Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on September 20, 1941 · Page 4
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 4

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1941
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

• Page Four THE EVENING TRIBUNE, MARYSVILLE, OHIO Satui$iy; September 20,1941 When Stelnmet*,' th^' wizard of kindness, brotherhood, friendship, electricity, was asked what he thought would be the greatest discovery of the future, he unhesitatingly replied, "In the realm of the rnoral and social and spiritual." He love operate. These forces surpass the physical forces, in which the philosophy of "might make* right" abounds. The church Is the one Institution iff** right, turned to the , that presents the satisfactory pro- cuter laws, we must now turn to the . gram of these spiritual and moral inner. a • In the realm of the moral and tht spiritual, the forces of good will, forces. Why not accept the Invitation and COME TO CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY — D. Carl Yoder. trust and strength? 1 ». Who said. "Be not weary In well doing?" Answer* To "Do Top Knowt" 1. When thod doest elms, let. fiot thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. (Matt.'6:3) 2. Eccleslastes (1:6) 3. That they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches. (I Tim. 6:17-19) 4. Trust ye in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. (Isa. 20:4) 5. Paul (I Thess. 3:13) Om PlMMCNMI | "The nations at war censor letters coming in and going out lest something b« written that would Interfere with the welfare of the nation. You ought to exercise censorship of the words you utter for the welfare Of your soul. The thoughtless, un- HOTPOINT BANGB8, «£FKIGERATOR8 HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES RttetatJc the dradgery in your borne THE MARION-RESERVE POWER CO. Live The Electric Way kind, 'untrue word spoken may be the means of wounding another; and, worse than that, your spirit back of the word will be less sweet and kind and Christ-like," S«rmonoffram» .*!sic by the senior chotr, dlreetwi by | Gust Kaufman. -* Youth Fellowship, 8:30 p. m. DO YOU KNOW? 1. What did Christ command concerning secret charity? 2. What book says, 'There Is no new thing under the sun?" 3. What Is Paul's advice to the rich? 4. What saying of Isaiah connects { Prejudice is being down on the Ihlng you are not up on. t Revenge is always the weak plea- iure of a little mlrd. JOIN FARM BUREAU Organize ... To Educate To Legislate To Co-operate Westinghouse Twenty yean a dealer of guaranteed Westinghouse appliances. The name speaka for itself. (John) (Jerry) McAULIFFE ' BROS. Post War Peace The edltoK of the Virginia Methodist Advocate says: "Much attention must be given by Christian people to the kind of peace that is to follow the war. "Of course much depends upon who wins; but the democracies must win! The peace to end this war must not be permitted to contain the seed of the next conflict This means that it must not be conceived In hatred or revenge. It will not be an easy matter to bring the victorious powers to a just and equitable settlement. But unless the factor of revenge Is far removed, humiliation will be visited upon the defeated powers. This will bring forth hatred which, inJime, will ripen Into plans for further strife and bloodshed. Somewhere along the way the nations of earth must find a saner and a better way. This way will not come of Itself, It must be discovered and nourished in every possible manner." The true greatness of nation* is In those qualities which constitute the greatness of the individual.— Charles Sumner. Immortality Is the glorious discovery of Christianity.—-Channing. Beyond question the tout is immortal and Imperishable and will truly exist In another world.—Socrates. • People who will do unfair things for you are likely to do unfair things against you. Kindness is the greatest unused capital in the. world today. Every difficulty is either a grindstone or a stepplngstone. Some Ignorance Is amusing; some Is amazing, and some is appalling. It is harder to beat the moral law than it is to beat the civil law. A proof of character is in making a right choice when one Is free to choose as he pleases. The promise of the resurrection Is written in every leaf in the springtime.—Luther. • The man who toots his own horn has everybody dodging when he approaches.—Ezra. Solitude Is needful to the imagination as society is wholesome for character.—Lowell. Unl«nviUe Center Church school, 10 a. m. Evening worship, 8 p. m, train Church school, 9:30 a. m. • The trouble with the average man is that he seldom increases his overage. The hour for serving God is always now.—Thackeray. The great tests of life reveal character; it. is not until winter comes that we know the pine is evergreen. 'The ability to make wise" cracks is nq proof that one is wise. When in need of Lumber; Building Supplies, Millwork o f a 11 k'i n d s, Fence, Roofing, Paint and Ladders, or anything to build everything, see C. R Golf Lumber Co. Broadway and West Maasfleld C.H.Gott,Mcr. D. W .Goff, Mgr. MARYSVILLE FLORAL CO. FKED C. MAGSIO, Florist All Type* Of Floral Work Frvuptly Done Laad*e*pe Work » Specialty Booth Plum St. GreenhottM—Canal 4210 Home—Hilltop ««• Vehicles Taxed Century Ago Evidently there's nothing new under the sun! Persons who believe that taxes on vehicles originated after the advent of the automobile must now consider new evidence that such levies are much older than the horseless carriage. According to the Automobile Club of Southarn California a tax receipt more than 120 years old was discovered recently near Blrdsboro, Pa., showing that }2 was paid as a year's license on a two-wheel carriage. Use the want-to*. The blessed work of helping the world forward happily docs not wait to be done by perfect men.— Eliot. Sympathy is the safeguard of the human soul against selfishness. • Discretion of speech Is more than eloquence. ELBIN GROCERY FBE8II FRUITS, VEGETABLES At All Time* A modern grocery with a big business. Try us and be convinced. Corner A*h and Seventh SU. Phone Canal 4480 WATKIN8 CHRISTIAN Sunday school, 10 a. m. Robert McKitrick, superintendent Classes for all ages. Church services at 11 a. m. conducted by Rev. Wall, every second and fourth Sunday of each month. Young People's meeting at 7:30 p. »n. . • *• If you're not attending church somewhere, why not begin now? CHURCH OF CHRIST IN CHRISTIAN UNION (Milford Center) Ray Humble, Pastor Sundayjichool, 9:30 a. m. Preaching service, 10:30 o'clock, Evangelistic service, 7:30 p. m. Mid-week prayer service, Wednesday night at 8:00 o'rlock. Cottage prayer meeting, Friday night at 8:00 o'clock. Missionary Service on the first Wednesdav night of the month. Mrs Mlllard Matthews, leader. WEST MANSFIELD FRIENDS MISSION Sunday school, 10 a. m. Preaching service, 11 a. m. Evening service, 8:00 o'clock. Prayer meeting every Tuesday evening at &00 o'clock. This Is the third of a series of sermons based on the Psalms. Meetings of the boys and girls below the junior high school age: 4:30 p. m., at the church. Worship, discussion, and recreation. Junior Fellowship, 6:30 p. m. at the church. Worship, discussion, ,and recreation. Subject: "We Learn It to Live at School", • Young People's choir rehearsal, Wednesday, September 24, at fl:45 p. m. Senior choir rehearsal, Wednesday, September 24, at .7:30 p. m. , RAYMOND CHRISTIAN Paul Ferguson, Pastor Church services, 10 a. m. Sunday school, 11 a. m. Young People's meeting, 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic service, 8 p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday evening, 8:15 p. m. MAGNETIC METHODIST Rev. James Cooper, Pastor Church services, 9:49 a. m. Sunday school, 10:45 a. m. ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Aug. Gerken, Pastor Morning service in English at 10 o'clock with sermon and holy com- rnurilon. Confessional ^service, 8:30 a. m. The Walther League meets Tuesday, 8 p. m. ASBURY METHODIST Wyburn Skidmore, Pastor Morning worship, 10 o'clock. Church school, 11 a. m. Kelvin A. Payne, superintendent Topic of lesson, "The Christian's Way of Winning." Evening 'worship, 8 p. m., at Broadway. Prayer meeting at Broadway, Thursday at 8 p. m., Sept 25. FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN "TauT ETPTastorer, Fastbr Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Cloyce Moore, superintendent. 'L. P, Rupright, assistant Morning worship, 10:30 o'clock. Sermon by the pastor. The Church Council will meet Monday evening, September 22, in the church office, beginning at 8:00. This is a postponed meeting, and it In Important that every member be present. The Western Conference of the Synod of Ohio meets September 23, 24 in Findlay. The pastor will attend. ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN AT CHUCKERY C. J. S. Wachholz, Pastor • Sunday morning services at 8:30 o'clock in the English language. Catechism: Questions 312-318. CHURCH OF CHRIST Bible school 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11 a, m. Young people's meeting, 7:30 p. m. followed by regular evening services. Gale Reeder, minister. SCOUT USHERS AT STADIUM LOCAL EOT SCOUTS TO BE AMONG USHERS AT OHIO STATE HOME GAMES Again this season local ScouU have been Invited to assist, with football ushering at the Ohio Stadium In Columbus at home football games of Ohio State University. More than 1200 boys and leaders serve at each of the five games as their annual good turn to the university and the public. In order to qualify for this oppor tunlty a Scout must be second class rank or above, willing to serve a I every home game this season, and be registered in advance at the Scout office in order to receive a definite assignment . 1 Applications must be approved by both parents and Scoutmasters Each Scout and Scout officials must appear in full uniform wearlnj badge of rank and present pass a gates before entrance will be granted. Captain Harold R. Lee is in charge of ushering service, assisted by volunteer Scouters who serve a deck chiefs and section chiefs pervlslng the Scouts. su BUCK RUN Mrs. W. M. Staley, Sr., Cor. DUTCH'S SANDWICH SHOP Wo aenro 19,6*4 (Un at » time) All Kinds of Sandwiches North M*Ja Bt Beauty of character U mure than skin deep—it proceeds from the center of onu's being. The 1941 FORD V- 8 HM: THE ROOM THE RIDE THE VIEW EVANS MOTOR SALES Furd Bales and Service MARYUVILLK, OHIO BPRINODALE BAPTIST Sunday school, 10:00 a. .m. Classei for all afies. Edgar Lowry, superintendent. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL G, D. Wlgfteld, Pastor Church school, 9:30 a. m, Richard Hartshorn, superintendent. Pilgrim Fellowship, 9:30 a. m. Morning worship, 10:30 o'clock. Sermon, "God Restores Our Souls." FIRST PRESBYTERIAN John Alvin Stuart, Pastor Church school, D:3Q a. m. Men's Forum. Orchestra. . . .. Morning worship and sermon, 10:30 o'clock. Nursery for small children. Special music by the senior choir. Orchestra rehearsal, 4:00 p. m. Leader, Miss Jennie Sherwood. Junior choir rehearsal, 5:00 p, m. Leader, Mrs. George A. Maney. Pioneers and Crusaders, 5:30 p. m. Leader, George Evans. Devotional program and recreation. The Tuxls Society, 0:30 p. m,! Leader, Lawrence Gabriel. Please note this change: The Women's Missionary Society will conduct an all day Relay Class on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 1841, at the home of Mrs. R, F. Turner on the Kenton Rood, beginning at 10:00 a. m. A covered diah dinner will be served at noon. The meeting, originally scheduled in the calendar for Wednesday, has been moved ahead one day to Tuesday. Easiness Service DRY CLtANINO. C«n Fred Avery. 1, FOR KENT—Hall modern double, bath and furnace. Canal 4370. 'AINTS and wallpaper. Ooodsell's. Lost, Found, Strayed 2 iOST—Yesterday afternoon, Citizen Federal Savings & Loan Co. envelope containing flat key. Return to above. Special Notices PRUDENTIAL farm rate, long terms. 4 loans. Low .Authorized mortgage solicitor, M. E. Travel, Plain City. Ohio, For Sale or Trade 23 FOR SALE—7 room modern hou.ic. COO E. 4th St. HORSES »4•• COWS Of Sice and Condition. — CUI ' Belt Bros, Fertilizer Mmrmtlle Canal MM Wanted: Miscellaneous 5 WHITE shoes ayed for longer wear. Have school shoes repaired now and avofd the rush. Marysvllle Shoe Repair, Donald L. Fleming. WANTED—Lambs and veal calves. Bring us your veal calvea and lambs. We will allow you all the market affords. Honest weights on tested scales. You must be satisfied. 1 mile east on U. S. 38, Marysville and Delaware Road, Asman'8 Packing Co. Female Help Wanted \ 0 WAITRESS wanted. Inquire Dutch's Sandwich Shop. at Hon, Ralph D. Cole, Republican of Flndlay, congressman from this district, visited Auditor D, B. Edwards last night and attended the Richwood fair today. He is opposed in this year's congressional race by Homer Southard, Democrat, of this city. CHURCH PAGE SPONSORS The 1941 FORD V-8 Has: THE ROOM THE RIDE THE VIEW EVANS MOTOR SALE® frOMO KALES AND bthVlCt Oltia UNION COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ABS'N. A permanent organiutlon for a permanent agriculture. F.LBIN GKOCEBV Trade with us and go to church every Sunday. C. HL GOFF LUMBER CO. Will contract your building needs tot; brooder house or home. THE MAR1ON-KESEKVE POWER "Live the electric way." McAULIFFE BKOS. Buy the bc-*t and not so often. EVAN H MOTOR CO. The 1941 Ford it the roomiest car in the Low Priced Field. MAHYbVIULE FLORAL CO. We ie'.fcjjruijh flowers anywhere. UlTtii ti SANDWICH bllOP We serve good coffee, all hours. TRINITY LUTHERAN E. J. Goedeking, Paator Divine worship in the German language, 9:00 a. m. The sermon, "Cast Your Cares Upon Him." Sunday school, 10 a. m. Frank Mader, superintendent. Divine worship in the English language, 11:00 a. m, The sermon, "Create In Us Clean Hearts." Junior Luther League devotional meeting, Sunday evening, at 7:30 o'clock in the church. Senior choir rehearsal, Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Catchetlcal instruction, Saturday afternoon. Juniors at 1:30; seniors at 2:30 o'clock. Junior choir rehearsal evening at 7:45 o'clock, CHURCH OF OUK LADY OW LOUBUES Fr. Carl Lwnott Marysville: Maw at 8 o'clock »*4 10:80 o'clock. North Lewisburg: Mass ut 8 o'clock. Mechumctburg; No muss. O. W. Hornbeck of New York City arrived last night for a short visit with his wife and daughter. He will leave Friday on an extended western trip. Edward Amrine, Walter Guthrle, Wilbur Bennett and Chester Ro- i«tte made up a carriage load to the Richwood fair tqday. Rev. Chester Turner of Wester ville, Mr. and Mrs, Auta LeMaste and son, Rudolph Kenneth LeMas ter and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. E. Barnhart. Mr. and Mrs. S. Sharp of Sharon ville spent the latter part of th week with Mrs. Sharp's mother, Mrs Ella Connolly, and Mr. and Mrs Damon Bennett. Mrs. Joseph Wells and daughte Roberta May attended the home coming at the Asbury church Sun day. Mrs. Gail Davis of near Milfor spent Tuesday evening with Mr, an Mrs. Charles Woodworth and at tended the P-T-A meeting at Alle Center school. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bricker and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smith o Columbus spent Sunday with the; mother, Mrs. Myrtle Smith. The members of the Judson Sun day school class will hold a meetin at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Barn-1 hart Sunday, Sept. 21, at 8:30 P. M. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spain of Marysville and Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson of Richwood were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kent. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Henault and children were callers at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Walter M. Staley, Jr., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster returned to their home in Dayton after spending the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orlyn Poling, Mrs. Phyllis Michel called on Mrs, R. Remington Monday of this week. • Mrs. Auta Lemaster, Mrs. Cora Belghtler and sister, Mrs. Charles Scott attended the Farm Bureau meeting at Columbus, Tuesday of this week. Walter M. Staley, Jr., left Monday afternoon for Ashland Fair with hla flock of show sheep. Mrs. Samuel Bergcr and daughter, Mrs. Ralph Guy, Mrs. Charles Scott and Mrs. Cora Beightler were callers of their sister, Mrs. W. M. Staley, Sr,, Monday of this week. Mrs. Glen Stillings and Mrs. Phyllis Michel attended the bridge club at the home of Mrs. Bertha Lyons in Milford Thursday. Male Help Wanted 11 WANTED—Farm hand with small family by the year. Phone 3319 Raymond. AMBITIOUS MEN—Manage small movie circuits. Marysvllle district. 60% commissions, $80 to $175 monthly possible. Excellent future. Car necessary. 520 State Theatre Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. Good Things to Eat 15 THE OYSTER SEASON is here You can depend on our oysters being the best Chesapeake Bay has to offer. We invite you to try them.- Phone Canal man's Meat Market. 4303. As- LARD—The most economical edible fat. In these days of rising prices you can save by using Ajman's Pure Old-Fashioned Lard. The best money can buy. Ask your grocer for It APPLES, plenty of fresh cider. John Smallwood, Hilltop 47S3. Poultry, Livestock . 17 TWO Beagle pups, ready for training. Also 3 yr. old Beagle. Mrs. Charles Johnson, 037 E. 4th St ESSEX Mrs.'Edw. Morgan, Cor. Phone Richwood 2727 Mrs. Barth of Delaware spent Wednesday and Thursday with her uncle; Sanford Adams. Miss Myrtle Halsey. -Miss Alice Halsey, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Musser and children of Donnelsville were Sunday guests of Rev. and Mrs. A. J. RIeth. Mrs.- Byrlc Mosher and daughter Sharon of Byhalia were Friday guests of Mrs. Efflie Mosher. Mr. and Mrs. O. U. Cheney of Richwood were Sunday callers of Mrs. Sarah White. Dick Evans and Earl Robertson left Friday for a vacation with Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Monson of Minne-' sota. Mrs. .Ray Smallwood of Marion spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Parish. Evelyn Elliott of Columbus'was- a week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wcyrick and Helen Crlssinger of Berea, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Crlssinger, Mrs. Bertha Crissinger and Larry Crisslnger of Marengo were Sunday evening guests of Mr, and Mrs. H. P. Sanders. — — • • • •-• - — Mrs. Harry Dreyer of Marion was a Sunday evening caller of Mrs. Ed Morgan. : Mr. and Mrs, Eo\gar Foos and Mr. and Mrs. John McNamee will entertain the Crusaders Class at the Foos home Friday night. Several from here attended the Blue and White reunion Sunday at Brush Ridge. Mrs. Earl Robertson, Mrs. Richard Evans and son and Mr. and Mrs. Veldon Allinder and children spent Sunday at the O'Shaughnessy Dam and were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Hennick of Columbus. FOR SALE—Some Leicester . and Delaine grade yearling rams. Phone Randolph 4452. George Staley. CHICKS day old or started. Hatches every week in the year. Delaware Chlckerles, Delaware, O. * FOR SALE—Two coon hounds. 3 mi. west of Marysville on Collins Road. Bernard Guy. IMMUNED Poland China hogs, either sex. Guy Robinson, Milford Center, Ohio. The United States is the world's largest consumer of sponges, the Department of Commerce says. Public Sales WE1NLEIN BROS. "Saturday, Oct. 4—45 head of good milk cows. Simpson & Son, nucts. • BABY CHICKS—Cash in on high Broiler and Egg prices. Chicks hatching weekly beginning Oct. 6. Order now. Milford Center Hatchery. Phone 2171. If you appreciate i*UuuU« Out thin tO YEARS AGO G. M. Murphy went to Chicago Tuesday to attend a convention of roadmasters and maintenance of ways association. He is roadmaster for the T. St O. C. railroad. Paul Cramer, Pastor Ciiuivh fcchoul, SJ5 a. m. , 10. Hi u. m. Mu- Mrs. Lavernne Dillon and Mrs. A. W. Carpenter went to Adrian, Michigan, today to as*i»t in loading the household goods of Mr. aiid Mrs. Carpenter and move them to Marysville. They have purchased the French Amrine property on Mound Street. PREFER ARROW TO BULLETS Bowa and arrows are more popular with Ohio rural boys and glria than rifle shooting. The 160 older 4-H club members who attended the conservation camp at Camp Ohio provided twice as many candidates for the archery range aa for target practice with .22-calibre rifles. Instructors and materials for each sport were furnished and both boys and girln participated. Judging from the aptitude of those who en- g&ited in these sports, Ohio's rural youth lacks familiarity with the weapons which made the stfttlenient of this state po»i,ible. Miscellaneous for Sale 18 ONE USED W. C. and one Model B Allis Chalmers tractor, 7 ft. disc 10 ft combine. Ted Streng, Allis Chalmers dealer. FOR SALE—Corona portable type writer. Call Canal 4378. LARGE SIZE baae burner In good condition. Wm. Lockwood, Peoria A Bad Dream? FOR SALE—Dutch oven combination coal and electric range. 2 years old. Call Randolph 4756. Mr, and Mrs. L«oa&rd Huffman will leave shortly on an extended western trip taking them as far ts Seattle. They will stop at points where Mr. Huffman wstij located during the fiiiuuua miner*l iltilws in Use 70'a, including Lsadville, Culijiado, hud Liuiic-r, Wyoming. It YiuUi,3 AUO Ten jwtis fcgo w*u» Sunday. NO HUNTING The undersigned absolutely forbid hunting day of night, on lands owaed or controlled by them. Violation of thi* order will bring cutiun hs provided by luw. Union County Fairground Fifcuk M. Roll* Beit Hell B«si. GLOVES for th$ entire family at Smith's Economy Store, only ten cents, 3 pairs, 2&c. Furnished Rooms 19 FOR RENT—Furnished room* for sleeping. 560 E. Fifth St. FURNISHED rooms, private entrance, light and water furnUhud. 274 W. Eighth St Houses, Apartment* FOH RENT—Furnished room sleeping. 704 W. Fifth St. 20 fir Horses $4.00, Cowu $2.00 of sue and condition R^vtrne Telephone Charges Small tuiunsU rtmoveJ piutapUy Union County Fertilizer *a»l Mar;»vUle, O. E. G. Buchiitb, Iiic. Nop*, it's not a bad dream nor U It the bogey man. It'a Horace Potter of Weattstid, N. J., wear- Ing a Llockuig upruii at Baker tieid, New York, aa the Columli.a universaly fooltall team began U a

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