The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on January 12, 1893 · Page 6
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 6

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1893
Page 6
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A WREATH OF ORANGE Ycs.'ln n, few weeks now. a, caso of love in a cottuoro, found a little gem of a placo the country. Wo shall be so * "Awful? 'Wlmtia; Speak?" cried Row- faml. "Miss Grace—sho—she baa fnllen into the lake and ia drowned," Rowland looked lilanldy at tho speaker, and then a wild cry of despair left his ijnpdssibte—my- dear.—The - cook-ha* lipa, ns, without waiting- for bja hat bo ran from, the room. ^~^AlI^1^8Fcll' 7 ^mn;d :: "tTi'^'y?mTi"^ ::r pentlc- man anxious to hear p;"; JcuJars, ami none appeared more eager than Ethel.— Eager! Sho appeared distracted, aho like to meet him. Can't you L hero to tea some nig-litV i We—my-deatv-—The—coo •jjiftjifl jyj±Jkr.Q_. oVIJg.ed to go to a rea A Great Success, it perfectly lovely — this Mj[fLrer education of woman. r=: !t$e'. : Vassar. says 80 per cent ol coileg-e graduates get '^r:A recent estimate places the amount iof .standing timber in tlie state of Wash* civlliznv- — A fair test and on is t — Kniorspn; measure of tr£ — ^mrd wrung her handa and cried bitterly. In tho midst ot their lamentations a •eh on ting was heard outside; then camo tho pcamporing of "m~any feet, and soon it was known that Grace waa being carried into the house. Of course, everyono hurried to tho door, all but Ethel, nnd sho was busy endeavoring to console Mrs." " Presently. Sir Rowland, k Ho deelaretnt to be or couffh anrt the best remedy croup." Me. IX T. Good, Colnmbia, Term., writes: "L keen Dr. Bull's Consrh Syrup in tho liouse all tha tiine. It is the beat remedy for cou^h and eroup I ever used." The kaiser has taken to smoking the long ~ B tern me d ~c I ay 'pipes known us" ; 5 o U ur on •warden." , Tlio product of the American distiller- . ^ les^ofjiUJd^^sJAJity.ea.r JUnomj tcd_ to 117 ,- Indigestion relieved by Small Bile Beans, -[_• —Every year the population of United States is increased bv l,0i:0,000. the l*'Flrst I hnd paiiia lu my buolc and cliest, tlieo " Katnt itocutifr ntthuatom.-i.cli, anil wln-n I would eat, tho llrfit tuatd would make ma (\oatlily sick. Of <-«urso I ran down rapidly, and loat a pounda. My wife and f n in 11 y were m u c h _ttln,rmeil antl I expected •my-Bttty-oii-eurtb-woulil bo abort. But a frleml advised mo to tftka Hood's Sarsaparllla and soon my appetite cam4 bade, I; n to heartily with' " 'out'Slatr'OBfl^galnoil two ponnda.a wock,_IJ.ppk • bottles of Hood'o SarHaparllla and novor foil C. Abor." Hood': . Santa- pari llu C u r e s numbers of the guests, returned to-tlio room, ami raising his hands, said: "Lot UB thank Godl It was true that Grace fell into the water, but she haa been saved. Don't stir, Mrs. Thorno; take my assurance that your daughter ia l^-iug eared for by Rowland and tlie doctor, Mr. Jones, who, happily, was ot.a of our guests'." : " "~~ Ethel stood erect, her fnco was now very pule, and her lips trembled. J'Wu nil I hank Grd!" sho eaidj "but tell TuH,"^5i F'KovvliuiilV^vt IT6 ~w£'y"lTio""oiio Yv'iicj saved her?" . "Leon Cathcnrl—brave Leon—Gnd blr-so him! But all, horn he i;--," he added, advancing-to him and shaking him warmly —l)y-tlio-ltftiiilsran-(icl-in-wli«ili-bo-w<w followed by almost all in the room. "Leon, my boy, accept my thanks, and those of her poor mother there. Mrs. Danvers cannot (hank yon; her heart ia too full. 1 ' "But I can thank him on her behalf," said Elhel. And before Leon conld prevent it she had taken his hands, but lie did not raise bis eyes to licrs. '•How did it happen, Leon?" asked Sir Rowland._ "I don't know exactly," said Leon calmly. "I think sho must have got too close to the water and over-balanced herself. I was some distance away from tho lake, but heaving her cnc_sj-_.lnifTied to tho ppot her.' "Ah, I seer "Yes. You see, Leon, 1 wanted to know how you were getting on." "Very kind of yon, arid belie vo me, I fully appn'ciateTyour thniightfulneBS." "I3ut, Leon"- 1 —seating herself l^oide him —"why waa it you issued iiihtruelioiiK that no ono but Rowland w:w to visit you?" ' '•lionau?8 I was very ill and wanted to bo qiiiL-t. It was tha doctor'd direc- "fions as ~wcIT~as~"mTiTe/' -"'""ilo'w ci'ii'L'l"of you and him! For lie- skies wishing- to know how you were progressing, I—I—wished to tell yon how brave 1 think you were in rescuing from certain death poor Grace, vyhmn wo all love so well." "You think me brave?" This was said in very indifferent tones. - — • "Brave!" cried Etlielj "brave is hardly tho word." "It fs only what any man would have done." '-i I can't say-that,, fan. alLjnnn..Jvre.not BO brave as you. And how singular it ih bore, end I placed it In my trunk Thai G;-ace cannot recollect h°w she managed to tumble in. All she seems to re- membej ib that she heard a great rushing sound, and then that she found herself stnigg-linf in the water." "It is singular," replied Leon, calmly puffing his cigar, "very singular." "And, Leon, you — you will forgive mo wbat-I- am about to say 3" ---------"Certainly." "I do so love a brave man. 1 think I should be very, very happy as the wife/ and arrived only juU-ia time to so'vo::^ 1 ^ fore her. bettor In iny tife. To-i5ay I am cured and 1 'give to Hood's Sarsnparilta Llio wliolo prai«« •<" C. O. AnsB, grocer, CitnlKtcQ, N. Y. ^ r HOOD'S Vir.fcScuro Hnu*cnu. aiclc Ucndooho, [indigestion, Bllllousucsi, Sold by nil drumliiU. DO Ytttt COUCH DON'T DELAV ItCure»Coldo,CouKhs.B<n-oThroat,Croup,Infltii»- fca.Wlicoyilng Coui;h, Bronchitiiand Asthma. A «rtaln euro for Connnmptlon In flrat eUgej, nnj » Sure relief In advanced ttnpci. Hsu at cnoo. - -TTou will »«e the excellent effect nfl^r biking th» Cr-tdosa. Bold by dcaleri avorywhero, I ccnti and 81.0? long ago that you asked me to be your wife." "True." "And I paid- that some day I would giv« j'ou an answer." "^•YmTdid? 7 ----------------"That answer, Lenn, I givo you now. It is that I will be your wife." . And t=he laid her email white hand upon his arm and looked earnestly into his face, wondering-, however, as aba did so, what made him look so grave. Suddenly thn face of Leon underwent a complete change. A fierce light blitzed in his eyes, and, tlin c/ing. hia cigar from him, be started to his feet, and looking-full in my not "Ethel Dnnvers, were it to eave life, were it to save -my soul, I would make you my'wifu!" Ethel rose to her feet, and in turn 's Cream Balm r CURB Ely CATARRH f Vrteo SO O«iiitn.Tj iVtyJOnim Into aue.i uustril ELY BB68..35 Wnrron St., Jf. Y. Cures Scrofula Btrs. E. J. Rowell, Modford, M.ass., Bays hot ttqtlior lias boon cured of Scrofula bythouBoot foUrr"T>ottlo3. of fS^SfSt aftor having had much other tm KVBV^B atmcnt, and ucing reducoiL,to qut «*•••«• tea lowcondkiau Ot health, as It was (.bought BUo could not uv«. INHERITED SCROFULA. Cured my llttlo boy of hcrcdlUrj Scrofula, vvlilch ajipijarcil all over tiU face. I'or a yoar I had given up all tiopo of his recovery, when finally i waa Influccd' to uao V<9«V3I A few bottloa cured him, and ^]t»f^^B no symptoms of tho diseaso romaiu. Slim. T. I,. MATIIEIU, Mathcrville, Mlas. Ourboolc on CLooi anil SVli^ nii?*".cs rn^ilcd free. SWIFT Sl'lIClPIC CO.. Atlinli. Gi. : eating ire Priw — «•• III Billed • '• Priocrs-i t UMiiplu, II>0. "Al rjruK(ii«t«. nr'nor.l iij- mail! j I'AJIS OIIIJUICAL CO.. W SpniBB (it.. Now York J MAB'S cunouBecccntrlclMfi*nrM!lii»trruod lirOH. 0. r. NIUHVN'H niili|iu>. Iflffl SIiiiUuKpcitrtuii -Vlinuinif. On< or murn ficut for frlrntls <,n rrcRlfii of luldroM on imstnl. .!. GIHSO.X DROWN. 47 Grnnd St. Jersey Cliy.N.J W ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY, "Send atonco'lo .Jour; SIU-.ASIIAX, O. T. A. C., R. I. ft PJIl. R., Clilc«Ki>. III., tmd i-ecclvo, |xiBlnv;o pnld sllcktat deck, or cards you cvor Hni»Hc<l. Onlj Jter puck, iu utRinpg rtr coin. IX •rSuccessfuItv Prosecutes Clairns, Llitn Principal i:xo.mlnerU. 3. ronulon Bureau. war, ISadjudlcalhigclitlms, uU.s »m Of 3,000 TOW, "Bravo boy!" cried Sir Rowland, again shaking him by the hand, "we shall- hear how she managed it when sho comes to." Leon now. retired to change his clothes, bat ho thought he could not face Ethel again that night, and instead of again coming [town stiiirs, he went to bed. "What'a shocking accident," said .Mrs. Danvers to Ethel as they were about re-, tiring; "but for a merciful Providence she would have drownedl Even now, the immersion in tho water may be the cause of her dcatlii" "I hope it may prove BO!" thought Ethel. Then aloud she eaid: "It may, indeed. Let us hope it may please Heaven to spare her'for Rowland's sake." Whi'n in her own room, Ethel waH very thoi'ghl I'til - for -home tiniu. Eventually she commenced to pace the room. "I wonder," she muttered, "whether Leon saw mo? No, no, that is not. likely. I did it all too secretly for that. And even now I am foiled 1 ." she said bitterly, as she wrung her handa in despair. "Everything eeerns aguinst me. What am I to do? Shall 1 give'up nil attempts as useless? Perhaps it would be better ao. Perhaps it would bo better for me to givo my hand to Loon, and never see Rowland again. Yes, yep, that would be better; to-morrow I havo no doubt he will ask me apain, and this time ho shall not be domed ,''„ With these thoughts uppermost in her mind she retired, but not lo rest. Far from it. For hours she tossed upon her bed,- and not until tho Bun poured in through the cracks in the shutters did aho-fall into a restless slumber. A week passed away, and Grace Thome had recovered anil once more moved among the guests. True, she waa pale— very pale, and had wasted consuterably, but the doctor said that all she required now was plenty of fresh air and exercise to bring her round again. Pnor Leon had had rather a hard-time of it. Six days passed before ho could leave his bed. Ho had caught, a severo cold, and" it was feared that rheumatics would set in, but, happily, that fearful complaint was arrested • '"'" Ou the seventh day Leon left his room, and going out by tho back wny,-- took a walk in the direction of the lake. Re wanted to enjoy his cigar in peace and quietness, it was a most lovely day, and Leon, as may bo supposed, was de- Hjrhlod. for he had found it anything but for week. Entering the summr>j-houpe, he found it d(V)qi'l(;d, and.muttering liin satisfaction at auch a desirable Kt.-itn of nfl'-iii-.s he proceeded to stretch himself at full length on one of the seats'. But he waa not allowed (o remain by himself for loujr. lie had not been there ten miiuitoH before tho crunching of the gravel told him someone was approaching. Looking thmigh one of tho little windows, he saw that the person advancing was none other than Ethel Danvera. She was coming along slowly and thoughtfully, her eyes being coat upon the ground. She was the last y.or.'on he desired to see, but there waa no help for it, for bo could not move from where bo was without her Eccing him. Arriving at tlio entrance to tho summer house, Ethel • looked up, and then gave a great start, turning a ah ado paler as she did so. " You here. Leon ?" she said. "Yes." replied Leoo shortly. "Gracious me!" cried Ethel. -'You were .Uio.very last p»TH'on I should have thought of finding hero. 1 thought you were itill in'yonv room." - - "Are you sure t" "Oh. quite. I n-cnfleet that I ahowetf- it to Ethel, and after that I pur it awftj egain." "Well, that is most extraordinary. ITovr on earth could it have vanished? Did you lock your trunk? But there, no one. would take snch a thing IIH a wreath ol _oj-ujige---bloa6!ifr>s. It_is,jwlting-U in the words of tlie- advertisements, 'orno-vnlnfl except to the owner.' Had you noHjette-/- question tho Rervants?" "I will, a little later on, hut I don't tlhink it will be of much use. Surely none of them would tamper with Bach a thing. T II t At-this moment Sir Rowland entered, followed by Mrs. Dunvura, "Rowland," said his father, "have yot» seen anything of Ethel?" '•This morning-?" _"Aye,._my Hon." • "No, indeed. In fact I hava ~c'6t"~Beea Hathaway, 7nfriiln<M f*i*f\ ft « A * n \ ' 'r™'- The Leading-Special!** of tlio In Ills LJne. : ; Private, Blood, Skin and NcsTonsblseages. her since yesterday morning.'* "Nor I," eaid Grace. "Gracious Heavens!" cried Sir Rowland, "where cnn the girt be?" "My poor child!" moaned Mrs. Dativers, falling into the nearest seat. "What baa happened?" aaked Rowland, amazed beyond measure. ' " ' 'SI i o 5 a not i fi~ li er Toocff,** said I frS. Danvera, "and her bed has not teen touched. • "Surely yon are mistaken!" cried Grace, •Men: Keaiark- ablo results ho va folio we'd my treatment. Many ieCt and micrcas- ENCB in the uao of curative methods that I alone Sdwn and control jfqr all disorders M^N. who [have-weulc or. un- Idetelopcd'eir dis- leased organs, or jwhoarosunerfng jfrom errors. of youth-and-cx<M?ss ' or wSo are nerr- ous osid.-r MJ^O 1 TENT, the-soorn of ttefr fellows' and' tho-coo> tempt of frfands and 1 tomtKintons, leads me' to> GUARANTEE to air' pHtibnta, if they can pos- -Ali KINDS OF- Will AJb'i''OBD lt BMISAI HKH, tihat thcra- Is tope for YOU. Consult no other, *» you may WASTE VALUABLE TIME. ObCain my treatmeat at) . ........ ______ . "No, no. There is no mistake, ehe fcai gone — gone!" "Gone. Bnt where would sho p-nf I— B The maid now appeared at the door, her apron to her eyes, one bund ' . . Fomalo DlnaniieH cured) at home witaout ln-> strumenls; a wonderful' treatment. • • taiurrh, and Diseases ol the SUInj. Blood, Heart, Liver and Ktdnosa. .--y^liilis. Tljemost r.ipl'tl, oafo and,ofraotlyo treatment : A complete cure n unfnntecd& !>Ulv> UlsenRoa of all Idndacurcd whcro-many o I her» h avo f f«(le tt— ..... ' ------- ~' -----Unnatural Discharge* prooptly oureiilln a few days. Quick, sm-o and safe. Tlila inolaidcs Gleetand Gonorrhoea. METHODS. ALWAYS ON HAND.' ALSO FLOUR AND FEEDt Will cry »al8a !n all pnrts of ''—'—- " "Ilave you examined her boxes?" asked Sir Rowland. "Yes sir. But there are no dressea missing. -Everything ia in the same ol special study and experience, and a specially 13 made of his orBer disease. 4. 5r<xlerat<3 charges nnd easy terms of payment. A home trcatmeab can be givea In a majority of cases. Symptom.Blank No. 1 lor Men. after assisting li«jr~ldput on~her • white satin. But in one of tho boxes I found s this letter," handing it to Mrs. Danversj "it is addressed to you, madsun." Mrs. -DanveKO eagerly took the letter and tore it open. ' All bent over her, and suddenly Grace and Rowland uttered cries of astonishment. And well they might, for the first thing Her bosom rose and fell rapidly, and then Bhe gasped out: "What do you mean?" "I mean what I Pay. I would not be 3'our husband upon any consideration. If I choose between marrying you and death, I would choose death." "Why this change, Leon ? What have I done to be treated .BO by you?" she gasped, "What have you done, Ethel Dnnvers!" cried Leon bitterly. "Why do you ask? You know well enough that, bad not I been present at tlie lake on that dreadful night, you would bo standing before me at this moment a—a murderess! 1 ' His voice sank into a whisper aa he enid'tliis, but no sooner bad he uttered tliis terrible word tban Ethel trembled from head to foot. "Oh, Ethel!" exclaimed Leon in & voice which trembled with emotion, "it is trno that once I loved you—aye, with all my heart and soul! I would have thought myself tho happiest of men bail I led you to the altar. No man ever loved a woman., more passionately than I did you; but nil that is now. past and gone. It has (led, never more to return. You eland before me now, not, thank Heaven, as a murderess, bpt still with a load of guilt upon your soul. I see now the reasons'of your repeated refusals of me, but that I need not mention. All 1 ask of you is, never Bpeak to ine'again. 1 " - - - .."Oh, Leon!" cried Ethel, as she cast herself at bin feet and raised her bands in-supplication, "have mercy upon mo! havo mercy upon me!" "Havel not been merciful! Have I uttered a word respecting it? Could" I not have done sol Hut no; that I would not do. I " "You will not expose met For my mother's Bake, I implore you, do ^not ex- pope me!" : Ayc, I will not; not only for your vrr nnd i)ow7Ta~fnTi-FJ—j"lly -to l>e eooped-up ivi-tt- bcdr.QQin fy Ilia blood! nn: iitxfL' ami cfl'ccm/U .t HCK«, coii>alpntl<iu, i\vni>ei>9!i\, fcmlj •y breath. hL-iulncMiMiir.Kt-nl ('fiirrtiloii, I *^ painful illcostlou, U:ul comploiloii.< "n"ud n\l (liwcnw^fcnlijittl l^y fnlhird nf ( the ntoinarlt, llvci- or l)ov/olw \.f> (W- \ tUuir proper functions. PUITOH* nivon fcn ' -not.lonfftalnco' I inquired of m of' v (ho servants—no, your valet, ot bourse, and ho said that bo supposed you 'were-'In your room, aa he had vialtod you (wo hour* previously. 1 ' motbcr's sake, however, but for your own. But do not ask mercy of me. Rise and seek yonr room, and when there ask morcy and pardon of your God. Oh. I would freely pive my whole fortune could that fearful night be forever erased from my memory!" And burying- hia face in his hands, Leon sobbed bitterly. Ethel r-lowly rose. There was now no sipi of emotion visible upon her teattn-es. Wuilinj; until Leon's emol ion hue! somewhat abated, she said: "I will obqy your desire, and will not see you apain. Bnt .j!ou_\vilLpi:ojiiisej]ot to mention a word of_ the matter to anyone?" "I do promise." "TVirewcll. Do you forgive me?" '•Yes. I forpivc you, for I believe that you must havo been mad—consumed by a foolish passion. Therefore I forg-ivo you. iintl may Heaven do likewino." "Will you take my hand?" nlie asked Boflly, aa she stepped close up to him, . "Do no* a?k me—it is impossible!" "Yet yon bad better, or one—one day you may regret not. having' done so." At that time Leon did not attach any importance to her words. Affer n. plioj-t pause ho held forth hia hand; Ethel took it and pi-eased it warmly, out the pressure wna not returned. Iloavinpr a deep Hicjli. Ethel turned <uid with slow ana stately steps returned to the bouse. * • * * * * *' On the following- morning-, Just after breakfast, Grace cnmn hurriedly into, tho sitlinp-room in which Rowland was seated. Sho looked reared and excited, "Wbat in it. my d"ar?" asked Rowland, risinp and folding her in his arms. "Why, Rowland, what should you think? I cannot find my wreath." "Your wreath ? \Vliy, is it not' in the box?" "Ni\ tho box ia empty." "Strangel \Vcll, you must have mislaid it." .. "No, indeed j that would b« Impoaeible, for previous to my accident H.WM in the tress of shining dark hair. Thei-e could bo no mistake about it j all recognized it as Ethel's. Around it was a slip of white paper, and upon that these words: "To ROWLAND SAXKT, This keep-in remembrance of tne." Mrs. Danvera sank again into a seat. Handing the letter to Rowland, she requested him to rend it. Her eyes wore blinded with tears. ' Rowland did aa desired, and in a low voice read aa follows: D Alt M«-m'.n.—Ei'o th'n Ict'or Is (n your h ii'N I ti'ill nnvo 1 f y u n-'yi* t • ro'uri, A , mnl Y u, n-nlyou :ilo--o. knew h r >w we'l '•n iiuh-, h >w p s»l nut'ly, I iiv.! I H wind S I wl in i slui-i" I. iitM O »c-.- l.'i i v lior lienU; ncl oil, lo ih iik h t rny lovo win e> tot IIJ i-rnorvd or Or f-c. Wbv it Ittlmt he 1 vo< h -r an well. I'wonlt'i-7 Wiil we", thnt tn-iuora i" t now. li Ls piiat. J navo I.M;O i my rou • vo. Wi b ut him, llf- Is -i't iv -rlli hnvufff. But "•it o ny ilot.'S lio MO! I--YIS m '. i-xt! ono wht>m -it ono ilm '"lid, 1'ivc ni ••tun. Ho suorns nio l" 1 i HU cl—bin th -t I w 11 lenvu htm to <pnnk ab .ut if h>- till k' [>n)f)or. Aiothrr, porno i!ma iifjo Uowla ill K voGr <•<> a «rea li of <>inn-f<>* blns-iun-. r lh y wo. e worn ly his in -th -r -n thn f)nv L-U • WTIB tuurrl" 1 !, an' he Intended Gnico 11 wear them n tior tvuildiov <la/. Bui H.>" »MI n vo • WOT IU-MI. N v -rl \\"ho i noit y.'ii sou m , you will IVnl I 0111 flx • flrm- ly upiitittio br vr >it your unhappy ilnu liu-r Eru t>- "Farnwll! ir-iy neavon h-.ivo msri.-y upon mo." A deathlike silence prevailed for some few momenta, broken only by the soba of Mrs. Dan v era and Grace. At length Sir Rowland, rousing himself, cried: _ "Jlowland, qnick, order the eeryanta to search tho house, anil appist yourself. I will go and collect the keepers and wa •will search the groumla." And search they did, and no ono waa more eager thun Leon, but they searched in vain. VWien night came on, unknown tp Mrs. Danvera, tlie lako was searched, but no, there was no sign of-the missing- Ethel. She had vanished completely, but where? Attired as she was, it waa certain she conld not have gone far. Alas! Tho party at Blexley House wai suddenly plunged from happiness into gloom and misery. CHAPTER vn. Another week passed away. Searc'h had been made in every direction for Ethel, advertisements had bc»;n scattered broadcast over the country, calling upon her in endearing terms to return. From tho timo of Ell-el's disappearanca Mrs. Danvers had been laid upon a bed of sicknt'ss—ay, and dying, slowly but surety, of a broken heart. Ono evening, or rather night,;Sir Rowland and hia son, Leon, nnd Grace with hnr-tnoth6iv-and_numcroua_ guest B,._.w_or«_ seated in the drawing-room discussing the advisability of employing the service! nf experienced detectives.-when the -footman announced that ono of tho gamekeepers wished to see Mr. Rowland a! once. "Show him in," said Rowland. Tho man hastily entered, but no soonei !i:id he done so, than the gun ho was car- t-^ing dropped with a loud thud to the (lonr. Ho was violently agitated, and looked avonncl at the guests with a frightened stare. "What is it.'innn?" cried Rowland. The man opened his lip's but no sound issued from them. Rowland rang tho 1*'X, and desire'd tho eervant to immediately bring bra-tidy. This was done and tlje man drank off f largo glass. Then he ea-id in trembling tones: "Oh. Master Rowland, do come tc the lake; sfis is there!" All leaped to their leet. They knew what tho man meant. "In the lake, do you mean, man ?" cried Rowland, taking him by the arm. The wan noodefl his bead. An industrious 'anel'eaonorrifcaVVo- rnan in Atchison. Kansas, collects bug* ' T ff\ rrv- t V% A w^ n/>1ii*-t'Avi** r>«- J I. ^. '* _1 ^ .* L _. I ^' Nix 5for Sicin Diseases. Send l«o for W-pogo Reference Book for BTea> and Women. All correspondence-answered promptly. Business strictly conlldential. Entire treatment wntfreefrom observation. Rcfor to banks In Su Joseph, aad business men. Address or call oa --——-*lr-N;-HATHAWAY—M. D., ^ 4th &;jfobras£fS& SlomcCItjv lowia. JOHN NOTEBOOM, - Will .pivjr (he — IIGHEST MAMET PRICE' FOR HOGS " AND OATTLia Jo «lroR<1y linn tlin raptunlloa bt doling lulr itiui '"I'jjtro (U^iillng^ w I ill nil jrjic) cBi|_to. him. U«t lil» pi'Iuus l>5Tun*Tjuy III'K. , -.''-. . IOWA rg- cvtrut wa;~- r fi r*u a —roxsom s«t% • . r'.ATS left atf tha INDEPKWIIKST offlcf ?, Ill receive prompt fctteution. Corr»* pundtfnco sol[eil«d. ' - •-•-'•• - '''""? 'fronv tho .machinery at tho V light station and'foods hor-^hlckoni •with thorn. » Sweden b»i 2,000 school iLands, Loana and Insurance of Title. CONVEYANCKB : Offlcfr East Side of Court Qoaca'Bquiir*, ORANGE CITY, - IOWA, .Will take ohsrre of K>» mat*»» before th» Ronrd ot Huyorvloorn or look uv i tlia Court Hou«o. "' JPetro Lund, Contractor & Builder, fi»a«»Ml ««tttnat*) furnlohad on iN of \ •• i v-rt-'-r, G, B.,WESTj CASHIER* ESTABLISHED 188$ CALLIOPE, IOWA, Attention to Taylng Taxes. Forelgti, Domestic Exchange. Insurance and Real Collections Rece>iv& Prompt attention. Easiness Rcsp'y Solicit^ DICK «. HAVENS, EXPRESS AID DRAIXINE, LIGHT AND HEAVY DRAYING DONE ON SRORT NOTICE. We are in tlio ficfld to stay and if pi-oiupt and careful attention ta business w'll win, \vo hope to secure out' share of the trade. WE ALSO DELIVER ALL QOOCS SH RF>ED OVER THE AMERtGAH 0 EX/^rtESS COMr-^rJY'S LINE. ISSORTHWESTERN MEAT -Ali KINDS OP- AND >SMOKED MEATS ' CONSTANTLY ON HAND, SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY, Highest Gash Pries Paid for Live Stock, Poultry, ffides and Tallow '[MEW IVIEAT IViARKET. GCOTT & MATS", Prop'u. VEAL, IUTTOB all Rinds of Frosli and Smolicd Meats Always on Hani FISH AND GAME IN SEASON. SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY. • Highest Ciish IMoei for 'Live Stock, Hldo« and Tallow. NEXT DOOR TO'ST, NICHOLAS HOUSE, , HAWARDEN, IOWA, J. H. QUEAL.& CO. ' . . DEALERS IN . . I/JA . . : ,., 'Get our Prices ... ^, M 7,^

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