The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 7, 1899 · Page 2
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 7, 1899
Page 2
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CITY PERSONAL5. , I vigor.. : you n«d not lear to use u, :or u is.. i puVeW regeablt tnd pcriectH ti»tmls»s. | w «h- ; ind it will bring bick strength in touri out - ncrvei. frethncit to your eornp!«i<rc, ^ i brijthtnet. to vour ryes, the bloom of jg^_ i i health to jtour chctki. elasticity »i>; : tigr ; spring to your itep, and tliit Kappi- 1:**,^ 1 i ecw and eoioyment of life *"' ; J nfcich. you have missed 10 1 king.. ; The truiv rettiarkat-lft *e*ti- i monials ei cure conmantly bei Ing published are certainly thr j ttrcngrh, ritilitr snd vigor. t strength-producer J:i the ; Smilax, !,,^S^ i: 35i^i-£ ; it! Plumosus ani 5 :: S^SS i; !;'^;S''i^£v; Decorations. :KS?fSS%^SS l: JOSEPH H. RAVEY, Practicil Boiler Maker. '. !lt '. ' l ^,<'. ;.i i'..,,.'^..!! in.-. "...;i»s br^i'in- • _ . «... o.m^ T,inv^ .\o-i«at.,« T^t/v. Xe\v and Second-band Boiler! . r K:,ri ltu«eii. ma sn-ans brc,.,:,- i ,^ Bollen> St ! U5 . Tanks, Agitators. E'-c- Sen- and Second-hand Bollen istuuutl.-.l. hr Mint:'" rLl.T.u> htn-. t * l For Sale. only rKF.N VlCTOltlA'S ,' -,r of c.u»»n -.-* «^= *•» ! ih-.'- ii- :hv, ,.x;r,-m.-iy •,i.-.!iki-!y .'v.T.ii'i <!«• » t . al - lr , ,.,.,1=,..™ of ,i!i ( tiunar ^n"'";" ''>> ( ' a >" \ et muscles, itrength of BOARDMAN, CTUlUiE 01 AND STEAU PUMPS REPAIRED. SOUTH SIDE QREENHOU5ES. 3lV % MsirV». Otii'J: rtili'rs is Ol.-.HU-urs, . Daffodils, Jonquils, Hyacinths. For Sale. l^r"c stock of Second-baud Boilers and Knjrlnes of all Ulod» oo liana. Wire or Li-ttor Orders I'roruptly Attended To. Eci Stiai-iiiolon Brtds*. •"lird Ward, 'ruoue 1815. Oil City.. Pa. Il-\RPrR'S*STR A \ : U. OL'AKERrAiKSLEE'S, 5'RAN'K LESLIE'S. TEAK- SON'S "scRiisXER'S. )"L : RITAN, ANO LADIES' HOME JOURNAL. —-flarch Numbers at FARRELL'5 NEWS ROOM. lf c ,_,-!;- cur profit cr. the VOLUME of our busineis. not on long prices. Giles & Logan, 501-505 East Second Street. -.fits. Dry Goods, tvotions, Ladies' and cto ANi-JB i'.KSTAl'RANT. )*l»t£I. IS H. fcr-i^-^' wftli hfe vr:t'-r turning ycst^rtiav. .! i w!:i-i'- bri-;'j, -,irili»- <Tia«i"r. -:.i:ii!^l cn-;im 'r-:r!-. friiln t^i UnJ Jl-w! !J.«!-:.r. It't:-. ^'i' 1 ' '•• ''"-' >'•'•'*••' !'SK:^lS£^!|:i^ I^Si^^^S^^t,^!^^ •-,,"T^ k o5 $r«^£dK! Sli/ctac^,":;, Snces rawl » b lc. Work ^actomy acne. il«l'lns <" 'h»w "i" Aimrk-ut -"• ! >•'-" - -"' v h "" r - ' v " u i '"" '"'"• ' -•• •- ' - - • iil Ks-i Oive Clothes Away, nor will we Make Them at Half Price, but we will Allow Any Purchaser oi a Suit, Overcoat or Trousers, a Discount ot 12 1-2 per cent FOR CASH ONLY, for 30 Days. Fit and Workmanship . Guaranteed. KMlti Insli6rti!.'424S VifJl Ave.. PitUburjjh, ? ASSKMIU-Y HAS NO r'O'.VKil. , i Wo fit lenses to jour eyes .^ ^, i scientific accuracy, vou IOK K' 1N T E R ^!=..ay^ ^rr,; ; j s-iasscs we will toll you so. I;mbroideries and Insertions, p . IH^IHARVEY AND tiibriclr.s • ft^.ir--h-lJi;li: pract! \Vns|if»Bt»a. Slarcit l>,-r of l_"-p- i K-ii'.. t? inrluilf* n fui! l!n-! _ 'f Ufncrul Si-sfium to- i Rlmliarh il 10 t'l-. 1 ititit<nttHi;t for ! llrsi .I'-en-n i ,-, , . ».',j r v,_ !, r ,,.,, L> . :.,lirl;-.- (or nlilrts. anil -, Nuihlng: t»i !. lil Hi..- ilpj linii- Rfll t:i:!. .u-.^a S:l enurt to-inurT'-jw.- n t,i l.i- liri.-.'. Tin' iii.llclln.-nt wi The Improved Cleaner. RCWCVCS O«l-T TME D'RT OOE5 nCT O» COt8 NO ~+ WE MAKE Seneca Street, + A. SILBERBERfi, * The Tailor. DR. AUGUST MORCK, .. _ ..... ........ ____ ..... ------ . • 5r^'-h nr^ )?!.•• 1:11^^' thiriff iti :n.v:kU''':iv. IS HOW the order OTj : .n.lKr.T.rh»r(lt:nsll?hI>rJnln'-l!ir-. Th., ' ilnn -if bracoB ."hin> n nr" '— .icrl.Mly nnrac- ItOUjrllt n : rTr!l!«iv«Tif«!' nn/l i Mr. l.Mb nn 1 ^ thiit ri'.v'a mn!.- plrmrn ' is r. :ir'' ;Wc have fullowfl tin- !<•:«! of I'nf!'' ^nin :'»'l larger l:'no of ^uuili'-s iiii'l novelties tiinii <*\>-r. ".Sonic of these 1:1'i«i iliiiiirs ;irf licif. ;nnl it will iwy n buyer of ""f^Oil clotbinii' in jiMili n,i. iliein. "• Our loader fur sprin.s will VH- uiir HEN'S DRESS SUITS iu GENUINE CI.AY iuo !ini!;iii f in.«.) :i!l-w>...l \voi-siwl, blue and who nr" jt: • Ih" HU-r',1 ; w-i-H pt*ii?'il with ] n \Vi'.-!r,"?iiny ii" p.j- uf t,«n aM rrlii- I.t'.'!•:.< I.'.IST ]X FLOODS. ; r...ul«vi',].-. K%.. M:ir.-ii 'i.-Hr-i-Mi 'li-:- iiM.-h.-:. r^iK.r; ihm i.ii til- .-ir-.: i «i'. In : K.::itu.-Hy "r" .".it "f !!"-ir H^ltf Mn-J il'.lni itr^.ll proplTJV rtiimatf''. r:iii'i!:l^ I'.'Vcru! I i!..tifji l'i'?liV'=>. '» rrrinfclin i'.:'.ilitj J. \V. 1 l';nr,ln:i wii.i (inmil-il trvli.i t-'. •: rn-V. Il I.nrii". .lii' Kvl'i--. :t r.inn.-r, iv,;..i rxi-m .-...v.iv -vhli'i ri.!l:i^- n^niy? .-, : -lr.-:.-lf LI'.' k. Vi'illlam Ahrhl:-.- \nt :,i;irt!-'-ni. i,i..l N' I'.irtfr. nf M.mi- ' liii- most | TMns-piirfni-ii-i. l.:.,it.-rn hi-ld In j lurKnmi'iit.". iir.a mnk 'i'rl.-n.lfl surfer fruni mi off'.-n •K-'rV.-i:>' toiclhr 11 com-* from .,,.,.,,' -ivhl.'ll collects under thl- f Hit' K'urns :l:i'l "II Oic l-'UCllP : cuniiot l'i- iiy tlin hrusli. Ori.ilnly ovory p-rs-oii .«!iou'.;l i-.avc tV.f Ir t«th a y-.-ur. It (Uimirt ciwt mui:!i. Drs. Hoitman «& Reidy, ^ ..XTRK STH. KM nln^s, Kxu.min;t!ii' i n Fr-:-. New line of k Picture Frame Mouldings * j Late styles in Grey and Black. I F1NNECY & QRIHM, i ;o; State St, JEWELERS, So. Oil City. Merck's Patent. LENSES FOR THE EYES. EXCLVSIVEkf GPTtCAI* National- Bank Bulldlns, Oil City. P». C. A. Lamey, Tuning and Repairing. ,»nvo ordern wii'u SUJTOKS & >each. or E. A. Wilson & Co John P. Rohrbacher. -uirci of Bujrples. Road hlng ana Fine Horneshoeing i East First sired, nolt floor to ..... li-H-lrr ^IJ^^S^^'^iAn Early Spring Boom in tte Boys' Department. i phor." :;i-:. SOUTH on. CITY, r.v , „,, i.,,;,.,,..* ,..,,1,.,.,,^ ,,f n,«-t' Xnviipi- Siiiis. ins!, ivccivt'il. 5l!r. KH'I.INC HOlKf; \VK!.I.. N,.« y.irk. ?.)[ir.-:i 'i -"'"i'- rmiciwiai; in-, i SOUTH on. CITY. FA. , , f ^ t . ll( ,i,.f. st }M \ ,<.,.„„ ,,f BinV .Sprin:;' Suiis, just i '•-I THE W1LBELM BAKERIES |.Suits ofiu«,-y mixed «.-|..-vio.s ? W,-,,-st,Hl S !UM 1 or blwrscr- }"• irt-; ^I'Tii-' vlis*'iini!'"t I ! fn. m.maK.'ni.iit r.f H."! 0 ?' ,. ur'in-r riil.l-.Iiii; ps tlio Isrsrcst line of CaUcs In leaver, Co ii*'^. ^H ^'ini 1 '^. from tl ..I l.i. 1111 WcJllv ^ , thiii. ran*!- |i;ireui5 to iHiticipate their v IJtiy-*' iill-wonl Suits, with extm pair of j»a.nts. .:,-nr, W :.,i ar.d - 7c ">'; ].,.,.,•,,,.; ; in ,l ,l,,,,l,le bl'I'IlSle.! slyleS, ill. S2.00 iltltl S±50. IWltll .,n .-.-.iturday. !, Wl , |( .,j, s ,,f j )iuus reiuelllbef) als;i ;ill-WO(.»l VcSit'O illld Junior $10,00. . . anil rivrrn.. If von U;iV'- more iin<l u-y '>»'• ' ; I'heaj' suits in-full', pay a. infle i suits, and you will be fully foil- l..a'"w!ii'.'l"we ;'uv -uskinix, ?10.00 nuiiiis, (VIM- advice is "try ow ;i' suits" and von "'ill r":i(!ily sf- how smiK'boily ban over vour eyes for the- last two years. MAX JACOBS,| : :;3 I'ir.n <IN Tin: TKAI.V. ! li* Muri'h ''' -Mix" San!: K. .I'll- 1 l .11 tliinclinr i'f ftcv. I'. I', .lut-! "' " ,M«lint.ii:i' I ruin |.-,. (n Hi. i.dlll" fr«m lnlln t-.r-iniy irr,-,.li -.H-l--" wl'h :i!t'li h'.n. , r , will :icv:!iin|.. ! HfiUf.ts. N. S . Mitr-.-li ! r'.irlsin'm'.h. Fnrl-ri'I. I I h-.-r- IMV U i^ nml»TJ't» Turk will ri(;t I)*.- cu-^n a •' (il-.itt-Iy .-xft-r li'.s prnin-i'vlon. f' 1 !'., will v.'Pil until T\T: ) r<-fl i. '•' 1? '. *.v(i«-n : ^r^ ! :::'7'»;i" 1hll ^Ti.." ^" I.JM i <««• ta|>peu } i!,,vi;' :iil-wti«>l I'iiMTs. wiili slnniff, double TF\'T OFF •'scii.nis, nP;it pntdTiis, w<irllt .">Hi-. ;it :> >!'i-. ^ Cl ( -Loire of H styles of V.oys' Newest Sprin<: Suits, and oven., , „, ,.„ !stvle- tlie laiesi. nearly all have two pairs of pants, in fancy IKIVS CT"I^ frh! mnKP. Ir.ii. rciiL. r .- ; . ' t _ Fr ^ ( _ I tlnn on ill our fall and winter sultliips anil | Worsted (>\ ^ 111 t> .< ' pv-rcoata. Fit and ivcrkinnr.aliip gu.-iran. i 1"»O\S 111! ^ •• ii ]>:iir, ffi at 48r. «s, W 8 «-k »r blue -'hovio,. worth 65, KADFMANN TAII.OKS. StrocL 1 i black or blue s nio-'i stylish Suit for Hoys iHs I'oiniu.U; season, in a ' Oil City. jjohn 1-leischmann, e, double liroasti'il. with silk favini;. sit. -*1.00. -,s?* !.. ;«l. ir CCBE TlfAT IHIES fl:Rt. 233 Seneca Street 0:1 City. P*. w tint i L. U. Q. oa ftuli Tablet. _ r V.'i.rli. !..,r:ii. i SHiVi'li!-..,!. A'l- <-ilK- Wui'K. [,«•••:!. i Klilr.i-y I'll!'!. Ail. 'w Hiir- f'nri 1 . A>1 IH-.ib. Thr-'t, .Local:). j M^-rctnuiL \n\\nr, nf Suulii Oil Cits'- thitn uny othi ; r firm In ili*-- eliy. j H. W. Weary, I rir<t-cln*!i painting '.mm f.rjt-rln" tna- I tcrlnl. All hllKls of work, In «ooi". or Iron, proniptly (Joni\ No. S East Second street, ] Sautb Oil City. Pa

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