hose_ To make it look Ilka •She's not wearing any at all.' WEU-.THATS OKAY. I'LL FIX IT FOR VOO. W/DOOROTiCUB VERYBADLXMR. 0UOLEV. WIU-VOU FIX IT? 6HOOLONT GIVE VOU ANY MORE TBOU8t£ EAS« rtA AS cuwous p& you ABOUT THAT IWOR.TANT LOOKING MAN. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BOW AND SCptt OHi THAT* (AUWeo-THRAWHi SIR- ONE OP THB WEALTHIEST MEM IN AFRICA. OWNEK OP A FABULOUS PIAtfOND MIME IK) TANGANYIKA/./ THM4N51

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