The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on November 2, 1964 · Page 15
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 15

Dover, Ohio
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Monday, November 2, 1964
Page 15
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Bowling Scores taitovonl Umot to Inter-Clty today aftermon. P««l KMltn had Hi and Botch STANDINGS - QiMMe Beer », Scrtwi'i fawni ft, glfer Am a, Boner CM Kari Honing Home l * Wa lift, Kwik sha , JJ«' Restaurant 18%, Prime Motors 11%, Kltr Sporti 14. D. Davis was high In Midvale Coal Sunday with 417. STANDINGS — Ceranc 20, Belba Jo, J. Russell It, Davis 17%, Klser 17%, Zontini 14, B. Russell 14, Mamula S. High in New Philadelphia Moose last night Grasselli with 580. Bat* fed Dmt Ttceo and Orict En- wen MgH fa General c Mixed Cooptes SHOT . 4ajr night wtti Ml and M, re- *ij_ ' was Santi STANDINGS — Outer Guards Treasurers 24, Past Governors 20%, Custodians 20, Prelates 20, Governors lift, Junior Governors 13%, Secretaries Topping Warner It Swasey Mixed Couples Sunday night were Joe Celuch with 5S3 and Grace Ellwood with 471. Faye Breehl hit 5S6. STANDINGS — Monte 22, Neibert 22, Hiker 20, Ricklic 19%, Kopp 19, J. Breehl 18%, Shivers 18, Reed 18, Hines 17%, Ellwood 17%, Feutz 17, Winsch 16, Celuch 16, Parris 15, Pasquinelli 15, Urfer 15, Bertollne 14, Bearducci 14, Hinds 14, E. Breehl 13% Torch 12, Mason 10%, Crawshaw 10, Fowler 10. Pacesetters in 40 Mixed Sunday night were Les Osgood and Betty Weber with 581 and 488, respectively. . Grace Knisely had 485, Jody Knisely 479, Ruth Severn 478, Peg Koelble and Mary Delbert 477, Anne Erb 483, Fran Delbert ton and Alma Smith 451 and Mavis VanSickle 450. STANDINGS - Hines 30, Shaffer 30, Erb 29, Smith 27, Meese 27, Fanti 27, Stanley 71. Severn 26%, Ostrode-Antonelli ?6, Koelble 25, M. Knisely 24%, Osgood 24%, P. Knisely 24, Pompey 24, Stevenson 24, Pol ka-Sullie 23, Johnston 23, Donehue 23, Deem 22%, Hahn 22, V. Bower 22, Hosteller 22, Delbert 22, Walton 22, Ashkettle 21%, Frownfelter 21, Emery 20, Weber 18, Zurcher 18, Huff 18, Stocker 18, Young 17%, Morgan 17, VanSickle 17, Houze 16, Murphy 15, Tanner 14, Trimmer 12%, Sherer 12%, W. Bower 12. Robert Walters crashed 598 and Eva McCoy had 468 to top Saturday Night Mixed Couples. STANDINGS — Stephan 20%. McCoy 20, Walters 19%, Dick 19, Slates 17, Burmich 16%, M. Beans 16, Gow 16, Grimm 16 Ellwood 15, Weigand 15, Parson 14%, Carnahan 13, G. Beans 10, Fenner 10, Goettge 8. High in Independent Saturday afternoon was Corden Liberatore with 573. Len Altier had 563, W. Weaver 552 and Art Agosti 551. STANDINGS - New Philadel phia Welding 25, Rapports 22, Fenton 17, Cookson 16, Spring Brothers 16, Kent Vending 14. Reymond Machine 9%, Car-Bel Mike Manz topped Junior Boys Saturday morning with 518. Bill Knisely had 517, Dick Bible 486 and Al Antonelli 452. STANDINGS - Marr & As- soociates 28, Doover Tank It Plate 25, No. 5 25, City Loan 23, General Tire 19%, Endres Roses 19, Reeves Bank 16, General Electric 14%, No. 8 11, WJER 7, No. 12 4, No. 8 0. Joe Mowls and Doris LeMonte topped Guys ft Dolls Saturday night with 519 and 497, respectively. STANDINGS - LeMonte 20%, Underwood -17%, Page 17, Ber toline 17, Russell 16, Davis 14%, Creager 13, U. Hawkins 12, Culbertson 10, Toth t. Ltisur* Lants Walt Weaver and Nellie Burroway led scoring in Moms ft Dads Saturday night with 572 and 431, respectively. STANDINGS - D. Zurcher 19, K. Held 19, P. Held 17, Burroway 17, J, Zurcher !€%, Weaver 16, Landis 16, Schweitzer 16, Miller 14, Robin 13%, Yoder 12, Wendling 11. High in Leisure Mixed Couples Sunday were BUI Haney and June Rippel with respective 546 and 437 tallies. STANDINGS - Linard », Wardell 23, Fox M, Young 23, IfcCann U%, Haney 21, Russell 19, Sawvel II, Don Stephan 18, Knisely If, Myers Pompey 15, WatW 14, Miller 13, Rippel II, Dew StepfcaiH, Day Kinur Untt Kinser Lanes girls defeated Sugarcfwk L*OM MM to 217J in a special notes Sunday aft- Ellouise Albury topped ts* STANDINGS - Day IS, Ow< ens 1), Staoffer IS, Ettwood 12, MUter U, Tecco 12, Clinton 19, ChigMon 10, Rufener 10, Coffin* 9, Dillon I, Zimmerman 9, Blough 8, Grandtson 8, Venen 8, Welt 8, Douglas 7, MatMas 7. 'Mel Day crashed 2*4412 for honors in 1C League Sunday afternoon. Blake Rousfi blasted 5M, Jack Holcomb 570, Pat Jerome 567, George Paisley 581 and Joe Polen 581. STANDINGS - C. H. Hooker 24, Alsco Inc. 23, Brooklyn Grill 21, Tusco Glass 20, J.ftM. Mln- ing 20, Kriston's Lounge 18, Chatterbox 12, Lahners Sunoco Glen Swihait finished with 514 to pace Dover Eagles Sunday. STANDINGS - Golds 21 Hawks 21, Silvers 20, Truckers 19, Balds 17, Patrons 10, Carl Kail and Brenda Kollar paced Wabash Mixed Sunday with 560 and 451 respectively. STANDINGS —. Armstrong 23, Kollar 21, B-C Thompson 19, Gordon 19, Tylke 19, Beitzel 18, Kail 18, Losey 16, Hawk 15, Troyer 15, Menges 14, Newton 12%, Jarvis-Kollar 12, B - H Thompson 12, Tinney 11, Lanzer 10%. High in Indian Meadows Mixed Couples Sunday were Jim Page and Ann Galley with 522 and 439, respectively. STANDINGS - Menges 13%, Page 12, Galley 10%, Hites 10, Glidden 9%, Ward 4%. Fred Waring and Laura Reese paced Flintstones Sunday with 544 and 500, respectively. Wilma Waring had 479 and Irene Little 456. STANDINGS — Bucher 16, Burkey 15%, DiGenova 14, Baker 13%, Gibbons 13, Edmon 12%, Waring 12, Reese 11, Little 9, Dessecker 9, Burgess' 8, Bevan 7%, Kinsey B, Decker 6, Weber 5, Meyer 2. Dale Wolfe and Vardi Domer paced Shenanigans Sunday with 539 and 483, respectively. Tottie Grimm had 462. STANDINGS - Domer 14, Wolfe 14, Walton 14, Hisrich 13, Yackey - Frantz 13, Smith 12, Grimm 11, R. Doutt 11, D. Doutt 9, Written 9. Wayne and Thelma Sergent paced His & Hers Saturday night with 5334 and 439, respectively. STANDINGS - Herron-Hines 28, Lorenz 25, Borojevich 24, TRAIN RIDE ENDS. After 46 years and more than a million and a half milei, Tad Ntwland, 65, of Winfield will have somt time on hit hands for relaxation. He retired from the B & O Railroad this morning. And now, hit only plant are to add to hit teathell collection of thousands and fish in the ocean when he and hit wife Neva leave for their cottage at Holden Beach, N.C., only a ttone't throw from the Atlantic Ocean. Hewland admits he it glad it's all over with, but that he enjoyed every minute of railroading. He served as a brakeman, conductor and yardmatter and hat never had a reportable accident or never been injured. On Wednesday he will go to the Retirement Board in Denniton and his retirement will become official. 2 Major Decrees Seen from Council By 1ENNET M, BOLTON VATICAN CITY (AP) - The Vatican Ecumenical Council is reported ready to proclaim two major decrees before it recesses Nov. 21 even if its declarations on the Jews and on religious liberty cannot be made ready by then, Council sources said the three weeks remaining before the session ends probably would be insufficient to complete revision and voting on the two brief declarations. The documents which Pope Paul VI and the Roman Catholic bishops are expected to promulgate are the schema on ecumenism — Christian unity — three chapters long, and the schema on the nature of the Church, which runs eight chapters: The Jewish and religious liberty declarations have been handled as annexes to the ecumenism schema which has been voted and accepted chapter by chapter. The sources felt it unlikely that its final promulgation would be delayed until the next council session — which may not come until 1968 — for the sake of the yet unvoted dec larations. It appears that the two declarations will end up as sepa rate documents, their importance thus perhaps heightened even if adoption is delayed. Both the declaration on the Jews and the declaration on religious liberty caused trouble when the council debated them a month ago as annexes to the ecumenism schema. Halloween Parade Winners Named At Newcomerstown NEWCOMERSTOWN - Youth organizations walked away with the 3 top prizes in the float division of the annual Hallo- W. Sergent 20, I. Sergent 20, McCluney 19, C. Herron 19, Wright 19, Stress 17, Trunk 17, Abel 16, Haney - Dotts 14, Mathews 13, Quillen 13, Hisrich 12, Riggs 12. Lutheran Mixed Couples Saturday night had Bert Kohler high with 556. STNADINGS — Riker 17, victors *** fH, l**y IMKNI bad III, P* K**to «4 »ad Joyce Kwtter 413 Lucille Schi* took hoaon far to natch, patio* Kohler 16, Locker 15, Albury 14, F. Hicks 12, Reed-Hendricks 11, Dessecker 10, Dummermuth Hicks 8, Benedick 6, Swinderman 6, Hawk 5, Bigler 3. Sugarcrook Lanos John Garber and Mary Miller posted top scores in Merry Couptes Friday night, hitting 580 and 529, respectively. Ken Machan had 571, Shorty Gerber 563, Dee Garber 502, Erma Weaver 498, Jean Machan 462 and Alice Miller 459. STANDINGS - Klein-Gerber 5, Miller-Miller 24, Mast-Weaver 21, Fankhauser • Flynn 20%, Machan-Kreizwald 16, Garber- Keim 13, Garber-Mastin 12%, Hosteller-Hosteller 12. Jack Levengood had 507 and Anita Walker hit 473 to top First Baptist Church Saturday night. Dorothy Maurer had 453. STANDINGS - Reynolds 28, Warner 24, 'Walker 23, Maurer 21, Levengood 21, Mathias- Flory 21, Kaiser 21, Suzener 20, North 20, Pongrat 19, Keener 18, J. Leggett 18, Billiter 17%, A. Leggett 15, Garrett 15, Billiter-Swonger 12, Page 12, Fisher 11, Holmberg U, Halloy 19%. 3 Get Twin City Emergency Aid DENNISON - Three Uhrichsville residents received emergency treatment in Twin City Hospital over the weekend. Michael Trimmer, 17, of W W. Ttb St., was elbowed in the mouth duriag the Dennison-Tus- carawai Valley football game; Jvttt Wallace, 14, of W Parrisk St., Ml from a horse at the Buck*** Udtag Academy, aad J«|j» Hmfe of 7» W 4tl «., received tarns to his back, ana and leg when not aiunuum spUM at Alsco's in Dennison Man Changes Plea In Theft Case Jerry W. Merryman, 24, of S. 3rd St., Dennison, today changed his plea to guilty for his part in the theft of $268 worth of auto parts from a New Philadelphia firm last June 26. Merryman, one of a trio who had been indicted by the September Grand Jury on charges of stealing the parts, had originally pleaded innocent along with Walter Brehm, 20, of RD 1, Uhrichsville (Newport). Brehm's 18-year-old brother, William, had pleaded guilty and was placed on 3-year probation after signing a statement for police, which implicated the other 2 in the theft. Atty. George Demis, who had been appointsd by the court to defend Merryman and the older Brehm youth, today waived trial by jury which had been scheduled this morning. He obtained Common Pleas Judge Raymond Rice's consent to continue the case for investigation on the possibility of probation for his client. Merryman, now wearing a mustache since his first appearance in court, was returned to County Jail with no bond having been set. 4 Accidents Reported By Phila Police Four automobile accidents were investigated by New Phil adelphia police over the week end. Nellie Brady (no age listed) of 721 Fair Ave. NE, backed from a private drive at 1:20 p.m. Sunday and struck an au tomobile driven by Robert D Casteel of 503 Canal St., New comerstown, which was parked in front of 244 N. Ave. NE. Saturday Anthony R. Sabler 16, of 540 Ray Ave. NW, New Philadelphia, pulled over to the curb when the fire siren sig naled the curfew at It p.m Saturday. When he pulled out into the lane of traffic he struck a parked automobile, owned by Humphries Ford Inc., in fron of 161 S. Broadway. An automobile operated b Louise V. Withers, 41, of 310 Itta St. NW, struck one driven by NUes G. Urfer, 54, of 1333 Kaderly St. while attempting to park on E. High Ave. at 4:1 p.m. Saturday. Daniel E. Meeks, 22, of RD 1 Mineral City, white traveling west oa Front St. SW at 11:45 a.m. Saturday, struck the rear of an gytiffnv>bilf driven by Da vid L. Burger, 24, of Sugar creek, wtoco was stopped for traffic ahead, The Jewish declaration, formerly a chapter within the schema on unity, had been reworded between the IMS and 1M4 council sessions. A statement exonerating Jews from blame for the Crucifixion was replaced by one saying our/ that Jews of today could not be linked with the events of Christ's execution. Many bishops, including prominent American prelates, argued the council must absolve Jews from any notion of deicide. Other council fathers, especially from the Middle East, said that too strong a statement could cause trouble for Catholicism In Arab nations. The debate on the religious liberty declaration centered on whether all men have the right to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience. Progressive prelates argued they do. Conservatives said persons who hold erroneous religious beliefs, are worthy only of tolerance. The Vatican's Christian Unity Secretariat is revising the two declarations on the basis of the debate. The council has voted chapter-by-chapter approval of the ecumenism schema. It lays a groundwork for the entire range of Roman Catholic participation in the search for Christian unity, including Catholic participation in common prayer with non-Catholic Christians and intercomnMoion with Orthodox Catholics In special eases. ween parade held here Satur- ay night. The Cub Scouts took top rize of $90 with an entry show- ng a group of Scouts around a ealistic campfire in front of a ent with a lighted jack-o-lan- ern hanging in a tree. Second prize of $60 was warded the Rainbow Girls for in interpretation of "God's Promised Land." Third prize of 40 went to the BYF of the ''irst Baptist Church for a float lepicting a family group giving hanks to God. Fourth prize of 20 went to the Buckhorn [range for a large silver sleigh being pulled by "faith, hope and charity." "Progress Through Econom- c Growth" was the theme of he parade, sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. An enthusiastic-crowd of sev- ral thousand watched as several floats, dozens of marchers, and commercial and political advertizers paraded. Tempo for he march was set by bands 'rom the local high school as .veil as those of Madison, Gnadenhutten, Stone Creek, Port Washington and Ridgewood schools. Other prizes awarded were: PTA, $25 for best decorated Measure car; Mona Sherry, $10 'or most comic, vehicle; Harold Temple, $10 for best team- drawn vehicle; Ray Funk, $25 'or oldest automobile, a 1913 Detroit; William Roderick, $10 'or second oldest automobile, a 1922 Ford. Singing Wheels, $15, and Newcomerstown 7th Grade, $10, argest masked organizations; Bonnie McCune $8, and Ronnie Lee Wynn, $4, best pony and rider; Tom Heller and Richard Cornell $2, and Wayne Leading, $1 most comic clowns; Angle Frye, $4, most unusual costume; Donald Haver and Larry Russell, $3, best decorated doll buggy; v John Heller and Albert Roth, $3, most comic wheelbarrow; Helen Corbett and Doris Wolff, $3, most comic dressed couple, Doreen Wakeling, tallest mask person; Robert Shepherd, fattest masked person; Teresa Hoffman, best ghost; Jeff Orr, best hobo; Carol Mizer, best witch, and Debbie deRing, best Indian, each $2. Real Estate Transfers Complied from the offlct of Tot- earAwas County Recorder Theodore M. Underwood. James R. and Betty Ickes to RUSM! E. Bennett, part ol Lot 43, New Philadelphia. Irvin and Margaret Snedeker to Holmes Land Co.. land, Bucks Township. V.R. and Agnes Rehard to William and Miriam Foote, land, Washington Township. Wayne and Martha Fair to William and Mirie Rex, part of Lots 4-5, Bolivar Mary Patrick Philadelphia. Milas Brown'* Executor to Myrl and Pansy Shearer, ','4 acre. Uhrichsville. United Bank to Chris and Edna Bloom, land. Uhrichsville. Lawrence and Nellie Huebner to John P. Reed, part of Lot 334, iry N Congleton to James ick et al, part of Lot 289, New Gnadenhutten. John and Ruth rence and Nellie Reed to Law- Huebner, part of Lot 334, Gnadenhutten Byron and Edna Jones Sr. to Rose E. Gardner, land, Uhrichsville. Rose E. Gardner to Byron and Edna Jones Sr, land, Uhrichsville. Clara R. Beitner to James and Barbara Domer, Lot 1456, Dover. Claude and Esther Hanks Sr. to Ernest and Ellen Adams, .79 acres, Dover. Harry R and Bernice Ridenour et al to Donald and Kathryn Heck, .71 acres, Jefferson Town,' ship. Albe Ohio Homes Inc. to Alexander and Lora Winkler, land. Gosheh Township. Alexander and Lora Winkler to Jerry and Carole Robinson, land, Goshen Township. Oda Stallings to Robert and Melva Stallings, part ot Lot 1318. Dover Township. Orval and Effie Keenan to J Raymond and Nora Snyder, land, New Philadelphia. Benjamin and Rheta Cox to Carmella Chltti, .213 acre, Roswell. Gus A. Specht's Executor to Dwight and Julia Bye, part of Lot 228, New Philadelphia. Richard and Phyllis M'etzger to Harry and Charlotte Leach,' part of Lot 17, New Philadelphia William and Marie Rex to Grael Ford Sales Inc., part of Lot «V 2 . Bolivar, Mary P. Myers to Richard and Ruth Dunlap, land, Mill Township. Citizens Real Estate and Mfg. Co. to Carl and Marbara Ryplen, Lot 1738, Dennison Lawrence and Nellie Huebner to Chester and Aline Dichter, part of Lot 334. Gnadenhutten. Everett and Pearl Waltz to Walter and Frances Hlbbitts, Lot* 32-23, Franklin Township. Emgee Coal Co. to Cross Creek Coal, land, Warwick Township. Elmer Harris to Haskel and Emily Dunn, Lot 59, Mineral City. Charlotte I. Rasch* to George Jr, land, Goshen Township. Oden C. Myers to W. Dean and Cur lisa Couts, 1.33 acres, Franklin Township. Edward and Konrad Kohl et al to Terry and Nioma McClelland, land, Goshen Township. James and Leslie Pernus to Esther B Gasser, part of Lots 21S> 216, Dover. Gene and Angeline Smart to Surety Savings & Loan, .161 acres, BLAST REMAINS. Dover Fireman Jay Springer examines pieces of twisted scrap metal from an explosion Saturday morning in the G and R Auto Service garage on W. 4th St. which hospit- aljzed Wayne Roberts, 24, of 138'/j N. Tuscarawat Ave. Dover Fire Chief Clarence Shilling said this morning investigation is continuing and that the cause of the explosion has not been determined. Shilling said it appeared Roberts was working with a welding torch at the time. The force of the •explosion hurled pieces of metal through the roof. Roberts is reported as "fair" today in Union Hospital, suffering burns and shock. (109,074 Suit Settled With Jurors Waiting The $109,074 damage suit o Max Smith of 210 Union Ave. against Loren and Addie Hart of 1214 Dover Ave., both of Dover, was settled late this morning. Prospective jurors sat outside the courtroom waiting for a decision on the matter, without having been summoned into court. Smith, an employe of the Dover Municipal Light Plant, had filed the suit against the Harts for injuries he allegedly sustained in a July 5, 1961, mishap. In his claim that he had been unable to work and is seriously crippled and disabled, Smith charged that he had been thrown to the driveway from the steps of the back porch of the Hart home when he tried to open a screen door in order to read the meter. The screen door allegedly had been wired by the Harts without any sign indicating danger. Since the accident, Smith had been hospitalized on numerous occasions and undergone surgery in Barberton Citizens Hospital for removal of a herniated disc. 4 Injured, 4 Cited In Weekend Mishaps Dov»r. Elmer V Marsh to John and Dover Woman Cited In Crash Mrs. Margaret H. Immel, 45, of 1011 Tremont St., suffered lacerations to her right knee and forehead in an accident at 9:11 Saturday night on Crater Ave. Dover police said her auto struck a parked car owned by Richard B. Baker, 48, of 1116 Walnut St., knocking It 158 feet. The woman told officers she was driving without lights after a knob, which she thought controlled the lights, had fallen on the floor. Police, upon investigation, found that knob was for the windshield wipers and that the light switch was okay. Mrs. Irnmel, cited for reckless operation, was released following treatment at Union Hospital Margaret Gilbert, Lot 3197. Dover. Edith A. Mathey to Judith M. Coleman 5.42 acres, Dover Zeno Hawk to Vearl and June Specht, land, York Township. Daniel O'Donahue Admisistrator to Rita O'Donahue, Lot 1085, Dennison Chester and Olah Beans to Albert and Bonnie Purin, Lot 474 and part of Lot 413. Goshen Township. Mary and John Meissner to A. J. Baltes Inc., Township. 7.32 acres, Goshen Spring Brothers to James Spring et «1, land, Goshen Township Clarence and Elizabeth Barkley to^Ada Shull, Lot 1812. Uhrichs- Gary and Sandra King to Ronald and Betty Berkshire, land, Oxford Township. Paul E. Clum to Juanita Clum, Lots 979-980, Newcomerstown. Diana and Donald Bates to James and Lucille Duff. Lot 1«. Oxford Township. Frances and Nancy Ross Jr. to James and Lucille Duff, Lots 170-171. Oxford Township Harry and Elizabeth Hicks to Donald and Mary Huston, land, Dennison. Earl ana Pauline Youngen to Earl and Nancy Cox, Lot 2241. New Philadelphia Henry and Marguerite Emig to Donald and Linda Maughan, land, Dover. United State* of America to Herbert and Sarah Lester, part of Lots 374-375, Dennison. Dale and Ruth ReoUcb to D. M. and Vaidna Unger, part of Lots 322-323, Gnadenhutten. County Pastor Resigns Post During the annual congregaA turn meeting of the Jerusalem United Church of Christ at Stone Creek Valley Sunday, Rev. Stanley Fritz submitted his resignation, effective Feb. 1, because of ill health. Pastor of the church 5 years, Rev. Fritz explained it was necessary to retire because of a heart condition. He and his wife plan to spend the remain der of the winter in Florida and then live in Tiffin. Elected to the consistory during the business meeting were: Paul Espenschied, elder; Dwight Johnson, Charles Mutti and James Weaver, deacons, and Mrs. Eugene (Ruth) Wenger, deaconess. Vernon W. Mutti and Mrs Lester (Dorothy) Stein were elected to the Board of Christian Education. Installation and ordination services will be Jan 3. The proposed 1965 budget was presented by John Browning and approved. The budget provides $12,548 for current ex I5.&42 for World-wide National Bank To Clow The National Bank of Dover will close Tuesday at noon ID observance of Election Day. benevolences, and $3,150 for remainder of debt on the par sonage. The church will celebrate its 150th anniversary next year with Lorin Beater as genera chairman of the observance. Four persons were injured and 4 motorists cited in 7 auto mishaps investigated by state patrolmen over the weekend. A Cleveland man and a Cadiz mother and baby were injured n an accident Saturday at 2 .m. on Route 36, at County load 63, near Midvale. Treated at Twin City Hospital 'ere: James G. Johnson, 27, of leveland, for a concussion and severe laceration of his right yebrow; Bonnie L. Eberhart, 2, Cadiz, contusions to her ankle, and her 7-month-old son, lary Eberhart Jr., who had 3 iroken ribs and bruises to the right side of his head. Mrs. Eberhart and her son were passengers in an auto Iriven by Gary Eberhart, 22, he husband and father. Patrolmen raid Johnson's vehicle pulled onto Route 36 into lie path of Eberhart's auto, ohnson was cited for failure o yield the right-of-way. Lloyd Ickes, 41, of Tuscarawas, sustained bruises .and brasions to his head, but was lot treated, in an accident Saturday at 6:55 a.m. on Route 36, outh of Uhrichsville. Patrolmen said Ickes was a )assenger in a vehicle driven James A. McPeak, 32, of )ennison, who failed to yield he right-of-way when making left turn, striking one operated by Lloyd Poulson, 53, of after her auto rammed the rear of "one driven by Reva J, Turley, 26, of St. Clairsville. Patrolmen said the Turley vehicle had stopped, for a car making a turn into Grace's Res- turant and the Hanlin auto failed to stop. Moderate dam* age was reported to both vehicles. No citations were issued in one-car mishaps early Sunday. At 1:35 a.m. on County Road 63,'south of Midvale, an auto driven by Bruce Wanosick, 17, of Dennison went out of control on a curve and upset in a ditch. Moderate damage was reported. At 2. a.m. on Route 39, east, of Roswell, Bruce Wade, 38, of BarnhiU lost control of his vehicle, went off the right side of the road, over enbankment and into a field. Vewcomerstown. ited. McPeak was Wayne A. Dyer, 18, of Port Washington was cited for driv- ng left of center following a mishap Saturday at 1:10 p.m. on County Road 30, south of Uhrichsville. Patrolmen said Dyer's vehicle went left of center on a curve and struck one driven by James 3. McMasters, 21, of Newcom- •erstown. Heavy damage was reported to both vehicles. Considerable damage was reported to an auto driven by Edsel D. Dillon, 25, of Stone Creek after it struck and killed a deer on Interstate 77, south of Strasburg yesterday at 6 p.m. The deer was claimed by Dillon. At 4:50 p.m. yesterday on Route 36, in Harrison County, Betty Hanlin, 29, of Beach City was cited for failure to stop within assured clear distance. 300 Attend Rally Event Approximately 300 persons attended last night's United Church of Christ Reformation rally in the Dover's St. John's Church. Guest speaker, Dr. Ruben H. Huenemann, president of the United Theological Seminary of St. Paul and Minneapolis, spoke on "In the Language of the People." Dr. Huenemann is the- brother of Rev. William Huenemann, pastor of New Philadelphia First United Church of Christ. Service leaders were Rev. Richard Gordon associate of Dr. Reinhard Krause at St. John's, Rev. Clarence Higgins Jr. of the Stone Creek Grace Church and Rev. William Huenemann. First Church Choir Director Mrs. Brenton Kirk Jr. led the Tuscarawas County United Church of Christ Union Choir in 2 selections and Mrs. Robert Burkhart accompanied on the organ. All United Churches of Christ in the county were represented. Dump Hours Slated During the winter months, the city dump at W. Front St. Ext. will be open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to Service Director H. S. Ream. WANTED! MEN.WOMEN Truck Tubot Stolon The theft of 2 truck-trail er tubes, valued at $2i, from Deioma Trucking Co. vehicle, was reported to sheriff deputies last night. The theft reportedly took place sometime Friday night while the trailer was parked at the old Royal Sewer Pipe plant near from ages U to 52. Prepare now for U.S. Civil Service job openings in this area during the next 12 months. Government positions pay as high at $446.00 a month to start. They provide much greater security than private employment and excellent opportunity for advancement. Many positions require little or no specialized education or e* perience. But to get one of these jobs, you must pass a test. The competition is keen and in some cases only one out of five pass. Lincoln Service has helped thousands prepare for these tests every year since 194s. It is one of the largest and oldest privately owned school* of its kind and is not connected with the Government FOR FREE information on Government jobs, including list of positions and salaries, fill out coupon and mail at once — TODAY. You will also get full details on how you can prepare yoursell for these tests. Don't delay - ACT NOW I LINCOLN SERVICE. 41D P«kln Illinois I u» very mucb interested Please tend DM ttwoluttly (1) 4 UM of US. Government, positions and talarlec; (3) to- fwuwtloo oo bow to qualify for a U.S. Government Job Street ....................... . .......... Poone Cltj ........................ , ........ State

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