The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on January 26, 1893 · Page 7
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 7

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 26, 1893
Page 7
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K?S^:::^Si£X'.Bi^nnliif.";; V"; ; ' vi ";t*r ; ; - - Eeald«nfc-^ of dpfthlnff in-pf8c«f ; .neighborhood, eh? Seema to . arts •Milic^y^ounsfirloii~a' ::t family jihynician. '.." Young Doctor — Y-e-B, "bu't-^e "•hall ouly doctor children at first. ' An Boy. Mother (severely) — Why dd you grab your hat; before the minister was halt through the benediction? Little Dick— I thort I'd atari early to -»Toid th' rush. ..... ... . ......... - Why Ha Left. • Sister — "I don't see why Mr. Nlcefello should have left so early this Iie wen?" _ ' Little Brother — "I giiesi home to count his money." "Count his money?" ^'Of course. I told him you was won« o\y much- he had." —— Old Stock. Little Boy—Susie Stuclrup has gome new furs. Little Girl—I don't care if they aro new, they isn't fresh killed, 'cause they smell of camphor. Tom Cole, a white man, who killed a man at Birming-ham, Ala., about two Weeks n'go, eludod a closa search by the . aid of a clever disguise. He wore a Vfig of wool, stained his face and hands and made himself up as a negro. He remained in the vicinity of where the crime was committed, though detectives were searching the neighborhood for him. He was finally cagtured at a -•hotel Where he was living' .aa.ajnggr.Q. _ .jDojnot^allpw ypuraelfjfo be^. hnppsed pa by the""mVuy "novel" sclie'mes, 'adve'rltslntf nsT7 and untried so-called couyhremedies, out stick to the old reliable, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, the unfailing cure for all affections of the throat-and chest. , Mias_Huldah_Eccdfirloha,_ Mall Gazette staff, la the first woman to be taken on the regular staff of a London paper. Although. o£ Qorman nationality, sho can both write and speak English - fluently, and knows both Russian and French sufficiently well to act as a special correspondent in St. Petersburg or Paris At need. Preventing Future Misery. If there is, in this vale of tears, a more prolific source of misery tban the rheumatic twinger~~wb- • hTvve yet to hear"oi TtT mat ism, just as they are' with one to con- iiumption or to scrofula. Slight causes a ay- develop _ thJ3._ As^ soon as the agon- __lziag complaint manifests itself, recourse should bo "had" 'to""Hbstetter > 3 "Stomttoh" Bitters, Nvhich ohedks its further inroads :*nd : banishe3 the rheumatic poison from the "system. This statement tallies ex-' •otly-with-tho -testimony— of— physicians who have employed this fine blood depur- «nt in their privrito practice. There Is •Iso the amplest professional and general testimony as to the efficacy of the Bitters for mala i-la, liver complaint constipation, indigestion, kidney; trouble,-nervousna88 ,.»nd loss of appetite and flesh. After » TtfettLng-. whether followed by a cold or not, the Bitters is useful as a preventive •of the initial attack of rheumatism. P«p» *nd bis jru«t Mt it Ublo tojrethcr, t*lkod..of : tlm .-- •_ —-==•- •JIQ liidiuu. outlook, tbo " ~tlon, -"• ••-•:•---••-•- '•--• •-•• •-— . And other 'such matter* too many to ruon- UOD. .. While poor lltllo DoV who dlstlngtly-prov ferred, .'..•.-• Iiiko.most of her sex,- to bo seen nud be -------- " ---Whose pmiouce, in fact, noared the end of Its totlior,— Was wiilllng- a chance for hor own HtUo word. :: A pauBO came at last; at the very OrSt knock* „ ii'jr '~ : -fine seized opportunity—wa"n t It shocking!— Aud'olitittcrod BO fast that her father, asion- Jsliud, • ~* ' Concluded his Dot mast be sternly admonished. . "My deiir lltilo grlri,"—was Ills terrible way.r- "What makes you si> noisy. 1 wonder. to-day? rarbiE oryoTirToufiTiB'l" sinnr ifffv-o'Co DO dock- Ing." But Bat answered back, with DO Blgn of dismay, **1'B talkJa' bctnuso 1's dot aumpfln'to say," —Miiry B. Bradley. In SU Nicholas. ELIZA THE yilULIST. What was I to do? Never was a woman priced in such a pitiable condition. I had been brought to Russia by an English sewing iniiehiue company to run their machines at an agency of theirs -in street, in St. Petersburg, where a handsome shop bad been taken. One blustering cold day towards the close of October I found the shop door closed, and learned to my dismay that our agent had disappeared, and the machines had all boon seized for rent and debts. What was to be douoP All the money I had in the world wna~ -equivalent-to—£3.- What was due to nie I had left in our agent's hands, and i* wou.Ionf .-.-•.. ,.--- . Fortunately, my room had been hired for the mouth. and had been paid for in advance. I had at least a roof over my head for a few weeks. An iden suddenly struck me. 1 had been Tfiuktirg~ an — evHutirg~~ilfes3 ou~~ljnr muchiue for a Russian ladv who spoke ' —The Stupendous Conglomeration of Califchumpmns and Pandemonium Con- •teruation Serenaders is a musical organization of Greene, Me. Colonel John Crelg-hton, the prince of business''men and philanthropists of Omaha, was one of the early pioneer. 1 } in the mountain territories and built the firat telegraph over the Rockies. SOMETHING TO .REMEMBER, \ if you're a weak, or ailing woman:, —that there's only one medicine BO euro to help you tbat it cau be guaranteed. It's Dr. Pierce's Favorite Proscription. In building up overworked, feeble, delicate women, or in any " femalo eorn.plal n t" or Weakness, if it ever fails to benefit or 'cure, "you have your "money buck. It's an Invigorating, restorative tonic, a •oothlug and strengthening nervine, and • saf<5 and certain remedy for woman's Ills and ailments. It regulates and promotes nil tlie proper functions, improves digestion, enriches the blood, dl-ipels aches and pnins, brings refreshing sleep, and restores health and strength. Nothing eisc can be as cheap. With this, you pay ouly for the good you get; X-adlei, IIBO Dr. Jjnnuo'i "Periodical" Pllio, trurii furls. Franco. Kssnbliahoil In Europo, 1839; 'YTnltixl glulcs, 1B87. Curea nil EtippresBlouB, Irregularities nn<l mumbly ditranucm^nnj. Safe, hnnnlc»9, reliable. They positively murt.not lie taken durluspregnancy. ilun) 1 ot the IDs U> which Indies are subject nro tiio direct results of Irrefjuliu- menstruation. Continued •lOBihly suppressions result in blood poisoning and ante coniiuinptlon. 12 a paukngo or 3 for »s, per mull, In plain sealed envelope, on receipt of prloa. Tho La line Chernfcal Co., proprletnru. Tho genuine pill sold by Scdfcwlck & Crftdy. Bloux City, la. Wholesale and retnll ^% •• •• •% VLtfi O C C lM W mm mm ft* Clionp ILK dirt DP. ir . pur*. i«J.'I,O(>O.OOO eitnu. eantfal rilaittriiUid CAtalofiue IVfie K. II. UHUMWA y, Ifaakfard, 11L MERCURIAL Mr. J C. Jonea, ol Fulton, sayaof j "About ten years ago I con-1 traetocl a sovoro case of blood pol- •on. leading physicians preacribed medicine mftor medicine, whlchl tbok-wlthou't onyTeHef. X ftiao tried mercurial and potash remedies, with unsuccessful rosulta, but which brou(?Ut oa an attack of mercurial rheumatism that RHEUMATISM tour years I gave up aJl remedies and began using 8. 8. 8. After taking several bottles I WM entirely cnrccljind able to resume work. ' '-] ls~ttio gnffttest medicine for blood poUonJngr tOKlay on the market." S.S.S TroatUwon Blood and Skin Diseases mailed *»e. SWIFT Swzcnno Co., Atlanta, G». BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD, P»W « SUN OL1SH DO NOT BE DECEIVED •wICh Pa»tc«, Enamels, anil PainU which stain tho hands, injure tho iron, and burn red. Tho RSsing Sun Stovo Polish is Brilliant, Odorless, Durable, and othe cou- aumor pays for no tin or glass pmckju-o with every purchaw. HAS AN ANNUAL SALE OF 3,OOO TONS, She had some idea of buying a machine. In order to hasten >vith the work I had taken to my room the body of'her dress, and, having a machino there, had sewed on it of nights. Tliat machine I would certainly keep. It would go very little toward tho payment of the di>bt the agent owed ini?. I^hiinied~1iome7" Perhaps ilion 1 . was a letter with eomo nmnoy in it. _Th_gr«_ was nothing. I must 'find tho iady, but howP She had left no address. She had hardly spoken to mo. I thought I hail heard her say that she wo u Id com o iigai n, and I be! ievod that she had iixed on this very day. There was but one chance in a thousand. I must stand-in tbu street and-wait-until she appeared. T hastened back, and" took up my position near the shop. I scanned every woman passing by. It was bitterly cold and raw, and tho wind chilled rue; I was faint with anxiety, Suddenly a carriage drove up. a footman opened the door, and a lady, elegantly dressed, alighted. I tore across the street—U was the Bussian lady. With my heart in my mouth I told her my pitiful story and begged her to help me. If she wanted a servant would she not try mo? I had a sowing machine; and would make her I dresses for nothing if I could only-stop with hor until I cuuld write my people at home; they would send me. money and I could get back to England. "Where do you live?" sho inquired, abruptly. .1 told her. "Get into the carriage," she said, I did so. When wo were off the main street she stopped tho carriage, got out willi me, and wo walked to uiy I lodgings: I opened tho door. Ou the table was hur dress body. It did not seem to interest her. Sho picked it up, however, glanced at it a mUfenont, then threw it down on a chair aud examined the sewing machine. "How loug would it lake mo to be- corin; proficient in working this?" ahe inquired, ns H!IO sat down before the machine ami triad the pedals. "Two weeks—perhaps less." "Would it disliguro my haudsp" She took off her gloves, showed'her woll-Ciircd for hands, her fingers elit- terinn vvi'.li rings. " "Your beautiful hands would hardly be spoiled." , "Well, than, givo mo a lesson at onco—at onto. I will pay you for your trouble." Sho sat clown, and under my instruc- j tion worked for au hour. She was | wonderfully clever with her finders and seemed to seize tho peculiarities of tho machine at once. *"At this rate of progress, madame, you would become quiio a good workwoman in ten days," I said approvingly. "•She made no reply, but worked away for another half hour. "It'a not so tiresome, after all," she said, "but I havo had enough for today. To-morrow I will call, and you will then take tho machino to pieces and show mo how it must .be put together again. e You will oblige me very particularly by not going out today. I havo to thank you for your patience. Keep my visit silent. 1 1 hope you havo learned that in Russia it is bolter to keep a.quiot tongue. Do not return to tho shop. Pray take this for my first lesson," and she placed on the machine table a piece of geld. Next morning early there was a low knock at my door. I opened it, an'd a woman plainly dressed entered. Sho 'lid not aay a word. 7 She "placed a bundle sho held in her hand in a chair, and at onco wont 'to the machino and Commenced sewing. She was vory silent, working incos- santly on'somo coarse material she had brought with hqr. I sat near her. teachingTier what to do. : She worked on-iintif it was past'noou. "• "Ia it not timo now to oat some- thingP" " "It is," I replied. "Will madam partake of my simple meal?" ... "Madaml I am Eliza—and vou say your name is Mary. Mary, I alrnll bo vory glad to share your food with you. if you will lot mo. If,you Imve not enough for two 1 \vill go out and buy •what is wanted. What shall it bo? I dare say I can shop bottor than you. Will you lend mo your shawl and your furs and your overshoes?'' Before I could tuy a word ahe had theni all on, • for _;'Sistor Muryy • Sfata r^Mrtry." she cried in -g Vetstrgl eof ±= I i 9U c rcb part uor- 8lirp. : begTn3 ffom~ to^dtiyr:rl- am J torl>e" capital and you T bnVlus." Lftllo sistov, good-by. 1 " shall not bo goiio more than a quarter ;«f au hour." I was so.a'st'pnlslied' as to bo speechless , - J mv trico-s !re~winr bac kr'l olit I ml down with packages. Sho bad a loaf of broiid, a piece- of choose, a pot of preserves, a breast of smoked gooso and some salted cucumbers. In a day I learned; to love that woman;— All tho haughty, proud manner was gone. She waited on me. She was-Up first in Jthjn ^morning. She was always busy. The portor of the ho us e evidently mtstoo k hor for QUO of the two girls who had~beon in the employ of tho sowing machine company, for ouo or the otlior of them had often been in my room. Some small extra compensation was given him for the new lodger. My companion, save for daily purchases tunde in the immediate neighborhood for fond, never went out. No ono called on her; she never receivod a letter. A few days over the month had passed, when one morning, as I was running up a. seam in a picco of cloth, uiy needle struck something. It waa a pieco of paper. "It is for me, Sister Mary," said JDlizn. . She took tho bit of papor, held it to tho stove, appeared to read something, aud then openud the stovo door and burned it. I did not question her., Sho worked cheerfully ail day, chatting on different subjects. - • ., ... . 'lhat night, when wo were in..bed, taking me in her arms. she said: "Poor are now. over. To-morrow, ear)}', apply for your passport. It will cost you to go from hero to London, say £30, I wish it could havo been moro", but you will have altogether £300, ~w h ic I Jv~af tc r -d ed uc t iTvg~~Y(juT~ I"rov u :t fn jr~ expenses, will luave you some money to begin your life with again. For mo—who have learned to love a singularly honest and simple-mimlod woman—you shall havo this ring," ami sho slipped ou my linger a ring; "but don't wear it; tho* diamond might betray mo. So far, Mary, you have run no risk, but next week you might be ruined forever, for you havo harbored" -—. I was speechless with terror. "Ouly a woman? 1 she contained, "whoso own life—or the life of any ouo else who stood in licr way—she would care no more of taking than a cook would of wringing a chicken's neck. Do not be shbckud, Mary. .1 shall slei.'p as swoolly to-uight as if -death-did not threaten : me. My story, as far as relates to you, is soon'told. "it became necessary for me a month ago to disappear. The simplest chance in tho world throw you in my way. Had you been of any other nationality than English I would never have trusted you. You might go out, Mary, and sell me Judas-like, for a sum of money that would make you rich for life." I clung convulsively to her and bade her bo quiet. "Through my veins, child, .there runs tho host "blood in Russia, bill every drop of it I will slied for the causa.- ThanU heaven for your lowly (VJlato. You must go aivay to-morrow, ami now good-niirht." I begged hur to come to Eugland with mo. She said: . . "No;-my place is here. I should be useless there." Next morning out of a package of some rnugh material she produced, aa if by magic, a roll of notes which, without counting, she handed to mo. "Later in the day there ought to ar- rivo some furs for me, for poor Mary must uot get cold. Now away with you." Hor old manner had returned. "Got"your ptisspurt. Goby Uremen to England, or the ice will delay you. Do not wait." Still I was irresolute. I could not buar to leave her. She knelt to ma aud implored uio to go. At last I con, sooted. My passport was given to mo at polico headquarters without a word. "Is it all right?" site asked vory quietly. "See, your furs havo come. They aro very beautiful and ao warm." "I liiivc permission to leave." "Thank God! See my work, think I could do now without you"." "You do uot love me. Eliza," ' cried. "Not lovo you—my sister! I loved, my husband—lie was shot. I loved my ouly child; in tho agony of my grief—because his father was killed— !;o sucked poison from my breast and died. After thuni I lovo you best." Then for the first time she burst into a parox3'sm of tears. "It is because I lovo you—that 1 might be your death." As slio'wrung rny hand she felt thd ring on my linger. "Off with it. You wore your mit- tetis at tho police office! If thev had seen it! Quick, lot me hide it!" ' Suo took off my shoo aud hid tho ring in my stocking. _ "Should you ever marry sell the ring or tho stouo in it, aiid you will not bo portionless. Now off with vou. I havo mado a bundle for you. "The rest of your things you will give me. Here is a pliqtograph of yours—you will let me keep itP" She took mo by tho hand, gave mo one long kiss, closed the door on me, aud I novor-saw her moro. My trip home was without a single incident. My dear mother comforted me. Still there was some vague feeling of dread. My mind wandered in spite of all I could do toward my room companion. Picking up a newspaper when at homo, some two weeks after my arrival, I read in the telegraphic .dispatches: "BT.' PETEnsnnno. Deo. 23.'—An arreat of great Importance has boon miulo. One of tlio oh of actors In tlio Nihilistic plots, H Husalun prlnoosa. was tufcon. but only after aha had Killed ono of tho police. Disguised as a MirIns: machine womuo, BIJO bad JilHicrto baffled The following incident occurred in a Modford school: A class in gratumat was reciting.' and one of tho lounger boys was asked to compare "sick "Ha began thonghtfully, '"Sldc'l-paused n M »£ r ' lln « 8 , tr "?g |e( i with th. ! problem-then flni.h'ed triumphantly, "Sick, wo««, dead."— IlarptA Baz<n and the Grocer. A grocer would not pay a farmer the price of a tern pound turkey for one that weighed but seven pounds. I Why should a farmer r3ay a grocer the prke of the Royal Baking Powder for a baking powder with 27 per cent, less leavening strength? The Royal Baking Powder is proven by actual tests to be 27 per cent, stronger than any other brand on the market Better not buy the others, for they mostly contain alum, lime'and sulphuric acid; but if they are forced upon ypiv.see.that you are charged a correspondingly lower price for them. • "'" Tried'to Pleasa Her. Mistress—I'd just like to know what was tho meaning of all that loud and and- angry talking 1 down -staira last night. "".iuOiaesrfrtc—That >tvaa just me and me' husband, mum. Your husband? You told me when you came that you wore not married. I^wasn't then, mum; but you com- jplained about havin' ao muoh lovo malciiT in"tb?Ttitelien7^o~I married ono of "em. A Favorite Breed. - First Boy—Is that n good watch dog? .Second Boy—No. , Good bird dog? Nope. : ,Good for rabbits? Nopy. Knows some tricks, mayba. Nixie. " What is ho good_for?_ Nawfchin, only to tako~p~rlzoir~aTclolf chows. Not Too Deep. House-Hunter — This well is very shallow, seems to me. Suburban Agent—Yes, Indeed. You'll never find any Ohinesa leprosy in that well. Sudden Chnnges of Weather causa Throat Diseases. Thera is no more effectual remedy for Coughs, Golds, etc., than BKOWS'S BRONCHIAL THOOHES. Sold only in boxes. Price 25 cts. The most costly place of railway line in tho world ia that between the Mansion House and Aldgato stations in London. which required tho expenditure of cloao upon $10,000(000 a milo. . - _ — +-^-9. — Important to Fleshy People. "We have noticed a pago article In the Boston Globo on reducing' weight at a very BumU expense. - It will pay our rcadern to send 3-cent stamp for a copy to Botlna Circulating 1 Library. 80 B. Washing-ton •treet, Chicago, 111. . - * • •. . One of tho most promising blcyolo riders In Europe is a young- German named Alexander Wrhpyen, and he may visit tho United States next fall to contcat for tho international championship. la tho tlrno to trait Oatarrh of standing. Elv'a Cream Balm renclu-s old und obstlnnta cases, where nil other romudlrs fail. Do not nearleot procuring a botttla, an In it lies the.rollef you Hoek. kev. M. H. I'alraU, ». »., e.iltor of tUo Iowa Methodist, says aditorlnllr, "Wo havo tcatcd tlio merlta of Ely's Crunm Dnlm, nnd bcllovo thut. by a thorough of treatment, H will euro almost every cnno of cntarrU. Hlnlsten an » class aro aftllctoil with heivd and, threat troubles, anil cutarrh oounm mor>i prevalent thun ever, \Ve<?nnnot recommend Ely's Oream Balm too Highly." Apply Balm Into each nostril. It la quickly obsorboJ. Gives f£ollaf at oitco. Prlco 50 cents at druRfflsta or by mall. ELY BROTHERS, 6C Warren St., New York. - •-•_». Captain A. A. Hudson, of Port Worth. Tex., has organized at Dullng the best drilled military organization of colored - in tho south. An exhibition of mementoes of tho English Btajfe from tho timo of Shakespeare to tho present day is attracting much attention in London. Thero ia a bible said tp hayis beloncred to "David Garrick, with an autograplioioto on tho flyleaf. Thero are relies of= Mrs. Ski- dons, Mucready, John Komblo, Pog Wofflngton, Mario and others, a chair - I used August Flower for koss p vitality and general debility. After taking two bottles I gained 69 Ibs. I have sold more of your Augu*? Flower since I have been iu business than any other medicine I ever kept. Mr, Peter Zinville says he was made a new man by the use of August ..Flmver, recQiuincndeiLJiy—me, t have hundreds tell me that August Flower has done them more good than any other medicine they ever took. GEORGK W. DYK, Sardia, Mason Co., Ky. '% AT THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND? N'tW *Wt> fflT-uOrViPLEXiOri'io 1ST f tr»V Ky doctor M7« It »cu (rrntlr on Ui« «totn»eh, llrtt »nrt klitneyt, «ml luaplffuanl laiatUe. Thli drinK M mods from herbs, uid Uprap«rtKi fora** M ---•'-' Uiscnlled portrait of tba great playwright from tho earl of Warwick's private {fullory. Tlio latter is represented to bo tho work of a contemporary pain tor, but as no proof of tlio statement is is not given muub woighb by antiquarians and critics wbo-hnvo examined it. The Danes lead the world us butter makurs. Danish Imtti-r IIIIH tnkfii tlio ili-st prize at most of thu world's fairs, iuclml- Vng tlio PhilttilulpliIS ccntQiiaiiil. door, exercise. This la the fuuHofour modern 'civilization. It is claimed that Garficld Tea. a - simple herb remedy, helps nuturo to overcome these abuses. Mra. George Hearst, widow of Senator Hearst, of California, is tho moat honvily insured woman in tho world. Hur policies 1000.000. LANE'S MEDICIK i.n.l vunr IH Id. 1)0 ST •^tiJa • l»»>1T*v !" oriUHofc* llfrtlliyflWi !•»•••• ORATOR V. WOOUWARIl. LaOor. H. Y. I YOU'VE SPOILED ITI WHUBLEH; Odcbolt; Sao connty, Iowa, sulla flrst-claaa imported PfinonimoN and SIIIIIH STALLIONS, 1800, 1, 3 oiid a ycara time. Imported marcs cheap. I9*so Pitman, tlio renowned nhbrtbahd teacher and inventor, celebrated hlg 80th birthday at London on Wednesday. Ho is tho... brother of Ben Pitman, of Clnoln- Mrs, liannah Chard, of Port Morris. N. Y., who can still thread o noodle and do (food sewing-, has onjoyod a merry holiday season nnd hopes to celebrate her lOUth birthday April SO next. ..You CAW BnKAK Ur A BAP Covn by tha timely uso of Dr. D. JayntVa Expcotomnt, an old and popular medicine for Boro Lnng-s aud Throats, B,od the best of all Cough remedied. : : «-«-*—— — The astronomers nt tho Purls observatory aro already making' prcpiinUlonH for this observation of tho total eclipse of tho sun in April next. \V!• in.-uii ,u»if <v aiuii. uvrnniio j u.. tUiiu'l imvu prope* touU. How would von likn t" hui-onui a wntiihmnkerj Wn nnii tonoh you tlio trud • In our bonk. »nn luralsh you all ihn tool- nnrONHary. linnk nnit tnol». ThiHu tooln (MIO Tilctnni) without t!io book coat at vholcnalo JU.IO.Wti-»lno ton oil UoA' . t'to. All In tliu book, 'loola am ttrgt-c!ft»ll . --»' totiiH.nnt clump ti-Arih. A vroat opportunity nr prolltkhlu om Ittyniunt, vsattilimaluirH rupkc bill monny. Will bo unlit hy oxproim on.reoitlpt of prlodj t t.ih. orwmtO.O D wlioratl ani'onipanla«tllo order, aoliimt >-t nun with luUorgof Intmiry. HnriiiN Buy- HO vi,r Co.. lmv>ortors nuil Wliolcitalor^ , O. RP A1ITIFII! ounonnoooon trial tlfli'iiral)luatr*t«d DuHU I iruui ' in mi. o. p. OllCCii Mh»Ue>itenrtnn Alm»n»e. Oa» UUCLll or muro HOIU fur rrluuds un recelpl •M A VXO Or BlIllrUM OH [HIBlrtl. J. Q1SJ8O!1 OH All'S BHO WN, tl Oraud St. Janay OIly.N.J <t9M!PK , % r \ '"<• XrKo oxp 111 4 I nulrud. itclon llhnW Wojkuew, Noc 1 We I or WOMA ; town to « KAH In ev»r . HpIoronocH . .il r». flv«n. WU KtT.tiU I'UIl, CO., C'ouoor t, N. H. , i>. o. Successfully Prosecutes Clabrt*. rfkt* Principal Exdmlnor U.S. Pennlon Bur«»a. 3yriluliutwkr, FITS.—All Flu atopport freo by DR. ICI.INE'3 QHKAT HEHVE RIC8TOUEU. No Tits ftftor (lr«6 day's u»u. Marvoloiis ournj. Treaties anil ri.i» trial bottlo free t« Fit cases. Hond to UH. KiilNK, U31 Arch Ht., 1'Ullailolptilii, Pa. —On tho bank of the river Nnhn, between Bing-cn und Coblcnta, there is an echo cupublc of rcpoatlny scntencca seventeen different times. A DO YOU DONT DELAY KEMP'S BALSAM ,,, , l, Brnehttliui Aiti'mi; Mrtata cur* for OoninnpU«a In flrat iUc<i, uil • san r«U»f ia »'4T»n«4 nt^*, UM »t oac*. Too will M«lht ixotlltnt tfftot »ft«r UVioc tht *rit<!oM. Bold by d««!«r» «v»r/wb«r». W«l«i H M nt> ud *I.O» OreroomM cI,>S . Kji.c!o(.tll W.. ( .. Cures Constipation .*6th8t. ( N.T. -, e. £3» J. OHBNBY MAE^HS OATH THAT HB IS THH SENIOR PABTNBB OP THE FIBM-OF'F.'J. OHBNBTT & CO., DOING <C BUSrNBSS IN THH CITY OP TOLEDO, COUNTY AND 8TAT3SJ APOBBBAID, AND THAT SAID FIRM WILL PAY THE SUM OF OIVE HUrePREO POLIvARS FOB BAOH AND EVBBY OASB1 OF OATABBH THAT-CANNOT BE CUBED BY THE USE OF HALL'S CATARRH CURE.- r~, SWOBN TO BEFORE ME, AND SUBSCRIBED IN MY PRESENCE, THIS 6TH DAY OF DECEMBER,' A. D. 1880. Xotaru J'ublla, ffall'a Catarrh.Curo ia taken internally, and acts directly upon ihe Blood and .mucous surfaces* E. U. lyAJ/TI/ALr, A CO., Drnpgffste, Horjo CsTe Ky., My: "HaU't* Caturrh Curo cures every ono that taicea U." J. A, JOHN80N. Median, N. T., nay*: "n«.n r i Cfltiirrh Cure ruretl mo." CONDUCTOIl E. I). LOOMT8, Detroit, Mich., «»?»: "Tho effect of HaJl'i CnUrrh Curo la \vonderfnl.'.' Wrtlo lilmftbout Jt. ,?.•£• S/MPSON; M«rqitcfls. W. Va., «ay«: " Ilftlrs Out4irrh Cure cured mo ot & very b»d c&noof cularrb." HALL'S CATARRH CURE Is sold by all Dealers In Patent Medicines;- REV. H. P. CARSON, Scotland, Da)r., anya: "Two bottles of Hull's Oatarru Curo compleio- ly cured my little girl." * Oents a. Bottle. SH1LO CURE Tfac only Genuine HALC'S CATAUKH fa Manufactured by F. J. CHENEY A, CO,, Toledo, G. BED WARE OF IMITATIONS. Tealimonialt tent jree on application, ABIIIUMorpMno Habit Cnr<i<l in IO PIi*>]5l^B to2U clnrt. No pay till ourod." VI ilVHI Dft.J.STEPHENS: I.ebanon.Otilo! S ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. Send at onco to Joim SSB^nriAX, a. T. A. C.. R. .u. ?{.%«? 9"c««o. I".. «nd receive, poBtmfepal.l. i tEN OBNT8 p«r p«ckrin lUnipii or'colnT' JDnr«*G«M8n]ptlra, CovgftM, Croup, flor* Throat. Sold by »U Druirjfku on a OuanntM. fora Lama Sid*, Back orCknt thlloh'a Peroo* »ia^«r will gira ft»a »atUtactta»^H4 «»ot>. will bo to your Interest when writing to advertisers to aay you saw this advertisement lu this paper. Sioux CITY PIUXTINQ Co. Xo. U*—i. PISO'S CURE FOR Coninmptlvc* nnil peuiilu I whohavo weuk inncnor A,»Vb. raa.»hoiild u»j IMin'i Curd for' Coinnmplloi, U Imi cured niKiidi. (thna not Injured one. It U not bad to dike. •It It the beitcounh »yr«p. Sold eTtirrwheri!, Jt5«. CONSUMPTION. ••,-iM

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