The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas on November 23, 1988 · Page 13
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas · Page 13

Seguin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1988
Page 13
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V The SeguinQazette-Emarprise • Wednesday, November 23, 1988 - Page 11A advertising Call tfwQ.E 379-5402 ASSOCIATION . J 116 N, Camp 379-2222 1414 E.Coqrt 372-4760 Siguin* Member F8LIC , Local Holiday Inn receives chain's top rating ,, The Holiday Ittn-Scfiiiin was one ..l'."...- : -^.-!'.'.'.'::.^..:z.':.:;t±iLL^:..: rn>»rtrtra*o h/mrfe flip, samp.»«»kne<>mim ««»«« •***^-—•^— : —'—^- a -~— : -: .: _........-........ ... ,, The Holiday Inn-SegUin was one r '.of 238 hotels selected to receive Holiday Inns' SupeYiof Hotel award during 1988. }' The Superior Hotel Award is pre- Rented only to those Holiday Inn Hotels considered to be among the best in the system in both service "and product quality. Of the approxi- ^jfnately 1,600 hotels in the chain's ( .ivorldwide syslenii an average of 15 .^percent this year are recognized as ^uperior Hotels. '^ Hotels receiving the award must '.lie nominated by their district direc- ' tors, ahd must have been open and t operating for at least one year. To .',be considered for the award, a hotel ^must receive perfect scores on two 'qonsecutive quality assurance evalu- tftions;. and the latest guest service '.evaluation.-iii addition, the hotel 'inust receive top ranking in guest 'inspection scores and written .complaints. > Pam Mathis, general manager of :: the Holiday Inn-Seguin, said, "It's a ^Special honor for any. hotel to "receive this award." Durjihg a special ceremony Dec. 11, Mathis Will present. Superior Hotel pins to each employee and thank them for their dedication in helping their hotel win the Superior Hotel recognition. "It's the employees who can take credit for earning; the Superior Hotel Award," Mathis said. In addition to the employees' pins, the hotel received a special trophy, which Mathis said will be displayed in the lobby. The award also able to institutional buyers. jl "As a firm that caters to individual investors, we felt it was important t6 provide smaller investors the same benefits offered by an insured Corporate bond," Nossaman said. This program enables us to do just that — provide individual investors the diversificatipn that is so important in a portfolio, as well as the peace of mind that enables them to sleep at night knowing their money is : insured." . Financial Services Assurance (FSA) - of New York insures these bonds as, to,;the timely payment of principaifihd anterest. FsA' has the highest claims-paying rating given by the five major rating services including Moody's and Standard & Poor's. METAL PRICES^ .NEW YORK (AP) — Spot non• ferrous metal prices Tuesday. -; Aluminum $l,0100per pound, NY Comex spot month closed Tue. "'Copper - $1.5170 a pound, U.S. destinations. ;*'; Copper - 148.80 cents per pound, NY Comex spot month Tue. J Lead - 39'/z -42 cents a pound. ' y Zinc - 72 cents a pound, delivered. " Tin - $4.6034 Metals Week composite price per Ib. '.' . ' Gold - $418.40 Handy & Harman (only daily quote). "Gold - $417.70 per troy oz., NY Comex spot month closed Tue. ^ Silver - $6.095 Handy & Harman (•only daily quote). •"•Silver - $6.061 per troy oz., NY Comex spot month closed Tue. •:r- Mercury - $285.00-$310.00 per 76 Ib flask, New York. "^Platinum - $582.00-$584.00 troy oz., N.Y. (contract). '. Platinum - $564.80 N.Y. Merc spot per troy oz. Tue. Corporate bpnds Edward D. Jonts & Co. recently became the first financial services firm to offer insured corporate bonds to individual investors, Warren O, Nossaman has announced. The bonds are sold in increments of $1#00 or less and, if called by the issuer prior to maturity, the owner receives a premium that increases the return over the life of the investment In addition, an investor can entitles the hotel to be considered for a Holiday Inn Hotel Division Top 20 Award. mately the same as those who own a non-insured* A-rdte corporate bond. With more than 1,350 offices in 37 states, Edward p. Jones & Co., founded in • 1871, is one of th6 largest financial services concerns Although municipal bonds have |n the country. Its more than 1,400 been insured for years, this is the investment representatives provide first time a financial services con- • • • cern has offered insured corporate issues to individuals. Until now, these investments 'were only avail- sell the bonds on any business day at the current market price. Although yields vary, bondholders typically earn two-tenths to four-tenths of 1 percent more than those who own Treasury bonds of comparable maturities and approxi- such conservative investment vehicles as mutual funds, insured tax- free bonds, certificates of deposit and the common stocks of companies with histories of solid management and sound growth. The Seguin Edward D. Jones & Co. representative is Warren O. Nossaman whose office is located at 809 East Court, Suite 100, Seguin, Texas 78155. Ask Ann Richards Don't pay for free information Editor's Note: State treasurer Ann W. Richards each week answers questions about perspnal finance and state government. These questions are compiled from various letters to the State Treasury. Answers are not intended to -take the advice of reputable financial advisers or other professional counselors. If you have a question to ask, write to: Ask Ann Richards, P.O. Box 12608, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas78711. My co-worker just got a check from the Texas Treasury for money she had left in a savings account she thought she had closed. She says there was a list in our newspaper with names of people who had money or items that have been turned over to the state, but I didn't bother to check for my name. How can I find out if my name is on the list? How much will it cost me to get my money if I have any coming? Texas law requires that abandoned property be turned over to the Texas Treasury for safe keeping. Let me make it clear that it will not cost you a penny to find out if you have money in the Treasury. I know there are some individuals who — for a fee — will "find" your money for you. Legally, they can charge you up to 10 percent of your claim, but some of these people are charging as much as 50 percent. What many of them are doing is have Coming to you. I read an article in our newspaper about a new program to help farmers who want to venture into growing non-traditional crops. It mentioned the Treasury Department, so I was hoping you could tell me more about this program. It's called The Texas Linked Deposits Program. .. , „ The Texas Department of Agri- simply using the State Treasury's culture and the Texas State Treasury information that is available to you are working together to help farmers for the asking. Your taxpayer dol- - ~ - lars support this program, and you have every right to take advantage of it at no cost I urge you to contact the Treasury's Unclaimed Property Division at our toll-free number, 1-800-321-2274. You can also write to them at: Texas Treasury Unclaimed Money Fund, P.O. Box 12608, Austin, Texas 78711. My staff will be happy to help you find any money or property you get the financing they need to diver* sify '—! whether in growing new crops, starting new processing projects, or getting involved in new markets using agricultural products. From harvesting Christmas trees to raising buffalo, this diversification will help bring more money into our agriculture economy, eventually benefiting the whole state. To get specific information, call the Texas Department of Agriculture at (512) 463-7624. Rug winner CARMEN ADAME WAS the winner of this $400 6x9 area rug in a drawing held at Lacks Furniture in conjunction with a wine and' cheese party held recently. She is pictured with Charles Wilson of Lack's. (Staff photo) Still time in 1988 to plan for taxes There's still time in 1988 to olan ""'< '' "' . . . . • .. '_ •' •** •'^ ..', ^li'-ui i^-- ; > 's still time in 1988 "to" plan for taxes. The mistake people most commonly make is to wait until the tax year is over to plan. Then, it's too late. One thing many investors realized in 1987 is that lower tax brackets do not necessarily mean lower taxes. On the contrary, many taxpayers saw their taxes increase without a proportional increase in earnings. The key to proper tax planning is to understand what income is taxed, how it is taxed, and what can be deducted from it. Once you establish your taxable income, you know your tax bracket. Although much has been written about the lower tax rates of 15 percent and 28 percent, they don't apply to everyone. If your taxable income goes above a certain level, a 5 percent "surtax" kicks you into the 33 percent marginal bracket regardless of what the Internal Revenue Service calls it. For example, let's say you file a" joint return with a taxable income of $100,000. Your tax bill is $16,264.50 on the first $71,900 plus an additional $9,273, 33 percent, on the rest (see chart). One surprise item that can substantially increase taxable income is capital gains. Investors often'sell a long-held asset, such as common Stocks or mutual funds, at a profit. At one time that long-term gain was given a reasonable benefit By being taxed only a maximum 20 percent This is no longer true. Now it is taxed as ordinary income just as if you had gone out and earned it. That means if you fall within the upper income group, you could face a 33 percent marginal rate on this year's gains versus the old 20 percent. The time to calculate capital gains is before the tax ends. For example, if capital gains have placed you in a high marginal tax bracket, look carefully for any losses to offset the gain. You may deduct those losses from your short- or long-term gains. You may also carry over any losses that you don't use in one year to future tax years. Review all your securities before year end for tax-loss candidates. What if you own a security you feel has good potential but is currently worth less than you paid for it? Consider selling it, taking the loss and buying it back later. It's a legitimate tax strategy if you are careful to avoid a "wash sale." Under the "wash sale" rules, you may not take a loss within a period of 30 days before you sell your sec- • urity and 30 days after, 61 days total. TAX RATE SCHEDULES FOR 1*HU SCHEDULE X: Taxable Income But Not Over Over $ 0 - $ 17,850 17,850 - A3, 150 43,150 - 100,480 100,480 - . 1988 Single Individuals - No Pay • » $ 0 2,677,50 9,761.50 28,680.40 X on Excess 15X 28 33 28 Dependents of -the „ amount > over -* • $• o -: 17,850 '43,150 100,480 \'' 1988 SCHEDULE Y: Married Individuals Surviving Spouses Taxable Income But Not Over Over $ 0 - $ 29,750 29,750 - 71,900 7V, 900 - 171,090 171 ,090 - •Source: 1988 U.S. Pay •» $ 0 4,462.50 16,264.50 48,997.20 Master Tax Guide , Joint % on Excess 15X 28 33 28 Returns and . of the amount over $' 0 '" 29,750 ' '. 71,900 .,. 171,090 4 ' SWT to observe special day ,,SAN MARCOS — Southwest Texas State University will join with the World Health Organization in' observing Dec, 1 as the first "World Day on; Alps." "Focus of the special day will be to promote information and education about AIDS as well as increasing sensitivity and compassion for HIV- infected people. '..'.• An attorney with a nursing background and a minister will present a seminar on "AIDS: The Global Smuggle" from 9;30 to U a.m. Thursday, Dec, i, in the Ghautauqua Room of the LBJ Student Center, ^Attorney Sherril Ann Kolenda Ip done extensive research on the ^gal/medical' aspects of AIDS while mister Robin Andress . is working i a health educator with the Com* unity Action Program. She was laplain of the Substance Abuse nit at the Austin §tate Hospital worked with AIDS patients, ler families, friends and cockers at San Francisco General ospitalr Information tables will be set up the LBJ Student Center, on the in cafeterias and in the home building from 9 wn. lo I " " " SWT M WerW AIDS Day" are Student Health Center, Home Economics Department, Health Administration Department, San Marcos-Hays County i Health Department, Sigma Nu, Lambda Chi, Residence Hall Association, Association of Mexican American Students, Vocational Home Economics Teachers Association of Texas (Student Section), Non- Traditional Students Organization and Alcohol and Drug Education Prevention Training Center. Sales and Service for GARAGE DOQRSAND OPENERS FREE ESTIMATES GUARANTEED The History of Seguin's First 100 Years DicKGannaway-Owner Seguin Overhead Door Co, 379-9672 especially for your Perfect for your friends & relatives The booki con be purchqied for $10<* each in the Main Lobby, NBC Bank

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