The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on May 30, 1892 · Page 2
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 2

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1892
Page 2
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may r»Jf on Webb coacly 4aa*a«raU Mag eigbt eTety tim*. Q«ev Clark goTeeat>r, an* talk about ereeling we«Jea ITaat aaa become ot that appre* ptiattea for a federal building IB Tke Clark meeting held ia the %itjr kail '1 hursday night was full ef the great d rough Laredo »a steadily ajoving w the treat. Laredo ie a Geo. Clark place, •Bat went ttie bey* hare a regular keg killing time at the Houston •o+avention next August.- the war waged by Governor Hogg on corporal* and foreign ^capital behefltud the laboring n*e& *t Texas? It w well le remember just now. t*«t Galveston county wa» respoa- aible for the election ef Torn Ochil-. , a republican, to oongre*s, Tho Hogg and Clark men in Webb county differ but they don't fall tut about it and make iooU of Ihemtelvoe. When Flo£g *i«ned that infamous Alien land law bill, ho thought he was carrying favor with the alli» Don't ferret to go to McNeil's b»ok store or to th« cffiee ot J. K. Mullaily and sign jour name to ihe "Clark club. The Democratic aluLe convention at Houston IB going to be the liveliest affair over witnessed m tke •State, NoaaaUerwao ia eWeted gova W Texae aext November, tke <imat of Hogg will be aa evideaee to tbo oataide world that Texae turned leoee and bas to* bor apparent hostility to Ta« Texaa Mexieaa road despite tbe fact that it has aot beea pay- iag expenses, never tkelese has haul- ad a freight for the drouth sufferers free of charge, and yet Many people in that section ara enemies of railroad*. Did the fkrmen ever refieet, that thenatural effect et fereing do WE railroad ratee in Texaa was 10 invite a ruinous eompeiition with Kaasae and Missouri former* im corn, wheat and grain. And yet that it about the size of it. It the Kansas tumor CHQ raise wheat and COFH aud sMl the eame at a profit in South wast Texas, sb«Q why canaot the Kcrth Tex ae corn and wheat grower do likewise? k io to I logs aud Cora nusaion for an answer. friends in Laredo have been claiming the earth. How do they like the rote between him and Clark, which waa compiled by the Fort Worm Gazette, a neutral paper, and wkieh ia rupublished in THETIMK* thin morning—read it and then go and join the Clark olub. the laietfi i(iiur<«iKtion there Tae a "hog killing" time at the fiftxar county convention jester- The row now on between the Receivers of the Aranias Pais rail- rfjad it unfortunate to say the Jeatt '•fit. If there is a d«ad Jock ia tbe Vtttsten convention between Clark -aftd Hegg. Charley Culberson will -•be tke next governor of Texan. Nothing sounds so big in the lass of aa igaoramug, *H Hogg's fct expression about water out of railroad The few and isolated counties in 3*mthw«8t Texas which hare held heggish oonrentiont), are goiag^ to f<%! nighty louMomo in the sweet eye and bye. It the result ot Governor Ilogf § adminitaration haa been The cet» nation ot all railroad building and the stoppage of manufacturing enterprises and the consequent enforced idleness ot labor, then his udmmiatration ia at lc^»t re- 9{>tmsiV>le in part for tho present bum timea in Tera-. the tarineni ot Texa§ ever tor a moment that their and suicidal war ou un4er tha leadership o ? Uovereor llogj^ hue driven mort money put ot Texas in the past eighteen monlhs th*u the coinage ot stiver would be t« bring bauk in eighteen W«il un thinVof it! The Clark men did not make Much noiso at theirgiceeting iast y night, but they ^c*t in a nra^unt of first class wors tke sam«. It is noticeable that in those localities in Texan wbere^tbe third •party u idea" has tbe strongest hold tkere also are tbe strongest supporter of the Hogg "id-te." Had yon Noticed it? It will avail you democrats whe aTor pure democracy and the strik* i«g ot tho ahockles from Texas nothing, unless you turn out at the eoanty convention and oaat your fer Geo. Clark. Ckairman J, ii. Re*"rigues has ealled a convention at the If arket .Mall next Thursday to send dele- ftatea to the Larupuzus convention- The notioe is rathor ghort but vut- >.~ya will be there. It may be all right for a goveraoi •*• be proacing around all over hi> •tate using every ability h*» po?> arouse one elaas of citi- a^aiait another, but TIIK don't tkiak se, El Figare, is tae lateet aew^paper ^eattdidrU <er paelie favor, It «ade tte appearavce in Laredo joaterday evemiajf under the editorial maa. a^eeaeat «t Mr. Lo«ts Zuleaga, aue* Jtuiittta a very aeat aad iaterwu ^ag appearaaee. Where are thoee raProad mag* wkem Hogg boesud ia ais ifa that ke we«ld hare wt«rtaf peaiteatiary stripes if he ^M eie«ted foveraer. Bejnlj Jay i« Mt m of them ride The farmers *f Texaa commenced Vbeir class aritatun in the seven lies, by organizing granges to dewa the lawyers, failing is this they turned their batteries on tbe merchants and middle men and got a lot oi bob tail grange stores. Their last effort was a war OB railroads and capitalists, and they got two years ef disastrous Hogg adminis. tratioo. The last heard from these «la»« agitators they were tyring to saddle Hogg again on the demo* orjitic party while they wore rmik trig desperate efforts to drown thotu- salves lu tho third party slouch. Tho governor of tba groat state of Texas when asked lo divide time at Giilvesten with tbo distinguished senator from Harrison County, William Pope, shewed bis contempt for the uppsr house ef ihe legi&lature by replying that he would not divide time with Jim Crow senator*. And again when the great grv»ernor oi Texas wan asked while addressing a public meeting, if certain charges concerning his eoanection in certain injunction proetodings during tho Internat'onal reeeiver- *hip, instead of affirming or denying ihe charge, answered by saying that •'Charley Banner of Tyler, a professional hnr, had madtj the oharge." In r^ply to a demand ot '.he iarmera of Texas for re present a- tian on the railroad com mis-ion h« said, "the farmers alliance hat,* frown too big for its breeches." I* he a f entleataa? The gambler Koran who wa* broaght back from Arkansas by Deputy Sheriff Vagnon a few days ago charged with embeulemer.t had a hearing before Jnstiee Poster yo*> terday morning and wae diech*rg- •d. By some mistake ke wan ale lowed, kis liberty notwithstanding ke was>leo under arreat by virtue of a warrant issued br tfceccnntv court, aad crooned over at once itito Mexico. Tb* «tTideiic« on tke triaa showed that the money he wal eaargod with em^rzling was a part •C tho part«r»Vp fuada in a faro CYCLONIC Tteiied, Twisted And Tern op kj Tor-:a- tees. KenaeiCity, Mo., Kay 27. — t .Tnnrnal Special from Wellington, Km., *»?i»ao?- eloue panged' th^rii «hU evening aad kitf*4 aod ir jnre-1 500 people. 'Tb.eetocjQ.paax* ed. dtreetlj throng* the wnier of j-hr- town, wrecking everything m"IWoi<'*.' Fiie broke uut ia the wrecked district and in DOW burning fiercely. FJMicar City, M«»., May 27. —A special • The Journal from Wellington, -Kan., KTJS: T«i0 city 'lid a visitation to>nl^it irom t- fannetahaped clund which ploughed * devaatatirg tr>«ck through a p»rt of iown with inmenM) destruction to propertt and some of life—jail how much it in impoafible to tell at thin writing. A heavy storia of wind and rain a* the cyclone rabout half an honr. minute* after 9 o'clock the cyclone the city, coming from the uout There were no premonitory tilpn*. body waa iudoora and the cloud with a dentructiye ra«h and au awful roar. Wellington, KIP., May U7.—The avenue of the principal buaiue-ts *treet U lined 03 V>th *Ue* fur blocks with ruiot>. To p.d: 3 . to the k'lrror fire broke out amn«u> »he debris ofCalutiei Tloberm&n'B block -vi:d * wonriii, Mr*. Susan Asher, it rmp;«.».,-vd to k*T<» p*iiabed in ihe flame*. The buxsk of brick building, containing h.tlf a d^u ftores and the Monitor, Pre<M ar ,f1 V..'<•-;. printing office ]I>R in a tuoiblnd he*p of bricks and mertar. Just across the atn c-1 a laborer named Fanning WH* taken out r.f the rains dead and there are nrippised to b« other bodiea in the ruins*. Hundreds ot dwelling^ are either totall/ destroyed or more or let* damped. The city is in darkneH-, » s the broken mains made itnee«s»ary to shut down ?!:*. Z*» works and aave destructiou from tb • flr*. Hon. Jame».L»wrpnre, ctinrtidate for at* tornty Reneral, had h-s arm broken, *ll*r Forsytha w%» taken frora a ruiced building slighfly wonnded. Some bodif* hare been taken out of tha Phillips hona* and a hnite f-^rce of men »re hard at work removing tb« debrii?. Two member!, of i'ae SalVation Army are expected tu die frooj theii injuries. M Squire Smilh'a roHidenoe seven per. «on« are more or l«w injured. The streets are lettered with tin roofing, clorh awoio KF , brnkea K l^ 3 and timber.-.' Everybody ia oa the strcc-ta carryit-g lnu. tern« and it it utterly inipo^iblfc to far exact fact*. Th« detractiao is simply awful and every miuule add* to tha horror of the kituatinn. The Standard »ad Mail ofliiies are wrecked, tke op«ra house and dozens i.f the bwt hnflineiu baiidirgs are wrecked. The fiae school Irailciinm and churcb me M A.,.,;rt*. P ' t" Tl.o •;• !y r-. fcll't If.: (j'-v " i ii »n «.••':: [jiir/u^ tlOOj) •, i Jeioa , -V tele. "* Jotfiani •••^1 tie Oa Tae BeafoU. u. 'I •if. w TJ'.l" of police ^Several ''. wounded. LUUtlvu i u V-: x 1 '*. • a:u • N Goii*;'' - - :l .Mayo sot-•.!;>•. Tho M*> foro hvi-a thev b.,---;- tao Ysqu..->. th«'ir t> nv. M 1.,- * ^* nolifietl •• : troop* in .oral Koldiers •»!. j . Federal .' portion of -: ;:i:5on and •i-era com- j\-nc-rul Ban<• -impart ment f.liiuf of tbe iU to make a atntit tbe In* Mtulez is iu have hereto^ It irtfeared "'' r -o with « ". ••••titrating /.o : =^cd fight. y di.-ivn tbeir •'•f i,h<j troops >ii MI will b« as th' iuo ^ advice bays at a rc-ceri!. cn^;.ire-i.6:it with the Yaquh near I*-,? j-i. : ai-f2, C ! - '' Yuqu:#. 'heehi-!., w^s ki. '•»•• two c ;Miis chi drt-a w^ro th up b«en from choa^anda of dotlarc. report! have other poibU. WelH«gU»a if the conaf y Kat of Dimmer e'.nnty and baa a popnlatioo oi ov*r IO.UOO inhahiiaatff. It is in the center of a th'ick- ij »«ttled agricultural district; it i« th* aaoet prominent town in a-ju<hcru KtQRaa Cil-y, Mo., *£ny i?.—J <p«;cUl from WtlHugtoa ca/i the cy-lt;iic w»* dcetructi»e In its eflVcls. At 11 o'clock iifteen sre known to be dead and an instigation of the wrecked baild» ings'hag only barely oimiue-jeed. Th« ' cjclone did not do xnnch damage until i fc ' reached the very eeoter of towo. On Jefferson ayenne it destroye-1 ite eran chuch. but enly nnroofed tbe IU moet furions work wa? done within a cooipans ot ti. e .q-.iarM boaaded by J-f. :'erson »»enue C «od s^renlh and Ninth i;rtev». Every huilditg in thnae two «quar« was demolished and worked. Fortoaaiely the reaideuces in the locality »re nut nnmerou-, oih»rwise the lose of lite wight hare b-^u mccb greater. Tbe Phillip Houae w«t dena >Ji»bed and ieren dertd bodua hare been takea from the ruin*. The vruik of raacue there onlyjunt b.-xun. The huuwe filled with guest-. ao d the lo«a of We in that one house has doabtlew been Tc.e ofiifM of tbe four local rUr M^itor, P..-B-, Voicf>, ami M -.:! w«sie dwtrnyert. T-ie Wellinittoo Ibuoe'rj- ws* demolished and Mr^. W. S. Asher aud her §iMt»r, Kittie SerKhan, who happened b« paaeiDg there at the tim*, were buried io the ruins and killed. Tli^ir b HI es were recovered. The destruction in ibe northeaet part of the cilj has «I»t been great, bat d-Sait details otnnot now be bad. Ctreat .oootutieioq preraih everywhere and the wnele taeu eaairat be Italian Kioisieti*! Crisi*. Rome, If iy 27.—Tko ministry ye««r. day won tho t*«t rote of co&ftdeLee br racfa a dote vote that if ten of tbe thirty three ikat abet«ioe i from voting h«4 gone game* the government it would kar«* »*. •uUed in dtfcaf. Prittce Miniaier U.olitii annoancei to tfce chamber to»dar th«f the kintf k»d reiuaed to aeospi tke ra*i K ... tienof the ministry toodetcd Ms. He tkwMpoei a*ked tbe chaojl-er to p««'"'.it. •••et arf-et.1 Tke nnn«ane»eMttt CWM^ s sion ns U ie believed to portend dieseintion inissedioMj. ivrauior i > "e.s rsi ITer 'lex, M'W 26.— Jul, t Mnriin, ulius M:.T* HIV-.J:>«T, diod at 3 o'clo-.rk thi* e?^r.! pri'St-nt iit t'i« Uu';* Dr nurso and n.-v..rui . Lester's liuu^'^ 1'ciroug/jcut the tbremjou tr'«» i:ont!iL:on t/i the: patient was ft-ioul liio R;i:nn us vrKtcrdav. >">-jtct noon it chun^wi tor tiie •A-or!»» •x<vl tit ii;ai:a »»be w&s nearly or quite'U», und ftcj^i" auJGrfcr. ed cxuru' 1 : pain. Tbe Rev, .flr. (rolijrhUy cuik>d at tho r» q\i si of tl»e dvinjr woman and lit-Kl a brtvf B-.-ri -vit.-e of prayer. At ono mpuicnt «?iio v.-'.uid rc-crtgaiz"! Lhosc irouinl her and then fall'tule It i« helu-ved rooiMved ycstcr- 'lay, and u;i .viilin^ly banded her to read, so shocked her iiervoua sj-^n leiu »n t*> ha*«ttj her deavL. I'lood wa^ the final cau^e of dealh. The lolo^rum rci«rr*>d to «!?.iu: "Have come GfR^er Iron ton, iriqtiirinu it thu vruo riarue of tLe person aluu- irt noL Juiia. Martin." The ult'or'.unnve VOUH^; "romr.n gave Ri>5rim>tl aijt-;sor a corh-i plete stcxr^* bi' her lite add caked that in o.j'.^e of f!'*Kt.h to have h»r reir-ain8 f- rwartlod to Ironten, Ho M there lo be iuterroil by tbo siue ot tUot?e of her mother, t>f whom she epoke in the most t.*ui_:hing trrts. This request will bo - K R»'.*-cdly plied wiih. R-.-v. Golightly atinut sin hour rujfort ihuvoung wo- mun ciied she ela-pc-d iicr hands and locking U|>\var<l iip;> uticriy obSiviouB oi'uli arcuud her, i^aid in alow voice; -'t'eiari, dour Pearl, I sec you noiv. ' P:»arl \v:w the came of » litr.le *istfr who ilied sboiil a month ai;o. In jui.«wnr to the question '-Arc you rwauy to di«?" ghe " Unileria'^er T^ir» pn'.pared tbe remains for t-iii^tneuL itrjd lor burial, andth«v aro now i:i a lur^e room at Mra. Le«tcr's. It should be said to tho Ui^ci 1 * credit tlsut from the momont <<f the shcxiiing she bab been unoea^in^ in her kind atteo^ tion to the wounded girl and ba* done everything in her power for her comfort and benefit. The true came of the entertnnate was Julia Martin. Her fatk^ er is a Tory mspetable farmer near fronton, Mb. This information was imparted to the reporter by the young woman kernejf a day after the shooting undei the promiee that he weuld not reveal her name while sHe lived. She said her mother died when she was not out of her teens and that she now had a stepmother. Her father was not in good health, havingsuffered a long time from asthma. "If he ehoul 1 know of this ke wonld die," said she or words to that effect. She eai4 eke waa tent to a boarding school in Poplar Bluff Me., and. there iell in leve with a young man who was i*afg*go •** tor on taa Iron Mountain load aad Iron ton **S 'Otitf; Sees* wns aang teiay Akeal &.ON neeals aemtaeexecatieo. ao was earr'ed nn en asaen> it-kenod an] ilaajrof kis ne.. .,„.,. ei-tof Wswered to kie'eslL* •4 hit Meter and ^U etk« •eod children and A* ri«kt. "I «-r to leave now," s^id h*. "Dee'l make an trouble like I have done. Tell all tke peea plegocd bje.' A At thi« poiat Rev. Green Wjna, eolor % •d, moan led the eosHbld. He said he wanted to inform tke people of OoMfe Seott'H aalration. That he had been rein ed by parent* in a food Christian earn* muaity, bat had Uirned a deal ear to good s 4vice aud k»d gooo wrong and had brought this execution npon himself. Taat George Scott had given his aoal oyer to God and that he w >ald eoon be in benven. Thet there was nothing between him sad his Qod now. He aaid Scott did not hlam* aayb-jdy bat him«elf in the matter. He then read the seventh chanter of Jab, after which he aaked the crowd to help hint •tog, "J<!aui Thoa art a sinner's friend/fallowed by a prayer. Rev. "Wynn then told Goorge «ood bye. George then prave ed to God to s«ve hi* aoal ia heaven. At 2;30 p. m. the rope was pat around his neck. He prayed all the time it wnt beiDfMdjaBted. The aherift palled the tiixger at-8;33 o x clock. T'JC 141 was aboat eight ie«r r hat owing to tbn fact that the knot slipped it did not break bis neck and he died of strangulation. A,t U;58 o'clock he wae cut dowa and placed in hi* coffin an* tnru*-.i over to his people for burial. Sjori murdered a «iat«r 1« yean old ia. a most biutal manner. Tbe Gubernaiioaa] Vote. The following ia the division of the vote of ilie couniie* which have acUd to date, through conrentiooa or primaries oa th* subject of the governorkhip; ar oo. Whtele.r .............. i Howard ............... 1 Victoria .............. ^ St/ir'r ................... ", Telegrapkic information Saa Aavea^o laet night give* oovnty witk lie Mvonteoa votee to Geo. Uark, U aeema tkero wae » ,row b«iw««n tk« Hogg and Clark faetions anu twu eonventions were and null livit^ at Tei»riTa(ia^wiia ner Jovwr. Site went to Texarkaaa aad hoarded at Hn. Angeiin«'§ and so lived for some time until, ao foe •aid, she was deaertod, aad In ally entered npou the son oJ life she liv- «ti in Denison. IIer parents kare been inPormod of ker deatk. Thie ie ike third victim of tko I recent aseaes nation. Tho {Soso Stewart, is on tae kign , to rtooTory. 1 Kimble Keir.gio ~ Piut«i \o5ai: } Kerf 5;fL»rri«)t! ........ ......llT " Ka*tJanri .............. GlWhxrroa T-*vs ................ l.Wva'de .............. 2 Galveatoo ............ ]•! yJor (rat.) ........ 4] Archer .......... ..".'.'' I- Jf-fft-raon ............ 2 ! Eoi.ox ........ ......... ii Martin.. .............. j '•»ilJ«ipi« .............. 3 Cimoibtm ........... 1 (.'«c ................ ^ ry... .............. T J Liberty. .............. oj 861 Tola' Beiar (oor tested) .17J Total 103! .m INDORSEMENTS. CLACK. FOlt HOGU. 28 Lavact Wi!b»rger 4|Vnn Zandt.... e P»la Pluto 5 Wood 5 46 .37 Pablo Mun«2 Sentenced. San Antonio, Tex., May 27—Xai» merning in the United States court Judge Bowman sentenced i?*blo ifunez, second in command of Gar— *a's army. Prior to the sentence Mr. Summ«rlin addressed the court in mitigation of tbe^entoace, pleading Muner'a a/ra and the fact that he was a cripple, IB snswer to a question by thftjud^e Muner stated that he was 25 or 27 years old, that he bad been in Texus siri'yi 1884, and in America since 1858^ At the same time he was cot au American citizen. He went over into Moxico once with the rer«Iu<« tionary fnrees and only had eue fight. The Garzi, forces were re» treating when the Mexican troop* pursued and fired into them, lie joined the revolution in Kevessber. They furnished his hone. In pas** ing sentence Judge Boarmaa amid > "1 think I ought to sentence him to 3 years imprisonment for the nur- poaofof making an example teoth* era to prevent them doiag those things, and hat for his age would sentence him for that period. The punishment might de him so goed bat it would deter otaera from ea» gaging in thene rerolations n* U tt* old to eoirage in aaother oa*. He it «eiiteaced to ene and a aaU yearn in the penitentiary at D«» uoit and 9ned

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