The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on May 30, 1892 · Page 5
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 5

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1892
Page 5
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BTOLUTION IN VEHICLES.',; fat KodM of Tnumit Time. feature which the d^partm-nt of ' • .-•.—_ T«AK wttug v) *ne i Colombian exposition is the iutwa of vehicles of locomotion. Thi., T f -^ f 1 """* with i^^t jsAwunicv' lo i j 1 "' e onl ^ c *nfi»ff' i .i or myahjiijf laud transportation U> be ornittr«{ b<- m^the railways. In cocw*v.tit»n with •this all appliances associate! with thi-so rlv:i:n- e » unn bo found, but ••:)) ne in.-ido to S.>CV.TV v/lust 'H:" ilrst c;irriiv-c-s will :tis- ''-1 ia thu r.ri,cri::;i.l v/):«.>n i> H-: n--. used. '•'jr-'.s wh<-u the t >r5;.fhr.,!.> .-.-in :r.-.-d. For tin's pm-p^se the ii; !'!'••- of Russia form :ai ;i!:n(»l :•;?::ilc s»jnri - »! uf supply. In tht-.'.c- '"•^. :irv» the carriages' and t,i.-di.-, s r-' v of Cnthvriiu- the i:r<\".t. \\ hi--!) cost rty one rnillicm dullurs. :in-.t is stud- with pruoious stom-s. Another is a ! '^-> :n:nli.' V>y IVtor tht: («ivat.thi- rova.! ^'•ntor. v. icli Jiis own liur.ds. An iiu- i-ii r-U-dg-vi ov.-iK;d l-.y C:Ll!:fri:i«.- watf s -'-Vi by sixteen he.-!-;;, s ;iti.l iv,-r. fht.'.d '.y.tli ov..-ry imnginabk- luxury of U'.nc.s. It w;is a lar^v ;md br;niliful !-.r on run:;cr.> v.-ith \vi::dov.T, ,,1' :'-U'- shouts of trl:iH.> .--,•) that thOy nf)l itct-oino f rested over rnd ob- liu' viow of tb.t^ country- through the «iuipre.s.s and lu-r pariv rui^iii proyrcss of coadx building in tho i Stutcs will also he shown. Jn rly colonial diij-s carts \verc Hr^t Then cainc v.-ag-ons and subse- 3- carria.g-cs, 'most of which wore :cd from England. The ''Corios- tujfsv" was a strong-, licavj- and luvjfc C£>v..-ivtl Dragon, .drawn by sue liorses. a-ad it favorite modmni for travel amori^r t.h-j. farmers of Pennsylvania. It cor- rt^ni^jilud to the "pniiric schooner'' of Ui!; days of the.California gold cnize. The :irst r.tagc coach for p5:sscnffers as wiil, -s frc-ig-ht v.-.-is run bctweon : Xe'.v Vork and Philadelphia, and made the h-ip m three days. At the time this coix-b copiaaenc'ed its trips there were only t:i:rry-c-i^ht public or private passenger tyhL-hv; in Philadelphia. Kvon tt.'.vard UK- vlose of the eighteenth oeuturv c:;af.s<.-.s v.-onj a, and when «^->nzi-^ Washington traveled through r.f; f - various states in a couch sent to htm .*\->u: Kuyland he created a sensation. A;i...Lher stop m tha course ,-f f -v-«;lu- ^L:IC> \vill b^ ia vukK-incdt:;-.. b?- •-y::i-..-s un.i tri;;ycries. Cue of ;V... lartrL^'t ti-.-y:;le {inn:; in the country hi :i;>p-y Irur Vj C'nief Smith for space f n- ;iu (.-.\i.;ijil ii.--.>m:sea to .shovr In-.-ydes and tri«:; r "i.-los of every st_ylu known to the f.=vuL-from tho first "bone-shaker" up tv tu.' highly ursishv-d piunnuatio tir^ of tJ«'i>resc.ntday. Th. : intention is to 'u.pose of the cyoie exhibit in sev- firtv rrr.vs ;uoug- the entire lenirth .•'-.-:i:5.!L.--.r. One feature will W an 7 lu . y.iau <e bicycle, perfect in evi-rv pt-.rt.the . tr^;.- v/lu-cl of which will have- a cli- ;i.:;ic:t^r of thirty feet. Iiorse trappings and applinne^s xvill a::v, be largely represented! ,Tlie v\ hoifisaiy Kaddlery association of.' th j • 1. aiti"! .States has provided a fund of thirty-fiVe thousand dollars for pro- .raoting-a colkv.-tive exhibit. X<>» only will home prtxlucts have an ample and -tietailcd display, but special "b:;vtj been corumissioned to 'aad ancient specimens from o.uri From Austria and Bohemia sets of silver-plated harness of unique dcsiga will be secured; from Ifclgium will come spurs, stirrup irons, steel bits, bndlcs, harness and side saddles; from Brazil sets of bridle reins or ravv bullock's hide, linked with silver, the hide wnng prepared, cut and plaited without vae use of tools o^her than a common wmte; from Egypt dromedary satldles with appurtenances, a skin hotter for pistols aud a donkey saddle of velvet richly xaouuted and embroidered with rrr^A • • ' - i«*o*d \j UM o* the iuv«0u>rs of tbt te extrc&a tht-ir wit.% ia da- suitable letter box for attach-• ein-h citi/enV dooi- in every towa •nd city in the union. It- wati ftsplaihed that tb>» objefll was to MV« the post- man'M tun* in waiting for T~7 l^ongeofRo, •i.^injw* 1 . bMMteful, k aot the most iatetU gent joMtf lady in AtwUa by any xaaa- J« *om*tkimr W a p^£rbtwirA.ying jMr ooaakUraU« aUenttod. Beforriu«{ to ha new pooch, he asked her, a few **J* ••»«• *« the presence of a room full •* ^-— --. if che had seen » t* the I«U ami lo rendtr ihe J -liTery of ,' * ff H>r in C«f hk mu*»." " ail €ODT«sknt to th« ' .recipient u the ro^p'.a-ae ahovld b* olvrap. nc-at Ju appeavance. simple of operatioo, secure *'/ain-t thi*vM, and so conbtrucu»a that its eo«{>:iit s taottld be prntei-.ttul agni]i«t "Why, I heard of it. know you were a mart's the Wry first J'T« it a boy?' ; —Texa* feift- 'iijstoric times and those stiil in u.-o in •savaipc aad semi-civilised lauds will b^ •^roMt>i?d HO as to bring into start»iup contrast the great irapr«jv«»moKLs w)ji:.-}i •-haracterize the mcaus of I ftmpioyed in the present d;:y. Wiilard Smith, chief of lht* dr-par;- mant of transportation, hu-u ulrcauy de- _votod a good (leal of work to n'sJarc'- '•as t<> thft earliest vehicles -.r*>,l by i/mn lipu/yh hevtni logs or p];:n!:s i'ra'^'<- along- th<i earth were probably the ifn-. -«'e<lMfe.-i used for the tra^ix/rtation .,-. heavy burdens. Thon tho v.s«* of r> vras discovered. Tlu: iranunse. t'ltM-.kf ot" atone used in the ccuslnnrtUm uf th«: •pyramids and temples vi K^\-pt wt-rc "nirivwl irc»m the tjuarrk's in tliit, man- ntT. The first sledge of which there i.-: •any authentic recount. j s .seon pictr.rvd in tiie s-.-nlptur.i on a temple at IK-b.'s. ^Phie Ak'djjy had lonjrruno«:rs. turned up •in front and .strehj^tlu-ncd by rimm-ivs-as er;>fi.s pjeces. 'Later on rollers \veve d>s- t:..-.":n-d, and from th-r/i eanu- the %vhffls. which at iirst^c-voh-.-d xvitl: ;ho there are. ' l>e. exhib- .<s5l.le. b? -j-- • w ii w«r VOlB *> 4 F C 1 / I 10^' a*y« th* Washington bi«ar, four „..„- dre<! »n«»del« were bubmit*<>v1, but none of vbem waf deemed satisfactory. *» a seoooii aireular to similar e was s«nt «i:t. T»n hundred and thirvf- u»e »oiJ«-js rewarded tliw n*eoh«l »p- peal, and among- the nuxalx'r v -venil ^e^riM '.vc-r* thought d-jserriac: of com- n by the cotnruisoion appointed iujf the comp>titiou. thiiy otit». was actually rftootnracud<:d. '*••«—- will undoubUidly vo.- approral of the post- some tirn«> within the A ^«ple of p-ddlen. were about to «Utr a larp* New York »tor«, when o»e of th^m oalled the attention of th« other to a hir^ j,^ u -hich reo^: "No Pwldlwrii Ali.^ed in This Building." I% W* >*ad )*tt>-r not go m thew." wid «neof lawn, "Dou't yoti «* that no- T>on't b« a fool. That (s th«> . »« wat to fo throsufh this !in«\ Wr C are boTind to sell r. for w* haven't got any •ioa't you s^r*—Tcxa« " for- 'j and thU ielw the atasfer »->!. «r.,i i ch« p T:u» fc-w days. It is a mcch:t»iical nnr- beautiful La its sim-»li.-itv with mail •ho "-U.-rs ):)^..« contemplated. ->; i t.-ivurwe looks somt>wha.t !iL-o t.-iry lamp-post IdtWr-box on a .io. It is attached' to the front l is rather decorative th<m oth- Tint posstmaa conies alon-? or to d-liv«-r. Uc thru.sJ. th,> U-,:: frmin •'!:-.{ it i. Ma^ Th-.-y r;i,i M:I! !:.v t:ic l:.»:.v--o I'.iat par-) vv«. u* to v.-:thdra\v t:ie:n. t.a'.cV.:i o.;t f;-.> :rj u!i-,,v o i;;is a I r, it i:,- n ..;KMI tlu: e \vi.-dios r I .,nel. .-r t-. f :i ;; i.!;,-r.- Llo\vev •:.'V for-h«- latter to 1« -.-vory tli.-ie that ho wi.-,ho.s I-> •tain if it «;-»utaius unythirr,'. T)ir-r- i Mpriu/ at the v\'hii.-h vivi-i- ':-•'.!>• i." ;i touch if the b<j.\- is ».-Hiptv :^!ip[x>smfj even :v PC..-.!...: vii:. it is iminuv::bii>. S.ipno:- ia : - ?.'•»;:t ih.j intended reci^i-:it is •:>.!-id:.'i«' -.M,>r, he is not riblijjod to ^M m orrl:r t-. invcRtiffatc. f.-r ;v \\\i\c. kno5, ,»roji'.-«,-5 tiirough the do-ir f •.vhi:;!- !;;• h:i^ merely to pn;l in on ::ifoi-;n him ,:j!f on the point. If it ioyi.-i-i Llureisalfcttor. othfrwj.^. I.H IIM.-IV. Jn other -words, ihi- own..-:- •ifujn !•••::••)t!:sg- home, or at any la-. •vlii!u In-.!, can learn I-'/ 'sii:r«l-. V'"'. : '!' :i '" :i !Mltton whether tiunv i,-. uuxi !'-.;! ' "u^ wonderful box is not only ; ^-"pc.-.'vl'.'. for mail, it also deil-.vrs U-t l--r.s to i he carriers for po.stinyr. If th- nv.i.-r j-.;-.', any missive to send l:o tlrnp: thorn in throug-h a slot attlie top of tin. :>•»:. il.-tran only do thts after iirs" luring mo view a little target. !>oar:n. i ^:d disk two inches in diameter ntv ! titi tarf,*>-'t cannot be shut down agr.h •*• lr.»^.r ; ,o *Lnythin(f rernrtins i:: t.'^- peiirnaoo the awful power w-.t>kU-d wlulu tUcy last. One of the xvor-.i known occurred in the ye-u iyc'j._ j t the iirst day of November, and U-.c J » of Oran, Algeria, Imd U:c-n ox- iic-Ing beautiful \r«atl;or. >, i; v was blowing and tin; h:>rbf v.-.-us stirred by scarcely a rjnpV. - i->,.-. r ' aft«r_ it was all over, mariners ,m v'-'.v...-.3 lying- a few milef, oist fror- rthor.'. sii.1 uo storm of any kind ha-'"' 00*1-, experienced, yet the~ p-c-nlc on short-. N-u.-'.tl.-.nly noticed the. awproaJh of *tH:e ,,i unparalleled height and vio- - •nc.a wj,u:h submerged t}, c CO:ibt i^.. ;r ueyr»n,« the ordinary mark ::nd «! c . • :-,.ye'] in Its course much vali:«iM«- r-»:--'-:-tr. On the tide's ebbing wh.- • a«* clan-Tyr was supposed t-i lie ov,-r. r.-at .submarine billows brok»' < r c .K-. and coast and beat the splendid new 11. •.•nstrtsctod for the protection t,-f tljc •ITL for the ^pace of thirty-bi.x hours. .i»cn-d,t,pr. the immense tvuv-.'s uu- ovci-cd tJse foundations' of the mul*, to ae ti'.-i.-th of ei^-ht yards bcloxv Lho .-.r> •nary v/ato.r level, and. adr.-a.M-j.;- •rolce. l. V -h over the vessels w-tirm t'u- arbor, s., a: e of them scndm* tl-Jir pray clean over Fort JUimonno—tl..-? •s to say. more than one hundred yard's' :x;'h. Th.w terrible shocks. rc-jK-ate."' .v:th rcsitlcrity every rninut.-. »^x> r: :v:;cc-d aud rent the pier on {.he FC-U- idr-; i : , the space of a few hours t',- e v la-.urcs OQ th-..- top and on the side n-xt " * became visible and iLs total was seen to be inevitable- evening- scarcely a vesti^-s renamed of the once splendid 'mol'e, on the ciorninp of the sain,' yavxls in to resist fthall I writ* about now. sir?" the Kub-editor, after h*ndiu< hie first urtk-.le tt> hi* chief. "1 think." replied tb* Jat1*r, »ft.«r better ri^ht it., (ice. "—Puck. A WA.ilVKL*>C.S SC4K3TGK. el'' ^ idow O'llarn— Oi wi'nt to sect a tur.f-t,-.[I.M- yiat-rrh-iy. an 1 she tould Oi'd havn an orTt-r frnm a f,,Jn,. h .som<_- mriii wi ( { !>.«auti/ul curly hair p.r.vipk-.-rs. widin a month. rorri^n— Sutv. '{.;„ v.vnulrrful thuu f-.rtuiK-L.-li..-i-s kn.Avs: --I'uck un .'.l,»t..l All much do I <j!t-I don't know tin. Dir.jrii.v,, )n : i-|.^orlv mi. J'.Wt a. M'cr.rul. Utii— Irt c -it is. It's ?:;?. I 'iv in a mood to s < t : ,». :ir .. ' ' tny L,-ns.i i» KtiSl fr.tor.-. u.-d t., know tha tl.rurc HIGH 1 m.-r.-J !.. thi» i:nc: during tin- .»;> !-'OOthen-w:is qnjli- Aii.-l.-r, as t.. h,,v,- the •enfca f length and spemcd to be t-. . ^ A Gr»a« - Major Meigs, ih^ gorernment ^. 1R .- ^f? *? < ? l * r ^ e of riTer improvements J*"« nseiui efficiency of th* whole *- iveokuk, la,, i& preparing for exhibi- *tallation is iacreaa«a,_EleetricitT tion at the world's fair working models ) -^ ^_ '""•... -. --. ~ TTT Vk^ tm n k ^ *. m.~ ^ ' T^k^ VTaXV 1 ** *" ~ ~ * A Ch«rk «m T«l«phoa« T..I*. The present system of charges for the use of telephones by amraal Rub- scription is by many considered unjust mastr.ucb as some subscribers upeak often and mueh, whereas others use the telephone only occasionally. in some German telephone offices an electrically driven clock is attached to each telephone, which will work as long as the telephone is off the hook, and stops directly Jt is rapiaced, Th-. service is I charged for according to the time re- ' corded.- It is claimed for this svstcui ' jtaat unnecessary conversation* are (prevented, that those that lake place »«• United to reasonable lonsrth and useful efficiency of th* whole in- liL^.irvn *• ^«*^i^^A. & J •*-*% . • s.. t }> div:ussi'i:: \\\ \\\' fr \\ n small-:: ,,_. Ii-«=iced. juid, if my nic!unrv"u mn-.-ft t!u-tH.s.-.ussicin en-led wiih "an ediiori:-) of five or six lines, hi u-hirh Uro. ilarr;.; l «cl a d,,utit if tli-.-v wrr elear..,! L h- wau-r tiior,-. tlian -•);-:.t : --n ni, IH- At tlu- tiino J lh.,.:;rl:t 1 kn-"w- tlus to i,.s i-MMtniry t,, mv cj:p..-rienc«-. bin. ar. it was not mv fsnit-r"! 1 r .main. ,I silent. That s,, m -. : ba.:s-ner- surf-.i-e tn,>r<: thiin ff^hi-.-i-.i irn-h.'-s'l-; no d'.-n.i trm-. ; in d it ii> ^.juaiiv true that "tlu-r^ ^-rd^Mvi tiii* limit. ~ K'i-htL-c-u my t/a-,"'.! t'j^ fdil tn:i<lo: :». lr:ip ,!f f.vo mon. ru.d 1 had «mo ilirec-p.mrwil'r' t'"> eU':-r i.}i._. \vat-jr as taitrh as tlir-jt- f:-»«L J ;;rn ;;:s eor.l a.nd cj(.-ar-brrv]»-5 «s Ih.-. nest o:i<- v.-o.-n i )x.M>!c a fj sa . and. as I cvirry my bail in a tfalvani/..-d k--m minnow bur;k"t instead of in a yl ziss b-jtl 1 -or a.stone ju:r. I -.viJl not com- :L "u »neh frr.m tho jjb-n-o ii-ure.s; it ts b«lt,w r.-it):-Tth:in ahovs: tlie distance !.f marlr and I could but wish that KO grand a lean for liberty rniifht result irt his fn-j- fluns. The- stu;i!;-iuouth will l-np hi-her. lirave the water of tenor. %ht Itm^.-r und wiLh moiv. spirit when )io-,ked"in th,». lower j;:w than when h-v>ked in the upper, an.-l Ih-. chances of his final capture an-about one in the former to three in the latter. In a number of instances, where the xvator was not tlirc.^ t-> j five feet. I could see isvt-rv move the ii-»h would malw, ;;i-i at thL.-s OK many aa three or four would «iak<- a dart f.rr my minnow at th« same instant, and. to my -v.irpribc and chagrin, the .smallest one in the school would ? et there first, as a rule. ..,. JOE'S MELON aCHUOEL BOF Bow Jo* «•»* into tW littU Tkat-url. M *W wtii TWa JMM faidM «y tb« u^hiM. better o at thraw hlma«if down OB tWl<m«f« wtok a forte that made tb« apriaf* er«ak. "OJo«Iyo«*reomth* ahirt I've jaat nai«h«d," cried Jan*. "Get »p, tb a rood hoy. »nd l»t »« f»t ii from " your old ahirt,-aa'*d Joa. "It won'v hurt it to he trashed a litti*. You're alwayn »o fwaj, Jan«." "IJutr-" .' "Oh, don't worry me. I've eom« SB to tell you and Ella about a Mheme f hav«. It's a flrat-elaiM one. V.erwi't you aayii^ y««tor«4ay that we had mor« wat«r:nel«>tu than we could ever n»r »ud yon wished Uwns WM a market uear cnoujfli to a«n*l them to?" "Ye<5. I did." said Jao*. -it aeems a pitj to let tb«m gtt to waste." "Well, tnerc'a a bijf c-.rcnr^iofi c<Jia- injf up on Saturday from the city, about six hundred, I believe, and they're ^-oinK' ^ stop at Ocean nee^h. Everybody knows how fond cxcursion- K.X.S are of uieloas— aud »o h«re's our I don't, POO Jiexrvritly," *»kl Ella. « rc ua«:on:monly . I prop>>sf« to do in to c;ld I to let us pvit the mcloiiJi on sak-. at her «tort>; it can't injure h.-r any. n.s »ho n»tver s^lls fruit, nivt she hk«'s t-. b«: acoomm'xlntin?. Can't you tfo ovi;r »ni] BOO her this afU-rnoon. -Ian..-? I'd K-O niy^-lf hut I promised J»u-if Collins to meet him ut two •> i-l'.vk LO tulk over our next^ball match." to finish mr dress," '•ut3-our dress. \VI;,t1. •:n you j^t il don«>7 itf for it." 7 Wi'.rm r>Mt." f.KJd A 1'riuee fur to- nppoa* At a«*«B o'clock Je« earn* > i*. -Bttrfaa! W* Uat >.!" ke •a. "Wd» two hall» aad a *a4« n»}y AM axMM nia rH on to o«r piteb« to lay tbefla out ajraia I M '•I nrn "-X «•;%•<:• r ml nd do-.-r. '.v jn; ;.rer \v\ You'iv in.-, pufffi" June, --bnt if y,. nu-" — "I turned Prinre out to pasture h^l: HH i...;:r' iutcirrupttid J;>-•'t ui:iiU v.-.:'d need hiuj ajfuia day." "It wouldn't take very lonjf to catch hurt." ".h-.sM.ry it and sec." luuirhed .Toe. "IV.ii,-,. i-,.,'1 .-is dull as you think! Anil as ;.,r r.trmj; hliu around that bi^' pa>- tM:-.« f.-.r riu h,,:ir o r two, why, it's jus J. o-.if. ..t ih. ; quj'slion. No. you'll have •o ^:«.lu. .»n:»e; I'm awfully sorrv, but H . hrsip for it. And" tlu: &oom-r .rL th-.- u-Ucr. And while she':; -Ha, you count the melons. 1 o i<u«iw ho.v luariy we can .si-mL i'- niysoif if 1 weren't in such a . -.I'out Kosnjf to Jack Collins'." "I M ;'" in and tell tfraudmu the v.v:,-r:n :!:«» "She i;i:-.r. jL : >ot li Lbir -/>-. w.ihoiit 0.1 ••-.• ;i; i • i't\ -i hurt- said, ns tj. ^f hc-r consent. •«i." saifl Jo*;, unti we've ;un- '•oh. si.-.-. -,v v n"i pl::i:;-.-i( t:ie i:u I nyhi i.o thorn." "V.VU, a.-iyhow I better a.-;k h'-r' and .!aa:i w .-nt into the adjoinlujr *»*'» room, \v!ji-re ol-! !rr: n t.'i raid Oco; urn! sa r:>r>-> s -ii,ur\ 1. 1 >u us y,,u liic,.," i J;-i.ut: h.-i-l .'inJ.-;h .:.-t::e |- ut ou i: talc.r.;,' u», -„,„: .'s '.r- : il in "If h, IMJ me in ."ions. Kbe swid bfieilv, xl. i>r biff :,ti-aw lint. -,.}i a ..Carted Xl , r (:•; sv:^ vitrv hot v.-hi::i.s!u : «::«:!»-:; MM-J:, .«..!,,.,: for ;,! rs . Ki t j. witting t-oputth'unurlons off liko hot cakr's," shi>. i .vcv.r-.iim trains ^ct to ro.-.l oft.'n I'm PHHJJ-to c:uj navo. thi> c:i:in:;c and v .Jane thanks: hc-r. and started horn* a^;iin. 1: i'„•!•• • WHS nnthincr to keep lu-r in 0^- :i n H.':u-h. 11 w:w a'smail place, <:OI.-];MI.,P.-I of ) iu lf a ,i,, 7X . n l K)USCiij a e.r hotel, three :>lore.s .'-i-tion. iViople had •nit that there was a arid within th« nnd -just tine b-.:u;:h t! li]r»:<- mouths ust. Ther« waa :m .iorx-n inilo.s awuy, did all tlieir sh rt the gOTernment dry docks and en- gtoe boi»e, the Tarious boate used iu nwlday rirer improTenwnts and sec- fcowof dams, ahowiBf the manner of then- conrtnwtkm. It is aanounced that m the goTenuaaent exhibit will appear* h paaorama of the Missis* il * d ** **** —— ^«« recently ar- Tocwm, A. T., as an invader. I...,. acTen tfcjug^^i >f several rears' lieetnin^ this ana Mm eaae and comfort " *d of his birth, to Chiaa, then * the hope that An Obsfrvwnt , Tim observation exhibite.! bv a hone belonging- to Prof, Romanes is* both instructive and anausino-. "1 } JJU l a horse," the professor writos. "whit-h was very clever at slipping his halter, after he kncvr the coachman was in tHJd. He would then draw out the two sticks in the pipe of the oat bin so a» to let ib" oats run down from th« bin above upon the stable fl«x>r. Of course he must have observed that this w« the manner iu which the coachman ob-" tamed the oats. On other occasions, he used to turn on the water tap to obtain a dnnk, snd pull the window cord to open the window on hot nights." A census of carrier pigeons and their owners has just been taken in Paris, s - You look worn out," said Ella, her sister came in. "I hare a fearful headache," said Jane. "Did you count the zaelons?" "Ye*; and I have a headache, too. The sun f»j»r/ul in the melon patch, i think wo e^u bend about one hundred." "We'll know better than to plant so many next year," said Jane. "Von know it was Joe who made nn plant so many," rejoined Ella, "lit* ?iAtd ue ha.l never had enough mjeloixs in all his life." "Well, if wo can dispose of them I shan't care,'' said Jaae. '"It'll taku two trips to get them all to Ocean He.ach." said Ella. "The wnffoa won't hold more than fifty or The next dav was Friday. Joe came into dinner fairly beaming witli good nature. "V\e're Rring in l-.aye tba biggest baseball match of the Hcanon this afternoon,'' be said, as he sat down, and helped himself ^enerovisly to ham aad e §T£Sv- ,V^ e ' re *T°in? to play the Blue Slocfemgs at Shelby's MilL" '•Bat I-thought you were going- to pick the melons this afternoon, Joel» cried Jane. "Well, so I will if I get back in time,~ said her brother. "If I don't yo* will have to do it 11 The girl* looked aghast. "And carry tbcm to tlu ganped Ella. 'Yea; that won't be anythinff U d<x llello: lun'i nipper ready yet7»» "We're *eiag to g«t it ao« •wered Rlla "We've jiwt .-H>OM» - tb« owilon patch. We've betrn *T*-r tinee half-pa*! four, only * eat at six. M 'Ue«D at th« melon* four!" cried Joe. "WislJ, "*v vow took your time over it! J YOU talked more than yon "We had fcoetit all the then carry them on« at a time waa;onand the Rhed," aaid KlU. ">Iy back it almost brokeu—l thjn," said Jaue. "And I'm Rottiif that I c: move around." added Klla. "I'm awfully sorry/ 1 »*id ^^ -^3;- 1M have come home and tloae i*v Kut we hud to play nfne „.„ thon w« had a short practiow "Well, never mind H , Jane. "Only K t*i up earlv in the hitf, «K> RH to pet the melons to lk-a.:h by »cven o'clock. lUe ifct in at nine." "Aud you'll ha'o to wa'k PrltKM tbo vraj, aud there'll be two *. J i*dik 1 *j Klla. ^ "All ritjht. I'm wiH'mjr you'll xi-ak,' 10... j can't wukc 3"<j'i ktiow that," Hut when at four o'clock the morning Jnn- stole' solt.v to thrs •->f ht-r hruthi-r'.s room and raj'p^J^ uoi:::i.r.j<[ J,,; could uot g-.-t up, ' "Tm so &u(T I can hrmily mov^ 1Y He, •aid. ••( h.-ulij't pluycdb;ill for HO lor.jg- v-iisit yes^'r-iay's grucie has used me ajk ! "j::ft j.-o tr) UO-HU out f(t - the ttue^tlou. Yuu know if I could." "J>nt, .loo, the melons must tjo how." "\Vi'!l. cn^i'l _\*ou or Klla tak» MI? \nueaji drive ju^t as w« '•an." "H«L they have to be unloaded 4,5 'HJeta boy t.o hMp jnu. Thcr* w» 4 »uwnys IK*;.^^ nroun-.l rcruiy for- ••^J-'b. C;|-, d-.-:^; IK.-.V my bones ivll Lilat-h--li !K.\I- toinilk i'.i-o%vni.-. t.hi«i m«>r»j":n^, and oue l! »^ «y--'«l IVin.K. M), and Jane, :.:ul if hhe'il inrila- 100 w jmw wafflc» Til ' so a.s much Jor lu;r some time. lb •0»-t:t.s to in:-, that w.fMfs -lit* n:.,'Jit .-^xjt this in->r:ijiiy' >v t" i J-i.;i ;:arn..«s.«..:d 1'rince and 'ii£.-i u> th« wa-/oa. ami by fire 0 '< r^'or .l:uic w.-io well on tlie roa«i \S"'• >n ' s«vcn by Llla':, coming in with a.' T.:---:«nn'that.L-i:i... h:ui just le C-Iuj :,s;i;otiil i.j;ul of J:u:i«>r.-5. ".!»«nny\s7i re^ui^r hrick:' 1 h« *A* onLh;«-,:;t,t;er-.Jly. "And '.»:b«r, til. K for ixiri.-rsrty KU wixftlc-t Did yuu rmik Clover i --i ;,::-i pv.t UH\TI in thf _ "If.s siMinnj.j: 3--.-.J had to d.', the r.v in.;-;; 1 ),-i tJi.rn, :T.s jut,t. sis well. I for y(-i: t., l-.-urn '.-.-j'.v. I raj^ht 1 up tuii> w;i\- :i.iij li:nf.** It -.v,-is K-.-v<:n <--cl-»ck in tins ft v.-lutn Jane r«-arh»:-.i h...iue in an w;iifon- him looked cutupietciy uut. ^ .If-*-, who had boon l v j ns , ; n th{J jj,^^ • ir.ock on thi: ivjr.:'.. a.H dsy, went If'•P/>:i th.- - K -;ii.- f t -.r h.-r. 11" u ' r r s "IT c >»«:. =-:»d he looked in the spiritri. "t)i<i you sr-11 i.bcm aJi?" he out — wi)y WMtOMTtBJftpM is to enlighten the war office aa to the 1 SES^Mri-s-iK: ! ^*^s«"»2F^i*'» iaar^tt?SSsS & «£W^^^ ImSErf^ 0 * I * Mt foar *" *** r»l do my beat, of mmmHaiely vpoa »« *«„«.« n * —"• ^ •What fiki you gi-.t for them? 1 * * •S.?:tecu < K.:id thirty cents.^ v "il ru. S.'viin.s to m« you ou^ht t^» aave sijld thorn for mor«'ri tba^ I «'in-.x>sriyi,u did th-.t best you hau.l over. ivU tak^ teo'doUa'rV li.-ust fur that .summer coat V* v.-antiny so long-. And I need knuV arid :-ome handkerchiefs, to Shc-ibyvillii next week 'u' tbc town." "oi:t nr.-.-rt yon £o' : ng- to K i^ anil mo s:>:u-.i <>f the tuoaey, Joed'* "iluw u-.uch do you want? my .sche'iuo. you kuovv." "V\eU, we both need new Hat» v fully; and we would like to g before picnic next wcclc." "\\VI1. hand the raonov over, see what I oan d<^. 1 don't sne -wha^yg^. girl.swaatof now hats; the one* y^rT-. "Joe," interrupted a cracked* >^«» •from a rear window of the "* •'don't you thnt money. You'r* have one cent of it" Joe let the hand he had the roll of bills full to . „„., "Why, it was my scheme. The jrirls would, never bave U« it at all." he said, grumblinfriy, "Your scheme or not. the girl* 414 afe tlic work, and you shan't hr cent, it's time you found out not blind tn your selfishness." "But we're ue> _ ft< , 0 »H»*B^ hclf of it, frrmndma, n said Jenn^ ''Your willingness has notaiM|tA40k with the matter. I forbid yov " him even one copper. Dividt Klla, and spend it as yon caooa. not afraid of your wasting' a*y w fp you're earned it too hard for tfe*&* Jenny pot down from the wife* a«* went into the hooaa, »^A " ~ horse arovnd to tbe atabK sm fate had be«a very «kiad to nftH ,^^. bis jrraadmotber v«ry TOJwri BtlMfr not imagined th4t aba aa4 tab«k M» iatereat in the mtion •th»^a. "Tbc aejrt tuM I k»v* a i that sort I'll top It to grambled, "horse bom. "I won't be ond time. They

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