The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 2, 1899 · Page 1
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1899
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j ASSOCIATED -PRESS.-i THE OIL CITY DEEEICK. KAU-V, Warmer, cut fc.ndi. j ESTABLISHED IN 1871. NO. 8,436. THURSDAY MORNING, MARCH 2, 1899. PBIOE THREE CENT-S. ARMOR PLATE $300 A TONp»^^ ! ti fti-i,-*j:;tt triiii rul>lKTy; v\il*~b rilu:;--, j ! friioon \i- iht; vtt;'-*ii-Mi t>r \Viilixin *.* * Klyr.n. '• Kvun*. A3i^ K>-'.i:. ii'.i ' MAXIMUM PK1CE FIXED AT TSiAt fiaVKE BV SENATE. C. 'f who jury. *. Hi Fi\ilaa*ls»hia. THE POPE MUCH IMPROVED. THE SE.VATOK PERSONALLY 1ft CHAliOK OF HIS •£*/ TO not rt'i snov«i - u :irst iat»«ting b« h y:, Tho ttu^tion was i la Case Manufacturers Refuse to Supoly Xbc Armour, tSr Secretary' id Navy is Authorized to Bui!-.! a ix :.^rsmt-nt Fac- j tory. Kusb of IVorik IMore Adjourn- i menu An Operation for tbe BcraovsS of '.: Cysi j Hb Followers Arc Confident of Victors- Bt> L-<T ' Was Entirely Succtjus Complications Ar-r -, M-lrvii and (ore UK End of This Week. SiWcy Will | ANOTHER CAPITOL BILL. ! Slav at the Ci^ita! UntU the 6Mtl= is I i I .Tr. Adams Introduces a Proposition /or a | Over. Uttffcy Few* Hi* Ag^ c -iv C -1 $ 4 , 0 ao,ooo BuUd!a £ . Il:irrbbui£. IV,, Marcft 3.—Tin- bill to roviiio KH addiiionul lavr .luJgu for !.:»»- .u>u-r eor.uty was idvortUiIy n.-[>c>rictl irvsn tho Crisis Expected to Last Several Days, But .Ministerialists Mop* Still to be Supported. The CorrfMwndencla Reports Ser- ious New* Received From the Philippines. A Protest Agalast Kios. u-rduy. a iiopt-ful slyn. U'hi't i^ua-nt buyan to breathe- rncMV freely early this niurniiig ami nrter u fow hours lironpftl Into j. rt- M;uhM. March i.—S»-»or &isast& has freshing sU-ep, iho in days, ami tnw .jiiit-tl ill*.- rests u<t lion u£ tlUs ministry to u:ut t-.-<:s*.-mi.:l ui n-ntort: his fa-st WHIIIRK j ihr R^KI-UK i uuvn^ih. l,:t;~r thr :cn:;!t:r::i::re d:^j,t:d ; Til'- ctblnot <-r; is e.xt«K:U-d r<> last j r^'Wly tram I 1 ** to W. \valrfa U; !;or- isi-vc-iai i:uy:i, iis ti will U> mrccswsary t\»r t n i;il. Tins is the ordinary cjurai? uf liie ; thr Quci-n lU-^i:nt lu cuiisuii with the I di? r.-!triirf uy t!.e *«vemh or ninth liay. \>M it rimy U: .WayM until tlir mil. Thvr^j fo;-« Uu-re were ^f huurs. <luritiK which the I 1C l\E ill 13 UtAU uriiii: l;:.s oonsc^u* inw rt^mi'.-itly unoo-iscioiis iicjuiin^r dt-lc-rluru. It ! to be;tr up irt-d nu Iron ,-*: the inten slty of ii:s is a doubSo !oba O? i>olh ;ii!i£3. Tho inuti ;uu"ui!f^l sdvn hyvt bfcn a,dOi»led la- :?;c ;i for !*?v?r.U *!:iy* oxy£•'•:: v.'a ih« iun£:i ta tldu owr ihe tin Ihijj was ur.uMc to breath su i*jj tt^iuii,"*; Hie iii;cii* iir. KipUnjc's d!»t>a&c In Washington, Where He Wad Beta At» _ lending; his Duties as President Q? Ut* Canadian* American Commission.' Suffered from a Full oa a Slippery Wa&, Ac Eminent Diplomat. president of ihe Chambers and other JKJ- :UiU:al Iwult-ra. i In the muiawhUe the Chambers will ad| jo urn isnUl u. owv .ministry te formed. Thai tho crisis hm'I pu^nrd was xjuiokiy Kiiuwn i-hrouylmut tile hole! and it WLIS plainly ai>piirc-ni >!i tlu- ni^ieaiiy chan^d "Vftisfc'nstKn. Haruh 1,—Eui-cn 1'arrer llvrauhci, one of the eomml^Jouers £roi» (jrv;u iJrkah: on the high 3aJ»t eoaiiaUs- »l6ii in sic^siun lu'-re t« iidji-dt <lilioi*nctd beiu-L'tii ihe United Sutu-* and Cuaada. diet! quite suddenly at 7 iw o ciCCK UIM Kionihis ut the Shore-hum luitu, where h3 h;ul bfOii CQuiiitvii to hi^ hid for t^vfml Wf'-t.'K^ v.'ith a broHeri bonu caused fcy A fu'.l on a s-lipptro* s!*3^valk LrtiFv! Hersoheli's derail came without a-sfvei of ph>j«ioiuns. nuri^. ivlulJvcs umi "warning. Exoepc for the palu to Tlic mia!^teri^.Usts hajic: the Qu.-cn Jte- j others itWtu'tht; hou-1. Dr. Dunhiun c^mo '''«• iriwiurc- ot. his lej: which oci:ur«ii on f KC-JU \\ili suiJpor!; S-.-nur SieMtit i^--l i3is-) Juwn stairs ui ^ a.. HI. aiut he hard!: hud • l^bruary 15 he has bten In escellsiut i solve- the uhuuiU»n». | to tell the ^id m;\vs, ft-. rs>«i>.ji!-«? to in- • j^'iUui _und spirus u«d ui* tt, alco-at thta ; The i;eforu:a hvic--" the t-panlsh gox*crii- } (iuirivs, however, he said; "1 am wt-U- iiunt ha>» ici-'fivcd a dispaict- iruin t)i^j | p:,. aHK i -with ilr. j\i|inny's eanditioii. lie j 1,'jiiU'd StMvs limu-sitiHs 1 a^:iittaL tlu- suite- i is !M\v r«-stlns quietly." i HUMUS oubi^d from Manila, by General L Tinuushnut tho day tin* cnlK-rs at tfia who lOir.u-rly c<iLTira^adt'i the Spun- [ hotel werf v^ry numtrrous u::;l tha uuofli- had " . hour of his death there was no ; s ot th« comitig end. 1 received visitors every da\ and l.ioy«-.-a t>ce[ntf hi=: friends and talkiilff: with ". i them, lie hutl be<:n ussmt'il. pleased \yjtiil ,?.lKh ts-Qoiwin the PhlHpiiInes, relative 10 the! c hLl u-iwrts all save Inulctt&m of t;unt!n-! Ih « flo^trsi that were dully sent him by ifclumUuii u' an'airti there. I ued itiiprovi-monc. Mrs. Iviplintr, uccom- ! friends and at All t&i&s ^as cheerful auirt iHJencia asserts that l*. has I punk-d by her nmld h-zt Uu> hotel luid re- I ^ kl » ut seem 10 bu in thf leatt reette&s ( The Corresiw: . ._ ,^ „ _ ,. i ixvflvfrti such etrious news irom Manila i m;iinf(t out for an hour's v:alk. his orforccci Cu^fiUctaeft''. ^ 3 • t:i;i: 11 K-Htvw It to l*e tts duty no: to i From proxnintnt pv-oplo all'ovt-r UK-couu- ( Arnonw: llls ^-'^^ y?^ "dai vai: !i'j" ipubUHli it until o.nfirmeu. ir y U'lpgrums art' still puuriiitf in wlih i ^loaa. Sir Julian Paimcetute, the BrIUsfi WILL NOT AFFECT THE TREATY. woulil be able to leave ills tod WAS CAREFULLY. ATTENDED At tin; tinio of the accldfnt ft trained. wonlj* pf cc«n3oU-ni x e to Mrs. "Kipling, und ; «iahass:itUir. -who remained soroe tuna anxlou* inquiries as to itr. Kipling's' con-' talking un various subjects and departed diiion. iuid thero wus what ^f^r.'tHl to bo '-. 'eelius sure that everything possible ^vss , kn authentic rumor thut Quven Victoria i bc ' tl! ^' t - Jljni z ' or his Lordship and that Jc { If Spain Does Not Ratify It We Still no a : n;i a sent a solicitous rt-que^t for full ] wmM be only a short faje before ha • the Groan d- j Information regardinK t-ho author's Illness, "" '' M , , , i ^lr. Ooubk-day, one of Mr. Kipling's tiub- Washinfftou, ilarcb L-The reatfiuation , ii a i, erSi wheil ' ask ^ d if thfs report wfcr( . f vi;o Sagasitt cabinet in Spain, staio of- j true> rep u rt i thal u T , as mere i y a family n u^« M -, s D-otMiwd f~im -Rii-imnr^ fl «i flct,a. ^y .t«iay._do«_n« nocesarily- m | «»«« and one that he W ould not ai.cus,. | ^^ oTJhralSn^±S^ es- his 'iilS WS th« 'By. she said ha ^^caMne^r^n. Th. ««oa f-r w^.^^^^^y ^M^^-^; i JS^aor ^cS^e^n^^ t^ Senate Army RcorffaoUathia ncusun Qoca Through ahe House of Extra S es Fear I sistinp of cocaine. eWorld? oi* sodium and j T ^Q Guffey Demo-cmTs are to-night -I.-., ^at ^Jbi?y iw>-s that he hus no in-; onie. Mr. Sibleyl ! sitting' or cocujne, caturnu 1 <n c'juuiiu ujtu j j incision occupi-t! .•w-n* tirhi- bu! Dr. ilns-' hlifta«-lf nays tZiai he htis rj> thought of j _ Th»-w -jis WHi zont lutckly trac«d the i»,-tem of thej I«mng the swne of aciion, and wlU stay i ttas isi-'iiiXl a htatemt-tit - to so heforc the pt?opU. uiid U--st tho: I tus. it -s?ii be stated, on thts highest BECKER C(WFESSES:TO MURDER. BEEF PACKERS' EVIDENCE. Quarrei, .IK- r(»\itrvi-tl ttio treaty obligation to pay Uio Spanish gavernment $33,00i),000 on e : account of the cwslon of tlit* islands. Cuba Thc Testimony Developed Nothing New But ; "! •would retain h«;-r pr^^-nt sttUiw and all r *•• Alessi-a. Ktindersaiu Grosvtn\»r and C-~ui-j no:s ciime t6 Its support on (.Us- Hepubii-! c:ia j»iiJ(7. a;ict Mr, Bailt-y. the Dt-muenuie' Iwidcr, threw ih« weijclit OL his intiuf.",•_-**! in f.ivcr of it on th*- Democrat* Reception. that tt*rtttl*3 be lacking would be a roooj?- I nitlon by the Spanish 8 ov «rn3n«Tit of tho : l?^-.i!*l;-' -^f t^ftt ••Mains. That 'IfiCk would I iiut, bo o* swTioua njomewt, -judging from j J-tlut laat tha.t th6-Sponisb*Amerlmn Re-" H.hM)*aiefe"itew£DB«*d.-.^:'^t;L:^cs^^5ie.uS: ° | trouble for a quarter o£ a Cflnrury tifler ,..,—„ ,„ rtw ,-v*v.i, —- ,—j.-w — .M. ».~-^ ««« , ivjni!i»fj|'Li sinrst viiidutri and be^run ' th-* r*>vo!utionistH therein had *irlvftn the ,or Get* > Cordial j send merit nf tlu* • party on ttu- ru^'lcftloii | rwlins. 1 be^citme an^ry ar>U t-hre\v her j of Quay. MHU*r ha*_ replied in A hot it-t- jnit> the lak«. Then I "TT«K homr/' * Horc Exhaustive Examination Will Follow. r i nut of tUt> St traoiia out of the ?nt iuu> tht 1 cau- !:>Vtf of -another Avoman, t-ountry without the fnrtnsl admission by that th->y had arhiev^d their ," <z, Mfft-.Tv.Mr'tx -M.ii-.-i i—Tiwt-.i»h H • , \. - " "-••'»'- •*•«; *•« ^-^^- nif im-v ot .inoincr woman, TV-UCU i Sp-uii that thty hart artiteVMl ttieir inae«- SoutAanipt. -t ^^ imV^Oor " o ' tus f " lleJ>aLl! J. can a:iii nr&pfnK.-A to aLiU 9 pwaptwl bfin ta kill Ter*«a Beck-r. wa 9 i T i m »enw. in case tb« tr«uy should fall. fiOikli'. tft'.- » UJLVU Dta.t^t' iUiui.u-:>uuur >.'-> !,,- .v-.-. «-u; nf tK-it i--iTr-i-« -.r-rni tJ-«T v.".-.t.- i , . .^., -.< . .... , . ' -• ti - i -"' v - . „ . . * . In f.,vor of it on t!w DemocwHc -id,,,! Ctl0!U ,. t hV. !',:icv,1 Starrs umh ;U .«»lor to J.^J'r^,, 7,rSTT c ^,': S,V.C V ; 1 i , M n! " ' a , K "' ' «•««-B^K-r was ss^sj- s^^rr^^s!.^ r re n O0fnsi u j -^,"?si,ir sis ^"~^^« u ^.:^^^ b, !n ,d,p.r :U a:,, I u if O M ^^^ r ec« n :^:^';-y V.^rom '.SVwVo" Th^ : «« «»^'»S ««.e ^.-not , !ase . JOBefc | C1I( , „.= ,,,. n^^,,, &Jll Sun , ?rlin , haa Vr-is^a In t-xtrj. set-sion. Anotti.T »«« ek-; Hl , litnif , r watl i^ircnl by ih-? mayor and j mriif. i:i th- ; your wts .Mr. Jluli's rocltU : «>.,^ff -who xvtMCcAetl tbv- ambsisado-r in! i»f a starftmeui mu.k- hy th- Pr-sJiK-nt io • i^half or UH» curporatluru Mr. Choatts w.w i him that h<* -.vcu;^ noi construe .'-x-tion J nj«-i hv Ul^uicnaut J. C. Ooi«--*H. th^-1 : there aJso would be :i oontinuaticm of the .- "7r<sli J[ rEton March 1—Tne co irl o£ in quiry lr*o the btcf ch^jgef* h c ld a long session to da\ r otilcers und en listed men and representatives of Western meat firms. Tho metit puckers' r*pr*stin- tatlws gave practically tho same testimony they luid previously presented to the war Investigating- commisKign but it is •t non-intercourse, dfplrtmaticallr. j undexstooi! that this is onlj- to get their THE SENATOR IS CG.NFIDE.YT. ul!y for iifr, nuking 1 th* jK>iic« why she;w;u:: at.»i rcteosotj. He was alwitys g!vi-n a:t L i*« ansv.'cr, ss<i apparently the meellag of the Hntwe military mm- Jf-'CKJ-r, " T A o Tisiv-fj K-"»nir it number f»f s;t!nona whore *•« drttnk ;'!-:'.:•>:' .'s.*i(i "rtally '.'."•;:(* :-,> Iho > lo^'ofTu'i' 1 . Frtini thort- wo went <KJ! oi. -TiK'ti -vvii iff^sn tn ^ir;ir- My wife ftCi'U'-i.-d rtir ^f intLi-MHy ;n I rV,(i ?i' v r !-:h-? <Jitl nut !-ovf nr'. Fiuriiiy ! v;;i-,',r.'-!. ^ho fi" 1 !) into oiu* "f tii" l!!iir'>:: tary .'iarss i;: malnlng »< the COLOMiL GL'FFKV'S STATEMENT. ftcscnts OatsfOe Senatorial Content. j H.irri-l'iiru. Mi-rch V—OO-ip-M J.-imr? M, I TI'.H ARRiVAl. !.N LONDON. i ewtw in nnrter tlie ncc^ity of paying » tood tbu ' , ie wus P«aent in behalf o: 'tewnrUiuit.-a upon Import;, Into Spain than General Mlle»* appeared agulu to-day, fitvojvd xvfth the minimum ^ kln ^' notcs ^ fonnulatms ;, »U1I iheSpwiiarda a«v S lad to buy f« was ^'^ ^ question the men ot antf floured cotton and oihw I hi j ow " r ^' [l ^ llt but hi* questions to ' other wttnejrf?p?? iverc taken us-i-*r arjvise- : our gn;-;iL siaplos and to pay i Ik'WjVPr. u? a!rr.-:tily fitaU-ti. the ofllcials i 1 h*ro t'.i.» not believe that th*> SpflnlarUs! ! wlU so i-T iho exU'f-Dio of tiefwitins tli i trt.Mty. iitnl proUabiy thD .tvorsi that eai ; happon v,-\ll b'.> a delay In the exchange • mem by the court and il i undsr: lood- | a decision will IK; reached to-morrow ;ia ijar's stiinding: before the court. STEAHER LABRADOR WRECKED. icillo Was a ; of rrtU»€P.*iws. Ths?e SwGula be cxchangetl j AH ^\ VS£ Reported Safe. Aeon I on or before ;he Iflth ot Junu, which date: Pa*^cno-cr j '3 six months from the tia:tft orf signature j *^ " ; of ihp ircsity tn Paris. Should tho tlrao ! Halifax. March 1.—A cable Just received S limit empire. ihn>u{;ii the Internal troubles} by tht» agents of the Dominion steamship Sp;i)ji -without tho exchange n made-. IL is still po^^l^e fnr the ;Let! Staters aiut Spain to arrcjice L.'.iph the Frt'tich government, which L-fi norvtnK all itiongr as an Inter- r - iu their relations for im &xtih:uigfi tftr *lat'S without dS.-turbinR' tht; ar- f ;h.'T irv-Aty SL nthvr p*>lnt.-*. Should | inij'h p>v«rnmf!U undertake, horw- | lino snye: lives s;vft>. *'Ixibrador representative of the Filipinos, wns .1 ^l recked on the Irish coast ! FEW DETAILS RECEIVED. London, Mnrch 1.—Tho .British sieajii«'r • ni'jratlut.lon'i in the c*"- i Labnidor from St. Johnu, N. B-, February ''- ' ty of Halifrix, tVbruury i"J, fur Liv^rpfMil, wont tudiort* at 7 o'clock this morning; on SUorryvere rook. «nf Tobor- •r: to stcn.'tt anothiT treaty mora-favor-M !i - ^>* •••:• !si trrni^, and ps^^olal'y a.s to tint ces*- jncni t for It. is ?a!tl her*( that !! thessi es- S^ihii; t'Tin-s art* wlthtlrawn those to fol- u- will i>e ovuti liardor for Spain io bear. town of Scotland county COnMISSION HADE A HISTAKE. Arirylton, tho Nurt beast cif tlic f^htnd fit Hull. Up to ;t late hour «.•> further ue\vs rt i sardliifr tlu* Labrador h:id IICRII rucelvetl ul ijiuyos. It is bolievpil, howiiver, that all ' til-! HANY OPPOSE THE STR]KB ;•• ;ii--;'-.-ipr:::!tiin i.t!iM. T;:" ; ^^n. *r::-'-.' -;'-nt;-; n* t:v.; ri-.rr ;uj'! h:;r- ; *»'•• <'-.*• 1' •••r-f.>r.i iiriv.1 in nn-i ;t u.;p. M'r. II. nr. ^; ::::;• :v:^-.^t-J I-.nvhn: d-- ' enm" i M. • !i!.- ri i! .-,;ui?. !:•••! I'' rn-wTriii!' I'liii- ,«• ?. .1, .";:^j J;. :uvs-!!; :i fiv»-s v.'ii fi.r^ii;!: :.-. I 1 , r.ii^yivuni.-t. r:Tid n:i h: | Cv;i: : ^ Ml--, lnd. r Slari h 1. —A •Jnubk? ir,ii* r,.•(!•.".'*.: .tr-.- !,•..?,••-• 1-1 i !i-ti- - \;- I * ill- r«.-.| :i y. :\\m. Kll7:tl = .-i h Kr.uchlo". ' .1 i ;-• ;i I ! >:np:-\K;'!li.i :'> r-^ i : .. ;i -! w::V. To-,J-:v '':" Kf^lilo.. 1-,...|.;.- W ;i>; di>iii,- >::" d f -Ait;i;,- v,:i': r•-.••;••"•,-T-'i hi f!..itr.-r! and ixkhli-'t-^ .nrrmi.t- .nui I!!-.- h-'i:--..- fiiii-r-'ii, th-- i»-,.;l'-s <>f Mrs. m .---i dudly I.'iri!--.! ri.- [r. I-.-- :i!nv Hatification of Treaty by the Cortes Was j Not Nectary. ; AH nincrs \ n Southwestern Coal Fields Av'.is'iiiriKivn, Maivh l.~Tho sltnaUor. in f Will Not Join, tho SiMiiNit O*r',i-« 4 IciL.liriX tip to thu j t i ^-;l-:i,([: f ';i "i 1 *•;*' Sa^:is::i ministry 3ii>.l j '' or ' tVTV :i!r!ii:i;-f l!lf- iU"'.- ttf tilt- jKilfii trv;itV, j:! j f " inl ! s.ild .'V f/m^.-ils iiiTt- to W tho dlr'.-ci re-I • ntorv Smith. Ark,. March 1,-KeportS '(^tL-rn ArK:t:;s:iK and Indian Tc-r- o-tlny -show that whili; .-L liirRo i ',',]] '. ,"r j-••! 'itr'i?rit-".-nH 1 "' on *'l!-- -I'lr- ^j 1 nunibrr of inin(-rs arc nut there ia strmiK | !!\.V .ipV,.^;;^ f. ;; ' "i!ir treaty. ' U ^ ' said j ^r^" ,V '"rh^ wi>-rV"!n^.i-r'™'i" ^ |dvnyjrflleor I..:^-IK:I, UKlu^^iii thv trt-aiy ! nj , ( ^\ l) ,,, rill ^ r ^ h(jy £tr ,, nr j,, r iv ;!U d I 'IV'T^JO Vh- '- f >r:'^ V'^'-J'r^hU ;^U.n!" On ! '^}''° r ' ul - Al - 1 '•'»'>' Jjintl - Ul " Inliu ' ri; f :iU - lord high chancellor In v, and. irom ll-j:.-;:t. It i.«* fnrthrT -aid -that this v-,i Eli-v will rt-miUn out hmir. Jl i( . 1 . ll by th .. f(p ,, r:1 ,., rs Ulftl lhre ^ 0 , lht , , |ll|U . rfl a . Jt , nnv Uml .,.. 1} .., .,..;j... Th ,,,, £ .: ri ., v . t% - MlU ^ h ri;t^^^^^^ t.^ur.v, i-'»Thni>s with ;;. vi-.v,v ;n avoi.Vinc j li;/i!'-hi^'h' aiui V\»l«;tti; niim-ri ':in' Vcpun- ' ' .',;',".. V ''" ! " y ' r;t!i! ' !?1 •' ! ' ;t " OV( ' r '- or:i!; rf - ; 'j,.i ..^ huviu^ clout-, i down. Tim Kr«i»y, .L. j J j ; - i! -' t: - 1 - j '['., nurit 1 . 1 -: \vt-ro vorKr-J ii'.-d;iy by aiio;:t • i nt Hopo. MOKE HOPE FOR KIPLING. ALL TRAIN KOBBBRS QO FKIiK. i ^.^ K.,n^. Ciiv. .NT-... Miri-h 1.--1.*: ^i.'t. .1 j i [' ' r.' "Ji^VnVV :n wh!")i ;>.- it-.:-.-J '~n<!M'v son wn< .-r. ' f (lV( .. s> r ,; r )i •»],-- .. x qn-:.f.-':, ••}:>• l':i. ; » .-unir It'M:d tM-»(?iv (U-- • ^;;.fiii.r.i-«! ;.* rh«-- »r jniff-'^! :>n '}].- Ttln j.'»M»f-ry «--i "•> an tl;.i; ,.* f,.;i lf vvs --.n !»)•• w.; *tiif-'X.Nf-:.-(-J r,-V>t-'.-:; Audv an-! i !>-vrk-- ' I-m '•• Chark-< tVK Kft :h« juit frv- m--n. Th«j \vhii,-, r>vm., 27; WK ..!••--; :;t- from :m ,itt:irk ..f ;i:;M;ni;v:^:i. j nv .-„-,-, ,| j t i r - m ;-n i'tiil\ in Th;- :lr:-r nnmd •'r. :ii" ''i;iy ;i,ii^-vr» :.-•(• w-iinf.-): ,1 j J; tir .itjnnfi in '.v: *.-••*-<•: iiu li i him tin n.ii'-h ••? !!:" i r.i.dny'/ j.'-?xloti rtf *:n.> J^inS ji-j-.-irl^ly. TTU- j lulilltlt:. Jnlill^'-n MT'-'-'f! til" ii^!;iiii'.; In )••'>:'• f-.T I'n.'.f.-'l S::.;r:= S.'ii:i;<ir r-iiiJT'.-d j t t,r third r-»und, h»t i-inl.l n-it «1» n:ii--!» |j"nk«. w; U-.lz.M 1 ,. 1>; ST<-w:ir:. >; Huff. 7;'l!.'- rll*. After thr icmrMi Ry.m h.i.P tho \Vii!«-."!-, .„*; ,M:irk\'. 1; Jrvin. •(; S-.MK-. 'iljli^iit i:Ls «wn Wa>» fn tlii- i.-Uln.h ruUJid iT:ri.!')M. I; '' J .ii r-. 2; Smilii. 1. Oc.fW. i; lii:r-r. j JM),H«*!H wits hno.-Ji^i '!«>W!i thrv Tintvf. " < i .-.;.,;n.i-. h in..] ri'--. .ifi.J :i!" ruiiTito'1 i»t;i. Tlji- win in r •>i-« ch«il«'iigi'd nt ii)'.' -in^ .-hh- hy Ai^rr.i- i«n Jhr.inv Hy;in. Thw rh .-.!!• nil*" \v;u* Mai'-h 3 w:i:* rtK'i!. ;iiiou! h.i.!f tilt- i;su:il fun-c. AU1 di" i.!).- niiiif-s oi! UK; liii' 1 of th^ ChooiMv/, [ oklft.hi>m:< .t Oulf rallwny worked to-ciay, 1 |Cri S ; n U Now Post and He is Rapidly)!^ I 0-ilnin^ Strength. j operator;; to stan up in \\w mornlntr, Toi X,...,- York. Mar.* 1.-Th-> rmi.lliii.n or niorrnn- will KmVjulnoillj- df.«.!c whether ^iiMy.Td K|p)li,p is V.TV ni.if!, improv.-,! ! or ni " *n.-re will ^ grmmtl sinhc. ; i-.r-r-ii thi^ nK-rti-nu'. Tn« AsMoemtrtl JVi-ss FORM A BUSINESS AULIAiSCG. l' 11 '' 1 ':' 1 ^.'.',''' '" y .V ^l'l. i! , ltIKr:i . :v '-! : ; h '. U t! H Younpctown. O...March 1.—Thc NaUonal !i-..-iMUM! <'f th!- ih- physician? dispinyc'd j : t * |Cf . wj[h lh ;, American Tin I'inu- cora- KHCPS WAS .MADE CHAIRMAN. Hitrri'thurj?. 1,—Tho ry/mrr, I r :••'.-• lo nv<.-^ii:;;i.)p .*nc l-ntw-ry char^r^ Jn tonnes- nani';fi for «l;«to of itn- n r ^-- j I'itny. t»y wtilt-n tbii IMtrr ~:!! \»* :;Mc t ill- [ s'-'fun-. a. steady juip~!y o;; !in l.'.irs for UK i'-'ii! wa^s ly^i'.'fi: i ni] ]i s n nrt tho E'ltmoi 1 to havii a mavkd for "Mr. Kijiiinf,' h:\x .-.iiiTi-'Li f-hifp this morn- J its product?, f'romou-rs an; >.'HKrt«ed in ;7)ir. Thc r<-rr.j><T:i!uiv and p:j:.-r nm low j irymx to t;imi).tne xn«ntirur:iin?rs or tin ,iM-l in *-v-rv ii;r<r< J :i!v: th»s improvt'Tiieni Is i.iati* ru:ir;hliury and nppllimco^ inulfr one Ization, ursinff thar they wili K* nrf-i of a stenrly bus'r.•*?»?> with tlif Nn- ' 'Tlu-odoro rniiih:im,*' tinnul £.101-1 company and th? Amc.rh.*nn 7iii:t «;t.s UN: j:i:iiii d;iy m" Mr. Kip.iin.c's cnmpany. aniJS if the mrirmfnotimTK nro in !«. ID PITCH mo ril:r. the crisis la usually nnison thfy will J>e able to dictate tcrmy. schell T-^as ihi> prosldent, Dr. Johnston, .Dr. iraddos and his nurre In answer to .inquiries the physicians- saj they uimblo to give the exact cause of ~ but tho symptoms it was thought Indicated that It .was angina peccorls. His Lordship'G laxniljvttho with the exception of hls-son Ridiotd. at Oxford, is in tlio South.'of'France, have heen cabled the sad news, but no rcsc(!iii>c has beea te- ceived. It is assumed that the body ^ be tnt to l^nfeUL-d as soon as but jao definite acrangem-etits cst\e -35^ been trails ^ ""' ^ ~~ -v I ord Herschell was Lord. CbanceHor of Gre;it Britain mid vraS" sent' to"-the^United; States because of his eminent. aitiiiaments lo take'a. leading putt : dtsisncd to s«ttln all between the United States and Canada* Farrcr HenscheU. first barou ot tliat i ^ 1 HONORED. Baron Herschell vraa a priv} councillor, a knlKbt of. the Grand Cross of Bath T doctor of civil law, doctor of Hiva, a deputy lieutenant for Kent and Durham a JusUca of the peace', captain of Deal Castle," cn&n- ctillor of London university and nas ap- 'pointed British mvinber of tha; Venezuelan jiivl Driiish Guiajia boundiry tribunal »a 1SS7, Ho was kiiijcrbied in 1SOO and was uro ;iU-d a peer In 135*6. Lwrd Herschell was educated 'at London ; uni^t-rsity, where ,he graduated bachelor ^.rra v.'ith i . a barrister 01! Lincoln's Inn in ,1360, Queen's counsel In Ijtf?, bencher of Lhicoln'g Iuix ; in 1S7^. recorder of Carlisle from lS"3-to 1SSO, solicitor general from 18&0 to 1SS5, and CLAIM THEV ARE NOT FILIBUSTERS. 2Cew Orleans. Marth* L—The soldiers of fortune Iram Kansas CIrj reached New- Orleans to-day, 232 strong: and are acw tiuartcrcd hore. pendUi^ turthur developments in way of transportation to Nlcsra- gua and Blucuelds. The leaders of the ex-: Pt?ctition deny that they aro tj<>nt pa lllibuf.tering or to aid General Reyes la hia fii.surrectlon o^anst Zelaya, but alflrmcd that they are croicg to Central 'America to •work on railroads. The offlceni ot .-the Biuplleld SLoarnslilp c^ipany, tit- only line running- to Bluefiolds emphatically ihx'laro that not one of them will be al- Jowt'd to tUiCo p;i3sacrc on any of thalr vessels, elUu-r from here- or KCuiJe.- THE NEWS IN BRIER Paris, irarcli L—Thn Senate today a&roted t!:n trj:it r?v:rion bill fcy a vote of"I3J,"" Farfio, X. D,. March t.^Ttifw P. Rorhain. at I.ynri'i. MU^J.. was arrcsteil hero to-day on it cliisrtrc of embi.'SB!i»m'iiU \vhlle agent ior tli« Hoi-tT'ii and ^^:ii]le at Lynn. Trenton. X. J,, March 1.— The "Royal Baklncr of ^".KHts!'-'..!. -seas'incurporiLtftd with tho Secrtt- t:iry of rtlatu lute this a'tcmorVii. n:im!j!>i:rif. JJarcli I.—Thn Pfinnsj-lvanla SU-t'l i-on-.r-tiny r.dytixl n ii'.-.tlco to-day announcing thrii iH-ifinninK April 1 n»xt, there irlll ts :i i:t-rn:ral inlvitnt'? ot about id per cent. In I.o!n1i.i:i. M:troh J.—In a -i-round contest at rr.-n.-rht-.-ni Lhh> vvf-ning, Uobt'y Dohbs. the ?.JiR!i'\iri,Ii8 cntortd boxer, dtfuatt a Pit Mt>- w-ho was tir.'l!>- punlsii^J. wjs hrocltotl out JlDt liofur-- Hi*- K«.'i»t i*ouiitied. iiihisHt-'il hia crime., Kas., March I.— Oovfirsor Htanle?- rr;r.->tv.^c! « f-nhN'-pLm frr-m Colr,n*l Funrton,- ct : tVtTitalirKHUitt. Conipuny G. Twtn'tleth Kansas, t^-r-iny's dix)><it<hr«, was klltul ir, a battle wlii \Vnr»:w. Varch 1.— Don Jnmle, tic/t of Don C.irJii:. t!j<? f jiani^h proiend^r, atsri who Is st;itidn«-iJ ht-rt with his r.-^.racaU untliorl^s :!;«• f.:;iif>m>.-T!! tliat t!if -tori-3 rtccr,tl>- pub- licfltd rrffiirxUnK" his Jlllf^::tJ VlEit.1 10 GCfonU Uinl V.ilcnria. in Spain, ATO falfc, as.h« hits n« ]L-f: Warsaw In flv« r^nntlis. a tori a I v.-itf to-'d^y \van soi-onJary to ths "Ifo- " l-nliliran lo b.> bH-J later. Tho bailnt r,'-^iltcd Alltrn, Pc.pi]Hst. ST: Ihlj-wanJ, Rtnuh- Ropuhlicun. I^; Ft^-ld, Hopublicin, o; -Wcntoa, win. Ilftpubiit-An/l; Adnins. lln'UbUcaft. 3, Ohnr!-.-^j,*n, \V. Vs.. M,ir-i! I.—The Intcrna- ilDiinl Vi-hioic- (x>njt»;iiij T of N>U" Turk city, TTlth S'.itO-'i.fOO i-ajjital, n~a? "h!irti-n.'i3 ty V. I', iwij C. W. Hatch. H. C. unaerw-ood anu u. t*. AdaniH, of Xflw York, and C. C. Tr»>»II. ff Xcrtli A<l,inif. MHP*. All kind* nf larsi tritiea cf Hit c&untrj'.

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