The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on August 31, 1959 · Page 1
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 1

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1959
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S HTT?R I JCJJLL WEATHER Partly cloudy skies and coof«f, loss humid weather tonight and Tuesday. Low tonight (M, high Tuesday 76 at. the beaches, 82 inland. fttmtftrf 1121 Vtl. 137. No. 117. United >rt*i IfiftrnettaMl SANDUSKY, OHiO, MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 1959 MAin 5*5500 Price Six CMH IKE GETS MACMILLAN'S BACKING Red China Troops On India Soil Situation Is Held Serious; Nehru For Talk, Not Battle . NEW DELHI, INDIA (UPf)— The Chinese Communists have made new in vasions into the Siang and Lohat division of India's northeast frontier agency region, unofficial reports here said today. The reports gave no details of the alleged new aggression by the Reds into India's border area. They came as Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru said that India would try to solve its border problems with Communist China by negotiation rather than war. Nehru told Parliament his plan CLAIM PLANES SENT VIENTIANE, LAOS (UPI) The Chinese Communists claimed today that Nationalist Chinese planes had been sent to Laos with U.S. approval to help fight Communist rebels threatening the country. was twofold: To reinforce Indian border forces while at the same lime talking the situation over with the Peiping government. But even as he spoke Indian newspapers published reports that the Chinese had entered the tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan from Tibet and had clashed again with Indian border guards in the northeastern frontier agency. Heavy Reinforcement The Nehru government was reported to have dispatch heavy army reinforcements to the north with instructions to shoot if necessary to drive back encroaching- ing Chinese. Nehru's speech to Parliament (Continued on Page 8—Col. 7) Unfinished Work Dashes Adjourn Hope WASHINGTON (UPI)-Congress worked today on the mound of unfinished legislation which has forced lawmakers to abandon their hopes that this would be the last week of the session. Some senators and House members looked For adjournment by the week end of Sept. 12-14. But many leaders felt this is too optimistic. Some predicted privately that Congress would be around until early October. That would be the latest adjournment in years. Even Rights Bill Among the matters which congress must consider befote quitting are labor reform legislation, higher gasoline taxes to finance faltering interstate superhighway construction, funds for the foreign aid program and the public works money bill vetoed by President Eisenhower. In addition, the Senate probably will debate a civil rights bill. The session might be extended further if Eisenhower vetoed a (Continued on Page 8—Col. 8) —rtegister Staff Photos OHIO STATE GROTTO ASSOCIATION "took over Sandusky" on Saturday, jamming hotels, motels and restaurants and then presenting its 35th annual parade. Top left, the Kilties' band of Erie, Pa., winner of the "unique entry" category for the parada. Oola Khan of Cincinnati featured its "Indians," photo lower right, and . judged second to the Erie group. Top right, Canton's Naiir Grotto presents a colorful appearance. Singara Grotto of Sandusky, with its drum and bugle corps and Singara Caldron No. 50 marching units, made a fine appearance. Lower left, Jacque Scheid rides a pony as part of the Singara procession. Statistics MARRIAGE LICENSE Robert J. Heim, 19, coil winder, and Pamela A. Tommas, 16, at home, Sandusky. BIRTHS MEMORIAL Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Gonzalez, Sandusky, daughter. GOOD SAMARITAN Mr. and Mrs. Russell Richardson, Huron, son. Mr. and Mrs. John Torris, 1501 N. Forest-dr, daughter. PROVIDENCE Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Windau, Route 2, Maple-av, son. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jesberger, 325 Neil-st, son., Mr. and Mrs. James Damm, 302 W. Polk-st, son. Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie, 1814 Mills-st, son. Mr. and Mrs. James Keller, 2134 W. Forest-dr, son. DEATHS Mrs. John C. Hamburger, Jr. 63. 1010 Vine-st. Robert O. Alvarez, five, Lake Hjri* Canning Co. Ohio Grotto Pageant Of To Erie, Pa., Parade Color; In '60 Lorain Brothers Bound Over For Thefts At Fair Two Lorain brothers w e r e bound over to the Erie-co grand jury Monday in the theft of $1,100 worth of sewing machines, sweepers and sound equipment from the junior county fair. Held under $2,000 bond each after pleading innocent in municipal court to charges of receiving and concealing stolen property are Richard P. Byrne, 34, and his brother, Alvin, 29. Two other employes of the A. J. Sunny Amusement Co., Strongsville, arrested with the Byrnes, were boujid over to the grand jury last Monday. They were Boyd Couffield, 32, Strongsville, charged with grand larceny, and William Martin, 29, Cleveland, charged with receiving and concealing stolen property. The loot was recovered in the Cleveland apartment of the girl friend of one of the men by Deputies Howard Klein and Clyde Rutnerford. Sanduskian Sent To Reformatory; 2 On Probation • Take any three-ring circus, break it up into groups of colorfully attired men and women, clowns, Arabs, Indians and a galaxy of marching musical units and floats—and you have the 35th annual Ohio State Grotto Association parade in Sandusky. Before thousands of spectators who lined the downtown streets Saturday afternoon, at times under threat of rain, the 60 unit pageant of color brought thunderous applause. Approximately 1,500 persons participated in the line of march which continued one and one half hours. Largest turnout for the parade, one of the final big events of the three day Ohio meeting which also had Grottos from out-of-state, was the Al Sirat Grotto of Cleveland, which, incidentally, also holds the largest state membership. Parade awards for various classifications, judged by a San(Continued on Page 8—Col. 6) «g ijoH Rulings were made in common pleas court by Judge James L. McCrystal in three cases in which defendants had been indicted by the Erie-co grand jury, with one man sentenced to the Mansfield reformatory, after his previous conditional term of probation was J. 1 '" revoked. i,X! Two others, a man and a wom-jjj^. an, separately indicted, were! placed on probation. Columbus Sadjpr, aka Pete Thompson, 22, Sandusky, who had been placed on conditional probation for five years last September (Continued on Page 8—Col. 5) Hottest, Coldest Nixon Warns Against Expecting New Era Of Sweetness Out Visits LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, Sunday night warned the nation not to expect a new era of sweetness and light to result from President Eisenhower's exchange of visits with Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev. "Ike will have his guard up in| J. Ray Harris Is Given Moose Pilgrim Degree City's Heat Wave Ends; Drop To 66 FIREMAN'S HOUSE BURNS EL MONTE, CAL. (UPI)-Fireman Palomio Romero's house burned down while he was fighting a forest fire in Northern California, it was reported toda^. Today's Register the conversations with Khrushchev," said Nixon. "They can't talk one way in one part of the world and have the Communist I'o-cer act another way (as in Indict in another part of the world. "Il is a warning to us that you can't count too highly on this a new era of sweetness and the Communists arc still on a;; - - ::;:;ive course." Psychological Edge Nixon made his remarks at a pest- conference on his arrival here to address the 60th national convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He said he believ-.l tio: during his current European tour would give him a psychological edge when he meets with NEW YORK (UPI) - Highest; Khrushchev, reported temperature in the Unit- i "The President's tour has e.<ed States Sunday was 111 at Wink, iceeded expectations. It indicates Tex., Imperial, Cat, and Yuma,'so far that his prestige and the Aliz. The lowest today was 21 at I prestige of the U.S. is higher than Fraser, Colo. I (Continued on Page 8—Col. 5) Power Of Prayer Cited For Graduating Nurses Almanac , 1 Area News 14, 15 Amusements 18 Classified 16, 17 Comics 19 Columnists 4 Dear Abby 9 Editorials 4 Health 4 Market Tables 8 Sketches 5 Sports 12, 13 Three Minutes 10 TV and Radio 18 Women's News 6. 7 Xout Pocketbook 11 puw- during Providence School of Nursing graduates wen- told of tin er of prayer by the Rev. Thomas L". Reynolds, Norwalk the 42nd commencement exercises Sunday afternoon in St. Mary school auditorium. There were 17 members in the class, largest number to ever graduate from the local nursing school. Father Reynolds, former prim: cipal of St. Mary High school, jing back, no undoing of the past In the presence of his family, his former employer and friends of many years standing in the Loyal Order of Moose, J. Ray Harris, 3629 S. Columbus-av, was enrobed in the black and gold cape of the Pilgrim Degree of Merit during a special ceremony Saturday night at the Moose home. This was the first such ceremony ever held in the cuy. Pilgrim Percy Ross, Dayton, who was in charge of the ceremony, pointed out that years of membership in the Moose mean nothing in attaining the Pilgrim Degree, fourth and highest offered by the fraternity. He said that outstanding service is the main factor in earning the degree. Pilgrim Ross stated that Harris had filled all of the lodge officer chairs during the l!)3D's,! ended heat and had served in different offices of the district organization. After joining the legion of the Moose in 1939 he advanced through the different oftices to North Moose or head of die oi- The Sandusky weather- ; made it official today—"the heat ave is broken." Meteorologist Donald Post said the change was not dramatic but the northwest cool front would produce a condition less uncomfortable than it has been for the 21 days of the protracted hot and humid variety. Post said the main effect of the cool front would be to produce lake breezes. It was GO degrees Monday morning, the first time below 70 since August 19. He said the present conditions would probably last a good share of the week, since the five day forecast shows nothing of a decided changed in prospect. The change will keep temperatures in the upper 70's at the beaches and in the low 80's inland. Exceptions Are Noted During the 21 days of t h e hot and humid weather, with exceptions of several days of breezes that kept temperatures under 90, (Continued on Page 8—Col. 3) Air Details Of Talks To World Soy Franco Sends Invitation To Visit Spain; More Cheers LONDON (UPI)— President Eisenhower today ended the second round of top secret Allied cold war talks assured of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan's support for a "firm but flexible" hand in dealing with Russia's Nikita S. Khruschev. Macmillan's backing was coupled with a previous vote of confidence from West German Chancellor Konrad Adsnauer. It placed Eisenhower in a strong position for his talks with Italian and French leaders when he goes to Paris Wednesday. The President and Macmillan completed a. week end of intensive discussions and headed back (to London this morning from the Prime Minister's Chequers estate. Police were prepared to cope with another • overwhelming popular demonstration for Eisenhower on the drive through the heart of the capital to visit a World War II memorial chapel for American dead at St. Paul's Cathedral. Joint TV Apearance Tonight the President and prime minister were expected to disclose to the world in an unprecedented joint radio-television appearance some details of their week-end talks. It was expectgd their chat before , the eyes and ears, of the world public would have the greatest audience since Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. Before going on the air, Eisenhower agreed to receive Spanish Foreign Minister Fernando Maria Castiella. He was reliably reported bringing the President an invitation from Generalissimo Francisco Franco to visit Spain. Eisenhower and Macmillan held a series of conferences Saturday and Sunday with their foreign ministers and a small group of top advisers at Chequers. < Discuss Coming Meetings They discussed the forthcoming Eisenhower - Khrushchev meetings, the Communist drive against the free world, means of strengthening NATO, disarmament, Western defense, nuclear test ban ne- (Continued on Page 8—Col. 4) Tale Of City's Long Heat Wave Here's the tale of the official temperature for Sandusky's now wave: pointed out to the graduates that as nurses they will be serving God and if they will make Him the center of their lives they will merit His commendation. He also urged the seniors not to be "one of the crowd" or "with the crowd" but rather to be "above the crowd" or leaders in the community. ! Class members were told that | ihey were entering a new pha.vj jot life in which there is no look- They were urged to grasp any opportunities to serve God and His children in the future. The senors were commended for their hard work during the past three years and told that they were deserving of the well wishes from the large turnout of relatives and friends. Importance Of Prayer ganization. In 1945 the guest of honor received the Fellowship or third (Continued on Page 9—Col. 2) HOLD MANEUVERS STUTTGART, West Germany (UPI) — Troops and planes participated today in West Germany's biggest military maneuvers ot the year. "Operation Ulmer Spatz" got under way Sunday involving Father Reynolds said that a recent newspaper contained two arti-| with a mock battle (Continued on Page 8—Col. 6) j more than 18,000, men. Date August II August 12 August 13 August M August 15 August 16 August 17 August 18 Augus r 19 August 20 August 21 92 August 22 93 August 23 95 90 95 95 95 91 87 85 August 24 August 25 August 26 August 27 August 2S August 29 August 30 Temp. . 84 ,. 92 ,. 91 ,. 95 ,. 93 ,. 90 ,. 85 ,. 83 ,. 84 ,. 95 Flashes Late News CLEVELAND (UPI).- Natural gas workers Union members will vote tonight on a proposed one- year contract which averted for at least 24 hours a strike threatened for 7 a.m. (est) today. The proposed settlement was reached late Saturday in a meeting between officials of the East Ohio Gas Co. and the union along with Federal Mediator Edward Phillips. * * • MOSCOW (UPI) - Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev is interested in a new proposal from West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer to resume disarmament talks and wants more details, Tass news agency reported today. * * * WASHINGTON (UPI) - House Republican conferees, in a surprise move, reported today that they would offer some new proposals which could head off a Senate floor fight over the labor reform bill. CLEVELAND (UPI) - Negotiators for the United Rubber Workers union and the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. raced today against a midnight deadline to reach agreement on a new wage contract. Strike authority ha$ been voted in 11 cities, including Akron and St. Marys. Bark Worse CARLISLE, ENGLAND (UPI) —Maj, John Dicksee put all he had into it when he shouted the command "Attention" when the general arrived to greet his troops at Camp Durranhill Saturday. He shouted the command so vigorously that his false teeth popped out. ,

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