The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on September 1, 1959 · Page 7
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 7

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 1, 1959
Page 7
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Moon Base Plans Get Problem By ROBERT MUSEL LONDON (UPI) - One of the things science has to de: rmlne before it really achieves the conquest of space is how long can a man keep his mind off girls. ( Admittedly this is one of the .'onger range problems for the days, when space ships take off for the moon and beyond but it is already cropping up in the discussions of the planners working ahead of actuality Monday at the first session of the tenth International Astro- nautical Association Congress, Dr. T. C. Helvey, an American biophysicist, conceded that space sex was something he hoped to find out about in research designer^ to perfect a "moon base." Polio Victim Volunteers Helvey is on the staff of Radiation Cor. of Orlando, Fla., which revealed that it was developing a moon base a year ago and promptly got 110 .letters from volunteers (including a heartbreaker from a young polio victim who said he might be able to walk like other boys in the lighter gravity). "We now have complete, detailed blueprints for the moon base," Helvey said, "and we are convinced that the smallest and best crew for the first attempt fc> land on the moon—say any time after 1962—would be two men and one woman, all scien lists. "We are going ahead with our project to test such a base in a simulated moon environment somewhere in the states so that the first travelers will have a reasonable idea of what to expect, and how to survive when they get there. "The two men and one woman we pick will have to agree to remain in the base, cut off from the world, for six months. We will receive telemetered information from inside the base so we will know how our volunteers are getting on." Since Helvey had already described this test base as only 18 feet in diameter and D feet high, the next question was: "Isn't there an emotional hazard, so to speak, in a woman and two men so closely associated for so long a time?" Helvey, a former college professor, smiled: "At the moment scientists feel that for at least the first two months in space or space travel there will be so much to learn and so much to do that sex will not really be a problem. "Believe me, they'll be too dog- tired in the moon base to worry about it. After six months . . . well, that is one of the things we have to learn." Daily Reminder WEDNESDAY St. Stephen's United Church of Christ—corn roast, 6:30, adjourn to church for meeting, nominations. ¥ * * Trinity Circle D of I—recite Rosary for Mrs. John Hamburger, 7:30, followed by business meeting, K of C home, 8 p.m. * * * Women's Association, Plum Brook Country Club—luncheon, cards, 1 p.m. * * * Practical Nurses Alumnae- meeting, Follett House, 4 p.m. * * * Sandusky Bay Rebekah Lodge —meeting, Odd Fellows Hall, 7:30 p.m. ¥ * * Women's Fellowship, Castalia Congregational Church—meeting, church undercroft, 2 p.m. * * * Sandusky Sailing Club—special race for Thistle Fleet, 6:30 p.m. Steak Roast (Dutch treat) to follow. ABBY VAN BUREN LIM'S HIDEAWAY—This is a'view of the living charters of Chinese student Cheng Guan Urn in the attic of an Ann Arbor, Mich., church. He lived a hermit's life for almost four years because he "lost face" over poor grades in the University of Michigan engineering school. Congress In Review United Press International LABOR: A "readjustment" of Republican conferees' stand on labor reform legislation revived hopes that a compromise might be reached in a joint conference committee. Democratic conferees from the Senate huddled to study the proposal, details of which were not disclosed immediately. It appeared likely that if this new move produced progress, Senate Republicans would withdraw their resolutions asking the Senate to accept outright the provisions of a strong House measure! The conferees reached a stalemate last week in efforts to compromise between the House bill and a more moderate one passed by the Senate. TAXATION: A joint conference Theorize Salk Theft For Sale On Black Market DEAR ABBY: Last year I had a serious operation. Last week my doctor told me I needed another operation. When I told my hus-l band, he hit the ceiling. He's been mad ever since. He says there is always something wrong with me. Lord knows I don't like the idea of getting cut up every year. But what can I do? My husband says it is a lot of expense for nothing. Should I just forget the operation? My husband keeps telling me I should have married a doctor. UNDECIDED DEAR UNDECIDED: Does your husband think that if you married a doctor you could be sick for nothing? (And if you married a minister, could you be good for nothing?) If your husband doubts the doctor's diagnosis, he should get the opinion of another doctor. Leave the medical decisions to the qualified medical experts. SKETCHES —fit REN BURROUGHS "THE GO-BETWEEN" The go-between has much to do.. .in business life today. .. he very often is the link.. .that makes a venture pay.. .the go- between is part of each.. .political campaign.. ..for through maneuvers he can turn.. .a loss into a gain.. .the go-between takes, over when.. .there are loose ends to tie.. .his purpose is to set the stage.. .and then to satisfy.. .the go-between must always be.. .a crafty diplomat.. .knowing when to go ahead.. .or when to just stand pat.. .sometimes a go-between can patch.. .a broken love affair.. .giving it the needed faith.. .to temper every care.. .many times throughout life's journey.. .we avoid heartache's ravine.. .through a necessary someone. . .aptly called the go-between. children who are the ages of my own. I feel it is not my place to correct somebody else's children, but listen to this: They pulled all my drawers out (my children never do this) and helped themselves to anything within reach in my cupboards and refrigerator. They wrote on my walls and wiped their hands on my curtains. They tore up my new magazines and lost my silverware outside. Should they have been corrected, and who should have done it? WEARY DEAR WEARY: Their parents should have corrected them. But in the absence of "correction" from the parents, the hostess should have stepped in, and asked the children to step out BACK TO EARTH—Chinese student Cheng Guan Lim, committee approved a measure! 28 ' P e f rs timely as he is MONTREAL (UPI) - Medical authorities and police officials theorized today four masked bandits stole 75,000 Salk polio vaccine shots for bootlegging on a black market. A high incidence of polio in the city and other parts of Quebec lent credence to the theory that a black market was operating, police said. Authorities have reported 536 cases, including 29 fatal, since the outbreak of the epidemic seven weeks ago. However, the outbreak is considered decreasing. Police said they had received reports the vaccine may be bootlegged for as much as $25 a vial, which would raise the value of the stolen vaccine to $250,000. that would limit the amount of income taxes states could collect from out-of-state firms. The bill would allow such taxation only if the firm maintained a sales office, branch or warehouse in the state. It also would exempt sales made through a contractor, even if the contractor maintained an office in the state. matter of FACT taken from an Ann Arbor, Mich., jail cell for questioning on why he hid in the attic of a church for three years and ten months. He claimed poor grades prompted him to withdraw from the world. GET BUTTERMILK A GOOD HOT WEATHER DRINK FROM YOUR CLOVER LEAF CLOVER LEAF DAIRY, Inc. 803 Hancock St. MA 5-4337 "You c«n't beat our milk . . . But you can whip our cream" The two principal motions of the earth in space are its rotation, or twirling motion like a spinning top, and its revolution, or movement in a circular path around the sun. These two motions determine when and how directly the sun's light or energy strikes the earth's surface. The earth's rotation is the cause of night and day. The earth's revolution around the sun causes the seasons—fall, winter, spring and summer—each year. TAKING IT EASY MILFORD, CONN (UPI)-Lor ing Stannard lives only a three- minute walk from the plant where he works but he still takes his lunch, explaining, "I'd rather relax during the lunch period than make that long walk home Boy, 8, Injured In Fall From Bicycle Here Eight-year-old William Mikolos- jewski, 3407 \V. Monroe-st, was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital Tuesday morning with a head injury sustained when he fell off his bicycle.' Police said they found the boy lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk in front of 3229 W. Mon­ roe-st, just a few doors from his home. He was taken to the hospital where physicians took two stitches in a deep cut on the right side of his head. He was admitted for observation. Bookland ADVISE AND CONSENT, by Allen Drury, (Doubleday) — A journalist who came to Washington in 1943 to cover national politics and the Senate for the United Press is Allen Drury. Within a few years there came the vague outlines of a book in which to express his philosophy about Congress, about America, and about the American people in relation to their times and to each other. Actions of the book spans slightly more than two weeks, during which the Presi- Then dent of the United States nomi- she should have stepped on the nates for Secretary of State and parents of the ill-behaved chil- Predict 450 Die On Highways Over Labor Day CHICAGO (UPI) - America's last fling at summer vacation fun may be the last fling, period for 450 motorists, the National Safety Council said today. The council predicted that 450 persons may be killed in one ofj the biggest traffic jams in thej nation's history during the Labor Day week-end. Virtually every one of the 71 million automobiles in the United States will be on the road at some time between 6 p.m. Friday and midnight Monday, the council said. Together, they'll roll up a predicted seven billion miles of travel as vacationers seek a respite from work and relief from the heat at the seashore, in the mountains or in other recreational pursuits. DEAR ABBY: What do you think of a 52-year-old man who carries a picture of his dancing teacher around in his wallet? He never carries mine. I had some made especially for the purpose and he printed a number underneath it and that's the last I saw of it. He makes a big joke out of everything. Don't you think he is making a fool out of me? Should I take the picture out of his wallet and tear it up? Or should I pretend I don't care? HURT WIFE DEAR HURT: He is making a fool out of himself, not you. Don't tear up the picture (he can get more) and don't pretend you "don't care." Get him in a good mood and then call a spade a spade. (Dig me?) You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar. ( * * * DEAR ABBY: Certain friends come to visit and bring their dren. Youngsters cannot be blamed for not knowing what they haven't been taught. * * * CONFIDENTIAL TO PONYTAIL: If you are wise you will not try to "make him jealous." That technique went out with the horse and buggy. * * * What's your problem? For a personal reply, write to ABBY in care of this paper. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Given Ticket While Admiring City Parks One out-of-towner, at least, isn't peeved about getting a ticket for overtime parking in Sandusky. He paid the one dollar tab and in a letter to the parking violations office explained that. his parking meter ran out of time while he was admiring the city's parks. He commented: "It was a dollar well spent." the Senate renders judgment on, a highly controversial public figure, Robert A. Leffingwell. The book, which is the current selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club carries ramifications that become more and more involved The discourse, eventually raises questions as to the integrity and motives not only of the Presi dent but of the Majority Leader of the Senate, the sorely-tried Robert Munson of Michigan, of Seab Cooley, senior Senator from South Carolina and other powerful figures of the Senate (names carefully disguised to make any identity coincidental) THE STREET OF THE LAUGHING CAMEL; by Ben Lu cien Burman (McGraw-Hill): When Yance Cullum from Black Springs, Tex., found himself in Algeria at the end of the war he decided to remain among the Arabs. Watching the Arab women wash clothes by pounding them with rocks gave him his big inspiration. He would start a laundry. This is Yance's story of SANDUSKY iiaisnm y Roger M. Ky*$ Now In Charge ND Division A number of organization changes in General Motors, effective Sept. 1, were announced following Monday's meeting of the board of directors. Two new executive vice-presidents were elected, bringing the total to four. Several executives assumed new responsibilities In connection with the organitttion changes. The changes follow: Louis C. Goad, executive vice- president, will have jurisdiction ov- ei all of the general staff activities of the corporation. These are distribution, engineering, manufacturing, personnel, process development, public relations, research and styling. Sherrod E. Skinner was elected an executive vice-president, succeeding Goad in charge of the automotive, body and assembly and parts divisions. Cyrus R. Osborn was elected executive vice-president and will have jurisdiction over the engine divisions; the Dayton, household appliance and electromotive group, and the overseas and Canadian group. Roger M. Kyes, who since 1954 has been vice-president in charge of the divisions which have been designated in the Dayton, household appliance and GMC tnick group, will assume new duties in charge of the accessory group which includes New Departure division, Sandusky plant. Entertain WSCS BIRMINGHAM - Mrs. Paul Rosa, Mrs. B. R. Glime and Mrs. Emma Hunter will entertain the WSCS at Birmingham Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon. They will serve a dessert course luncheon at 12:30 p.m. to be followed the meeting, with Mrs. Carl Robart in charge of the program. his adventures among the Arabs and other Africans, told in an easy-going down-to-earth manner. Yance. and his friends emerge as somewhat comic characters but you can't help liking them and wishing them well as the story meanders along. (UPI). WANT ADS BRING RESULTS! Traffic Court Tony Manera, Toledo, using farm truck for other commercial purpose, $25 bond forfeited. Willie McSalter, 319 Neil-st, speeding, $35 and costs. Donald N. Springer, 219 Monroe-st, Bellevue, speeding, $25 and costs. Frank Renner, Dayton, improper signal for turn, $10 bond forfeited. Ar- duf C. Berger, Bucyrus, overload, $100 and costs. Kenneth Boyd, Delaware, overload, $100 and costs. Gabriel Brunner, 4512 Venice-rd, red light violation, $5 and costs. Theodore Huston, 1907 Shel- by-st, temporary permit without licensed driver, $10 and costs. HERE'S GOOD REASON TO REPAIR ROOFS IN AUGUST 4 35 5 • Coolings penetrate and renew drivd roofing batter ... latter • Coaling, (low eaiier in hot, dry weather • No chance to trap rnoiiture that btii* ten later Be sure to use DEAN & BARRY pure otphall and oibeilot Coatings. Good reaion? Sure protection comes from o manufacturer of dependable products Ailc far DEAN I BARRY rubberized caulking compound, too, for tighter, longer-lasting seal around windows and doori. (it dtptnifabh) kmt mainltnanct products few Shop Leisurely and Park Conveniently UP TO 5 HOURS in E. Market St. CITY PARKING LOT WE GIVE AND . REDEEM. . en 4* CORNERf OF^WAYNE & WASHINGTON JUNIOR BOOT SHOP Where FIT Comes FIRST VACATIONLAND . STAMPS . Sandusky Paint Co. 236 6. Market St. MA 6-2461 at ^jtfj^^ .. • as seen on TV playtex cotton-pretty 8 bra FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY Tt»e makers of Waytex offer thte "get acquainted" sale-they're sure thirt once you wear Cotton-Pretty tre you'll always wear it became... tests prove that even after 65 machine washings Playtex Cotton-Pretty bra stave fresh and crisp, still fits like new. That's because it's so expertly constructed at points of strain. Holds its lovely shepe long after other bras have lost theiro. And, the full elastic diaphragm bane) gives you oreathe-easy comfort. Hurry in and take advantage of thie special bargain offer today* You save $101 for a limited time only, Slm32A<40C SAVE $1.01 Shop in - - air-conditioned comfort! T

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