The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa on December 29, 1892 · Page 8
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The Independent from Hawarden, Iowa · Page 8

Hawarden, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1892
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

^L:^^^^ I.K4VK. n I .- -- .•• . Chl«»j(o . TKAI»H AJIKITZ '...! ..... ii-oi, „ ...... " *• '• n „. OOlolOHTK _f.«.7hTr -• "" ~ " "''•'- '-"^-P-'»•• tfneh ad d rtion'al cli a i r Bath tubs, jHjblic. each Banks, in'eluding 1 basin NUMBER 8_2 L . 2 00 S 00 li 00 7 00 8 00 f» 00 i") - -- - :t oo J?. lli Mi ')£purjioaes, .per. 1, (K,<A ."!>rick...__..lQ Pvr perch of stone __- . - On Per 1,000 yards of plastering - 20 Blacksmith for first. n t ->!_ - , -;i (JQ additional lire ' - 2 00 rdinir and .: - . S 00 shojxs Rook bindfti-ios, !0 mon Each uddilionii! man - wtvsli ~:.-Hallway. Rates. _^_;i_-_ -.1 :-.F f -..-'^<. »ssR TOfe WKKTINO- IOWA RTATK : <: aliovo .» IH>u liuld rvt (.'ydai' Hiijildu, Ut-cmiibpr 2 and 20. TSfi-1 tfu. Clii.jaKo & N'ortb-Wostor Ky <A>, will sull excursion tickets, on tJ certIflcnl,o pl-ii, at Krciitly reduced rate This '» toliuoiiu of Miu must, [iiture.stlnirs I UIL-hlst'.i-y of Uii) lissudiittoi).' Foi- Uuko •uid funhor Information uppjy uj- Kretxht. ".'.'.'.'.'. l : -'t " "' !):li> a in CHURCH DIRECTORY, I- or IJnVJnlsD-u.-is ii/id New Votir liolllduy the ( ;. M . & SiHV>vllls M l:iy uvuiilnx ut ?-:)ii." ,.„ rn«!i!l, ut (!::HP, f.M... I'l'ttvi ii ~^t " h -^ l ' VtJ *'»ii#. All ui'<; In vii4> T "T'—' MiTVluos J. L. OtiUNowKTH, Class-Lender. rfit v, J'uHtor. . No 4fi| M, ,>t 6.0 T . EMKUSOX K n t- HAS. J \V \V A i TI:, r. c;. ~ «' ' y •- aicf- uljfhtfi of tho ivclfomccl . T«»i i, r A l<'-&A.M. I.oynl I.otlu'u Nu. -IK!). ,-,.11" ' VIPV « I'ursdiiy t-ve. on 01- lull moon, v iHlLlngbrL'tln-eti uwrdl-illv i to Attend. "'.mi i _W. A. Hiiwardcn ('itnip.;. • ..,.w,i, a "Ui'fhburs lire Invlircrto -iii.../! GLKN.MILMCI,, ,.|urk. II, u .MH,»^', d \-. c. ., Dwolling liousi.' for family including " (i 00 to f, 00 ,?800"fo "IKT'OO $1000 to 20 00 8. 1 Q 00 t o_25...00_ injludinjj oun-ia^e washing- udditidiial or cow S tables, cow ___ u ui.s :i I. on,, r.-m; :,!,,! (.!,<• liilrd for thi- round tri|. (JomiiK'i.cln-lW.. ; M ,|i. Good to ru iin-n.Jun. lid". KorfuM Ii,f v ,,-n m tlon, pious fill Con aiiy/tlirki-i a^i-til of (J. JI. t ,S|,. p. C'AI.KNUAIl Fl)( t ISfCj riIKE! Tlio (,'hk'i^o ,V Noi-l h-\V (-literu H'y hus Just lss«if(l iin Ml.irn,.-i.ivu oiih-ndar for iBlKJ, whlel is OIK; oftlm .'.L-SI we have s.nm f t ,r pruetlon .'A^LlAL 'J^l^slni-ss ortico ii-Jjyiill us Uiu IIOIHU A -o c;ilcndnr will l>i fr your address with . A r<W of this ma Mud frjo noon . ess wt u t\vo CLMitjjosl^f stiimjj to W. A. Tin-all ft tvsfT A:u ' : -~' ~ ' Stores :i DO i oo i oo 00 to H 00 Wash basins, stutionary, basin in i!H<-h dwelling fi-ee, nil oilier* /.OH- H.VTFN flllf Tllli IIOMDATBV On l)i!fi.'iiil)i.|- 04. a:>, 2i| and HI, 1801, ntul on January 1 „„<! -. 1SO:|. Ihu Clil«j|»o & N,,"t?" •,.s(,.n, K'y ,-,,. wh | solU-xcursion tlL-kuts; I ^.,,!,!,. nit( . H . For tickets and fur- nalion ajiply to agents i 1 . &N"V ^ubiur kYaJii.1!..'. 'rivatc V.-Uer cjtrta. ])cr 100 {jnllons 3i-i<;k<.vuL-ds - . Motor 'onfeclionor.s •' ohrg'~a,Tul~g(joTiT > ih-y r """ :; lliivhiors 'oiintiiin.s lose used IIH fountaiiis riis worlc.s - lalls Totuls u innbor yards >• au-» s Ltiundi'ies Muiiufuotorhis i'acking houses IVintinjr onieeH l\. H. diii>olH yk-eijiny: rooms S:abl(.'.s, livurv fi() — -n -00 SHIM/CSS In (! !M7,CtT L ^rin!^:^r'^! 1 '; 1 .^^ 111 '"- ^ u S* • . ietii iircxurii"- . nlll point? Thun take an Karly Uisor! DAJSYFALLSTOCK |^flRTDISE||E'2qjrEARS DA\R RTBS: Fap-gQ veam T »»». *.»»nui_j _.^t Have joined hands ut Gehau\t Haosen's and only those who have seen the happy combination can ap . prociate its effect." Oar THOUSANDS Notice to borrowers. ded,, Iowa, can, fur- lxli ijoa fai'ia loans at seven and eight per- cent, interest, and short time inon- G(/ u,t io west can~ent rates. « -- •» Urart (Htr« saved- my- - ana made mo a well woman. Original Notice. •ui'xry.'I- KS -.- .). Wilson, !n- tile DlKt.rict, . :.-.t,uoof lown, „ W. C. HOWE, St'l W. A. Q U i C L E Y, M; D. Physician -and Surgeon, HAWARDKN, IOWA. •All cullM «n.siTori!(! promptly day or nl"ht Omoo over SCOM, ut .Muy'.s ,110,11 nmrkpt 0^ W. PHELPS, M.D., AKDSDEGBON, ....... EN,-IOWA. '•'-•>•'-' UoHldencc on "Oluilstono nill." __— Uarlun'n tlrus store. . H. HuTcmNso.v. o u. Um.Nir.nn . . HUTCHINSON & HELMGEH, Counsellors - Law, ' K ° f rf -"" '*' • DR. J. A. DENTIST. omcoftvcrllntts hiirdwnro Ktore. Open for T , , "Pnolntnuiiits lit nil liours RcJU'lHPojftcc hours from (I u m.'tor,. p. t,, ' month f Vi c>ildliy , Iln(1 ' Wu.luesday or u 'v ei 'y month at Akron, Iowa. WM. HUTCHINSON, County Attorney, E CITY, , . low \. Kedorul __. boilers .Saloons .- ................... .. .. •Stockyard.-* •• .; .Steam engineb I.' finals Warehouse •'; ....... - —:-.-— Hose for .sprinkling sidewalk a| Hl washing- windqwis per f™»t,,fo-Dt Special Whore water is nsetl i'or pur- IODSCS not speciiied in the i ? oro- guingtarill', tho rates will be fixed by the^ superiuteudeafc of ...waterworks as apecinl or by muter rate. Meter rates shall be a.s provided by the table c>£ rates on file in the office of tho superintendent ot waterworks, -and in no case shall the rate be less than 17 cents nor more than 50 cents per 1,000 gallons. Hurry Alsn,,. j di.>rumluut. j . To Hurry A, \\ Usun. dofuiidiint : v "«"ii-«l«!M'l>y..iioMHo<| thai u pclhlon of the. sill, Dluliitlir.Ej.n.ia O. VVIIsi ,. s - , o," , „ " '- . l( i of ' '"•' ' J k ' rk v )f ' ^ i"i"!Vi ' . iini.\ I'ouuiv, Iowa QOLD ON A POSITIVE OUARANTEE. TRY OR. MfLESM'tLLS, 50 DOSES 25 CTS. f uured by Slii!ori's_(jui'e. Wo te^u, L. L. Hu)-hui.~ Pctor the Groat likub to bj carried aljout in a \vbGelbari-ou-. Oonaista of a new ami complete line of U»e .LatM Styles, inMLDress.GoQds r and-Dr6ss-FIaii-nels r "~~ HGS1 £ R ^-3ffiW Ladies and Gents Underwear, .CiriJdrcn's UndchvcarTii All Colors, -- -BOOTS ANDSHOHS, HATS AND CAPS. We will sell you Blankets and Corafortcrs^-f _*._.* 1 -" U '' l/ - u -" n ' ilUl1 wlifs Hi , , '''"'' " f " luillllir - I'Ada tliint. :LIH| • liuviul Ijuftin' hinin up | In- Hui-niul diivnfiViM TiiVi"'('"', , ol " s;li<l l:<1 '"- ( ' w'"«l' "aid U-Vm «l!l!»' ho ilm.onmito nty. 1,, s,,ifl uo.inty li'i-V i r"" )" 'i <! '•'' tlliy of >lii"uiirv, -\ I) i".i.i. 'luiimli will in., i.ntoj'fd H^jilnst, you ;inj IlltjTt-rTtri.t I - t-.i...]..»...!.. I . ~ ...'^ j \m ,i mt - - ---— -._ Uiislrnli day of DiM-iMiibur. A 1) iJJii llirTcinsxoN & KKIXHIKII. Altorin.'ys for J'Jjiini 111'. dcclarod thai 1 le n« Ui; Witt's Come and see us in order to be convinced, us Is our motto. Yours for bargains, To Preserve <L r . All ordinance.s in conflict with this ordinance are! hereby ri'pealetl. -- - .............. - .............. ' SUCTION 5.*' An emergency ox- (-a,,. , s Jitlilo.-jH drc.s.sfn-s. To b<; .sun; of liav- it or i.erfunnT f,,i- Ayor's Il-dr V] K or w iil)s (( lur,..|y Htip.Tior to any oil.rr '•'i'lrLl^olm' 1 "^ 1 '' 5 l5i " lL U r ' !Slyri>M 11m H bi'i.-oni,, jliin, f:.<ii:(t, or gniy. It ""- tin: .seal], fool, moiM, n , M l fr( , 0 iindruff. It lical.s ildliinglitunors, pviM-uiits buldiiL-KS, and iinj.arts to THE HAIR U< lL !! - silkl '" ttxtiiro and lasting fra K rnji.-(!. ^" toiT.M, can !„• (.•,.,] coniplcTe"" io rcTuedyjWymiTL. L. llarhm. , 1 . l :. 1 . t ' risc » the ci'inio »f_lip|diny up a tnyn it thc'lioldin'o^pTvcriT'oiiiy'donc ut••jjnid'u crossing's." 'Ilio wlrid from Mm noi-Llj. li|o\v« ^lnicii -i-ul In^^ 1 :,^;^^--^;;-^^ DOITOITII !1 M'OIKil-OllS ' Voting man, don't, bccomo addicted to thobottlo: It is a vial habit. For lame hack, aido or che«t. use Shi- joh s POTOUH Plaster. Pric,: 25 cents, J-..L. Harlan. Fox.' the orator, foluul his pleasure in g-amblin»-. <n-oatost , 1 " u11 th " o »* '""I" and ordinance shall take eit'ect. and be in force from and nfttM- its publication in the Hawarden INDEPENDENT, n weekly newspaper published and printed in Uawnrden, Sioux county, Iowa. This ordinance passed December 12th, 1892. O. G. EKINIGEK, JAMKS HOH.S, Kecorder. Mayor. The Northwestern Stato Bank commences business with a igei- paid up capita] tbun any other bank in the "big four." If, is ap- pi-oprwlo that the best town in [he district should have the best >. HOBS03SI, dttorney-M-Law, ORANGE CITY, . IOWA. bank. without this most popular and o of all ti;iii--tlrcssin'fjs. r ^ ".My haiv l)i!Kaii,tiivnin K <r rllvaml f;lll . - out wln-ii t M'atf about: 25 yonrs of l - i "! 1 '- 1 '-- > *wui!t u-mtier from the ustj of I)e\Viu>, s liu 1,. |.- ,-Iy Ulsi-rs, tlio famous 15ttl ( > pfll.-,, Charles I [..spent much time in hin chemical laboratory. "".. » ^^v »ii,ii iy\sijuusia .md Livei-coinplunit? Sbiloli'ri V'itili- Ker is guanuitced to ciiru you, [, L Flurlun. . . . u. Music Parlors^ Depot. No MORE PIONEER GOODS.' NO ELM ..SUBSTITUTES TOR OAK ONLY THE BEST GRADES HANDLED :IKH. I liavo latel using Ayer'a ra Hair Vigor, and it i ;i causing u now - of l, !lir of tlu . Clp , 01 . ' «»*-l. M * I* I l_ I *| ti K. J. Lowry, Jo m; .s Pniirli-, T«X«H. Ovfir a yt:;ir a;;n I Ijnd a severe fever, nnd wl.o.i I riu'ovM-<Mr, my Imic l )uglln ^ I out, and what |im u roinnincid lurni-d i.v. f tried various rurnndies, but '•limit siidscss, till at lust.T Ijc-fjan to Queen Victot-iu, during- "her youth, was fond of archery ['•orInst!iuee.Mrs.(.'li!iH. Ko-crs.of ll,, v ci tv M!eli v ac ( ;kU.>ntally ' USE r'cSn^.i" ;l " thn Ht -,' lle "'"' l-'etlcfal «v' C , l^ 0 ' 10 "- 1 * Vraa\])t\y remitted. r l-|- -CXa.Rilnod-4iii<|.«l)sti'ttets furnished—-•—- . W. HALL. President. l'. K;WATKINS. Take Notice. To l]io citizens of Hawardon nnd vicinity: I have appointed AV. L. Leland, pharmacist of Ha- -WH-r-f-len^-aa—tny—antlTorizerr—ac'ClTt" to so:ll my Cough and Lung Balsam. As many. o£ Hawarden's ..lending citizens have tried aud J . . 1 1 * I 1 A KIN** I -- - —. *•-»>-^*<*,LJva. c:,.,'i,l,'r. lesfed it and found it to be the Ay«:r'« Hair Vi-nr, nnd now my hair ia •prnwm K rapidly and j a restored to ita uny.ual r,,|,,r."_M,, s . Aiiniii'Collina Ui^liton, Mass. "[ liavc ii.s,.,i Aycr'w ITair Vir W for nearly liv« ; yrars, aml llly | w |r is mnist, (-'lossy, and in an i.>xc-:ll.!nt statoof pn-.s- ^vaiina. | ;l]11 fo , Iy yuars ol(]> and liav.: ri<ld,.ii (!,,• plains for'twenty-five yr«irs."—\Vm. H.;nry Ott, alins "SIus- Uin^r Hill," Ni!W(!iistl(\ Wyo.; • e< •Hr.»f ii' .- l 1 ' 1 '- »vil!lliisMi,,t eUef. Its a wonderful siihv for 1,,-uUus barns. .sor<:.s, anri a. sure oun- for piles. P-IAN0S and WE BUY GOODS w ^ Banking and Collecting Business best cough aud lung remedy tlioy 1T ev<h- tried, I refer the reader to «i tew that have tried itjns' follows ,V m' r V°"' nin ^ "01>ns. Blaeaser, i>. 1- iM-ench, M. Long, coddac- tor, and others. These men-' say it hiLs no equal. .la order to pfaco it in the reach oiall.ybu cau-lifcre'- after call at Lelaud's drugstore I and get a bottle. < Every bottle is 'Newli very and F A. LAVERY, PRQP. „ a church fair is like ^oiii" into,thu hio-luvaysand buy ways." The laws of hualtb arc tjiujjht in the sohools; but not, in a way vo bo of much •practical concilium!.arc nover iHuHtra- ted'by living cxamplcn, which in many c:iae« mig-ht easily bo done. If some scholar who has just contracted it cold was brought bcforo t.ho .school .so that nil could hour tho dry, loud, cou^h and know its .signili('ance:wi.-e the thii"white coating: on tho tonyuo and later, us -he cold developed. HOC the profuse watery expectoration and thin watery diwcbarge from the. noso, not one of them would ever Tjdrgot that the lirst symptoms of licoia wevor--Tird"s^io]irr^TioVn"d~thclJ' be g-iven Cliumbcrlain's cough rcinedv frcely," that allmig])), see that a severe cold could be cured in one 01- two days, or at. least greatly mitigated, when properly treated as soon as the first symptoms appear. This remedy is f u - mons for its cures of coughs, colds and croup. ' It is made especially for these discuses and is the most, paompt and most reliable medicine known for-the purpose. 25 and f>0 cent, bottles for wile by L. L. Hariao, or the Livo Store. Calliope. Saves Twepty per cent. Over small quantities, and customerawilI : Ket; flu- D^zen Baby Carriages Aiul-we cau give you i better short time we will have the prices. Celebrated Deckeij Bros. Pianos in Stock L. H. BAlJLEY & SON, DEALERS IN . . COMMON SENSE COMBINATION <=>' UMDERWAJST ^ cause it stops the'.cough .and they . s re$t-.. : ..Young » nn I L .VL'ri _. '' f , i . CAREFUL DRIVERS, | LIBERAL WES "..'o'liierf mi iipprovt-d eoriirtiy .,, ?t .'|«rf : vtgl .. mtc "- Purchase and sell buis ,,f like it because it n principal cities In thf, r,,il,.|l ' pleasant to take. . They wty for it . . as it gives them imtfaedia|e\ relief. . Just try it and be convin&jd. Sold in 25 ftiul ;3 cent 'si you call for it say, "a boitflf Dr. ' ' AND INDIVIDUALS , . L. b. Stoll's Congh and Lv«ir'Bal " sam," and take,, no otliQrM. ; One first. Door Snuth o bottle will ^IT! rt K* O O PI •s. FANCY GROCERIES, FRDITsf fr 1 , ' .•//** ''•; ' • * '. ' /• *•!' ••• Canned Coeds, Conftctionery, Cigars, tobaccos,: ' .; ]0' ' ' '' ' ' '" NIC| FRESH OYSTERS SERVED : iN '•"" ' [~i sj.^.. iirst Cla^s Bakery, aniT All Hinds of : Bake Goods iSTEFHEOST

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