The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on February 9, 1893 · Page 1
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 1

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1893
Page 1
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'•::W &'= VOL. XT. HA WARDEN, SIOUX COUNTY, Chicago 4 NortimsUrn By—At flawardcn. LEAVE, Rn.rcjti ['ft*«ungi:r ................. ....11 ,15 n. m Chicago Paaaungcr ............ . ........ !l;CHi n. n. G bio ago Limited ____ , .................. H.15 u . m THAINB AUU1VX ll:Oi»H. m. S.nop. ni. 7;60p, m HAWMDEN-INMPENDENT, D. EVEKY TnUflRDAV DV O. STONE. I TERMS, $1.5O, IN ADVANCE. 0. -». Ht P.--AI IImH«n, OOINO. NOUTII. Pussonger .................. . ......... ]o,ot i v . 12!>p. OO1KO SOUTH. CHURCH DIRECTORY, C ONGREGATIONAL OHO RCH.—SorvIces atlU:55u. ) X . und 7:!» 1'. M. Sunduy . . . . oioo, 12:00 11. Pniyor and bibl» study. Weani!fidiiyevonli!ff,7:So. Scuts free. Stnin- ?uw cordially Invited to all services. BUY. . J. SUCKOW, I'aator. B AFTIHT rjHUBdl-1. ••••-•- *-•»-«-'-*. *^j.i \_/Akvyiji—i AU4*WMi-ii^ overy _ Lords day. at 11 o'clock a. iu, and 7:30 o'clock p. m. Sunday School ut, 12 nT. 1'ruyer and coufcronce meeting Wednesday evening All uro cordially Invltod to utttonu -at-7i!IO.- those meetings. O. M. THRASHKH, - '_ __ _^ _£u s tor ._. M ETHODIST EplseopulChurch.PreucJilDg overy Smidny uvenlng at 7:M. Ep- wortli LeiiKuc moot at 0:iiU, I*, si. Pruyur mooting Wudncsdny ovonlnif. All ure invited to sittond tlicso services. J. L. CHKNOWETH, Olass-Luiidor, J. jEFfKity, Pustor. CIVIC SOCIETIES, , .T.. It is said that there is a remote possibility that the Panama canal may come tinder the control of the United Slates. May it be so remote as never to be reached. Another new and expressive word has been added to the language by the Panama scandal. Over in Paris and also in London if a man has been fleeced,plucked, shaved, mulcted, etc., they say he lias been "panamad." Probably the word, has come to stay because it means so much. K -NIGHTS O.'i'-Py-T-H-IAS.-Vospor-iodga No. 85. Meets every Wednesday owning ut 1C. 1». Hull. Visiting Knlglits cordlully Invited to attend. ... BE/ni EMEHSONKorR&8. J W WAITE, C. C. 1 O.-.O. If. Hiiwardcn Lodge, No. 190. Meets • .ovury Friday pvunlnif ut Good Templar if lit8 ...J».ov«.ry iTidiiy «• „.,_ hull.: All vlsltlnj! Knights of the Priestly Ordor ure cordlnlly welcomed. W, U. 1'ALMEHrN. G. W. C. IlANSEN, Sec'y -ISO. rJnoBthmsrTlinrsduy-ovo.-on--or-before moon. Visiting brethren cordially Iti vlted to attend. ' • J. A. ASHLBV. W. M. C. A. YOUNG, Scot'y M , W. A. Httwutdeit Gump, No.1507. Moots .second imfl fourth .tiondity of tho mouth i. VlBltlnif neighbors uro Invited to <vttund. GI.KN filii,t,BH, clerk. II, G. COUBETT, V. C. BUSINESS CARDS, W. C. HOWE, Physician and Surgeon. W, A. QUIGLEY, M. D. Physician and Surgeon, HAWARDEN, IOWA. All calls answered promptly d:iy or night. Oniuc over Scott & May's luuut market. O. W. pHELPS, M.D., PHYSICIAN AKD SURGEON, HAWAIIDEN, IOWA. Residence on "Qludstono. Hill." Oflloc over EIurlan'H tlru^ Htore. J. II. UUTCHINSON. O G. REINIQER HDTCHINSON & KEINIGER, Counsellors -At - Law, HAWARDEN, IOWA. Will practice- In tho courts of Town, und onth Dakotu. All business promptly und personally attended to. D3R. JT. A. DENTIST. nioe ovor llotUi liurclwiiro storo. Open for tinnolntnuiiits tit nil hours. Rcirmur onioc hours from 9 u. m. to 5. p. in .... ' 'I'uosduy and Wodnusday of every month ut Akron, Iowa, WM. HUTCHlNSON, County jftttorney, ORANGB OITY, - IOWA. Will prautloe In all the Stato and Federal courts. Collections intulo nnd promptly ru- mlttod — con ntry—-ea-u -boast— ef-i ts volcanoes as well as itsavaluuches. The Paderual peak in New Mexico, after a rest of nearly 'three-quarters of a century, has blown its head off, and is belching fire and snaoke and 'lava in genuine old world- style;=;4DhV United-States^ is-iiol--tb-be -outdone—by—effete- mouarchy in this Columbian year. -Biitrle'ff us = hope-she—may -uofc-t-ry- the cholera. - _^ states that not long after the Cleveland family enters upou kousekeepiug at the White Honse the family wil number four instead of three as at present. The hopes ave for a son, should such be the case Baby Bufch will no longer be the pet o: the household. Civilization can't change human nature. The burning of a negro at the stake in Pans, Texas, the other day... demonstrates that fact His dibolical crime awakened the dormant, subdued, glossed-over, real sense of justice iu the breasts of 10,000 men and the "eye for an eye, tooth for which is born away all artificiality and awful justice was meted out to the fieud at.-Lha.hauda..QLtha.mob_.-.It. isnlt, alone the Russian who when scratched reveals the Tartar. a tooth" instinct in us all swept There ar9 fe w- writers i 11 Sou th Dakota who can grow facetious and make a telling p^iut equal (o Frank Kelley, of the Woonsocket News. Here is the latest from his pen: "Scougal, the .Yankton banker, lately deceased was a regular attendant and mtmber of the Episcopal church of that city. The minister who has been his religious teacher for a number of years, put on his spotless robe the other day and preached a sermon iu which he announced his belief that Scougal had gone-to hell, and a most all-fired at that. This may be some consolation to the depositors whose money had evidently gone to the same place, and cheaper' for tne county than trying to send him to Sioux Falls." Ciniiariibii as an "No living geim of disease can resist..the antiseptic power of es- aencel o£ cin n am ou £ o r -more-thaii a ie_vY_kbur3,'.l_is-the conclusion, aa. nouuced by M. Chainberlaud as and experiment in M. Pasteur's labratory. It is is said to destroy microbes as effectively,-if upt-as rapidly, as corrosive sublimate. Eveu the the scent of it is fatal to microbes, and M. Ohnmberland L- IX Attorney-At-Law, ORANGE CITY, - IOWA. Will practice In all the Stnto and Federal courts. (Jojleutlons promptly remitted. Titles oxnmlried and ubstniets furnished. to CENT DELIVERY. I will deliver londs or pnckiitfCB o f any do- .icrlptlon, under 500 pounds In weight, to any purt of ihc city for 10 cents, Ulvc rno u trlul E.ALEXANDER. W. W. HALJL, President. . E. W ATKINS, Co shier. General Banking and Collecting Business security at bills of Money loaned on approved : current rates. Purchase and sell exchange on principal cities hi the United States, Grcut Hrltnln uud Continental Europe. DEPOSITS RECEIVED FROM MERCHANTS, MERCHANTS AND INDIVIDUALS. ft PcrCeot Interest Paid on Time Deposits A revolution in the kingdom of Hawaii has resulted in the forcible deposition of the queen. The revolution is said to Have been brought about by the attempt of the queen to force on her people a constitution which disfranchises all foreigners 'and gives the native race, the Kanakas, full control of "affairs: The kingdom consists of 15 islands in the north Pacific, only eight of which are inhabited. They arq about 2100 miles from San Francisco. The j population is about 80,000 and the total area is 664.0 square miles. Of the population iu 1890, 34/136 were natives, 15,301 Chinese, 12,360 Japanese, 8602 Portuguese, 1928 Americans and 1344 British. Nine-tenths^ of the trade of the islands is wilh the United States. The exports consist mainly of sugar, rice, bananas and hides. Honolulu, the capital, on the island of Oahu, is lighted by electricity, and nearly every leading family in the town has its telephone. In 1890, 295'vessels visited the islands. The naval and military forces of the islands consist of the household guards fixed at 75 men. There .are no volunteer military organizations. The special present interests of this country in the islands lies in the fact that those in present control of the kingdom have sent commissioners to Washington to ask for annexation to the United States. Whether those commissioners represent anything like a government, and whether the queen was illegally deposed or not, are questions first to be considered. Then it is a serious question whether wo want these islands or not with ftlt their mixed and turbulent peoples. says a decoction of" cinnamon should be taken freely by persons living in places affected by typhoid or cholera.—Scientific American. The Prodigal Daughter. An exchange aptly remarks that the prodigal sou may return, but what about the prodigal daughter ?As far us the world is concerned there is no mercy for the returning prodigal daughter. The sou may wallow in the mire and filth of pollution, feed upon the husk of sin and infamy, and if he will come back clad iu becoming raiment and knock-at the door of society, he is -eagerly received within the portal. Marriageable daughters smile and simper sweetly at the moral leper, and fond mammas are very gracious and kind, feeling it their womanly duty to encourage the dear fellow to do better now he has sown his wild oats. But the repentant daughter. Ah, hush! Breathe not her name in the precincts of society! Keep her out; push her onward to a suicide's grave, and after having appeased your righteous indignation, return to petting and caressing the "dear boy" who has made a start to get back to the paths of rectitude and virtue. Ten to one he never comes back, as he well knows he can wade 'in sin to his ears and still be petted by society. The discriminations made by. society between the prodigal sou and his sister are too great and the time has come for reformation in this respect.—Ex. \Vnslungtoii Carded as PivsLdont-olect ClovulnncVs personal ropreHontativu, is in Wiishiny- .,ton. working- in t.hR- interest of tho- Androws bill for tho roponl of tlio Sher- raun silver .law, which ia to bo taken up in tho house on Thursday und Friday next. Mr. Dickinson is outspoken in favor of tho annexation ofilnu-aii, and in this ho ia in lino with sevon-tonths of congress, without re#tinl to politics. The Hawaiian commissioners arrived to-day and to-morrow (hoy will present their petition for annexation. Thcro aro so many complications that would hav<> to bo mot if an net of con- gross annexing Hawaii is to be unasod, and in course of the delay winch wonli necessarily ensuo somu foreign govern ment might by a revolution or othei moans secure control of the country that it is probable- that the outcome will bo tho adoption of some quiclcot method of asserting American contro and warning" foreign governments -to keep their hands off. There is no noli S00TT &-WONSMOST Dc-ctiers an.d, Jobbers in, ricultural Implement! WAGONS, BUGGIES, ETC. Special AgMt^ for MarsaUh's Adams Power Shelter* and, Applet on Feed Grinders (tn.d. Poiwrx. . Corn, Kcsolutions of Rcspeot. CALLIOPE IOWA, FEB. 4, 18)«. • Mansfield Posi G. A..R., No. 1^0. \yhereas it haa pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst our brother and comrade, ,W. F. Wade, therefore, bo it Resolved, that in hi a death the family have lost a loving.husband., and father, and this Post one of its moat honored members, and tho community an upright and honored; and be it further Resolved, that this Post extends to the bereaved family their heartfelt sympathy, and mourn with them for him that ia not dead, butsleepoth; and bo it jfurther Resolved, that these resolutions bo- como a part of tho records of this Poat and bo published in the papern of Ha- wardon and Calliopo and that 'a copy of given to tho fam- those resolutions bo ily of tho deceased. W, F. MOLYNEUX, Com. H. HI&TOW, Acting Adyt. tlcsTirthIs,'l'impiy Americanism; ami bo it said to his credit, Mr. I-Iurrisoi has consulted as freely with tho prominent democrats in con gross as will members of his own parly. Notwithstanding- tho throuts oiiblei from London as to what England in tended to do, it can bo stated withou exaggeration" thnt—the—intcTrtiunB— v J3nglandor.any other uatiou._is cuttinj., no figure whatever in this matter yjili. is.gdin^ t.o pass ^ndoi 1 tho oon trol of tho United Slates. That muel is certain, but it ia not yet decided jua how it is done. Another certainty in the situation is that Hawaiiui sugar producers will not be paid tho bounty of two cents a pound now paid to Americans under 'ho McKinley law, Iravu— frcmrthcr cause of tho ..revolution und application for annexation. Whatever the cause, there are many good reasons for oui not neglecting tho opportunity to get control of the islands. The majority report, of tho house udiciary committee which investigated tho Homestead -lubor troubles, lias ut- .raotcd w_ido attention. It was written by represinitativoBoutner,of Louisiana vho says therein that he linds nothing n tho constitution which authorizes lotigress to interfere with, regulate, or U'ohibit the employment of Pinkorton or other-detectives, by persons or corporations, except so far us they may be in inter state commerce. "Tho trouble at Homestead," continues the •eport. "was beyond federal or con- rossionaTjurisdiotion. . To permit in- -orferonce by the federal authorities, vithout demand of the states, would bo o.undermine the jusL authority of tho states and to interpose fedora! author- ty upon a subject of which the states laveyand ought to have, supreme con- ii-oi. • There was a general surprise when tho senate voted down a motion made by Senator Sherman to make the Nica- •agua canal bill tho "unfinished business" of tho senate, which would have iven it tho right of way everyday aft .9 L ' 2o'clock. Thoro is hardly one :hance in ton that tbls bill can get .hrough the present JJOUHO, but it lias boon supposed that the senate intended o pass it anyway. Perhaps after all it villgo to join the numerous othe 1 ' maters that are slated to bo left over for lie fifty-third congress to wrestle with. Representative Fellows of New York is chairman of the committee that will investigate tho spending of Panama canal money in tho United States. Col. Fellows is a shrewd lawyer, and as a skillful cross-examiner lias few equals. Furthermore he is deeply interested in the subject he is investigating. All of which increases tho chances for the exposure of somebody, if there is any 'truth in the charges that have, been from time to time made, both in this country and in Prance, of the bribery of Americans of prominence. Ex-secretary Thompson will be one of the witnesses heard. Ho was president of the American end of tho company. The senate, which bus only passed two of the appropriation bills, seems at last to realize that it is in a hole. Beginning to-day it will meet at, II o'clock. If tbe gold in the treasury is reduced as'much this month as lost, Sccretai-y Carlisle- will find less than the $100,000. 000 known as tho gold reserve fund, when he takes charge. There is now less gold in the treasury than at any time for many years, and of course what is there will have to be paid out whenever treasury notes are presented for redemption. Import One A-gnlit. Hull Index: A atranyo I'unturo in the mad rush for offi ciul positions under tho incoming administration is, that no aspirant for the Hull, postoffice has shown up. Hull is a model town in more ways than one. L. M Iliislilsstoroimokocl wllti new, f i-csli, Mo:isoni»l)lo «oods In grimt vurloty, He in Small Afid Quick Sales, Profits Uu also wuiiUsyour HUTTKlt AND EGOS nml till tl\e niarlcQt JUST GIVE HlMJA TRIAL. The arrival of our New Fall Line of P. E. MAYNABD, .3 Hawarden. L. H. BA.IJLRY cScSON. DEALBKSIN FANCY GROCERIES, FRUITS Canned Goods, Confectionery, Cigars, Tobaccos, NICE FRESH OYSTERS SERVED IN ALL STYLES, First Class Bakery, and All Kinds of Bake Goods Always on Hand. Metrriirjotlni Music Depot. NO MORE P-ION-EERlGOODS! NO ELM SUBSTITUTES FOR OAK. ONLY THE BEST GRADESJHANDLED Wo carry n largo stock of Accordoonw, Violins, • Harmonicas and overy description of smnll instruments as well as a full line of PIANOS and ORGANS, And tho Domestic, White, New Crown, Singer, Wheeler <fe Wilson, American, Household und other Sewing machines WE BUY In large quantities and get best possible rates and low freights and will soil at Eed Bock prices. Kopairs kept for all kinds of Sewing nachines, also needles and'oil. Shall soon have a 20,000 pound car of furniture direct from the factory, which Saves Twenty per cent. Over small quantities, and customers will get the iuo of Carpeting and fixtures. Have 1,000 window ETavo also made arrangements for 4 Dozen Baby Carriages And wo can give you f f bettor rates than anyone else. ,£Xealers iu adjoining towns, ifc will pay you to get our figures on jobbing cabs as veil as other goods. Come in and look us over and get our prices In a short time wo will have tho Celebrated Decker Bros/Pianos in Stock Disbrow and ."Balcorn benefit. A full shades in stock. MERCHANT llJLWJOtDJSN. IOWA. V AV- K.

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