The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on October 15, 2002 · Page 7
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Page 7
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GETTYSBURG TIMES • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2002 A7 Bombings— Fairfield Jobs (Continued from Page Al) provoke a backlash against the nascent democracy in the world's most populous Muslim nation, and tHat providing the military wider powers to deal with terrorism could herald a return of human rights abuses. Malaysia and Singapore have jailed scores of suspected Jemaah Islamiyah members accused of plotting to bomb the U.S. Embassy and other Western targets; The group has carried out bombings in the Philippines. Jemaah Islamiyah is believed to have four tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used to make the Oklahoma City truck bomb, purchased by a suspected Malaysian member who the Malaysian government says allowed two of the Sept. 11 hijackers to use his apartment in 2000. /The U.S. Embassy ordered all nbnessential staff and dependents tcF leave Indonesia, and said other Americans in Indonesia should consider leaving. *Up to 20,000 Americans are believed to be in Indonesia, although few are permanent residents. •Many are employees of U.S. energy companies, which have extensive interests in the resource- rich nation. '. Foreign countries compiled rising tolls of their citizens killed in the bombings, while volunteers at a hospital-turned-morgue piled ice on bodies and loaded others into refrigerated containers to slow decomposition in the tropical heat. Rotary Biglerville Fire Dept. ALL NITE PIN<3O October 19th, 2002 ®0or& Open ...... 5:30 FM J3lngo Starts ..... 7:OQPM Cost: $45.00 102 Games Includes Breakfast For Information 677-7532 (Continued from Page Al) we can offer our students." The district is hoping that volunteers will come forward to do research on possible grant programs that would not include financial backing from the district. One such program the district has been involved in is the Safe and Drug Free Schools grant. According to Jay Czap, who made a presentation on the program last night, the grant has several restrictions on how the money can be used. This year's grant money is being put toward the printing of a pamphlet called "A Parent's Guide for the Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Use." The booklet offers tips for parents and teachers to identify drug use and types of drugs, and answers questions on legal consequences. "The money from the grant needed to be spent and this was an excellent investment," said Czap, the vice principal at Fairfield Area High School. "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the only places in Pennsylvania with this educational resource, until now." The program will be provided free of charge to every parent in the district through either parent conferences or parent drug and alcohol workshops. Anyone interested in more information on grant research and writing for the district should contact the administration offices. In other business, the board • discussed the Pennsylvania School Board Association's public outreach campaign, which aims to raise awareness concerning "what is good about public education." • expressed its appreciation to Hamiltonban Police Department for increasing its visibility around the district in recent weeks and for taking extra measures to see that students are being kept safe. • voiced concerns that students transitioning from fourth to fifth grade are struggling to conform to more structured time schedules, with no recess and little "active" time. Each of these concerns will be readdressed at the next board meeting, Oct. 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the elementary school library. (Continued from Page Al) -able, more agile, more versatile, more lethal, more survivable, and more sustainable (with) answers by 2003, after which the Research and Development and Procurement processes will commence. • Interim Force: The force that bridges the capability gap between the Legacy Force and the Objective Force. Equipped with the best off-the-shelf combat vehicles available today. What the changes appear to mean is fewer, though more expensive, items being purchased to equip the new force. A member of UD management who asked not to be identified noted defense spending at least in numbers and types of items being purchased has decreased steadily since the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. United Defense, for instance, has ceased work on some tank models, and in August received word from the Army that its contract for the Crusader, a self-propelled artillery system, had been terminated for the convenience of the government. Drilling precision holes in tank hulls was a job that earned Rick Coleman, of East Berlin, a good salary. If I would be called back today for my job title, it would be $ 18 an hour, he said. He was laid off two years ago. and has not been called back. As a company, United Defense does not appear at risk. It recently received a $44 million award for its part in building a shipboard missile launcher. It also has received a contract and initial funding for the design, production, and testing of an Advanced Gun System (AGS). - (Continued from Page A3) between individuals and countries. •"He had an excellent sense of how we are all connected," said Birkner. It is the spirit of Eisenhower's humanitarian efforts and his dedication to education that prompted Rotary to pick up the torch and reestablish the award. Ken Farabaugh explained the nomination criteria and process. The nominee must be an individual and must be alive at the time of nomination. Preferably, the nominee will be from Adams County, but not necessarily living in Adams County currently. The nominee's achievement can be local or global and can represent a life's work or a one-time occurrence. "Farabaugh said that when the award was first gi^en* Mamie ' David Eisenhower would sent a personal letter to the honoree. Today, Farabaugh said, Susan Eisenhower has agreed to do the same on behalf of Eisenhower's family. The. Eisenhower Humanitarian Award will be presented to the winning nominee on or near the obervance of Eisenhower's Birthday on.Oct. 14. Senoried Specials $8 Tire Rotation INCLUDES FREE TIRE INSPECTION Rotate and inspect four tires. Dual rear-wheel vehicles extra. Offer valid with ad. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Plus tax. Expires 11/30/02 Blue Oval Certified DAVIDSON MOTOR COMPANY ' Koad 7(>()1 jBcndcrsuillc Communitj] Jfirc £ompanji BOYDS® BEAR & BASKET BINGO Saturday, October 19 th , 2002 Doofs Open 5:OOPM • Bingo 7:OOPM Bendersville Community Hall Tickets: $12 ; . Call 677-7368 (Tickets &• Info) (Food will be available for sale) Bingo License »529 .iborKerf5 & UoydsS 1 arc nol sponsors of Ihis event) Small Games License #804 / ^ BASKBX BI1VGO American Legion 123 Baltimore Street • Gettysburg SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2OTM Doors Open - ll:30am • Games l:30pm Tickets $10 • 20+ Games ~ 6 Cards Per Game For tickets call 334-4513 or 642-8666 Benefits.... Building Fund Longaberget" is not a sponsor of this event. } * Sat. & Sun. 12 NOON - /INGANpRE WI'NECELLARS / A Music Bv; The Todd Butler Band & After Hours Food by: Constantine's Kitchen & the Stonehearth Bakery $ 8.00 admission ( Free under 21 with adult) Bring your friends and family Includes: Tour& Tastings of 19 Wines, Shaded Picnic Area, 25 Artisans, Petting Zoo, Free Parking Call for Directions 410.795.6432 301.831.5889 WHAT'S ON T\& r ~ 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 TUESDAY EVENING-OCTOBER 15, 2Cf02| 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 | 10:30 | 11:00 | 11:30 | 12:00 | BROADCAST CHANNELS | Q ABC Q FOX Q NBC m NBC ID CBS fa UPN m UPN G) CBS m ABC ffl PBS EB FOX 03 IND m WB m PBS NewsE Simpsons "Homer to the Max" News ffl News® ABC World News Tonight Simpsons (In Stereo) ffl NBC Nightly News® NBC Nightly ' NewsE News Jerry Springer Two women, one man. (N) (In Stereo) E Hughleys "Mother's Day" E News NewsE Jamie Foxx "Roadtrip" CBS Evening NewsE ABC World News Tonight Newshour With Jim Lehrer E Simpsons (In Stereo) E American Times News Simpsons "Bart the Daredevil" Frasier "Good Grief E Paid Program News (In Stereo) Newshour With Jim Lehrer E Jeopardyl (N) E Friends (In Stereo) ffl Entertainment ^x Tonight (N)***Inside Edition (N) E CBS Evening NewsE Just Shoot Me "Old Boyfriends" That 70s Show "Sleepover 1 ' Wheel of Fortune (N)E Hollywood Squares (N) Wheel of Fortune (N)E Seinfeld 'The Wife" E ExWPOn.-'ife, Stereo) E ""A Hollywood "'*'" Squares (N) Entertainment Tonight (N) Spin City "Hey Judith" E That 70s Show (In Stereo) E Jeopardyl (N) E Friends (In Stereo) ffl Sesame Street (In Stereo) (El) E Seinfeld The Wife" ffl Paid Program Simpsons (In Stereo) ffl Nightly Business Report (N) ffl Everybody Loves Raymond Victory Today That 70s Show "Sleepover" Direct Connection 3 Simple Rules for Dating According to Jim (N)E Life With Bonnie "Duets" (N) Less Than Perfect (N) ffl NYPD Blue "Meat Me in the Park" (N) (In Stereo) E Ma|or League Baseball Playoffs American League Championship Series Game 6 -- Anaheim Angels at Minnesota Twins. (In Stereo Live) E In'-Laws.'Crawn Vic* (N) IF; In-Laws "Crown Vic"(N)E Just Shoot Me "Mr. Jealousy" Just Shoot Me "Mr. Jealousy" JAG "Dangerous Game" (N) (In Stereo) E (DVS) Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Help" (N) (In Stereo) E Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Help" (N) (In Stereo) E JAG "Dangerous Game" (N) (In Stereo) E (DVS) 8 Simple Rules for Dating According to Jim (N)E Nova "Ice Mummies" "Siberian Ice Maiden" (In Stereo) E Frasier "Kissing Cousin" (N) Frasier "Kissing Cousin" (N) Hidden Hills (N) (In Stereo) E Hidden Hills (N) (In Stereo) E Guardian "The Next Life" (N) (In Stereo) E Haunted "Abby"'(N) (In Stereo) E Haunted "Abby" (N) (In Stereo) ffl Guardian "The Next Life" (N) (In Stereo) ffl Life With Bonnie "Duets" (N) Less Than Perfect (N) E Scientific American Frontiers "Make Up Your Mind" (N) Dateline (In Stereo) ffl Dateline (In Stereo) H Judging Amy "Every Stranger's Face I See" (N) (In Stereo) E News Everybody Loves Raymond Change of Heart E Dharma & Greg Larry moves in. Judging Amy "Every Stranger's Face I See" (N) (In Stereo) E NYPD Blue "Meat Me in the Park" (N) (In Stereo) E Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (N) (In Stereo) (Part 3 of 4) ffl Major League Baseball Playoffs American League Championship Series Game 6 •• Anaheim Angels at Minnesota Twins. (In Stereo Live) E Cornerstone E This Is Your Day Gllmore Girls "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes" (N) E Nova "Ice Mummies" "Siberian Ice Maiden" (In Stereo) SI 700 Club (N) ffl Smallvllle Clark discovers red kryp- tonite's evil power over him. (N) Scientific American Frontiers "Make Up Your Mind" (N) Life In the Word Joyce Meyer. Steve Harvey (In Stereo) ffl Rhema Praise Martin (In Stereo) ffl Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (N) (In Stereo) (Part 3 of 4) ffl News ffl Seinfeld "The Dealership" NewsE News ffl News Blind Date E Extreme Dating (In Stereo) News NewsE Vets In Practice Golden retriever. (:35) Nightline ffl Drew Carey S 12:06) Up Close E King of the Hill ,ln Stereo) & (:35) Tonight Show (N) (In Stereo) ffl (:35) Tonight Show (N) (In Stereo) E (:35) Late Show Thandie Newton. Faith Hill. (N) (In Stereo) E Elimldate (N) Shipmates (N) Star Trek: Voyager E Spin City "Hey Judith" "K (:35) Late Show Thandie Newton, Faith Hill. (N) (In Stereo) E (:35) Nightline E Nightly Business Report (N) E NewsE Hour of Healing Steve Harvey (In Stereo) E Martin (In Stereo) ffl Queen Victoria's Empire The Moral Crusade" (In Stereo) ffl (12:06) News 1 Charlie Rose (N) (In Stereo) 3. Everybody Loves Raymond Health and Beauty Living Single (In Stereo) 1. BBC World News CABLE CHANNELS . 1 A&E AMC A/P CNN CSN CSPAN DISC ESPN ESPN2 FAM HGTV HIST LIFE NICK QVC SCIFI TBS TLC TNN TNT TVL USA imiimu DISN HBO MAX SHOW TMC The View (In Stereo) E Murder, She Wrote "Game, Set, Murder" (In Stereo) ffl (5:30) *** "North to Alaska" (1960, Adventure) John Wayne, Stewart Granger. A miner replaces his partner's fiancee with a gold digger. Planet's Funniest Animals Crocodile Hunter's Croc Files Moneyline ffl Totally NASCAR SportsNITE Planet's Funniest Animals Amazing Animal Videos E Crossfire E You Gotta See Thlsl NASCAR Tech (2:00) House of Representatives (Live) Giant Grizzlies Sportscenter E Motoworld (N) Funniest Home Videos Curb Appeal "Eichler Makeover" RPM 2Night (N) Funniest Home Videos Help Around the House Raise the Hunley ffl Golden Girls "Sisters" E Rocket Power (In Stereo) Golden Girls (In Stereo) E Rocket Power (In Stereo) Designer Coats (N) Star Trek "And the Children Shall Lead" (In Stereo) ffl Drew Carey (In Stereo) ffl Seinfeld The Statue" E Atlantis: The Lost Continent Mad TV (In Stereo) ffl Mad TV (In Stereo) ffl X-Files "Syzygy" (In Stereo) ffl Leave It to Beaver Walker, Texas Ra (In Stereo) ffl QQQSD Sister, Sister ffl "The Journey of AuguitKing' 1 (4:45) ^Sayl* l«n'tSo"(2001) Leave It to Beaver nger "Undercover" Even Stevens "Ren-Gale" Real LAPD "Hearts and Minds" The Focus Group (N) NFL2Nlght(N) E Sportscenter E Biography "Marilyn Monroe: The Mortal Goddess" ffl Cold Case Files "Pride and the Fall; The Nail File" (N) E Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey A profile of Bruce Lee with scenes from his linal, never-completed movie. E Wildfire Rescue (N) Connie Chung Tonight ffl Saving the Jackass Penguin Larry King Live E Best Damn Sports Show Period (N) Cold Case Files The South Side Rapist" m Third Watch "Young Men and Fire..." (In Stereo) E Biography: Marilyn Monroe * * * s "To Hell and Back" (1 955, Biography) Audie Murphy, Susan Kohner, Marshall Thomp- i son. The true story of war hero-tumed-movie star Audie Murphy. Amazing Animal Videos Newsnlght With Aaron Brown E SportsNITE Ravens Wired Campaign 2002 Debates New Detectives: Case Studies In Forensic Science E Beg, Borrow & Deal Sports-related challenges. (N) ffl NFL's Greatest Moments 7th Heaven The Ring" (In Stereo) ffl This Old House (In Stereo) E Before & After Ship (Part 1 of 6) ffl Intimate Portrait "Andie MacDowell" Actress Andie MacDowell. Hey Arnoldl New classmate. Rugrats (In Stereo) E Northern Nights: Flannel Sheets X-Files "Pilot" (N) (In Stereo) ffl Friends (In Stereo) E Medical Detectives ffl Real TV (In Stereo) E Seinfeld "The Pilot, Part 1" E Medical Detectives E Real TV (In Stereo) ffl Law & Order "Precious" (In Stereo) ffl Beverly Hillbillies Andy Griffith JAG "Cowboys & Cossacks" (In Stereo) ffl SIsteTsisterit'sluzzlS My Party" ffl NFL's Greatest Moments (N) New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science (N) Off Course (N) NFL's Greatest Moments (N) Sports Reporters II (N) NFL's Greatest Moments ** "Down Periscope" (1996, Comedy) Kelsey Grammer. The wacky crew of a second-rate sub prepares for war games. (In Stereo) At Home With... Billy Ray Cyrus. Fantasy Open • House Ship (Part 2 of 6) E Unsolved Mysteries (In Stereo) E Spongebob Squarepants As Told by Ginger E Room by Room "Home Theater" Decorating Cents FBI Files "The Price of Greed" (N) Season (N) (Part 3 of 3) NFL's Greatest Moments Whose Line Is It Anyway? House Hunters NFL's Greatest Moments Whose Line Is It Anyway? Dream House Ship News of the Sept. 1 1 attacks reaches the crew; onboard memorial service. (N) (Part 2 of 3) E "The Perfect Wife" (2000, Suspense) Perry King, Shannon Sturges. The sister of an accident victim plans an unusual revenge. 08 Cosby Show "Cliff and Jake" Cosby Show (In Stereo) E Dennis Basso Boutique X-Files "Deep Throat" (N) (In Stereo) ffl X-Files "Darkness Falls" (N) (In Stereo) ffl * * "The Golden Child" (1986, Comedy) Eddie Murphy social worker searches for a mystical Tibetan child, w What Were You Thinking? "When Humans Fly" (N) Star Trek: The Next Generation "The Best of Both Worlds" E Law & Order "Girl Most Likely" (N) (In Stereo) E Brady Bunch Brady Bunch "Big Sprain" Charles Dance. A Joined: The Secret Life of Siamese Twins "Birth" E Cheers "Sam's Women" Cheers "The Tortelli Tort" Wildfire Rescue Connie Chung Tonight Moneyline Saving the Jackass Penguin Larry King Live Best Damn Sports Show Period Prime Time Public Affairs New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science ffl New Detectives- Forensic Sportscenter ffl Streetball (N) Pardon the Interruption (N) 700 Club ffl At Home With... Billy Ray Cyrus. Fantasy Open House Ship (Part 1 of 6) ffl Golden Girls "Cheaters" All in the Family Golden Girls (In Stereo) E All in the Family Turquoise Jewelry X-Files "Blood" (N) (In Stereo) ffl Crossing Over- John Edward Crossing Over- John Edward (:05) * * » "Tremors" (1990, Horror) (PA) Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward. Monster sandworms devour denizens of a Nevada desert town, ffl Joined: The Secret Life of Siamese Twins "Separation" E What Were You Thinking? "When Humans Fly" **)> "Indecent Proposal" (1993, Drama) Robert Redford, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson. A man offers a couple $1 million for a night with the wife. (In Stereo) ® Law & Order "Performance" (In Stereo) E Brady Bunch Brady Bunch * » "Black Sheep" (1996, Comedy) Chris Farley, David Spade, Tim Matheson. A lovable lout threatens his brother's political ambitions, ffl ffpSoWKIcTinSi^ teacher changes the lives of some Latina students. Supremo ffl (;45) * * llg IfwunVl HOMM" (2000, Comedy) Martin Lawrence. A federal agent poses as a grandmother to naj) a crook, 'PG-13' ffl * * "King Q| the iftngte" (2000) John Legulzamo. A mentally challenged man hunts his mother's assassin. (:15) -its "A man to Jwjtf (i994, Comf^-Drama] Paul Rodriguez. ITV. A poor fruit vendor is given a check for $1 million. (In Stereo) w ' Charmed "Witches in Tights" (N) (In Stereo) E Brady Bunch ** "Black Sheep son. A lovable loul Even Stevens "Ren-Gate" * *» "The Utt Castle" (2001, Drama) Robert Redford. An imprisoned general rallies Inmates against the warden. (In Stereo) 'R' ffl * "Exit Wounds" (2001) Steven Seagal. A cop encounters corruption in Detroit's roughest precinct. 'R' (:45) The Date Mistaken-identity. * *s 'RaboCop r (1990, Science Fiction) Peter Weir. ITV, The futuristic cypprg sets out to destroy a drug kingpin. (In Stereo) 'R' ffl (5:30) **s "Ur. Ascent" (2000) |**« "WtWIUck" (m&fewfi Fiction) FWna Mitsh Yahoo Serious. 'PG-13' ffl [tures stalk the survivors of a spaceship crash. (In Stereo) Brady Bunch '(1996, Comedy) < threatens his brotr Sister, Sitter "It's My Party' 045) Flrot Look: Formula 51 (N) NFL 2Night 1 Caroline Rhea Show (N) .1 Room by Room "Home Theater" Ship (Part 2 of 6) E Designing Women E Cosby Show E Santa's Toy Shop Twilight Zone 'The Gift" jT (12:05)** "The; Golden Child" j Jolned-Life of Siamese Twins Star Trek: The Next Generation "Identity Crisis" (In Stereo) E Law & Order "Bum Baby Bum" (In Stereo) ffl (DVS) Beverly Hillbillies 1 Love Lucy E ;hrts Fartey, David Spade, Tim Mathe- ^potolamto.® BoyMwtsWorldlBoyMeetswS ffl GE Sopranos "Ple-O-My" (In Stereo) E * * * "Bad Boyi" (19$5, Drpa) Mufti Lawrence, m Smith. Two Miami cops attempt to recover stolen police evidence, (In Stew) 'R' ffl Chris Isaak The Hidden Mommy" Uncle Matty moves In with Chris. ell. Vicious crea- ["PowMsed," (2000, Horror) Timothy Data, Christopher Ptarnei. A troy- 'R'ffl |bled priest Is caUed upon to perform an exorcism. (In Stwec) ffl ' X-Files "Sein Und Zeit" (N) Archie Bunker's Place (N) Nash Bridges (In Stereo) E So Weird "Listen" E Curb Your Enthusiasm '£. *s "One Eight Sevw"(1997) * *« "PromJwi Urnl" (1987) Jason Gedrlck. Christmas spells, tragwly lor two former classmates. tifHM^UiNKto Find cut" (2000, Horror) Film- school students are spliced and diced by a killer. 'R'

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