The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1981 · Page 18
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The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 16, 1981
Page 18
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The Daily News will endeavor to publish these expressions of opinion verbatim whenever possible, but reserves the right to edit, condense or eliminate comments that are in bad taste, potentially libelous, not substantiated by fact, repetitive, inaudible or garbled or that cannot be accommodated because of space limitations. If your opinion is not published and you wish the editor's reason, write Box OL, The Daily News, 325 Penn St., Huntingdon, Pa. 16652, for a response. Please include name and telephone number. I feel bad that you aides lost your jobs but think It's time the teachers earn their money. Years ago teachers had more children In the classrooms than they do today and they didn't have any help such as aides to babysit and do their work for them and the teachers did a fine job. I can't see how the children will suffer just because the aides lost their jobs, if the teachers buckle down and do their jobs right. If you aides do as much as you say you do then why don't the school board fire the teachers and keep the aides. There is too many unnecessary people employed to do other peoples work, they needed this cutback. The children have too many bosses, there is too many employed people today sit.ting back and just collecting their paycheck and expecting the little guy to do their jobs. As for the foreign language program in the schools who needs it. We should be proud and glad our kids can speak English. I admire the"school board for speaking up and doing a good Job. I read in The Daily News last Wednesday that the Huntingdon School District and School Board are now going to have their gym teachers conduct spinal scoliosis examinations of our children and diagnosis those that they feel need some kind of care. I wasn't aware that the gym teachers had a license .from the healing arts board of Pennsylvania or that our school board carried malpractice insurance. My families spinal conditions are taken care of by our family chiropracter and our cuts and breaks tended to by our family medical doctor and yes, we have a family dentist who tends to our dental needs. Now if we could only have the education system that would tend to my family's educational needs. I'd like to know why the gym lockers at the middle school aren't locked when all the children are out. Too many things are being stolen during gym class. - Whatever happened to the Helen Popa murder case? The police seem to have covered it up hoping people would forget that it ever happened. I'd like to know why we are not allowed to have salt and pepper at the Middle School cafeteria. Happy Mother's Day five days late. The auto insurance companies sure are taking away the car owners rights to own a car, because there is no control over how much they are allowed to charge. We do need some control over our insurance rates. A big congratulations to the Middle School Chorus and Band Concert. You did great and sounded beautiful. Keep up the good work kids of Huntingdon. Well President Reagan and our Republican party said they wasn't going to do anything to hurt the old people in their campaign; they wasn't going to cut Social Security or do anything that would hurt them. Well, they only cut 8 million dollars on our senior citizens who are on Social Security and handicapped and the ones who are disabled. I think it's a shame the salaries that they are making in Washington that they have to cut the poor people, who last winter plenty of them went cold and hungry because they wasn't making enough to keep warm and to eat, Now if that isn't enough half of them are going to be losing their homes to this Social Security cut. I think it's time that our churches and our citizens start to fight for our elderly people. Well I see where our school board is having another meeting tonight and the public is invited. I wish I could go. I think It's a shame the way these school boards,are treating our elderly people on this school tax. I think it's about time some of our elected officials in the school board start cutting their salaries a little bit too. I think it's a shame a lot of our senior citizens are going to be losing their homes within the next year or two. They cut the Social Security on them and now our school board is raising their taxes 3 mills. How, in the heck, do they expect these senior citizens to live. I think it's time that they start to give the senior citizens a tax break. They should not have to pay any school tax at all when they reach around 68 or 70 years old, for they get no good of it whatsoever. Now let's see you school board do some more cutting, there is plenty of room to cut wages and taxes, supplies and stuff and give the elderly a break once before all of them lose their homes. I think it's a shame the way you're taxing our elderly citizens. I am really glad they are catching uj> with the thieves. I was sure it would happen. I do wish they would come back to my place, I am sure they will not walk away like they came in. What we need is a gun factory. Anyone who breaks in and steals other peoples belongings should be dealt with harshly. Well, bikers it's that time of the year again when we can save a little gas by riding our motorcycles to work, I said save gas not your life. I would like to ask all you out there who drive cars to take a little time to respect bikes. We drive with headlights on at all tiroes and you still try to get us. We respect four wheelers, so how about your respecting our two wheelers. 1 throughly agree with the caller who said our tax problems should be laid at the door el the most responsible party, Governor Thornburgh. He did promise 59 percent funding for education during his campaign. And I think taxpayers should let elected Qfficials know bow they fee) about DpJiHeiftns who. will say anything in order to get elected. Why oon't we let the governiBtnt know bow we fefl? Send your letters to {toverner Thornburgh, Room 225, Main Capitol Building, Harrlsburg I was disheartened to read of tbe destruction at Pine Hill ol UN* tovsly Utite fttte prk to Dttunaid Valley. Tfidiy't paptr carries news of more devastation this time at a area ceremony. Sict people do these things. Parents, churches, schools, whp U at fault? What can we do to ban these vicious attacks against all that is fair and decent. J'ilife U» ma>e a ammSiM yesterday's r w • a • «MM» that by the school district here to Huntingdon. I really ' fiPlKtMrMWtpIkWfior ' ' W'ffifif' 1 * ....... -_. WP WI||*PP pPw* ! .. . Jt to^^(BWtap someplace yfei _,. »»«»t a parejat guarding oae of the streets Another thJiflg wafi the lack of appearance of Huntingdon's finest. I feel they could have taken at least an hour or at least ten or fifteen minutes to make a patrol to make sure that there wasn't traffic dodging in and out of the kids as there was and not making some kind of appearance. I think it is a disgrace the mess that the students from college left over at the bridge at Mill Creek on Rt. 829. If this is the kind of people that's going to run our country it sure will be a mess also. After all two weeks ago PennDOT cleaned up the litter along the highway. It is my opinion that too much has been said about teachers, their wages, their benefits, their vacation, and on and on ^and on. I couldn't care less what.they make cause it's none of my business. But every Saturday it's the same old thing. So, live and let live. I think one opinion on one given subject is enough. Now, I'm not a teacher. I wouldn't trade them jobs for a barrel of nerve pills. I like to know when the railroad is going to fix the railroad bridge going to Petersburg. We travel that way every day at work. I'm sure if that would be PennDOT potholes, everybody else would be complaining about it. So we would like to have them fixed. I would like, to know why the Clifton Theatre quit giving our senior citizens a break in their tickets. They had senior citizens tickets for a while, but they've stopped that. None of our theatres in Huntingdon give our senior citizens a break. I think its time our theatres and our business people in Huntingdon start doing our elderly people some consideration and start doing them a few breaks. It seems everything is so high in Huntingdon they cannot afford to even go to a movie anymore. I think if our theatres would show a better variety of pictures and different kind of movies instead of all Walt Disney they would have crowds enough that they could afford to give our senior citizens a break in their admissions again. People are sick and tired of just a certain class of movies, such as the Walt Disney's which you can see at home on your tv free of charge. I would like to know when PennDOT is going to fix the potholes on Petersburg Pike so I can get to Huntingdon to pay my taxes. Thank you. I think the prom king and queen should be chosen by the seniors. We should be the only ones voting. I have nothing against the juniors and sophomores, it's just that it is our prom so we should be voting for the king and queen we want not who the juniors and sophomores want. I understand the Mapleton Cadette Girl Scouts are planning a trip to New Jersey in June and are planning a car wash at the Mapleton Fire Hall on Saturday, May 23. However, I was disappointed to learn that they expect 10 percent of what they earn that day to be given to the fire company. It seems to me that the reason we get no help and no support from people is because there is always a string attached attitude. These girls will need every penny they earn and I feel that ground and water could be donated for the day for this cause especially since the water is not metered. Perhaps other organizations could follow suit and help the young people instead of discouraging them. So PennDOT Is having open house. Well I wish they would have open eyes to all the potholes, that causes front - end alignment damage, damage to tires and causes wrecks. I used to own a small store in both Huntingdon and Mount Union, now I work for a la/ge company, how much easier it is. I would like to* thank those of you who patronize my shop, to the rest who travel 30 miles in their Japanese cars on their foreign gas to buy (made in Tiawan) clothes, shoes, t.v.'s and toasters in huge corporated owned malls. Think what you are doing we will all pay more. When are the news broadcasters going to stop making heroes of terrorists, assassins and murderers. Anyone on the wrong side of the law, you never hear any pity for the victims or sympathy for their families. Has everyone forgotten Lord Montbatten, one of the victims of the IRA, Yes, Lam a motorcycle rider and I would like to say that I am getting sick and tired of people pulling out in front of me at intersections. I found it awful hard to believe that people can not see a soo pound motorcycle with a headlight on coming at them, Mostly nine times out of 10 blowing a horn when he sees a clown starting to pull out in front of him and watching the person keep on pulling out in front of him causing me or some of my fellow riders to run off the side of the road or slam on the brakes, and create a dangerous situation-I think it is about time that people that drive automobiles and trucks realize that motorcycles deserve as much respect as any other piece of machinery on the road and I feel that if people do not start showing motorcycles the respect they deserve there is going to come a tune when we are going to stop asking for respect and start demanding it, ^ _ Good evening, Opinion I4n». To the person who does not want to blame, thf school administration for the 3 mill tax increase, but wants to Warae the Governor who is trying to cut expense!, Where, dots the person thin* the 41 or 50 percent funding cornss from if not from the same taxpayers who pay the real estate taxes all over the state. DANCE MOOSE HUNTINGDON, PA. Sunday, May 17 7 -10 p.m. , From Pittsburgh "to Hawaii irom s 599 oo Per Person 9 Days/8 Nights June 26-July 4 July 10-18 July 31-Aug. 8 November 6«2l December 4*12 December 11*19 December 18-26 December 25-Jan. 2 Tour Includes; * Roundtrip airfare from Pittsburgh to Honolulu * Hotel Accommodations for 8 nights. * Roundtrip airport transfer in Hawaii. * Handling of luggage at airport and hotel. * Fresh flower lei greeting upon arrival in Honolulu. * Aloha Breakfast and briefing in Hawaii. AIR ONLY . $ 539.00 For Reservations and More Information Contact... Gateway Travel Center, Inc. 304 Seventh St. Huntingdon, Pa. 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