The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1899 · Page 8
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1899
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

OIL CTTY'DSKaiGK, TUESDAY MORNING. MABOH 7. 1899. c UJ SPRAY FROM THE DERRICK. 1 j t ut u I Women's Tailor Made Suits HI HOTEL BELLSYDE. YOU CAN GET IT C. PAUL, Raws. $1.25 par day, niin St., Oil City, Pa. i NEXT TO PMcCARTHY'S, A' ''no r--«"!;i! 3!ii>n:"!j}v ! Oil City Jii!ilo:ni.- ;;t-: I,tan a.-:sv*-i:UU» j !!i-lu Mi'i^y Wi-iuiw Uwi.s \wrr i«.ntc ui I j > ;in-;S ^"^ i-;; i.\ i:t. 'fjv'iuU!!:. j ! At ;* rr^uUr iiu-viit;ij MI oil t'iiy loilye No. .V".. i .0. O. R, h.M <•;. . ! .v:&&\ _,3 •*L&j$*$-> '" Will be more fashionable than ever this spring, the finest tailors in. the world are making them for the mosi exclusive set, Europe and America both having endorsed the tailor-made Gov/n as the_ proper thing for early spring. We invite- yon to the first showing; of i-C'inly-Tii-ivK boiigltt f^oiu lite bt-*t mukei's. ExcelU-nt in stylo, perfect in lit and proper in price. Materials, of course, are i>f lUe newest aM best Rich Black Crepon Separate Skirts, The best value evw offered. 20 Black Cre|x)Q Dress Bki:-;,s, rich flograni desijnis and .qn:t.litT — yfiu'Jl more limn iulmin.\ t!u> very hiti-st cm. \vi-ll -finished. 'i>ercalinc line<I /TIU inKxI ijnality y Dicing. SI Liadies' Shoes niade out ' of best Vici Kid, Patent leather, Box Calf, in Goodyear welt or hand turned sole, all and $4 SHOES, • Men's best Enamel, Patent Leather, Box Calf, Vici Kid, all hand- sewed, in latest toes, calf lined, our $3.3O, $4 and $3. SHOES, 2 j r> $4 and ^» *j .481£ 0 ^ $3J You Can See Them in our Windows. (S SHOE NI§D NEW HAT? Few men don't. If carefulness in buying is needed anywhere, it's in hat buying. Perhaps the shape you've seen on someone else and ad= ikiired, wouldn't look so weli on you as some other shape. We have that "other" shape==we've every want= able shape. Come here and you're sure to find the one best suited to you==and no extra cost charged for the makers name. [L OFFER the New \Veratr. Edition oi TEE ICYCLOPffi BRITAMGA IX THIRTY SUPCNB OCTAVO VOLUMES. "•Give Your Boys a Chance*' were the closing words of an ad:::eis by Abraham Lincoln. He realized that parents are responsible, in a degree, (or what their children become. If you have children, study their individual tendencies and place the best possible educational advantages before them. A way has been provided in the New Werner Edition of the Er.cyclopEdia Britannica, complete in thirty volumes.. The best thoughts on all subject;; in ihe history of man aretreas^r. ed there. A systematic study of this work is equal to any college course. Algebra, Anatomy, Arch^Si* iterture, Building, Electricity, ~^ Political Economy, are a fevv "of S.-M srtk^n !n tv. Klondike.. } £ its articles which have been adopted by Yale", Harvard and ^S 1 ','"^' 1r - rr . i ''^V*,^^ i! ' r " "' !'!''**I fj Columbia colleges. This shows in what e'steem it is held by the -' wi'iri'.'-sn-r u." l i'"('rn \'h!!['"iiH°afcou'i;f'"or i >' higiiest educators in the land. Just now you can secure the j fr.>m liia K-"ic and bafinVsa ;or an mi- t T~« •» -ft T"5 ,, , iiniuc-a iw.'ioa. duruis »'hii-ii lime ho win * H •f\f n \rf' irst^'S Om% r^l*fT3tlflf (*•% visit h!s psrmts. at Jumestown. X. T. j t A^llCy tUJpO^Ulet Uil L<il 11 ilUO. T!:u many :'ri>-!i,Ja in ihls i-li\- i>[ Mrs. ! )i -M. 1?. cll'jrvu. wili I'ciil-cL to i.-. t !-:l ri^,- | i.s .-*crk,i^:y in :it h-.-r b..nnr ; iu i';uru-:t j /-: ih<- \V. f. '<'. I'. rnotluT.*' tn<>dili:i: | lii-i'J us ils,. !wiiu- ,.i Mfs. K. I'. i'l»rk. •• U|W!i "Ahtska" v.-;is i-t-a,! I);- M.-=' V. 1 : W T7T FT?B PT llf 11 MAM ffl.MAJ CARPETS, An immense assortment of New Spring Styles. Velvets, Axminsters, Body and |Tapestry Brussels, extra=super, two |and three ply, all-wools, Cotton Warps, Mattings, etc. Be sure and see our line and prices. tor J. W. Jfnkiii** ot Warren, r^ouedis the v-ubiS'-iUion of t!u- tmi'i-.v- ins aiinouitft-nient: "Ti'jc puid by bmrlts on undiviiitM im^iitj v.-ll! ba rffsin-ifd by ruling or iloiL N. U. Sfittt. OoninussSontT of JuUirmU K^vr.-iti'?. V'ormi will bo- fur- ill << ; tliuc *;^rins un,- 10 ! The«ren«* or rh? PUt-ibur- uUtrU-t nf ih»? Ev.uiH^iicr*: c.hurci; t-oiiituftiffs in Uutioi.s i:s:.« is^rr.iiiir -i»il wiil i-iu.-o on MoruliLy f'f imtt v.-.-.'k, ii!ii-;i Uif ;i;-.i'ui!u- Kior.ta of thf i;.lvr^yf:u-n of l!i? (.iNtru-t lo ihrlr ;..-vt*r.iI rhan;** wtH l»- inn-i". Hw. MnuU, of this city, ;tiul Uf-v. I'imifcy. f.-irmi'-riy pa.fltor nf th*> Oil City church, nnvr occupylujj tho T^Vlp-t of t?u- ! \'!lie churi'h. '.vll* l-.-uvt I'.'f DtiBoi hnre this laur.iinff. '- ! \vl(! NI fJMiitiurtrtl by il« v. A (,', E;Hs, IX !>.. i-r Eri--*. a forrm-r p;^ior «f TVisiUy >I. E. church, or whicli liiv ri-'coasid h:u: i-t'tufives r.r? ;TI the r-i;y to alten.1 *!;-*. Hvnr.cM*: Mr. :*nd Mrs, Sum T. j.~n-k r.u-I iini. M:KT Uoiisln.-^, « f f X'-w YorU cliv; 31is» M:ir--- iJrtiriiiitn. of C'^rrv. .-..n-.i Mr. ant! Mrs. Hnrr>- of Ol-'-fin. N. V. rj- at Norii: K.ii?t SiirurJny Jii^rnirs 1 , at work n:i ii, tdinTiuni* boiJi hfif "VVC.TV <?;).;: K*i> ^ctv-'i-vfi '.he vicisi I ior One Dollar Cash and the balance in small monthly payments. The entire Thirty ! Volumes with a Guide and an elegant Oak Book Case, will be 5> delivered when the first payment is made. Ths complete set (Thirty Liyge Octavo Volumes}: No. t—New Style Buckram Cloth, Marbled. Edges, Extra Quality High Machine Finish Book Paper^ ?4j.oo . First Dsyment, One Dollar ili.oo) and Three Dollars ($3.00) per (< i month thereafter. ' No. i—Half Morocco. Mwbled Edges, Extra Quality High Machine Finish Book Paper, First psviEjnt, Two Dollars ( and Four Dollars ($4.00) per month thereafter. No. 3—Sheep, Ten Color, Marbled Edgef, Estra Quality High Machine Fic ! sh Book Paper, $75.00. First payment, Three Dollars ($3.00) and Five Dollars ($5.00) per pnoth thereafter. A reduction of ioj» is granted by paying cash within 50 days after the t.of th* work- Flade on every toe—in all kinds of Leather—we guarantee fit. NEW SPRING-STYLES. See them in our windows . . . One Price One Price *t^ 'VJ' 9 GET IN THE SVVin-==WEAR THEH. SHOE STORE. 25 sad 29 6ca«ca and Bm Sfs. ^ Oi! jliei Dress Goods; Bew Wasl Goods, etc., ] AT THE PITTSBUKCr DRY GOODS HOUSE. We .have just received several cases of DOW Spring Goods, in fine, iiiediinn ami low priced Dress Goods iu piiiin, plaid <ind fancy mixtures. Our stock of Covert S?nirui£.s is imv.stially ni.traenve, consisting of Jill the new shades suitable for Ladies' Tailor-made Suits. Our black Dress Goods stock is the hii-^est and ir.ost com- ]>leie AVC have ever .slioivii, and consists of all tlie iio'.v weaves, ! nu ' ""•- i Are the ones to find out the markets and carve their »« w11 f il lllU U!e '" * ts JP lc - wds > " Ild . um "" P^onr im- i^r M,.,,-, -*»«*, ,»,«•• , ,..., , ; -,, i wav to success. We are eager to obtain, and we are I"* 1 «"l«;'*."» "«** f™ 1 *. P^VKMIS o the oclvam* in pn«^ g^;;,r;^^^ r !?Z; willing to confess, we are Sager to retain your cus- we :u '° oftra "- ^ e:lt; llilTf:!1111R ni ° uv 1>rps8 Ooods "^"^t ?'.wVi"':i'j*V.i; i\'n'.'4^i!-r^v-»\. w "*/r.;."itorn. We will do so at ail times, by fair dealing, fine and low profits. + + ' * $3.75 + * * S-Jirru ;Ui'J *.'.-nt»- ;i.iTr.j.f:U'.•;•. .'.' ti^ thpjst.-, with thr w.rrr «if • ii-'i t-.:-V'ii-K'' JUi'l = ^ i-lr-nT '':'.r (,'MtJij>:tr:i-'s. f*,.finrtt ;t, j.^Vi"'.'t | n^twnrK * w ' s -r:vE-.•?;!•>•" •••', itjiriiir-rirfy. !•'!:' - j V.'tl] buv ynt; a htrHuufni ':tr*-',i-s »if Vilr.-jj -.v;ii';:i v*'r»t t/'>v. !'i'i» ;\;ih { fruai W.iuUt'uUy m;tde up, i siiioft 1 tJ i'.illy ;i"i :r:cii in :!::i'»::":-j. Thi; \ il:. Spring ?t>ic, ,* up, rea!I>* $5.00 Casimcrc fir h $.i 50, you oi $8.00. , Casimcrc fir 'V'or.-itrd Suit, in:iny to ih ?.iaO, you oLJfii k ; r-;. stt- (*•*-•::. rln-; «*^ rJi We have also rcet.-ivei.l a. larji'ft invoice of AVash Good-s, Fn-iich (liiurhiiins. ihnlras Clorhs, Orjy.-uulto.s, Diiuitipss, ojc., siiit;il>lo for Children's Drossos, Ladies' ^Vail5ts. isuit.«, otc. etc. In oifhT to iiili-odiu-e the aliiive lint-s of -pods, we will give special Inirga.ins for this wpk: 1 lot, nf Si-'itcu "hiids, suitable foi - ^Vaists or School Drossc>, wi't-th irii-, uulv ; .. DC pin- yaiii ] lot of Fine Civjie Pla.ius. \viM-t.h 20o, onlv —., l"n: per.ya.fd 1 lor uf Fine all-wool Wnitiii.a;.*, worth 75c, only ... :">0c per yard 1 l<rt of Fine Ginglnuns, only -.....,—,. Re per yard ' 1 lot of Scotch I,;nvns, worth lOe, only ...................... oc per yard; yn.)W 10 siwxUI* :imi K!::l-.T In a ri;:.ii,>.-rl ~ ' r '•' .SO.UU. " "'" " T " i ml T\« 1 I 1 J- T\ ft 1 TT .^^r^;r™^^c.-^i Th! , HBeb(at . nimhIW ,„„_„,,,,,, n ,_ ma _,_, 1 ,, fro _, ! iTng Pittsbflrfi J)F? Gooffs House "•••"T- I nr,- marf« op a.* ..ijiwl IP'any Jtu-rehajit tailor. ..nd o,i K M t,. t,,. M.!,i f,.r *I3.!». j JL 11V A A11>U W Hi Q i/ i J VtVVX&lJ JLlUUlUUj i.rl^'i^hvt'^r.'^ri^S/irun-! —r TT ir^-^Tr—H x» Just rwiv^l mir^prhiKMylre In Men'=! 207 CENTRE STHEET AND 208 S5TCAMOEE STREET, OIL CITY, PA. tiut county, on Ur. At :J;j;X tiiiii: :i lir-? Hurt t-,irlirr^. VU:i;t; and look at | who i ">k , r ujt {1 I'rnm ihu l.'vi'J'iiuH: rit ilri" ais'j frrim him the itutbomit 1 ^ ?»rvnjsationtl:uiihi'yh?}ii-v»' wIU s t[m Eu-t^ v.-ai uiily a, ra-v^ns u^-.I to a. int:rdi-r. A'tcv ti;tA linu'-:n U wn* Irani(^1 thnt tlwr* 1 had beta iouU t;ilhi:in and n-i'UllK In thu hnui-i' I' illifiu*-:;- It-.-fnrtr lire brv-tkn "i:t, itii'.i -'L r ;"itivr witns'sy ^a.s f.->unO who (h-«?!;tr«-t ihr.i S-.UTI- of th-j crc- .Ltfd mtn w;ut Jykitf ^"U!i hi." Jif. n ,0. \m<U;r *^ ttnvti. A \varr,i,n: i-Ji:ux!i!(C l*l;ieU ih ar^or, warf leru'-tl itn-.t he nnxjav *it JnJinpnnhTirsr * i r:'l will nrr.ii'i !.;•,' \». l* 1 '! t" an5W(«r tu n ni-.-r*- nviiu •• •;" forr th« Kik county oU"^:i:i:;i in-rin s. tin- a-Mcr to drop. [SCHWEIGEB, StTt*i. OIL cm. PA. 116 Sycamore SCoet. I . Th'J phi>r';'pnif'h (H .-:"!l:r-'j:-.'.-:i ii!" l!v.' li:0-- j tl«M«S uf :••» lni».'»tM. i-:i 'if wliirli up;.* ^r m !>,- h.iiulns u w; t al: ij.jv.1 in t! ; ,> ;r.i.J tin- j rcvn.'iinOlrr wr! 1 : within lie.- t> ( iw!. li-uv !ii"j wr.r*. W7L3 arC'-'inTili^li^l N rti'tf n']'"',vn. hi:! I It Is cfrtuinly a very in!'-r":,!!:i^ I'lcuirc, ' j FOR ONE WEEK, And for Cash v/iiiy. *" Cloaks «i M.oving=time 1*4 - APPROACHING. Sn<westive of Xew ('nrpeis, !Xew Kug* aud Xew Lace Cur- t.:ui!s. Window Shades, etc. etc. This sl'ire is ]>ivpared as never before (o simply your wants — in ihe various liiu-s mentioned. \\ e are showing the choice- ct-t prndiK-t.iois of the mosi reliable and longest tried makes of Carpets, for instance: B i $<••]*> w A x i u i n st,>*rs. Il:irif.iTil Axiuiiisi.ers, Dobsoirs Velvets, Lmvell Urussels. Hartford P.russeis, kno-sr that tho H!r«i «t:j«JI,j 'vlh-r.- Ml?-ft U'cmpls is rmiiloyc'f, h.i.t :u-ni. ; v»-,i : 1;t . n- vi;tj»lo rpputat.Jon for tin- hi^Ii «;"'.;,- .r' pho:»B!TJii>hsf turned m:;. U:-'ir r;j-iiiii,i. ii^r for Hi" last tJir«i_' mf.-titl!:i ;?J:'i\xi it « f-r^ci-^ UlUd for pnrt("rt P-.-*(*n.'-c in N-v.- V"i-t: Ohio, l\Var Viri;inI.Ti. i.:i:i. Tir ' Lr* r.;;rifi?rf!ii^ They are all •marked, in • ' Lowell i-xtnt Hi]]iiM'fin< > lii^riiii!". • j 'Ihirif'i'i-tl i-xnM Supwlviic Jiipuins, I J.ovu-'l ihri'c plys. N'liin.ii Mini -hiiiani'sc M;iiiiiijr> in lii;; 1 \';irii-ly. \\ilinn ]Jiii;s in •• v«. iv '(!n<i,T iu-\v styles, sixes. >. 1-lxlO 1-2. HxllI ;unl l^Xl.i. ! Liiiv ('Mi'tiiins, ;i \i-iy liiiuc nilirrlinn of Xi'tlinji'lKiliis, i r.nissrlls 1'iiitilc. Si.'nii-h |{<'ii;iiss;i!iri- ;iinl Louis XIV F.iitHMi- ;llifl <>l!ifr I'iivc stylos. Thi-st' jfiMiils :iro cxhibivt'il in one llnlo, weal \ ir«ltil.->. 111.11.1:1:1. ,%-w J : •„ •; , . J,,,^- ;1 , lf | n| |K.|. nil'C Stylos. I Ili'St' jflMlllS :\rt* CXIIIHltfll 111 O!ll> iCy ? h»vC 1 o r n"h^f^MM. V''n,TnVh,"''';.'fr"l >1 __' J! -.,-,. ~T~7* 4 X-STT T -io/->r~M : ° f f' 1 "' 1hll ' sl l'^ 1 ""' 1 - *V""-''"» ; r ;iq"-> Uo-nis iii ihi. Suite, a-s- r^iT. r^uz^r;;,,^;::^! |—^ Rl Tl p 1O11L GS lt --sihi,.i 1 ya 11 rs 1 ., 1; ,ssi^hsn,,,i, ; ,rHy, ! ,v ;i K> ! -. wrll »., oth«™ in Whlrh Oil I'ltil,.:,.' :,,vj -«- J-i_xi- J--L O. J^ JU V^| V-A. J_ V> K^». ! PR. 1C E • C L OT HIE PCS |««'j ,"•."'»;. 43 SENECA ST. OILUTY, PA! mV ' ; '" ; " i HOI! Centre and -Oi Sycamore Sts., 9\ Oil City, Pa, i THE BLOCK—CeiiU-c, Sycamore and Kim au-cets, Oil City, £a

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