The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1899 · Page 7
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1899
Page 7
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OIL OTTY DBRRIOSL T3USSDJ.T. MOSSING. MAROH 2, 1899, SEVENTEENTH A-V.NV.U. KEl'GRT OK mi; CONTROLLER OF IBS CIT! OF 0 FINANCES OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS i.-i;< iy !-\\T\KY ., i.«oS. TO JANl'AUV 1. i BBWBTS sim* j *£ ^'^^ „, th, ** Boiler forks' !-.',« «r'lV^ '.AA-.rka! ,<<-vl.-, s ,.n ttutv. r ^, J ' r "^. ^ --- : ,'\vf.! J'otol ill" U«."(B i .N-.W Mia Syrup; n-ilun-'* r^* |«ouM not K- •*»,. i>, |.r..vw c (,.r <uri>-r 1 ., io - 1 . ;i ^ ;. llllwrh ,,. ^, il!iiy: , T ,.,. j vVlU5hs . W Mi. »u!»»iu.r>- Jl»e«u •- li- V.-0.-J'.-. ' •fT ' . . - , < ., , t,.,..;., i V.M-JM mv.-ilvt: ti-.i- -marsi-mr-u e-r •.-•"• | '""'I, :! : - -C ; ;"."^ • !'.'•' t-'-'--d ,•; ~>-h^<! f..:ur->\ i>-tir.l 4 m-r tent, bonds to i •'.yn-i.T.c. (.!:mt ai-^.u s-liiii ->; ^ c "«,^ \ ti:, ^,1,'uli ;;r$:-^')vr",~fi-r.H : ", tr v'. :i , 1 ;%!' 1 ^ ^t^lS viwi^'^'r '^f' V^Hi"5;d t lc.:rJ.i^'.-f"'U-V.,Ltti : . <iJo -MM. S--.5 S<~.u'.i'. S"it- Sc!:o..i Ds'.rvt 'i' ft::! 1'iso's Cuw for Consiuiiiiiian is « pricfA«* swi 1 have with™ the l">"t t"- wwkn ilis- »fi" t*™JrLl''iiir'raisrilfV ^i- "'>-• \ SS? GRADE Boilers and n s. w. GENKK.U- -SCHOOL FUND. nfl, fiin3iiion> '• i to r^ryvvr thrr-.i, Kv*r;--.l IP" 1 f SI flsllt 1T.MH-1 I" nllWl -5 Kniou* ""-1 ivo-i'nl \"! I'ariU'H urnicd f i-.ut-Uvs iina | ' n-'UTii-J 'to tl-.e rails vticii tli.-y :iH «r.-.l i i .im'iltaiwoualy. Rrir^J V.-IHI inorialiy ' wmmdi'ii. thc"otli-rs tfsc.ii.lns injury tu:l i were arrt-stt-t!- Simtnar.a !a tx-vr.fs.iten'- j'jf thi: county couri. i YELLOW JAUNDICE OVHED. i Si:JT<?r!r.s humanity sbouiu be supplied i \cit!i cv,-rv mt-ans jKiHd'.ble tor its relief. •S 30.IP-' Ofjj ] t i s n-ith'pl'a^urii »'« publish the follow. iHbU- sufferer (rtm Ve!!o«.- Jaur.;1lr? f"r i over MS month-!, anil n'ns treated W some i of I!IP Ivtft in our i-lty unti aU J ' to no avidl. Dr. Hel). titir UrUKKist. VfcCom- ! nn-j-.d-^-i Kieetric Bitter?: atul a'lrr taking i two "boulfis. I was entirely cured. 1 now •1 tuU.; snrat pJsanur* in rrc-jffiii-.cna'.ng ' th*ra io any lif.-iwn mljcrlns from this ; t!);i!arty. I am grati-fuily yours. M. A. Hd! Etirty, LoxiiiK'.oi!, Ky." j &J!d by Colbert i Co.. Druggists. •'•'r paimeni Dfccni'iK-r 31?!. l.^iS STRDTHERS, BELLS lara, Pa., Announce that they have recently secured and are now manufacturing one of the simplest and most efli' cient GAS ENGINES now on the market. We invite correspondence and will take pleasure in going fully into the natter with those interested. Are Regarded as the Most Economical Manufactured, The hundreds of them in use throughput _th£ United bear testimony to their .excellence. * * * • •*• Prices, estimates or information relating to Boilers and Engines cheerfully and promptly given on application. •*• * * . * * stmte, wells Ko.; WARREN, PA. K,,! e.*.« Nonh Side Kc-;i e,t^,. South <,>!<: Books NE\V llif.H SCHOOL BUiLDIXG 1-l'XD. TUB ARCHBISHOi' WINS. St. Louli-. Ji:Lri-;i I.-Th«> flrcuU C.jurt : Mi).. Bnlincc each '<:: Treasury J-intisry !M - By's-aic ot coruls and pn-n-.iti'U ... .S 66 ?i 3.000 CO .... -j'i.-'ij so DliiUL'KiiKMENTS. of GirOit' iiropt'rty. Serins street....? -,jxn m " ;.c<w oo 3-^ 91 Temporary Joan • - - - - • • • Intercut on tci'.icorary ii>uji Legal advice^--- ,\dveni*ing i^ituij Prir.iing ti;.-nd^ J. T. Meals, ?.cc.(,ui;L contract Balance ca>h in TrtaMsry January i-t, :;>>-) Ca^h iri Trcn*'.:rv i^:, i>S-/i GLlNriRAI. SCliOOI. SIXICiXG FfXD. Balance ca.-ii in Tn;asury January :f-, :&>S....$ J,4o8 47 Trorji utiVHiic tt;itinn<, non-icsirivnt-. -j 40 From taxe.i, :*;ti .-V5 // Fi"orn f ax'\-, i ^j? - ' f1 ^ ^° From Lxcx i!y>S 5-5.55 lS l^l&^f'BS^in The South Side ^Hardware tore. OIL CM BOILER. WORKV OIL CITY, PENN'A. - .../: ~m'simT e», DRILLING AND '! STATIONARY ENGINES, . • Slim'.::? .if ;h^.r::.l nf t!;.' S.i: j vcrny burween '.ho r,r<-htii»ho:- ^AIN-S COVGI! AH sizes; 8xl2jto 16x16 cylinders. Int.fndrfrt t-^p">-i'-.'-v i^>r ; .•otn,"- f'trn-,ii> '--r ItJi • 14 East First Streit. Telephone No. 3 3-2. i •IT.-- Tn.-fit <!.m-iritis j Carries a fuil line ci • -."i-tiKinniillf Ui.f.i t-.-ll r^.-lvni lii.iv,;: ;-.-•; cuuius of its trri-.-J w.irki^ n: 1 th-^ .-i(f.i;r--i-j iHl^^^HS'-^. 1 '-^^-' CUTLERY, STOVES, RANGES, GAS ; nu^ siMchs «f crowp it fi;v j «.ivln^ ih« li-'-j f t f Hi*- -shiii i .10.JJ5 r'.i: BUILDERS' and SHELF HARDWARE, | CUTLERY, STOVES, RANGE RANGES, HOT PLATES, etc. BOILERS, Drilling and Fishing Tools For alii sizes of holes- Portable and Stationary, all sizes. - . - For from 20 Inches down. TllKASl.-Ry STATK.M KN'T. iptr.n M.^r. 1.—.Tu-:!^v'« *U<!<: "th." coniUt:»:i C'f !h" tr-:lMrv - I.tsi- Mtnuteturii:!: Comfaay's Tir.wc, r:-cry fifcr P! :r/nV XTU~i : .R .v r«t. .-I inr^ ostart,ue<il of SlLl'ER U.\~EU, cof/-£/e. .V/CK;>: rwn-p tyuc5. BISEL'ftSEMENT*. UECll'ES Ffill Piid bond^ N'o^. 7J-Ki-7;.--r-3. Pij.1 ho:iti.< >•'.:-- ii-j;-;-S-J)-,;'> Paid inti.Tcit i-tt f"W'j> Balance casli in Treasury January sit. ivg » .'.SS'TS. Balance v-a.-h in Tn-a-ury January i^t, !*«....$ .-,.t>i; ;-' Frorr. taxci-, i-^?"- l f •" &J SOUTH SIDE SINKING 1-TNi.X sr.irr.r.TS. Roiancc ca-h in Trt;a>ury January i-t. !&>>....» -.jSS w From outside t«itio:i«. non-rcs-.kMU } r rorj'. t.'i.xc^. i^/-- • • From taxi's l^'~ "i i ..1*1 i t\.\- the niitli.-r.) ^.-..-i.i-'.!y ^i.'i-*. 1 .-h : :1* . It wllh l-n«ilTM tuilir -m I CORD AGE, I any size and length you want, j and any make you prefer. i Pipe, Tubing, Casing, Boiler Tubes. 1 Iron Frame Pumping Powers, 11 " with everything for equlppinr and pumping well*, WE LEAD THEH ALL, i „„, ,„.„«« aBT *- FIFTEEN -^^ «*«• | New Uas hngine, exh|b}tion atourEng!ne a Sv W ^' c^S^Taf C PE^^TS: ! Works. In.fact, QUAKER, FADING, VICTOR. ROYAU TIGER and | _ ^^^.^Q p()R QIL WE LLS AND PIPE LINES. Kindly v.-r::e for n«otulion S on anything you n«y need ,.. tl.U line, which we In Bicycles otlicr i-t-uMiy prominent nuke,-. We iccl ture we can suit reacting- !sS^E^.7^i'VE«jM S3TA PLEASURE TO SHOW GOODS. " !!L:; ' :ral " :s "" ! *QAS^ENQINES* FOR OIL WELLS, ! v.-i!l be glad to furnish promptly- OIL WELL SUPPLY CO,, ! PJTTSBURG. OIL CITY. BRADFORD. ' «.;rr !;-r ;!•! 1^ > •-•ir-' I-^ 1 '-^ '" ^" "' v: : ,!nV..i «-»•• nisi-.!-. r '" f '; r ;; ;'»'-/;."•". "'I.'.""',. 1 " -'•'-- [Single Cylinder], Shops, &c. THE BE Balance ca^'l T. I rv.'.^^.rv jann.iry ;-t. :t-,-j.. Cash in Tr t ..,^rv Jsr.-j.-jry :.-r. :*/J Frnm uxc=. i^.r I';RXHRAI, SCHOOL DISTRICT IXI-I Sl'MMARV (.'••' k!-XKIPT5 AND '"r.srs.M. rrvn. Rfcri'.-.l t-. t.i :i!i -•.'Jr.v. r>i5hi:r^ri!.-n:> Bahnrc r.-i-h i" Trra-nry jj Waynesbarg Collage | l',;iljil(-t? i:.1>!i Mi-Tr. :i-ilry Jaiuiiry ,"-t. IN». ... — .~':'.l H -.!!(K -! - ;'.}::,. r: \;-. [-Vrr-.,•!•:! !>•:.. :' ; i -.-:•.•'•• S -.- r 'i 5" • r)i'.!,tVrsrnn-:i! • --."5 "" . ! da-sri'-s r=»'i i" 'i'rc.i-:iry,ty I-!, 1*10. , . ? ',!!" ••) j ^V.-iirrM.r n.-.t. i.r«---:-.f'l :"-<r imymi-m (>>•• r:i.l-'.r .-.1-1. i^S... r-_ _ ; ,' ,--•••;;.'•.• //;-.' f.'v /cr.-i^.'t.';^ r,-r"/f r'y .'-;;,- r-i ?;':,-• /'-•.«/ i:-/ Jfty /•';..-;,•,''••/£:• ,IM^ i'a-irii «•••/ jj-/!/ (..-/./IY ri!,- l.'/i> .•.',-•• li,ii: rffly .)/ ?iiinc.?ry, . '. /'. /, f ;J. JAMES A. I-'AV/CHT, Ma; or. NOKilAt. DEPARTHl-NT A. MILLER, ;;p!ii:r.'i, I-A. ------ . .\,. mn ..,j.. Tav,"f;r." fnr <-!rr-irir iishi riti'l power plant, fioar or plinin.? j IMt. or .-oii|i1c direct. ( \f> Jm-k Shafts.'> Speed v.iriej at will while ,c i, n;tM,i,;e. tlov.-rns v,;,bm i r" '-'•:» :n'r:i ft:I! !"sd to nc load. Con- _ ,ti..n -,f n/.!»r:il cai lr^ than i= feet per Horn- Power, per hour. Reliable j tfe.i-lric iijmtidii. T'.-.r- actual i'rakr power 15 per cent n;orc than rated. To Start—"Touch the Button." STA8DARD ADTOMATIG GAS ENGINE CO,, 0!L CITY, PA. THE REID GAS ENGINE Is ii.<si"nr<l <o li" t" iho i>r.>iliifpr more than (lie In-^t fi", country Steam En- L-in" h«R bwn to llic trml.-. Unit is, mi CIIRIUC spi-ciaily adopted to oil nsiua-y worS H is built in live *iws, rr«m S H. 1'., to IB H. I'. For psniftilnrs nddross, ... JOSEPH REID, Oil City, Pa.

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