The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on February 16, 1893 · Page 5
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 5

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1893
Page 5
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MSg '" r> • -*'j^^t-V^'^^r' 1 '^' ;'• >•'.'• Jiiv^ -'-"%-Vt- -—:- .1\ t'V..'' . • • •*'\iAi:. •»•• *,~.-v ':..-..^L^!£~===^£^^^.^^^^ Q) Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gby'.t Report. ABSOLUTELY PURE THE INDEPENDENT. D. O. STONE, Publisher. j .One sweiitly.solcipn.thought ^ Docs pQiicdf ill iioliiccliriiig; TJTsFmorVolcl winuT r "Hium pTiK Tho sooiior we'll huvo spring. —A f*b.od. laundrj' girl wanted .at once at the Depot hotel. —B.~ecbFderHelrosR" and Tom Deck were over from Orange City today. — Miss Ball, .who has boon here the past two weeks visiting her brother, E. B. Ball, returned to her homo at Lyons, Iowa, Satur\ -/- — - t — Q.i:aiia_ City, came over yesterday to attend the party in honor of Miss Sadie Wiuebrenuer's fourteenth birthday. "" ' ; — -Judge C. F. Hardy, of Sioux City, was hero a ^ouplo of days '—Jphn'-Welliv'er spent the fore | this week visiting his brother-in- ; — • i *_« pa-rt of. the \v,eek with friends at [ law, 0. G. Beiniger, and ' LeMars.. — Sheldon is talking of bonding ,for a new $20,000 high school ' 'building. --* s *te-*Brorr Marttahtmv - of - th« - Elk Point Courier, was a 'pleasant caller last Saturday. — Mrs. Chas. Blaesser left Mou/ - '<-lfyy'"jjor''a three w.e.eks' visit with friends at OiierolleeT looking ^^ 8pu, J S.' visited D. Brunskill ti'u // pcculi '••' eves. jindjamily yesterday. ' —Representative Henry Oakes was down- from Pierre over Sunday visiting his family, •••. '•^ J W. H:-England -and wife^/re",turned last -Friday : from~their" visit with friends at St. Paul. ""'.—Lew and Lottie TVafers at BruQskill's opera house ou.Thurs- day evening,of next weok. —It is with-pleasure that we learn tha^ G. W. Welch is improving from his recent illness. .v^A'matter of imusual. not* occurred on the Northwestern this morning. Tho limited, was on . jime.. - ' —Harry Rose will leave for .Chicago next week to consult an i&t in regard to one of his eyes —Tony Sulser was in town Mon;.',,day distributing bills for his big sale on the 23rd. Read his notice elsewhere. • —J. TV, Bruuskill, accompanied by his brother from Dubuque, \- Bpeiit Sunday with friends in Jludsou, S. D. -'' - iAt the -Cong' 1 -church: 10: :l "The ItfW of labor." 7:30, Union temperance meeting. Address by Prof Shumate. : • / —Adam-Scott shipped a carload of caltie to Chicago Tuesday and •'• "Tlios.- Sedg\vick shipped another •juarload of cattlo last evening. 1 * ' \ .••' r-fServices.- iu ; Baptist church n&xi Sunday:- 10':45, "The contiex ».*^.,,TI .1. • > « • \.. . . character of Samson." B.Y. P.U. at 6:30, Mrs. Truesdell, leader. —The school board hold a meeting in W. H. Palmer's office Feb. ,. 2Qth: • Anyou/a having bills please hand them in before that time. ;;.-.•• —rElection.of officers and other important work at the -Mission - Band meeting this week Saturday, 3 p. m,., at Misa Vene Mussen's. .—Henry Peters has m'ade a -^-•'number of -jhauges in tho interior ~ bl his store room the past week, greatly improving its appearance. *'*'•" ^ ^ p • : ..;;—-Mu^h-.and mijk social at Mrs. O. .M. Thrasher's this, Thursday, evening under the auspices of the L. S. C. Everybody cordially invited; • ' .•. ;—J. A.. Reed and family leave this week for Mitchell, S. D., where Mr. Reed has purchased a grocery and bakery establishment. • Their many friends in Hawavdon .wish them success in their now .'location. ,; .—-J. P.* Line was dovjii from .Salem a couple of days this weok - looking' after business matters. "While hero' he informed an INDEPENDENT reporter ,that ho ex. pected to open up a general store in Hawarden before the 'middle of the summer, and would start in nt once could ho find u suitable building to move into. after business matters. —There will be no preaching services at the M. E. church next Sunday evening on account of tho AInion-temperan/jo rneestmg.n.t_the Congregational church. \ / • —Joseph Bruuskill,of ^'^ -^ the arrived last Friday for a visit with his brothers, J. TV", and D. Br'uu- 8kill.-~ Ho is favorably . impressed wifch Hfiu-ardcn aad will probably locate with us. Ring <fe Gardner are papering interior of ffi^Tr"lftm ; o~Tdoill this week and otherwise giving it a general overhauling. They are making preparations to receive an imnieasa_siock_this spring, —Tho Good TemplaTs~wfir_ a chicken pie supper arid social at BrvinskiH's opera house Thursday March 2d. Gomo ex- a good time aud ^^GTi^F^hWOwethy^ who—no holds tho.responsible position of luclaon __ Tribune, was here several days last week' enjoying the ran ay amusements in progress in Tins Initorprisiivg city. Owing- to -tUo:Slonuy.-.weathGr. last Tuesday J.acob Kleinhars, Svhb -resides five' ~niileg south west? of town, has. postponed his sale until'uext"Tuesday, Feb. 21, nt winch time he will "dispose of a large lot of live stock and alFhis farm machinery. The TitirOdch^eTlows' Anniversary for Northwestern lowfi will bo .held this year at Hawarden. ._The-_date ia_Apjd.L_26th L Hawarden is a good town and her people are good Samaritans, who will treat well the travellers to her city.—Alton Democratr / .—Fred Harris has sent in his resignation as postal clerk on the Oakes & Hawardon run, to take effect March 14 He has completed arrangements to go into tho newspaper business at Webster, S. D., and will move to that place in the near future. • —UneleBilly.-T-huaoii embarked in the hotel business here having leased the Commercial house, and under the new management wo predict that the Commercial house will again bo bcoughfe—up ~to-rT-its: usual good- standing.—Beresford News. ; —Prof. L. H. Shumate, of Des- evening, pecting to have Gqods on the Way. S ->—T. A* 'Hand, an._:ntlor-noy.. Charles City, Iowa, was here a guest ot his old-timo t'rioml, Al- torncy Ik'iuiger and faaiily. .Mr. Hand is not only an. able' lavvyFr; but is also a .great fancier of Jer§ o y~ Tfa t tl o a n'cT L,e ijl> b r iT c hi e k~en s. W h ilo h e re he made M ri Hei u i ger' s little ^daughter a present of a fine thoroughbred" Jersey heifer au<t the family a. dozen:_puro .bred Brown Leghorn chickens. Most of us would liko to have such friends come and visit us oftener. —A citizens' caucus was held at the INDEPENDENT ofiieo Tuesday evening \.o~ place in nomination se 'M^ <"-M m^?m r '•». —^- •'•' .•••••;&s •r; BUT HONEST VALUES. Moines, stale lecturer for the I. 0. a T., will lecture in 'the Calliope M. E. church Saturday evening, Feb. 18th, and in tho Gong'l church _ Sj^ujhij_^ Feb. "197- -ThV-'ciiurouoa w /you will uot, f bo disappointed. Supper 25 cents. —The Akron Register has changed hands aud is now under the management of Hamptou &, Chandler. The.y are both energetic young men,.good printers, aud'no doubt will give Akron a first-class newspaper. —Lew and Lottie Waters will again appear in BrvinskiH's opera house on Thursday evening of next week. At their last engagement hero they gave an excellent entertainment and no doubt will please their audience this time. —The Calliope city council have appointed a committee of three to confer with a corresponding number of tho council from Ha warden, as to the joining of tho two'towns into one corporation. It is tho general belief that the union will be effected.—Altdu Democrat. s*— John Hammond, uiglit watch atAkrou, was visiting with Hawarden friends a couple of days last week. Ho had tho misfortune to fall from a step-ladder Thursday morning and break his left arm near tho wrist,and so thought lie would sojourn a while in this lively .burg during recu'poration. — The citizens of Calliope and Hawarden are again agitating tho question of consolidati-ng tho two towns and also the townships of Logan and Buncombe. The project seems to be very favorably received by the citizens of both towns and the chanceafor tho success of tho movo bids fair to be successful—-Ireton Clipper. — Hawarden has a few' rustlers that are rapidly making a city of it. Last week they hung out a §5000 purse for races upon their new. race— track, nml joinod-the tri-stato trotting circuit. The dedication -mooting will bo held July 11, 12 and 13, and promises to bo a great success. : —Alton Democrat. —Tho Sioux Palls typographical union is /endeavoring to secure a pardon for Dick Hebb, a printer who was sentenced to seven yearn in tho pen at Sioux Falls for arson. Tlio union claims !,lm liro was :in accident for .which ho should not bo held responsible. Hobb will bo remembered by a number of Hawarden people, having worked on the Sentinel (i short fcimo while uncle'r-tlio management, of Young £ FrooHcl). union service and everyone should grasp the opportunity to hear him. — Sanborn will have a first-class ball clnb next season. Mr. Sam Williams, the well-known pitcher and manager, will have charge of the team which will bo made up of the best amateur, players to bo had in this part of the country. Billy Brennan, the popular and reliable catcher of Ida Grove has already been engaged, which is a fair index of the quality of the men who will make up tho team. — Sanbor-n Journal. — Hawarden is. to have a big race meeting iu July. Her foremost business men have taken hold of tho matter and will hang up purses aggregating §5000 for a three days' meeting. She has been admitted into a good circuit and there is no question that there will be many good horses in attendance at the meeting. The other cities included in the circuit are Blair, Sioux City, Ponca, io'ux Falls, Syracuse, Council Bluffs and Lyons. The rest o£ the county will join Hawarden in making tho meeting a good one.— Orange City Herald — Leon Carr, at one time editor of tho Times at Sioux Center, tin's county, but now of Worthingfcon, Minn., has commenced divorce proceedings against his wife upon the charge of adultery. The man whom- Carr accuses of despoiling his homo stoutly denies the allegations made against himaud says it is a conspiracy to extort money from him. To, which the Adrian Democrat says: "In the light of his (Carr's) past actions,it is generally believed that it is a scheme to blackmail a prominent citizen, and that no man was in Mrs. Carr's room on -the night in question." <$»• offices. The meeting was called to order by W. xV. Kiu-g who cnllod .Jaa, Ik> the clmir.. ^Qii motion of F. E. Watkiiis, D. O. 'Stone wns' named as secretary. W. A. King then presented tho name of F.. E. Watkins for mayor and the nomination carried unanimously. Dr. Quigloy iu a eulogistic speech named 0. G. lleiuiger for recorder and it was carried unanimously. The names pLA J; D i: Jt)U!^.;and F. M.. Gardner w«re then presented for comioil- rrie'ri, and thore boing" no other candidates, these two gentlemen were nominuted to fill tho positions. W. J. .Liltring was .th.on. uomiimted-fof treasurer by acclamation. J. W." Wai to'" presented the name of Eli Crano and Dr. -Q u ig-1 oy-t-lie-u a; 11 e-of—Frank—Ma_y_ for assessor. Tho vote alood 12 to 9 in favor of May aud ho was unaniinously nominated. For park commissioners David Bruu- lull, "LrMrMeleteTlBn^ Herter were placed in nomination. A straight republic in caucus was held at tho Republican office the same evening and named tho same ticket withe exception of Kenny instead of Jones for councilman, Crano instead of May for naseHsor, and Heald and Lake instead of Bruuskill and Hertor for park commissioners. IN LADIES JACKETS, ' , 'V Plusli Cloaks, ChildrcnsV "aiid Misses garments, we- have a complete line. DRESS GOtftS, Flannels; Etc., u complete a»- —Are YOU iu. arrears on subscription? ' If you are, you will confer a great favor by callingfin and settling the account. We need the-money, tf • Farm Loans nt (5 par cont. DR"kota loans at 7 per cent, ply to A. D. Storrs, J inilo of Hawarden. Tho Northwestern State Bank of Hawardon is emphatically u home institution. Of tho eighty thousand dollars capital, only seventy-two hundredis'owuedout- aide of tho county.. —Don't, buy awheel or place an order until you seo the "Worth." G. W. WELCH, Agent. CLOTHING AND FUR COATS, stock caiiilot -be excelled, nor prices duplicated. : In natural and fancy weol». THER GOODS, We can't enumerate. Cemo and see the new goodi. O Instruction In Music. •i\iiss Edith Morris ia prepared to give lessons iu music on piano Terms reasonable. Inor organ quire at Disbrow music parlors. Balcom's City of tho World," is arranging to hold another of its unique and peculiar festivals this year. The date of opening is fixed for September 20th, continuing until October 18th, 1893, and tho tnan- agcmcSnt promises attractions that shall far surpass anything heretofore presented. It is expected that many of tho thousands who will atfcotul tho World's Fair can be induced to extend their visit to Siosx City and view tho marvels in cereal decoration wliich will bo so perfectly shown, and at .tho same timo gain a correct iden of tho greatest corn ; producing. tcrritory f on the globe. —If you don't want to bo disappointed, buy a "Worth" spring frame. G. W. WELCH, Agent. Barb Wire, ; Nails, Amnnition, Guns, Tin Work, Plumbing, Plumbing Goods Of every description. Be Sure to Call and Get Our Prices Before Purchasing Elsei hsr«, Go to graphs. Paramore's for photo- Call and Settle. Owing to a change in the firm, all persons knowing themselves indebted to me will please call and settle their' old account at once. J. B. PERKY. Vi an toil to Exchange. I have more clothing thau Cash Come and exchange. P. E. MA.YNABD. Oysters in all styles at Van Sickle's lunch counter. The Northwestern State Bank will make loans on Dakota farms without red'tape or delay. —Monaghan Bros. & Co. sell the best grades of hard and soft coal, at bottom prices. tf Reduction Sale at tho Golden Rule. Everything must go to make --ready for the Spring stock. Call and get our prices whether you wish to buy or not. GRANITE BLOCK CO., It A W JLRDEN, LLER.i -PKOl'KIKTOll QF THE- HAWARDEN BREAD- AND CAKE ORANGES, LEMONS, and OTHER FRUITS IN THEIR SEAS9M, HOT COFFEE AND LUNCH AT ALL HOURS. —My (leli-vei-y-w ! ftgon-ru»s-evepy~(Jki-y,—Hang-your card in sight and your wants will bo supplied. Baking "done to order. Mail orders receive prompt attention. Half B'Lock from C. $• JY". W. Depot, Hawarden, Iowa. . Gull-utRing & Gardner'*)...ami notice their ladies plush caps nnd their iiico lino of mittens. i. elite's Heirnes© Shop I You can find all kinds of-^ . ,•.'* HARNESS AND STRAP WORK. 1 ;—KEEPS ON HAND A FULL LINE OF— ... 6 Collars Wlilps Halters ' • :? Bridles " "' Lashes Brushes 7^ Curry Combs Lap Itobas Nets ^ Harness oils Saddles Etc.Eic]l\ Repairing.Promptly done. Honest goods and fair treatment our .^£ niotto. Nothing but pure Oul<> Harness-Leather used andprauticial- r r^p harness makers to innko it np. : • r"''f^J< 'i-^

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