The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1959 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, April 3, 1959
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COURIER NEWS VOL. LV—NO; 11 Valley LMdtr Slythwill. Courier Blytbeville Herald Blytherill* Daily New* THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NOBTHBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1959 FOURTEEN PAGES Dalai Lama Safe In /ridia: Nekru , . Bj WATSON SIMS NEW; DELHI, Jndia (AP) — The Dalai Lama, 23- year-old god-king of Tibet, slipped across the border into India three nights ago m a successful escape from pursuing Chinese Communists Prime Minister Nehru, in an- nouiicing the Buddhist ruler's safe arrival to a cheerful parliament, indicated that he would be quickly | j given political asylum. In Good Health The Beware: Spring Also Brings The Swindler "Taking their cue from the budding »f spring time, swindlers offering a bargains at small'cost, then skipping out with the money and leaving nothing in return. ..H. this springtime follows the pattern of the past, more swindlers will be coming 'wjth the con game* and attractive-sounding deals. Last week a man reportedly was in Blytheville with a money making scheme that went something like this: -A call was placed.and the answering party was'asked, a simple question. When the correct answer was given the caller would proclaim that the person had just won a new sewing machine. Cost: $10 Oh a subsequent visjt to the , home p the gift giver would remind the winner that he would have, to pay $10 tax on the merchandise immediately and an additional $17.50 when it arrived to make the deal complete. After the $10' was received the swindler would leave and no sewing machine would ever find its way to the lucky winner's home. . This /.swindle w a s uncovered when Jimmie.Deal, owner of Fabric Center, who also operates a sewing, machine exchange, received inquiries concerning delivery of the prize. : Man Arrested After assuring the callers that he had nothing to do with any sewing machine contest. Deal investigated the matter further and came up with the details of how the swindler operated. Reports were received that a man had been arrested in Memphis for offering an identical deal to seven Memphis housewives. Chief of Police Charlie Short said today that he had. not been notified of any swindlers operating in the area. He did;say, '.'People should always be cautious of anyone who appears to want to give them something for nothing, and those 'who might be coming around for contributions for an unfamiliar organization. : "We have a law that all those people have to have a permit to do business and people should fe- quest any door-to-door salesman's license before doing business with him." If any resident is approached .by someone who apparently is engaging in «n illegal enterprise a cat! should be placed to the city elerk'i office where: all door-la- "Yes, he is in good health," Nehru declared in disclosing the end of a dramatic 13-day manhunt in which the Chinese Reds desperately tried to' head off the youthful monarch worshipped by Tibetans as a living Budda. The Dalai Lama, reportedly traveling in a party of 80, crossed the border in extreme northeast India near the village of Towang approximately 500 miles north of Calcutta Towang has the largest Buddhist monastery in India but is located in almost inaccessible mountainous country. Redi Claim The Chinese Communists, in disclosing Thursday that their quarry' had reached India, claimed he was kidnaped by rebels who rose up against the Red overlords in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, just over two weeks ago. But Nehru's statement to Parliament made clear that the #young ruler fled Lhasa of his own accord and that he was *eeking refuge in India. Nehru said that he first learned Wednesday night that an emissary of the Dalai lama has arrived at the Indian border in the northeast frontier area of Assam state. Cro» Border The prime minister said that the young ruler and his party actually had crossed the border the night before but the message from the remote area was slow in reaching him. A second group subsequently arrived to swell'the l^ama s entourage to 80 persons, Nehru said ' Nehru said the Dalai Lama's emissary sought political asylum for his chief, and that the Indian political officer at Shillong, in Assam state, the chief town 150 miles south of the border, had prior instructions what to do. This was taken as an indication that asylum would be granted. Published Dally Kxcept Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS West Toughening Policy on Berlin * * # » * * * * NATO Kills Concessions By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER ,. . WASHINGTON (AP) — The Wo.stern powers appeared today to be touzhenintf their policy on negotiations with the Soviet Union over the Berlin crisis rou « nemn S i c. , n •, ATO forci S n ministers meeting went into its second day here, the United S ates-, Britain and France were reported shelving some proposals which 'could be construed as offering possible concessions to the Soviets A SLAVE FOR MODERN MAN - The robot "handy t man" is deft enough to beat children at their own game. Developed in Schenectady, N. Y., it will be placed behind seven-foot-thick concrete walls to handle ra- dioactive material. Engineer Ralph Moser operates the controls at left. Though far stronger than a man, the mechanical hands can delicately pluck the petals from a daisy. Senator Prepares Farm Bill WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Homer' E. Capehart <R-lnd) says he will introduce a completely new farm bill in Congress within two weeks. ."It is a new approach, has new ideas," the senator said Thursday night, when he announced he was preparing the bill. "The administration farm policy has broken down. We need new thoughts and ideas," Capehart said. But he denied he was leading any clique in Congress or the Republican party in a revolt against the Eisenhower administration's farm program. The senator would not disclose the specific provisions of his bill but.said: "In general, it will provide for reducing surpluses, Increasing farm prices, and get- ling the taxpayers out of the 'farm business." 'It Wasn't Too Pleasant' Police Net Wrong Man In Flying Bandit Hunt t™ t ROCK ' ^ (AP > - A us s tnp turned into a near nightmare Thursday nieht for a business man who was mistaken for one of the FBI's it) most wanted fugitives. "It^ wasn't too pleasant, I'll tell not Sprenz. you," said Truman Wichita Falls, Tex., police headquarters. Pennell of as he left A frantic manhunt had led to his arrest. Flying Bandit Police believed he was Frank Lawrence Sprenz, 29, the flying bank robber who has been on the FBI'S most wanted list since Sept. 10, 1958. P.ennell, 36, was arrested after his four-passenger plane, which matched the description of one in which Sprenz has been hopping about (he country, crashed nearby. . - ' ' Alerts for Sprenz'' plane had. been put out in neighboring Mississippi and earlier in the day at Chicago and New Orleans. Police became even more certain Sprenz was in the area when the -plane's occupant did not arrive at a hospital for which he had started. 'Changed My Mind' "I just changed my mind," Pennell explained later. He and his pilot, Jimmie Lynn Hamilton of Columbia, S.C., l«ft the crash scene with S.Sgt. and Mrs. Paul E. Pearson who offered to lake them in their car to the Little Rock Air Force Base hospital. On the way Pennell and Hamilton decided they were not hurt badly and would drivt into Little Rock. They were on their way when police, armed with t h o t g « n i, stopped them. Ignore Pro*wU Warned that Sprenz would be armed and dangenxu, police officers took po chances and ignored Pennell'i protests until FBI agents polk* UMV puoacr wai Hamilton said the plane either ran out of gas or developed engine trouble and he crash-landed in the best spot he could find. Pennell and Hamilton were bound from Columbia to the nearby resort city of Hot Springs. They planned to continue their trip today after a night's rest at a Little Rock hotel. Both Both Treated were treated for minor cuts and bruises at a hospital and released. Pennell American is president of the Trust Life Insurance Co: at Wichita Falls. Sprenz is charged with the 2$5,000 robbery of the Hamilton, Ohio, Plaza Branch of the First Naitonal Bank and other crimes. State Police roadblocks had been flung up around Little Rock to snare the much-wanted fugitive. Fireman Acts Too Quickly PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP)-David S. Morris, 46, a voluntary fireman, relaxed in the chair of a barber shop having his beard trimmed. He wai listening to a. television program. Suddenly » siren wailed on the TV set and he jumped just as the barber was drawing the razor down the side of his throat. Six stitche* wert taken. Mow Murders LONDON tin-Twelve murders were committed in metropolitan London in the first three months of this ye*r-the most ev«r r«- web a period. Debbie Bows Out Tayl Liz Jumps for Joy By JAMES BACON / LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) — An ecstatic Elizabeth lor and Eddie Fisher today made plans for a private ,'eddmg that will take place probably May 11. "No one will know about it unti. it's over," the joyful actress told a reporter Thursday night. "We are both very grateful to Debbie." She was referring to Debbie Reynolds, Fisher's wife, who an nounced Thursday she' would no oppose Fisher's desire to. get i quickie Nevada divorce so that h( could marry Miss Taylor. "I wish Liz and Eddie happi ness," Debbie said as she arrive< in Los Angeles after a transpolar flight from a ; mo vie location in Debbie Reynolds Department Would Revise Price Index By MARTHA COLE WASHINGTON (AP - The Labor Department wants to revise its consumer price index because American spending habits have changed a great deal in 10 years. Among the reasons: Americans now buy more television sets, cars, and home appliances—and less dress clothes. Spending Habits The present index is based on the spending habits of Americans in 1950. To get the index, the government prices about 300 commodities and services in 46 cities. The index, popularly known as the cost of Jiving index, comes out every month. The system for figuring it could be revised by January 1964 for an estimated $-!,600,000, the department says. In testimony made public today, Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell asked a House Appropriation subcommittee for funds to start the revision. Mitchell testified that the index' basket of commodities, prices and services was growing out of date because of these changes in American life: Families Larger 1. Families are larger. There ar emore old people and more children. 2. The population has grown 15 per cent .since 1950 am) has shifted geographically. A higher proportion of families now live in the Southwest and West. 3. Families are moving to the suburbs, where people spend less on dress clothes and outside entertainment and more on houses and gardens. 4. Family incomes are higher, even when account is taken of Spain. The news made Liz and Eddi so happy that they literal! j ^jumped for joy. A reporter tolc them of Debbie's statement whiL the two were at the $500-a-week dude ranch that Miss Taylor rent: while Fisher performs nearby a the Tropicana Hotel. "Liz is flipping," said Fisher "She's jumping all over the room I'm grateful (hat Debbie did this.' Then Liz got on the telephoni and said:"I m so happy : alinos passed out at the news. I knew all along that Debbie would con sent. Just chalk it up to worn an's psychology or intuition." Liz originally had made plan to attend Burl Ives' opening a the Flamingo Hotel Thursday night. Ives, her co-star in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and also Academy Award nominee, was Eliza , , , education and medical care. A smaller proportion of income is food), meals and fresh fruit*. opening The United Slates, meanwhile, pledged anew the full use of its nuclear missile and bomber slrik- ng force in defense of Western Surope and North America if military action ever became necessary. U. S. Power Acting Secretary of State Chris- lian Herter told the 15-nalion Foreign Ministers Council late Thursday that U,S. power today is greater than it.lias ever been, fie declared that this country is now making faster progress in the development of missiles than is the Soviet Union. "I pledge our continued willingness," Herter solemnly told the allied leaders, "to make the necessary effort for the common de- ncnt of Western policy for dealing with it. The debate opened Thursday after President Eisenhower's morning address in which he declared Ibat NATO must be prepared to carry on for years in a world of continued "tension and jickering" between the free na:ions and the Soviets. (en Pledges Strength "I pedge also full willingness to use our strength' in the common defense if need be." West German Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentano was scheduled to lead off today's debate on the Berlin crisis and the develop Frogmen Better Record . _.„ _., NORFOLK, Va. Wl — Four seeking support from the whole Navy frogmen today bettered the NATO Council on the general pol- 41-hour record for underwater en- icy lines which they have so far durance and hoped to remain sub- developed for negotiations with merged for 48 hours. The Seek Support Western Big Three the Soviet Union at a foreign ministers meeting beginning in Geneva May 11 on the problem of Germany and the specific crisis over Berlin. Britain has been reported as favoring a softer approach to the Geneva negotiations than the United States and France. West Germany is known to advocate a hardboiled strategy, reserving any concessions until a late stage am avoiding any evidence of willing ness to pay a price to get the U.S.S.R. to ease up on Berlin. belh guest at Fisher's Wednesday night. "I decided that Eddie and should be alone," she explained "Also, I've been fighting a sore throat." Between Shows She was not at Fisher's suppei show but the singer went out to the ranch between shows and she returned with him to the midnight show. "I'll be here every night from now on," she said, "either out front or around the dressing room." That means two shows a night for the next six weeks, the time needed for Fisher to establish Nevada residence. He said he probably will charge incompatibility in his divorce suit against Debbie. Debbie got a California decree in February from Fisher but it will not be final for a year. As a result Liz and Eddie cannot live in California as man and wife until February 1960. Otherwise Fisher would be subject to prosecution for bigamy in that state. Dulles Rest Cure Continues JUPITER ISLAND, Fla. (AP>Secretary of Stale John Foster Dulles continued his program of r t and recuperation from a can- higher prices. More money is cer operation today at this resort spent on television, cars, travel ~' " on Fiorina's East Coast. . More good weather was prom. r ------- -- --------- •- ised after rain and clouds kepi spent on food. Food expenditures Dulles Indoors Thursday morning. themselves go heavily for frozen He went for a swim in the after- t i. i- __j »_„!. I-..,.. oyt THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT - Both photos are of the same scene in the forthcoming movie. "Solomon and Sheba," but two of the duelists are different. Top, it's the late Tyrone Power crosing swords with George Sanders. Bottom, Yul Brynner goes through the action with Sanders in a remake. It was during !he filming of this scene that Power suffered a heart attack and died last November. Farmers Off to Flying Start Making his first report to the State Crop Reporting Service today, County Agent Keith Bilbrey commented on the favorable weather and soil moisture conditions of Spring, 1959. "Since March 16," Bilbrey said in his report, "the weather has been most favorable." "Nearly every acre of cotton land is fertilized and rearly to plant. Planting will start soon. Legion District Meet Here Fifth District of Arkansas' American Legion will meet here Sunday. Members will attend the church of their choice at 10:45 then meet at the Legion Hut for dinner. The business session, under the direction of District Commander Harvey Durham of Manila, begins at 1:M. Dud Cason Post Commander Horact Walpol* will b* official hott "A few acres of corn has been planted and about 5,000 acres of soybeans are in the ground," Bilbrey's report concluded. Questioned about the early planting of beans, Bilbrey said, "1 guess the fine weather and condition of (he soil was just too much for some farmers to hold off any longer." Wasp Causes Traffic Death MESA, Ariz. (AP)-A woman' attempt to shoo away a wasp while driving resulted in a colli sion with a school bus and th( death of her daughter Thursday None of the 70 junior high schoo students on the. bus was hurt. Patrolman Carroll Bellinger said that as Alico M. Flaherty, 34 tried to ward off the wasp, her car plowed head-on info the bus. Viola Pearl Gibson, 16, died ol injuries in a Mesa hospital. Mrs Flaherty and another daughter Shirley Ann Gibson, 13, were hos pilalized with fractures. Heated Pool The four broke the old record at 5:07 a.m. in the indoor, heated swimming pool they had entered Wednesday at 12:06 p.m.' Lt. Arthur L. Rehme, a Navy physician serving as medical supervisor, said they seem to be doing fine, though they are "getting a little tired, I think. They'll be glad to get out of the water." Hehme said that when the men emerge from the pool they will b» given extensive physical examinations and will be interviewed by a psychologist. Previous Record The previous underwater record was established by John Gary ia a New Orleans, La., pool ui August 1958. To combat boredom during their long stay underwater the . four frogmen have played checkers, read plastic-coated magazines and put on hydrophones to listen to radio broadcasts of news and music. Sheriff Probes Rape Charge Sheriff's officers today were investigating a reported attempted rape, after an IB-year old girl ran to a farm home near Luxora early this morning and said a man had tried to attack her. The girl gave a description to Deputy Cliff Cannon at Osceola and a Memphis man was arrested here by Blytheville police at about 4 a.m. today. He is being held in Osceola jail pending further investigation. The girl, who works at a restaurant, said she went with the man after getting off work, and they drove to near Luxora, where the alleged attack occurred. The man has denied attempting to attack the girl. Okays Conference BERN, Switzerland Iff! — T h e Swiss government today gave its formal agreement to being host to the foreign ministers conference of the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union scheduled to open in Geneva May 11. Weather ARKANSAS — Clear to partly cloudy through Saturday, cooler Saturday and in north portion tonight. Lowest 35-45 tonight, highest 65-75 Saturday. MlSSOURI-Partly cloudy and cooler today with scattered light showers southeast portion. North* erly winds diminishing late today. Mostly fair tonight and Saturday. Cooler tonight. Maximum yesterday—71 Minimum this morales—M Mean temperature—67 Sunset today—5:23 Sunrise tomorrow—S:43 Precipitation last M hour* (7 a.m. to T ».m.l—none Precipitation ,l»n. I to thin 4»t* —14.63 CaruthersTllle Rivet SUM — M* up .4 This Da; A Ytu A|* Mexlmum ;e«terdfcy—IB Minimum this morning—S5 Prrclpltatloa JKB. i %t thlfl doM

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